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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 12, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i put extra stuff in the sought case. there is a date night. >> skate clothes going to hawaii. >> good to have you. >> it was very fun. that does it for outnumbered. happening now starts right now. we begin with a fox nows alert. we are waiting for a news conference in the centers for disease control, a second case of the deadly mers virus. is it related to the first case or a brand new outbreak. bombshells of a now book by tim geithener. and what went on in the height of the final crisis. and the pistorias trial. the placing the athlete under the psychiatric observation. what does that mean for his
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defense? we have wild storms moving over the country and bringing heavy rain and tornados and even snow in may. welcome to a brand new hour of happening now. >> i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. snow in may is much. >> in colorado. >> folks in the midwest hit with the fiercest of the storms. what you are seeing is the damage left behind. roofs blown off and homes and buildings destroyed and trees toppled and thankfully no reports of serious injuries so far. and a wildfires in texas north of amarillo burning and destroying homes and buildings and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. and a spring snow storm outside of denver. the storm dropped a foot of snow in areas. we have the fox extreme weather
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center aptly titled as it is. >> try three feet of snow in the mountains of wyoming. as john mentioned, yes, it happen. and across the denver proper area. it is a little late in the season. look at snow totals for colorado. and two feet in the four corner ares region. and denver itself 3- 5 inches. there is the snow flying over den rer and casper and billings and parts of the dakotas. we are seeing heavy snowfall. it is incredible for the middle of may. in some cases it is record- setting and we see hail and damaging winds and isolated tornados and a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of wisconsin and illinois and south of the green bay area. and potential for severe weather
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south of the dallas area. this is ahead of a cold front. a very serious threat extending from south texas up to the great leaks. gusty winds could prompt more wildfires danger with the cold front moving through. look at this. 34 in denver right now with snow and 82 in dallas and 82 in san antonio and warm in the southern plains as the front pushes through and continue the threat for severe weather in the mississippi river valley tomorrow. and the snow as well. it is extreme. >> what a way to begin a week. >> thank you. >> select committee on benghazi playing a waiting game. democrats are deciding if they participate in the panel. or will they boycot it altogether. republicans are forging ahead. the chairman said it will be fair and extensive. chief intelligence correspondent
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kathryn harris has more from dc. >> reporter: they responded to the idea of it being a political stunt. >> they know better. i hope they will appoint five serious people. i have seen the intelligence committee work nothing a bipartisan way to get the facts. my mission is clear. to get to the facts of the deaths. >> five of them are lawyers and all have relevant experience. including the house armed services committee. the federal prosecutor pushed back against claims that previous investigations answered all of the questions.
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>> i don't have access and never intervowed susan rice or ask the secretary of state questions about the lead up to benghazi and while we were still there. >> one of the requests from democrats that they have ability to subpeona witnesses and documents and have equal representation from the committee investigating the benghazi terrorist attackine though they are the minority party in the house. >> we participated in the investigations and if it is a fair and open and balanced process, absolutely. we don't want to see reckless handling of the affair that took lives of four americans. >> reporter: they have another week at least to consider their political strategy. >> thank you, kathryn. >> you're welcome. one of the president's top advisers in the financial crisis giving a look behind.
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timothy geithener wrote a bock called "stress test". ed henry is live in the north lawn with more. why are the eyebrows raised? >> reporter: it is a tumultuous time when he was in charge of the financial department in the crisis. they are going to get attention and the political antidotes such as one where the secretary talks about a meeting he had with one of the top political advisors here and white house aides prepare him for sunday morning talk show appearances. he specifically writes "i remember in one roosevelt room prep session i objected when dan ph ieffer wanted me to not say social security contributed to the deficit." there you can see
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the secretary suggesting that he was told to say one thing he was not comfortable saying on the sunday shoes. i spoke to one of his advisors who tells me, he is not alleging in the book he was told to mislead the public in the sunday show appearances. instead he is saying what he wrote in the book and meant advisors prepping him for the sunday shoes wanted giethener to send a signal to the left that social security would not be touched. that is a political message to put out but not an attempt for giethener to mis lead the public. >> thank you. decision day in ukraine. pro russian separatist declared a land slide victory. 90 percent of the voters favor
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sovereignty and suspect sussession from the ukraine. the u.s. and western allies will not recognize the results and the central government in kiev called the process a sham. greg? john, they are doing more than declaring victory. they are declaring independence and asking to join up with russia. at least that's what the leaders are saying. along with the winning margin they had a 75 percent turn out in the referundum. kiev said it was 30 percent. we were here on the ground and we saw irregularities. so far, the kremlin hasn't responded to the separatist leaders. the results should be respected and implemented and at the same time there should be talks
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between here and kiev as the fighting continues. take a look at what we saw today. >> reporter: this is a town where one of the few places the forces tried to stop the referundum. today people are angry but satisfied about the results of that reverundum. two people there were killed in that town when ukranian national guards men shot above and around the crowd. the place that hadn't about been a scene of the militants was not ready to reconcile with cove keef. they are branding the military occupiers and armed militants around. that that is definitely a volatile mix. moscow troops across the border are looking on. >> greg, thank you.
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the terror group boko haran. the girls are vooeled and most of of the girls are christians. teams from u.s. and france are there to help the nigeria government find them. >> the taliban launching deadly attacks in afghanistan in the annual start of the spring offensive. and they are invading the government building in the east. the taliban attacked a police checkpoint in the south and killing nine policemen there and rockets fired in kabul. american troops and allied forces have been leaving that country. now a fox news alert. the centers for disease control
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will hold an important news conference. cvc is investigating a second case of the deadly mers virus. mers is a new virus that sickened a few hundred people mostly in saudi arabia. we'll update you. the fight for control of congress. republicans hope to win back the senate in november. and why new political analysis said not so fast. it may not happen and the gop should not count out the democrats just yet. marco rubio making waves with new comments on 2016. what the florida senator had to say when asked if he is ready to be president. and a new film said forget fat. it is not the biggest culprit in the obesitty epidemic.
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androgel 1.62%. >> republican saintor marco rubio not officially announcing the run for president wunot holding bab. >> dow think you are ready to be president. >> i will be 43 this month. but i've served in public office for 14 years. >> adding to the intrigue he made the comments in new hampshire, john. turning to the midterm elections this year. the gop has high hopes of retaking the senate and congress along with it. but washington post article said democrats shouldn't be written off so easily. what are the prospects here?
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we'll talk about it with a b stoodard. and by ron york with the washington examiner and a fox news contributor. the piece suggested that democrats are hardly dead the yet when it comes to the chances of retaking the senate and they are proving a lot more resilient in these states where they have been you know, up to now written off. a b, what do you think about the math here? >> it is interesting in the recent polling to so the survey by nbc news that shoes democrats are doing well in kentucky, georgia and arkansas. the long- time incumbent in arkansas and considered one of the funnerable incumbents and arkansas lost that 24 percentage points to mitt romney and he's facing challenger thomas cotton.
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and many polls show him up by comfortable double-digit leads and higher approval rating than president obama and feels so good he appeared with him to tour the hurricane damage. there are surprising numbers for democrats and it doesn't mean they are not facing tremendous head winds. >> byron, last time the republicans thought they had hopes of taking the senate they shot themselves in the foot with candidates that don't mesh up. the discussion seems to be that democrats that were on life support seem to be finding new life? >> yeah, i think everybody groe agrees that recruiting is better for republicans this time around. there is no christine odonald ored to akin types. they have to win six senate seats. >> republicans do.
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>> republicans, do. they have to assume they will do so in montana and south dakota and west virginia. they are assuming. that last time they assumed to win in north dakota and didn't. and look at other states where they are vulnerable democrats and north carolina and arkansas and louisiana and they have to win three out of the five and make sure they don't lose any be like in georgia. it is it a big hill for republicans to climb and maybe republicans have been too optimistic. is this related to the president and his fortunes? how much do they tie to the coattails of the man in the white house? >> oh, look. if you look at history and look at president obama's unpopular. and where they don't all
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politics remain local. and they have a long record. and that pleased a large base of supporters. and if you look at generic battles. they have been ahead on election day. it isn't look good if you look at historical friends of a presidency. it might be the laeg easy of the president will be written by obama care. virginia is one of the states where we are seeing insurance companies come forward with the rates set for 20- 15.
10:20 am
one company eight and half percent increase. but when instation is lower. what do you say about those numbers. that is not a good thing. they are suffering from the higher rates and going to blame obama care. some republicans are predicting that rates would double or triple. and still, it is not good news if the rates go up every year at a high rate. none company in virginia raising it by 15 percent. thank you, both. >> and the new health care law roll out. carrying a massive price tag.
10:21 am
massachusetts and oregon and nevada spent 474 million on obama care websites that are plagued by glitches and in oregon failed to enroll a single person. it could go up higher as states rush to make fixes. >> and a senate bill could put the senate bill on ice. why the project and jobs could be put on hold. >> and plus a son embarrassed and a mom outraged. what she did after school worker ares pulled the lunch out of his hands because he didn't have enough money. i was appalled he had the lunch taken out of his hands over five bucks. ♪ ♪
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comcast business built for business. >> rit now high school students can enjoy a free lunch. patty ann brown. is that corrects that's right. dom nick was served lunch. but when he went to pay the worker took it out of his hand. he owed a small amount less than $5. >> took my plate away. >> i don't want another kid going through what my son went through. >> his mom confronted officials. who said if you have an outstanding balance you don't get a lunch. she paid the outstanding account of her son and 19 other students
10:26 am
who owes money. it came to $100. she said it was worth it to make sure no student goes through the afternoon hung row. the principal said no child should go hungry. in the future they can ask for another day. >> she affected change. good to her. >> key stone pipeline could hinge on a senate vote. it is not threatening the delay until after the midterm election. mike emmanuel has more. >> it is a fair fight in the senate these days. republicans want to offer and vote on an amendment. the bipartisan energy efficiency bill offered by new hampshire democrat is due to come up with a procedural vote.
10:27 am
it is a more energy efficient economy. republicans would like to vote on the amendment but harry reid said no. >> just like he stopped us from voting on the key stone pipeline, democrat leader blocks senate vote on key stone in a time when he is have been debating energy, the senate majority leader refused to allow a vote this week. not one. >> reporter: they reid wants the energy efficiency bill to be considered without amendments and he would allow a pipeline vote later. >> i want to be clear with my republican colleagues. a key stone vote is on the table if they stand by the agreement they had a week ago with me. >> republicans say there was no
10:28 am
agreement. and as majority leader he doesn't need their permission for key stone xl. they want the amendments now. it has been 20 years since the north ridge quake collapsed buildings and did damage to the los angeles area. there is concerns for the golden state. new developments in the oscar pistorias murder trial. the prosecutor wants the athlete to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> our legal team weighs in on the new twist in the case. >> you make reference to it. and it is anxiety. and this is not performing well. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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>> today ended with the prosecutor asking the judge to place pistorias under a psychiatric observation. a psychiatrist testifying for the defense said the athlete suffers from high anxiety. it is my opinion, my lady, that mrs. pistorias has a anxiety disorder. and individuals with an anxiety
10:33 am
disorder were taught to control the environment and be prepared in order to a leviate levels of anxiety. >> the criminal defense attorney and we have a former prosecutor. john, it is very interesting, the day after mother's day and lo and behold, what comes out with the psychiatrist is oscar pistorias' mother and she drank too much and divorced from the dad and trying to get her son to be able to function with his disability and he got this intense anxiety, what is the defense trying to prove or create with this argument? >> well, they are trying to show at the time he killed reeva steenkamp that his actions were visible. he was a double amputee that went through a different
10:34 am
childhood. he was raised to think that something bad was going to happen to and that's where the reasonableness argument goes. to because he is a double amputee and raised through the lens of danger in his entire life his actions were reasonable. he may be guilty of cupable negligence or acquit him if they believe his actions were in fact reasonable. >> the prosecutor said okay, let's send him to a mental institution for a month and see how he does. what are the prosecutors attempting her. >> if a defense calls a psychiatrist as a witness, the prosecution gets to have a doctor from the government evaluate the defendant. that is more extended that in america where there is
10:35 am
a evaluation over a month. oscar pistorias's defense defies common sense. he said they were not fighting and yet a woman screamed before the shots were fired. whether or not he has anxiety, that will not change the facts and make his defense more common sense. >> even the psychiatrist said many people have general zoi zie disorder. she goes on to say that that doesn't imply everybody will take aggressive steps like shooting into a bathroom door. what do you think the psychiatrist will come back on the stand. is it a winner the defense or created more holds in oscar's story. >> i think they are key pieces of the puzzle. what was the trajectory and the angle that mr. pistorias shot
10:36 am
steenkamp. standing on stumps or the floor. was he scared and was his testimony credible. allegations and suspicions are not enough to convict somebody. it has to be beyond a reasonable doubtine in south africa despite the allegations and suspicions, he will be found not guilty of murder but cupable homicide and acquittal. >> it doesn't matter you said if he is on the the legs and stumps. you believe the prosecution showed he wanted to murder reeva. >> there is no legal answer to fire in a bathroom door if you think your girlfriend is in bed. four shots and starting with the hip and head.
10:37 am
neighbors heard her scream. his store tore doesn't make sense. >> the defense is looking to close their version. the first report seemed to fit what the prosecutor had to say. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the washington monument reopens today after suffering for major damage from an earthquake. 150 cracks were repaired in the memorial honors george washington. visitors can take an elevator to the stop of the opulless. >> and it is just a matter of time before california will be hit with catastrophe state. new research shoes that the golden state is not ready for
10:38 am
the big one. will is in la and joining us live. >> reporter: hi, jon, experts say la is woefully prepared. if it hit tomorrow it would cause lives. >> and if the big one hits tomorrow, experts say californians are woefully unprepared. >> it is misperception that the government will make it okay again. 90 percent of the homeowners don't have earthquake insurance due to high rates and there hasn't been a devastating quake since 1984. >> it would be a impact. >> we have to protect.
10:39 am
>> a major earthquake could damage half of the buildings in los angeles. >> we have not focused on economic recovery and the buildings will not be usable. >> reporter: adding to frustration. there could be a early warning system before the big one hit. energies earthquake. earthquake. >> it could be up and running in the west coast for two years. so far state or officials want to foot the bill. >> mexico city invested after the 10,000 people. and japan invested after 6,000 died. i hope we can invest in the system before we kill everybody. joishgs it could save lives and stop trains and allow surgeons to pull the comboifs out of
10:40 am
people in the middle of surgery. >> fascinating stuff. live in los angeles where they are earthquake prone. >> and could a ingredient be the cause of the obessitty problem. sugar is in the spotlight. go to fox now. and let us upon your thoughts. and this little boy, his mother saved his life after a split second decision. we'll tell you what happened just ahead. it is amazing. i wouldn't put it past her. i wouldn't put it past any mom. >> she definitely stepped up to the plate and took care of her baby.
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>> i am shena breen in for gretchen carlson. there were times when some in
10:44 am
the white house wanted tim githener to say things he didn't want to say. and more than any other person, president obama needs to make necessary changes to make sure the veterans get the help they need. shocking video of a super star who got in a fight with his wife's sister. it is all coming up in the hour. >> and sacrifice and survival. a mother jumps out of a second store tore building and she grabbed her child and held him close and jumped. >> she had to make a decision to go. >> it is a big deal. you jump out of the house. he's all right. so that's it. >> that's all that matters. >> that's love.
10:45 am
the baby only had a bruise on the forehead and his mother is recovering from surgery and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> well, we have heard many different reasons for the nation's obesitty problem. and sugar and not fat is the problem we are fat. how we get hooked. here's the clip. >> there are 600,000 food items. 80 percent have added sugar. your brain loves it. and you will be an addict. you end up with one of the greatest public health epidemics. >> is sugar the tobacco of the 21st century? dr. earnest patty is from new york saint barna bus hospital. i am surprised with all of our
10:46 am
medical knowledge we are arguing over what is making us fat. >> i have to say after reading the research. it is amazing the amount of food stuff that contain suga and salt. >> this is the most glaring sample here. this is a test town that contains the amount of sugar in a 12 ounce can of soft drink. you can imagine if you drank throw or four a day how much sugar you contain. a story that was a serole that was produced. one bowl of it a day for 365 days a year you would have consoumed 13 pounds of white can't sugar. >> and sugar is a natural product and the body uses the energy and breaks it down. >> it does in the natural form.
10:47 am
fruits and vegetables. it breaks it down slower. and the one that we add it creates morical rows. >> there is concern about high frukts on corn syrup, why? >> it is it a higher concentration fructs on. that shuts off a protein and enzyme called leptin that makes you feel full. when it is in your body, they therorrize it shuts down leptin and that provents you were feeling satiated. and you crave more sugar. >> it is cheaper to manufacture and produce and gets used more in the very sweet foods.
10:48 am
>> and that improves the taste. >> improves the taste and cheaper and easier to produce. and it is less expensive than can't sugar that used to be the sugar staple. >> 1-third of the adults will be obese if we continue on the path we say? >> and that is what they say. if you are consuming items like. this for example, this amount of sugar extra in your diet, you know it adds to extra pounds. and so we have to be vigilant and increase our activity. and fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are more beneficial. >> and fruit sugars and eating high fruit doit? >> yeah, if your diet consisted strictly of fruit, you would have a higher sugar
10:49 am
concentration. but the problem is, we substitute. let me have that frout juice than eating a apple or mango or orange. it is all about balance. >> that sclip that began the segment. 600,000 food items. and 80 percent have added sugar and they do that to make the food pal theatable. and we are regular animals. if we cut it out over time. we'll get used to it. but there may be a learning period there. >> dr. patty, from st. barn bus hospital here in new york. thank you. >> and a second case of a deadly middle eastern virus popping up in the united states. and driving across america in a vintage john deere tractor to honor our wounded warrors. that's live, next.
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right now you might see an aspiring sight on the roads and highways of america. a man driving his antique tractor from coast to coast raising money for wounded warriors. ivan joins me now. how is the drive going? >> it's going real well. i look forward to getting out of the hills of eastern pennsylvania and western ohio. i'll be glad when i get to the point when i can have it easier for him, don't have to shift
10:54 am
down as much. >> there is a lot of ways to raze money and awareness for our wounded warriors. why are you doing it this way? >> i always dreamed of going across america. my father went across america when he was 26, worked his way across america for a whole year. from farm to farm and later on he got a two cylinder tractor. i love the sound of a two cylinder tractor. my brain kind of began there. later in life, after 9/11, he said to me one day, if you have a dream, don't wait until you are too old to do it. just do it. i wish i would have done more. a few years ago i had a friend pass away and another became very ill. i thought now is the time. but i wanted to do it for a cause. the wounded warrior project tugd at my heart just to help these guys and women get back into society when they get back. >> ivan, we have a map up of the
10:55 am
route you intend to take. you are starting on the east coast, you will end on the pacific. what happens to the tractor then? >> my son-in-law is gracious enough to volunteer to bring that tractor back on a truck. but, i don't broadcast this, however, i am doing that now. my dream is to come back, if i would have time and if the tractor is running well and the funds keep coming in, which is just going to excite me, i want to keep on going. my dream is to drive it back, as least as far as i can. >> how far is it going to take and how fast can you go? >> i can go 17 miles an hour. i don't want to get wide open. i tell people i don't want to get there too quick. but if the tractor is doing fine. i figure i'm stopped, we're doing benefit auctions along the way and stopping at va hospitals, at least 3, 3 1/2 months. >> i just want to tell everybody, have you this website,
10:56 am
we'll put it up on our webpage. you've raised around $47,000 so far. you want to get to $1 million. if any viewers want to donate. but ivan, you have a ways to go. we'll check in with you along the route. >> thank you so much for helping us reach that million. we can do it, yes, we can. >> incredible journey and we thank you for the time, the pause, to share your story. thank you very much. >> he's the forrest gump of tractor drivers. back and forth. it's been called the most fun job and there are now openings. we'll tell you who is hiring and where you'd have to go moments from now. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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sfx: car unlock beep. [ bottle ] ensure®. vo: david's heart attack didn't c today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. trying to navigate the job market can feel like being in a zoo. so why not work for one? a research center in southwest china is now recruiting people to look after pandas for a year. the people will learn to feed and take care of the animals,
11:00 am
also take part in research projects. the salary, just over $32,000 u.s., with a car and free meals and accommodations. officials at the center say they want to raise awareness about protecting giant panda. i would do it. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts right now. we begin with the fox news alert. we are awaiting new information this hour following reports that a second case of a deadly middle east respiratory disease has popped up right here in the u.s. officials at the florida department of health and the centers for disease control and prevention reportedly getting ready to release more details any minute. more than 100 people in the middle east have already died from the virus. the first u.s. case involved a man who worked as a health care worker at a hospital in saudi arabia. he has since been treated and released. we'll bring are details on this new case as soon as we get them. the international outrage growing over the plight of those


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