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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 12, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we are volvo of sweden. off on vacation for a few days. see you next week. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jam-packed edition of show. america, are you ready? time to roll. tonight, new chilling video believed to be of the kidnapped nigerian school girls surfacing. bob beckel is here with reaction. breaking news from the halls of congress senator ted cruz calls for a joint select committee on benghazi. >> what occurred on september 11th, 2012 in benghazi has only gotten worse. >> an exclusive explanation and plus a tale of two athletes, we
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compare the media's treatment of michael sam and tim tebow. >> i caused a problem, i don't know how to correct it. >> i'm fighting for my 50%. >> and a disgraced l.a. clippers' owner and his wife break their silence. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight it appears the islamic extremist group is prepared to make a deal in the 17-minute long video released by boca haram shows the girls kidnapped. the girls are seeing praying in arabic, which means they were probably forced to convert to islam and on the tape, the boca haram leader says they are willing to free the girls in exchange for islamic terrorists and there are reports of ignorance of the left when it comes to covering this horrific story and the latest example brought to life by texas congressman steve stockman and
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he demanded an apology for posting a petition handed by hillary clinton and eric holder and others in the 2012 -- well, before the election that called for people to reject designating boca haram a terrorist group and says the petition in question was created years ago earned only about 100 signatures and just brought to the attention of staff yesterday after years of being inactive at which point we promptly reviewed the petition and removed it from our site. with reaction, alan west. the co-host of the five, bob beckel. bob, i know you've been really outspoken on radical islamist, the left has not been. you look at these 300 girls and you see now that they seem to be converted, they are quoting the koran, they are quoting, you know, passages in the koran and dressed covered head to toe.
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this seems only -- what do you think about these hashtags, bring back our girls? it seems ridiculously stupid to me. >> the reason it may make some -- have some virtue is finally, finally there is enough people that signed up on that thing that figured out there is a constituent they don't like the fact -- >> terrorists don't read twitter and don't care. >> better to have it on the front page of the new york times. i've been saying for two years none of the people that stay silent, includes supposedly moderate muslims, i'm beginning to wonder if they exist, not one of them apologized for what is going on. nigeria did because that's in their backyard. i tried to call the egyptian embassy and saudi embassy and haven't heard back from them. when are they going to say this is wrong? >> do you think this is general
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acceptance. when you read the koran, don't take christians and jews as friends, all these things are in there. do you think most muslims buy into this radic radical is m. >> there is probably a lot of moderate muslims intimidated but if you're not willing to stand up and take on these guys, they are the stain on our religion, not ours. you can either agree with them or you're cowards, and i have to lean towards cowarders, the 85% number doesn't hold with me. there are a lot more people that are radicals and don't have guns that believe this crap. >> in my opinion for the talk of hashtag bring back our girls, the only way they will come back is if they get killed by special forces. the team that would have the most success would come from the
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united states. what should america's role be. they will be married off to terroris terrorists, never be seen by their families again. should america, if they have the ability, try a rescue mission in this case? >> the first thing we have to do is understand who this enemy is, bo boca haram is. they have been at this for the past three to four years. boca haram is attacking christians and churches on christmas and easter for quite sometime and just february of this year, 59 young boys were burned alive by boca haram. i'm happy to see finally we're getting the attention boca haram is deserved. i'm concerned it's coming now. hopefully it's not coming at a point it's too late. >> do you agree with me -- >> if we are serious about a war against islamic terrorism, we have to start standing up against these groups, these organizations. >> but you know better than i as
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a military exercise, likely anybody that goes in there to rescue those girls is putting themselves in harm's way in a major way and you never know if their orders have already been given to shoot and kill if any rescue mission begins. so the only people that i think would be capable of pulling it off or either the british, israelis, americans, maybe the fench and maybe the germans. short of that nobody can rescue them. >> this is without a doubt a highly sensitive operation where you would have to have the crime de la crime, the british, sas and united states of america being a delta force or navy seal team or some others. the most important thing is we have to understand this cannot become another joseph moment where we rattle our savers, say we're going to send people. >> and do nothing. >> and never hear about it this
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whole bring back our things is beyond a joke. what should america's involvement be? >> let me say this and point out another incident with the boys. this has been going on in a number of countries that is m t musl muslim, not egypt. before the muslims were there have been eliminated or fled the country. i think that the governments of these countries who refuse to stand up and deal with it or say anything, that's all, say anything, the united states and a few allies going in there to do it, yes, i think if it's possible and that has to be done. i don't know the answer to that. >> it's great risk. >> if it's possible, it's a good idea because it may send a message to some other radicals killing christians that we'll come after you, too. >> yeah, we -- >> colonial -- >> bob -- >> go ahead. >> by the way -- >> bob is absolutely right. >> bringing bob beckel and colonel west together on an issue is beyond possible comprehend of some of our
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audience here but bob is right and you're right, colonial but should america cont. >> they have to understand and take action. words mean nothing to them. so if you're going to, you know, be credible, you're going to have to -- >> do you think it makes us look weak when the first lady of the united states is on twitter with bring our girls home? because i think -- i find this campaign ridiculously naive and pathetic. >> the thing we have to look at is it plays one way in western civilization but how does it play to them? they would expect a president or military leader to stand up and say we will not tolerate this and there would be a swift action. >> and we're going to kill you? >> and we're going to kill you. >> that's the only answer. >> it's not going to be said
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publicly. michelle obama joined the course, you're finally getting pe people's attention. the media has been with exception, i would say about my show on the five and the fox raised this subject, why is it main stream christian leaders don't say something about it? i haven't heard many of them do it. i haven't heard barack obama do it. >> i've been pounding and beating the dream about oppression of women for years -- >> they want to become a country, we disown them, they are a rogue state, stop all trade and refuse to do with anyone who has shareeia law. >> i agree with you. well-said. good to see you. >> thank you. a new report in the new york post sheds light on the quote sex obsessed world. coming up next, you'll meet a woman who was living for years in the salt and the brunei.
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she'll tell that story and upping the anty, senator ted cruz called for a joint committee to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi. he'll be here to explain why and a huge fight between beyonce's sister and jay-z. beyonce did nothing and it went on for four minutes. we have exclusive video coming up next. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help
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hollywood hypocrisy was on full display as a small number of celebrities voiced opposition on sharia law after it involved a posh beloved hotel. they called for a boycott of the beverly hills hotel after its
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partial owner implemented sharia law in his country and while ellen degenerous andrrorhorrors sounding the alarm for years because under the so-called legal system, the following are considered criminal behavior punishment by fines, jail, amputation of limbs, flogging or death. that means absence from friday prayer services, wearing quote indecent clothing, anything that doesn't cover women completely and the use of allah by a chris and theft, homosexuality and adult tri. the man is a violator. he and his family enjoy a fleet of cars, planes, partying and things that include underaged girls. joining me now is julian lauren.
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thank you for being with us. you wrote a book about this, right? >> thank you for having me. i wrote a memoir about my experience with prince jeffrey when i was a teenager. >> yeah, you were 18 years old. that's his brother and why don't you tell the story what life was like for you and why did you do that? >> well, i was 18 years old, and i was a wild child, and i had a lot of wonder lust and i fell into this situation which was supposedly a casting call to work at a nightclub in singapore and then when they called me and offer aed me the position, they told me that actually it was an invitation to go be a guest of the prince of brunei and go to his parties every night, and if i had been a little wiser, perhaps i would have said no. i wasn't, and so i went. >> so when you first got over there, what did you see? did you learn? because we hear about these guys being sex obsessed. he's implementing sharia but
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lives a life quite to the contrary, right? >> well, i'm not an expert on sharia law but i can say they live an incredibly lavish lifestyle that the prince at least has these parties every night with drinking and dancing and women, or he did back then anyway, so i would say yes. >> so the person that you first, i guess, i don't want to use the term hooked up with but the first person you were with was prince jeffrey, his brother? >> that's correct. the prince was really my boyfriend. i was his mistress on and off for about a year and a half. >> so every night you would go to like a discotheque party, what, from 10:00 to 3:00 party. those were you working hours, in other words? how many other girls would go with you? >> maybe 30 or 40. >> walk us through a party. i think it's unimaginable for most people. you go to the parties, dress up for the party, right?
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you go and what would happen? >> sure, we would be dressed in cocktail attire or evening gowns and at first the women would be there for sometimes hours and we would do some fairly hilarious singing and dance and singers and a a full bar and then at some point in the night the prince would show up with his closest entourage and we would have a party. >> you would party and every night would he pick a different girl? >> no. you know, it really varied and the prince had certain girls. it wasn't like every single person at the party was there with the prince. >> now you tell the story about how, i guess, jeffrey handed off, i don't know if that's the proper term but sort of introduced you to the sultan and you went to a room and you were there for four hours and locked
7:17 pm
up in this room and he came in and had sex with you, unprotected sex, is that when you first met the sultan? >> no, those were actually two different stories. so when i first met the sultan, the word i use is gifted and that's just sort of the word i infer from what happened but the prince had me taken to his brother's room when we were all on a business trip together in malaysia and i did spend an afternoon with the sultan, approximately two hours. the night that i waited for four hours, that was the first night i was with prince jeffrey. >> you were quoted as saying after that experience, well, he said to you, well that was very enjoyable to me and that was it and then just left. i mean, did you feel like a prostitute doing that? >> well, i adjusted to some very bizarre circumstances over there, and it's certainly makes
7:18 pm
me feel sad about myself at that age that i didn't take better care of myself, but our relationship didn't stay like that exactly. it did progress, and i did eventually fall in love with him for whatever i thought was my capability of that at the time. >> it doesn't sound like the love was back except they paid you a lot of money, cash, and you would sneak the money home on different trips, right? >> that's correct. it was a gift. >> a gift or sex for money? >> well, there is a little gray area there. >> all right. i'm not here to judge you. i think it's insightful for people to understand what hypocrites they are considering sharia now is being implemented. what about underaged girls? do they have sex with underaged girls? >> i don't think there was such a thing as underaged girls there, as we would consider it. there were plenty of teenagers around, yes. >> like 15-year-old girls,
7:19 pm
14-year-old girls? how old were they? >> i think, you know, anywhere from 15 on up. >> yeah. what -- in retrospect, just a final question, do you feel bad you allowed yourself to get involved in that? >> you know, i don't have any regrets about it, and i certainly have learned a lot, and it helps me to reach out to other women who may have found themselves in similar circumstances in one way or another. >> all right. thanks for sharing your story. what a phony hypocrite and these other women must cover themselves, can't be seen in public without men they are not married to and morality police, women are stoned for adult tri. did you worry about sexually transmitted diseases, at all? >> i really dodged a bullet with that one but yes, i did worry, but i was young and foolish like we so often are. >> thank you julian lauren for being with us.
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appreciate it. ted cruz is here and calls on a colleague to form a committee to investigate benghazi. he's up next to explain why and two football players, two very different portrayals, so why is michael sam getting star treatment but tim tebow gets shunned for religious views and later, it's an elevator brawl between beyonce's sister and jay-z. here to explain and much more as "hannity" continues. hey. i'm ted and this is rudy.
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... vitality from people ... ... who really know how to live. (female scientists yells) hey! (elder couple laugh) okinawa life! is all ready the brand ofstate the year.d berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. this is a fox news alert, ted cruz called for consent for a committee to investigate the benghazi terror attack that left four innocent americans dead and administration's massive coverup
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that followed. senator cruz is going to join me in a few minutes. the senate urged susan rice to lie regarding the attack and today, another obama official, former treasury secretary tim geithner is admitting the white house pushed him to lie on the sunday shows. now the excerpt says, i remember during one roosevelt room prep session before appeared on the sunday shows, i objected when dan pfeiffe rerks wanted me to say social security didn't contribute to the deficit. it wasn't a main driver of our future deficits but it did conprib butte he said the line was a dog whistle to the phrase. senator, do you have a lot of support and what specifically are you looking for? >> well, eight months ago i
7:24 pm
introduced a resolution, a resolution that has 25 senators as co-sponsors to hold a joint select committee to investigate the truth of benghazi, to do what the house of representatives is doing but have the senate do our job, as well, and eight months ago, california senator barbara objected and just today i introduced it again, asked for consent a second time and the chairman of the foreign relations committee objected and sean, it was striking. we had about a half hour of c l colliquie on the floor and during that debate, senator menendez admitted that he had no idea if president obama was told during the terrorist attack at benghazi that it was going on and had no idea if there was anything president obama could have done to save those four americans. and then what he said was, those questions were quote not worthy
7:25 pm
of being answered. i mean, it was stunning. >> well, i mean, you know, this went on for 14 hours. we know that the ambassador himself and others requested extra security in the leadup to 9/11 and the british left libya all together because of what was going on there and the rising hostilities, so we got before security denied, during, no help given over a 14-hour raid and after, where we had the sharlene lamb saying she witnessed this on videotape in realtime and beth jones of the state department on september the 12th saying it was on sharia and that involved into a big lie. don't we need answers to this? >> of course we do, sean. the democrats are rating from the same partisan talking points. they are saying we had lots and lots of hearings. there is no reason to answer any more questions. i laid out ten basic questions that haven't been answered.
7:26 pm
yes, there are been hearings but the democrats and white house stone walled and refused to answer questions. i asked bob menendez a simple question, did president obama sleep the night of september 11th? do you remember hillary clinton's famous tv ad against president obama, would he be there to answer the 3:00 a.m. call -- >> do we know where he was? >> the democrat admitted he had no idea if obama was awake or asleep and if anyone told him at all and talking points are so disconnected from reality. this should not be a partisan endeavor, every american, republican or democrat should want to get to the truth and it's really unfortunate -- >> i also have one other question, why weren't they able to talk to the people on the ground? the committees have been denied access to the eyewitnesss to the event and as i understand, they bypassed the station chiefs rendition of what happened that night, story about what happened and rather went with the
7:27 pm
political story. how did that happen? how did we have the evolution of a lie? where is the videotape? can america see it at some point? >> look, it's a great question. we know that hillary clinton's top political aid told career foreign service officers do not talk to congress, do not talk to the press. you know, in the non-political world, if this were just a law enforcement investigation, that would be called obstruction of justice and yet, the democrats view collectively is in fact i invoked jack nickelson's famous line you can't handle the truth because the democrats don't want to know the truth, and it's -- it really is unfortunate to see national security, to see the lives of four brave americans including our am basketbabassad to be disregarded by president obama and the democrats. >> how significant do you find this geithner revelation that he
7:28 pm
is saying to lie to the sunday shows especially where it relates to the smoking gun momememo, the white house denies there was any involvement in the talking points and we have an e-mail that shows they were actively involved. if they will tell geithner to lie, is it a leap to suggest that they are telling susan rice to tell tall tales, as well? >> this is a pattern that extends where this administration demonstrated a shocking willingness to look in the tv camera and lie at the american people, whether it was president obama 28 times saying if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your plan, when was that knowingly, willingfully, repeatingly false or benghazi sending out susan rice to multiple sunday shows to carry out political marching orders that we now have in writing from the white house or whether it
7:29 pm
was the irs scandal. the pattern, sean, they follow with these is the same, when it breaks, they say they are outraged. you and i both remember that debate with mitt romney when president obama said no one is more upset about benghazi than i am and he got emotion and will in the year and a half that followed, when has president obama ever again uttered the word benghazi, other than to dismiss it -- >> well -- >> they say it's an outrage on the day it breaks, then they stone wall and after a time is passed, they say it's old news, you haven't figured out anything, old news. we need to have real truth and >> let me ask you one political question. it's apparent that senator ran paul is gearing up for a presidential run this past weekend, marco rubio seemed to open the door in the new hampshire visit saying he believes he has the experience to become president and there is talk that you may consider a run for the presidency in 2016. what is your reaction to those
7:30 pm
two guys and where do you stand on that question? >> i love ran and marco. they are both colleagues and friends. i think highly of both of them. i would say two things, one, sean, we are at a decision point with this country. this next election in 2014 and 2016 are the most important elections of our lifetimes. we have got to change the course we're on or we're going to lose the greatest nation in the history of the world, and secondly, look, i think it's premature for us to decide who the candidate should be in 2016 but let me tell you the test i would suggest we follow. it's the test i will follow as a primariry voter, i intend to 2016 to vote for whoever is standing up and leading and effectively making the case to the american people that we got to get back to free market principles to the constitution, to the principles that made this country great, that made the american dream accessible to millions throughout our country and i would encourage everybody
7:31 pm
who may be thinking about running to stand up and lead to demonstrate. i think it would be great if a year from now you and i were talking and there were ten, 12, 15 republicans, senators, governors standing up and leading and making the case we got to change the course this country is on. that would be terrific. >> i'm disappointed. there is success with conservative governors. they took deficits and turned them into surpluses and took unemployment numbers and lowered them. i wish, i put up my website and say there has to be five things, inspiring vision they can grab ahold of as a party and say we'll do this. boehner says the arrest of lois lerner is up to the attorney general. do you agree with the interpretation or constitutionally, if she is held in contempt, should they? >> i am glad congress voted to hold her in contempt. we need another select committee
7:32 pm
on the irs. benghazi was the first one but the irs is the other. the abusive power where administration lies. the senate won't inquire into the truth. the house of representatives can and should. >> i read and people might want to check your website out. i read your abusive power piece where you layout how the executive branch over went the constitutional authority. rewriting laws at will and a lot of other issues. thank you senator, good to see you. >> thanks, sean, great to see you. >> next, the first openly gay player to be drafted to the nfl is getting star treatment from the media but why didn't tim tebow's out spokenness garner the same coverage? later, it was caught on tape, a huge fight, beyonce's sister kicking and swinging and hitting rapper jay-z. this went on for three minutes. we have the video. we'll check in coming up next in
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[ scott ] feed your lawn. feed it! welcome back to "hannity." the st. louis rams drafted the first openly gay player in the nfl, michael sam the 249th drafted player. take a look. >> thank you. [ cheers ] >> sam's selection garnered a great deal of media attention but many are comparing how his story is being covered and how the press vilified tim tebow, he
7:39 pm
said quote y'all praise michael some for being king gay but moc tebow for being christian. first question, let's say michael sam was a better quarterback, if it's at all possible than tom brady or paton or eli manning. let's say that for a second. would the fact he's gay stop any a nfl team from drafting him? >> apparently not, no. >> tim tebow wasn't that good, by the way, he was part of the problem. >> i disagree. >> he wasn't that good unfortuna unfortunately. >> he beat peyton manning or -- >> where is he now? >> that was the problem, everywhere he went it was tebow mania and became a circus. >> it wasn't considered by many in media to be cool to be christian. you have the cool and uncool, i wish my buddy greg was here. that's his book. this guy is gay, that's great.
7:40 pm
that's his life. i don't have a problem seeing him kiss his boyfriend on television. that's who he is. >> but the media again and again and again and again -- >> i disagree with you. i think it is cool. that's what i thought tim tebow, i was attracted to the fact he wasn't afraid to show he loved jesus and his faith and christianity. >> i love that. >> they made fun of christians. >> it's totally acceptable to make fun of christians, you can ridicule them and nobody gets mad because we tolerate it but gays seem to be the least tolerant group. it almost like sharia law, he said omg, which is kind of gay and he has to pay fines. that's what these guys -- >> jones tweeted omg, which if you're not on twitter or text, i'm not going to be able to help you, means oh my god and
7:41 pm
horrible. some people say he was 60 pounds -- >> you got to try to guess -- >> what he meant by that. >> you have to guess. >> so some people, i was listening to the analysis, some people said he's not athletic enough for that position. >> again, michael sam, the fact he's not afraid and came out he's gay -- >> big deal. nobody cares. >> that's the crazy part. sorry gay guys, we don't care. >> for all those people that are gay that are afraid to come out and criticized and discriminated against. >> for a long time they were persecuted against. they feel it's new and good to say -- >> yeah, it should be that way. >> so why does jones have to do this paragraph long i want to apologize to michael sam for inappropriate comments? now they are sending him to reeducation camp before he can go and play. omg, horrible. >> sending him to be reeducated.
7:42 pm
>> he should be able to have his opinion, too. >> oh my god, horrible. >> you're looking at me, sean. >> i'm looking at the bling and wondering what did don do now? i know, my mind moves in that direction. >> donald sterling apologizes to anderson cooper over the weekend. here is how that went down. >> i'm a good member who made a mistake and i'm apologizing and asking for forgiveness. am i entitled to one mistake after 35 years? i mean, i loved my league. i loved my partner. am i entitled to one mistake? it's a terrible mistake and i'll never do it again. >> i can't believe i'm going to do this but i watched bill maher this weekend and he's hard to watch but he raised a really good point about can you not be ignore rant, stupid in the privacy of your own home, talking about a the fourth amendment protection. nobody is defending this idiot, but there is an element to this case that really hasn't been
7:43 pm
discussed and that is being taped unbeknown to you in your home and leaked to tmz. if i leaked your husband's e-mails it would be huge news. >> really? >> the stuff we write back and forth -- >> i've seen yours -- >> yeah, it was horrible. >> humor, there is a context there. >> exactly right. sterling isn't doing that in humor. you can do that in the privacy of your own home or public. a racist is a racist, it doesn't change that. >> you're missing the whole point here, does somebody have a right, an expected right to privacy in their own home? >> of course they do. >> yes, but he has a history of bad behavior -- >> that's not why he's losing the team. >> i think it was highlighted because people say why didn't you know this with the real estate issue and denying apartments. people are saying he's bad for the team now. people will view the team badly, the players --
7:44 pm
>> i'll take your worst moment in life, your worst moment in life and your worst moment in life and all of you guys -- >> no! >> i'll tape all of you. >> in the privacy of your own home. >> i would pay to hear the fights. you know what drives me insane, it wasn't the federal government that prosecuted him, it was the free market and they talk about this as a free market thing. the mob, the pc mob is running the economy now and just like the mafia -- >> we got to take a break but you guys are staying one more segment when we get back, reaction to what is probably one of the most watched videos of the day, beyonce's sister, there is beyonce, jay-z in an elevator of kicking and punching that went on for four minutes. we'll show you that later when we come back. i ys say be thman with the plan
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all right. welcome back to "hannity." i'll show you this video, this is beyonce, jay-z, beyonce's sister. that's the sister pounding,
7:50 pm
beyonce's sister pounding on jay-z. this goes on for three, four minutes. it doesn't stop. we'll keep running it. >> i need the hear the sound. >> beyonce is just standing there. is this normal in their house? >> family -- >> is this what you do in your family? because i don't know how the hotel gets away with releasing legally. >> that goes back to last segment. >> totally. >> and look she come at him again. why didn't beyonce jump in there? >> i'm going to venturei] a gue
7:51 pm
and say maybe alcohol may have been involved? but it looks heated. if this is abnormal she would vn leaping in, what is going on, she's just standing by. >> sister is not really getting beaten up. >> she was kicking and beating and punching. >> sounds like you're saying women are terrible drunks. >> they're different than men and tend to be hysterical banshees that want to kill everyone. >> we don't know if he said something to her. we don't know what happened the fact is that it's going to -- >> look at that kick. ouch. >> incredible. >> stilettos >> stilettos are a weapon. >> you are contradicting yourself from the last segment. like we all agree sterling is despicable.
7:52 pm
but shouldn't have said it. >> he shouldn't have said it the other issue, i'm against anyone invading your privacy, also. >> i agree with you on that. >> did you hear about harvard in this satanic -- >> think they it's funny. i want them to have the freedom to do that but try to be funnier. make fun of islam or judaism. or hassic jews you'd never get way with. that making fun of christians goes back to the tim tebow thing. it's a lame joke >> a satanic black mass at one of the great institute of higher
7:53 pm
learning. >> those black masses are designed to mock catholicism. they're trying to be amusing. hardy har, har. >> on college campuses conservatives often can't speak. >> my instinct is to defend academic freedom saying do you know what? if you want to do it, do it. whatever groups can retaliate but doing prayer. whatever they want. that is my instinct. it's so lazy. it's just -- >> that is, i mean, going to say it's academic freedom, it's not. >> it is, though. >> it's not. >> how about we kick some butt for a change? >> and this is the world i grew up in. which is we played ice hockey, roller hockey, i can't think of a day we didn't drop our gloves sh throw fists and pick up
7:54 pm
gloves and start playing again. if you do that again, you're going to get arrested. >> pat buchanan had a handicapped brother. every time they got picked on they'd jump in and beat the crap out of the guy. >> cowboys, they brawled sometimes, yes. they do. >> harvard catholics. >> some had trouble holding the door open for me. >> we didn't have a door. >> if i go before you and open the door? or behind you, keep the door closed >> more "hannity" continues. w c! hey! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long.
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8:00 pm
here and start your day with fox and friends first and ainsley, then fox and friends 6:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i'm convinced he had nothing left whatsoever to do with watergate. >> either people have gotten tired about ben queaz or never knew about it in the first place. >> nixon and similar defenses watergate and now benghazi. the question tonight is why is it so hard to get the truth in america? >> what's your evidence that the republicans are racist? >> i never said that and. >> you said the republican base is animated by racism. answer the question you are a paid political official. >> what should we think about democrats in congress calling republican party racist. jesse watters put that question to two of the offenders. also ahead, bernie


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