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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 13, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tell us what you think. go and don't forget to set your drv every night 9:00 eastern. thanks so much for watching. this is the kelly file. thanks for joining us. welcome to hannity. tonight we have a jammed pack edition of the show. america, are you ready. time to roll. we have the latest details on the elevator brawl caught on tape between beyonce's sister and her husband jay-z. really the first lady turns to twitter to encourage the release of the nigerian school girls. >> are they supposed to check their twitter accounts oh, michele obama is very cross with us. >> mark stein is here with the
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latest example of left wing ignorance. >> and now another shocker, alec baldwin has yet another run in with the law. we have all the details tonight. reaction the disgraced l.a. clippers shocking attack on nba legend magic johnson. >> what kind of a guy goefrsry city and has sex with every girl and catches hiv. >> the marco rubio ready to make a run for the gop nomination in 2016. the florida senator is here tonight with answers. hannity starts right here right now. welcome to hannity. tonight the search for the nearly 300 missing nigerian school girls taken four weeks ago by the terrorist group boko haram continues. they have begun flying surveillance flights to find the girls. the news comes as nigerian government says it's exploring all options to ensure these girls are released. while we hope and pray they are
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returned to their families my next guest has taken issue with twitter campaign launched by threat. mark stein recent article posted on his website objected to the first lady michele obama posting this picture on her twitter account with the hash tag bring back our girls. now stein titled this piece with the hash tag, bring back our balls. went on to right quote it's hard not to have total contempt for a political culture that thinks the picture at right is a useful contribution to rescuing 276 school girls kidnapped by jihadist savages. yet some pajama boy at the white house evidently felt getting the first lady pose to with this week's hash tag of western impotence would reflect well upon the administration. as i said last night and i'll say it again terrorists don't read twitter and even if they did it would have zero impact on them. and the only thing they react to
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is a bullet in their brain. here's with reaction, mark stein. how are you? >> good to be with you, sean. >> it garnered a lot of attention. i think the reason it has is because you have struck a chord. this is what, an exercise in feel goodism over what would be effective? why did you take such a strong stand? >> because i think there's a danger of communicating to the world, the united states is not a serious power any more. you know, when celebrities do it, when alec baldwin or beyonce issues a tweet about whatever their pet concern happens to be, celebrity activists are doing it to put pressure on government. mrs. obama is the government. she's the wife of the government. and the only point to doing this would be if the united states was involved in some way of
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actually bringing back these girls. these girls -- if you're going to say bring back our girls, somebody has to bring them back and realistically that means it's american special forces, french special force, british special forces, israeli special forces or maybe a couple of others. there's nobody else who can get these girls back alive. so unless you're actually doing something to bring them back this tweet is less than useless because it communicates to the world that you're not a serious power. >> they are also showing total contempt. the terrorists went out there we'll give the girls back but you have to release our militants. it takes israeli, french, great britain u.s. special forces to get these girls back. and at great risk. here's the next question. should -- what should the u.s. involvement be, in your estimation? >> well, you know, to be honest,
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nigeria -- i'm a child of empire. nigeria is part of the british commonwealth and i think david cameron who posed for this pathetic useless hash tag actually ought to be taking the lead here. by some accounts these girls are being taken up river to cameroon and chad. you could be operating in three countries. and my preference here would be for the british s.a.s. in alliance with the americans and the french to actually go get these girls and kill the guys who took them. i have no use for tony blair, about a decade ago tony blair and some members of the royal irish segment were captured, tony blair sent the s.a.s. in there to get those guys back teen kill the people who kidnapped them. and actually getting the girls back and killing the people who kidnapped them is the point. not actually starting a great social media campaign.
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>> listen if we can rescue these girls and get them back to their parents, if we could use, i suggest we only use overwhelming force, we need the element of surprise somehow and that means our intelligence which is already as i understand it being used there, we had a reasonable success that our guys aren't going get hurt in the process think it would be a worthwhile exercise because it is a battle against terrorists that are not only against these nigerian school girls, they are declaring war on the entire world, advancing their ideology. but that understanding seems to be missing in the administration, mark. >> yeah. that's right. this group has killed two and a half thousand people so far this year. basically they killed the death toll of 9/11. not in big spectacular ways by flying planes into sky scrapers but ramped up the death toll of 9/11 in the first three or four months of the year.
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and i accept -- by the way, i entirely accept the argument that other people would make that this is nothing to do with us, we got no interest in this, we should stay out of it. in that want case don't pretend to care. when neville chamberlin after hitler started, he was at least honest in his indifference. g7 leaders, the first lady of the united states should not be standing there as if the hash tag is part of american foreign policy. >> it's pathetic but so is america's reaction in ukraine and crimea and the iranians don't seem particularly nervous about the united states. and, the utter hypocrisy of arming the muslim brotherhood in egypt with f-16s is astoundingly stupid to me. but doesn't it all go back to
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the president's speech in cairo, the official position to this day of the first ft. hood shooting this was workplace violence, man caused disaster, overseas contingenccontingencie. isn't this about the naivete about the enemy we're up against. >> it's a little bit more than naivete. the president has spent the last five years who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes. the official position of the president and vice president is al qaeda is dead, and the general is alive. during all the time they have been using their lame slogan al qaeda affiliated groups have spread throughout north africa, west africa, east africa, in syria where the president drew his supposed red line and then pretended it was quote the world's red line or whatever useless phrase he used, iran and
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its client has just one. about a shish assad is back secure in his presidential palace and a client of the iranians and putin and the president's red line has bled away to a big nothing because in the end having a fabulous tweet is not enough. >> i watched the left's reaction to this. they are shocked that yourself and people like me, rush limbaugh was made fun of by jon stewart last night. it's predictable. tell me what this hash tag will do help these girls. if we rescue them -- >> john stewart. >> watch the tape. >> so that's our choice, malala or rush. he's desperately trying to extinguish any remaining molecule of humanity my remain in the chernobyl clean up site that was his soul.
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who should we choose. why don't we tweet our votes to #f [ expletive ] you rush. >> what will do it. will jon stewart support special forces to go in and rescue them. i would support it if we had reasonable chance of success. >> i would like to get those 276 girls back, sean and hire them as replacement writers for jon stewart because they couldn't do a worse job than his writing staff if that so-called hash tag is the best he can come up with. i'm serious. i want those girls back alive. . >> of course. >> i want them back alive. but a tweet and a hash tag is not getting them back alive. it's not about you or rush or me it's about the president of the world's superpower reducing him to a tweet.
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a tweet works for alec baldwin and beyonce and jay d. a tweet does not work for the foreign policy of the united states. >> hash tag get back our balls. all right. well said. mark stein, good to see you. coming up the video everyone is talking about, beyonce's sister caught on tape viciously attacking jay-z in a hotel elevato elevator. sources tell fox news the tension between the two is nothing new. we have some insider information. alec baldwin arrested today in new york city for riding a bicycle the wrong way down the street. guess what he started to curse at police officers. se in or out. come 2016 we'll check in with marco rubio. we'll ask the question that everyone wants answered that and more on this busy edition of hannity. get all your favorites all day, everyday.
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♪ welcome back to hannity. it's all pretty much anyone can talk about. the surveillance video of rapper jay-z being pummelled by his wife's sister and while the video came as a shock to many, but the family feud is nothing new. beyonce and jay-z have not publicly commented about the tape but last night they appeared in good spirits while sitting court side at the nets game and also being reported that beyonce's sister has removed nearly every photo of super star sister from her. >>gram account. that's not the only celebrity news today. loud mouth buffoon alec baldwin was arrested in new york city for riding his bicycle the wrong way. in touch maggot their hands on some tos. he was cursing out some police officers. how are you?
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that's a statement necklace. >> yes. we were talk about beyonce today i thought i would just bring it out. >> sunshine, happiness. >> finally sunny in here. >> let's put up the picture of alec baldwin. there's alec baldwin cuffed and apparently cursed out the police officers. now he's had the incident with his daughter. he had the incident on the plane. he's had all these other incidents beating up photographers, screaming curse words at female reporters. as a matter of fact we have a montague of baldwin's greatest hits. let's play some of them. >> i hope you choke to death. >> did you hear what i said? answer me yes or no. i'm here with my wife and kid. you have a big problem. maybe you are as dumb as you look. you are with fox. you're the one that almost hit my wife with a microphone. you want to apologize. i asked you a question. do you want to apologize. i asked you a question.
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i'm leaving this message with you to tell you you have insulted me for the last time. you have insulted me. you don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. i don't give a [ expletive ] you're 12 years old or 11 years old or you're a child. so you better be ready friday the 20th so meet with me to let you know just how i feel what a rudd little pig you really are. you are a rudd, thoughtless little pig, okay. >> i've had my own experiences with this guy. i think he's a ticking time bomb. this guy is off the rails. and i'm glad the police arrested him today. you can't curse out a cop. >> this is coming from somebody who wrote that whole diatribe from new york city. he is breaking law, running down the wrong side of the road on his bicycle and the police had
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every right to pull him over for breaking the law. >> by the way, if he said i'm sorry, officer, he curse out the police. what's the sense of entitlement that he doesn't have to shut off words on a plane and the plane has to taxi back. >> he's a public nuisance and when you move to texas you should take him with you from new york. no. but really, as a criminal defense lawyer people don't get arrested for riding their bike the wrong way. what he did then was escalated the situation. he's a public safety risk. he's riding his bike in the traffic and stopped him and said go the right way. >> then he also goes on twitter and writes three tweets, again he doesn't want his life to be in the public eye. >> i have one of the tweets. this is what he writes. new york city is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior
7:18 pm
once thought benign. >> this will provide fodder for one, two, three, four, five more stories. he's doing the right thing he wouldn't tweet about it. he's going against his own word. >> let's go beyonce, jay-z, beyonce's sister, what's her name, solange. solange, this is bizarre. roll the tape here. you have some inside information you wanted to share with us. >> so, breaking news right now, we can tell you why they are fighting. everyone was wondering what would cause solange so close with jay-z and beyonce to act like this and why beyonce was not moving at all or getting in the middle of it. we learned exclusively from someone close to solange that it's because solange was defending beyonce because she feels as though allegedly jay-z has a too close of a relationship with a fashion designer by the name of rachel
7:19 pm
roy. >> what do you mean too lose? >> the source didn't go on to elaborate. you can take from that whatever you want to. >> that's rachel roy right there. >> she's a fashion designer who are very good friends with jay-z. used to be married to his former manager and they have known each other for years and so this is what we're hearing. she's good friends with kim kardashian. >> i'm watching this thing go on and on and beyonce just stands there. >> i think that she probably was aware there were cameras and she's trying to protect her image. she's a very image conscious person. >> if she wanted to protect her image she would say not in an elevator. we're being recorded. >> we can all judge whether she was respond right or wrong. but there's a bigger expectation of people's privacy. this hotel security surveillance was proprietary information that somebody actually took of the
7:20 pm
video, it wasn't a video that was leaked. we saw this with donald sterling. i have my opinions about him. >> fourth amendment protection. >> do we accept this and we abandon that or do we change things like arizona now has these porn revenge laws where you don't put things out just to get after people. what is that? >> i agree with you. also i want to say i think that they forgot the cameras were there because if they knew the cameras were there they would have gone back there and have them wipe those tapes clean. it's left to be said if they will release a statement. they've said nothing as of right now but to point out multiple outlets have reported that solange and rachel roy had some words at the met ball earlier that night. >> you can't wipe tapes clean. this is proprietary information in the event there's a lawsuit you have to subpoena the tapes. can you not just go in and start removing tape. it doesn't work that way.
7:21 pm
>> with beyonce and jay-z you might have more clout. pretty fascinating. good to see you both. coming up next tonight right here on hannity. >> you think you're ready, you think you're qualified, you think you can become president. >> i do. we have other people as well. >> will he or won't he. senator marco rubio is up next to set the record straight. karl rove is clearing up comments about hillary clinton having brain-damage. we'll play his response.
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a lot of 2016 buzz has been surrounding my next guest as of late and after he said in an interview he's qualified to be president, so will he make a run for the white house. joining me now the man himself, florida senator marco rubio. i see the smiles. the smile tells me you won't give me the answer i want. i'm wasting my time, right?
7:24 pm
>> first of all thanks for having me back. it's not time yet. >> it's very funny to me, i actually was trying to rack my brain. i haven't had time to google this. i don't remember many people asking barack obama that question, do. >> you no, i don't. look i think it's an interesting question. i'm a u.s. senator now. i'm focused on this decision. i'll have a decision to make at the end of the year. your point is well taken. i would line up my resume against his at this stage in his career. i did serve in state government, speaker of the house, majority leader, majority whip there. i served two years on local government as well. our republican party by and large has a number of people including many who don't want to run for president that are much more qualified to hold that office than the man who is there now. >> i would add you to the list. there is a slight little conflict of interest. you and jeb bush are very close. would it impact your decision if
7:25 pm
he ran and what are you thoughts about him running? >> you're right about the fact that we've worked together for many years. i'm a big admirer of his. he's a formidable candidate and strong. when somebody thinks about running for that like the presidency of the united states you don't do so by taking into account other people's decisions. you have to decide whether that's where you want to serve the country and whether you have a concrete vision for future and ideas how to get the country there. i bet he would tell you the exact same thing. >> it was interesting in the comments you made kind of unique and a little bit refreshing to me. you said if you decide to run you're all in. you don't go with plan b i'll also run for the senate at the same time. >> i don't think the decision one makes i want to be in office and if that's the presidency that's great if not i'll keep what i have. when you decide to run for president you're so determined to serve the country in that role that's all you're focused on. at least for me. i don't criticize anyone else. if that's a decision we come to at the end of this year it will
7:26 pm
be about that. not about creating a plan b. >> one of the things that i have been interested about is the top ten states for growth and opportunity by 500 ceos in the country, they are all red state governors, you know, it's your state of florida second, texas is number one. you got ohio, john kasich. scott walker, louisiana and wisconsin have made huge leaps. i've been a little disappointing in this sense in that in washington republicans have not rallied around a consensus inspiring agenda. for example, balancing the budget, an alternative to obamacare, energy, school choice, securing the borders. those five things. why is there no consensus plan? >> well that's a good question. part of it is because we haven't had enough public figures that are running about what we're going to do. it's pretty clear what we're against and the things we're against are bad things that we
7:27 pm
need to stop from happening. it's important for us to outline this is what we'll do if you put us in charge of government and primarily that means positioning this country to have another american century. that's not where we're headed right now. america is becoming a more difficult place to innovate, to invest, a big education system that the democrats want to keep pouring money into that's failing our students from k through 12 all the way to universities. we've become an unfriendly climate and growing number of companies don't want to invest here and create jobs here because it's more expensive to do it here because of regulation and taxes and ain't business rhetoric from government. these are the sort of things that republicans have to go to people we recognize you're hurting and insecure. it's clear after the last six years big government doesn't solve it and makes it worse. here's what we would do instead. >> what's your top five agenda items. i'm not trying to put you on-the-spot. i have mine. >> we have a number of thing. first and foremost is keep our
7:28 pm
country safe and as i've said repeatedly the best way to ensure our military will never have to go to war is to have a military to win any war. it's number one obligation is to keep our country safe anticipate that means to have an unquestioned advantage over anybody else when it comes to national security. number two we got to grow our economy. it has to grow much faster and more robustly than it's doing now. that entails having higher education system that actually helps people go to work, teaches them skills to allow them get a job. making america the best place in america to invest. making america the best proclamation in the world to innovate. sell more of our products like natural oil and natural gas and oil, these sorts of things. that's critically important for our future. you touched on a moment ago about immigration. it's a controversial issue. as part of that, as a sovereign country we have a right to enforce our laws.
7:29 pm
our legal immigration system needs changed so it's merit based. based on economic realities not the old outdated system we have now which is only about family reunification. they are important concepts. >> how much time ands there's some internal debate. i don't like the fact we've been lied to. i feel we have been lied to and manipulated on benghazi, on rogue agents in cincinnati as it relates to irs n-ti my dating and silence opposition forces. americans were lied to about keeping their plan and doctor and saving money. how far -- how much of an issue is that for you that we're not being told the truth on a regular basis now by our own government? >> just as an issue of character it's a big deal. if you have leaders willing to mislead the republic that's telling where they want to take the country. you see in the left in general and m administration they view
7:30 pm
the country as children. so even if they've lie to us about what we're taking, lie to us about how it would work they would make us do it because they know what's right for us better than we know. on issue after issue whether the impact of obamacare or on foreign policy issues, they won't level with the american people because if they they could never gain our support. the health care slaw a perfect example. if you told americans you would disrupt the entire health care industry in exchange for what we have seen happen in return they would never take it up. more people are worse off after obamacare than better off. that's not something they would admit to when they were proposing this because if we knew the truth it wouldn't have passed the democratic congress. >> good to see you senator. coming up next karl rove is clearing up some comments about the possibility of hillary clinton having brain-damage. when we come back dana and roy. and this. >> what kind of a guy goes over tory city and has sex with every
7:31 pm
girl and then he catches hiv. is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? >> that's the disgraced clippers owner actually trying to quote, apologize. we'll play his remarks in full coming up. magic johnson has responded. we hope you set your dvr, record hannity the series. this way you never miss an episode and we always get to see each other. straight ahead. berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now.
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♪ welcome back to hannity. there are a lot of headlines out there today saying karl rove thinks hillary clinton is brain-damaged but that's not what he really said. karl rove was on fox earlier today. here's what he said. >> how did this comment come up suggesting hillary clinton may suffer from brain-damage? where did that come from? >> no, no, no. wait a minute. i didn't say she had brain-damage. she had a serious health
7:37 pm
episode. my point was is that hillary clinton, wants to run for president, but she would not be human if this didn't enter in as a consideration. and my other point is this will be an issue 2016 race whether she likes it or not. >> joining us now from our fox medical a-team dr. mark siegel and roy murdoch and dana is in the house. i put jasper up to get ratings. >> and to make me happy. >> jasper is a ratings magnet. let me start with dr. siegel. 30 days in the hospital. is that true? then there was an issue and karl mentioned this that maybe we wouldn't need an explanation for anybody. right? >> look, sean, back in 2008 i looked at john mccain's records and you wouldn't believe how the left wing media was all over
7:38 pm
this. thousands of pages trying to find out if the melanoma would reoccur. they were looking for something. i think in 2016, six months before the general election if she's the candidate i have every right to look over her 1,000 pages of health records. that wasn't a minor incident that occurred in december of 2012. >> when spends 30 days in the hospital. >> she had a blood cloth in a significant part of her brain. 1998 she had a blood cloth in her leg. i want to know if she has a tendency to form blood clots. >> did a tia snap >> karl is on to something. there's risk of brain-damage. he never said that. there's risks of recurring clots and strokes. >> dana, you spoke to karl
7:39 pm
earlier as well today. >> karl and i have a relationship that was forged over many years as his supposed person. at 5:30 this morning i saw from real clear politics this tweet that said karl rove said hillary clinton has brain-damage. so i got in touch with him to find out what happened. >> at 5:30 in the morning? you waited until 6:00. >> i did. he's an hour behind. i was anxious. "new york post" article, the gossip column. karl rove has to understand, he knows that he's the gift that keeps on giving to democrats. they will never believe, no one on the democratic side will ever believe this was an innocent comment about every candidate has to submit their health record which is true. you know who usually asks them first is the "new york times." every candidate that want decides to run will have to go through this. karl was raising a question but
7:40 pm
always tagged somebody who is dropping it in there. >> it's legitimate for anybody. george bush had one of the lowest resting heart rates like 38240. >> he's in excellent physical shape. the man works out. >> the health of a presidential candidate. it matters. >> this comment by karl rove is something impossible to make hillary clinton a sympathetic character. we need to focus on the fact it's not so much my concern of brain-damage but she's gone through american public life without leaving footprints. people are wondering what's her great accomplishments in the state department. u.s. senator in new york. didn't enact any major legislation. and then hilary care which blew up in her face. what has she accomplished. what's the rationale of putting her in the white house. >> i don't remember bill clinton
7:41 pm
ever giving his medical records. wasn't that a big deal back when he was president. he didn't make public his medical records? you know i have my own theories. >> when i talked to karl this morning for all of the candidate that -- every presidential race he's looked at "new york times" and others, the media falls in behind they do an exhaustive medical physical -- i remember john kerry one when it came out. it's a significant step because americans have to be assured the president is healthy. >> i agree. >> john mccain, over 1,000 pages we were looking at. >> i can imagine that's true. ronald reagan true. >> i believe in medical privacy. all you want to know does this person that have ability, the likelihood they won't have significant health issues for the four years, maybe eight years they will be president. can you tell that on average? you can tell by their heart. you can tell if they have an extensive heart exam. >> absolutely. i can tell a lot by reviewing the records of what she's been
7:42 pm
through. to be totally fair it looks like she made a full recovery. we need to know what the risks are. >> also remember the left. when chris christie, when he was running for re-election for the gubernatorial race people on the left who said he's way too obese to be able to run for president. he could never make it through eight years. it's not unprecedented for people to pose the question before they start running for office. >> i'm curious, we think about medical records in terms of physical health. what if they include psychological notes from a psychiatrist. >> anti-anxiety medication. >> it's scary. >> it's germain. >> what if they are on anti-depressant. >> we're entitled to know that. >> with president bush we had to submit a document that he smoked the occasional cigar. it gets that detailed.
7:43 pm
>> i smoked one with him occasionally. >> he doesn't smoke them before bike rides. by the way, there's a lot of ali as used on these records. >> poor karl. just kidding. coming up next tonight right here on hannity. >> what kind of a guy goes over tory city, has sex with every girl and then catches hiv. is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? >> that was disgraced clippers owner donald sterling. believe it or not trying clarify his remarks, his racist remarks. instead he takes another swipe at magic johnson, his full remarks and magic's response coming up next straight ahead. all we do is go out to dinner.
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see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. ♪ welcome back to hannity. embattled los angeles clippers owner donald sterling is making things worse and worse by the day during an interview with anderson cooper that aired last night. sterling attempted to apologize for his racist remarks but ended up slamming magic johnson and insulting people. take a look. >> what has he done, can you tell me? big magic johnson what has he done
7:49 pm
>> he's a business person. >> he's got aids. did he do any business -- i'd like -- did he help anybody in south l.a.. >> he has hiv not actual full blown aides. >> what kind of guy goefrsry city, has sex with every girl and catches hiv. is that someone i want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background. what does he do for the black people? doesn't do anything. that's one problem i have. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people. and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody. >> unbelievable. here with reaction, fox news contributor sportscaster jim gray. somebody tell him to shut up, hire a pr person. i don't even know what to say to that, do you? help me out.
7:50 pm
>> there's nothing to say. he's incapable of listening. he's never listened before. he won't start listen now. he always wanted everybody's opinion and did whatever he wanted. he's gone from all right. interestingly, magic johnson, has done a lot for a lot of people over the years. a good business guy. i think one of the best players to play the game. here is what he said. >> my whole life is devoted to urban america. i just wish he knew facts when he's talking but he's a man who is upset z he's reaching. he's reaching and trying to find something he can grab on to, to help him save his team. it's not going to happen it's not going to happen. board of governors have to do their job. adam silver, our commissioner did a wonderful job.
7:51 pm
banning him for life. again, i'm going pray for the man. fi see him today, i'm going to say hello to donald and his wife as well i'm in the a guy who holds grudges and that. am i upset? of course. >> pretty classy guy. he, you know i don't think it could be said more perfectly. >> he's always taken the high road and helped many people here in los angeles and across the country. his foundation you can go back to when he is playing. a mid summer night magic. he's educated tens of thousands of children and students here in los angeles and across the country. he's provided jobs in all of the urban areas with what he has done. he's gone out of his way to give back and give more, he's been a successful businessman. is he in these attacks it's just ridiculous. why is magic johnson, he takes a picture with a stranger now he
7:52 pm
has to go through this? it's wrong the nba board of governors committee got on the phone and had a meeting this afternoon. they're going to go through the process the file has been opened of complaints. they'll go through that. donald sterling will be given the opportunity and rights to answer them, then, they will take a vote this, will occur, i'm told before the end of the season. and then, that will force the sale of the team. >> should it matter, and i thought bill mar made, i can't believe i'm saying these words, but he made a pointant point. should it matter if people have privacy in their own home? should that matter? >> of course it should matter. you can't put the genie back in the bottle. there is no such thing as privacy for a public person. these are his comments. this is in the privacy of his
7:53 pm
own home? >> yes. but let's remember one thing in this. this isn't a good man that made a mistake. this has been a terribly flawed character for an awful long time. he's made a ton of mistakes. >> nba new, jim, they didn't do anything. >> of course, that is a point made early on. i'm running out of time. i'm not trying to rush awe long a lot has been made about michael sam kissing his boy friend it's been shown on tv again and again. only thing i didn't like, one player tweeted wow. oh, my god. you know? one other word he has to go to reeducation camp. this seemed odd to me. nobody knows what is he talking about, right? maybe they didn't think he's a good choice. >> well, at the end of the day he knows what he did. let's just call it like it is.
7:54 pm
if he can play in national football league and tackle a quarterback and make a play on third down it won't matter one second what his sexual preference is. if he can't play this will go away. >> it will go away. >> it's not an issue to players in the national football league z a final thing, people come up to me and talk about sports every day in airport, at the market, restaurants i have not had a fan since michael sam announced he was openly gay ask me about him. >> interesting. >> it's not an issue out there. >> if it had been tom brady, or eli manning he'd been drafted once, we'll see what happens. >> coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] "west" didn't end where columbus landed. not on the banks of the mississippi, or even the coast of california. the new ram 1500 ecodiesel.
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8:00 pm
the series. and please don't for get start your day with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. nswered. good night wugd. washington, d.c. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> do you respect your country? do you love your country? >> yes. i feel patriotic. >> and part of that patriotism is speaking out about racism which kareem abdul jabbar in "time" magazine. what he said is troubling. we have a special report. >> a loss of parental sovereignty. of state sovereignty it is a loss of our chirp into grotesque system. >> glenn beck says the public school system is hurting children and oppressing their parents. he will be here. also tonight, billions of people watching a video of


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