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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 14, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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drink a toast, we are now the world's biggest market for wine. the u.s. has taken the top spot from france for the first time ever. the average french person still drinks more wine, but overall, america is the biggest market. >> we'll win at something. >> there you go. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. the confirmation hearing about to get under way for president obama's pick to become the new public face of obamacare. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." republicans say they plan to vote for sylvia matthews burwell to replace health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. democrats say it's the sort of a new era. but new polling seems to suggest the toughest times for obamacare may still be ahead. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. what should we expect when this hearing gets under way? fireworks or not so much? >> well, gretchen, we're
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expecting key lawmakers to go after the obama administration's countless delays and tweaks of the health care law, which have made many here on capitol hill furious. we also expect there will be some questions about some of the recent headlines in terms of failing state health care exchanges. and then one like this one on transparency. >> will you be willing to be clear and honest with the american people and the congress and this committee about the implementation of obamacare regardless of what the administration's policy is? >> senator, you have my commitment that if i'm confirmed, the two pieces of principles that would guide me are transparency and accuracy. >> sylvia matthews burwell was confirms 96 to 0 last year to be the budget director. expect questions about how she'll be different than kathleen sebelius. >> interesting. are democrats taking a new approach, then, on obamacare? >> you mentioned polling.
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and there are polls that people think that their health care prices are going up, they have limited access to doctors and hospital. they're worried about the future and worried about the premiums they may get handed later this year. but still, majority leader harry reid is trying to go on offense. >> we've seen the last week or two the republicans just throws things at the wall hoping something will stick. one need only look at why we haven't heard these endless speeches in the house or the senate on obamacare, the affordable care act. that's dissipated. >> reid is trying to make sure that obamacare is not the central issue of the 2014 elections. we'll see if that works. upcoming in this hearing, we expect sylvia matthews burwell to be asked about how she'll do implementation of obamacare better. >> thanks so much. hillary clinton getting a major show of support on benghazi as a congressional panel gears up to investigate
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the administration's response to that terror attack. former president bill clinton coming to his wife's defense today saying she handled it all appropriately. listen. >> hillary did what she should have done. 'em panelled a high-level review committ committee, our countrily most distinguished senior diplomat and they looked into what was wrong, they gave 29 recommendations. she took them and started implementing them. >> coming up a little later in the show, hear his reaction to recent questions about hillary's health and what it could mean for her own white house run. we'll take it all up with our political panel. new developments in the scandal rocking the v.a. as the justice department says, it has no plans to get involved. attorney general oeshg holder
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saying the inspector general looking into reports of widespread and deadly wait times and cover-ups. until that investigation is complete, he plans to stay out of it. >> well, obviously, these reports if they're true are unacceptable and the allegations are being taken very seriously by the administration. i don't have any announcements at this time with regard to anything that the justice department is doing. >> republican senator jerry moran of kansas sits on the veterans affairs committee which is holding a hearing on all this tomorrow. he's my guest. what do you make of eric holder saying no investigation from his department thus far? >> handing off to the inspector general, the truth is that the inspector general has reported 18 times since january of 2013 in regard to quality care issues, in regard to allegations of impropriety. the reality is nothing's been done. so the inspector general has been doing their work. but the question is, what would
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the department of veterans affairs, what would the secretary do to make things better? what we're seeing is, just in my view, we know the department is now suggesting that they're going to do a survey across the country in two weeks of a small number of facilities. there are 1,700 facilities across the country. two weeks seems to me that they're simply doing damage control. we need to have a presidential commission take a look at this because they're not listening to the investigations that have already been done. >> you're talking about the audits that we reported, i think it was, last week, that secretary shinseki said that he was going to order. but i also know that you're very concerned because you say these allegations of cooking the books from arizona to wyoming to now florida, et cetera, that the department has known about those. how do you know that? >> well, an inspector general's report was issued last december about cheyenne, wyoming's problems, submitted to the department of veterans affairs.
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i assume the secretary either saw or had access to that report. and earlier this week, the secretary announces they're going to do an investigation to find out what happened at cheyenne, wyoming. the inspector general's report has been at the department for months and nothing has changed. >> so the frustrating thing for people watching right now is they hear, oh, my gosh, we're going to have more hearings on this thing. they're going to kick off tomorrow. i know you have a lot of questions you want to ask secretary shinseki. but for the american people and especially for those veterans, many of whom have had people who have died or gotten sicker waiting, are the hearings really going to do anything, senator? >> this is not about one more hearing. but it really is about taking the facts that we already have, the circumstances that we know our veterans and their families have faced in v.a. facilities across the country and having a leadership team at the department of veterans affairs that is committed to changing the culture, that is committed to making sure excellence is available.
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look, where would you think if we're going to put a priority in this country that we would have the most timely and the highest quality of health care for any particular set of individuals? you would think it would be the veterans of our country, the military men and women who sacrificed for our nation. you want to see the absolute best there. and at best, we see a mediocrity, looking the other way. no real sense that anybody's in charge trying to make a change. so what we don't need is just further delays, further -- in a sense, further investigations. let's take some action. >> i know you were the first to take action, the first senator to call for shinseki to to resign. we'll have a close eye on the hearings tomorrow. thanks so much, senator. >> thank you very much. to the families directly affected by this wait. waiting for an explanation. we're hearing more of their heartbreaking stories, including my next guest. her father passed away while in the care of the phoenix v.a. hospital. she says things got so bad, she had to hire private caregivers to be by his bedside around the clock while he was at the v.a.
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kim joins me now. kim, i'm so sorry for the loss of your father. i can't imagine the pain that you have gone through in losing him and then knowing that maybe, maybe it could have been prevented. do you believe it could have been? >> thank you, gretchen. yeah, i think -- i'm not going to blame the v.a. for him dying. but i think he might have died prematurely because there was a series of bad decisions that were made along the way. he was in the hospital for 33 days. >> this happened in october of 2011. he then passed away in november. he was admitted to the hospital with some sort of a blood infection, right? >> correct, correct. >> and you then saw him deteriorate and be moved from one floor to the next. and you saw a complete lack of communication. and what else? >> well, the communication -- he got moved from the third floor to the fourth floor. and he had a feeding tube in, a
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temporary feeding tube because the muscles in his throat, he couldn't swallow. they wanted to make sure he was getting his fluids, his nutrition and his medicine. when he got up to the fourth floor, the doctors and nurses there didn't want to put the loose ties down on his hands to keep him from pulling the feeding tube out when he was resting or sleeping. and i explicitly said, please, do the ties, you have my permission as the family member. he pulled the feeding tube out the first night up on the fourth floor. the next day, the doctor said, i'm not putting it back in. >> that's why you hired the private caregivers to sit there overnight and watch your father and make sure that did not continue to happen. i want to get your answer to something that i thought was just unbelievable when people ask you how your father died. how do you respond? >> well, i just tell them i think he died from being in the v.a. hospital. i think had he been in a
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different facility, there's a chance he would have came out of there alive. he didn't go into the hospital with a terminal illness. but he was without that feeding tube for days. and i finally got them to put it back in. and that's when i had the care workers come to make sure he didn't pull it out because i knew he needed the fluids and the nutrition in that feeding tube. >> and the topper for you was when the department of veterans affairs in phoenix sent you a letter after your father passed away. they even got his name wrong in that letter. >> yeah. >> kim, thank you so much for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> i hope that you will get some more answers as to what could have been done. thank you, kim. >> thank you. fox news alert now, we have fires burning in california, crews in long beach responding to a fire in an area where there is a red flag warning still in effect now. this is happening as another fire burns in a remote part of camp pendleton. a spokesperson says it wasn't
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immediately known how large it was or when it started. former treasury secretary tim geithner opening up about his new book, his tell-all book. and the big question -- >> was the white house trying to get you to mislead the american people? >> bret baier has the answer we've all been waiting for, wrapping up that interview just moments ago. he will join us live next. plus, a gust of wind sweeps a bouncey house 50 feet in the air, children inside. how this happened and should those bouncey houses be banned? and the gluten-free diet skyrocketing in popularity. but a new study says it may be time to give gluten a second chance. break out the bread. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber
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new revelations about the white house coming out right now, coming from a one-time member of the president's own cabinet in a book from former treasury secretary tim geithner. bret baier just wrapped up an interview with mr. geithner and she joins me now. what did you find out? >> i just wrapped up that interview. former treasury secretary geithner had a couple of interesting things to say in that interview. we'll play it in full on "special report" tonight at 6:00. a couple of points. one is i pressed him on "too big to fail." he said they haven't fixed that problem but it's better than it was. i pressed him on specific criticism from a number of different people about things in this book. he stands by his quote about glen hubbard. i asked him about the front page of "the wall street journal" and the efforts to again back off
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tight mortgage rules. and he said, this is going to be a tough balance for them to strike on this and has more thoughts about that. but the thing in washington that obviously generated a lot of controversy this week about this book was a prep session for sunday shows that geithner said the white house was telling him to say something that he wasn't comfortable with. and that wasn't completely true. was the white house trying to get you to mislead the american people? >> let me say -- i was never, ever in the position where anyone in the white house asked me to do that. of course, i would never have done it. but dan pfeiffer never asked me and i would never have done that. what dan pfeiffer was doing was to point out that we didn't want to look like our proposals were proposals that were going to appear to some as cutting social security benefits to cover over shortfalls in other parts of the country. >> you write, quote, i remember
11:17 am
during one roosevelt room prep session before i appeared on the sunday shows that i objected when dan pfeiffer wants me to say social security didn't contribute to the deficit. it wasn't a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute. pfeiffer said the line was a dog whistle to the left, a phrase i'd never heard before. he had to explain it was a phrase that was code to the democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect social security. now, that wouldn't have been a dog whistle to the left if you were on the same page and he was saying it wasn't the main driver of deficits. >> we didn't want these reforms to be vulnerable to misperception on either side, that we were going to try to solve the deficit problem on the back of social security. he was right about that. i'd never heard the phrase dog whistle. i thought it was interesting. >> but it does contribute? >> to the long-term fiscal problem, yeah. it's obviously it's just a math
11:18 am
thing. >> that's interesting, bret. when this revelation came out, other people thought, well, is this part of the culture where you have a situation where you're asked to say something that isn't factual? >> right, and i'm not sure he really answered the question. i went back a number of times about the difference between what he wrote in the book and what he said in the interview. that happened a couple of different times in the interview. he was forthcoming about the state of the u.s. economy, the role of the fed which he says has been tremendous in this economy and the concern about printing money in the long haul, how long that can last. but this exchange kind of gives you a sense of where he is on that issue. >> it appeared to be more clear in the book than in the interview. bret, we'll be watching, 6:00 eastern, "special report." thank you. >> thanks, gretchen. dramatic rescue. >> just jump out.
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>> is everyone okay? >> coming up next, more about what happened to this woman stranded in the middle of a massive thunderstorm and who she's thanking today. gluten-free, you know, it's exploding in popularity, right? but is this diet really necessary? is gluten intolerant even a real thing? the surprising results of a new study coming up. and the w.h.o. releasing its list of the world's heaviest drinkers. that brings us to our question of the day. who do you think is on the list? tweet me, @gretchencarlson. use #therealstory. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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a minnesota police officer's dashcam capturing a dramatic and amazing rescue. >> just jump out. >> is everyone okay? >> are you okay? >> help her out, help her out! >> come on, come on! >> the officer and a good samaritan pulling a woman from a burning suv in the middle of this huge storm. we're told her vehicle stalled on a highway. she called 911. while she was waiting for help, the suv was hit by lightning, caught on fire, trapping her inside. the officer and a teenager driving by jumped into action. >> could be a person in there, i just -- i guess i didn't really think. i just ran and tried to save her. >> all three suffered cuts and scrapes but were all able to
11:24 am
walk away. when you go to the grocery store, they pop up all over the shelves and everywhere else. but new research finds one form of gluten sensitivity may not actually exist. so we're not talking about the autoimmune disorder celiac disease. but something called gluten intolerance. trace gallagher has more. what did the study say? people are going to want to hear this. >> let me show you the numbers to give you an idea of how this gluten-free craze has taken off. last year, americans spent $10.5 billion on gluten-free foods. the number is expected to be $15 billion by 2016. 18 million americans now believe they are gluten sensitive yet fewer than 3 million actually have, as you said, celiac disease, which is gluten intolerance. the same research team that told us three years ago that gluten was causing gastrointestinal
11:25 am
prabs s problems say, maybe we spoke too soon. people were fed gluten and non-gluten problems and all reported they had gastrointestinal problems. then they were given a diet low in fodmaps, foods that are hard to digest -- wheat bread products, chocolate, energy bars with artificial sweeteners, mushrooms, beans, apples, anything with high fructose corn syrup. so what the study concluded is that people who think they have gluten sensitivity actually really only have sensitive to fodmaps. that list is much more extensive. they're also saying if you believe you do have celiac disease, you should get tested because it's serious and it is underdiagnosed. but fewer than 3 million americans have it right now.
11:26 am
this gluten-free stuff is flying off the shelves. >> yeah, no doubt. fodmaps. i learned a new word today. >> it's an acronym. >> i eat all the foods on the fodmap list. i don't know what that means. thanks so much, trace. can you believe it's already been 12 years, 12 years later, the national september 11th memorial museum, now it's finally going to open below the world trade center. a live behind-the-scenes report from ground zero coming up. and former president bill clinton stepping up to his wife's defense as congress gets ready to dig in deep on benghazi. >> there are always choices that we later regret, consequences we do not foresee, alternative paths we wish we had taken. but hopefully we get it more right than wrong. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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time for a quick check of your headlines now. pop star justin bieber facing attempted robbery accusations according to l.a. police. he reportedly grabbed a woman's phone and screamed at her claiming she has taken photos of his entourage. glen campbell's alzheimer's is progressing, unfortunately. his wife is telling "people" magazine it's likely the rhinestone cowboy singer will likely never perform again in public. and this happened yesterday. this driver is facing attempted murder charges.
11:31 am
police say the suspect barricaded himself inside the station for hours. luckily everyone got out. no one was hurt. the select committee investigating benghazi getting a thumbs-up now from two key former figures in the obama administration. former cia director alley-oleona saying the problem has been sometimes bits and pieces of information keep coming out. obviously there is a concern whether it's going to be a political effort to target an issue for a campaign. i hope democrats participate and it really is a legitimate effort. and mike morell who's testified about benghazi several times saying he, too, welcomes the new investigation saying, quote, if you look at the polling numbers, a not insignificant percentage of the american people still have questions. joining me now, chris plante and leslie marshall.
11:32 am
hopefully i'll do better introducing you guys in speaking than i did with that quote. leslie, you have two top dems now, most importantly in the administration of president obama who say, we kind of like this select committee. is this going to nudge the democrats onto the panel? >> well, i'm one of those democrats, although not as big in name as those guys that think that democrats should be a part of this. although i feel the findings will be the same as the five former investigative committees, especially the nonpartisan senate intelligence committee, that all five have not found that hillary clinton was responsible or negligent in her duties or that there was any cover-up or conspiracy by the white house, the president, et cetera. i think that this committee will find that as well. but i think democrats need to be a part of that process. although i don't think there's going to be anything new that comes out as a result of it. >> chris, why would both of these key figures say that they
11:33 am
think the select committee is a good because because they're involved in this whole situation? it just strikes me as odd since many democrats have come out and said, why bother with a committee? >> in the case of leon panetta, he's a guy who's got a good reputation in this town and i guess he'd like to keep it. i think a lot of people in this administration are not going to walk away with their reputations intact. i suspect leon panetta would like to do that. i think that he's being an honest broker here, quite honestly. and when it comes to mike morell and the statements that he made, they're interesting in a couple of different ways. he's a crafty guy. he speaks with great deliberateness. and when he talked about the poll numbers, a lot of americans would like to find out exactly what happened here and i would disagree with leslie on the merits of this investigation. we found out a lot in the interim since the last investigation. but one of the things that mike morell said that i thought was pretty interesting is that the intelligence community didn't
11:34 am
politicize the benghazi episode. now, in doing that, i speak fluent washington. and in doing that, what he was doing was in effect pointing the finger at the white house and the state department when it comes to who politicized it. we now know that the cia didn't put that videotape in there. so someone else did. >> maybe in the select committee, we'll finally find out the answers to all those questions. in the meantime, former president bill clinton now weighing in on speculation about his wife, hillary's health after she suffered a concussion in 2012. he just did this moments ago. >> she said she faked her concussion. and now they say she's auditi s auditioning for a part on "the walking dead." they went to all this trouble to say that she had staged what was a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over. it's something she never low-balled with the american people, never tried to pretend didn't happen. now they say she's really got brain damage.does, i must be in
11:35 am
shape because she's still quicker than i am. >> so bill clinton getting right to the heart of the matter. leslie, will this sort of quell any discussion about hillary's health? >> yeah, i think so. i have to say, i had a good laugh researching this topic today because i like chris. we may disagree ideologically. but he and the republican party are smarter than this. first of all, hillary clinton was in the hospital four days, not 30. they talk about the sunglasses she was wearing. i have seen photo after photo after photo in australia, in mexico, in china, et cetera, of her wearing those sunglasses. she definitely had a medical condition. and i think the idea that the entire medical community, all the press, everyone working with her, her husband, her daughter and the rest of the world, were conspiring, i don't know. what's next? vince foster's ghost gave her the blood clot? come on. >> president clinton by all accounts is a man of great --
11:36 am
when he says something like that and it's more in a joking manner, you know he does that well, doesn't he? >> well, he's good on his feet certainly and he's a skilled politician. but karl rove didn't use the term brain damage. he suggested traumatic brain injury. she suffered a contusion including a blood clot behind her left ear and that affected her eyesight. he set up a couple of straw men in saying that she faked it. karl rove didn't say she faked anything. and that brain damage, brain damage is not the same as traumatic brain injury. then he said it took her six months. i think he opened a new can of worms -- >> he said she's recovered now -- >> he made a little joke. >> i have to wrap it there. we'll have much more to discuss in the coming weeks. thanks so much to the both of you. calls for a strong white house response to the v.a.
11:37 am
scandal. the president being urged to appoint an independent commission to investigate allegations of widespread patient neglect and cover-up. ed henry live on the north lawn. what do you know, ed? >> bottom line is this scandal seems to be growing in the sense that there are new revelations today that there may have been problems, a secret waiting list for patients at a v.a. hop in the chicago area. that first reported by cbs news. that, of course, follows the phoenix hospital situation where 40 patients allegedly died waiting to be served. obviously phoenix in the home state of senator john mccain who said a short time ago enough is enough. listen. >> the administration is now reacting to what is a burgeoning scandal. literally every day, there's a new allegation from some v.a. facility anywhere in the country. the question, i think, is what should have been done ahead of time to prevent this?
11:38 am
what needs to be done now to stop it? >> and it's not just republicans. a democrat of colorado just put out a statement in the last few moments saying he's concerned about v.a. facilities in his home state and says in his words, quote, there's an absence of public leadership among v.a. officials right now. >> so secretary shinseki going to finally testify tomorrow. did you get a little bit of a preview? >> we did because jay carney had his briefing. you'll remember that republican jeff miller who chairs the house veterans affairs committee, a republican, he is now demanding there be an outside commission investigating this. he doesn't think the inspector general at the veterans affairs administration can handle it. jay carney pushed back on that and says they think here that the investigations are moving forward. and he also insists that the president's been throwing money and other things at the problem even though jeff miller says he wrote to the president a year ago and didn't really hear back. listen. >> he says he got, quote,
11:39 am
disturbing silence from the white house and, quote, one excuse after another from the v.a. so what's been done? >> i can cite you what's been done including the increases in spending for v.a. services that this president has insisted on. >> we also have lawmakers from the state of missouri now saying they're concerned about v.a. facilities in the st. louis area. it gives you the idea that as you look at the map, this situation continues to grow. democrats and republicans on the hill saying they're concerned that they're not sure where the end to this is, gretchen. >> jeff miller will be on this show tomorrow. ed, thank you. the national september 11th memorial museum opening its doors this week, 12 years later. families, survivors and those who worked tirelessly to rescue people on that tragic day given a preview of the museum. rick leventhal is live at ground zero to tell us more about this historical place. rick, what do you think about it? >> gretchen, it's absolutely incredible.
11:40 am
it was a massive and costly project, of course, eight years, $718 million, including the memorial. a lot of logistical challenges. but the 9/11 museum is now ready. the space is vast, powerful, haunting and heartbreaking with a series of historical exhibits including more than 10,000 artifacts and 23,000 photographs and hundreds of hours of film, video and oral histories. we got a tour last week from museum president joe daniels. >> this is engine 21. we used this truck to tell the story, help tell the story of the first responders. you see some of their equipment, captain billy burke was the captain of this truck. he ordered his men to safety out of the building, stayed behind to try to rescue a paraplegic. unfortunately those three perished. it shows you the sacrifice those first responders made to get everyone out who could possibly be gotten out. >> those first responders and
11:41 am
survivors can begin touring the museum tomorrow, gretchen, for five days they can use it. then it will be open to the public next week. >> rick leventhal live at ground zero, thank you much. time to check in with shepard smith. what do you have coming up? >> how about a test drive where you don't actually drive? google let some reporters check out its driverless cars. so what's it like for the car to drive along with your hands not even on the wheel? gerri willis has been in one and she'll be here to tell us. and what happens if a car crash is unavoidable and the car is doing the driving, not you? will the car sacrifice your life to save more people in the car? how does the car make these decisions? we'll get answers live at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." a day at the park takes a terrifying turn. >> anything that could have been done wrong wasn't. everything was done properly and
11:42 am
that's the only thing that i can say positively, that nothing was done wrong. >> a bouncy house swept high in the sky. three children stuck inside. how this happened and how the kids are doing today. and the plot thickens in the mysterious disappearance of legendary deejay casey kasem. his daughter accusing her stepmother of making it a family affair. >> a few hours later, he was snatched from the facility he was staying at without a doctor's order or a transfer order. he was not transported properly either. if there was a pill
11:43 am
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to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition. terrifying accident raising new concerns about those inflatable bouncy houses. a witness taking this photo after one went airborne in upstate new york on monday carrying two young boys up to 20 feet in the air before they dropped to the ground, reportedly suffering very serious injuries. should these bouncy houses be
11:46 am
banned? joining me now are arthur aidala and jonna spilbor. should they be banned? >> ban them. when you can put something together the right way, tether it the right way and it's still hurting children, it's time to go. it's useless. >> from a legal perspective, arthur, don't people who put up these bouncy houses and invite kids over -- i can think of a litany of things they could be charged with, right? >> not criminally charged. but civilly charged. if any of these injuries that they'd have to be forced to pay money. probably the manufacturer would be liable, the person who installed it would be liable, the person who bought it would be liable. but let's not get crazy, ladies and gentlemen. you could say the same thing about a bicycle or every automobile, every airplane -- so many different kids' toys -- unfortunately in brooklyn, a young boy lately had one of those big helicopters and it decapitated him.
11:47 am
he was an 18-year-old kid decapitated by his -- >> the bike analogy, i see that. but kind of not. now we put helmets on our kids -- >> they still get hit by cars. >> but we prevent more injuries by hutting on a helmet. when you go into a bouncy castle, you don't have a helmet on. >> we can't wrap our kids in bubble wrap, i get it. but bouncy houses are not meant to be flying saucers. that's a problem inherent every time you erect a bouncy house. if i'm a landowner, you're not putting a bouncy house on my problem because i would be liable -- >> you could come to arthur's house. there will be a bouncy house up memorial day weekend. i'll have about eight kids in the bouncy house. >> have them sign a waiver. >> i won't tether it. i'm not even going to tether it. >> come on, arthur. >> this happened in new york. >> i understand. >> one of those boys is fighting for his life. >> and that's so sad. >> the daughter of casey kasem
11:48 am
lashing out now at her stepmom, accusing her of fleeing with kasem who is missing after being removed from a nursing home. a judge appointed the daughter her father's temporary conservator. what does that mean? >> when you have a family member who is somehow incapacitated and somebody else needs to step in and care for that person, you could go to a court and ask to be the conservator over that person. however, casey kasem has a wife. and unless she is detrimental to casey kasem's health, she's automatically in charge of what happens to him. right now, temporariltemporaril judge gave the conservatorship to the daughter. >> does the wife face any kind of charges for fake him from the nursing home? >> she has the ability to do that as long as she's not doing any harm to him. we're not talking about children. if casey kasem's children were underage, she can't hide him
11:49 am
from the kids. but here he's a grown man, she's technically his guardian. if she decides it's in his best interest to live in arizona or on an indian reservation -- >> even though he has severe parkinson's and he is incapacitated, she can still do that? >> the daughter temporarily can still do that -- >> no, no, no, the wife. >> if the wife is perfectly normal and healthy and not hurting anybody, absolutely she can. she's violating the court order temporarily because she's not disclosed where he is. but when they go back for an actual hearing, here's my bet. the daughter will lose this conservatorship in place of the wife. they tried to do the same thing last year and it didn't work for the daughter. >> unless you can prove the wife is not treating him properly. that's a high standard. >> bring me your bouncy house photos. >> and liability waiver form. >> after memorial day. a school board president caught on camera calling a
11:50 am
parent chubby-wubby. you want to hear that tape and what happened to him next. and ever wish you had a robot to do all your work? we'll give you an up-close look at some that can really get all the jobs done. that would be so great.
11:51 am
test test test dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon.
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. welcome back to the real story. a school board president resigns after he's caught on a mike calling a parent chubby 1by. listen to this. well, those comments, broadcast over public access television, they were reportedly cheers at meeting when ray cole gave in to
11:54 am
parental pressure and resigned. it's a no man's land of sorts. the world's largest exhibit of drones and unmanned systems filling a convention center in orlando, florida. our own steve hari is there. what can these unmanned robots do so i don't know you and i can go sit on the beach and do nothing? >> reporter: a lot of this technology was military and now being adapted pretty quickly dhthe civilian side to do things either too tedious for civilians to do or too dangerous and they will be used in the world cup for security this summer. >> it has fantastic reach, grippers. it can open doorknobs and packages and allow you to look inside. it can also carry tools to allow you to disrupt the explosives so they can't explode. >> as much as 80% of the drones
11:55 am
will be used for agricultural. some countries like japan already using them for crop dusting. gretchen. >> commercial growns not even legal yet. there was an incident with an airplane last week. are they going to be legal, these types of things down there? >> reporter: a lot of lobbyists for different businesses are pushing the legalization. some real concerns. we've seen some tiny drones you can fly with your ipad up to a mile away. real concerns about potential invasion of privacy and as you mentioned concerns about safety of the airspace. there's actually been six incidents over the last three years where pilots thought they had a close call with a drone. even though they may be illegal it doesn't stop people right now from already buying and flying the them. >> i don't know, if i had that one standing next to me in my house, a little scary to be roaming around in your house. cool and look into the future. alec baldwin tweeting back
11:56 am
to the new york police department after his dust-up with new york's finest. his side of the story now. we'll bring it to you next. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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alec baldwin speaking out after he was arrested in new york city. he was handcuffed after they tried to ticket him. he said i think handcuffing someone riding a basically in the wrong direction is ridiculous. >> and the u.s. didn't even make the top 10. all the former soviet republics made up the top four. belarus number one spot, taking in nearly five gallons of pure alcohol a year per person. we wanted to know who you thought would make the list. john j. nailed it saying the former soviet union. but in wisconsin we drink the brandy. dominic said her pick is sweden.
12:00 pm
people start drinking at 10:00 a.m. i know nothing about this even though i'm swedish. if you start earlier, you're an alcoholic every day. >> and england, they know how to part. i yes, they do. here, sheriff. googled yourself lately? see anything you didn't like? they have decided googles and other search engines should remove links for information that is embarrassing and what that may mean for privacy in the united states and why judge napolitano says don't bet on it in america. who wants a marry a killer? convicted killer wanted for one killing and his past hasn't stopped one woman from falling deeply in love. coming up, the jailhouse wedding plans. plus-


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