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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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vote in our poll. the o'reilly factor, good night from washington and have a fantastic weekend. we're going to work all weekend. we have a surprise for you monday. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> why is bill o'reilly talking about the african-american family? it's hard to take much of this race talk seriously. >> tonight, a special report on how the left uses race and political correctness to attack people who don't agree with liberal tenets. don't miss this one. >> how many dead veterans do you need before somebody asks the question within the white house. maybe this guy isn't the best steward of these veterans. >> another obama appointee general eric shinseki who heads the v.a. in big trouble. why doesn't the president hold these people accountable. >> is there a war on women in america? you are one of the tom women.
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>> i don't think so. >> on her last day as a tv journalist. barbara walters gives the factor a cable exclusive. >> you are the most successful tv journalist of all time. >> thank you, billy. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how political correctness is harming america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. hard to believe how out-of-control this pc madness really is last night we reported that a school district in north dakota stopped children from singing the song "ymca" because one of the village people recording the song dressed as a native american. in minnesota college stopped exposition whereby a camel would come on campus to taksimize hump day a
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diversion from exams. why did the college of saint thomas ban that? because some students said that a camel despagers middle eastern people excitement i feel like on saturday night live reporting this stuff to you but it's all true. there is a very serious undertone however to the politically correct mandates. first, p.c. wipes out dissent. if you criticize the minority you are evil. each if the minority is doing something bad. secondly, politically correct garbage gives left wing america a point of attack. i know this firsthand. a few years back on the radio factor i did a segment on my late grandmother wynford kennedy drake who did not like black people even though she never met one she was that isolated. my grandmother feared african-americans because she watched the local tv news here in new york city. where many black criminals on r. on display. my grandmother did not understand that skin color does not define a person. she did not understand there
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are good and bad people of every race. i tried to explain to my radio audience that we are all in this together as americans and we are essentially the same people no matter what color we are. i use the example of silvio's restaurant in harlem where i dined, for give me with al sharpton. i picked up the check as i always do. i said on the radio silvios is a great place. there was no cultural difference. trying to illustrate the foolishness of generalized bigotry. well, the vial media matters web site immediately said i was condescending and sharpton sometime later parretted that even though he knows it isn't true. recently i interviewed kentucky basketball coach john calipari how he handled his players if any of them begin badly which is known who-to-have happened. calipari players respectful to them because he gives them a road map to success. question asked and answered. the next day i'm accused of
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being a racist for even asking calipari that question because many of his players are black. do you see what's happening here? the left attacks attacks attacks using minorities as the flash point. now, if i were a minority, i would be furious about that i don't want anybody using knee in dishonest attacks. long past time for americans to stop accepting politically correct nonsense. you can't "ymca" you can't have a camel come on a college campus. you can't black owned restaurant if you are white. all so much bull. in fact if i could get a camel right in here i would put them on the set. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. with us andrea tantaros co-host of the five and rich where am i going wrong here? >> i love a sense of humor. people should have a sense of humor. there is something different going on. we are in a different
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america. i think a lot of conservative white people complain when minorities are giving valid push back. and that's to be expected. >> like silvio, was that valid push back. pretty much the same as every student or i'm denigrating african-americans. that's push back? >> no, bill, i don't know the other side of that story. >> there isn't any other side. >> of course. >> there is a transcript on the internet for seven years. >> the bigger point is that what people are calling political correctness in most cases, not every case, but in most cases cases is is a valid push back. >> "ymca" ever sing that song? >> disparaging native americans? >> i'm in new york city. >> that guy dressed up village person. >> the context of "ymca" is gay. inorth dakota it's native americans. >> not living as a native american in north dakota. >> just give me this.
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just give me this. just give me this, isn't that stupid ynca ban? i'm not even going to get that from the guy. oh, you go. >> it's completely stupid. >> thank you. >> it's insane. and you brought up the gay culture. do you know what's happening, bill? it's because of this hyper sensitivity to pc police by the progressives, you end up having this identity politics that's actually pitting these progressive groups against each other. village people are original celebration of gay culture in new york. that's my question to. >> is what. >> stifling a ban that celebrates the gay culture in new york. >> in that context. >> this is ridiculous. >> no. this is so ridiculous. >> in new york or in hawaii. >> you can reply. >> college campuses, bill, are supposed to be a celebration of multi-culturallism. right? they tell us we are supposed to celebrated diversity. all these different cultures. then, when we try to we are called bigots if we eat
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guacamole on cinco de mayo we are racist. >> if you know anything about village people marketing ploy with the gays. i went to high school with the motorcycle guy and he was straight. come on, i know what that is here is the key question to you. you don't get this on the right. i have looked and looked and looked. there are loons on the right. okay? serious loons. you don't get you can't say this about that group unless you are talking about some commentator they like. can't say that about him. but, in general. the conservative traditional point of view doesn't limit speech based on a certain group. like you are not going to hear rush limbaugh say you can't have a camel because it despagers. >> that's what you do. >> give me an example. >> if you criticize ronald reagan at christmas the light will come down at you. >> christmas? >> christmas is a day. it's not a group. >> it doesn't matter. that's a question of free speech. >> they're defending the attacks on it. >> george w. bush.
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ronald reagan, christmas. any of the comments on the rest. the right will come down on you. >> the conservatives can't say you can't talk about christmas. they don't want you to ban it? >> they don't want you to criticize it none of it. >> the clan, nazis? >> i think that's right though. >> debate. >> you try to silence -- i want to know what are the rules black only criticized black family. if you are female only criticize a female. that's what i get. >> these kids in north dakota saying with our taxpayer dollars we don't care to celebrate the holiday this way. >> what holiday. >> not the holiday. >> don't want to sing mca at a concert because the guy dresses up like an indian? that's insane. >> it's always about today
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we had the police chief of wolf borough use racial slurs against obama. >> you have got to be held accountable. >> that's completely different. you can't lump them all together it. >> push back. >> i want to make it clear that any individual american, like sterling, and, you know, who does use disparaging language toward any minority group has got to be held accountable. that's not what this is about. this is about insanity. >> village people said they didn't want donald sterling playing the ymca songs at clippers games. identity politics. >> see the growth of conservative identity politics. >> i want to know what the rules are. >> i wish the progressives would just tell us what's acceptable and what's not. instead of blank blanket knee jerking. >> after they banned ymca that they let the kids sing macho man. they didn't.
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they can't mention anything about the village people. all right. thanks very much. we appreciate it next on the run down, almost 40,000 criminal aliens, some of them killers have been released from containment by the feds. lou dobbs on that. later is, there a war on women? i put that question to barbara walters on our last tv day. we're coming right back. [male announcer] ortho crime files. disturbing the pantry. a house, under siege. say helto home defense max. kills bugs inside and prevents new ones for up to a year. ortho home defense max. get order. get ortho®.
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if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. criminals convicted of aggravated assault. why is this happening? we asked lou dobbs to look into it and here he is. so why is this happening? >> it's happening because the department of homeland security and our president
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decided it would happen. it is that simple. it is a policy of immigration, customs enforcement, art path homeland security to release these people. they are making a -- it's a demonstration. >> after they serve their time in prison, right? >> no, no, no. >> they don't even have to serve their time. >> they don't even have to go to prison. in fact, these folks are being released so that the department of homeland security can demonstrate to awful of us the great unwashed that they don't really need those 32 detainees beds that they have and that if you are an illegal immigrant, you don't even have to be an illegal immigrant in this case because we don't know how many of these were illegal immigrants. >> it doesn't matter, does it? if you commit a violent crime or felony in the u.s.a. you are out of here. you are gone. it should be the next day unless it's murder or something like that. look. they released a bunch of murderers and i didn't believe that they didn't serve any time. they must have served some time. >> well. >> they get out, that's when
5:15 pm
the problem starts. because their home country doesn't want them back. >> well, there are a couple of questions here that the department of homeland security won't answer, were asking. i talked to the woman jessica vaughn at the centers for immigration studies who authored the report. they can't even find out where these people were released, under what circumstances, what parts of the country, and whether or not they can really follow up and recapture them. there are only 20,000 ice agents in the country. they are starting out with 36,000 people that would have to recapture. >> it's almost beyond belief, but there was a supreme court ruling back in 2001 that said that the homeland security, the u.s. government can cannot detain an immigrant, illegal or otherwise indefinitely. >> right. so. >> what happens is they get convicted of a terrible crime here. all right, whether they have a green card legally or they are illegal. they serve some time.
5:16 pm
this is packs of illegal aliens in the nation's prisons. then they get out. their time suspect. we are not taking him back. don't put them on a plane here or china or any country. then they are nationless, they don't have anywhere to go. the u.s. government can't keep them in a pen, so they're walking around doing what they want. >> but interestingly, bill. these murders, people convicted of what difference does that make? they should not be unleashed on society. >> what would you do? this is the question. of course, this theory, you don't let these people out. if their country is not going to take them back and you don't want them here. you drop them in the ocean? what do you do with them? >> i would strongly recommend that if you are dealing with convicted murderers, this is just me guessing wildly. i'm hardly an expert. but i don't think i would turn convicted killers loose on american society. >> where would you put them? >> i think they would be
5:17 pm
less in the prison which they find themselves. >> then they're violating the supreme court decision that you can't detain them indefinitely. >> not necessarily because that doesn't pertain first to homicide. secondly, it's for an indefinite period of time. >> but the judge gives them 12 to life and then they get out in 15 and they are walking around. but this is a scandal, another scandal. >> by the way it's a repetition it of the scandal preceded it by a year in which the department of homeland security just decided, customs enforcement released 2,000 offenders into society and had plans to release thousands more. the house judiciary committee caught them in midstream of that catch and release. >> it is bad. no doubt about it. >> it's madness. >> we might mention lou dobbs has a new book out it's called "border war" a novel. nice gift for father's day. did the veterans administration actually kill some vets by not caring for
5:18 pm
them? that's the charge. geraldo will have the facts. pin pinheads of the week. good to know.
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fridays with geraldo tonight. covered up delays and medical treatment for 1500 vets causing some of them to actually die. general eric shinseki is in charge of the v.a. >> how many dead veterans do you need before somebody asks the question within the white house maybe this guy isn't the best steward of these veterans. >> that question, jake, is are we doing everything we can every day to get the veterans the care. >> but you are not. this letter was sent a year agoened a you guys ignored it? >> we have been working aggressively not only is healthcare expanded
5:22 pm
opportunities made more ready to our vets but that people are held to account. >> now, there has been trouble at the v.a. for years. and we know it firsthand here on the factor factor viewers and others have don't mated money to donate wheelchairs to the wounded veterans in iraq. the v.a. should be doing that it's not. we have not heard of them for our support independence fund the charity providing the track chairs. with us is geraldo rivera. i don't think there is any doubt the under secretary for health in the department of v.a. was forced to quit today a guy named dr. robert petzel. he is chaos here. >> he is the first to fall. he is the one hands on in charge of the quality of care at the v.a. ill would like to say more about that in a bit. >> remember, in the beginning the v.a. denied all of this. they denied it for a week. >> he has been involved in the controversy. petzel has been involved in controversies for six
5:23 pm
months. remember, he is the man who presided over the standard of care during the outbreak of legionnaires disease. we had a half a dozen vets dying from infection from hospital, hospital born infection. also the pinner who presided over these cumbersome and in some cases possibly deadly waits. petzel was the line guy in charge. the question becomes does his resignation today, this surprise resignation, does this take pressure off of the v.a. secretary? does it take -- >> -- shinseki. >> general shinseki. is he insulated from some of this controversy because the person you know actually in charge of the healthcare has now resigned or will they be further probes? i suspect that the fbi is investigating the allegation that people died on the waiting list, that shinseki's fate is still not determined. >> i think it is determined.
5:24 pm
i lie like sebelius he will go. they played this political gain. they never get you out immediately. they just let it go. sometime in september or october. mark my words. shinseki will resign. has to. they don't have any credibility left. his own doctors, this sealed it for me, his own doctors people working in phoenix hospital on camera going hey not only did they have the secret list that people were waiting for care and they knew about it, we told them about it, we the doctors, because the doctors and the nurses at the v.a. hospital they are not accountable for. this they do a good job. we told them in washington they didn't do anything about it. >> it's interesting you mention sebelius. i think the parallels with the are are absolute. >> right. what it speaks to, and the reason the president is very worried about this is it speaks to his managerial competence. all about can the obama administration administrate? >> what's the answer to
5:25 pm
that? county obama administration administrate? >> the answer is more nuances than i think you want. >> come on. remember that up until this, even with the legionnaires disease outbreak, the patients in the v.a., once you become a patient, they say that the care in the 6.5 million people who use the v.a. say the care is superior than the prayer private patients get in private hospitals. >> that goes to the doctors and nurses and personnel. >> they are not. >> not to shinseki. >> shinseki is the man in charge. >> he he doesn't hire medical personnel. >> if he is going to be the person who the buck stops here then he has to give credit for the quality of care. >> you can't convict a war hero before the facts are in. >> let the fbi investigate. there may have been crimes committed. we don't allege investigating benghazi? we haven't found anybody there, have we? is that the same obama
5:26 pm
administration meant to protect. >> the scandal has nor legs than the benghazi scandal. >> there he is he. [ laughter ] >> don't take it personally it? >> is what it is. >> don't go outside tonight. and also i would like thank jean and herbert segal who donated $45,000 to the independence fund to buy three track chairs. the seattle did this through the jewish communal fund. >> tell them about the donation you made to my charity? >> i don't tell about that. >> you curmudgeon a very charitable person? >> don't spread that around. ruin my reputation. >> barbara walters retired today but not before i asked her some political questions on the war on women, for example. whoopi goldberg saying that men have a right to hit women if they are hit first. that off othe jay-z thing. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. g. with models up to 62 horsepower
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insures support. a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like... ...sooner than you think. die from alzheimer's disease. ...we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call, or donation adds up to something big. alzheimer's association. the brains behind saving yours. prnl store segment tonight. my interview with barbara walters part 2. she retired from regular tv duties today and big tribute on "the view" as ladies lined up to hug. a lot of hugging. a lot of celebratory stuff. everybody paying homage to walters. before she left the stage i asked her a few political questions. is there a war on women in america? >> i don't think so. >> no war on women. >> i don't think so. somebody asked me recently was afeminist?
5:31 pm
and i thought that's an old fashioned word now. a feminist. because with rare exceptions women can do and do do what men do. >> i'm glad you said that i think that's the biggest phony issue i have ever heard. do you have any resentment against men because give you hard time. some of the old boys, journalist people were derisive. when i worked at abc i heard bad things but. i never saw it myself. but do you have any resentment against male colleagues? >> no. >> did they hurt you? >>. no i didn't like some of the things i had to fight against them. i think there was still the old school of hard news and it should be men. i like mental. i enjoy being with men. i don't have a problem and i don't have resentment. >> okay. >> because jennings thought you were a little softball, you know, that right? >> peter was his own piece of work as we say. >> i had access to jennings. i used to say look, why are you giving her a hard time for? she is going out and getting
5:32 pm
information from these people. that's what you want, information, right? then he would tell me to shut up and get out of his office. i saw it i saw it firsthand. but you tell me you don't have any resentment against these guys? >> i don't have time for large resentment. my time was spent during my homework. trying to ask the best question. trying to get the big get. i didn't spend a lot of time saying why did he do that me and i'm going to get even. i don't think that way. >> you are a liberal woman. you are sympathetic to pro-choice people, politically correct people. remember when i was on "the view" and goldberg and behar ran off because i said muslims killed us on 9/11. >> muslims didn't kill us on 9/11? is that what you are saying? >> excuse me, excuse me. [cheers] >> you were sitting next to me. all right. you knew what i end meant. you knew it was muslim extremists, you knew that? >> look. do i have my own views. but when i'm working professionally, i do try to keep my own views out. >> but you can't on "the
5:33 pm
view." it's an opinion show. >> but i do. i'm not sure that everybody who watches "the view" knows really what my political feelings are. >> everybody knows you are liberal, barbara. i don't want to break it to you too gently. >> i am? >> i want to know this. when you saw behar and goldberg. when they ran off. >> what i said was and i said it on the air. this is their show. we're the host. you don't do that to it a guest. >> why do you think they did it? >> because they felt personally affronted. but my feeling was. >> did they really? >> going into old stuff, bill. >> no. but this is what everybody remembers. >> okay. i felt when this is your show and you are in charge, you take what the guest gives and you work with it you don't get um and walk out in a huff. i told them that. >> i want to say something to it all of you. you had have just seen what should not happen. we should be able to have
5:34 pm
discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage. i love my colleagues but that should not have happened. >> let's move ahead. you told tv guide that oprah. oprah winfrey is a person that you could not interview enough? did i say that? >> i guess i felt that about oprahened afeel it about some others. i'm going to throw out names. these are not the ones i think of as the top interviews but they are people i can interview again and again. bette midler i can always talk to her. there is always something new and fresh and funny and charming. cher. i haven't interviewed her in years. but cher was always original. there are certain people who come back and interview again and again and there are certain people you do it once and you have got it there is no new point. i could interview you every day and find stuff to talk to you about. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> that's one of the reasons you do a show every day. >> i think that journalism has changed in america.
5:35 pm
particularly on television. that it's become now a forum to advance agendas. do you understand what i'm saying? that rather than delivering news and facts to people, that the news agencies have turned now to push certain people and i think barack obama is a good example of how the media got behind him and promoted him. to this day many of them still do. do you disagree? >> i don't think this is what has happened to news. i think what's happened to news it's that it has gotten lighter and lighter. we don't have news magazines anymore. they almost don't exist. the ones that we have perhaps more tabloid and everybody wants it to be fun. and everybody wants everybody to laugh. and everybody wants it to sort of be like "the view." >> why am i so successful? >> god knows. >> i'm darth vader here. >> do you know why you are so successful since this may be my last time with you because you are smart and you are courageous and can you take it as well as you
5:36 pm
give it. okay? >> all right. we wish you best. >> i love being on your interview. >> i said you are the most successful woman tv journalist of all time. it is absolutely a fact. i think everybody should understand that. >> thank you billy. >> >> ms. walters has always been respectful to me and others here at the fox news channel. she deserves credit for that and for simply being a legend. we come right back. whoopi goldberg on women physically attacking men and the pinheads of the week. moments away. good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. do you have something for pain?s i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back.
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reduce shock by 40% and give you immediate pain relief from three sports injuries. amazing! now, i'm a believer. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. an amazing statement by liberal eleanor clift about the benghazi terror attack. >> every media organization has investigated this to death. this animates the right wing of the republican party. and i would like to point out that ambassador stevens was not murdered. he died of smoke inhalation in the smoke room in that cia installation. >> wow. >> here now to disparage that incredibly bone headed statement gretchen carlson and bernard mcguirk. >> go.
5:41 pm
>> who knew eleanor clift was still in the game. god bless her. the last i heard from her when she was a journalist in the 90's during the will he wynn ski scandal and she applied to be a white house intern. poor old mcglocklin. teeth almost fell out of his mouth. >> pretty offensive. >> some of the 9/11 victims committed suicide by jumping out of the billing that's how stupid it is. >> say two things and get to your opinion. number one, one of our producers ron mitchell says ms. clift is one of the nicest people he has ever dealt with. all right? this isn't personal. number two, she is elderly, all right? and i don't know if she has a full grasp anymore of what she is actually saying. >> well, she got a chance to reaffirm those thoughts in another interview. she stuck with it but there were two very wrong things in that one statement. first of all she said that every media organization has
5:42 pm
investigated this to death. and i would beg to differ with that that's not true. also, ambassador stevens was murdered. i don't think if it was smoke inhalation. >> everyone knows that except eleanor clift. >> even every news organization knows that. >> enough for her we are sorry she said it but she did and we have to hold her accountable. whoopi goldberg. this is off the jay-z elevator deal. i know you guys are giving me heat for doing this. this is a lot of social implications here. throw this stupid video up here. they are in the elevator now. this beyonce, there is his sister solange and there is jay-z who is getting wailed on by solange she doesn't like him that night. okay, that's enough of that all right? come back it to me now. then, whoopi goldberg says this. >> here goes the thing, if anybody hits you, you have the right -- i know that many people are raised in a very different way, but if a woman hits you, to me, you have the right to hit her back. if i slap a man, he has ever
5:43 pm
right to slap me back. >> all right, carlson? >> so the bible says an eye for an eye. >> that's the old testament, not the new. >> i know. i will say as a parent with my kids turning the corner. slap each other duke it out. >> those are kids. >> right. so if you are adults, i don't believe you should encourage violence. i think jay-z did the right thing. >> absolutely did the right thing. he showed restraint. >> you have thought about it in reverse? what if that individual joe showed jay-z. >> it's a double standard. >> should men have the right to hit a woman physically? look, i'm 6 hi, i'm 200 pounds. if some one doesn't like me and some of them don't. >> don't? >> punches me in the knee, do i have a right to lay her out? >> no, you don't. you would be arrested as well as she would be arrested. >> you say? >> this is one of the reasons i like whoopi
5:44 pm
goldberg. she will say stuff out of the box not pc. in this case she is way off base. first of all moral questions aside it's bad advice any time a man hits a woman if the cops show up you are going to be in trouble. whoopi goldberg told me it's okay. >> that's the deference. >> what you said the guys are physically strong. if my daughter has a few pops and smacks a boyfriend and he punches her in the mouth i'm not into that that's out. >> look, as you pointed out correctly, jay-z did the right thing. >> and he comes off smelling like a rose. >> i want to every man out there should watch the alli/foreman fight. if this comes up you do the rope adope. let her hit you on the thing, tire herself out, she will collapse and you leave. that's how you handle it. >> would it be the same in reverse? >> it's a theory. i don't want to get into theories. >> it could be a double standard on that. >> double standard i don't
5:45 pm
care about. i want everybody to calm down. all right, we will have more with carlson and mcguirk. >> that's depressing. >> whoopi goldberg 8 a tams she wanted to hit me in the mouth if she had i couldn't fight back. got so frustrated she ran off the stage and started hitting the stage manager. no, that's not true. the pinheads of the week. right back with it. ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fueling the american spirit. ♪ no matter when, ♪ no matter where, ♪ marathon will take you there. ♪
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someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. . back of the book segment tonight, pinheads of the week. here again bernard mcguirk and gretchen carlson: >> when parents do not have a choice as to whether or not they want their children to it's wrong. but it's the same thing when you turn on community and you turn on --
5:49 pm
>> don't watch it. >> it's been pushed in faces? >> has he been kissing his wife would it have bothered you? >> i would say get a room. >> feels that way and leave it alone. >> i don't think that there is any argument about -- >> -- that's it. i'm done. >> okay. and you are going to leave? >> no, i'm going to go to the midland. >> okay. that's a long walk. dallas to midland. i don't know how she is going to get there this was about the football player michael sam drafted and his boyfriend and they were smooching and espn, you know, zeroed in on it, okay. and the lady guest, she didn't want to see that but why are you picking the two hosts as pinheads? >> the two on the far right. only because of intolerance. it seems to always happen this way that when a woman has a conservative opinion, as the two women in the center of this show did, that they are not to be heard. >> why did she walk out? why did she go to midland? >> this went on for about 8 to 9 minutes. >> right there in that crip
5:50 pm
they are trying to diffuse the situation. >> here is the thing as a pirnt myself i have to tell when you i saw that clip the first thing that went through my mind not if it's right or wrong. it's like i know my son is going to be watching this and i would rather be there with him. >> i would rather not see it i don't want anybody making out during the draft. >> he loves sports, and i know he's going to be watching it -- >> it's a valid opinion to say look, public displays of affection in the middle of a football draft, not appropriate. >> you know what happen after? >> he said mom, it's no big deal -- >> how old is he? >> nine. >> i have a line and i'm not going to say it, if i did i would make trouble. >> do it, bill. >> no. >> your pinhead, the one you have chosen is the operation of cnn, everyone involved. >> ut oh. >> pretty much, yeah. >> for what reason? >> look, this guy donald sterling, of course, the tape
5:51 pm
came out and he's a racist old horn dog pig skunk. he got what he deserved. the commissioner came out -- >> all right. he got what he deserved, so what is the beef? >> barbara walters interviews the girlfriend. on the weekend, radar online releases the tape from the guy's pill and completely exposing him as a nut job on top of a racist old skunk and monday morning barbara walters goes on good morning america and says i won't use dementia, i'm not a doctor. i found him vague and confused. i had to repeat some things and i could get the impression how someone sees him demeanted and cnn puts him on. >> you don't believe the guy is on his right mind. >> anything he did sgl-- >> i got to be honest. if i got the opportunity to take him, i would take him. it's tv. it's tv. >> the only thing they didn't do
5:52 pm
is ask him if he knew where the plane was. >> the racist -- >> vice president biden, with all due respect, of course, a charity thing again. i criticized him a few years ago because he gave 1.5% of his income to charity as opposed to mitt romney giving 30%. this is in 2012. we learned yesterday that the vice president upped his donations to charity to $20,000 on a $410,000 gross between him and his wife. however, the wife had a children's book, an all -- almost all of the charitable donations are because of the children's book. all right? so biden didn't give anything. his wife writes the children's book, all the proceeds go to charity, about 20 k. what does joe give? joe, what are you giving! >> you scared me. >> he didn't expect you to do the investigation. >> he's a pinhead, is he not.
5:53 pm
>> he's been busted for this before. >> i know, gore, too. i say the vice president challenge, buy a track share for one of the amputees and blind vets, right? >> it cost a lot of money -- >> 10 grand. >> to keep the hair plugs tight. >> is that fair? >> that is fair. >> i will then reese -- pull back, i don't know what i'm saying. revise my pinhead status if he buys a track chair because he should. >> there is your challenge. >> president obama did a lot of good work with those track chairs, everybody should know that but biden, not giving money to charity and stop it. all right. thank you. factor tip of the day, what i said that surprised entertainment tonight. moments away.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
factor tip of the day, what i said that surprised
5:56 pm
entertainment tonight moments away. edwardo, miammiami, if thursday memorial of 9/11 was not political, why were the clintons and obamas there and not the bushes? they had schedulining conflicts. ironic the song ymca being banned. village people appeal to a gay audience, but the song is a snappy toon about a youth. barbara, walnut creek, california, the c in ymca stands for christian. i'm sure that will offend people. when you and boulder do the show in fargo, north carolina, you should sing ymca in honor of the school district there. excellent idea. we will be there on july 26th, minneapolis june 7th.
5:57 pm
tickets make great father's day gifts. james carville is offended by the name washington redskins? well as a catholic, i object to the new orleans saints. i find it disrespectful to label grown men as saints. if you were a tree bill, what kind of tree would you be? kind of flour? i would be a venus fly trap, jim, no question. michael, savannah, georgia, bill, you forgot to tell barbara walters she succeeded all these years because of white privil e privilege. sarcasm noted. my daughter heard jews killed jesus. i would like to teach her the real story. "the last days of jesus" are for her. the truth will get around in johnson city. george tennessee, bill, i could not resist your offer to renew my membership.
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thanks for the free book, pen and tote. our best deal for new premium members and votes, veterans i mean, veterans. you're a smart guy to snap it up. if you would like signed books, here is my pen, i'm signing them. get the orders in right now. this weekend, as well. factor tip of the day, telling the truth to the media. i criticized beyonce for putting out product that's not good for children, especially young girls so when beyonce's sister attacked her husband in an elevator, entertainment tonight asked me what i thought. >> what was your reaction to the video? >> when i saw the video, i felt sad. i felt sad for all the people involved. the world loves to see these things, but i think it's really sad. >> bill has been one of beyonce's harsh's credit ticks but the tmz video in his opinion goes too far. >> do you think it is unfair for
5:59 pm
these things to be leaked? >> i don't think they should be leaked. i feel terrible for jay-z and beyonce and solange who was so orange ray. >> so you have sympathy for beyonce and her family? >> absolutely. >> when someone asks you a question, always answer from the heart. don't calculate what you should say. that's phony. however, if you believe your answer will get you attacked or do damage, don't say anything. the best reply to a dubious questions, let me think about it. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website and also, spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o'reilly at, o'reilly at, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day don't be craven. if you are mad as hell about something, we want to know about that. it's mad as hell at
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and ask dennis if you have a question for miller, got a lot of stuff going on. interactive. again, thanks for watching us tonight. "kelly file" is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. i'm martha live in new york city and tonight, breaking tonight in a "kelly file" exclusive, new details on some top democrats the irs and questions whether or not the lawmakers were involved in the agency's targeting of conservative groups. plus, just days after an explosive report on how administration knowingly released rapist, thieves and killers facing deportation, there is now talk of executive action to relax the rules even further. >> so could that happen? >> i believe