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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 20, 2014 2:00am-2:58am PDT

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weapons for any price because that was his self defense. he needed those firearms for his own sense of security. he never for any price would he have sold those guns. he doesn't have the profiler of someone who needs to sell their weapons. >> his first court date is next wednesday. they have shown a commitment to veterans. but new reports show the president knew about the problems years ago and did nothing. peter doocy is live in washington with what the white house is saying now. >> now the white house is saying president obama learned about the spefkt stories of the schedules at va hospital. at the same time many americans did when they started popping up on the news. still, though e-the press secretary jay carney says the president has worked toward improving care for veterans for years. >> candidate obama, then senator
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obama identified problems within the va and committed himself to be elected to making sure we enhance the budgets that we provided to the veterans affairs department so we could better serve our veterans. and what you are seeing since he took office is just that. >> one whistleblower in west virginia says they hodelayed appointments for veterans. some waiting killed themselves. they are putting some of the blame on the side of the veteran's affairs department. >> the veterans system is so large you have a layer of workers, doctors, nurses, technicians caring for people and you have this bureaucracy, administrative people. it is big. so the doctors are not only trying to work, but you have to manipulate through this maze, this behemoth bure rock ski.
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see chlt /* /- -- bureaucracy. >> they will continue to provide documents on a need only basis. >> thank you, peter. that brings us to our look at who is talking. it is time for the president to step up and hold them accountable. >> it is a huge problem. don't try to blame it on bush or republicans in congress. she is the ceo of the country. they report to him. he ought to have the same kind of interest in this than he did the obamacare web site and obamacare law in general. shake these people up. >> now what does he say through his chief of staff? i am madder than hell about this as if he just stumbled upon this problem the way he stumbles upon
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everything in the administration from the i rk s scandal to the disastrous launch of the obamacare web site. >> it the spotlight on a few b race i s s. the governor leads the polls for a tight race. if nobody gets the majority there it will take a run off to decide who will face democrat michelle nun the father of sam nun in the fall. mitch mcconnell leads the polls against newcomer bev vens. he gave a speech at a cock fighting rally. oregon and idaho also posting primaries today. >> abu hamza alma iii convicted of all 11 terrorism charges
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against him. he shows no reaction in court as the verdict was read. the jury in new york city found him guilty of recruiting for al qaeda, helping kidnappers during a 1998 hostage taking in yemen and setting up a terrorist attack in 1999. new for you overnight we have these tensions mounting in china over unprecedenteunprecedented. china summoning the u.s. ambassador to complain. five chinese military officials are accused of stealing information like product designs and confidential legal strategies to give chinese companies the advantage costing jobs in the u.s. the victims six pittsburgh based companies. the charges they are made up. experts say the chances of a trial are almost. they used it for the search
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of a missing jet. they want the images released. they want the entire world to join in on the search for the plane. officials have not said when data. passengers on board an allegiant air flight forced to evacuate after the pilot reported smelling spoke in the cabin. th the passengers noticed commotion. >> the airline service, the pilot says abort, abort, and the doors opened up. >> emergency flags were deployed and passengers slid down the tarmac. the smell came from the plane's electrical system. >> now to an extreme weather alert. take a look back at some incredible time lapse video.
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storm chairses right in front of them. this happened near claritin wyoming. it is the longest lasting thunderstorm. that brings us to maria molina in the weather center. it looks like a spaceship. this is what can happen when the thunderstorms start to form and rotate. there's a chance to see more of that activity. it is a slight chance but as far west as parts of colorado and western parts of kansas and the grass with a slight chance for large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. tomorrow the risk continues across parts of the ohio valley, indiana, illinois and also yet again across portions of the plains states. have a way to get the warnings especially this afternoon and this evening. we have the plans in place.
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out here we have elevated fire danger in place. red flag warnings in effect. those temperatures right now very warm across the center of the country. take a look at the 70s kansas city down to dallas. those highs will reach the 80s in chicago and minneapolis. let's head over to you. >> sn the that interesting, chicago thhad hoech cold weathe and now in the 80s. >> thanks maria. >> new outrage brewing over the new 9-11 museum's gift shop. family members of victims have souvenir sales. they honor the heros and remember the victims from the september 11th terror attacks with deeply moving exhibits. a few feet away the gift shop sells hats, coffee mugs, hood des and t-shirts. 8 percent of the items were made in the u.s. >> they have to make money to make the museum run but this has
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gone a little boifrt board it is tacky and it's an international disgrace. >> proceed from the shop goes from developing and sustaining the museum. >> california krohn running in the belmont stakes. the horse arrives in new york for the run for the preet ste ps steeg gus triple crown. they ruled the strips are a okay. if he wins the belmont he would be the first horse to sweep all three races since 1978. >> donald sterling one step closer to losing the los angeles clippers. the nba has begun the process of terminating his ownership. he has been encuaccused of enga in con kt at thduct that damage continues to damage the team.
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the hearing is set for june 3rdrd. >> led zeppelin's stairway to heaven. it is one of the biggest rock songs in history. now a band who once toured with zeppelin is accusing the legendary group is accusing them from stealing the opening rift from them. here is the beginning of spirit song called tour. ♪ now listen to stairway to heaven. ♪>> spl require plans sue as they come up with a new version. >> star being questioned by police after his wife is shot to
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death in their home. the new information breaking overnight tonight. >> children confessing their sin. parents now shaming their kids with pictures like this. ñ
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>> welcome back. where is the beef. you may want to throw it out. they are
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mom with a new baby. a tiny breast-feeding infant i hoped would be a exception to the rule. the trade said there is no exceptions. >> a florida high school decides to sell premium seats to the ceremony and they don't stop there. kelly wright is here now with controversy. >> this whole thing is stup tid p -- stupid. here's a reason they are upset. every senior is required to pay
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$20 to participate in the graduation ceremony. now the school is charging $200 for premium seating for family members. that price will get you an entire bench near the end zone of the school's stadium. the site of the ceremony all rows have been sold out. others have to settle for first come first serve seating. some say the school's fee is discriminatory and unfair. >> discriminatory economically, socioeconom socioeconomically. >> $200 is a lot of money. is my child more important than yours? what is the real deal? >> it is ridiculous. it is sad you wouldn't be able to bring all of your family members with you. >> they sent a letter explaining why the student fee was imposed the one for $20. the cost of the event rises each
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year and with current budget restraints we are not longer able to cover all of the expenses of the program. that may be the case parents in the past have been able to get to the stadium on time and find any seat on a first come first serve basis. >> it will be interesting to see what people have to say about this one. >> time now to brew on this. it is the new time-out and it is called kid shaming. >> parents getting revenge on rebellious kids by posting pictures on-line of their children holding up signs confessing bad behavior. >> like look think oat this one. i like to sleek thriek the loud during the quietest parts of church. >> i've been stealing mom's
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energy drinks. >> we will post them on we will share them later in the show. >> flooding is one of the deadliest disasters in the world. how can you survive being swept away if it happens to you? maria molina will show us how to get out alive. >> are you sick of lathering up? now you can drink up. the sunscreen being served up for you to swallow. oueserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. ♪
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>> flooding is one of the most dead list disasters in the world. getting swept away only takes a few second. >> there are specially trained teams to keep you from getting swept away. >> good morning heather and
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ainsley. good to see you in person. with water rescues any time there's a potential for flooding they are standing by ready to jump in. i found out how. >> it is one of the most frustrating feelings being swept away by a flood. it can happen to any one anywhere. you don't have to be in a river just 6 inches of water is all it takes to be carried away. >> flooding and water and flood rescue is in the united states people are swept away in vehicles or flash flood because they didn't see the warnings. >> the maryland fire department led by rescue 3 instructor mike berna is what gets people out alive. >> there is concern for flooding. >> here on the news we are
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preparing. it is all predictable for us. >> with water rescue teams our experts in everything from towing someone to shore with a rope to swimming after a victim. >> we performed the rescue because the person was too cold or hypothermic to accept a bag. >> using helicopters. doesn't matter how they rescue somebody dealing with moving water is never easy. for rescuers it always goes back to the basics. >> lay on your back and go. >> if i am being pushed into an obstruction i can use my feet to push or. >> you want to go to the right you are going to have the back of your head that way on a 45 degree angle in line with your body. if you want to come to the left
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keep back stroking. >> for victims following these tips could be deadly. >> you are being swept away the human brain says i want it all to stop. they put their feet down when you do that you become entr entrapped. >> in theory grabbing on to a nearby tree or rock seems like a good idea but in reality it is dangerous. >> many victims will grab and o. because the water is so powerful and relentless she will only be able to hang on for a little bit before she is swept away again. the first priority is to get to shore. >> the first thing you want to do is get out of that environment in i means you have of swimming get out. >> make sure to always see the warnings when they issued for information go to k fox and friends first. >> turn around don't drown.
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>> it is tuesday may 20th. a naked man on the attack. watch as he leaps right through a woman's son roof. that terrified woman now speaking out. >> that will get your attention. they trade on miss teen usa. thousands of other people around the world are targeted by the same hackers. what you can do to protect yourself. >> forget lathering up when you head to the beach. the unscreen you can swallow to protect your skin from the sun. "fox & friends first" begins right now. ♪ ♪ here she comes she is a man
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eater. >> little hall and oats waking you up this morning with the american flag. right here on 6th avenue. welcome back to "fox and friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. appreciate it as always. half past the top of the hour. we begin with va scandal. they have shown a commitment to veterans. new reports show the president has problems with the va years ago and did nothing. >> this as the va starts turning over the paperwork. >> what's the latest in this case. >> there may be some va foot dragging on this. they say they are going to have a congressional subpoena for documents pertaining to the delegation of mismanagement. the documents come close to some of the things they heard with va whistleblowers the administration is in real trouble especially if you look at the things that the former va
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doctors have said ladies and gentlemening some vess trans died because of mismanagement. >> the veteran system is so large that you have a layer of nurses technicians caring for people and you have bureaucracy administrative people. it is big. the doctors are not only trying to work you have to manipulate through this maze, this bow heem et bureaucracy. >> the white house says president obama is very angry about all of this. despite this revelation from the washington times and the fact that the obama transition team was warned before they took office the patient data was suspect they say he just learned about this allegation. >> you say there is bureaucracy give me the specific allegations
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out of phoenix. i will double check if that is not the case. >> statement we are learning more about the scope of this problem. they have a map showing all of the incidents of the alleged mismanagement on the part of the va. it is extensive. >> doug luzader live in washington. >> what a liar. that's what one family member of the 40 veterans who died waiting for treatment ask the phoenix va is calling president obama. a 71-year-old navy serviceman thomas green died battling bladder cancer. sean hannity asked them what they had to say to the president. >> if he called me tonight i would say you are a liar i don't trust you. if it was up to me i would fire
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him. i believe he is a part of it as well. he gave us nothing, nothing, all he wants to do is go on the mission and still continue to let the veterans die including my pop, and i don't like you very much mr. president. >> they're anger they echo what many families of veterans across the country are feeling. >> calls for the white house and president obama to help free the american marine in a mexican prison. sergeant andrew tomeresi who served two tours in afghanistan has been locked up over an apparent mistake. he made a wrong turn and the accident drove him to mexico with tree u.s. registered firearms. his mother got into the prison to see her son face to face. fox news was there when she came out of the prison and she had this message for the president. >> i told him about the white petition because that's the only hope i have that the white house with acknowledge
2:33 am
that andrew is in prison. his commander-in-chief is president obama. so i p haven't heard from president obama, but america, if you could please sign the white house d petition i will get a response from the white house about andrew's fight for freedom. >> the petition has 23,000 signatures. >> that brings us to the look who's talking. it is clear he is suffering. secretary of state john kerry needs to take action. >> it is time this administration gets this you think i don't man back on some kind of treatment. the sergeant may be the only person the obama administration has ever kept from entering the united states from mexico if the state department is telling the truth and he is heading to mexico on wednesday he has already screwed up a foreign policy in iran, egypt, syria and
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ukraine. this is his chance to get it right. here's the instructions, john, bring the boy home. >> the marine's first court case in mexico is next wednesday. >> breaking overnight switching gears michael jake the star of the tv sheer res "the shield"" is detained by police following the shooting death of his wife. he called police himself saying he shot his wife. he is being questioned by authorities but has not yet been arrested. police say the couple's children were inside the house at the time of the shooting. >> this is a bizarre story. the state police is out of texas a naked man through a sun roof and attempted kidnapping. it is all caught on camera. >> he jumped into these people's car. >> could you hear the terrified victim? she was screaming as the naked
2:35 am
man punches and coax her. she crashed into a utility poll the police were able to arrest that man. the women now traumatized. >> it is like a nightmare every time i close my eyes. >> the suspect nicholas dial has not yet been charged. he's getting medical treatment. >> they are in the country illegally so should illegal immigrants be allowed to serve in the military? the pentagon looking at expanding application tools by letting some illegals enlist. urban leading the charge for illegals who have taken advantage of the president's nondeportation order. only open to citizens legal citizen residents or current green card holders. >> oo maria molina is out of the flood waters and back in the
2:36 am
studio. >> what can people expect? >> we have a storm system moving eastward. a little area further west across parts of colorado and nebraska. there's a small chance we could see storms forming this afternoon and during the evening hours. by wednesday that is more expansive across parts of western virginia, the state of west virginia and yet again across parts of the plains. a way to get the warnings today and tomorrow. there is a fire danger across parts of the southwest and warnings in effect. the temperatures right now are very mild. in the 70s in the city of dallas. what we are expecting this afternoon in minneapolis upper 707s and millddle 80s in chicag
2:37 am
and upper 80s and also in the city of dallas. want to switch gears a little bit and show you this photograph which looks like an upside down smile and upside down rainbow. this is called a scircumvented ark. that's the technical name for it. this bounces off ice crystals. typically this occurred and we wouldn't be able to see it because it is so high up in the atmosphere because it would be blocked by the clouds. there is a photo of it upside down smile for you. >> a rain bow drops from the sky. >> you would hope so. >> looks so pretty this morning. >> that is amazing. >> get ready for climate change or get sued. a major insurance company suing municipal government in the chicago area saying they knew the risk poseed by climate change. should have been better prepared for massive flooding in
2:38 am
april 2013. the damage was in the millions. it is the first of its kind suit. it could indicate a strategy by insurers for the pa iout. could the days of slathering on the sunscreen every few hours be over? they have the world's first drinkable sunscreen. carbonized h20 claims their drinkable sun block can provide protection up to spg 30. it has water molecules on your skin which cancels out 90 percent of the uva rays. they have not evaluated the claims yet. one three ounce bottle of the lick withed sunscreen sells for 30 bucks. >> what does it taste like? >> look at that a florida man walking along the sand when he
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spotted a rare sight. that is an african elephant. they started shooting videos. it was all for a lavish beach park nearby. they issued a permit to allow the elephant at the party. quite a sight an made for one great selfie right there. look at that. mcdonalds customers not loving the new changeover. calling all wannabe pol lit cos looking for you to take on frank under wood in a very timely role. >> you ready? >> i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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>> the fbi taking down a cyber criminal organization which allowed hackers to steel private information from nearly half of a million computers worldwide. lori rothman is here with what you need to know. >> good morning, lori. >> good morning to you. 90 people from 19 different companies are in custody this morning for hacking into the computers of 700,000 people around the world including ms. teen usa. they announce sweeping arrests to explain hackers use cheap mal wear to hijack computers. in the case of miss teen usa take control of her web cam to take nude pictures and try to ex
2:44 am
tort her. simple tips to protect yourself from criminals. make sure your anti virus software is high quality and up to date. avoid pass words and go with pass phrases instead they are easier to remember, too. invest in a removable hard drive and back up your files once a week. saves you a lot of cash. oo you can get tacos and burritos. just don't bring your gun. asked customers not to go to a restaurant. they took a gun into a dallas chipotle. caused a lot of anxiety for customers. >> mcdonald introducing a new mascot for happy meals. some people not too happy about it. the fast food chain calling this guy happy. the it is a healthy balanced meal for the kids.
2:45 am
>> after posting this picture on twitter people responded to things like this. wants to go back to the drawing board. i think i am going to have nightmares. it is the meal that eats juice. burger king is dropping the habit. it is a tropical paradise, but you are not alone. >> miss america really knows how to showcase her smile. it turns out it could be money in the bank. what you could learn from the beauty queen about getting ahead at work. but first let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> how is it going ladies. you wear a crown at work you will be treated more special
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than the others. we will take that into account. i will think about it for tomorrow's wardrobe. let me show you what's on our show. laura ingram isser hasn't. dr. van carson is here he joins us on the kirby couch. he may or may not run for the president's seat he never wanted to but might have to. more than 10,000 toddlers on adhd drugs. is this safe for kids? and did any one ask them. a warning for parents. a california mayor tells bullying victims to grow a pair. he joins us. plus the commencement speaker with the inspirational message you have to hear. all coming up on "fox & friends." please kr[ñwatch. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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nine minutes till the top of the hour. we go to thailand there.
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army there declaring martial law, the streets now filled with armed soldiers. the army claiming the move to preserve law and order following six months of political unrest. they insist that a cue is not under -- that a coup is not underway. the move one day after type land's acting prime minister insisted he will not resign. nuclear waste apparently is leaking into the ground in new mexico posing a, quote, substantial threat to public health. the cause of the leak? organic kitty litter. officials say a waste was caused by a chemical reaction between kitty liter used to soak up waste and radioactive debris, contaminating 22 workers. data, pirates of the caribbean. if you've ever been to the bahamas, the n.s.a. could have recorded your phone
2:51 am
calls and stored them for a month and the bahamian government didn't know about it. according to edward snowden it is part of program to locate international terrorists and drug smugglers. >> students from harvard launching proton mails which has requirements similar to e-mail platforms used by edward snowden. it hides your information when an e-mail is being sent from one in box to another. >> do you have what it takes to tangle with a man like house of cards frank underwood? >> for those of us climbing to the top of the food chain there can be no mercy. there is but one move. hunt or be hunted. >> if so, there is an open casting call for the show's upcoming third season. one of the top roles? director of the n.s.a. the baltimore-based casting agency looking for men and
2:52 am
women aged 45 to 55. >> he's no angel. one baseball fan going to extremes to catch a foul ball. >> and parents sharing their baby's bad behavior on the web. is it all in good fun or just plain mean? just plain mean? your comments up next. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. nearly two million pounds of meat recall. beef that is.
2:56 am
after 11 people in four states get sick with e. coli. the meat was sent to restaurants in ohio, michigan, missouri and massachusetts. it's primary tuesday in six states. voters heading to the polls in georgia, pennsylvania, arkansas, and oregon. a california man arriving in new york today to prepare for his triple crown. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. small tweets of your smile can help you land a big promotion according to a body language expert from oxford and keeping your eyebrows level while smiling make you look powerful while lowering your head a bit makes you seductive. >> a yacht capsizes as it is being delivered to its owner. the ugly, a woman crushed by an angels fan trying to
2:57 am
catch a foul ball. she catches her shoulder in pain while the fan high five's those around him. >> kid shaming, the latest trend hitting the internet. parents getting revenge on their kids by having them hold up a sign for their rebellious behavior. >> parents think it is cute but way over the top. ashley say as long as they are fun and innocent, they are hilarious. dean says too far. i learned in the military, praise in public, reprimand in private. thanks to everyone who responded. >> we appreciate, as always. we will see you tomorrow. >> we will. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's tuesday, may 20. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. happening now, he played a cop on the hit show "the shield," but this morning he is the one in cuffs. the show's star arrested
2:58 am
after his wife was found shot dead. this developing story and details straight ahead. >> veterans across the country left to die while waiting for care they were promised but how did the president of the united states, commander in chief, find out about the scandal? >> i believe that we learned about this through the reports. i will double check if that's not the case. but that's when we learned about them. >> oh, he saw it on tv? if it wasn't for the press, what would he know is going on in his


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