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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 25, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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healthy new. rial day, everybody. a heartfelt thank you to our troops for their service. "mediabuzz" with howie kurtz begins right now. on the buzz-meter this sundm >> mainstream media ripping the obama administration for the bungling of the scandal at the v.a. hospitals. outrage that the white house says the president learned about it from the press. it is lunacy to have shinseki investigate anything. lunacy. >> the president needs to step up. heads go need to real. >> what tooks everyone so long to address it? >> were the media too slow to jump on the disclosures of secret wasting lists? why has the story now getting such traction when other
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scandals have faded? robin roberts snagged the first interview with hillary clinton for the new book but is the media machine causing overexposure? >> the tabloids causing the first lady a bad moment because she spoke of frustration of child raring. did the mayor's wife deserve to be savaged? >> the story we broke of a video sting against hemingway involving a fake middle east oil man and an environmental documentary? did it cash the stars in hypocrisy? >> they say they set themselves up as a entity that finds dishonesty trying to find who is dishonest or hypocritical. yet they do this and they have a secret guy? a fake guy? that is not dishonest.
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>> an interview with one of the targets, mariel hemingway. this is "media buzz," and i am howard kurtz. st in >> the story began with a local news reporter on problems at the v.a. hospital in phoenix and went national with this investigation about the phoenix amount on cnn. >> a doctor who left the hospital said that managers were actually keeping two waitingists: a sham list so they looks like a model of efficiency and a secret list that shows the reality that was deadly. >> it took two weeks best networks lasted on. >> new we turn to the growing national outrage of what happens to american veterans inside v.a. hospitals. >> critics say backlogs are spread across the country and the v.a. has been covering up the problem.
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>> only in the last few days did it reach intensity with pundits and politics calling for the veteran secretary shinseki to resign. >>the white house knew. the washington times is saying the obama administration was notified about scheduling problems and delayed care at multiple veterans affairs hop more than five years ago. >> if the allegations are true, it is dishonorable. it is disgrace will. i will not tolerate it. per. >> some are still saying the v.a. mess is kind of an old story. >> it feels like it is the media coming upon a problem in progress and calling it a scandal rather than something brand new being uncovered. >> joining us is lauren fox news contributor and david f romm and
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a former columnist for "congressional quarterly." why did it fake so long to explode? >> we don't take passengers to the beat reporters l a real value from the reporters especially as local newsrooms are cutting and slashing budgets. there were stories from pennsylvania and georgia and south carolina that were heart wrenching but no one put together the stories until cmn came along with the one year investigation. >> which newspaper broke the story? >> the "arizona republic" from phoenix. my hat goes off to the reporter who took on this story. there was also a whistleblower who came in and said, wait, you have to examine what is going on. he did that after he retired. >> i will recognize drew griffin, investigative reporter at cnn, not a famous anchor or
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loud mouth but has been on the story a long-term. but fox jumped on it the next day but weeks have gone by, david, and only this week did "new york times" and "washington post" put the story on the front page. why? >> it is a scandal hidden by another scandal. the v.a. story has been so disappointing for so long that the idea that the whole extra dimension, it is not just a matter of bureaucratic bungling but mall -- malfeasance, that was hard to take. >> craig, it is hard to focus on more than two or three stories at the same time, although we should have been. >> a lot of the story has been user driven. i think the public is hing this and has risen up. we have been getting e-mail, lawmakers and stories story after story, finally the media could not ignore it.
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when it comes do obama sometimes the media has a wait-and-see pledge, until they cannot ignore it. >> there is something different about this story. look at a couple of interviews on national and local television that will explain why this resonates. >> i am saying, what gives the hospital the right to make my dad suffer the way though did for a year? my dad was a strong man, very brave man, and i said, pop, though matter what, i'm not going to let this ride i will fight to the end with you. as he was keying he says don't stop. let the whole world know they let me suffer. >> how can you listen to this and not feel this horrible page for them? these stories are heart wrenching. it is the human dimension that adds to this. everyone has a v.a. hospital,
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right? most people know someone who is a veteran who has had to go through this system. >> i was moved watching the interviews and other interviews by the pain the people suffered because someone couldn't get into the hospital. look at the i.r.s. scandal, most people don't have 501-3 (c) but everyone can relate to the v.a. >> with the i.r.s. the discussion turns into a soap opera and the president is the central star. if it is not above the personality of whoever the president is, it is less interesting to watch. meanwhile, what has mattered, the lives of millions of people, get short shrift. there are other stories, including the extended unemployment insurance is lapsed. we give that little attention. we have a media that pays attention to the problems of
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very affluent people. if a plane goes down we are interested because we and the people who consume or product are plane riders. not v.a. hospital is delivering bad care, we are not consumers of the product. >> remember what the v.a. is facing, three million new veterans of all these wars and we do not think of the consequences. here it is, and the resources have been drying up. republicans last february blocked a bill to build two dozen new v.a. medical centers. where is the accountability for them? >> we are starting to ask questions as we in the media should about why did it goes on so long. there are g.a.o. reports going back 10 or 15 years talking about this. this doesn't feel, so fares as politicized with liberal columnists like "washington post" danny -- dana space
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milbank. >> the liberals are not acknowledging, they state rhetoric inspires him this presidency is a case of serial incompetency back to the stimulus bill and the some develop ready projects that were not ready for ten months. you mentioned the i.r.s., when gaza and it goes on and on. there is a management problem with the president. he was a great campaigner and that is one way we pick them. we don't elect them to govern. >> way the beltway press treats this, sin shake, -- shinseki. should he go? should he resign. it is legitimate to ask. >> everyone wants someone's head to roll and we look to the person who is head of the top to impersonate or look at the top. for the whole scandal. the problem is, a lot of people
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just want him to resign and want the story to go away. google "shin seki" and "resign." >> does it remind you of sebelius? >> it will be difficult, he is a vietnam veteran, a long-term soldier and he has a disability, we will have a harder team getting rid of him than sebelius. >> he beat out kim kardashian in google searches. >> the next veterans veterans' l learn, ask more questions. not that "i didn't know" or "i wasn't responsible," that is not
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good. you have to encourage the next person to do a more careful job. >> there is a symbolic value which is how presidents have those they are top of it, but if shinseki resigns tomorrow, it doesn't fix the problem. my question is, former lt. colonel a peters said, where was the outrage in the bush administration about the same problems for 10 or 15 years? >> the creed scandal was percent began dick and came together with katrina to create an image of incompetence. >> what happened there? where is walter reed new? that is a problem with journalism, we don't follow-up. have things improved at creed? >> creed is being converted to housing and it will be no longer a hospital but a big new development. >> because there are so many
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v.a. facilities around the country, and we have all been enured to this, that it is a mess and until we got the secret waiting list and the suggestions of coverup, that is what the story was lacking. >> in defense of the v.a. going back to all they deal with, with so few resources, they don't do such a bad time with the marketing studies done she that the average patient of the v.a. gives it a high score, in some cases higher scores than civilian hospitals. i have heard a last veterans can't get in. it is the lack of access. >> a problem is, the rules forgetting access, getting benefits, those rules are kafkian but that is a separate problem from those in the system. >> you have to look, now, there has been a decision made to go to private hospitals and that is starting to get some coverage. >> right, and just to pick up on
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your point and closeç the segment, when president obama praised shinseki it was a "heck of a job brownie" moment. send me a tweet during this hour. we will read the messages. hillary clinton picks diane and robin for the interview. >> and how mari el hemingway got strapped in an undercover sting. ? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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there was competittod th >> there was a fierce competition to land a competition with hillary clinton on her book and the winners are
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robin roberts and diane sawyer so get ready for a huge media wave and i would say there is an obsession. is she in danger of being everexposed. >> they have using scarcity to ensure she never faces difficult questions. >> the chin operations is this morass of financial and ethical scandals. the idea that bill clinton was giving speeches to foreign countries while his wife was secretary of state is post soviet but that is not going to be discussed and when you raise it people's eyes roll, that old story, that is all disclosed. it has been disclosed but you don't care. >> i don't think diane sawyer will answer those questions. show called hillary clinton dazzling. >> she a good reporter and a good interviewer but she has the soft are side and the reason that the clinton campaign or the clinton group has pick her is because they also want the soft
2:18 pm
are side that diane and robin roberts can bring to the interview. >> robin roberts was hand picked by the white house for the interview which president obama decided he was in favor of gay marriage so...they clearly expect a sympathetic reception? >> would know if it is sympathetic but a lighter touch by two women. diane is becoming the next barbara walters, the person you sit down with, have the intimate ... >> soft questions and elicit interesting answers. often with politicians they are so prepared for the hard questions the soft question can surprise them and catch them. you have to deal with the appropriate topic areas and if you ignore those you will never find out. >> i don't think she does.
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>> since you ignored my opening question we debate the state of her brain and becoming a broom and -- becoming a grandmother. she may not like the press but could the press make people sick of her because we have 2 1/2 years to go in the campaign? >> that is why she is so careful about the interviews she does. they are aware of that. >> new we have the book tour. >> tame, i would like to see her do some interesting interviews. go on with o'reilly and get some interesting exchanges going. for the sake of hillary clinton supporters if she is going to run above the clouds and play it safe, i don't think she is a guarantee for the nomination. >> but right now she doesn't want to be in campaign mode. >> there was an excellent article in the "new york times" talking about the fact she doesn't have anything new to bring to the table. we know a lot about hillary
2:20 pm
clinton she has been covered for the last 20 years. she has to find something other than the woman card to put out this. >> she will have a grandchild. i predict that will change. >> ahead, mariel hemingway takes on james o'keefe over the secret video of her meeting with a bogus middle east oil tycoon. >> the tabloids go after the first lady as a bad mom and my next guest is ticked off about that. way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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activate any 4glte smartphone and get $100 off. for best results, use verizon. >> we are getting a ton of tweets from v.a. veterans and nurses. >> it is not much worse "i was a bad mom," the screamer about the wife of the mayor of new york. "didn't want to be a mom," on the front page.
2:24 pm
if she committed a horrible act of child neglect? she told "new york magazine" she was important when her daughter was born. "i was 40, i had a life, especially i could not spend every day with her and i didn't want to. i love her. i have thousands of photos of her every one month birthday, two month bad but i have been working since i was 14 and that part of me, it took a long-term for me to get into taking care of kids and what that means." the mayor denounced the tabloids. >> the daily news owes all of us an apology for misrepresenting what she said and for a reality that so many women face. >> i spoke with new york mayor's reporter in new hampshire the author of "all eye and no fun,"
2:25 pm
the paradox of modern parenthood. >> "i was a bad mom," what was your reaction to that headlines? >> it was not practically an indictment but of course it was an indictment. my reaction was ridiculous! based on the contempt of the story. >> admitting to ambivalence of the burden bees and frustrations of child rearing in the tabloids are translated into being a dysfunctional parent? >> exactly. being more specific here, what she said was essentially, look, i was 40 when i had mire first child. i had an entire work life. i had we this life beforehand and, suddenly, i had a baby.
2:26 pm
guess what? it doesn't make you a bad mom to say, that was a really difficult transition. there is a very robust body of literature talking about the transition to parenthood that goes back 50 years talking about precisely this thing. i write about it as great length in my book. a delightful papers, in a way, because it is so surprising was published in 1957. the author was quoting new moms who are probable about 21 because that is how old the moms were in 1957, and one of them actually said i knew what a baby was but i didn't know what they were like. that is all you need to know, the transition to parenthood has been a big deal. >> dads go through this, too, but a lot of people are saying it is inflammatory and unfair headline and i agree but these were her own words so there is no unnamed sources, she is the mayor's wife and to some extent
2:27 pm
didn't she create this controversy, perhaps, by being too candid? >> is there such thing as being too candid? >> in politics. >> i am not sure there is. >> in politics there is. >> you can be indiscreet but i don't thing sit-in discreet but you are doing everyone a favor every parent a favor, by being honest about the difficultieses -- difficulty of parenthood and obfuscation and air brushing what parenthood involves isn't doing anyone real favors and if you have the mayor, the first lady of new york saying something that to my mind is not inflammatory but it is the opposite. i think it verges on dull. >> it wasn't dull the way the "new york post" and the "new
2:28 pm
york daily news," but it could be because their daughter has struggled where drug addiction but when you say "dull" or "banal" it seems there could be a lot of woman who want to talk about sometimes being a new mom with a baby is drudgery, they would rather get to the office, it is hard? we know, parents, know it is true but isn't it hard to talk about? they have been telling social scientists this for 50 years and they told me this with their names on the record and they are hard bound between two coughs. i'm not sure it and that weird. >> did you have those feelings when you gave birth? >> i found the transition very startling. who doesn't? >> thanks very much more joining us. >> next, mariel hemingway on the
2:29 pm
hotseat after james o'keefe accuses her of being an environment hypocrite in a video sting.
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air force one surprising our
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fighting men and women in afghanistan today. president obama arrives at the air force base and met with the troops this morning day weekend thanking them for their service. he was there for a few hours and the president said an announcement will come very soon as the war winds down after 13 years and how many will stay. >> investigators are trying to put together the background and mental history of a 22-year-old alleged suspect in horrific rampage near the university of california in santa barbara. the family have warned police over and over about disturbing online videos and behaviors before the attack but took no action. he killed six and injured 13 before killing himself. now back back to "media buzz." >> two hollywood celebrities thought they were helping a friend on a documentary but
2:34 pm
mariel hemingway and begley walked into an undercover sting with a actor hired to say high was funding an anti-fracking film made by a liberal director who doled me that "we were pumped." he sees this as hollywood hypocrisy. here is the recorded video from a lunch late in march at the beverly hills hotel. >> washington, dc is continuing to frack and america will be energy efficient and, then, they will not need our oil. >> he was not responding about american dependence on oil but about social media.
2:35 pm
as the video was surfacing i pressed mariel hemingway what it fell like to be on the receiving end of a scam. >> mariel hemingway, welcome. >> hello! >> with the we have of behind side and i foe that easy should you have gone with a meeting to a plan would said three was a rich middle east oil person? >> i have to tell you i didn't know he was a rich middle east oil person. i few he was someone in the middle east. that is all i knew and i was doing this for a friend. i was going to help a friend to get money for a documentary about anti-fracking and i thought, well, i will help a friend. i'm that person. i help people. and i love the earth and the environment so said "sure." should i have done my due diligence and figured out who this guy was? probably, yes. i should not have trusted that my friends had actually vetted
2:36 pm
this guy properly. >> when you walked into the meeting in the beverly hills hotel and begley was had and the guy named "mohammed" was there, were you suspiciouses? >> first of all, he was an hour and a half late and he showed up and he wasn't at all what i expected. i thought, you know, middle east, probably would show up with an entourage but there were things about it that felt weird from the beginning and i sat back being polite and listening to his story and it want my meeting, really, it had nothing to do with me i was helping my friends try to raise money and seeing if this person was interested. >> to be clear you have no financial interest in thissants fracking documentary? >> absolutely. absolutely. i'm not an executive producer, i am not in the film, i am
2:37 pm
nothing, i was a friend celebrity who could show up at the polo lounge at a particular day and it turned out to be bizarre at best because when he left i thought, i actually said, there is no way that guy was a really anything, it seemed like he was not a real...person. >> we now know thanks to the recording and of course you didn't know you were being tape ed, "mohammed" said you won't tell anyone using middle east oil money to fund the documentary and it will help the oil business and you played around? >> as far as i could tell he never said that. first of all, right off the bat, i am not a political person. that is not my format. >> james o'keefe says this shows hollywood celebrities are
2:38 pm
hypocrites they are willing to take oil money not intended for you although you were at the launch and not reveal where it is coming from. >> first of all, again, i am not the filmmaker so i have politely, okay, i won say anything. i'm not the filmmaker. who am i going to tell about where this money is coming from? i am not a person who going through my life thinking that people are going to be deceptive and secretly filming me. that is a very sad way to go through life. >> when you found out that was the case, how did you feel? duped? >> to be honest, i thought, are you kidding? to me it was so preposterous even in the situation, waiting all that time, he showed up, he doesn't look like he is an important person from anywhere and saying things in an
2:39 pm
inappropriate way...there was during the lunch a point where his handler said, you know, mohammed has an audition if an hour and i thought "audition" and he said, i mean a meeting. i felt it was the silliest thing i ever her. >> it sounds like a bad hollywood movie. >> the other thing is the project, that is how they do business, it is not how i do business, but they say they set themselves up as a person, as an entity that finds out deduction honesty. they are trying to fine who is being dishonest or hypocritical but they do this? they have a secret guy with a fake guy? that is not dishonest? >> we showed up to be kind and support a friend.
2:40 pm
we didn't...there was nothing dishonest about what we were doing or hypocritical. >> you have a problem with the tactics he used which involves someone posing as someone else to entrap his targets? >> i think it is is a waste of everyone's time if he didn't have the courage to come out and have a meeting with us and say, you know, i'm against you. good, let's get face-to-face. i lap to not like fracking and i want to support whatever, locally, or in this country, just say it. be upfront. be honest. that is not honesty. that is being deceptive and that is trying to hurt someone that hasn't done anything wrong. ek and i did nothing wrong. we showed up to have a lunch and, by the way, i ate salad and
2:41 pm
someone will see me eating salad and you know that is my message, i want people to eat more salad. >> talk about finding a silver lining. any lessons for the future? >> i am not going to be a suspicious person i probably will vet people and not go to secret lunches. >> anyone wants to take marriage hemingway to -- mariel hemingway to lunch you have been warned. >> thank you. >> james o'keefe has toldme james o'keefe said he would use himself as a journalism but my problem is he uses deception that undermines his case. after the break we declare a winner in the spin war over the new york firing of jill abramson and, spare me, someone is making a movie about the missing
2:42 pm
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2:46 pm
she it is said was paid more than the man she replaced and she was on the "new york post" cover with a perfect image in boxing gloves and despite complains about her management style she seemed all too humid. >> you know this thing, not getting something you badly want, when that happens, show what you are made of. when reporters approached her in new york and asked questions, he said "no comment." not a great strategy for a publisher, and he does an interview with "vanity fair" confirming he feared her deputy would quilt over being mistreated by her but, instead, elevated to the top job and that he offered her a grandly parting but she said no and on the unequal pay issue he said i will
2:47 pm
not let lies like this, lie. but quotes can not compete with soundbites so he lost more ground by staying away. she purged her way to victory in the spin war. >> coming up,er and soon cooper seven with a dallas talk show host. our verdict verdict is straight ahead. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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anderson cooper told us that amy is not always opposed to public kissing. >> she just wanted to us thing of the children and she has a point. if we don't take action, tv could become a free for all replete with half naked men and kissing. >> tickets are on sale right now. if you are the fourth caller you get to take home a calendar. stay tuneed. >> okay, she was kissing strippers and she didn't know them. it is not like two guys who actually, you know, were if love... >> that is part of the ridiculous, can you say sting. >> he stuck it to her. >> he is speaking out more on
2:52 pm
gay issues and a lot of people were offended how the media replayed the kiss but what was fascinating the way he used videotape of her own program, how unfair is that, to show, a double standard? >> sure, but what he did was very entertaining whether you agree with whether you should those kind of kisses on the air, i would give it a "seven" just for the clip the ought clip of course we just replayed was so good i will give it a "9." >> okay...the endless media coverage of the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 which has finally faded and now comes a truly all of idea, making it into a movie. >> truly all of, the man wants to make the film was interviewed on cnn which show as preview. >>
2:53 pm
>> this is a trailer for the "untold story of the missing malaysian plane," and it is called identity vanishing act." >> this is a horrible idea to make this so soon after the tragedy i am not sure if cnn should have shown it. the director was given a hard time. >> it is ironic that cnn is talking about the coverage ad nauseam and going on about the plane when they did all of the coverage of the plane? but the anchor did ask some specific questions about it. >> what about making the money? the director has apologized to the family, the grieving families but he is still making the movie. >> or trying to get money to make the movie. we will see what happens on
2:54 pm
that. score your? >> a "5." >> i give it a "1." it is pathetic. >> brian williams lands an interview with a fugitive from american justice, edward snowden. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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here are a few of your top
2:58 pm
tweets on the v.a. scandal. the proble mig be old but your top tweets on the v.a. scandal. >> we have evidence of how short the president is on his promise to the vets. did she show bush accountable? >> it is an old story the media has heard for a long-term and they never look deep. >> and another, old story. it will take fundamental reform to fix and the media won't cover a story that long. >> it has been an old story that has been covered a little bit and i don't know if the media will continue to cover it but any little bet helps. >> if the media can suspend their add and stick bit. >> brian williams took a secret strip to russia -- trip to russia to interview edward snowden. >> many would say you have badly damaged your country. have you performed, use see it, a public service? >> here is the back story: it was earned by the winner of a pulitzer prize who has written a
2:59 pm
back and will be interviewed. nbc signed a "collaboration agreement" and williams colleague gregory who asked greenwald if he should be charged working with snow know when he runs for a rematch last weekend, gregory interviewing him, it was left to a reporter for the interview. we will find out how aggressive brian williams is. >> good for williams and greenwald and no matter what you think of him, whether he is a traitor or a hero he is a fugitive and we will get some interesting information, a win for the american people. >> i am sure he will ask a lot questions and it will be critiqued. we will probably talk about it next week harassment is it for "media buzz." i want to thank all of the veterans out there who have given their service to our country and how much we appreciate it on this memorial day week. we are back here next sunday
3:00 pm
morning, 11 and 5:00 p.m. eastern with the latest. hope you go to our facebook and home page. thanks for watching. >> u am chris wallace. chilling internet video and a new crime scene in the california shooting rampage. >> it is apparent he was severely mentally disturbed. >> son of a hollywood director, whose familiar alerted police to threat being videos he posted online. we will go to santa barbara where authorities are gathering evidence. >> frustration open right and left with rebound's response to the v.a. scandal. >> notallies prove -- if the aimses prove to be true, it is dishonorable and disgraceful and