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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 28, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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has trouble with entrepreneur. and loquacious. that's a killer. the privilege, they get you with an i or e. david? >> no. >> you know how to spell no, right? sn>> right. >> ywe both passed the test on that. >> the former marine held in mexico court, is accused of bringing guns into that country. he says it's all a mistake. there's a troubling new development. we have learned part of his story of what happened that day is a complete lie. details are new and we'll have them ahead. we're checking out the newly released report on the veterans affairs controversy showing hundreds of vets waited an average of 115 days just to see the doctor. now, fresh calls from a very powerful senator for the head of that department, a general himself, to step down. plus, nsa analysts aren't
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the only ones keeping tabs on all of us, companies are keeping all sorts of information on our hobbies and health and no easy way to stop them. there's a new move to limit what corporations can find out about us. first from the fox newsdesk on this wednesday afternoon, the former marine and afghan war hero, who's held in a mexican prison on weapons charges has just made an admission that he told a bold faced lie to mexican officials. that's as a judge ordered him to stay in jail after his first court hearing. a fox news crew spotted the sergeant entering the courthouse in tijuana. he stopped to look at the camera, when a reporter called out to him. the marine has been sitting in a mexican prison for nearly two months all for what he insists was a simple misunderstanding that could happen to anybody. here's his story. he says he was driving near san diego, when he missed the last
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u-turn before crossing the mexican border. he had his collection of three guns in the truck, as the story goes from him. they're registered legally in the united states but they are all illegal in mexico. we'll show you how he says he accidentally crossed the border. the marine says concrete barriers at the crossing trapped him in the far right hand lane at this crossing at tijuana. the u-turn is over there in the far left lane. he says he had no choice but to continue to the border. when he realized what was happening, he called 911. >> 911 emergency. >> i'm having a little bit of an emergency here. my problem is i crossed the border by accident and i have three guns in my truck and they're trying to posse possess -- they're trying to take my guns from me. >> but mexican officials say it is not that simple at all. they say the marine was caught in the lie that we mentioned, not -- that this was not his first trip across the mexican
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border at all. in fact, he now admits he had been there several times before, including earlier on the same day on which he was arrested. his mother says the defense attorney told him to lie. now the marine could face 20 years in prison if the mexican court convicts him. with all these new turns, let's get to our own will carr live at the news conference. what just happened? >> we just got info of him being ushered outside a little more forcefully than when he went inside. he did not have anything to say to the media when he was taken back into custody. it took two hours and we're not sure what took so long because we were not allowed inside. four witnesses were supposed to testify today but none took the stand. we're told that's because he fired his attorney. and the court has assign add public defender until his family can fire his former attorney.
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his former attorney said he did not tell his client to lie and does believe he is innocent and wishes him all the best. >> where are they going to hold him now? >> up until today's hearing, he has been held in a maximum security prison in decatu, mexico, just east of tijuana. his mom said she spoke to him in that prison today and he had a hood put over his head right before he was transferred to the courthouse. that's the prison he will presumably return to. this is the second prison he has returned to. la mesa in tijuana. this is a very dangerous prison he tried to escape from where he was chained to his bed afterwards. his mom tells us he is now under 24 hour guard in that prison, shep. >> thanks very much. a criminal defense attorney is with us. we have a whole new world now. >> exactly. >> a few days ago, the whole country seems upset because this
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man who accidentally took these legal guns into mexico went there accidentally never been there before, it was an innocent mistake for which he might spend 20 years. that's not what's happening anymore. what's happening now he's been caught in a lie. they found the license plate and seen he's been in mexico not earlier today but before. why are you carrying these weapons? the mexican government suspects he's running drugs. how do we know now that he's caught in a lie. >> exactly or just running arms. >> i don't know who runs their own weapons registered to themselves, but i suppose that's a possibility as well. >> it's a kern the government has and now well-founded based on this information. that's why he's not being immediately released. to happen. you will have a trial if the judge decides not to release him. because in mexico the decision lies with the judge or attorney general. the president can't do anything about it. the judge will make the ultimate decision whether or not he will be released. as you know, the u.s. justice
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system is different than mexico's, you will have a series of trials. the judge in mexico, different than the u.s., the judge also can serve as a prosecutor, subpoena witnesses and subpoena evidence. this can go on for at least a year. >> in the meantime, the more say s, my son's lawyer told him to lie. now, the lawyer is yesterday let go. today the lawyer speaks and says i didn't tell anybody to lie. if you as a criminal defense attorney instruct your client to lie, you lose your license. >> you're done. >> forever. >> i don't know what type of an attorney is going to tell a client to lie, but this is a bigger issue because this happens a lot. what a lot of judges do in this situation when they see a client who say, hook, my attorney told me to lie, they think the client doesn't have much credibility. it may work against him. >> it may. i think one of the things we run into here is we have people all over the place evacuatie in adv
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this man without knowing all the facts, hearing one side of the story, when you have video evidence this man lied about ever having been to mexico again, it seems time to sit back and let the justice system work. even in mexico, they're allowed to, you know, uphold the law. >> exactly. and the u.s. has an issue here, in that they have to strike a delicate balance. you have a country. you shouldn't really be imposing on the sovereignty of a country. they have their laws they have to enforce. when the flip side happens in the u.s., mexico defers to the u.s. as well. this is someone who is a part of our armed services so i'm sure as the days come and hearing scheduled for next week we will find more information out about this. i think you made a great point, shep, you shouldn't jump to the gun just because you have a little bit of facts. >> nobody is sure what happened here yet except for this particular man. the only thing we know for sure is he lied.
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that's all we know. >> exactly. >> we'll stay on it. at least two americans are hurt after gunmen attacked a car that belongs to the united states consulate in western afghanistan. law enforcement officials say the convoy was on an airport road when the attackers targeted them with moretors and machine guns. so far, nobody has claimed responsibility for those attacks but it comes just after president obama announced plans to keep close to 10,000 troops in afghanistan when the american combat mission ends there later this year. veterans affairs officials prepa preparing to testify on capitol hill about the health care controversy in their department. ahead, you will hear from some lawmakers about the questions they plan to ask and answers they're trying to get on behalf of america's m ae's military med women. and then just how deep the problems go.
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students are back in class today for the first time since last week's deadly rampage. a large black ribbon hanks on santa barbara campus to honor the six people who died in the stabbings and shootings. more vigils scheduled for
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tonight. police say the killer was this 22-year-old who posted a youtube video that explains what he called his day of retribution. he wanted to kill women who wouldn't go out with him and the men they chose to date instead. police say the rampage ended when he shot and killed himself. vetrans waited an average of 115 days at a hospital in phoenix. three months longer than hospital workers originally admitted according to a report showing the results of an internal investigation, and it is damning. the report found that the hospitals did use secret waiting lists to hide delays in treating our nation's heroes, as many as 1800 of them. as many as 40 people have reportedly died waiting for treatment at that very facility in phoenix. the v.a.'s report shows officials kept some 1700 patients on those secret lists and delays have jeopardize the health of patients. it also shows schemes to hide
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the wait times are systemic at v.a. hospitals across the country. v.a. officials said they are investigating accusations of mismanagement at more than two dozen medical centers. veterans affairs secretary erik shinseki has refused to resign despite calls for him to do just that from lawmakers in both parties. president obama has stood by shinseki and said he needed more time to review the report of the investigation. now we have this preliminary report. now, the senator from arizona himself, john mccain on wolf blitzer in the last hour on cnn said he should step down. the walls are caving in. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. this thing is unbelievable, mike. >> reporter: shep, that's right. it's about much more than just veterans in phoenix, arizona. the inspector general concludes quote inappropriate scheduling practices are systemic throughout. conclusions like that one have led house veterans affairs chairman jeff mill tore call in
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attorney general eric hold tore launch a criminal probe. and for the first time miller is now calling for v.a. secretary erik shinseki to resign now. miller's committee has a hearing tonight and members are asking if scheduling schemes at the v.a. led to veterans dying. >> we don't have the information yet. we're waiting on that. some of those folks while waiting died. if that's true, remember the person who oversaw all this got a bonus because they met all the quality measures. i hope that that's not true jobs because if it is, it's really heinou heinous. >> that sets up a rare evening hearing on capitol hill before the house veterans affairs committee where republicans and democrats will ask tough questions of three current veterans affairs officials. now this is traditionally not a partisan matter, not a partisan department, but, man, it is partisan now. are you getting anything from democrats? >> reporter: democrats are
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starting to react as well. i should note a lot of lawmakers are traveling back from their districts. west virginia senator, joe manchin has called for an independent audit of the v.a. and chris van holland tweeted ig report from phoenix v.a. shows gross neglect of our veterans. v.a. should immediately implement all four recommendati recommendations. those are serious recommendations erik shinseki is set to take up by the inspector general. there are growing calls for the secretary of veterans affairs to go. >> there are indeed. mike live at the rotunda. i want to show you an e-mail that came in while mike was speaking. it's on the computer. that's all we need. secretary shinseki on the report we just got. he said i respect the independent review and recommendations of the office of
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inspector general regarding systemic issues with patients sket eulogy and access. i reviewed the independent report and it is reprehensible to me and the veterans. i'm recommending the phoenix health care system immediately triage each of the 1700 veterans identified by the oig to give them timely care, quoting again, i have already placed the phoenix leadership on administrative leave and directed the independent site team to assess scheduling and administrative practices at the phoenix office. this team began their work in april and we are already taking action on multiple recommendations on this report. two more paragraphs. we will aggressively fully implement the aaig recommendations -- important to allow the independent objective review until completion and they recommended no further actions take place until it is completed. mike emanuel, as this came out
12:17 pm
you're saying your last three sentences, he's not resigning yet. from our years on capitol hill and your understanding who john mccain is and the way he backs men and women that serve in our military, especially to the level general shinseki has can you imagine the circumstance shinseki keeps his job when senator mccain says he has to go? >> reporter: it seems unlikely. i spoke with john mccain and he cautioned general shinseki was also a war hero and concerned if you fire the top guy, do people forget about it and it gets taken care of, it doesn't get taken care of. if he's convinced shinseki needs to go, i mentioned the house veterans affair committee did not call for him to go up until this report came out, you get a sense the walls are closing on him. he serves at the pleasure of the
12:18 pm
president before the president asks for him to go. sxwr john mccain speaking live. >> there were appointments that were not on the electric waiting list. -- the electronic waiting list. most important these veterans continue to be at risk of being forgotten or lost in the phoenix health care systems convoluted scheduling process. inspector general found that the v.a. reported -- the v.a. itself reported a sample of 226 veterans waited an average of 24 days, however, the inspector general reviewed these reports and found they actually waited an average of 115 days for their first appointment. the inspector general report states they have identified instances of manipulation of
12:19 pm
v.a. data that disstores the legislatimacy of reported waiti times and they went on to say that they've received numerous allegations daily of mismanagement, inappropriate hiring decision, sexual harassment and bullying by mid and senior level managers at the phoenix v.a. health center. it's very disturbing. i sent a letter some days ago to secretary shinseki and asked him about this entire issue, particularly this waiting list allegation. i received a response from him that i would be glad to provide to the media that basically said when the new leadership came on board they initiated consistent application of the vha's use of electronic waiting lists, in other words say iing basically everything was fine. we know that that letter that
12:20 pm
general shinseki sent me was absolute absolutely false. and so the inspector general report said delaying medical care to veterans and manipulating records to hide those delays is quote systemic throughout the department of veterans affairs. so therefore today, i believe that this issue has reached a level that requires the justice department involvement. these allegations are not just administrative problems, these are criminal problems. we need the fbi and the department of justice to be involved in this investigation. i also, with some reluctance, believe that given the lack of responsiveness of secretary shinseki to numerous inquiries from senator flake and me, that it's time for secretary shinseki
12:21 pm
to step down. if secretary shinseki does not step down voluntarily, then i call on the president of the united states to relieve him of his duties, to fire him. >> well, thank you. senator mccain. we've been on this for a while writing letters to general shinseki, asking him about these allegation. the information we received back does not comport with the information in the ig's report today. i join senator mccain in calling for general shinseki to resign. if he does not resign, for the president to ask for his resignation, and also that the department of justice needs to be involved now. we have instances in this report that came out today, where the information supplied to the v.a. headquarters was not correct informati information, it was information
12:22 pm
in terms of wait times that they knew was not correct. you have to, i think, at this point, call for the department of justice to be involved and investigate as well. there are a lot of good people at the v.a. who work very hard but we cannot have a situation like this persist. >> questions? >> senator mccain, obviously being a veteran yourself, do you feel as though this system has let down the men and the women who have fought for us and maybe even potentially died while waiting? how do you plan to take action on their behalf? >> back in 2008, when i ran for president of the united states, i said that we need to give the veteran the flexibility of obtaining the health care where he or she can obtain that health care most -- and that health
12:23 pm
care they feel they need -- >> well, the news has been made. john mccain has now accused players in this scandal in phoenix and potentially beyond of criminal activity. he's called it -- he's called for the fbi and justice departments to step in. he and his fellow senator from arizona, jeff flake, have now called for general shinseki, a decorated war hero, who now heads the v.a., to step down, and if he doesn't step down, has called for the president of the united states to fire him, while accusations fly of criminal misconduct in that organization. mike emanuel, on capitol hill, if in fact what the inspector general has now reported was true, they lied about what they were doing, they covered their tracks. they said that they weren't doing something that was criminal and they were, and they criminally covering it all up.
12:24 pm
this thing appears to have just exploded. >> reporter: no question about that, shep. some 40 veterans may have died while waiting for medical treatment, that this v.a. facility had secret lists, that they weren't coming clean about what was really going on there and you hear the word systemic, saying this probably went on a lot of place is around the country and perhaps people were given bonuses for covering it up to make things look good at the v.a. facilities. pressure clearly building. a lot of people starting here at capitol hill thinking that perhaps criminal activity went on in phoenix and elsewhere as well. you have a call for the attorney general to launch a criminal probe but also calls for shinseki's head after some of the people now calling for his resignation were very careful about that early on. this inspector general's report has convinced some of those who were holding off that indeed, it is time for shinseki to go. >> mike emanuel on capitol hill.
12:25 pm
breaking news coverage continues. john mccain and jeff flake both of arizona both calling for this decorated war hero to either step down or be kicked out because of what appears to john mccain to be criminal activity. our senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano is on the phone with us now. does this accusation rise to the level of criminal and how high does it rise? >> i think it clearly rises to the level of criminal, think about it, the documents people had to fill out in any communication they sent to the veterans or any recording they did with the veterans are federal documents. the intentional falsifying of information on a document the federal government requires you to prepare, is standing alone, a crime, even if no one is harmed as a result of it. add to the probable falsecation of documents, the fact that innocent human beings died as a result of this, and now you go
12:26 pm
from filing false reports of the federal government to criminally negligent homicide caused as a result of these false reports. now, you go from five years in jail to 20 years in jail, assume ing the evidence is there and the charges stick and the jury convicts. >> the chairman, jie miller, as mentioned by mike emanuel earlier, i quote, right now two things should happen, attorney general eric holder should launch a criminal investigation into the v.a.'s widespread vict criminal corruption and v.a. secretary shinseki should resign immediately. one of the biggest war heroes in all of public life is john mccain. judge, he's lost john mccain and doesn't seem to realize he doesn't have defenders now. i can't imagine this thing coming out and the president not acting in one way or another, at least accepting a resignation. >> i think you're right, shep.
12:27 pm
for someone like general shinseki to lose the support of john mccain because of events that occurred in mccain's home state, mccain a champion of military and veterans for a variety of reasons not the least of which is his own heroic background will completely undermine former general secretary shinseki. on the other hand, i don't know how eric holder can with intellect hall honesty resist the offers to investigation this. there's no way he can look the other way. he doesn't have to do it himself or in washington, he can direct the u.s. attorneys around the country to do it. he has to do something in light of this inspector's general's report. >> thank you. i'm getting breaking news from the "associated press" and it may be what we've already been reporting. the associated press is reporting what we have. general shinseki faces calls to
12:28 pm
step down left and right. my guess is this news will develop within a half hour of this newscast and we will follow every development for you. president obama gave a major speech on the future of our nation's foreign policy today from drone strikes to a multi-billion dollar counter-terrorism push. the new plan to give more help to some syrian rebels. his comment, the line of the day, and the republican reaction next, as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from shepard smith reporting.
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fox report, wildfire in central california has destroyed two homes according to firefighters on scene. they are facing hot and dry conditions with temperatures in the upper 80s. meanwhile in northern arizona crews say the wildfire expanded to 32 square miles about the size of the city of cleveland. folks in houston breaking for
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another day of severe storms. emergency workers say a woman died yesterday possibly because of a tree branch that knocked her to the ground and 12 other people hurt. a prosecutor in iran denies that they asked the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to appear in court. he was concerned about facebook owning apps violating people's privacy. analysts say zuckerberg probably won't show up. coming up in just a moment, why the president said the best military in the world, it's a hammer, but every problem is not a nail.
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the u.s. military action cannot be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance. just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail. >> war doesn't solve all problems. president obama today defending his foreign policy and calling for congress to support a $5
12:34 pm
billion fund to help fight terrorism around the world. the president proposed the plan during his commencement address at westpoint and noted the 2014 graduates may well be the first since the attack s s of 9/11 wh will not have to serve in iraq or afghanistan. he announced plans to withdraw most forces in afghanistan over the next two years and said that should allow america to quote more effectively address emerging threats in the middle east and north africa. the white house says its counter-terrorism fund would help train forces in those regions including countries that border on syria. of course, republicans say the white house is pulling out of afghanistan too soon and acting on syria too late. did the president offer any response to his foreign policy critics? >> reporter: yes. this was all about firing back
12:35 pm
on those critics that call him weak and said he does believe in american exceptionalism showing leadership around the world but insisted again and again in this speech that's not just about military might that you can use sanctions and drones and targeted attacks to go after terrorists around the world although the insisted he's bringing more reform to the process of drones to make sure they're not targeting civilians. listen. >> i also believe we must be more transparent about both the basis of our counter terrorism actions and the manner in which they are carried out. we have to be able to explain them publicly whether it is drone strikes or training partners. >> so the bottom line is that the president facing a lot of pressure from his critics, the "washington post" had a blistering editorial today suggesting the only thing that's been consistent in the president's foreign policy is consistently bad results, trouble in iraq post war by not leaving any american troops
12:36 pm
there, trouble in a deteriorating situation in libya and "the post" saying they fear the same may happen in afghanistan now. >> he's still dancing around whether he will allow for military training for some of these syrian rebels. what is happening there? there are reports that will happen or is happening? >> reporter: yes. he certainly hinted again today they will be ramping up the amount of aid that's going to syrian rebels but won't really detail it. we've seen that from the administration again and again. that frustrates republican critics like john mccain. listen. >> we are not weak, we are unreliable. when the president of the united states made the statement that if they cross add red line, if bass share assad crossesed a red line, made that choice, we would issues to attack assad for it and we didn't, that reverberated all around the globe. >> reporter: as for that $5 billion terror fund to fight
12:37 pm
terrorism around the world, the key republican said he think business that's a drop in the budget when you consider the president working with congress has now cut defense spending by a trillion dollars. >> i don't think he said we will attack you? if you do this, we will attack you or said something less ambivalent than that? >> he said there would be enormous consequences if that red line were crossed. john mccain and others may have interpreted that as attacking them and the president considered it but ended up not doing that. >> i remember that part. i want the record to reflect we didn't say that. john mccain said that. let's bring in a filmmaker, author of "the world's most dangerous places." spent a lot of time over there. one more time, it sounds like the enemy of our enemy is our friend because history says it has worked brilliantly. >> shep, what you're seeing is a
12:38 pm
replay what we did in afghanistan and russians and saudis kicking in money and we were kicking in money and trying to figure out the logistics chain and brought in a guy named bin laden who could get weapons to the rebels. >> created the problem, didn't we? >> i'll leave to it history to judge. we've been at this since 2012 where there was a presidential directive saying, let's arm these rebels and had logistics problems and even private citizens who used to work at black water, joseph smith, trying to support these rebels. they're supporting about half of them. they're theoretically moderate. we re-energized this whole thing after al qaeda theoretically left syria. the problem is the rebels are losing. it's kind of a little bit too late. >> now what? >> you will see a huge flow of weapons into these regions. you will see the training ramp up in jordan, saudis training on
12:39 pm
the bored are the, jordanian, contract contractors coming in training these people up. you will see some pathetic guns but syrians have jet fighters and helicopters and money and hezbollah and we're giving these people aks and pickup trucks. >> i don't know if maybe we don't have access to history books or something. it seems like we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and you make them and say, we'll never do that again as the soviets did, we'll never do that again. here we go again. >> there's only one theory that might work we're creating a meat grinder, and all the jihadis flocking to syria and all getting killed. that it's one of the theories why we're doing this in half measures. if we want to get rid of assad we have to meet them toe-to-toe. >> robert young pelton, thank you, sir. >> thank you. the secretary of state john
12:40 pm
kerry told nsa leaker knowedtsn after snowden accused the united states forcing him to stay in russia. ed has been in russia since last summer when snowden was granted asylum. he gave an interview, the first time with a big journalist and did so with nbc brian williams and said he never planned to go to russia. he had a flight booked to cuba and then latin america but the state department revoked his passport and trapped him in moscow. the secretary quoted for a smart guy that's a dumb answer and the secretary called snowden a fugitive who ran away from justice >> this is a man who betrayed his country, sitting in russia, an authoritarian country, where he has taken refuge. he should man up and come back to the united states if he has a complaint with american surveillance, come back and
12:41 pm
stand in our system of justice and make this case. >> secretary kerry also said if snowden wants to come back to the united states quote we'll have him on a flight today. lea gabriel with the rest of this here. brian williams said he is extremely smart, ed snowden. that shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. >> that's true. he did work for the intelligence community. right now what people are talking about, this claim he made during this nbc interview saying he was actually a spy. take a listen. >> i was trained as spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word in that i lived and worked undercover overseas pretending to work in a job that i'm not and even being assigned a name that was not mine. >> he left out whether he actually ever collected intelligence which is what spies do or admitted he never worked with human sources or trained or recruited agents which is what cia operatives do but he did throw out some spy jagr don,
12:42 pm
listen. >> i developed sources and methods for keeping our information and people secure in the most hostile and dangerous environments around the world. so when they say i'm a low leve don't know what i'm talking about, i'd say it's some what misleading >> he is firing back at people who called him a low level analyst. in all fairness he didn't come out and say he was a spy until he was specifically asked that question. >> you've served in the intelligence community. wh what's the sense of that in that part of the world? >> there's a sense he's confused what it takes to be trained as a spy. a former cia operative said while snowden said he operated overseas in alias and he operated under cover, that many support personnel including it professionals for the intelligence community do that but it doesn't make them spies. >> what i think snowden is trying to say, look, i was more than this it administrator people say i was, i had other responsibilities. no. he worked on it systems.
12:43 pm
if he was overseas, fine, he was overseas doing that. that's not the work of a spy. it's still very very important work, but he threw that all out the door when he broke his agreement, broke his trust and betrayed the country. >> he also said some may believe snowden's disclosures led to an important national conversation. there's know question these disclosures did threaten national security. >> and we know a lot of things about our government we didn't know before. a lot of different ways to look at this thing. a lot of hair splitting going on. nice to see you. a man licensed to be a commercial pilot swallowed dozen offers bags of cocaine and got on the flight and to the united states and wasn't flying the plane, one of them burst in him. are they doing enough to screen pilots?
12:44 pm
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especially with bloody or black stools the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. break today, a spilled drink led to murder. that this is charge today against the former new england patriots star, aaron hernandez. it comes from a prosecutor at his arraignment, who says he shot and killed two guys because one of them accidentally bumped him into a bar and knocked his drink over. aaron hernandez already faces charges in the 2013 murder of a semi-pro football player. this is a different case. hernandez apparently insisted one of the victims ran into him on purpose so prosecutors say he tracked him down, pulled up next to him at the intersection and
12:48 pm
said, yo, what's up now and dumped his gun at the intersection. they both died. he has pleaded guilty to three counts of murder in the first degree and in bail on that other murder case. a commercial airline pilot tried to smuggle 60 sacks of colombian cocaine inside his stomach but police caught him after one of them burst open inside of him. they say the pilot was flying as a passenger on saturday on a flight from columbia to houston. law enforcement sources say at the time he had more than half a pound of coke in his belly. they say he's now out of the hospital after quote passing the cocaine out of his system. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom. what do we know about this pilot? >> we know he's 49-year-old stanley hill, shep. he just got certified to fly 737s about a year ago though
12:49 pm
he's been flying regional jets the past eight years and his family has now confirmed to a local affiliate in houston he is a regional airline pilot. they wouldn't say which one. we found a stanley hill that flies for shuttle america. we called the airline. they have not called us back. as a rule, pilots do get less scrutiny than other passengers if they happen to be in uniform. we do not know if he was in uniform and got cleared for security in columbia and we don't know their protocol but scanners cannot see inside your body. law enforcement sources say he bought this cocaine for $750 down in columbia and cut the tips out of rubber gloves and filled those with the coke and swallowed them. about 4 grams per each tip. if one of those breaks, it could be lethal. in this case, it was not. we could not find any criminal record for stanley hill, shep but have been told this could quickly become a federal investigation.
12:50 pm
>> trace gallagher in our west coast news hub. thanks. how would you feel about driving a car without a steering wheel? no gas pedal, just buttons to stop. google has unveiled a wild new prototype. look at that thing. that's the future? that thing? time
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
so you just get in the car and press the go button. google has unveiled a car that completely drives itself, you do nothing. and this one has no steering wheel, no brakes no buttons, just stop and start the thing. take a look, the car seats two passengers. it is ugly as sin. google reps say the speed tops
12:54 pm
out at about 50 for safety. with google maps software guiding the way, google staffers say they're making about 100 of these cars and they hope to start test driving them these summer. hello, where? but state officials in california still need to decide on the rules for operating driverless cars including whether to let children or the legally blind take the cars for a ride. news from the future. how safe are they? >> well, right now they're very safe. they're made of plastic, the entire bumper in the front has two feet of fold. they're not going anywhere. but keep in mind google is not the only one in this scenario, we're talking about audi and a host of companies competing in this, as well. yes, they're getting a lot of attention right now but there is a lot of heavy investment going on in detroit. >> early on, they sent out a note on the internet and how
12:55 pm
they were trying to use it and i wonder how people in ten years will say oh, isn't that cute? they thought it would work. do you need a driver's license? >> yeah, so there is a lot of campaign going on, obviously google working in california on the state government, there have been attempts to pass it in the past. right now you can't exactly put them on the road yet. they're not tough enough yet, they're not ready. we can expect campaigning from companies like google. >> how are we going to get out of aggression if we can't drive the car? >> it looks like a fun thing, would you take a ride? i would. >> i would rather drive. >> thank you, jo, mine will go faster. we'll be right back.
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pos . and liftoff, international crew on their way to the international space station. >> those three men, an american, a russian and a german en route in a rocket, off to the iss. the three men there, despite the tensions in moscow and washington the crews were all smiles today even taking time to pose for a selfie. and there it is. a live look. it is on its way up. and we'll continue to have information on this. wow, what a shot. when news breaks out we'll
1:00 pm
break in from the fox news desk because breaking news changes everything. not a horrible day on wall street, the dow close to record territory yesterday. the s&p 500 hit a record yet but scaled back just a little bit. neil will have all the news, and i'll see you when stuff gets weird. vet.when vets vent, only this this is montel, raising hell. >> guys are still dying, we're at war. how dare the nation treat us this way. there are some form of -- war being waged against us. veterans. we're being used as political pawns. we're being used to stretch across tabs.