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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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bloomberg and that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us tonight. don't forget to use your tvr series reporting sign a petition if you want it goes to the white house. the reporting live factor is on. tonight: >> he is a very very weak president maybe the weakest. certainly in my lifetime. whether you agree with dick cheney about president obama, there is no question that leadership in america is on the decline. tonight, we will tell you why. >> we are strong and well-equipped to restore prosperity here at home to deal with the cancer of inequality. >> the cancer of inequality. sounds like a campaign slogan. ms. megyn kelly on whether that will work for hillary clinton. >> that's what you said three months ago. this has been going on since january. the v.a. scandal keeps
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growing and now there is big money involved. we have the latest and it might shock you. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. leadership in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we are a country adrift. we are a people who are not being properly led and we know it. job approval ratings from congress the lowest in history right now. and president obama under fire from all sides, things are very bad n washington. i told you about my upcoming book killing baton where i examined the most george pattona: himself. each of these each of these men made history and
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fascinating what they were really like what i do in the book. president obama wanx2:uz be a leader. i now believe president obama vastly underestimated just how difficult the job really is the blunt truth is mr. obama's leadership skills are simple prix not providing prosperity for the nation. that might be because president obama is a massive leader a man who avoids. doesn't make judgments about behavior. even when that behavior is destructive to the nation. president obama is still on the job after screwing up the obamacare rollout in a major way. she will be gone soon but she is still there. general eric shinseki. predicted when the v.a. story first broke. as of tonight, he is still there and he shouldn't be.+bo because on the general's watch, the veterans administration has been a vets who need help. the v.a. inspector general
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has scorched the agency saying there is chaos all over the place and vets are not receiving the medical care they need. congress, the president and shinseki him that's a failure of leadership made into a hapless ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, veterans died. get us get us the answers, please. >> i understand that, mr. chairman and i will look. >> that's what you said three months ago. this has been going on since january, since january in case you don't know it, we put on our web site every week what we ask for and nothing changes from week to week. >> correct, nothing changes. and, again, that's a failure
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of leadership last week america is still the most powerful nation in the world in his opinion it's a new world some believe the president is correct. others dissent. the main focus is on a president. is he a very very weak president. maybe the weakest, certainly in my lifetime. i know from my own experience in a recent trip to the middle east, spending several days talking with folks, i have dealt with all j4(p&c@ absolutely convinced that the american capacity to lead and to influence events in that part of the world has been dramatically reduced by this president the. we have got a problem of weakness, it's centered right in the white house. >> now, dick cheney and barack obama are polar opposites in almost every way so it's not surprising the former vice president has disdain for the current commander and chief. but, the perception, the perception that barack obama
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is not a strong leader circle. brought that perception on himself often he seems befuddled by major problems. not informed, disengaged. when mr. obama does finally commit to strong action when he threatened tyrant in assad. result some of the people working under him do not fear accountability this phoenix v.a. situation is so bad the fbi should be involved 14 v.a. medical people are making more than $300,000 each every year. and they may have cooked the books to protect those huge salary. as sean hannity said on the radio today that's a fine. knew the shinseki and the president weren't paying lies about how long veterans have to wait for medical care.
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talking points admits that kind of deception is going on all over the federal government. no one was held available for the benghazi mess except the whistle blow except lois lerner forced to resign after taking the fifth. fast and use lost. and the president d. dithers. he dithers about replacing incompetent leaders like shinseki. that's weak leadership. if you are a strong leader you can expect to be called the following a bully unreasonable. many other names. if you are a woman leader you will be called the "b" word. you will be labeled. you will be suspect in the eyes of many. wishy washy is what this
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country seems to want. and wishy washy is what we have. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, ed henry confronts white house spokesman jay carney today about the white house scandal. wait until you see this. later, megyn kelly on hillary clinton using the inequality theme already. the factor isrv7@t coming right back. introducing nexium 24hr. finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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personal story segment. jay carney. the topic, the v.a. >> last week, the president at that podium promised, quote, once we know the facts, i assure you if there is misconduct. it will be punished. have you heard them. >> we have -- a set of facts and a preliminary report -- thank you, ed, we got a report yesterday, and the president found the report extremely troubling. he tasked the secretary with conducting an internal audit. an internal review. and asked for a preliminary report from the secretary by the end of this week. and he awaits that preliminary report. >> obviously a weak response by mr. carney. joining us now from washington is mr. henry.
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all right. look. there comes a point where people are just basically saying enough. i think president obama has reached that point. i think that his -- the next polls will show him go below 40% in job approval. they are tired of jay carney equivocating and parsing every word. everybody knew what you were asking. they know it's a disaster now. it's not just in phoenix. is shinseki going to be fired or anybody else? he wouldn't answer that question. what does that tell you? >> it tells me they are kicking the can because the other part of his answer was sure, we got this report last night saying that a lot of these allegations were true. there is another report coming from shinseki tomorrow or saturday. and there is a report coming from the white house aide rob neighbors that will be here in a few weeks. they want to keep kick the can down the road. you have been playing the sound from people at town hall meetings. veterans dying. people want answers, people want accountability. they are not providing that let me tell you why the president has stood behind
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shinseki. i can tell you three reasons going on behind the scenes. number one, do i believe the president thinks that shinseki is a patriot. someone wounded in vietnam who rise to the rank of four star general. he wants to hang with him for while. number two the key political thing, if you think back to the iraq war it was shinseki who was still in the army who went after donald rumsfeld as defense secretary and said you need hundreds of thousands of troops to actually execute this war and he was vilified for that barack obama back then called it a dumb war. shinseki was forced into retirement early. this became a big fight between democrats and republicans. if barack obama now as president has to admit that shinseki's judgment is off, he was right about the iraq war, perhaps, but he is wrong here, then they are giving in to rumsfeld and the bush team. they don't want to do that here at the white house. thebzn final reason in my estimation is look what happened with kathleen sebelius as you noted. you asked the president about it in the super bowl interview. they went fire her. they waited for months and months and months.
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if they pushed sebelius over after the web site was down the heat would be on the president not sebelius. you push shinseki out. >> president obama has already taken massive heat. let me rebutt the thing. nobody is saying that general shinseki is not a patriot. is he just a bad administrator. he was wrong about iraq because petraeus replaced him, surged it, and the u.s.a. got out with a victory. if shinseki was there we would have lost. backing a loser on two occasions. >> no, no. shinseki was asking for hundreds of thousands of troops. >> i know what they were doing. >> by surging troops you could win. shinseki was calling for a surge before rumsfeld was. >> no. i was over there. >> go back to the testimony. >> what shinseki was doing was an excuse for his inability to win it replaced by petraeus surged with the troops that were there with what he had. he didn't get 200,000 more troops that would have been insane.&3@ let's advance the story here, all right? basically, you have a
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president who now knows that the world perceives him as weak. look, dick cheney, whether you like him or not, a lot of people agree with him. barack obama is aware that his legacy is going to get tarred with the same brush that jimmy carter got tarred. he is going to yet i continues it kick the can. you make the decision when things are this bad at the v.a. you say listen, general, we appreciate it. it just didn't work out. just as bush didmñ with threatt. it's no longer just dick cheney suggesting we are weak. have you got the "new york times" editorial page, back this president on practically everything saying today that his speech at west point yesterday was a disaster. he doesn't understand how to leverage u.s. power that
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sounds more like dick cheney. it goes back in part to syria and the red line. once that red line was crossed and the president didn't back it up with military action. that was a problem for him and perceived as weakness. in talking points though you said he blinked, he backed down. what you didn't mention though is the president did get assad to turn over some. not all, but some of his chemical weapons which was at least a modest success. they are still haggling over the details. it's not like the president didn't get anything. >> i will quibble with you on that because assad it looks like was using chemical weapons, chlorine to kill civilians even as weqcj speak thealg out the syrian air force would have been a seven hour bombing campaign, he would have given up his weapons, all of them, no chlorine. ed henry, everybody, thank you ed as always. directly ahead a new immigration problem. little kids sneaking into the u.s.a. what's this all about. later, take to you jolly old england where the bbc has banned the word girl
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is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight. report from reuters saying that minors have sneaking in from the u.s.a. from mexico in record numbers. apparently illegal immigrants from the age of 18 are coming over. the news agency says 60,000 this year alone as opposed to 6,000 in 2011. joining us now from washington ms. laura ingraham. what do you think is going on here? >> well, i think a couple of things, bill. number one, the president has made it clear that they are working on a plan, the administration, to even further decrease the number of interior deportations in our country. so very few people will end up being deported in the future. if all goes according to their plan. so that's number one.
5:21 pm
number two, i think a lot of folks in central america, mexico, they are hearing about this grand immigration bargain, and i guess they mistakenly think that will give them some benefit if they come here, if their children are here, even though dhs today, department of homeland security today said well, new people shouldn't come. a lot of enticements to come here now. i think both parties, republicans led by eric cantor and people like john mccain and lindsey graham, they want to get something done on immigration reform same with president obama and homeland security department. it's a collective signal. a big mat at the border saying, you know, come in. i think it's going to have calamity your. send them nobody to nobody
5:22 pm
in mexico. send them home illegal immigrant in the united states which apparently is happening. obviously the economic effects you and i have discussed with the depression of wages in this country and taking job opportunities from working class whites, blacks, and hispanics who are legally in the country right now. big, big problems. and it's kind of a perfect storm. >> >> all right. i was a little suspect of the report from reuters because reuters is is a very left wing news agency. they cited, you know a 3-year-old came here and what people should understand is this smuggling rings that do. this. >> sure. >> they take the children. they charge money and i guess adults pay some money. they bring the children across the border. and then7&[t the children either are told they have relatives somewhere, you know, to try to get there or maybe their brother, you know, the 3-year-old as a 15-year-old brother and they try to get whatever. but whatever it is, as you rightly pointed out it's humanitarian crisis. you get 60,000 people under the age of 18 how they could
5:23 pm
get through the border is asound sounding to me after all of this time. we do in some sectors have very stringent border control. apparently they are in big ben national park places very rural and sneaking across. >> report tonight, bill, now we are so overwhelmed by this, it literal solid an invasion of people crossing into texas, next doesn't have the facilities to deal with these people i don't know why they are not turned back to mexico. some of them have been brought to phoenix and tucson and left at bus[ñ'kç stations i don't know if they have bus fare or what. dropped off in phoenix because they can't be handled. i would say, bill, does our government not have a responsibility to enforce our border to secure our sovereignty and to make sure that we're still a country? >> look, they shut it down. >> they don't want to enforce the border, bill.
5:24 pm
>> i'm not sure about that. >> they do not want to enforce this border. >> incapable of being a country anymore? >> i have always said that you can do it. look, in tee yuanna, in san diego, san ysidro, they managed to shut it down. they have trickle of what they used to have there. all right? then you go into imperial county, california, it's not quite as stringent. >> right. like 15 miles, right? like a 15-mile spot. look, bill, if we wanted to handle this problem. >> i think we could. >> we wouldn't give driver's licenses to people. wouldn't give them instate tuition. we wouldn't be calling them dreamers. we would be doing what most other countries do on the face of the planet. we would be securing our sovereignty and focusing oon our beleaguered workforce and citizenry are first and foremost before we even entertained any discussion of any type of regularization of the people who are here illegally now. this issue is at a tipping point in this country. i believe the establishment has way overplayed its hand.
5:25 pm
and i see -- i think what you are seeing in britain with the rise of the frustration and the anger about the immigration problem there, i think that's going to come to the united states big time. i don't think the establishment is ready for it. >> last year because obviously, you are not going to get immigration reform done this year. in an election year that's not going to happen. i think the republican also have to put up something that say, look, this is our vision but it will be much smaller than the senate version. the children are an interesting situation because then you are going to have all the human rights groups. >> the emotional play. >> right. emotions. just look at these kids and you can't -- what are you going to do. >> bill, the tears of the illegal immigrants coming here, i mean, yes, it is heart wrenching, but as a country, if we are still a nation, we must address the economic calamity that is facing our middle class. those tears, those concerns have to be addressed first and foremost. and i think those people are are the ones who should get the focus of washington. not all these people who decide our laws don't really matter in the first place. >> all right, laura
5:26 pm
ingraham, everybody, there she is. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. hillary clinton may have come up with her presidential campaign theme inequality. we will find out what megyn kelly thinks about that but, next, our mad as hell segment. >> funny how? funny like i'm a cloud? i amuse you? i make you laugh? i'm here to amuse you? what do you mean funny? funny how? >> he looks annoyed pechy does. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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mad as hell segment tonight. here now to help us out. heather nawrtd staying up late. you see her on "fox & friends." here is letter number one, coming from lewis: all right, so what is the overall expense to the taxpayer about prison? >> so there are 216 prisoners in the federal prison population right there. we basically pay the bill for their healthcare services. >> all of them. >> what this writer writes
5:31 pm
in is absolutely true you pay for knee replacement surgery all those things and sex change operations. healthcare costs 6. a billion dollars annually. according to pew. >> just for the prisoners. >> for the federal prison population. old statistics. that's the most recent one they have. >> under obamacare it will be more. and if you were a sex change person, then you would just commit a crime and go in and have the operation and get out. see what i mean, heather, can you work the system that way. >> i suppose so. >> don't want to give anybody ideas if you are a sex change person. second letter from lake placid, florida, my opinion, the cure for the stuff like the marine in the mexican jail is to stay away from the mexican border. seems to happen families thrown into jail as well as news people stay away from mexico. mexican prison. >> were relatively safe. the state department issued a travel warning earlier
5:32 pm
this year. people are at risk at carjackings, cartel. >> and fox latino just reported today that an american was killed south of the border. shot execution style more than that. we don't know. >> yeah. i mean, look. i love mexico. i have been all over the place but i'm not going there until they calm things down and this marine thing is very very bad. we have a petition as you know. >> 995,000 people. >> one day 9 a thousand americans have signed a petition to get the marine out of the prison. there it is. go to bill o' and sign it we're going to -- jess i can't watters give to the mexican ambassador against his will, chase him around. third from andrew davis. what's it estimate that romney lost when people didn't think he was conservative enough? >> in terms of the actual vote number, that, i don't know. there were a lot of republicans who decided to stay home. voter turnout was 32%
5:33 pm
according to our exit polling and that is the only data that we have. >> 32% of what. >> of republicans turned out to vote. according to our exit polls. those are the people who said i was a republican. i voted for romney. here is how i voted. 38% of democrats. democrats got a lot more people out to vote. >> 36% thing. lower than mccain for romney i believe. so the point is that this gentleman wants to you support your party. >> turn out to vote. >> how much do we send pakistan? >> $1.6 billion testimony as is going to pakistan. right now that money was frorch a bit after the tensions after usama bin laden raid. now that money is going back out. 1.6 billion. and then we have all the deals with the jets that we sell. >> we're basically buying them off. everybody should know we buy the pakistanis off to help
5:34 pm
us with intel and this and that. >> the cost of doing business and we need a key supply route. >> the final letter is from brandon: >> fukushima, right? really hurt. >> tens of billions of dollars in clean up costs. that area won't be cleaned up for three years at least. because. >> okay, so. >> i don't know if it's fukushima related so he is glak it doesn't happen very often when it does happen -- >> -- that kills the nuclear power image. fukushima was bad and it was recent. heather nauert, everybody, give her a round of applause. if you are mad as hell we want to know about it write us at mad as hell when we come right back, megyn kelly on hillary clinton's possible campaign theme. inequality.
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[ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies. thanks for staying with us. hillary clinton has a new book about to hit the
5:39 pm
marketplace. hard choices. >> people will see that we are strong and prosperity here at home to give people in our country the ladders of opportunity hallmark of the united states and the american dream. >> the key words the cancer of inequality. sounds like a campaign theme to me here now ms. megyn i knew she was going to dowha this chance of having collision of the unwilling. the people getting hosed, the cancer of inequality. >> not just hillary. president obama said this is going to be the theme of the second term? there are no other democrats. there are two democrats. president obama and hillary clinton. well, maybe bill. >> what about elizabeth
5:40 pm
warren who has been -- challenging her. >> stop, stop. >> queen of income inequality. this is her big issue. >> she is not going to challenge anyone. >> how do you know? maybe hillary is trying to stake that ground out nice and early. >> she wants to sell her dopey book. >> she can't have the word cancer in her campaign slogan it bumps people out. >> search going to be unequal. blacks, women, hispanics, canadians. >> income inequality. it's a good issue for the democrats because there is no question that it exists, and the democrats had used it it's been worse now since 1920, according to the stats. both parties have agreed with that the only difference is how we got there and what we do about it the democrats have been open. i mean, you are talking democratic pollster about their need, their plan to stoke resentment.
5:41 pm
they want to play to the resentment that the middle class and some of the poor feel towards the rich and say we are your guys. the rich say let's all get there. >> you are buying into this fraud, kelly and i'm very disappointed so listen to the master here. number one, lieu dobbs we are going to have lou dobbs on tomorrow who is going to shatter so you are buying into this a little bit and this is a total fraud income inequality in the country, at exists in a free marketplace not because of government policies, okay, so unless how the republicans say we got in this position free marketplace which a lot. >> i will cede. french economists advising us now who get out of this by saying to abolish
5:42 pm
capitalism. let me make my point incontrovertible so you will agree with me by talking about you nice lady from upstate new york. >>' syracuse, undergrad, they are not harvard. >> syracuse new albany. you worked hard, did you not? >> practicing attorney. you worked your way up was there any war on you? did anybody declare war on you. >> apparently there was. >> was there income inequality plenty. >> you were working your way up. >> were you i wanted to be one of them. pay fairly for what you did? i guess so. >> so, no war on you. no income inequality on megyn kelly, worked hard, worked your way up and now here you are, right? like the classic john love
5:43 pm
vits bit. pull yourself up, work hard and get here and the answer is blank you. >> i just. >> that's how theh country. >> destroyed this inequality myth. finally i have to ask. >> poor people who don't have the advantage of education that i had, the advantage of both parents and the home that i had. >> programs in place to help them. >> we need more. >> you can't get out of this income inequality situation >> it exists in every free marketplace and technology has exacerbated this. >> i look forward to it how much time too we have with her. >> one minute. >> i have to do my show in 15 minutes. we have to go. >> nobody cares about your show. of course they care. >> you were mean to this guy over at m bsz. you made him cry. >> no i didn't. >> i didn't see it. did you make him cry? you were mean. >> we had a very nice exchange. good natured ribbing. we ha good laugh. >> i saw him wandering
5:44 pm
around a building is he in a daze? come around promoting the book. >> buy his book he was muttering when i heard him megyn was mean to me. do you feel bad about that? >> no. >> had a good laugh. good sense of humor. other thing income inequality you make so much more than he does. did you give him any money? >> i will do that as soon as you give me some of yours. >> i'm not giving you anything. if you did what i did to get here. it was all legit. i didn't do anything bad. megyn kelly is coming up on her show which we always watch. on deck, in england if you see the world girl, -- word girl, you may be offensive. brad pitt attacked by a loon in l.a. something has to be done for a dangerous situation for famous people. those reports after these messages. nd sleep.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? and we begin with a major controversy in england where the bbc has censored a documentary about some athletic games. >> with the oxy coaching me i'm up against cynthia, his younger sister. >> i'm dying. hey, francis, i'm not sure can i -- being beaten by 19-year-old girl. >> well, the bbc took the word girl out of the second run of the documentary. why? here now to tell us, gretchen carlson you see her at 2:00 p.m. on the real story. are you kidding me? >> are you kidding me? this is pc totally out of glol so i didn't distort it? >> you didn't distort it they took it out. second rerun this huge gigantic pause where just
5:49 pm
like that where you don't hear anything. >> why would the bbc take the word girl out of -- because it's perfectly in context. >> this is the host of the show by the way 31-year-old man beaten by the 19-year-old girl a judo champion. he says i was beaten by a girl. he tweets out after the second rerun of the world i have no idea why the bbc did this. >> do you know? >> yes the bbc statement. they said that they felt like they duke it out that that line was offensive to that girl who was featured there. >> she can just beat him up even worse then. >> it's so -- >> -- judo champ. >> so dumb because it is so overwhich ing this whole political correct thing. it's so dumb. >> what i understand is good news because people in england got furious about this, did they not? >> they did. member of parliament end up in a situation where no one is going to dare to say anything left british word some politically zealot deems it offensive. if i had a british accent i would say it the same way. >> the bbc politically correct took out the word
5:50 pm
girl perfectly in context because it might offend the 19-year-old girl. and some people in england are saying enough. >> totally enough. >> now, there is a driverless car, you may have seen this. been around. that you said relax. you don't have to do nothing. to go, to stop. >> it actually rides better than my own car. >> yes. >> okay. so the ladies were sitting in, what, the backseat of this car? >> there is only one seat, looks like the backseat but guess what? there is no driver in the front. >> so there is one seat in which you don't have to steer or -- >> there is no steering wheel. no brake peddles. there is no nothing, bill.
5:51 pm
>> no nothing, that's gra m gramatically incorrect. >> they may sell the technology. >> i don't believe it. >> the car only goes 25 miles per hour and can only be use in urban centers, maybe as a taxi. >> bologna. >> how does it stop at a stop sign? >> it knows. >> i think it's a little gnome inside that car. number one, this is like thee t package, that will never happen. there is no drone going to deliver a package. >> here is the thing. >> what? >> driverless cars on the books in california, nevada. >> what books? >> california, nevada -- yeah, florida. three states right now are going to allow this and by 2015, the motor vehicles in california has to come up with rules for driverless vehicles. >> driverless vehicles.
5:52 pm
i don't believe this for a minute. >> who would be liable if it crashes? >> the big question is car theft all right? the only person that can steal the driverless vehicle is the invisible man. all right? >> what i want to know is who wants to get in this? for the test run, i asked how much did they have to pay those people to get in there. >> i would get in if they paid me. >> you wouldn't fit. >> that's true, i'm way too big. i know there is a little guy under the hood. >> you know what? >> yes? >> in my case i hope there is a little guy under the hood. >> you're a girl. >> you can say girl. are you going to say carlson or gretchen now? >> i don't know. there she is. loons attacking famous people. the tip, moments away. introducing nexium 24hr. finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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5:56 pm
thanks for pointing out those who seek to exploit the situations without thinking of the victims and families. kerry henderson, north carolina, bill, you are exactly right when you say people kill because they want to. crimes occur because of choices people make. kevin, california the father of one of the victims exploited the massacre by demonizing the nra. you have to cut him slack. he lost his young son to violence. he was speaking from the heart and even though i disagree with him, i respect him. mary ann i'm disappointed that jesse watters couldn't make an effort to find smart people to talk about memorial day. we don't target anyone. we just show up and ask the questions. what you see is what we get. arlean, least burg, pennsylvania, i believe jessie doesn't look for dumb people.
5:57 pm
the answers reflect what happens when public schools stop teaching history. mark winters, ohio, why are so many young people so dumb? social promotion and public schools is one big reason. mark, students not being held accountable for failing to learn. the other reason is distraction, the net. it's consuming the attention of many younger americans. anna, miami, florida, where can i get killing jesus in spanish. here it is. the websites, amazon, barns and noble and take a look at the german edition of "killing jesus." there it is. the a history buff, i think killing patton is a great pick for your next book. thank you. "killing patton" comes out on the 23rd. the republican better start
5:58 pm
culling out democrats for the anti cap list policies. i think you need to see miller in person, joe. rapid city, south dakota. the bad lands on july 25th. fargo, north carolina next night july 26th and tickets make great father's day gifts. i'm going out there. haven't been in a long time. dead wood, all right. see the president's carved into the mountain. it's a good trip. tonight the factor tip of the day, while promoting his wife orange lo angelina's new tv the man punched brad pitt. two years ago will smith slapped the guy. >> oh my god. what the heck is your problem, man. i'm not going to tell you the guy's name because that's what he wants but i'll suggest to the
5:59 pm
authorities in los angeles and other places they charge that guy to the max because this kind of stuff is dangerous. all of us in the public eye know that we can be hurt in public at any moment. we all remember what happened to john lennon. factor tip of the day directed to the police and authorities. please take these kinds of things seriously. somebody is going to get hurt. can't have these loons running around. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from and also, we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at, o'reilly at name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, in skullduggery when writing to the factor. thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn as she told you earlier, is coming up with a really lively program this
6:00 pm
evening. so i hope you stay tuned for that. i'm bill o'reilly and please remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york and tonight. >> new details where the benghazi investigation is going and the effort to protect hillary clinton. >> we had four dead americans because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night decided they would go kill americans? difference at this point does it make? >> see what congressional aids are telling us tonight. plus. tony perkins steps into a christian mother's fight to live after being sentenced to death in sudan. see how he hopes to force the white house to get involved and then. >> do you think pretty bad people are crossing over the rio into the u.s.? >> absolutely. >> how often? >> every day. >>