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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 30, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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initiation with i'm sure will last maybe two days. or perhaps two questions. we're going to let him hang around a little bit to milk it for all it's worth. all right? thank you, guys. >> well this is a fox news alert, big day going on at the white house today t president now back in the briefing room, saying that jay carney who's been his spokesperson for the last 3 1/2 years is effectively resigning, you could say jay carney has had a really -- peppered with questions, reporters hammering him yet before shinseki ended up resigning earlier today. the president back in the briefing room announcing that jay carney is going to be leaving his post. he said that he was great because he had a reporter's perspective, having been at
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"time" magazine, but this job has been a strain on his family, his wife and his two kids. he called him one of his closest friends, he said that he has a great temperament and a great heart. and who's going to take his place is josh earnest. be that as it may, some days it's a good job, and some days it's not. but you just heard the president said be nice to jay and farewell to josh as he come into the job. we will see. well, we have another fox news alert to tell you about. major developments to tell you about in the va scandal. welcome to "the real story." va secretary eric shinseki stepping down today following a meeting with the president. shinseki outlined a new action
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plan, starting with a house cleaning. house minority leader nancy pelosi issuing this statement, writing, quote, the department of secretary shinseki will not solve the systemic challenges within the va and it's medical facilities, it's up to all of us to fix the problem and improve our efforts to ensure veterans receive the care they need when they need it. florida congressman jeff miller also weighing in. >> a good man was taken out by a bureaucratic agency. president obama will replace shinseki, he's a career banker.
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sloan gibson can be -- he has mentioned shinseki's deputy as of february. prior to that he led the uso for the past five years. the principal mission was to transfer the nonprofit away from providing entertainment for troops to providing warrior and family care. the uso motto under sloan's leadership, this was not your grand father's -- >> i share rich shinseki's assessment that the number one pry yoort is making sure that problems get fixed. >> net fund raising grew 90% enabling dramatic growth in programs. a former army ranger who ran a
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large bank in charlotte, north carolina for 20 years, gibson ran amsouth bank corporation, a new york stock exchanging company. his biggest challenge now will be to immediately begin firing all those at the va, who stood by and allowed the bureaucracy to literally sit by and watch some veterans die while they waited to see a doctor. so we're also getting reaction to the shinseki resignation from illinois congressman, tammy duckworth? why is she so important? because she's a former veteran's affairs official who lost both her legs while serving in iraq. >> rich shinseki has served his nation in a way that few people ever have and i know from
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firsthand experience how much he loves veterans and how committed he is and how talented he is. but in the last couple of weeks, this has become a political discussion and it should never be a political discussion when it's about our veterans so. we need to focus on them. >> verna jones, director of veterans affairs is my guest. great to see you verna. so big day for veterans and americans watches, how this all is going to play out. does this solve the problem because shinseki is gone? >> well, it doesn't solve the problem. as a matter of fact this is just the beginning. now it's time for us to start working on fixing the system. get veterans into the va health care facilities timely, get them the medical attention they deserve and restore their faith in the system. >> your group, american le-ts l released this statement. the solution is not complete
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with shinseki's resignation. the american legion staff remain ready to assist in any way feasible. >> what's going to be the solution now? because we have heard time and time again, this is systemic, it's not just one place and it's not just one issue. >> i think there are several things that have to be done. those facilities that are found to be falsifying patient wait plans need to resign. our national commander has said that the investigation needs to include every va employee who was part of that scandal should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. we have over 2,900 accredited representatives that stand ready to help veterans, those veterans are entitled to some veterans and we're there to make sure they get them.
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>> good to hear that, it was also interesting to hear shinseki this morning to point out that besides -- he's going to eliminate or his new successor will, all performance awards for 2014, and those directed patient wait times will be deleted from performance evaluation because as you know, verna, that was one of the reasons why we believe that some of these people were cooking the books, right? >> right. >> all right. and make sure that patients are getting there, the quality attention they deserve and there's nothing to distract or to have them do that again. we don't -- verna jones, thank you for your time today. >> let's move on to another topic today. >> in her upcoming book that's.
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>> you want to -- i will not be part of a mail slugfest on the back of dead americans. it's just plain wrong and it's unworthy of our great country. those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me. well time for some real talk. allen combs, host of the allen combs show, and mike gallagher, both fox news contributors. what do you make of the fact that jay carney is saying goodbye? >> it's a very tough job. i think there's a big burnout factor. nobody seems to last a very long time in that job and it's par for the course because nobody serves like four to eight years in that job as press secretary. >> it must be awful to go day after day and face the press core and defend the indefensible, i mean you know, he just got worn out.
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the guy's got to be able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and evidently he didn'tlike what he was seeing back. >> you know more than i do about what he thinks about himself. >> i did ask him his own opinion, allen, but the timing is interesting. it's a huge day for the president coming there twice and two people now gone from his administration. let's turn to hillary clinton who some believe want president obama's job. she has a new book coming out called hard choices, apparently a whole chapter, allen, on benghazi, today many of her supporters were meeting to determine what her response is going to be. and she lays it out in this book, it's something she didn't want to talk about anymore. >> of course she's going to have to talk about it, why do you think she put it in her book? of course she will be talking about it. she knows if she's a candidate, it's something that will continue to be addressed. but she did a good job in the book talking about all the
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issues that have been talked about. she wouldn't say she was indifferent to the fate of the tragically lost four americans but what should we be focusing on to fix the problem. she addresses it very well in the book and she knows it's going to come up. under the as that maybe this pr gathering today is a way to say you mean what? i'm not going to address it anymore and maybe turn the tables back on the people that are politicizing it. >> you got to hand it to the democrats, her saying that she doesn't want to politicize benghazi is a little bit like john kerry pretending to care about the veterans in this scandal after what he did to soldiers in vietnam. or eleanor cliff saying the benghazi victims -- think about this, if the suggested scenario is correct, the state department was lying about benghazi, for
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political gain, for political purposes, to give people political cover, notably the president, then this is one of the most audacious suggestions for either one of the clintons. this trumps anything that either one of the clintons have ever done. >> allen, does it surprise you at all that she has apparently hired tomming veeder, who during an interview called him dude and said how could he possibly remember anything about benghazi, that was two years ago, dude. >> that was a specific detail. tommy is a very good operative. he's worked for president obama, i know tommy, he is a good choice and hillary clinton is very smart to get ahead of this story and to know she's going to have to deal with it. so go on offense, get the point of view out there, she knows she's going to have to have a response mechanism in place, because of people like my good friend mike gallagher, who's going to be attacking no matter what.
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>> all right, guys, have a great weekend, good to see you both. lots going on today, state department confirming that an american suicide bomber seen here struck on -- he's apparently the first known american suicide bomber to take part in the country's raging civil war, now entering its fourth year. no word yet on who he is. authorities are investigating whether the man traveled to syria more than one time. president obama said ukraine is a successful diplomacy story, but now russian troops are making a move on ukraine's border. so are they headed in a good or a bad direction? we'll let you know. and sometimes adults aren't the best option to pull off a crime. what one couple used to disconnect a surveillance camera to rob a laundromat. >> and michael bloomberg
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delivering a hard firing graduation already and it's burning liberal. we'll be right back.
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another fox news alert to tell you about. darrell issa, releasing a statement just moments ago
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releasing john kerry from testifying in the state's issa committee. congressman issa wrote, seeing -- congressman's investigation into benghazi, attempt to use the upcoming june it's time to reassess. it's been disappointing to watch a former senator like secretary kerry, releasing him from the upcoming hearing commitment we made only after we issued him a subpoena, end quote. a lot of politics going on there, but we'll have to see whether or not secretary kerry eventually does testify before the select committee. in the meantime, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg slammed liberals for what he calls a lack of tolerance. accusing -- here's what he told graduates yesterday at harvard.
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>> if you want the freedom to worship as you wish, to speak as you wish, and to marry whom you wish, you must tolerate my freedom to do so or not to do so as well. now what i do may offend you, you may find my actions immoral or unjust, but attempting to restrict my freedoms, in ways that you would not restrict your own, leads only to injustice. >> time to go to our man panel, dave kerpin, ceo of, and lee alamonte, travel expert and blogger and the fox news chief meteorologist. great to see all three of you. lee, you're sitting in the middle, so you're going to go first. i was stumped by mayor bloomberg's comments because when he was mayor, he was spewing the liberal side.
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now he's coming out in dove efe of tolerance or everyone. >> people who want to come out and change the world and suppress other people's world, but at the same time there's also been some great thinkers that have come out of college and have changed the world. while i see it his way, i see it the other way as well. >> everyone has the right to protest and universities should stand by their decisions to bring distinguished guests like condoleezza rice to the table. >> she had no say no -- and it's not just condoleezza rice, it's been al of other conservative speakers who have basically been banned from the stage. >> i was so happy to hear him say this, because i've been saying when is somebody going to stand up in a real public platform and stand up for these ideas like condoleezza.
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universities is a place where you can find all kinds of crazy ideas. but that happens because you're having exposure to all kichbds of crazy ideas and letting something that settles with you. >> how boring of a world do we live in when there's only one train of thought, and quite frankly, that's really what's been happening on college campuses. i'm surprised people the other stay didn't all pass out from that. >> i don't think it's -- he's saying basically that people have to listen to other people's views, obviously which i agree with, but at the same time, i think college kids do listen, but the loudest group of them speak louder. >> so you don't think that college kids are influenced by the u views they might be hearing from their professors? >> of course they are. but they have a right to protest as well. and just like college has always been about lots of ideas, it's also been about standing up and sharing your voice. >> the right to protest is
11:21 am
absolutely important, but at the end of the day, there still needs to be some adult there that says, you know what? it's important to allow this other viewpoint to be here, and you're going to listen to it. and you don't have to like it or agree with it, but you have to let others have their viewpoint as well. >> it had to be somebody speaking at commencement and not the school to actually defend both points of view. we're in the final countdown to the world's biggest sporting event. you know what it is? after billions of dollars spent and countless -- plus talk about a blast from the past, fred savage and the gang from the wonder years getting together for a big reunion. what cast from a hit tv show would you like to see get back together and why? tweet me at gretchencarlson. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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welcome back to "the real story." nothing like teaching young kids to grow up into a career as a criminal. check out how a couple robbed a laundromat in ohio. a man and a woman deciding they can get away with it, but disconnecting a surveillance cam. how did they do it? using their kid to pull out the wires. while the woman with them, actually doing laundry. but what they didn't count on was another camera recording their every move. eventually they did manage to get into a storage room and then make their get away, and here's the bad news, folks, police are still looking for them.
11:26 am
the biggest sporting event in the world is just a week away now. the host country is brazil, but in so many ways, just not ready for prime time, why are they not ready, phil? >> reporter: well, they're pushing it up to the limit, that is for sure, in fact the president of fifa, the world cup governing body has vocalized his persons. but the deputy sports minister in brazil is promising that all deadlines will be met. and in the end of july, everyone will look back on the world cup brazil as they do on all sports events this size. the $370 million arena in sal palo will -- workers are scrambling to finish three other stadiums, but just getting around brazil could become it's own world cup.
11:27 am
there's been several bus strikes, upgrades to airports are still wait and see. and almost dailey brazilians have taken to the streets to protest. >> they built the stadium, but all the infrastructure that's reported, the airports, the roads, to absorb the hundreds of thousands of people who are going to come into intradill, th brazil, they have not done that. >> there are 12 host cities for the 32 competing countries in brazil. close to a million tourists are expected to fly in. plus 3 million brazilians going to the matches. team usa will play it's very first match in the world cup june 16 against ghana.
11:28 am
the upside there is if you're going to travel to root them on, that's one of the most affordable places to be in brazil, because right now hotels are going for $120 more than what they did a year ago at this time, sometimes even higher, like in rio or sao palo. >> i hope everybody down there stays safe don't forget for complete coverage of the world cup brazil 2014, we have complete coverage here. or keep it right here on the fox news channel for live reports life from brazil, that's going to start on june 7. breaking news today on several resignations from the white house, jay carney now out as well. and heads starting to roll at the va, from the top on down, secretary shinseki now gone, so does that really change
11:29 am
anything? plus a woman survived a bear attack in alaska, what did she do? >> laying there, and just telling myself that, you know, i think this is pretty much how i'm going to die. like this is it. >> how she managed to live and tell her tale, a live report on that straight ahead. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit over 150 years of swedish coffee experience.xists that's 150 years of experience in refining and perfecting the rich,
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fox news alert for you now, president obama announcing another staffing change today,
11:33 am
using the daily briefing to come out and surprise everybody. announces jay carney leaving, appointing josh earnest now to fill that post. wendell, i take it this was a big surprise, right? >> well, it was. jay carney had given no hint that he was ready to give it up, but after two years as vice president's biden's press secretary and three years for president obama, he really was pushing the limits at a demanding job, it's easy to get burned out. >> jay has become one of my closest friends and is a great press secretary, and a great advisor, he's got good judgment, he has a good temperament, and he's got a good heart. >> carney says he won't be leaving right away, he's looking
11:34 am
at the second or third week in june before taking the summer off, gretchen? >> so tell me a little bit more about his replacement, i mean the reporters know who he is, he's been, there right? >> josh ernest is the guy you see sitting beside jay carney, he's from kansas city, he's 37, his mother's a psychologist and his father's a school athletic director, he will pick up the president's trip to europe to celebrate the 70th anniversary of d-day. and the fresh it put on ukraine, earnest says that politics was not a part of his growing up. carney says josh's time in washington has made him smart but not cynical, gretchen? >> all right, wendell goler,
11:35 am
thank you so much. now time to bring in greta van sustren. >> let's tart with the breaking news that happened just within the last 35 minutes which is the resignation of jay carney. how do you see it? >> well, of course we should have expected it, he's been there a long time, and a lot of people will now be jumping ship from the administration, and a lot of them will be citing the scandals that we have been going through. but it really is, you have to start looking at future jobs, and you better get out now where you can sort of look at jobs, so it's really not an unusual departure time, so in many ways i think it's quite predictable. it's either going to be this month or three months from now, or two months ago, but it's time for jay to go. >> it dawns on me that maybe this was planned for today, the carney announcement and the shinseki announcement was maybe the one that wasn't planned for today. >> the report is that he told
11:36 am
the president april that he wanted to leave. it was pretty shrewd to do it today because it's going to take some of the attention away from secretary shinseki. i don't think jay carney leaving the white house is so usual, but they may be using today to take the wind out of some of the other problems. >> let's talk about the va situation, now we have somebody new coming in who's only been at the va for a few months, is that good or is that bad? >> it depends on whether he can do the job or not. shinseki had been there for a lodge time and knew about the problems but he didn't fix them. for one thing he might think about going out to these facilities unannounced and see what's going on. the fact that he hasn't been there for a long time, for him
11:37 am
to leave washington and go out and see what the problem is and he assured me it could be a lot better if they fired some of the people. every time you have someone doing something dirty, whether it's creating a false waiting list or whatever. probably others knew about it and didn't say anything. and sitting rht next to him. >> i think you're exactly right. it was interesting because sh shinseki because ' said that you can't steve these bonuses anymore because of those wait lists and how many patients you actually see. but i want to ask you this because of your lawyer back ground. a lot of talk about criminal wrong doing here. is that going to be easy or tough to prove? >> well, the first thing you do, can you con sevene a grand jury. so the first thing you do is a very agree investigation. 40 people died as a result of this waiting list in phoenix. that could be something called murder or manslaughter, i don't
11:38 am
know, depending on what the facts are. but the 40 people and their families they deserve a full, fair and aggressive investigation. there's plenty of blame to go around, capitol hill has responsibility, as well as these committees who have oversight. where are we? we all knew in 2008 that president obama was running on this. why didn't we hold him accountable? where have the media been on this? i think we all owe an apology to our vets and certainly the ones that have served so directly from this. >> we have meat a commitment to cover this on a daily basis and i know you are too. time to check in with harris faulkner. >> it's been a very busy friday for all of us covering the news, we'll have more on those two huge resignations today, and what it all means, the shake-up for the obama administration and
11:39 am
about the timing, fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will join me at the top of the hour to break it all down. that plus all the other big stories. former presidential candidate mitt romney, just wrapping up a speech at the republican leadership conference, under way in new orleans. and right now, donald trump. there he is, he's at the mike talking about the resignation of secretary shinseki, everyone -- right in the middle of the action, our senior national correspondent, john roberts, you're live in new orleans. a lot of heavy hitters there today, john? >> there are a lot of heavy hitters today and again tomorrow, a number of potential 2016 candidates, rick santorum and ted cruz will be speaking. noticingly absent, including chris christie, marco rubio and rand paul. talking at length about the
11:40 am
importance of religious values in the founding of our country. the crowd lost heard from louisiana governor bobby jindal, he is one of few people who have actually come out for the comprehensive alternative to obama care, one of a number of policy briefs that he says he is working up in preparation for a possible presidential run in 2016. >> well, look, we're thinking about it, we'll make that decision sometime after november. in the meantime, we have got some important elections to win right now. let's take back at the senate, win the house and we have got some governors races. whoever runs in 2016, your kids can have more opportunities than you have had. that's the person dream. >> there's been a lot of talk about what the party needs to do, it needs to become at the national level a year round party. there's also been a lot of talk about the split in the republican party between people who are backing so called
11:41 am
establishment candidates and people who are backing the tea party, conservative candidates, governor haley barber said that security has often been the enemy of victory. and what this party really needs is unity. they're believing they will hold on to the house, maybe even increase their margins and they believe they have a good chance of taking back control of the senate. they have to win six races including a very competitive race right here in louisiana. so a woman survives a vicious bear attack in alaska. how she lived to tell the tale in a report next. >
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11:46 am
another bear cub and the first thing she wonders is where's the mama bear. >> when she came toward me, i put my hands in front of myself, almost like a i don't mean you no harm. i'm not here to harm you or your cubs. >> i don't want to harm you, but the bear doesn't care, the bear attacked her pushing her down and clawing at her. then the bear picked her up. >> she came into the other side, and while this was all happening, like, i played dead. i played dead as best i could, i didn't really make ae, scream, or fight back for that matter. i completely surrendered. >> reporter: and it worked, playing dead worked, the bear left, but jessica was in very bad shape, she said she could see the blood and feel it pulsing, she thought she was going to die, but she
11:47 am
desperately wanted to live. listen gene. >> i have a baby boy, he's not a baby anymore, but he's mine. and a 4-year-old son at home and that's -- well, he's all i wanted to live for. >> so she began walking for help, right? but she was in the middle of the wilderness and she just happened to come upon an airman who was a combat medic, listen to him. >> it was pure amazing that this woman was still talking and able to comprehend what i was saying. >> she called him her angel, he says because of this he found religion. gretchen, she had fractured bones in her neck, all kinds of really bad cuts and scrapes. but she's going to be okay. and by the way, playing dead is the right thing to do for a bear in alaska. but in california, grizzlies, they say you got to fight back. >> what a great story and the
11:48 am
fact that he decided to find religion. there's so many stories within the one story. speaking of amazing stories, have we got one for you now. i'm going to head outside to meet an incredible hero dog, that's gabe, that dog is helping our wounded vets heal. and i'm going to talk to these brave vets who got the canine connection. we'll be right back. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote.
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11:52 am
family bond. rick is the founder and executive director or warrior canine connection, and joining us justin, and spencer, and the star of the show, gabe. a golden retriever, three yearsed old, service dog. thank you for being on the "the real story." >> thank you. >> why don't you tell us about this program. why is it so important to have dogs hook up with members of the military? >> well, we're tying together two very powerful forces, they healing power of the human money and the warrior eto thes and by having wounded veterans learning how to train service dogs and then giving those dogs to fellow wounded veterans just a natural >> spencer, want to start with you. thank you for your service, first of all use, my pleasure. >> i know you served in iraq and afghanistan. >> yes, ma'am. >> you were injured in both of those places. you come home, and somehow you hook up with gabe.
11:53 am
you trained gabe, right? >> yes. myself and some other wounded veterans all worked together to train gabe during our healing process as well. it's -- gabe i attribute truly to my healing process and the fact i know that helping train him to go to someone like justin made it all the more worth it. no better motivator than training a dog for another veteran. >> justin, you were the lucky recipient of gabe, and i asked you whether i can touch him. some service dogs you're not supposed to. >> i'll tell him to go to you. >> all right. spencer hands off gabe to you, and how does gabe help you? >> he helps me out a lot. he is a mobility assistance and balance dog, so i'm a left above the knee amputee so he walks on my left side, and if go to fall i can lean on him and prevent myself from embarrassing myself, and if want to get off the ground he helps me out, and if i want to -- if i drop my keys he will pick them up and give them to me.
11:54 am
he can get things out of the principle. >> why golden retrievers? >> we breed golden retrievers and laborador retrieverrers specifically for the work. we want a dog that is manageable by someone with a mobile impairment and they have the willingness and they're very human-like in wanting to please and be attached to their partners. >> does gabe miss you now? you trained gabe and now justin is technically the owner. >> you know, i was always a little worried about that. when you hand them off, pretty emotional for me to say, thank you for what you have done, now go forward, but the first time i ever met justin was actually the first time i had seen gabe in almost a year, and he came right to me, and that right there was heart-warming, and i know he remembers me and you can't really beat that. >> all right. i'm going to try to -- gabe, you're the star of the show. look -- be interested in the camera. justin, tell me the commands you have been able to teach gabe?
11:55 am
>> well, he does brace so if i want to get on and off the ground, i can say get brace and i can use them. most dogs would lean away or jump out of the way. he leans into me and gives me the support i need to get on and off the ground, which isn't nearly as easy at it used to be. >> how many of these dogs are currently helping veterans? >> we have a 35 dogs currently in the program right now, and of the 35 dogs we have 50 or 60 wounded warriors or veterans who are going to participate in the training of each dog. so the numbers are impressive. >> warrior canine connection. i want to shake your hands. thank you so much. i know you sustained injuries for your country and you're both so honorable to be here and thank you so much, and thanks to gabe, too. >> musician luke bryant had an unfortunate accident. watch this.
11:56 am
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country music star luke bryant falls off the stage during a show in charlotte. it happened while he was singing the song "can't hold us." north carolina may not be his lucky state. he fell off a platform earlier this year. >> we toldout about a huge reunion, the cast of "wonder years." so we asked you which cast you would like to see reunited, doug says, bow unanimous -- bonanza, david wandses to see the golding girls but only if betty white is still with us and says how at a reunion of o'the unanimous in -- nanny." >> brian votes for "x files."
12:00 pm
thank you for being part of "the real story." have a great weekend. >> thank you, gretchen. i am in for shep on the fox news deck. president obama saying goodbye to two high-profile members of his team. first, the veterans affairs secretary resigns, then press secretary jay carney is gone as well. ahead, what the changes mean for the white house and for america's veterans. we'll have live fox team coverage straight ahead. >> first from the deck this afternoon, the dramatic shakeup started this morning with the president naming a new man in charge of caring for the nation's military veterans, and a new audit makes it clear he is taking on a very tough task. the former veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki resigned after giving the president


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