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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  May 31, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. you spend your sumner pigtails because you're afraid of the heat or humidity. or you don't go in the pool because you fear your color may wash out or turn green. we have a hairstylist with tips on keeping your mane looking gorgeous even in the dog days of summer. a few months back we did a segment on canola oil and whether or not it's good for you. our guests came up with more reasons than not as to why you're better off without it. but not everybody was pleased with the outcome. being that we are fair and
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balanced here on fox news, we wanted to give canola industry equal time to explain why it is beneficial and safe to consume. but first, you all know that i'm not a coffee drinker. i just don't think it has any redeeming health qualities. so i'm always looking for alternative ls. i came across an herbal coffee substitute. so when i was sent this recently i read the directions and tried to make it. and yuck. uh. but i know some people drink it and love it. so is it just that i don't like coffee? or did i not do it right? so being fair and balanced, i brought the ceo, caroline mcdougal, here to convince me it's just as easy and delicious to brew at home. caroline. how are you? nooim good. thanks for having me here.
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>>. >> you might not be happy after this segment. we followed your directions. i don't know what i did wrong. >> one tablespoon for every two cups of coffee mix. >> i added one of these things. it was a packet and i opened it and it said put this many cups of water and we did it in the brew drop like this. >> the coffeemaker. >> yes. is it just that i didn't like coffee? i had other people come taste it and it was -- i don't know. tell me what i did wrong, if i did anything wrong. >> so first off, one thing to know about teeccino is we have a lot of flavors and so oftentimes somebody might not like one flavor and they love and adore another. >> it was pepper minlt. i'm not crazy about mint. >> that's our most tea-like one. i'm making today french roast. that will taste the most like regular coffee. >> okay. >> i also brought some of our flavors that are our nut and chocolate flavors. look at all these tea bags we have up here. we have new dand lion flavors
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out. >> dandy lion like the root? >> people use it for cleansing programs all the time. healthy for our liver. these are the most coffee like, french roast and chocolate. we have great nut flavors, hazelnut and -- >> can i try this one? >> absolutely. i set up a hazelnut for you but if you want a vanilla nut, we can switch it. >> i've also brought a friend of mine, my hairdresser. she's actually a coffee drinker. i wanted to keep it fair and balanced just in case it's the fact that i'm not a coffee drinker. you drink a lot of coffee, right? >> a lot. >> regular coffee? >> she's like triple espresso. >> in the morning. >> you can make teeccino in a cam chino, espresso machine, but this we just drip. so don't expect it to be thick. you know how an espresso tastes. >> i know. i also drink regular coffee. >> this is french roast, that
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tastes most like regular coffee. we'll also get our tea bags going here. >> don't i get one? >> you do. just let me get these brewing. they take a little while. with tea bags you put in hot water. just like tea. this is the same product, herbal coffee, has no coffee in it. no coffee. made from herbs. they're roasted, ground, brew, and taste like coffee. >> they have more health benefits. >>. >> a lot of health benefits. they're naturally caffeine free. that's important. some people drink coffee in the morning then they stop because they know caffeine will interfere with their sleep later in the day. you can drink teeccino all day long. >> what about my cup? >> hold on. right here. >> i want to try this. >> this is the one that tastes the most like coffee. i would say if we were starting from scratch, i'd give you one of my nut flavors. they're a little sweeter. they have dates and things in them. >> ready? down the hatch. >> careful if it's a little too
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hot. >> it tastes like coffee. >> tastes like coffee. has a nice smoky flavor. easy on the palate. nice. very nice. >> so not like what i brewed here. >> well, you know, you had the chocolate mint. may not be what you really like. >> yeah, and giving that to true coffee drinkers -- >> in a brew coffeemaker, one tablespoon for every two cups in your drim coffeemaker and that's different. because a lot of people, maybe you put in one tablespoon for one cup. people do that with teeccino and say it taste like mud, too strong. this is the hazelnut. >> and what's that one? >> this is the dandelion. it's lighter and more tea like. >> try that. >> this one's -- you wanted the vanilla nut to begin with. >> right. >> this has the most vanilla in
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it. >> and heavier for the espresso drinker over here. >> exactly. >> dandelion by itself doesn't taste all that good. >> oh, that's good. >> if you have an herb like dandelion, it's not that good. >> we brought a crosser. my drink. >> one of the ways i impress my guests at night is i take a frother like this and heat up my milk and then just froth it up. a little froth in here. okay. >> all going to be wearing froth. ? all going to have a little froth all awl over us. i pour it on the top. >> thank you for using al monday milk. >> yeah. we'll get a little froth on here. you can see -- whoops, whoops. i don't want to drip on you. you can see that that froth on top makes it look like it's an es prose sew or cappuccino.
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>> this is amazing. this is -- yes. >> and it's really very lirt l work. you heat up the milk. you can do it in the microwave, froth it up, and if you have a spoon you can spoon out the foam. >> you can have your coffee and drink it too. you get your health benefits. did you like it? honestly. >> i would drink this in the afternoon. this would be a nice afternoon super do you meaner espresso -- >> it's not a jolt of caffeine but also doesn't drop you down. >> caroline, amazing. thank you so much. thank you, keira. after the break, hairstylists to the stars is back with tips for keeping your hair healthy at the pool and at the beach this summer. stick around. we'll drink our cappuccino.
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you." years ago people used to say if you have blond hair, don't go in a swimming pool. it will turn green. if you color your hair, don't go in either. hair products have gotten better but our hair is still subject to major changes during the soaring temperatures of the summer. marco palusi joins me with summer time hair dos and don'ts. hi, marco. >> hi, carol. >> thanks for coming back again. >> so excited to be here. >> i have my sister christine as your lovely model. >> thank you. >> christine's hair in the summertime, you have difficulty with your hair in the summer. >> i do. it's on the dry side and of course i don't go in any chlorine at all, don't do swimming, don't even wear a bathing cap. i just don't go in at all. my hair has a tendency to get dry and frizzy and with the humidity it's -- blowing it and flat ironing it, it will curl up, kink up, and frizz up. >> tell me, marco, what happens to the hair in the summer snim. >> what's very interesting about the hair is we're constantly looking to achieve a 9% to 10%
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moisture content within the hair, and the hair unfortunately will actually absorb whatever environment it's in. so therefore if you are in a dry environment, your share going to go lower than 9% to 10% moisture, making it frizzier and the need for more moisture. if you're in more of a humid environment, the hair tends to go above 9% to 10% and therefore you need to provide some sort of barrier for the hair to protect it against the environment. >> so basically what you're saying is if you're in dry weather you need to moisturize the hair and if you're in wet weather or more humid weather, you need to barrier or keep the moisture out. >> absolutely. >> one or the other the scenario, because nothing is ever perfect in this world. >> yes. that is exactly the scenario. if you're in a drier climate, i would recommend deep conditioning at least once a week for at least 30 minutes. >> you have one of the best leave-in conditioners. >> thank you very much. >> so good because you have collagen in it. >> yes. >> one of the big things in your line that you always talk about is getting collagen in the hair. >> yes.
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that's true, carol, because when we're color treating the hair or living dur the summertime, losing moisture in the hair, we need to constantly replenish that moisture and protein and the collagen does that for the hair. >> christine has dry hair. you brought something to help her with her dry hair during the summer. >> i have this wonderful gloss, which is my smoothing gloss. this particular product is bursting with vitamin e, which is amazing for the hair, as well as the collagen to close down -- >> wait a minute. you're talking about putting oil on the hair. >> yes. >> oil is good for the hair? >> certain types of oil. >> another myth busted. >> absolutely, carol. it's true. we don't want any mineral oil or heavy oil. we want oils that will be beneficial and nutritious for the hair literally and that's what the vitamin e does. >> you come from a whole family, not just you but your father, your uncles, your grandfather, as far back as you can see, you were hairdressers so you know all this because you studied
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hair. >> i have. as a matter of fact, i have known a chemist that has been working with our family since before i was born. i've known him my whole life. that led me to the creation of my products as well. >> unbelievable. the hair is made of collagen sfp. >> of keratin aminos a its. they're vegetable base and meant to replace what's missing in our hair. if i might -- >> go ahead. just a slight amount. >> if you put too much on it will weigh the hair down because it's more than the hair can use. >> absolutely. between a pea and a dime size emulsify the gloss. if you get done using the gloss, you can use it in your hands because more vitamin e and sunscreen -- >> put that on your face. >> sunscreen in your hair.
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>> there's sunscreen in every one of my products. i would recommend sunscreen in the summertime because it does provide a barrier for the hair. >> you pork it through the hair, trying to evenly distribute it so it doesn't weigh down any part of the hair. this collagen actually helps create a barrier if the air around it is too humid and if the air around it is dry it feeds the hair moisture. >> absolutely. >> that's all you need, isn't it. >> the only other option is a hairspray but why do that when you have this -- >> she's got great hair. >> i would rather go with this. >> i would too. you said you can leave it on your hands. can you put it on your face as well? >> some of the products, yes. some of my conditioners do have similar ingredients to high-end skin care. >> and nobody ever thinks of putting sunscreen on their hair. >> but as far as this product, i can actually rub it into my hands and looift there and it feels wonderful. >> i guess if you sunscreen your hair you won't fade out with the sun. >> yes. it's important.
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>> there you go. >> it oxidizes our hair color. >> you always come with such great information. thank you so much. chris, thank you. >> thank you. my hair feels great. i love it. >> is canola oil good for you? some say yes, others say no. up next, we report, you decide. work hard for you,. give them the edge they deserve... new edge, from osteo bi-flex with joint shield helps strengthen your joints.° it works as hard for your joints, as they do for you. get the added benefits... of joint & muscle, and joint & energy. new edge from osteo bi-flex, so you're always ready for action. find it in your vitamin aisle.
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side on because not everyone agrees that canola oil is bad for you. joining me from los angeles for his take on canola oil is dr. roger clemens, chief scientific officer of e.t. horn company. let me ask you, what is your relationship or the e.t. horn company's relationship to the canola oil industry? >> the company doesn't have any relationship with the canola oil industry. >> why did they request you to come on? >> i'm a food scientist, a nutrition specialist with specialty in the complexities of food and health. >> okay. so canola oil is made from grape side and grape seed is genetically modified. isn't that correct? >> it is not correct. actually, canola oil is from a canola oil plant that was developed about 60 years ago through traditional breeding technologies and that breeding technology was used to remove some of the unfavorable characteristics and thus produce
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what we know today as canola oil. >> and that's not considered genetically modified or -- >> it is not considered genetically modified. when you're breeding plants to get desired characteristics, that is called breeding as opposed to genetically modified. >> but it's not found in nature that way. >> oh, but it is. all the food that you and i consume is either genetically modified or nature has modified itself through interbreeding of different characteristics of plants so that you and i can enjoy the crops that we eat every day. >> according to the standard industry processing, there are certain chemicals that are used if it's not a cold process, there are certain chemicals that are used in order to extract the oil, some of which are sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and bleaching agents. if this is the industry standard and all the oils do this, does canola oil do something else? >> it is the industry stan
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darld. all those ingredients are approved by the fda to be used as a processing agent. for example, the sodium hydroxide is basically sodium, salt, and water. phosphoric acid you consume in soda beverages and you adjust the more acidic ph. wine, some of the clearing agents are the same clearing agents or bleaching agents we see in canola oil. so all of these compound are actually considered safe and approved by the fda. >> but sodium hydroxide is found in drano. >> sodium hydroxide is found in a lot of different products. you and i have different applications for pain, for food. so it depends on the concentration that makes really what it can do. in this case, very small concentrations of sodium hydroxide, adjusted ph to remove some of the undesirable characteristics so it's actually better for us to consume that particular oil. >> better for us to consume that oil that has been basically processed with all these
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chemicals? >> everything has been processed today. and we have to look at sodium hydroxide as a small concentration, phosphoric acid, small concentration, the clay that's been used to clarify the oil, small concentrate, all of those have been considered safe. on the cold press side, as you're relating to, when you cold press, we don't use any heat. at the same time, what you remove from the seeds at that point you ak a actually get some undee sirable characteristics. so what would you rather have, something that's really clean and all the desirable characteristics removed or something with undesirable characteristics remaining in the oil? your choice. >> what are you considering undesirable characteristics? >> there are a number of proteins and gums and related carbohydrates you find in oil when you do a cold press. even saturated fats and we all know those to a limited degree may lead to or contribute to cardiovascular disease. so in this particular case,
1:24 pm
canola oil actually has a very small concentration of satch rated fat, whereas canola oil in this case has about twice as much saturated fat. >> you don't think they are destroyed through the process of using these chemicals in order to extract the oils? >> actually, the -- that's an excellent point. the omega 3s are not destroyed in any way. they don't go rancid. they're not oxidized. what happens to these oils, actually omega 3 fatty acid, considered heart healthy, preserve. when you abuse the oil by overheating is when the oil goes rancid. those are clearly offensive components. we need to treat the oil kindly. nudge of the ingredients i mentioned deter from making those ingredients go bad. >> thank you, roger, for coming on and setting the record straight. >> my pleasure to be with you today. thank you. >> thank you. >> i personally will only ever
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. welcome back to "a healthy you." today's "ask carol" is not so much an "ask carol" as an update we aired on gmos months back. genetically altered in soybeans that have been heavily criticized by groups saying they will harm the environment and our bodies. they're designed to be used in combination with a new herbicide developed by dow that combines the retailer's 24-d and glyphosphate. dow says the crop and herbicide combination will help combat an
1:29 pm
explosion of crop-choking weeds around the country. but critics warn a approval of the new biotech crops will only increase the use of pesticides and thus increase weed resistance over the long term. plus, and here's where i take offense, that there are significant health risks associated with 24-d. the center for food safety says it has been associated with immune system cancers, parkinson's disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems. i say why risk it? the usda is encouraging public feedback before making final decisions. so if you'd like to weigh in, you can reach the department of agriculture by going to www.aphis.usda.g make your opinion count. that's all for today. i hope you enjoyed the show and
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i hope you're learning to be more of a healthy you. this is a fox news report on the release of army sergeant bowe bergdahl, the 28-year-old now safely in american hands after being held prisoner by the taliban for nearly five years. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live in d.c. we understand you have some new details on bergdahl's release. >> reporter: that's right. we have just learned that it was u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s who were the one who is met the taliban in that eastern afghanistan town, and they are the ones who basically flew him back to kabul, afghanistan. i'm told it was a very emotional scene on the helicopter when t


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