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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. thanks for watching everyone. huckabee starts right now. >> tonight on huckabee. >> the misconduct has not been limited to a few v.a. facilities. it's totally unacceptable. secretary shins -- shinseki submitted his resignation. hillary clinton rips republicans saying they keep harping on benghazi for political gain. mike pompeo responds. >> plus, on many college campuses it's liberals trying to repress conservative ideas. the left double standard on tolerance.
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ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >>thank you, thank you very much. we have an audience here in new york. and welcome to all of you. and welcome to the huckabee in the fox news studios in new york city. i mentioned a couple of weeks ago my wife and i were celebrating 40 years of marriage and we took a trip to china, great wall and forbidden city and tinamen square and shanghai and the province of shindu. it was there that janet held and fed a baby panda and no, i did not bring a real one home for the grandkids. i know that many americans fearr
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that china will get too strong. i'm not too worried about china getting too strong. i am worried that america might be getting to weak. other nations having a strong economy is not bad for the united states. it is one less hungry mouthed country wanting us to take care of it and of their people. if they have money maybe they will buy the things we innovate and make. we need to fear not making things. that happens because of excess regulation, litigation, and taxation. it drives money and jobs away from the working men and women. i was stunned that china is more like america used to be and america is becoming more like china used to be. while america's infrastructure is crumbling. china is busy building airports and roads. bridges and utility systems. china is a communist country and and we're still a constitutional republic, but they are allowing more free
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enterprise and personal ownership. and we are watching land rights and religious freedoms in a stunning rate. be taken away by our own government. i don't want what still remains of chinese communism. maybe we could loan them our constitution. it doesn't appear that we're using that much these days anyhow. now, we still have advantages. the chinese exercise strict control over internet and block facebook and youtube and and a lot of websites, including the new york times because they feel like the new york times is propaganda. but then, and we have members of congress pushing for greater control over the internet as well. and i am not sure but the chinese might have it right on the new york times. they -- they scrubbed their history box of moments like the brutal killings
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of the protestors in 1989. in continue amen square. sure good thing we ignore parts of it that are not politically correct. but have you seen an american history book lately. the chinese are notorious for spying on its citizens and ewing the full force of government to monitor its people and minimize religious expression. thank god the united states would never do that. oh, yeah, but then our government collects our phone calls and web searches and tracks us. and systematically scrubbing god from the public square. china's government regulates a whole lot of daily life from his citizens from housing and health care and education and personal artistic freedom. and even though one can see personal freedoms in public parks where they sing, dance. or do tai-chi if they use personal amplication devices in new york central park the strong arm of new york city will stop that.
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china has a history of dealing with har hashly with those it perceives as its enemies. some of them disappear. we have strict constitutional protections in america guarantee civil rights and not having our home searched or property sewed seized without a warrant. without a warrant. unless of course, we happen to a citizen sitting be where a drone drops a bomb or missile at us. but that saves the cost of a pesky trial and sometimes the people that we kill aren't even our enemies. sometimes they are our veterans who thought we would give them protection in health care. they gave us our liberties and by mistreating them and killing them, we take away theirs. i don't fear the china being like united states used to be. i fear that america is becoming more like china used to be.
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va secretary eric shinseki is out. he resigned friday after a chorus of voices, including many democrats called for shinseki to be shown the dor. on friday president obama accepted the resignation and named deputy secretary sloan gibson as the replacement and house speaker boehner said it is not enough. >> general shinseki dedicated his life to our country and we thank him for his service. his resignation does not absolve the president of his responsibility to step in and make things right for our veterans. business as usual cannot continue. >> joining me on as chairman of the house committee is everymill -- is jeff miller. >> yesterday eric shinseki
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resigned and that did not come as a big surprise to anybody. the first thing is the replacement and interim sloan gibson. good idea? good man? good future there? >> somebody needed to move in. the position quickly. sloan has not been at the department very long, but i think he is -- sloan is a good man and he will at least in the interim period start the process that needs to be done. there is a lot of confidence that needs to be restored in the department of veterans affairs and i think he can get that started and i talked to him after the president made the announcement and he would transfer the aggravation and anger as to the way the department acted. that he shared with me, i think he will go a long way to getting the things started. >> the president intimated it was a money problem and we can solve it. and i think others suggested it is not a money issue. it is a management issue. from your perspective, tell me
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what do you think really has to be done? >> it is mismanagement and manipulation and if it was a money issue. it would have been solved a long time ago. >> we have given record amounts of money over the last decade to the department of veterans affairs. when i came to congress it was around 60 billion and around 150 billion annually and a lot of that is for health care. and a third of the budget goes to the provision of health care and veterans and i don't believe that president obama would be running around the country and telling telling people that he would give record amounts of money if it was not enough. they will carry over half billion in health care dollars in the next fiscal year. it makes it all that much more egregious that veterans had to step in line. >> could we give them a voucher and go to hospitals that are not va hospitals and get the treatment they need and deserve and do that until the systemic problems are fixed. >> that's exactly what needs to be done. >> all hands on deck. and anybody that is standing in
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line to get health care in the va should go out on a fee basis process and what is bad, governor, the department has d had, they had the money to do this. they didn't need anything and only in this administration would may make somebody resign that was retiring in 30 days and tout the fact they are doing something that they should have been doing. allowing veterans to go out that were waiting in line and receive the health care in nonva facilities is an important first step. >> the president really acted like he regretted the resignation. the president didn't -- the secretary didn't gave no indication he was going to resign. he gave no indication. and couple of hours later he resigned. do you buy he just up and decided between the speech and the president's announcement that he needed to go? >> no, i think he saw the numbers rising and the calls on
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capitol hill and both republican and democrat, and some substantial democrats called for his resignation. i'll remind everybody that, you know, in the hearing three weeks ago, where the secretary talked about being a very minor problem, within phoenix and now we find it is in 60 percent or more in the facilities out there, that he learned about what was going on from our hearing on april 9th. >> you think the people in the top of the organization don't get down and walk the halls and listen to people and say to them. and ask them tough questions. and say to them, look, tell me anything you want and no one will get you in trouble. apparently that never happen. >> it is someone with four stars on their shoulder and had honorable service to this country. and everybody has said that from top to bottom. you would have thought he would have understood that you have to get out in the field and see what the line personnel are
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doing and not just rely on those mid level managers and those people in the central office to tell you the truth. unfortunately that is what happened. the bureaucrats in the system chose not to give him bad news and chose to cook the books and unfortunately, the secretary was the one that took the first hit in a process that is a long process and i predict a lot of people will lose their jobs over this. this weekend, congressman we learned that the white house issued a statement that sergeant bergdahl was released. from an afghanistan prison. that's good news and and we are happy about. that but in order to get that five detainees from gitmo, had to be released. what's your reaction to the announcement? >> i participated in rolling thunder last weekend. and bo bergdahl items were all over the folks that are there is
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saying don't forget. this guy, he's still held as a prisoner of war. i am not one that likes to trade for prisoners. but in this instance i think we probably did the right thing. we are drawing down and leaving and another administration goes through an election process in afghanistan. you know, i don't know the particulars about who was traded for him. but for his family, i know it is a welcome piece of news and one that i think that america can celebrate that we don't have another pow waiting out there to be released. >> i think all of us can agree with that. and certainly for his family and for him. we're glad for him. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> really been a pleasure and an honor. >> well, it justina pelletier closer to coming home to her family. >> hillary clinton accuses the republicans of politicizing benghazi in her new book.
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video. and it was equally inaccurate to say that none of them were. both assertions defy the evidence but logic as well. joining me now is mike pompea, who is evidence and lombingic as well. joining me now. is kansas congressman on the benghazi select committee. it is great to have you back. what is wrong with what hillary clinton is saying and the fact that many different sources for the cause of the unrest in benghazi. >> it is great to be on the show and thank you for having me on today. >> i am much less interested in what she said today than what she said and she did in september 11th and 2012. and we know already is that the intelligence from the people on the ground that night, whether that was deputy chief or others, mr. morell when he spoke he made clear that the intelligence had nothing to do with the video. the only piece of evident that anyone had something to do with the video, was an e-mail from the mr. rhodes who was far from
5:18 pm
far from the events of the that evening. our task is to get to the bottom of the attacks, and the facts. everything i've seen indicate this was an al qaeda attack and that was known very early on. >> congressman, she has also said that she's not going to let this become and she quotes here a political slug fest on the backs of dead americans. she seems to indicate that all of the interest in benghazi is purely political. now, i would love for you to react to that. you are on the select committee and she's essentially sort of just saying all you guys are interested in is the politics of benghazi. >> the first thing i heard you say that makes sense i agree. this should not become a political slug fest, chairman gowdy and myself and the other members of the committee aren't going to let that happen. the task is really straightforward. it's to take the data, collect the data, get the documents,
5:19 pm
speak to the folks, the events of that evening and the after math, how the administration behaved in the after math. gets the fact. there's no politics in that. the democrats should want to ghoets get those facts for the american people. one of the reasons this has become so intensely personal to me is having interviewed the father, of charles wood. he wants to know why his son died. it seems to me that you have a real strong responsibility to be able to look charles woods and the other family members in the eye and say here's what really happened to your children. do you feel that personally as you approach this task? >> i do, yes, sir. you have to know, i'm a west point graduate. i saw the president there this week. he gave a speech that i found
5:20 pm
deeply disturbing and i view my role on this committee precisely as you described. i have an enormous duty to those families to get all the information. the facts will fall where they may. these folks were out on the tip of the spear, whether they are state department personnel or dod personnel, we have an obligation, when we send folk into dangerous places, make no mistake everyone knew that libya was a dangerous place, when we send them to dangerous places, we owe them every single resource america can bring to bear to keep them safe. >> congressman urk a little modest, you were number one in your class in west point. you had a keen interest in the president's speech beyond the typical american. you mentioned some of the things that he said were disturbing. what disturbed you about the speech to the west point graduates? >> he was speaking to a thousand-plus young men and women who have dedicated
5:21 pm
theirselves to defend america. he was supposed to present the obama doctrine, he dwav nem a mismatch, he talked about climate change. he strengthened the resolve of some of our enemy as they watch a fecklessen foreign policy advance. then he returned to this theme of al qaeda being on the run. he said counterterrorism was still a challenge but that in some sense it had been defeated, and those young men and women sitting there that day know that's not the case. i think our allies watched, our enemies watched and each of them took precisely the wrong thing away from what president obama said that day. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for being here. have a great day. >> the u.s. economy is shrinking. what does it mean for your bank account and is there a fix? i'll ask economist peter moresi
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl.
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check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> according to the commerce department, the u.s. economy shrank this past quarter for the first time since 2011. joining me now to explain how this affects you, peter moresi former chief economist for the u.s. trade commission and professor of the smith school of business at the university of maryland. peter, thank for joining me today. it's a pleasure to have you with me. [ applause ] >> nice to be with you. >> there is a shocking new figure that came out this week that one in six men above the age of 35 are unemployed in america. that cannot sound at all like a recovering economy, so what's the real story? >> well, the real story is the u.s. economy through this recovery has not been growing as
5:26 pm
it should. you know, the weight of obamacare, regulation, our trade policy with china, all these things have reduced employment opportunities for many men in prime working age. these aren't people that are in school or retiring early. they simply can't find the job and many of them have dropped out of the labor force altogether. >> you know, when we talk about some of the economic policies, the fed has been pumping money into the economy, keeping interest rates low. it's somewhat of an artificial boost, i would think. how long can this go on and are we creating another bubble that's going to burst? >> well, we can create another bubble but what we're doing is harming the economy. it's kind of like tylenol. if you got a headache, you take one and it reduces the pain. if you take two, it might make it go all the way, but if you take three, you could damage your liver. well, the reality there's limits to monetary policy in the face of foolish regulations, environmental policies and trade policies and so orth.
5:27 pm
where does the money go? it goes to wall street. they are not loaning it out to mortgages, and creating jobs. what they are doing is grambling. what we're doing is financing the casino on wall street, boosting up their bonuses and without really helping main street america do what they need to do, get a fair shake? >> i've been calling it the casino of wall street. i've beenry deuce --ry dick i kuled for it. is this a political question that has to be answered with different people getting into positions in the house, the senate, and the white house? >> well, you know, mr. obama articulated an understanding of many of these problems when he was running for president in 2008, but he simply hasn't done anything about them. one of things we haven't talked about is drilling for more oil. we can easily produce 4 million
5:28 pm
more barrels in the united states, push out the imports and create a million jobs that way. there's so many opportunities for americans to compete that are simply being denied by government policy that are terribly bad for business. >> it's always great to get your perspective. thank for being a part of it. [ applause ] >> nice to be with you. >> well, graduation speeches are rarely memorable, but increasingly, they are memorably rare because speakers being canned. why? due to intolerance and bigotry of the booze that aren't -- of views that aren't politically correct. this what americans really want? i'll ask when we come back. t!
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner, former prisoner of war bo bergdahl is in a hospital in germany. he spent nearly five years in afghanistan held by the taliban. that final pow in that country, bergdahl was swapped for five prisoners in guantanamo bay. right now, plans call for bergdahl to be transferred in a few days to a san antonio, texas, military medical center where he will be reunited with his family.
5:33 pm
ann b. davis, remember her, many remember her as alice. she was 88 years old. has died. we understand she fell and hit her head this morning at her home in texas and never regained consciousness. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg gave harvard something to think about when he addressed the graduating class this week, bloomberg suggested that a diversity of ideas is starting to be a thing of the past. >> today, on many college campuses it's liberals trying to repress conservative ideas, even as conservative faculty members are at risk of being -- becoming an endangered species and that is more true than it is here in the ivy league. >> wow. go michael blookberg.
5:34 pm
joining me, elizabeth plank and ashlly. let's jump into this. ashley there have been situations, rutgers university was protesting condi rice coming. she bowed out and said look, i don't need the controversy. are college campuses becoming less and less of a place for ideas to be expressed? >> yes. it's very easy to say that campuses are becoming more intolerant given the recent strings of controversies, for example, condoleezza rice walking -- withdrawing her commence many address for rutgers. conservatives are being suppressed on campuses all across the country. we hear from students about how
5:35 pm
their free speech is being restricted. for michael bloomburg to come out and say this, i have to applaud him for it because it really does give credibility to things that we've been saying all along. these places are supposed to be where students can have diversity of thought and that is not happening anymore. >> i heard that one of things that happened when he said that, he actually got applause from the students at harvard which is a real credit no harvard students. >> elizabeth, you come from a little different perspective. do you think it's fair to say that conservatives have being shoved over into the corner of the room and told to be silent and out of sight? >> well, i'm not sure if this is really a left or right issue. we've seen progressives also canceling their speeches or being proceed tested, michelle obama, for example, even eric holder was supposed to give a speech and there were republican officials who called for a protest. there were people who showed up, he was replaced by someone in the end. even james franco was supposed
5:36 pm
to give a speech at ucla. these are not, you know, just conservatives being pushed out. i think free speech is being able to say how you feel about it, to encourage young people to voice their opinions. >> it's one thing to have a protest. i think that's good. i've spoken at a number of clenl campuses where there were protests and people didn't want me to be there. >> you? >> i'm with it. i went to a group of protesters, thank you for being here, you remind me what i love about america. no one is going to put you in jail. there's a difference between protesting and shutting down these voices. it happened at brandeis, it happened at other campuses. is that reason to be more concerned? ashley, i start with you there? >> i definitely think so. for example, we actually had a pro life student at university of california, santa barbara, where she was attacked by a professor, a feminist studies
5:37 pm
professors mind you so one of the most liberal intolerant people in this country and attacked a pro life student for her views because she was handing out pro life literature. it's coming to the point that conservatives feel threatened on campuses. it's absolutely absurd and it is suppression of speech. it's something that needs to look at. i agree with liz, it comes down to an issue of free speech. students should be able to say what they want. >> not just for college campuses but for all of america there should be the sense that the more views the better and if there's some of them that i don't particularly like, that's fine. i'm not going to be injured if i listen to them, but i do think sometimes, elizabeth, and i will love your comment on this, if you hold to a pro life position or a pro traditional marriage position, you know, you are held in contempt. it's not that just people say oh, i disagree with you.
5:38 pm
they don't even want you to have a job. so isn't that kind of taking america to a level that we're not supposed to be? >> well, i think this is a great example, and if i can bring up what happened with the company mozilla and their executive having to step down. i agree that he should be able to believe whatever he wants to believe and be able to -- sort of -- have free speech in that sense, but there's also private property. schools, if they don't want certain people on their property, and you know, think that they are trespassing, i think we need to respect that. mozilla knows that the lgtb community has more purchasing power. >> you think they have more purchasing power than christians. should a guy lose his job over that? >> i think that they made a decision based on profit, not on ideology. >> i've never -- i use apple products, i drink starbucks coffee, i shop on amazon. i'm not buying their politics. i'm buying their products. why can't liberals accept that
5:39 pm
conservatives might actually have views different than theirs. >> they also think about ie deologies when they go out and buy things. we see what happened with chick-fil-a. >> they helped a company. they didn't put it out of business. there's a big dirns. >> i don't see a difference with voting with your money. either supporting a company or not support a company. i see those two things that rights that every american has. >> we could talk about this for a while. unfortunately, we can't, because our time is up, but elizabeth, thank you very much. ashley, great to have you back. look forward to seeing you again. [ applause ] >> coming up, a green beret explains to again -- gweneth pal true that her definition is a little off regarding war. scott: hello!
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5:44 pm
a lot. >> well, he proved he had good judgment because he left but will the change ends there? we've been able to get some behind the scenes video in the process of finding new recruits. >> thank for coming. actually i was waiting for six hours. >> that's nothing. try waiting 140 days to see a doctor. why should i hire you? >> well, i work hard and i take responsibility for my actions. >> wow, we don't do that. we don't take responsibility for anything. next! what would your friends say about you? >> i don't know. >> you mean you are not wire tapping them? next! good news, you are no longer unemployed? >> i got the job. >> no we manipulated the numbers so technically you are not unemployed. you still don't have the job. next! i checked on your resume, it
5:45 pm
turns out no one at your last job has heard of you. >> i lied on my resume i lie about everything all the time. >> whoa, the boss is going to love you. when can you start? >> oh, yeah, that's how it really plays out. this week, actress gwyneth paltrow told an interviewer that reading negative on line comments about herself was bee humanizing and she compared the experience to going to war. well, that didn't set well with a lot of people including sergeant first class brian sikes. you know what's really dehumanizing ms. paltrow that the you will consider your life as an a-list celebrity could even compare to war. remember sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never be close to what war is.
5:46 pm
>> sergeant, you said it well. ms. paltrow you try being a little more careful with what you say because it seems like every time you open your mouth, you just change feet. well, this week, we lost one of america's most beloved and respected authors and poets, maya angelou. she was inspiring even in her very last tweet posted just a few days before her death. here's what she sent. listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of god. she was a remarkable person who came from extraordinarily different circumstances, she spent a lost her childhood about 25 miles from my home hope arkansas so stance, arkansas. she paid it -- made it to the podium of a presidential
5:47 pm
inaugurati inauguration. she spoke with conviction and clarity. rest in peace. coming up, fox news record, kelly wright fires up his vocal chords with a michael jackson song. it's going to become a hit just like the version michael jackson has. coming up. yeah! lowering cholesterol is a big deal, especially if you have high cholesterol plus any of these risk factors, because you could be at increased risk for plaque buildup in your arteries over time. so, when diet and exercise aren't enough to lower cholesterol, adding crestor can help. i'm down with crestor! crestor is not right for everyone, like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor right away if you have muscle pain
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. every once in a >> every once in a while kelly wright takes time from his busy schedule to perform with the little rockers. he's performing a song by michael jackson which was recorded more than 30 years ago how love never felt so good. it has gotten 17 million hits on youtube by justin timberlake. that's a few less than this
5:51 pm
particular song version will get after its on the web site. also with us is lauren green and two key boards today stage manager josh patch is on drums and on lead guitar dan bailey. all right let's do "love never felt so good." ♪ ♪
5:52 pm
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ (applause) >> that is kelly wright and that will be the hit version of it right there. back with my closing thoughts after this. stay with us. care what age you are.
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worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> at the start of the show i observed our system of government was designed to protect the freedoms of citizens not to take them away. that's why i have continued to update you on the most egregious example of government trampling on the family. justine gnaw is the connecticut teenager who was essentially kidnapped by the massachusetts department of children and families and held hostage for over 125 months denying her own parents to see her except with the government's permission and
5:59 pm
supervision to deny medical treatment and prohibit her from participating in religious services. she was 16 and was able to have a birthday party with some of the friends she had been denied seeing for over 15 months. the parents have complied with the reunification plan and hope they will release justine gnaw back to her family soon. it has been too long already. well on friday the liberty council the legal team representing justine gnaw's family filed a motion requesting a juvenile court that justine gnaw be returned to her parents. liberty council says massachusetts dcf indicated it will not object to the motion. if a judge so rules justine could be home soon. until then we ask you to keep the pressure on the commonwealth of massachusetts to free justina now and we hope she will be home soon. (applause)
6:00 pm
>> well that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine." >> welcome to this special audience edition of "hannity." the place where america comes to find information about the hottest topics and voice opinions on the big concerns of the day. and a after being a defender of the constitution for half of a decade we are basing the show around the biggest story paul harvey's warning for a nation back in 1964 the iconic radio host wrote an arlen titled, if i were the devil and over the years he adopted and added the dire


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