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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  June 1, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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these books. >> thank you. thanks for being wiser than mo bureaucrats in state capitals and washington. that's our show for tonight. see you next week. hillary clinton launch as new book and a possible campaign for president. >> people want a good job. they want a decent living for themselves and their families. they want to live in peace and security. >> focusing on years as secretary of state she talked about president obama and the benghazi scandal and her political future. we will discuss all of this with the republican national committee chair and senator who has endorsed her for 2016. >> embattled veterans affair secretary eric shinseki steps
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down. >> he does not want to be a distraction because the priority is to fix the problem and make sure the vets get the care they need. >> we will discussion the fallout with congressman miller, chair of the house of representatives committee on veterans affair and the whistleblower who exposed the scandal of the phoenix v.a. >> and president obama announced plans to pull all united states troops from afghanistan by the end of 2016. our sunday panels weighs in. all right now. on fox news sunday. >> hello again from fox news in washington. we will get to hillary clinton's new book and what it means for 2016 in a moment but first some breaking news. the only american p.o.w. from afghanistan has been turned over
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and is in germany. sergeant bergdahl has been turned over in exchange for five detainees from guantanamo bay. jennifer? >> the sergeant is seen by a team of military medical specialists in germany. he has not spoken to his parents and intelligence officials are trying to figure out what they can with his time with the taliban. >> he wasn't forgotten by his country because the united states of america does not ever leave our meb men and women in uniform behind. >> only very few knew of the operation. we did not want to jeopardize any leaks. >> bergdahl cried when he was on the united states helicopter. several dozen navy seals met 18 armed taliban on the border with pakistan to receive bergdahl who walked off the basin slickbly
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june 30, 2009. >> i want to say, thank you, to everyone who has supported both. >> i say to bo who is having trouble speaking english, i'm your father. >>ly father spoke in the language of the taliban. the united states released five taliban leaders from guantanamo bay including a deputy intelligence and defense chief. they were flown to qatar and the president was criticized future not notifying them as required by law. "america has maintained a prohibition on negotiating with terrorists for a good reason," trading the leaders from detention for the release of bergdahl could have consequences for the rest of our forces and all americans. the defense secretary hague will would not answer reporters when
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asked if bergdahl would be punished by the army for leaving his base without permission endangering himself and so many others. >> jennifer, thank you. we will have more with the panel on this. >> hillary clinton is months away from announcing whether she will run for president. with the roll out of the new book "hard choices," including the leak of the chapter on benghazi it feels we have new by gun the 2016 campaign. we talk with a key supporter in a few minutes but the chairman of the republican national committee is with us. chairman, welcome back to fox news sunday. in the benghazi chapter of her book, senator hillary clinton says you and other republicans are exploiting this tragedy. she writes "i will not pack part of a political slug fest on the backs of dead americans. it is wrong. it is unworthy of our great country. those who insist open politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me."
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chairman, do you think that hillary clinton is trying to cut off discussion of benghazi? do you think she is trying to get out of testifying before the new house select committee? >> i don't doubt that but she has been playing politics with the issue from the beginning. now she is launching a political defense, an organized political defense. how did this chapter get leaked to the newspaper? because obviously their people are trying to stop anymore criticism she has been receiving on benghazi. she from the beginning as secretary of state should have known that this was al qaeda the entire time. now she is claiming somehow that this is a political attack? she we layed a part in the white house coverup of what this is all about in benghazi and it was a terrorist attack. our heros and diplomats have died and were murdered and she continues to play politics. hillary clinton is politics 20/7. this is no different it will not en. we will continue to pursue this. she needs to answer the tough
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questions as to what happened and why it is. >> let me ask you about that, you say that they are tough questions but she says this is nothing new to learn and writes in the chapter there is a tough friends between unanswered questions and unlistened to answers. let's put it out there: what questions do you have for clinton about benghazi and what does she get wrong in this chapter? >> first, i don't understand how from the very beginning the c.i.a. and our intelligence said immediately this was al qaeda but in the book she continued i to use this line of logic that because there is no evidence the video didn't play a role, thereafter, the evidence is it could have played a role. if you look at what has been put on paper and what the reports have now said, without question, al-qaeda was involved, how is it she could be the secretary of state in the
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greatest nation with 9 best intelligence on the face of 9 earth but she continues to perpetrate this political answer, number one, to make sure that president obama got himself re-elected and, two, to save her own hide by perpetrating this lie. here is another question, why was it that hillary clinton was not the person open television that sunday morning? how was it that susan rice was chosen? in december of 2012 susan rice said the reason hillary clinton didn't show up on television that morning is she had a grueling weekend and was tired. now, one of two things are true: either susan rice is telling the truth and hillary clinton was tired and she failed to report for duty and therefore, i don't know how she can be president of the united states or, second, susan rice is lying and in fact, hillary clinton wasn't tired and that is not the reason. the fact is, hillary clinton has to answer these questions, number one, and, number two, if
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she is thinking about running for president, she has been disqualified because of her actions. >> in the benghazi chapter she says that she never saw these demands, the requests from the ambassador chris stevens who was called in the attack. she writes this "that's now how it worked," talking about seeing cables," "it shouldn't and it didn't." do you see parallels between clinton and v.a. secretary eric shinseki who also says he wasn't getting the information from lower level people? >> that is a good point. here is the president in 2005 when he was senator said he would fix this issue in regard to the v.a. getting to your question, president obama also said, you recall, in 2008, that no detail, no issue was too small for him to tackle, yet now he come on television two days ago and
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says, listen, the secretary of the v.a. couldn't possibly know these details because it is unfortunate he wasn't getting the information. hillary clinton saying the same thing. it is too much minutia to understand. you are the secretary of state. now you are launching a political response and saying you don't want to play politics? i don't think she is any different than president obama and they are one and the same and the career over a long period of time is insignificant in accomplishment. i think we will keep talking about it. >> clinton's four years as secretary of state are going to be the top item on her resume if she runs. how did she do as secretary of state? >> i think she gets an "f." go to her senate days what is there? i don't know. her days as first lady, granted, some tush length times, but, what does she have this?
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>> you said recently, that you doubt that clinton will run for president but this book launch has all the markings of the beginning of a roll out of the her presidential campaign. there is a new poll out this week and i will put it on the screen, a new "the washington post," 55 percent say they would support clinton as a candidate for president. honestly, chairman, aren't you trying to rough up hillary clinton precisely because she is such a formidable candidate? >> it is not a matter of roughing her up, if people want to play the parlor game of acting like she wants to run they will get the scrutiny for playing that game. i don't know whether she will run. i doubt if she continues to have the trouble but publishers of books create this were environment to make a last money and that is what hillary clinton is doing, he is paying a lot of money. he is writing books and doing speeches and this helps her make money. if she is making money she will keep this up.
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>> nothing wrong with that, it is the free market system. >> nothing wrong with making money. i am saying do not be confused by her pursuit of money with her pursuit of were running for president. >> chairman priebus thank you for coming in. >> hillary clinton has been the frontrunner since president obama was re-elected but the fire she is taking for republicans is certainly unusual. our next guest was the first member of conditioning to endorse clinton for 2016, missouri senator stayed in a statement last june "it is important we start early building a grass roads army and effectively using the tools of the internet so if hillary clinton decides to run we will be able to help her win." senator mccaskill, welcome to fox news. >> as we discussed, the chairman says republicans are trying to
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politicize ben gauze but it is not just politicians but relatives of the four members who were killed say the state department has ignored them from the start. listen to this. >> no one from the government has got were back to me to tell me anything and that, i mean "anything." >> thank you is not political. >> it is a tragedy and it is a tragedy that anyone feels more acutely than hillary clinton. she knows it was on her watch we lost americans. the point is, chris, there has been dozens of hearings. there has been thous of pages of testimony. hillary clinton has appeared in front of both house of representatives and senate committees and answered any question. the notion this is something else that can be gained other than politics is defying common sense. anyone looking at this rationale understands this tragedy and we should focus on making sure it
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never happens again. >> let me pick up on that because secretary clinton says all the questions have been answers but we have found out in the hearings that the deputy chief of mission in tripoli that night, the deputy head of intelligence for united states forces in africa, they all knew right away this was not a protest, it was not about the video but a terrorist attack so why does she keep pushing the narrative of the video for weeks? >> the narrative the video was a mixed narrative from intelligence. david petraeus looked at that. >> wait, wait, wait, the c.i.a., the deputy testified when susan rice on this show in september of 2012 said it is a video he thought, we never said that. >> it is certainly everyone saw
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the talking points. the point is, chris, well never know all of the motives in people who attacked americans that night. if you really look at this, what they are trying to say, the republicans, when the commander in chief said get all the assistance you can, they are trying to give the american people the impression that hillary clinton and rebound and our military weren't doing their best at that moment. of course everyone wanted to save american lives like they did yesterday. the interesting thing to me about the release of the p.o.w., sergeant bergdahl the republicans immediately started criticizing that. we save an american life on foreign soil, the president and foreign policy is criticized. we lose american lives on foreign soil, the president is criticized. are you seeing a theme? politics. >> back to bergdahl in a second. >> i want to finish up with hillary clinton. >> what was her signature accomplishment at secretary of
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state? >> i would say re-establishing in the world that way we have peace is through allies, building relationships in dozens and dozens of countries where the relationshipped were dying. her travel schedule is amazing what she did and now we have relationships and it is a large and complicated and dangerous world. she has the kind of resume that shows leadership, strength, the ability to make decisions in moments of crisis that will make her a terrific president of the united states. >> let's look at some of clinton's other initiatives, other policies during the four years as second of state. show pushed the reset button in relatives with russia which clearly now has failed. she defended syria's president assad as a possible reformer at the start of that country's civil war. she failed to stop the nuclear programs in iran and north korea and decided not to designate the nigerian group as a "terrorist"
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organization. is that a record to run for president? >> she absolutely understood by recognizing leaders of the nigerian terrorist group, that is what we had to do. if we made the organization terrorist that gave them a high profile, it would allow them to recruit. >> a lot of intelligence people thought that but you look at russia, syria, iran, north korea, nigeria --. >> now we are able to see what they are doing as far as nuclear activity. she laid the ground work for that. >> they still have a nuclear program. >> we are getting chemical weapons out of syria. she laid the groundwork for that. this is, in fact, a very difficult world right now. our enemies are everywhere. i think she established we we that smart power and true peace is established through allies and building the relationships. >> i want to get back to the prisoner swap if bergdahl.
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everyone is happy to see him come home but didn't the president negotiate with terrorists which is against united states policy and doesn't this give an incentive to groups like the taliban to take other united states soldiers because they have a price now? >> first of all, this is not a hostage. this is a prisoner of war. it is different when you are negotiating with the enemy or prisoners of war. we have done prisoner swaps many times --. >> only with nation states. >> unfortunately there is our enemy. we don't have nation states as enemy but terrorist organizations as enemies. this is a prison authority of war. >> so we negotiated with terrorists. >> i guarantee if, in fact, this man's life was last and it came out we had this opportunity and our commander in chief passed on it, the republicans would be going crazy right now. we saved this map's life. the commander in chief acted in his constitutional authority
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which he should have done to get that man after five years in captivity. i'm proud we have no p.o.w.'s in afghanistan. >> thank you, senator mccaskill and thank you for sharing part of your schedule with us. >> will she or won't she? whp from the leaks of the hillary clinton book and what it means for her chances in 2016? >> what without hike to ask the fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on.
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which the air. >> people want a good job. a decent living for themselves and their families and they want to live in peace and security. >> hillary clinton sounding very much like a presidential candidate as she promoted her new book "hard choices." it is time for the sunday group, radio talk show host, laura ingraham and bob woodward of the "washington post" and lynne cheney, fox contribute tore and former senator bayh. the clinton camp purposefully it is said leaked the benghazi chapter early and the book doesn't come out until june 10 because they wanted the controversy to be over before
11:27 pm
she began the book tour. laura, what do you think of the timing and tone? she said "i do not want to be part of a political slug fest." >> people are thinking if she was only this aggressive september 11th of 2012. he is a pro. she knows what she is doing. and listening to senator mccaskill saying she has a great stamina and resume? look, hillary clinton was on watch the night that our ambassador was murdered. and three other brave americans. she write as 37-page chapter and she doesn't answer key questions still. they are left unresolved. she is smart. she blankets the air with any further questions as being political. that is classic clinton. we are seeing a preview of the 2016 campaign. >> karl rove says he is surprised that she would released her book, the whole
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book, so early and become a target so early if she runs in 2016. bob, what do you think of the wisdom of what could be seep as the going of the 2016 campaign on june 1 of 2014? are you surprised as you saw with priebus that republicans are getting so tough so early? >> they could be overdoing it and hillary clinton could be overdoing it. this is a lot very early. as we hear the republican critique, it is a stand off particularly on benghazi and the issue, is there new information out there? a question i have and there are serious unanswered questions about this, did she keep a diary? when i talked to rebound he confirms he keep as diary and i
11:29 pm
asked for some of the work i was doing and he said, no, it wouldn't be relevant, but are there diaries? go back to the 1980's in iran-contra, ronald reagan kept a detailed diary and it turned it over. >> do you think part of the republican game here is to the degree that there is any question whether hillary clinton is going to run, we will rough her up as much as we can and say it will be tough? >> they are making it legal and it is legal and, then, her response and obama's response on some of the issues is, people are playing partisan politics if they criticize. true if many cases but there are facts, there is neutral inquiry and a way to look at this and get the information and see if there is new information. if this is not new information, this is a stand off and few
11:30 pm
people are going to be going into the voting booth and vote for or against benghazi. >> in her author's notes she talks about her sense of public service. >> one thing that has never been a hard close for me is serving our country. it has been the greatest honor of my life. >> let me ask something i asked of the rest guest, how strong is a former state department official and how strong is her record? >> i think you saw in grasping for answers with senator mccaskill there is not much there. she has a real problem with a the love complicated coverage of benghazi that is going on for good reason but at the end of the day what happened we know an effort to mislead the american people about what happened on september 11, 2012 because we know real time that people knew it was an al-qaeda afirmated
11:31 pm
terrorist attack and hillary clinton was at the center of that. when you have a situation you have been at the center of anest to pass lead the american people about a national security matter and done so for political reasons and they did it because they knew it would hurt the president's re-election capabilities that is a significant problem. frankly, it calls into question her fitness to be president. it is not politics. what we are dealing with is something that goes to the core what we expect from our commander and chief and our public servants. she has a big problem she has to core as she makes the decision going forward. >> senator? >> i think she has a strong record as secretary of state with two caveats. you inherit the world that is given to you. she had two messy wars pleating our country. our country was going deeply in debt to the chinese. the russians had invaded georgia and it was a difficult world. when you are secretary of state you are part of a team, not the top decision maker. look at what she did: she
11:32 pm
authorized the use where appropriate in killing osama bin laden and there are reports she has been --. >> she didn't authorize she supported. >> there are published report he shark in favor of more robust policy in syria and favored sanctions against iran and she is in favor of acting with our allies where we can such as constraining china in asia. the final thing, having served on the intelligence committee for two years the information is rarely as clear or absolute in the initial face of a crisis as it appears in behind sight. some of this criticism is political and some of it is deeply unfair. there was a daily briefing for the president before 9/11 that suggests the al-qaeda was going to attack the country using airplanes. does he suggest president bush
11:33 pm
was negligent? >> no. >> the deputy c.i.a. director testified that there was no concern about a video, senator. the idea that criticizing mrs. clinton is political because the criticism comes from republicans, i guess but the american people expect when someone is sworn to be secretary of state they put america's interests first not the re-election interests of her commander and chief, the president, or her own political future but the people on the ground demand objective analysis and a residence by the secretary of state. we don't know where rebound -- president obama was and what he was doing, we don't know this. >> you have to give her credit for putting it all out. >> because she wants it to be over with, bob. >> as you know this is washington and things are never
11:34 pm
over particularly d. >> okay speaking of getting over we will have you back later and we need to get to the next subject. what do you think of hillary clinton's book can chances in 2016? join the conditioning conversation with other viewers when we come back, though, the v.a. scandal. now that eric shinseki is gone what is the next step to help our veterans? we joined by the initial whistleblower and the chair of the house of representatives committee on foreign
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the resignation of v.a. secretary eric shinseki eases the political heat on president obama. but it does nothing to solve the problem of veterans having to wait for months to see a doctor. joining us now from phoenix, the original whistleblower in the
11:38 pm
scandal, doctor sam foote and in washington, florida congressman jeff miller head of the house of representatives committee on veterans affairs. chairman miller now that secretary eric shinseki has resigned how concerned are you that the political attention on the scandal will fail? the politicians and public and media will resume ignoring the problem? >> it will not fade on the hill, the membership are so disgusted. my concern is it will fade in the media we could not get the media to pay attention a year and a half ago on this issue, and i am hopeful people like yourself will keep this in the forefront because it is bigger than what we are talking about today. >> dr. foote do you worry, now, with eric shinseki gone that interest, attention, will fade? >> there is a huge mismatch between the demand for care and the v.a. ability to supply it. i don't think the media will let that go away.
11:39 pm
>> we will pick up on that mismatch in a minute but, first, chairman miller, the v.a. inspector had issued 18 reports since 2005 about scheduling problems leading to long waits in time for veterans to get care yet both the president and eric shinseki said they didn't know about the problem. watch what the president had to say. >> this issue of scheduling is one that the reporting systems inside of the v.a. did not surface to the level where rick was aware of him or we were able to see it. this is not something we were hearing when i was traveling around the country. >> chairman miller, with 18 reports since 2005, how could they not have known and, frankly, how could all of you in congress not have known? >> interestingly, many of the
11:40 pm
reports were instigated by the house of representatives committee on foreign affairs and we went when to the v.a. to ask not recommendations would be followed up on they said, yes, and we asked about their numbers, they lied to congress. it is difficult to believe that the central office in washington, dc did not have any idea about the cooking of the books and the illegal activity going on and their own add miss at 60 percent of the facilities. >> why is it unlikely that eric shinseki didn't know this was going on? or that president didn't me? >> because the secretary three weeks ago when he testified in front of the senate committee said it was an isolated incident at phoenix. we knew it was throughout the country and the vast majority of the facilities were affected. >> dr. foote you were there for 24 years in the v.a. facility in phoenix how do you explain and do you believe this disconnect between the "gaming" of the
11:41 pm
system not just in phoenix but across the country at the v.a. facilities and the lack of knowledge among top officials in washington? >> not getting the accurate public suited the upper v.a. washington folks from the v.a. and that is the root of it. the memo from 2010 showed they knew strategies of how to avoid this and whether that is a don't do this or how to do this is open for debate. >> you talked dr. foote about the mismatch of demands and resources inside the v.a. and i want to talk about this and as we discussed possible fixed because the number of primary care visits to the v.a. have jumped 50 percent in the last three years but the number of primary care doctors rose only 9 percent. dr. foote the v.a. budget, it is not a lack of money the budget has tripled since 2000 so one of the questions is, should the
11:42 pm
v.a. be taking care from the moment a veteran leaves the service, of every veteran for life or should there be more targeting? if it is a service-related problem or a veteran is connection duty, that, yes, the system will take care of them but if it is an age or health issue unrelated to service that the v.a. should not be responsible? >> the v.a. is here to take care of those who have borne the battle and was set up to take care for people with service connected conditions and in the early 1990's it involved into a safety net and now it is trying to promise under the affordable care act that it is an insurance similar to others. i don't think it can quite meet that goal. if they want to do that it will take more facilities and more money. >> chairman miller, you have the vietnam and korea veterans who are getting older, you have the
11:43 pm
explosion of veterans from iraq and afghanistan and because of our advances in medicine a last them with grievous physical and mental we have to scale back what the v.a. does particularly if it is non-service related health care problem and has nothing do with the fact he served in. >> what you could be talking about is whether they have to come to the v.a. system for their care? we have the dollars to be able to provide the care and that could be in the outside private sector which the v.a. has the ability to do. v.a. does a great job when you are dealing with battlefield injuryies and traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries which are the core mission of v.a. and we have had additional veterans come to the system but the vast majority of new veterans are, in fact, older veterans from korea and vietnam with aging issues and they don't
11:44 pm
necessarily have to be treated at a v.a. hospital. >> should they be the responsibility of the v.a. at all? >> there is no reason not to treat those who have borne the battle, worn the uniform, we have the money to be able to do that and though want to throw out that we don't have enough doctors. the doctors in many instances are not seeing enough patients, they don't see nearly the panel of patients that physicians on the outside of the government up does. >> that has been a complaint critics are saying this is what showing this is no incentive for doctors to see as many patients as they do in the private sector? your reaction. >> variable from facility to facilitate but we all understand in the capital society they respond quickly if the restaurants are overcrowded someone will build a restaurant
11:45 pm
to take advantage. in a system like ours you should put the resources where the demand. in the v.a. you may have places like phoenix where we probably have 10,000 or 12,000 established patients that don't have primary care providers and another 3,100 that can't get into the system. we are trying for more resources and the staff is overworked. this could be many facilities where they not working that hard and that is the difference, i think, between the government-runnation and the private sector. >> finally, i will start but, dr. foote, i can't remember how long we have been talking about problems at the v.a. with health care, with schedules with visibility probables do you believe it is going to be different this time there will be a culture of change and it will be fixed? dr. foote? >> i am extremely hopeful. the los angeles is great at chronic care but falls down at
11:46 pm
urgent and emergency-room type care and when hospitalization need it out west where the distances are great and the population is sparse and other parts of the cup, as well. >> last word, chairman miller. >> we have a unique opportunity to help change the system to better serve veterans and not serve the bureaucrats that work inside the system. let me tell you if not for a gentleman named dr. foote coming forward and continuing to blow the whistle we probably would not be talking about this today. >> we all agree and the gratitude that at the love us feel to dr. foote, thank you for your service, sir, congressman miller and dr. foote thank you for coming in here. we promise we will stay on top of this story. in on.than gentlemenmise we'll stay >> next, we will ask our group about the prisoner swap with the taliban for the only united states soldier being held in afghanistan. president obama takes another crack at laying out the obama
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i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. >> america has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world. those who argue otherwise, to suggest that america is in decline or has seen its global leadership slip away are either misreading history or engage in partisan politics. >> president obama at west point this week firing back at critics of his foreign policy. by the way, national security adviser susan rice is appearing on two sunday shows today but the white house still has not made her available to us since
11:51 pm
we interviewed her back in september of 2012, just five days after the benghazi attack. and we're back now with a panel. well, before we get to the president's speech, i want to discuss the prisoner swap that took place last night. we got back sergeant bo bergdahl who has been held captive by the taliban since 2009. in return, we handed over the so-called taliban five who were being held at gawn tan know. they will be reportedly held in qater. we're giving up a intelligence chief, military commander, some of them wanted by the u.n. for war crimes. what do you make of this? >> it's wonderful that bergdahl has been freed but this is a guidely misstep to take.
11:52 pm
you have a situation where we shouldn't be negotiating with terrorists. clearly, there was a law violated here. there's a reason why the president was required to notify congress 30 days before the release of terrorists from gitmo. fifth thirdly -- -- thirdly, you take him at his word, he hopes this release will help afghanis to find common ground. does he really believe that? and these are among the men who were most responsible for building a relationship between the taliban and al qaeda, so as we now completely withdraw from afghanistan, as we take our last soldiers off the field in afghanistan in 2016, we are leaving in place the situation where you've got some of the top, most experienced, hardened, with blod of american men on their hands taliban leaders that have been released now by our president, certainly that's not
11:53 pm
going to help the next afghanistan government to prevent a safe haven for al qaeda again. >> in defense, president obama says this shows america's commitment to leave no solar behind on the battle field. your response. >> it's hard for me to believe that anyone thinks we would be better off if the soldier would be back in captivity, if this is the position you have to take. i think it's a good thing that he's hope. the israelis who are soft on terrorists because they have got to live with the members of hamas that they release and so forth, to get back a single soldier, they sometimes release hundreds of palestinians. the final thing i would say, some people argue this is going to give them more incentive, anybody who thinks of the
11:54 pm
taliban is not already going to capture as many american soldiers as they possibly can is being a little naive. it's a tough situation. i think it was the right thing to do. >> let's turn to the president's foreign policy and his speech this week at west point. mr. obama set new limits on the use of u.s. force in the world. this in the same week that he announced that he's going to pull all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by the end of 2016, when he will have left office. here is the president at west point. >> u.s. military action cannot be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every just because we have the best hammer does not mean every problem is a nail. >> is there something there that you can glean from the speech that is -- that you can call the obama doctrine?
11:55 pm
>> i've been searching. i think the response from the cadets, the gradting class of west point is very telling. i did listen to the entire speech, and there is little in the way of response, and it's uncomfortable. i think he is reflecting to this extent the viewpoint of many in the american people who are weary of all these military engagements and more resisting to military engagements six years in. seeing the world as a -- chaotic it's been. the idea that president goes to west point and says look we've never been stronger relative to the rest of the world, i'm sorry, that doesn't even pass the straight face test. just on an economic front, forget our declining influence on the globe. it was not well received. >> what did you think of the speech and when you look at our
11:56 pm
intervention in syria, our lack of intervention and role or rather our intervention in libya, our lack of intervention in syria and how we played ukraine, is there a coherent, cogent obama foreign policy? >> there's so much talk and i don't think talk solves less of these problems. in foreign policy, you are trying to do two things, comfort your friends and scare the hell out of your enemies or potential enemies. a speech like this does not have that effect, because he said we're in effect lowering the threshold to use the military. sometimes it is best to just be quiet and not try to theoryize and not try to explain here and i think this is the -- the explaining is just not working. at the same time, there are two jobs the president has, and that is to protect the country, and
11:57 pm
avoid unnecessary wars and you have to look at the record, you have to give obama some credit. he has protected the country and we have not had another war or unnecessary war. >> benghazi diplomatic mission on 9/11/12, we failed on that regard, don't you think, bob? >> you are underscoring my point this will never go away. at least with you. >> well, i actually don't think it's funny when an ambassador is murdered. >> a somewhat cheap shot. thank you, panel. we'll see you next week. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday.bandaras.
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thanks for watching everyone. huckabee starts right now. >> tonight on huckabee. it is not limited to a few va facilities and totally unacceptable. and with consider regret i accepted. >> are veterans better off now. jeff miller joins the governor tonight. and hillary clinton rips republicans saying they keep harping on benghazi for political gain. mike on the house responds. >> plus, many college campuses it is liberals trying to impress conservative ideas.