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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 2, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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years ago today. let's go to the big wall, breaking news changes everything. great news from the stock market. the dow, brant new record, the s&p 500, brand new record. but -- >> more hospitals. more doctors. more money. all part of the latest push to clean up what has become more of a mess every day, the va. but maybe we should be talking to these guys. veterans. today, we will. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. bernie sanders said to introduce emergency legislation tomorrow to pump up the funding in a bid to provide better care for veterans, but with spending on va medical care up nearly 40% in the last five years alone, is more money the answer? to capitol hill senior producer chad, where the senate is back and the scramble is on. chad?
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>> we're going to be hearing a lot about this bill and another bill that republicans in the senate are going to offer tomorrow as well. this has been jammed up here for a couple of weeks. smart majority leader harry reid came to the senate floor today and said he endorses the sanders piece of legislation and says it's a good piece of legislation, and republicans don't want to pay for these things. he says there's a cost of democracy, cost when we go to war. he said republicans wanted to go to war on a credit card in iraq and now there are the consequences so cost is is a big fact you. and there competing factions ine house of representatives passing a bill that would give the va the ability to fire these executives who they don't think are doing the job. bernie sanders has some concerns about that. he says it could create wholesale political firings. when the house passed this a couple of weeks, marco rubio, republican senator, from
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florida, came to the floor and tried to on the spot, via unanimous consent, pass the house bill. bernie sanders objected. republicans said this is an effort to block this legislation. really what happens is the senate -- when you want to pass something by nap consent you go through the committee process or the hot lynn where the change in with senators and say, would you be okay that did not happen that piece of legislation from the house remains an option because it's unclear if the sanders bill can get past that super majority threshold to get the bell on the floor and that's what they'll talk about this week. >> chad, thank you very much. forget more spending. to hear montel williams tell it, it's the bonuses is the problem. >> if there was a system that is set up to give you a bonus because you looked at one, two, three, four, five of our fallen, then a system is a mess. there should never be a bonus for that. it's your obligation.
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>> so, is it time to scrap bonuses, period? let's ask j.r. martinez, severely injured in iraq, now he helps other burn victims, retired colonel donny mcknight with us as well. the inspace for the film "black hawk down." gentlemen, welcome to both of you. it'sen honor. >> thank you, neil. >> j.r. to you first. what do you think about what montel was saying, it's the organization itself that needs to be sort of ripped from it roots and done over again. what do you think? >> i completely agree with montel. it's great to be on again and thank you for having me on. i completely agree with montel. he is absolutely right. there is an attitude in the culture of the va that's been there are to years and stems back to previous -- before the iraq and afghanistan war. goes back to vietnam war and a lot of that needs to be pulled. i don't like the idea of bonuses in the va because you give
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people the opportunity to start trying to find shortcuts in order to -- for their own personal benefit. and these may be individuals maybe have never servedded themselves, never worn the uniform, don't understand the sacrifices and the importance of getting the appointments to the veterans that deserve them and have earned them. >> danny, a lot of people have said that is part of the problem, that enough of these are good thinking folks who try to provide care but a a lot of them have never served, don't know or particularly appreciate the -- what service men and women go through, so that we need more of that in the dna of the va. what do you make of that? >> i totally agree. i think that the issue really is the people part of it. we need people there that understand what it means to take care of a veteran, and i think the better people to do that are the ones that have maybe served in some form or fashion or at least had family members that
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were so they have some kind of feeling about what it means to be a veteran and how important it is to take care of them. and i think that the bottom line to all that is we got to look at the leadership that exists in the va, and i know general shinseki is gone now but that's not -- it's not about him. it's about the leadership from there all the way down in every hospital. needs to be leaders that are making sure the right things are being done by those people that are going to take care of our veterans. >> j.r. you know and talk to a lot of your buddies in fellow service members. how do they feel about all of this and do they feel they're appreciated? make them think twice about how committed their country is to them? to look after them? >> they feel completely unappreciated. they feel their service -- what was it for? a lot of of them were proud of the service we have done for this country and for the freedom we enjoy every day, whether for ourselves or our families or strangers around the country,
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but they feel the government does not appreciate their sacrifice. i have had the opportunity to be a guest on your show numerous times and a year after my injury in 2003, i used to come on your show and you would ask me, do i have any regrets and i would honestly say to you i have no regrets as all. i said when i raised my right handi was taking the oath to go and fight for this country's freedom and believe in that, they would be there to take care of me when i needed it. vets coming back are not getting that support and makes them question, and what will help, when trail and see families that say to me, my son, my daughter, my nephew, my niece, are thinking about joining the military, can you tell them not to? i never once said, i'm not going to say yes or no but i will tell you now with all of this happening, more people are going to be less hesitant to join our united states military because they'll say, if my son or
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daughter, if i'm going to put my life on the line and something happens to me, which is a possibility, are they going to be there to take care of me on the back end when i need them? >> danny, one thing -- i looked at the bernie sanders measure. there some good ideas in there, including vouchers for service men and women who might be facing substantial delays within the va system to just go across the street or the town or another city to get care. i sometimes think we can overthink solutions here but that might be one very quick good one. so that no service member, present or former, has to wait. >> i totally agree. i don't anybody should have to wait. there should be a process in the system that allows them to do what you just said, and i'll be honest with you, i've been out of the army for 12 years now and i haven't been to a va hospital for anything yet.
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and the reason i'm sort of that way is i'm fairly healthier for one thing. that's a good thing. the other thing i feel if i go i'm taking up somebody's time and space that -- a veteran that really needs the time and space to be taken care of. so i just -- i'll bide my time and maybe one day i will, but otherwise i'm willing to go across the street and i use my insurance through tri-care and things like that. so i'm okay with that. but everyone can't do that. some people might need that kind of care, like you said, go across the street. we need to provide that as part of the process, and when it comes to money, i recently saw how much we pay people that work in the va hospital in phoenix issue was stunned. we could hire 200 more people for the amount of money we're paying people out there, as an example. >> j.r., thinking about what day and black hawk down and it was a goal originally to help feed people and the poor african country, danny and buddies the middle of a civil war,
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soldiering dragged through the street, a mess. that was a lack of followthrough on the part of leadership, but now soldiers like yourselves are seeing a lack of followthrough in the care afterwards. whatever you say of various wars and conflicts, generally americans of all stripes have the same high regard for the people who fought them and fight them. j.r. do they feel that way now or feel appreciated now or do these allegations that come out and dozens of soldierses who might have died waiting for care, make them think twice? >> it does. it definitely does make you think twice. and listen, there's a lot of gas and we have come a long way. i'm not going to say we haven't made progress, i mean that from the va perspective and the military standpoint. we haven't made a lot of progress and a lot of things right. things that were issues in 2003 are not issues today. there's in issue ins. so there's some of that, have
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this interesting feeling that's like, yes to some extent we're appreciated. but when you see a friend that is passing away because of an injury that has caught up to him and he can't fight the fight, it's because he has not had the opportunity to get into a doctor. the it's like you have essentially just let our friend sit there and pass away, just deal with his pain and ultimately take his own life or essentially the injury got the best of him. and i think that is something that is really important. you look at me and the success i have been able to create for myself over the last two years, and people look at me and they use the word celebrity. i'm famous, and i recently had this simple hip feeling i had, kind of a little pain, and i said i need to go to the doctor and be look at, and when they said i needed to get an mri, four months ago, they said the next available day is four months. so this is me not getting an opinionment and a simple mri for a help.
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just simple this wills. what about the guys that have some stuff that needs to be looked at. you don't want to take that spot. so i went and got tri-care. i have not had tri-care since got out of the army, so i'm just going to the va and i've been fairly healthy, and that's another thing, too neil, real quick. when i was recovering in san antonio texas for three years when i was in the hospital, during that time they were pretty adamant, are you ready to go? almost kind of, let get you out and make room for the next patient. understood. i never jumped and i never signed the paperwork quickly because i was rade to move on will be life because i heard the horror stories within the va and how much time it would take to get an appointment and friends who have burns have gone to the va for treatment and gotten infections because they're not trained 100% no different than the hospital here in san antonio. so, for me, just kind of tell -- i just say to guys, take
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advantage of the tri-care. it's going to be a few extra buck but it's better and gives you an opportunity to go somewhere else outside the va, so give you an option to get in somewhere versus having to wait self months to get in. >> gentlemen, while have you both here, and danny, i hope you don't mind, this swap for this soldier with a five gitmo detainees, what do you think of it? >> i think it's absolutely atrocious that we have decided that we should start negotiating it's a great thing the young man is back and safe and sound and all of that. but we just given back five of the worst people and we let them pick who they want. we don't negotiate. it's sort of like if mike durant -- we weren't leaving over there in somalia without mike durant, we were going to get him back and that's what we have to do, and i'm not sure how this story is going to really turn out, neil. it's very interesting, some of
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the things i have been reading. >> talk that the detainees are in qatar and will have to wait a year or more before the gate to afghanistan, they're still dangerous guys and dangerous part of the world, and they could do us some harm. >> amen to that. i agree. >> j.r.? >> i completely agree. there's this -- you're happy for the young man, happy for the family, happy for his friends, get to have him home and have had a lot of questions of whatever happened to him. but it is something that is almost in seasons, are you take -- are we taking a step back? we fought hard to eliminate terrorism and these individuals in this position to create harm throughout the world, are we now taking a step back by allowing those individuals to be able to be back in that world and possibly plan something else? neil, it's a really difficult mentality for a lot of people to understand but i'm sure the colonel can understand this, and those watching that hey served in the military. when i was in iraq, a young
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19-year-old soldier, and i remember being in iraq and we were pretty much being trained how to react to certain situations, and i remember them telling me -- or us, our unit, one of our sergeants, that it's better to lose one than lose five. and when you look at this situation -- i'm not saying you want the young man to lose his life, i'm happy he is home. in this case are we possibly going to lose more because now you put five individuals that were detained -- now putting those individuals back on in the streets to cause harm to more individuals? so it's just something that is hard for most of americans to understand and most families to understand. i'm happy he is home but now are we now possibly going to lose other men because of those individuals? >> well put, j.r. danny. very good seeing you again. gentlemen, thank you. and, j.r., never brought up disaster -- "dancing with the stars." i chose not to. >> well, neil i'm thinking about you you. said you get a lot of fan mail when i on, run for office.
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just may do that. more vets from the iraq and afghanistan conflict should be invested in it. >> that's a fox news alert. thank you, j.r., danny, thank you. >> we'll have more. ru has develd our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best
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♪ don't say he didn't warn us. >> electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. even -- regardless of what i say about whether coal is good or bad, because i'm capping greenhouse gasses, coal powered plants, natural gas, you name it, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. that will cost money. they will pass that money on to consumers. >> he said it, he is doing it. that was then, this is now. the environmental protection agency putting a bull's eye on power plants, particularly those powered by coal, jay larry is the scientific director at the
1:19 pm
heartland institute who says everybody will pay more for thus, but to my earlier point, he telegraphed this moment. i'm just surprised he seized on it in this environment. what do you think? >> i think it's a matter of personal conceit. his administration has not gone well. he wanted his legacy to be obamacare. hasn't worked out well, and he is just decided to be the guy to have an impact on the earth's climate. on the other hand i think he is smart enough to know it's virtually impossible for our country to reduce emissions that are 600 coal powered plants 30% and have an impact on the rest of the world, when china and india build a new coal-fired power plant every week of the year. europe is giving up on solar and wind. they're going back to coal, and while our coal industry is certainly down, we're exporting coal over and over again increasing into europe.
1:20 pm
so he has to know that the real impact will be zero, but he thinks his legacy with his green environmental zealot supporters will be positive. i think he's going to regret it because i think in the next four months, the pushback against these new epa regulations could cost him the senate, could dramatically increase the republican face in the house of representatives, and i could even see the congress passing legislation to take away the environmental protection agency's ability to regulate carbon dioxide, it's going to cost consumers half a trillion dollars -- >> i don't think he cares to your point about this being his legacy. he does believe this is important to -- i'll assign motive for another show but i hear the administration say whatever short term pain there will be, it will be short lived and things will get better. listen to jay carney.
1:21 pm
>> this proposed rule will, when implemented, save americans on their electricity bill, and significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions into our air. >> so super quickly, it's going to save -- >> it's absolutely absurd. the reduction in carbon doesn't improve health, doesn't improve air quality, and to say it's going to decrease our electric bill, what are they smoking? >> jay, i'm going to put you down as maybe on this plan. good seeing you again, my friend. >> thank you, neil. >> you wonder why our troops are feeling paranoid these days? they have a big old target on their heads abroad, crappy care if anything happens to them here. so we connect. you cry. (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby.
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you heard all day, five terror suspect, ones soldier. critics blasting the administration's prison swap and jennifer griffin on where those guys are right now. >> neil, right now bowe bergdahl is still are in the care of doctors in landstuhl, germany. he has nutritional needs and has not spoken to his parents. >> bowe has been gone so long that it's going to be very difficult to come back. it's like a diver going deep on a dive and has to stage back up through recompression to get the nitrogen bubbles out of the system. if he comes up too fast it could kill him. >> the five taliban leaders who were released arrived in qatar to the warm embrace of theirs families, including an intelligence and defense
1:26 pm
minister, military officers fear they'll hear from the taliban leader0s then battlefield again. congressional leaders are angry the president did not give them the 30 days notice required by law before releasing the guantanamo prisoners. >> they talked about the fact that they were negotiating with the taliban for a future peace. never talked about sergeant bergdahl. and if they had been talking for three years, you think they could have let us know. >> white house press secretary jay carney punted to the defense department where bergdahl we we charged as a desserter -- deserter. the military is waiting to hear from bergdahl why he walked off the base. bergdahl does not have an attorney. >> a former pentagon spokesman says the swap puts soldiers at risk, and continues a disturbing pattern of white house behavior that all but shows our troops they really aren't worth the
1:27 pm
risk. not worth the risk for backup in benghazi or good medical care to this day in the u.s. j.k. you're following the crumbs and saying crumby. >> this is outrageous, a travesty for the united states to have to undergo this. i think that president obama has focused on closing guantanamo so much that he is releasing the top taliban leaders who aren't foot soldiers. we're talking about the deputy defense minister, two governors, for a soldier who by all cans walked off base, soldier who e-mailed his parents saying america was disgusting, ashamed to be an american. he mailed home his uniform and books, and basically i hear reports six soldiers have died looking for him. but this is the guy that president obama releases for five top taliban terrorists. can you imagine in 1943, fdr releasing five of the nazi regime's top leaders for a soldier who walked off base? you can't make it up.
1:28 pm
>> i'm wondering, but there is precedent for swaps even with countries normally associated with very vigilant stands against terrorism, israel comes to mind. but no one doubts that country's resolve when it comes to terror. in our country's case and this president's case you do. >> it's matter of apples and oranges for israel and our situation. we released a sirring who basically walked off post for five of the taliban's top leaders. wouldn't have a problem exchanging bowe bergdahl for a taliban foot soldier in afghanistan but you don't release the top leaders of the taliban. we're still at war with the taliban, by the way, and i think it's just outrageous, that president obama thinks more about -- >> i understand. but when the administration says these are not the top leaders, not the dangerous guys, i'm paraphrasing here, you? >> it's not through. the deputy minister, two top leaders. this i ironic.
1:29 pm
the president talks about the rule of law. how about american law, the broke the law by not telling congress 30 days prior. he talks about human rights all the time. what about human rights of malala, the girl in pakistan who was shot in the head by the tall began for both to school. all those women and girls in afghanistan and pakistan with acid thrown in their faced from the taliban leaders and their supporters. what about their human rights? >> well good, points all. i'm curious, you talk a lot to soldiers, active duty and retired. i'm wondering between the handling of this swap, the marine who is still holedded up in a mexican jail cell, the whole va mess, i imagine they're not in the best of moods. how do they feel? >> this is a morale killer for the military. i think our military is very upset and ashamed. the railees there's a bull's eye on the bark because the taliban
1:30 pm
see if they can capture a u.s. troop or if a troop walks offbase, whatever the circumstances, they're going to be worth their weight in gold because the taliban can now say, okay, we want guantanamo closed. al qaeda can say we want sheikh mohammed back. this this most shocking military decision i ever recall seeing. >> now at the top of the show i had two distinguished veterans who say this has affected morale. this combined with everything else and the noise and the concern who we want to care for them when they're sick, that they're as bummed us@as they've ever ben. is that true? >> it's truism hat had --ed a kid terrorists treated better than veterans. i've got a kole plumb -- column talking about this american betrayal, how president obama has placed more of an emphasis on closing guantanamo and getting out of afghanistan than he put in our troops at risk and putting all of america at risk for another 9/11 style of attack
1:31 pm
because he agreed by 2016 we'll pull all our troops out of afghanistan. al qaeda will be right back there, the taliban will be right back there and america will be in the bull's eye. >> j.d. good, seeing you again. i don't mean under this circumstances but thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. i appreciate it, sir. >> do any of you have a problem with goingle google launching satellites or panel? some privacy experts do. forget about sell us us a bill of goods. what if this is about us selling them our soul?
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>> pro golf ore phil mickelson is teed off but not about his game. about his money. when you have google invading the solar system and apple changing it's operating system, is there something wrong with our system? y2$ with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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de>>who's got twond rhooves and just got ae. claim status update from geico? this guy, that's who. sfx: bing. and i just got a...oh no, that's mom. sorry. claim status updates. just a tap away on the geico app. all your healthcare particulars, all the details about you, in a flash. there's an app for that. apple unveiling its health kit app designed to get doctors real-time information about you, the patient, right away, and in the wake of recent security breaches-what sounds good on paper could be a whole other thing in reality. kathy says people are right to worry about their privacy. your big fear is what? lots of people have the medical skinny on you. >> well, right. i mean, when you open up an app,
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you open up a lot of issues, and the less secure you're app is, the more people can get in there, find out your information, and even if it's on the internet is at risk for being hacked or whatever it is. so, of course, any of these things, once they're out there, your data is able to be get at. >> i know there's that risk and i'm as big on privacy as the next guy. here's where -- having been to hospitals and you take your kid into the hospital and repeatedly telling the same story to every doctor, radiologist, surgeon, exactly what you told the last guy. this could save a lot of time. immediately get that person the care and the emergency care they need pronto. >> right. well, thesaurus -- they'res pros and cons to putting this on the internet. the pros are that your visits will be easier, going to know
1:37 pm
more about you, but the cons are that this information out there could potentially be accessed. so, the more information out there, the more people are either looking at it, the more problems you can face -- >> kathy, you think -- you can say that about a lot of things from purchases at target to a variety of other stores and even who you vote for. but it is offset by the convenience of and the speed, and that is the, he lee -- herculean moral struggle. >> yes. like google with sites sites ine air, could get people better access but opens a whole list of security and privacy concerns. >> wouldn't you rather have google doing it on their dime instead of the taxpayers paying
1:38 pm
for it. the president's big initiative that making sure everybody has access to the interexpect here's google saying, we'll do it. obviously they haven't a rested financial about, but better private enterprise because if we learned anything from the va, is that certain government undertakings, health care included, that not their strength. >> well, of course, private enterprise, rather them paying for it than the american taxpayers but when you put all this information in a company's hands, the government has subpoenaed these companies to get their information. so it's not necessarily that, oh, this is in the business' hands and they're taking good care of it for us i'm. no bad-mouthing google but we need to be concern what information they have and whether or not the government is able to get that from them. this opens up so many more privacy concerns like you said. >> fair enough. thank you very much. good seeing you. well, speaking of privacy concerns. have you heard what the nsa is
1:39 pm
doing with your selfies and professional portraits? ron paul has and he is not happy about it. we won't say, let me take a selfie, song i love, but it's close, very close. fox business 8:00 p.m. accusations involving wall street and a golf irthey call lefty, but is anyone even remotely guilty? tell us about the amazing mortgage process here at quicken loans. we care about your loan as much as you do. we're not just number crunchers. i'm your buddy. i'm your team mate. i specialize in what i do, and i care about my clients call us for a mortgage experience that's engineered to amaze.
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did you hear the one about the pro golfer, the gambler and the billionaire? the billionaire, carl icahn, leaked insider information to vegas gambler billy walters who passed them on to his golf buddy, phil mickelson. charlie says there's nothing to it. charles payne on why so many think the feds fumbled it. charles, chat this average. >> talking about the trading of clorox. in 2011, ñzi carl icahn took sml stake in clear locks. everyone knew -- clorox, everyone new. then by jewel 15th he wanted to have a board, the company maybe should put itself up for sailor he said'll give you $80 a share. so, between that time, about a week into that, maybe two weeks into that, the stock started
1:44 pm
acting peculiar, late june, traiting at 66. july, more volume and got 67. and thena = one day, x million shares, almost ten times the average volume, with $70 a share. before anybody knew officially carl icahn's intentions. who knew, why was there so much buying? why third destock spike? something is -- >> doesn't that presage a lot of his moves on companies that something bubbles and then we find it's carl? >> but then why? >> so you think there might be something -- not these particular guys but the word got out. >> i got -- listen. one thing i want to do is let people know there are all kindss of crazy shenanigans on wall treat, despite all the rules and other things. i see it all the time. i'll see stock trade, up a dollar and a and a half, and its upgraded. somebody knew.
1:45 pm
i'm not saying anybody allegedly involved in this, the names in the head didn't. >> icahn denied any untoward behavior and the gambler and golfer knew nothing. >> somebody knew something. >> so this, whether it's true or not, feeds the cynicism on the part of average investors, the system is rigged, i can't make money like charles payne can. what do you say? >> i say the system is not perfect. i say there are all kinds of shenanigans but typically child support-lived moments in the life of an investment. if you look at clorox, the stock. bought in january of 1959 you'd be up over 500%, well ahead of rate of inflation, maybe toward your dream retirement, forgetting whatever happens with this deal. so, if you want to play he big guy game, a tough game, that's when you have to be concerned. who hasn't heard of clorox, very
1:46 pm
few people consider owning it -- >> they're used to sexy with me, so -- >> probable traded everybody. >> we're about an hour and 15 minutes from your debut, your fine show, which kicks off tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. what is it about? >> it's going to be about this kind of stuff, neil. about people not -- believing in investing, believing in owning, believing in taking control of their own lives because too many people have given that up. we know the dark malaise over the nation and confidence and people are sagging, living more or less in the moment. doesn't have to bev that way. we have been -- this country has been through things far worse. i adopt disagree we are on the wrong road but we're not greece and if you don't wake up you'll find yourself wishing i wish i had taken greater control of your life. don't spent your golden years tiptoeing on the social safety net. everyone out there can take control of their lives and one great way is through the stock market.
1:47 pm
>> you said whatever your opinions whether the market its helped by fed or whoever, you thick become hemmed by capitalism. >> far more important to me than the fed, it's been global prosperity. global peace, most peaceful time in history. global prosperity, billion miami in the middle encloses, love whirl pool and everything american. let's sell it to them and make some money. >> it's what he is aboutw and passionate about it. means what he says. a great friend. this is going to be great show. if you don't watch it you're missing part of a great lineup. don't look at that. my point is that you're going to hear from some of the giants and you're going to get financial insight from folks who have it. charles have it. if you were to invest in some of the names he talks about, you'd be making pay dirt. so he walks the walk, and now is
1:48 pm
your chance to share in the money. so good luck, my friend. >> thank you, neil. >> you're going to be great. have we done anything to torpedo his show or make it an initiation ritual? >> not yet. >> charles payne, 6:00 p.m. you don't watch it, you're a loser, and you're not a loser. i know you're not. how would you like to punch out at 3:00 p.m.? the doctor who.j,k says va hoss aren't working because a lot of the doctors there are barely working. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] your joints...
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so you're always ready for action. that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. short hours, long wait times, according to my next guests, v.a. hospital operating hours are so limited, a lot of doctors are forced to ration available slots to patients need
1:52 pm
the surgery the most. just one reason this doctor says wind down the v.a. now. good to have you. do they work on an abbreviated day or how abbreviated? tell me. >> thev is a mess and doctors have known about this for a year. those of us who have trained in v.a. hospitals and 70% of the doctors in the country have spent time in the v.a. hospitals. this is old news. it's like every federal bureaucracy. you have people who are working there who are not incentivised to help people get through the workday, more interested in taking breaks or slowing down the day because they don't really care to do more than they need to do. >> do a lot of doctors have private practices of their own
1:53 pm
practices of their own, besides their v.a. duties? could that be going on or are they just lazy? >> well, i don't think it's lazy. i think there's impediments in the system that make it impossible for people to get the work done, so there are people who are v.a. employees who are bulletproof, who don't really feel compelled to do what's necessary to get through a day. look, i can only go from the experience that i've had, and the collective experience that hundreds of doctors that i know have had at the v.a. hospitals and those of us who have work there, who have run a service, most residents run the services at the v.a. hospitals, and we keep lists. the lists are nothing knew. -- new. we've had lists for decades and we see patients in our clinics. we have them on a list for surgery, and because the number
1:54 pm
of surgery slots is abbreviated because we're not permitted to operate past 3:00 because the government employees won't permit it, so you've got bureaucrats who are putting roadblocks ahead of good health care. >> doctor, thank you. i had a feeling something like that was going on. dr. hall schers. >> you never know when the good lord will take you. what i know is all the money in the world won't change the time that he does. [ woman ] i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could.
1:55 pm
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last week at this time, lewis katz was on the verge of making his media dream come true. just hours away from he and an investment partner closing an $88 million deal and owning the philadelphia enquirer outright. it would seem like an odd investment for a man who made his fortunes in billboards and banking and in the new jersey nets. journalism held his passage and a week ago tomorrow, katz let enquirer employees know the money for good journalism.
1:59 pm
lewis katz died in a plane crash this past saturday night. we're told his jet ran off at the end of a runway at an a airway. it crashed. all seven people on board were killed. investigators are trying to piece together what happened. stunned friends and associates still can't believe it did and how quickly it did. such is the fragility of life and the randomness of life. those who took that plane and died and those would like former pennsylvania rent -- rendell declined to ride on that plane. only days after saving a
2:00 pm
newspaper, lewis katz, an obituary in that newspaper. lewis katz dead at age 72. >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld, with bob beckle, dana perino. it sound like a common core math problem. the taliban called it a victory. still many are left scratching their heads over this trade and not just those with lice. we're all happy with the bergdahl family, but what is the message, catch one of us and get


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