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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 4, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that's his workout. >> it condition be any more than five pounds, and he was like oh, i got this. >> don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. the white house clarifies its characterization of his service. this is special report. good evening, i'm bret baier. coming to you tonight live from chicago. we'll go in depth on a couple of big political races here in the land of lincoln a little later. but first the growing war over the prisoner swap that sent an american soldier back home from a taliban-controlled part of afghanistan. it is polarizing the american public. 45% approve in our new foxes new
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poll of this move. 47% disapprove. we have fox team coverage tonight on the soldier for five taliban leaders deal. we begin at the pentagon tonight with national security correspondent jennifer griffin and reaction to the taliban video of bowe bergdahl's hand over. >> it's not unusual for the taliban to videotape moments such as this and turn them into propaganda for their followers, painting this exchange as a victory. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl blinks rapidly as his captor approaches his vehicle. his eyes appear to be adjusting so sunlight, suggesting he was blind folded moments before. the 17-minute video shows taliban holding a white flag as
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they approach helicopter. as they turn to leave, bergdahl is patted down to make sure he's not armed or wearing a suicide bombers vest. a member of the taliban is telling him don't come back to afghanistan. you won't make it out alive next time. another classified internal army investigation in 2010 says bergdahl had walked off of base prior to his capture. those unit members are now describing what they learned in those initial days of their search. >> we heard over the radio chatter that there was an american looking for someone who spoke english so he could talk to the taliban. we knew at that point he had already walked away but now we knew he was attempting to contact the taliban on his own accord. >> defense secretary chuck hagel responded to accusations that soldiers were killed looking for bergdahl. >> i do not know of specific
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circumstances or details of u.s. soldiers dieing as a result of efforts to find and rescue sergeant bergdahl. >> u.s. officials have defended their decision to fast track a prisoner exchange. >> the fact that his health was deteriorating. it was the right thing to do to take action to secure his release. >> pentagon officials who have seen the proof of life videos showed him to be in declining health but medical experts question that. >> looking at the latest video of bowe bergdahl, i can say with medical certainty that he appears to be in excellent health right now without signs that he's malnourished. >> he was pronounced by military doctors to be in stable condition. he still has not talked to his parents but secretary hagel called them earlier today, bret. >> jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. president obama is not making the kind of news he expected on
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his european tour. it has so far been dominated by this prisoner swap story which could turn out to be the result of a huge political miscalculation. and the white house is trying to explain what national security adviser susan rice really meant on a sunday talk%?/ show when s praised sergeant bergdahl's military service. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president tonight in brussels, belgium. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a sweet day for president obama, meeting a candy magazi magazine -- magnate. today we affirm the principles for which we stand. >> reporter: instead he's doged by allegations that he abused his power by swapping five taliban leaders for bowe bergdahl. the president wanted a two-fer
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to tout a public relations win. >> that was in their mind to be a pretty good political story for that week. it blew up in their face. >> >> reporter: top aids deny that. >> using what should be a memo of unity and celebration for our nation and a chance to play political games. >> reporter: top officials also say the president stands by the decision on the merits even though he knew it would be controversial and controversial it is. fully 84% of voters are concerned that making deals with terrorists will cause them to take more americans hostage. and by a decisive 20 percentage point margin, americans think the country is weaker under the president's leadership.
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the president is also taking on water from allies of hillary clinton who leaked a story to the daily beast revealing the pormer secretary of state who had negotiated the prisoner swap at earlier stages was deeply skeptical it could be enforced but in public she's being diplomatic. meanwhi meanwhile, the administration is trying to clean up national security adviser susan rice on the sunday shows when she stated that bergdahl served with honor and distinction. she was not trying to characterize the circumstances of his capture. >> either, she doesn't know her facts or she doesn't know how to string together accurate sentences. >> former secretary clinton is also clarifying tonight, a spokesman telling fox that she never rejected a prison swap deal but set a high bar for the terms of such a deal. bret. >> ed henry live in belgium.
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the family of a western couple that went missing in afghanistan two years ago has real -- released a video purportedly from their taliban cap tors. they were emailed to caitlin coleman's father. they were disappointed that they were not freed as part of the deal that freed bowe bergdahl. half of those surveyed says detainees at guantanamo bay get better health care than u.s. military veterans. only three in ten disagree. >> we will have to wait a little longer to find out who wins the hotly contested senate primary in mississippi. senior national correspondent john roberts is live again in jackson. where do we stand right now? >> reporter: it was a sharp contrast in optics, candidate
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chris mcdaniel before a crowd in hattiesburg. >> this is a historic moment in this state's history. >> while in jackson, senator thad character ron didn't show up. >> i want you to know how appreciative senator cochran has for your support. >> after 41 years in washington, cochran is absent. >> he has not stood up to barack obama. they know i will not be silent. they know i have courage to do so. >> the senate race has been a showdown between the republican establishment and tea party and grassroots conservatives who see mississippi as their last best chance to knock off a powerful incumbent. >> the people who are in washington, who said they want to crush us, punch us in the nose, the establishment, no, we're the american people. it's time for them to respect us. >> reporter: if the primary was
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necessary, the run-off could be down right bloody. the cochran campaign wants to bury mcdaniel. promising more pictures that were posted on the internet. >> we're going to hear more about that. >> reporter: that line of attack had little effect on last night's vote. more to the point is what does the effect that mississippi battle have on the november election? >> i think democrats will stay hands off of mississippi. if state senator mcdaniel is⌞5z dominated, i think all of the it. >> if chris mcdaniel wins the election on the 24th of june, he will bring into his camp all the
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republicans who didn't vote for him. >> the california congressional candidate whose office is was ransacked last week will be on the ballot in november. republican karl demaio came in second in yesterday's primary. >> let's look at what happened last night in iowa. >> it's a heck of a contrast to what's still going on in mississippi. no tea party versus establishment battle here. no republican canal bolysm. republican joni ernst, she's a
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ie awant and she's saying she's better at running the government and more suited to pursue true spectrum conservative principles than anybody like democrat bruce brailly. the gop is targeting this as one of six for the majority and the battle between braely and ernst is already under way aggressively. there will be millions spent here and the republicans here in iowa and across the country say it's really an example of what the gop should be doing. a big contrast to what happens in mississippi and now we're halfway through the primaries here bret. half of the states house members and senate members have been nominated. so far only one republican incumbent has been knocked off and in the senate the tea party said this was their last best chance to knock off an incumbent and it isn't over yet.
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>> carl cameron, thanks. why normally friendly big labor is pushing back against president obama over the climate change policy? fox 5 in new york on the chiquita banana company fighting the wording of a bill could open up its payments made in the past to colombian drug car tells. . >> i don't know what he can do next. i heard like the door being pounded. i heard the knob trying to be turned.sivbñ >> the boy hid until police arrived and arrested the suspect. and this is a live look at detroit from fox 2. the big story there tonight, the
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a political insurgency is spelling more headache for president obama. it involves a rebellion by one of the president's key support groups to his latest move toward global warming. >> that was true in 2008 but united mine workers says no more especially in light of this week's announcement that new epa regulations that will kill thousands of jobs. >> we've failed to spore the
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president because of coal miners losing their job, the threat of what we're seeing today. >> another one time ally is also taking aim at the administration. the international brotherhood of electrical workers says the president is focusing too much on environmentalists demands and not enough on the economic impact of yet another round of federal regulations. "the epa has a track record of under estimating the impact of its rules, making faulty predictions that have costs tens of thousands of good jobs" earlier this year, six unions joined forces and sent letters job killser. our unions consistently raised concerns regarding the devastating effects on jobs, especially good paying middle class employment in the coal --
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>> in 2014 and 16, they have all decided that they care.nt-ñ mor about billionaire environment alists in california then they do about union members. >> the xl pipeline, environmentalists push the president to think of his long term legacy. >> stocks are up today. the do you ahead 15, s&p 500 up 4. >> why former chief of staff ra rahm emmanuel could have a tough time being re-elected in chicago. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to chicago, right now there's a big statewide race for governor and it comes against the backdrop of a fiscal crisis here that has led to a 67% increase in income taxes. here to talk to me about the governor's race are mike flannery and h -- javier doe ming ges. >> we've got to turn our state around. we've become the worst run state in america. pat quinn is failing us. we're raising our taxes. >> the issue of expiring revenue this year is a real challenge
3:23 pm
that will require another hard choice. if action is not taken to stabilize our revenue code, extreme and radical cuts will be imposed on education and critical public services. >> now, the latest poll is really all the way april, so it had iraner -- rauner at 43% and 40% for the incumbent governor. >> it's pretty much the consensus that that is -- that's it's very much a horse race. it's going to be down to november. we're going to be watching this late into the night in november. rauner obviously has the high ground on the income tax issue. he refers to pat quinn as a failed governor. notes that we still have billions of dollars in unpaid bills.
3:24 pm
that this budget, that the democrats who control springfield passed last week uses every budgetary trick in the book. they borrow, they inflated, they raised the revenue estimates. they didn't even appropriate money that's going to be needed to pay pay raises for stay workers that afscme negotiated so whoever is going to win in november is going to face billions and billions of dollars in unpaid bills. >> this is a traditionally blue state, but the economy is such a big issue, the state budget is this enough for a republican to take the chair? >> it could be. it depends on the extent that rauner relays to the voters. they are trying to balance the budget, in term of how he's going to manage to add additional revenue to pay all these unpaid debts.
3:25 pm
i've been very clear about that, i think so far he's kind of played safely and he's going to have to pivot as we get closer to the november election and the voters are going to demand that. >> there could be a lot of negativity. >> that's how pat quinn got elected four years 5mr7ago. he ran a campaign against bill brady who was the nominee then. even though the polls said that brady was going to be elected governor, he managed to win four years ago and i'm telling you, don't count him out now. >> on social issues, jamie -- jaime, how does that factor in? >> that's going to be something that governor quinn is going to use to his strength. illinois as a whole, i think his
3:26 pm
political culture has been a progressive state in terms of its social issues. now with governor quinn passing the same-sex marriage bill, rauner still hat not been very clear in terms of where he actually stands on this. he's definitely going to be pushed on that and he's going to have to respond. >> about 15 seconds, there's a lot of time between now and november. we always talk about that. the main issue, is it going to be -- >> it's going to be jobs and the economy. i mean, illinois -- chicago, illinois, have a lot going for them. there's a lot -- there's a lot of good here. if we could get past this mismanaged state budget, deal with this pension crisis that we face, i think those advantages will come to the fore. jobs and the economy is going to be the number one issue. >> which is familiar.
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mike, jaime, thanks so much for coming in. no grapevine tonight. rawm eman wul may be in trouble. plus, what the intelligence committee knew and didn't know about the bergdahl prisoner swap. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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soldier bowe bergdahl being released to u.s. custody last week. the prisoner swap which involved five taliban leaders have led to massive criticism of the obama administration. some of that criticism is over how american intelligence factored into the decision making process. chief intelligence correspondent kathryn hairage has new information on that tonight. >> six months before this video was shot, fox news was told that a second option to free bergdahl was pursued which did not involve the swap of five prisoners with guantanamo bay. an option on the table was cash. but in december 2013 that option to free bergdahl according to the military intelligence source was put on hold, after the team was told the administration wanted to pursue a prisoner swap. today the state department did not dispute other options were considered. >> this is the best opportunity
3:32 pm
to get him home. . u.s. intelligence officials sadie tails of the swap were closely held by the obama white house and the intelligence community did not provide a formal assessment of the risk still posed by the taliban prisoners. >> i believe he bypassed intelligence community and congress for political reasons. >> republican lawmaker are scrutinizing the president's afghan trip memorial day weekend. where he met with officers on the ground. including the cia's top operative the station chief who would be responsible for tracking the former detainees from they return to afghanistan. >> i think it's interesting to know whether the president brought this up in his consultations in afghanistan with people directly impacted by it. >> the first person to the microphone was also senator rubio and he said that he heard nothing at that briefing from intelligence officials that reassured him that these five taliban prisoners, that their risk has been reduced. he also says he believes based on what he heard that the
3:33 pm
administration has created an incentive tor more americans to be kidnapped in the future. >> thank you. president obama's right-hand man is currently the man in this city, famous for its political machine that can grind up even the toughest of opponents. but chicago mayor rahm emanuel's machine may be slipping some gears. here's why. >> the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel. >> the nation sees him as a political mastermind. he pals around with stars and hits the talk shows but that's not how chicago sees rahm emanuel. >> i have a hard time finding people who like him. >> chicagoens see gang violence. the mayor's motorcade was seen running red light.
3:34 pm
a. >> i want to see the -- take a deep breath, isn't the air better? >> polls show him in a statistical dead heat or losing an election to tony detwinkle. >> rahm emanuel does well with rich suburban businessmen. they can't vote but they fill up his war chest. a man with a history of running nasty but very effective campaigns. >> to go up against rahm emanuel, you have to have some large ones, and you want to put your life through a lot of misery for a while. it's not going to be an easy road. it's a brass knuckle operation.
3:35 pm
>> the chicagoans will put-up with rahm emanuel's trademark arrogance if there's results. >> you better be seeing what the guy next door, than with the movie star. he's going to vote. the movie star isn't. >> rahm emanuel will criticize even problems he inherited like a financial craters at city hall what he will not do is blame his predecessor. outrage over the prisoner swap grows. now sergeant bowe bergdahl is the star of the taliban propaganda video. we'll get reaction from the panel in washington, d.c. after a quick break. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs...
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3:40 pm
>> saying that he served with honor and distinction, honor and dignity, that's the exact opposite of what happened and that's the slap in the face to everybody who honorably joined the army, deployed, returned home or deployed and died in combat, saying that bergdahl was honorable is the exact opposite. he's no hero. he's a deserter. >> well, the controversy over bowe bergdahl and that taliban transfer continues to grow, some new fox news polls out just today. first, concerned, talks with terrorists will lead to more u.s. soldiers hostages, very concerned, 57%, and you see the breakdown after that, and then the u.s. releasing five taliban prisoners in exchange for return of u.s. soldier and this is interesting, the breakdown very close, approve 45%, disapprove 47%. we start there tonight. let's bring our panel in from
3:41 pm
washington, d.c. george will, charles lane, and charles krauthammer. >> and joining us from chicago, our host and anchor bret bear author of the newly released "special heart." already released yesterday but already number 2 on barnes and noble. number 17 on amazon. the perfect father's day gift . maybe right after greta, go out and get it. >> it doesn't feel the same when you do it, charles. thank you very much. >> let me start with this controversy. it continues to grow. george, where are we with this and how big is thisgó#bñ potent? >> it's going to be huge and the numbers uj cited are going to move, i think fast and adversely to the president because this again, as all the scandals or debackles, call them what you
3:42 pm
will that reinforce a preexisting adverse narrative are the most long lived and ruinous. this plays to the image of the administration. at the bottom of all this is the question whether the president had the power to do this in the first place, leave aside the wisdom of what he did. the president's position is that he had the power because he gave it to himself in a signing statement on an appropriations bill. for viewers who don't know what that means, presidents not just barack obama, george bush did it 1,200 times on various provisions of 172 bills. when signing the bill, they attach a statement either interpreting particular clauses or and in this case fore shadowing the nonenforcement and noncompliance of certain clauses. in this case, the president was
3:43 pm
olked by law to notify congress 30 days before any such exchange and he did not do it. >> chuck, houches does this release of this video from taliban complicate this for the administration or does it? >> i don't think the video makes a whole lot of difference except on one point, which is this issue of the health of bowe bergdahl, which they have asserted that one reason they couldn't inform congress ahead of time is that he was in such bad shape that they were worried about any further delay or leak of this operation, and, you know, i'm no doctor, i can't tell for sure, but he didn't look like he was near death in this particular video. that, i think, damaged their narrative on that point. i think as a general proposition, that is just another case in what is generally so amazing about this whole story, which is the
3:44 pm
difference between how the administration thought this story was going to play, they clearly thought it was going to be a feel-good, triumphant moment and how it has actually played, which is anything but that. >> charles, that disconnect is really something. if you look at the president's trip in europe, it's not really even getting covered because everyone is focused on this prisoner swap. >> well, that disconnect is quite shocking. assume that this had been somebody who had served honorably, it would still be a very difficult decision to release the five commanders in return, but i think people would say tough call but okay, but given the fact that they are all these questions about him being a deserter, the fact that they are not insisting that he must be looked at, perhaps tried or i believe some investigation launched, somebody in the
3:45 pm
military actually said he suffered enough. secretary hagel says let's not be unfair. the only way you can begin to justify this is to say we had an obligation to get him out, but now we have an obligation to make sure that if he did what his soldiers around him unanimously said he did, deserted, he needs to be at the receiving end of military justice. butbaqu5 they have such a tin e here with ambassador rice, national security adviser rice saying he served honorably which is obviously untrue, with them talking about his health, which appears to be untrue, and not insisting on the fact that they have to treat him and to deal with what he did which apparently endangered other soldiers in a way that is firm and consistent with military justice. >> well, how do you explain the 45% who say this deal should have gone forward and the
3:46 pm
pushback from the administration that bring them home first and then deal with what happened. >> look, had the choice been mine, i would have made that same choice. it's a difficult decision and i would not attack those who would have done otherwise, but if you are going to do something like that, and you know that you are exposing the country to risk, these are dangerous militants, but we have long engage in other countries in the west have engaged in hostage swaps where the west always comes out on the short end, the reason we put a value on the individual human life the way that the ones at the other end of the table don't. that's why we always end up with unequal swaps. the best example of the israelis who gave up a thousand terrorists in return for one sergeant. >> yeah, we're going to try to get more on this topic because there's a lot to talk about.
3:47 pm
there's several elements to this story so we'll stay on this topic with the panel when we come back after the short break.
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3:51 pm
distinction. this came on a day when white house decided to clarify rice's and let's not forget of the facts that we don't know yet. we haven't heard his side of the story yet. this also comes on a day when two senior defense officials, not soldiers in the field, two senior defense officials confirmed that bergdahl walk off before in 2010 and there's an army report about that. we're back with our panel in d.c. george, what about this? >> well, winston churchill once said
3:52 pm
tell the president to wrap his arms and this episode of national sentiment without till him some of the many, to put it politely, ambiguitiys about sergeant bergdahl's service in afghanistan. did she tell the president, is she advising him? because, if she is not. if she is not giving him the facts, then we have a really serious problem 16 blocks from here. >> chuck senator mccain said yesterday that susan rice should stay off sunday shows. >> she didn't have a good one this last week. >> you know, the statement by jay carney how he put the uniform on voluntarily, went to war voluntarily is not going to work because what
3:53 pm
military people and i have heard from them myself are saying is the important point here is that he took the uniform off voluntarily and went away from the war voluntarily. they have to find a way to address that problem in a way that's convincing to their critics. instead what i hear them doing is like digging the hole that they are already in even deeper. the signaling, the messaging, the symbolism that has accompanied this entire thing has been clueless in depicting bergdahl as some kind of hero. i wouldn't say for a minute that i think that's been a one-sided problem. i think there are lot of people throughout demonizing bergdahl accessively. talking about how is he a trartd and collaborator. i think that's over-the-top, too. unfortunately for the administration, they open themselves up. they created the opportunity for their critics to play that game by attempting to
3:54 pm
create this sort of myth about him for their own advantage when they didn't -- they obviously had not done their homework about his actual record. this should are been handled in a much more kind of mundane business-like way, if at all. to say like okay, we have made our trade here and this is kind of one of the things that you have to do to wrap up the war in afghanistan. when they try to convert it as george said in sort of this mellow feel good moment, they obviously went too far. >> charles? >> but that's not a messaging problem. that's conceptual problem. they have no idea what they actually did. even those of us who might grudgingly accept the cost of that swap would understand that this is a defeat for the united states. this is a moment of solemn solemnity and sorrow that we had to make this endangering our country. but in the name of saving someone. the president thought of it as a victory lap, shows up
3:55 pm
in the rose garden, he has his ache lights speaking about this being a happy day, harry reid, it's a day we ought to celebrate. this is insane. this is a defeat for the united states. and, if anything, you regretfully announce it solemnly and you move on. >> panel, thank you. that's it for the panel. from d.c. and thanks for the intro by the way, charles. stay tuned for some interesting facts about nsa leaker edward snowden. ♪ come on, yeah ♪ i say yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ 'cause you make me feel ♪ like a pony ♪ so good ♪ like a pony ♪ so good ♪ like a pony [ male announcer ] the sentra with bose audio and nissanconnect technology. spread your joy. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ mony mony innovation that excites.
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finally tonight on first interview on american television, ed snowden admitted he catches up on the wire to pass the time. apparently there was more to that interview that you may have missed. >> are you -- were you trained as a spy? >> i have worked for the central intelligence agency under cover, overseas. i have worked for the national security agency under cover, overseas. i volunteered as a bingo caller at the knights of columbus hall. i'm a sam'ss0=u5um card holder. i have earned over 50,000 delta sky miles, making me a silver medallion member and i received a free entree upon joining applebee's email club. >> the reaction there. the cut away. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight from chicago. we're on the road this week. that's it for this "special report."
4:00 pm
fair, balanced and unafraid. sorry no online show tonight. a lot going on. greta goes "on the record" right now. sergeant bergdahl hero or deserter. meet the taliban 5. should would he be worried? >> i wish they would have died in jail. >> susan rice did it again. the white house scrambling to fix new talking point problem. >> he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> "on the record" investigates tonight. the video everyone is talking about. we can't keep our eyes off it the taliban rehe ising the first video a propaganda video of the moment they handed over sergeant bowe bergdahl dal. you see him blinking. almost as if he were unblindfolded. taliban moves him across the fieldwh