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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 5, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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development. >> during a two-hour private meeting on the hill administration officials tried to assure raw lawmakers the tal began would stay away from the field. they are also not satisfied with the justification to leave congress out of the decision making. >> they will soon return to the fight against america and our interests around the world. we have now created an incentive for the enemies of the united states to try to capture american men and women in uniform. >> i am more disturbed now than i was before i came in about some of the logic. there's a theory if we were to release these five taliban it would enhance the chance of peace in afghanistan. >> perhaps there was a second option. they confirmed a cash option was discussed as late as december. but those were put on hold.
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the administration preferred a prisoner swap. the deal is quote bad the five were unlikely to be prosecuted. >> these five were in the middle bucket. were unlikely to be added to the group that was going to be referred to prosecution. it is quite likely eventually in line with our commitment to close guantanamo bay they would be transferred. >> 84 percent of the voters are concerned making deals with terrorists would encourage to take more people hostage and 50 percent say they are very concerned. one important note bergdahl is expected back in the u.s. as early as next week. >> it is opening a can of worms. thanks so much, elizabeth. thank you. even secretary of defense chuck hagel says the release of the 5 top terrorists from gitmo
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was justified. telling the intelligence community suck it up and salute. that brings us to look who is talking. saying this is all ridiculous. >> our military is willing to suck up a lot. we have sucked up iraq and afghanistan. god bless all of those veterans who have been through that. when it comes to do with our national security, but letting go 5 of the world's worst terrorists, an election starter, get the va standoff the headlines that didn't work. also to help close down gitmo. it is so shabby. >> despite the five hardened taliban detainees the administration is considering freeing another gitmo prisoner. >> the white house in my view
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should release, de classify the files on the gitmo 5. they say we should hand these terrorists over american people need to know what have they done? we are hearing talks they are considering releasing yet another guantanamo terrorist. >> that terrorist is this man. according to the department of defense he may have fought outside the taliban and al qaeda. they will have a review board to decide if he should be sent back home to kuwait. if released he could be taken to a prison in yone year. >> a jet crashes into a neighborhood exploding and setting three houses on fire. >> what if the guy is not
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supposed to be in there. >> on the streets of imperial, california, you can see the click tloudz of black smoke filling the sky there. >> when it hit it was like an earthquake had hit. you can see flames far above the houses. >> amazingly the pilot pair chuted out of the plane right before it crashed. horrified residents saw him land on the pavement. this video showing them all trying to help. thankfully he will be okay. no one on the ground is hurt and no word yet on the cause. the pilot was cleared for emergency landing right before that accident. >> a massive manhunt is underway for the gunman who shot three canadian police officers dead. three police officers responding to a call about an armed man in new brunswick. 24-year-old justin beau kay was spotted carrying multiple
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weapons including high powered weapons across a knife. >> a connecticut teenager charged in a fatal stabbing of a fellow student pleads not guilty. 17-year-old appearing in superior court accused of killing his friend sanchez in a hallway of jonathan law high school hours before the junior prom. he is facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in jail if convicted of that crime. they say it's ready to go. >> o.j. simpson's lawyer submitting an appeal with the supreme court in connectivictio an armed robbery. he only agreed to accept the document if it was double spaced. his lawyer claims his trial was biased by his notoriety. the 66-year-old is serving 33 years behind bars.
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>> as the marine fights for freedom new fox news polls show you want action. the majority say he should publically demand andrew tahmooressi's return. another poll asked should they close the border until the mexican government let's them go. this is split down the middle. they arrested tahmooressi in march after he took a wrong turn with registered guns. the court hearing was canceled after he changed his defense attorney a second time. >> moments ago president obama arriving at the g 7 summit in brussel. the leaders calling on russia to acknowledge the result of the president's elections in the ukraine as well as withdraw its military from the border. absent from the meeting russian president vladmir putin. whieflz cut out of the d 7 he could come face to face with
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president obama tomorrow at a d-day gathering in france. >> a start to the family cup finals game one rangers against the kings. in over time the kings justin williams goes high to the over time winner by lund gist. t -- lundqvist. they take the series 1-2. >> the krvscnc music awards. >> -- cmt music awards. >> the buckle goes to carrie under wood. >> she took him her third straight video of the year award and did a duet with mar ra mira lambert. ♪ >> i love that song.
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winning female video of the year for the 5th time in a row. her husband blake shelton won mail video of the year. newcomer kathy post her first ever buckle for break through video of the year. she will be performing on "fox & friends" all american summer concert series next week. >> we cannot wait for that. >> there are storms across the plain state in mississippi valley this morning. >> we have a special treat, janice dean weather machine is here with us. let's take a look where we have a threat of severe weather. unfortunately threat for large hail damaging winds and hail. we have severe weather watches here for parts of candace into missouri and arkansas. no tornado warnings but we have
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severe thunderstorm warnings with large hail and damaging winds. across the plains states and tennessee and mississippi river valley today. that will continue. in the areas you see shaded in yellow that's our area of concern. don't think we are going to see an outbreak of tornadoes. we are also seeing rain across the northeast in the mid atlantic not expecting any severe weather just keep it slow when you are on the roadways headed to work. >> so nice to have you this morning. >> nice to see you. >> you look fantastic. always a pleasure. >> the nation's largest retailer wants us to save more money. we will take it. >> wal-mart wants you to spend money with the on-line tool nationwide of the . it saves money. it automatically let's you know if allower price is found from a
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wal-mart competitor. it will reembers you the difference. netflix telling someone the verizon network is crowded right now. the streaming site blaming verizon for low streaming speed. netflix is paying verizon for access to the fast lane. finally today this is the story that will have you saying that is so true. a citistudy finds working hard isn't worth it. if you say you will get a report done for four-days but you work extra hard and get it done in three-days your boss probably won't care. you are doing it for yourself. >> pe wut it out on twitter and people are commenting. something to consider if you are staying in the office late.
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>> thank you so much, loren. >> coming up, oops he did it again. >> he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> how the white house is now trying to clean up another susan rice sunday show screw up. >> big changes coming to the biggest supporting event in the world. what will be missing from next year's super bowl.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". new details on the friend linked to the boston terrorist bombing suspects. he wired more than 70,000 dollars to people in six
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countries with fake names including dead bomber tam rin tsarnaev. he is accused of deleting computer files and lying to investigators after the bombing. the money transfers had nothing to do with terrorism his lawyer says. >> new video shows a person couple held captive in afghanistan. >> family members lost touch with american katelyn coleman nearly two years ago while travelling near the afghan city of kabul. she was pregnant when the couple disappeared. they are hoping the u.s. and canadian government can secure their release on humanitarian grounds. the white house is looking at the situation. >> comments by national security advisor susan rice after she claims he served with honor and
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distinction. the army shows he deliberately walked off base. marianne rafferty, what's the white house saying this morning? >> the obama administration is in full damage control mode right now after another slipup by susan rice on the sunday morning talk shows. >> you served the united states with honor and distinction. he wasn't simply a hostage he was an american prisoner of war captured on the battlefield. we also had indications he was growing more fragile. he is walking and in good physical condition. >> those comments generating push back from bergdahl's fellow soldiers and the internal records. press administration officials asking for clarification on the comments. >> a senior official said here's what she meant to say. she p didn't mean to say she
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served in honor and distinction in terms of heroic status. susan rice and other officials were well aware that they were allegations that bergdahl was actually a deserter that he left his unit at least twice. that is curious that that narrative was pushed saturday morning. they killed four americans at that time she pushed the false narrative making attacks to the anti islam film. there is a new message for her now. don't?lráup&ly give advice, my advice is stay off sunday morning shows. >> rice's comments had consequences playing a big factor in the committee to investigate pen zi. >> marianne rafferty, thank you
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so much. donald sterling backing off his full court press taking ownership of the los angeles clippers. he announced he and his estranged wife have agreed to sell the team. steve baumer gets it for $2 billion. sterling forced out over his racist comments secretly reported by his mistress. the former owner also dropped the lawsuit against the nba. it is the fall of the roman empire for the nfl at least for one year. the league announcing the 50th super bowl will be called super bowl 50 using the numbers and not the roman numeral l. this will be the first time in four years th four years -- 40 years they will not use roman numerals. >> $190 million used to provide people medical care. >> a torn and tattered piece of
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world war ii history. how you can get your hands on this american flag that watched over our troops on normandy.
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>> happening today sloan gibson making hz first visit to the phoenix visit in the agency scandal. in kansas 385 veterans were put on a list. some waiting 90 days for their
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share. dozens across missouri andal quirky 300 patients were assigned a doctor who didn't actually see a doctor. a brand new muss poll says 50 per americans of gitmo prisoners are receiving better healthcare than our vets. >> more than 200 people signed up for obamacare may have to repay money and lose their coverage. about 1 in 4 who signed up have data discrepancies creating a huge paperwork jam for the federal government. >> >> tomorrow parks the 70th anniversary of d-day. to commemorate the battle army veteran rodney hilton brown is sharing a piece of history with the world. for the past 50 years brown made it his mission to preserve the memory from world war ii. it few hours from now 300 of the items are up for auction.
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i got a speak peek. >> under the invasion they know their way on to the landing beaches. >> it is the day that shaped the world. most of america learned about the snuchlt invasion at normandy through the dow ticker. >> this is the announcement to the people of america that we had manneded in france wbecause france came over the ticker tape. they stopped trading. >> that is just one of many pieces from world war ii in rodney hilton brown's col next. model ships used to train our military arm bands warning troops of a battle and a painting done on normandy beach during the invasion. rodney says auctions off his pieces of history is not about money but about the story living on. >> i went after historic rel hick wills that have a story behind them regardless of
2:25 am
whether they were in great condition or tattered to sleds. that flag is one of the swankedouts in the col next. >> there is high wind and high waives that's why the flag is shredded. it speaks to the horror and difficulty of the invasion. >> among the memorabilia a rare artifa artifact. >> this is a target that would be towed behind a airplane and then on the ground soldiers that were practicing anti aircraft gunnery practice would shoot at this. this and this are with patent patent's -- patton's army. what is unusual about this. this is the only surviving tank engineer's complete uniform that i have ever seen. >> the head bands from kamikaze
2:26 am
pilots. even the machine germans used to communicate in code. >> obviously it means a lot to veterans. it also is a pitching aid for young kids in school. >> the auction is being held today at 5:00 p.m. in new york city. go to fox friends -- >> thank you for that piece, heather. >> it is 26 minutes after the hour. jessie waters working to get the marine released. >> see what happens when waters shows up at the mexican consulate. >> it sounds like something out of oceans 11. how a robber pulled off a million dollar gold heist.
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>> it is thursday june 5th a fox news alert. a late night white house behind closed doors. details on a show plan b. going down the jet a bursts into
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a ball of flames the unbelievable ending to that crash. >> would this drive you crazy? >> it will leaving law of all morning. "fox and friend first starts right now. >> while you were sleeping the administration working over time to defend the trade of five hard-core taliban prisoners. >> many senators didn't get the answers they were hoping for. doug luzader has more from washington p. >> they tried to shore up support in the senate specifically, but the closed
2:32 am
door meeting may have done little to help critics. >> this is high level people. this is not low level. we have created an incentive to try to capture american men in uniform in an effort to exchange them. >> that may be a concern for the public at large. a fox news poll shows 84 percent of registered voters are concerned this will lead to more hostages among u.s. soldiers. this is an incentive for terrorists to take hostages. the administration backed away from the plane to use a ransom rather than a quick ransom payoff rather than a ransom exchange to get berg you will
2:33 am
dall home. he has been vance ferred somewhere anyways. many of us would make the argument i would make it that earned make it. >> the public very divided on this deal. 45 percent approve of it 47 percent disapprove. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. >> despite the growing controversy over the swap of bergdahl for 500 tal -- 5 taliban detainees they are considering freeing another prisoner. that prisoner is khaled abdullah al atta. it is believed he fought along side the taliban and al qaeda. they have 30-days to decide if he should be sent back home to kuwait. his attorney claims he is no longer a threat to america. but listen to this.
2:34 am
according to a brand new national intelligence report one in three was in the gitmo violence. 14 percent have returned to the battlefield according to the director of national intelligence. 149 detainees remain at gitmo. that brings us to look who is talking the senior fellow and staunch defender does not believe these five terrorists -- not suspects, are dangerous, he tried to explain why on the kelly files. >> they get back to the battlefield in less than a year. to whom are they a danger? is they have been out of action for 12 years. they are not even keeping up with the tactics. by the time they get back there we are not going to be fighting there any more.
2:35 am
you seem to be missing that. >> you seem to be missing the fact that we weren't fighting in afghanistan prior to 9-11. they harbored the terrorists that killed 3,000 people. just because we don't have boots on the ground doesn't mean they don't want to tekill them. >> the released terrorists still pose a threat. >> a marine jet exploding into three homes and setting them on fire. >> what about the guy that is supposed to be in there? >> get out. get out of the way. >> panicked people. you can see them running away from the massive flames. it happened in imperial california. >> it was like a jolt an earthquake had hit. you can see a combustion of
2:36 am
flames. >> a pay lot parachuted out of the plane right before the crash. horrified residents saw him land on the pavement. this video shows them trying to help him up. he is all right and no one on the ground was hurt. officials say the pilot was cleared for an emergency landing right before the accident. >> fox polls show president obama needs to demand the release of tahmooressi. he has been shackled to the bed. they release him with 180,000 signatures on it to the mexican consulate general. he had to go through several people had to wait a while before they came out to talk to
2:37 am
us. >> 180,000 signatures. >> can you -- >> i will give it to them. >> she is not available at this moment. >> i personally would like to deliver it to her it's such an urgent matter. >> of course you will make an appointment. >> it will only take a few seconds. a marine was accidentally crossing the >> i understand that. i will try to see if it is possible. >> i would like to deliver this petition to you. >> of course. i will get it. >> it has 180,000 signatures urging the release of sergeant tahmooressi. >> he was told the petition will be handed to the mexican ambassador in washington, d.c.
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>> we have a special guest. janice dean. >> hey, janice. talk about severe weather, right? >> absolutely. this will lapse over the next several days. we have a stationary front and along that frontal boundary that's when we have seen the thunderstorms this morning. we are seeing heavy rain downpours in the northeast. we see hail, damaging winds isolated tornadoes through out the day today and through out the next several days. the heavy rain will be another concern over the next five days 5-8 inches through out the day today and tomorrow the same areas will get flooding rain, hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. so nice to be with you. back to you. nice to have you. it is now 38 minutes after the
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>> well they mistakenly paid dead people hundreds of millions of dollars. an inspector general's report finding between 2009 and 201 # 1 the centers for medicare and medicaid services accidentally paid $190 million in healthcare benefits to recipients who were illegal immigrants in jail or dead. >> they canceled mratheir plann allegations that he was a deserter. >> the white house accusing bergdahl's comrades of lying as they have spoken out. white house aids saying this is an attempt to swift vote him. this is a reference to the 2004 election when men who served as john kerry called his service
2:44 am
into question. representative hunter says those men have every right to tell the american people what kind of soldier bergdahl really was. >> these are pathetic allegations to hide a botched policy move when you are fighting. when it is dirty and tired it is not always for your country it's for the woman or man standing next to you. he betrayed that. that's the most sake cid trust you have in the military. bergdahl walked off his base at least one other time before he was captured the taliban. >> general motors have details on an investigation as to why it took so long years for the auto maker to recall 2.6 million cars linked to fatal crashes. lori rothman is here with all of the details. >> good morning, lori. >> good morning to you. no cover up but a culture clash.
2:45 am
that is how they are characterizing day-to-day of general motors. naeg why that's why a recall delayed years. the wall street journal reporting managers were operating in isolation and made no connections or acted on evidence. the probe is also expected to exonerate most of the company's top managers mary barra top executive didn't know about the faulty switches until december 2013. however later today gm is expected to announce a dismissal of a number of people including the engineers who designed the faulty switch as well as members of the legal department. >> the time now is 45 minutes after the top of the hour. it only cost $12 million to
2:46 am
make. how should the fault in our stars beat tom cruise's summer blockbuster. we will ask the young stars themselves. >> it's the high-tech heist which has investigators scratching their heads. how thieves got through a room several walls and then a safe that was filled with gold. but first steve doocy is here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> how did they do it? come on don't you watch tom cruise. >> this is real life. coming up on "fox & friends" we are following all of theefz developments on the bowe bergdahl situation. we are celebrating america's greatest generation. we want to see your pictures on-line. people who served in the second world war. also are you suffering from allergies? is a lot of people are including our own elizabeth hasselbeck. we have the at home remedies you probably never heard of. natalie grant is here and that star from modern family, eric
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stone street. as if that's not enough mat kenseth will be outside. it is pouring. but we are going to try to change the tires on his car. busy hour kicks off right here on your channel for news.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first" . police say it is something out like -- it is like something out of oceans 11. >> keep watching. ♪ ♪
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>> high-tech thieves in washington state making off with $1 million? jewelry. investigators say the thieves cut holes in the roofs of two businesses, lowered themselves down, then cut through the walls to get in the shop. once inside the police say the burglars cut into the large safe packed with gold all without triggering the security alarm. >> sure enough it was completely wiped out. all of our inventory, stones, all of it. >> how did they do it? based on surveillance footage police believe the entire operation took roughly four hours. a little boy saved through futuristic science. a 14-year-old's brain was filling up with fluid but doctors couldn't figure out why. they finally scanned his d.n.a. for some clues and they found a deadly bacteria 48 hours later. after a few doses of penicillin, joshua was fine.
2:52 am
this is the first time researchers used d.n.a. sequencing to cure a patient in real time. ainsley? >> thank you, heather. from just selling novels to one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, the story of young love between two cancer stricken teenagers. but will the movie hold up to the book? we are stepping into the fox light with michael tammero. what's the answer to that question? >> we're going to see that from the author in a little bit. this is based on the hugely successful book by author john green, two cancer stricken star-crossed lovers. i saw the movie the other night and i was surprised at how much i liked it. it's a total emotional roller coaster. but i think this -- tom cruise also has a big movie at the box office this weekend and he's going to face something tougher than aliens. 10.7 million copies of the book have been sold.
2:53 am
78 consecutive weeks on the "new york times" bestseller list. almost 20 million youtube trailer views. how long have some of these fans been waiting to see the movie when it premiered monday night? up to 30 hours. here is the number i love, $12 million to make versus $107 million for the cost of "edge of tomorrow." this movie will double its budget in three days. clearly this movie touched a lot of people around the world and we caught up with the actors at the red carpet monday night and asked them what they hope audiences will take away. >> it is so truthful, so real. the characters are real. it empowers young people. and it also empowers people with illness in a way that's very honest. >> you've got to absorb every single small moment because those are the only moments we have. stress, worry, doubt, guilt, those are products of the past and future, a past we can't change and a
2:54 am
future we can't guarantee, so let's live right now. >> the question: ask better than the book? let's hear from the author himself. >> i felt like it was going to be really hard for a hollywood studio to reflect what mattered to me about the story. hopefully an love story that is funny. i felt it -- they promised me they were going to tell the story and i'm so proud of it. >> i'm definitely going to see it. you warned me i need to bring a box of kleenexes. >> bring two boxes. check them out at you can follow me on twitter for the latest celebrity buzz and on instagram at foxlight.michael. >> now 54 minutes after the
2:55 am
top. high school seniors snubbed in their own yearbook. what the school has to say. the senior prank that will leave you laughing this morning. ♪ ♪ the lowest price
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this exact moment. [woman] that's good. i know right? cheers to that. gevalia. 150 years of rich, never bitter coffee. two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. senators from both parties have more questions about the deal that freed bowe bergdahl after a late-night closed-door meeting failed to offer answers. bergdahl expected back in
2:59 am
the u.s. as soon as next week. acting v.a. secretary making his first visit to a clinic. on the anniversary of ronald reagan's death a special wreath ceremony planned this afternoon at his grave site in california. time to look at the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we'll start with the good and what might be the best senior prank ever. ♪ ♪ [mariachi music .] >> students following a band to follow the principal on his daily duties. the bad, more than a dozen high school seniors snubbed from their yearbook including a girl who has cancer. the school doesn't know what happened. they say no evidence it has been sabotaged. the ugly. the wheel of fortune sale everyone is talking about.
3:00 am
>> third play. where we go. >> if you didn't catch that, he said surf play, where we go. definitely wrong. you probably know the right answer. surf city, here we come. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> good morning. it's thursday, june 5, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. a military jet comes crashing into a quiet neighborhood and explodes into flames. >> it just completely nose dived down and that's when i saw a huge explosion. it felt like an earthquake had hit. >> how the pilot managed to get out alive. we're going to tell you that in just minutes. >> meanwhile, a classified briefing to defend the swap of bowe bergdahl for five killer terrorists backfires. senators on both sides of the aisle aren't buying the white house story. >> i'm more disturbed no


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