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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 7, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i thought it was commissioner who one. but tonal is a nice horse and a deserving belmont. >> motorcycle mike, we have to go, jowulie bandaras take it aw on the fox. >> i am julie bandaras, this is the fox report. it is official there is no triple crown winner. do we know what he came in now? california chrome came in fifth place and call it the test of a champion and today the belmont stakes why the competition takes the crown after the kentucky derby. molly joins us live with the latest. california chrome coming in much later than anticipated and not
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only not in first or second or third. >> reporter: the unofficial results. a horse named tonalist won in the belmont stakes and big disappointment for the folks who wanted california chrome to be the winner. now, he holds the long 36 drought continues and no triple crown winner. so many people had high hopes and bringing that third jewel here. they thought it would reinvigorate the sport of horse racing and bring in now fans. it brought in a massive crowd. and said it was the biggest years. hyped up and that's what horse
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racing is. it is a comp tegz and all of the people envested in the sport want to insure they had a victrow. it would not be handed to anyone. they are all out fighting for it. and it is difficult to win. that's why it is the test of the champions. i had a chance over the course to speak with the jockeys that have won in previous triple crown. ron on secretarial in 1973. and steve, who won on affirmed and still the latest triple crown winner dating back to 1978. and they talk about the difficulty and coming to a victrow. it is a big disappointment for the folks who came here in hopes of seeing the history. a few folks as people are waiting out. it is a slow crowd and no triple
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crown, the ultimate word. julie. >> what caused the horse to take a late round in the end there? it seems like it was gaining momentum and slid in fourth place and they talked about dirt flying up in the horse's face. horse was wearing similar to football and athletes that have to wear it and there were health concerns leading into this. remind us what the horse was facing in the weeks leading up to the race? >> reporter: he won the kentucky derby and the preakness. and he was only one of three horses that competing in all of these races. some of the horses had fresher legs. and looking at belmont stakes
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field giechltd california chrome, attributes are speed and stunning ability to burst clear turning from home. and so california chrome puts himself in the race early and kicks late. how do you beat that and of course, we know now that some of the horses here today. the thorough breds and they are incredible animals and they were able to defeat california chrome. >> we haven't seen a triple crown winner. but since 1978, and 1 has to wonder why? why is it so long? we thought it was going to be today and obviously history was in the making and didn't make it in the history books and falling fast. and we looked at the spectators
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and the sad looks on so many people's faces. people were emotionally involved in watching it to come out as california chrome becoming the triple crown winner, first time since 1978. >> reporter: a lot of people were wearing the purple and green and dressed up and kaem here from all over the country and others that are just horse fans and they wanted to so the give new people a chance to get into it. the california chrome store tore is so incredible. the blue color and amazing story and makes you feel like anyone can be a part. the owners managed to buy the horse for less than $10,000. and unheard of in where horses can cost the hundreds of
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thousands of dollars. and there was an offer made for 6 million to sell the majority interest in california chrome. one of the early races. california chrome had won six in a row over the course of getting up to this moment. he remains a winner, just not the winner of the triple crown here in the belmont stakes, julie? >> thank you, molly, reporting from belmont part. what a disappointment. and they call it a test of the champion and today, the test demonstrated why the competition attacks the crown after the kentucky derby and the preakness. michael owns a treatment facility for retired races and he had a horse that won in the belmont and he knows the pressure for the jockeys and the owners much thank you for talking to us. snsh certainly. >> describe to me the intense
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disappointment. we thought that california chrome would be a triple crown. and the horse fell short by a long shot. what is your take on the race? bred for speeds and they are winning the preakness and two weeks later belmont and run a mile and a half. and they are certainly babies and three year old horses and like{the teenager ares to play in the nba. it is no coincidence that tonalist winner of the today's belmont stakes. skipped the kentucky derby and the preakness. >> they attack it. and on the age of the horses.
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do we know how old tonalist is? >> they are all throw year old. >> putting through three different races and expect them to win all three. would you say that is why we haven't had a winner. >> the breeding is for spode and not stamina. and so what happens. you can get wonderful horses that run six furlongs and up to a mile. but a mile and a half, in belmont, it is an amazing thing. our horse here sarabba, there is no question that the horse that finished second is a superior horse, but he didn't run in the derby or the preakness, he was a fresh horse to run a milland a half in the belmont stakes. that rest is the key to the
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whole thing and that's why we have had two- thifrds. and a lot of derby preakness winners and belmont wonner ares and haven't had all three and heaven knows, it would surprise me if it happen in my life time. >> let's talk about california chrome and the issues leading up to the race. a lot of people potentially felt he was the next triple crown winner. the horse had to wear a nasaal strip and had issues leading up to the race. explain to our viewers what was going on with the horse and nasaal strips? >> i think it is like a faux issue. it is not terribly important. they kept it on him because they didn't want to change anything. if a horse wins the kek kentucky derby and wearing the nasaal
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strips and purple jacket. racing people are super stitious. i don't think it was terribly significant. i think he is a wonderful horse and they will rest. i am sure they will give him a lot of race and maybe he will run in saring toa and with race he might win. he is a better horse in the fold. >> had he just raced in this particular race and not the other two, he was not have had any problem? >> absolutely. >> those races are difficult. kep ken derby and preakness and the belmont, winning all three is practiceeccally impossible and you would be surprised to so it in your lifetime. people were overly optimistic
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but nevertheless an exciting race. motorcycle mike, thank you for talking to us. >> racing saved by another horse. and the interest in horse racing that was diminerbing is all picked up and all because of california chrome whether he won or lost. people got interested in the sport again. we owe this horse a tremendous debt of gratitude. >> he will go down in history but not as a triple crown. >> thank you very much. we are learning new details with the controversial prisoner guantanamo bay for'p bergdahl. one of those militants is vowing to return to the battlefield. the following and majority of
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mefrns say that prisoner exchange will put american soldiers in danger. 57 percent said it is very likely that the talks of terrorist will lead to more u.s. soldier hostages. 27 percent a some what likely. molly, the president said he had to make the deal confidential because congress can't keep a secret? >> reporter: yes, julie. if he had gone to select members of congress and informed them that the u.s. was going to release five top commanders from gitmo, the president believes that the information would have locked. there was a credible threat that if that would have happen the taliban would have killed bergdahl. president obama does not apologize for the deal and would do it again. >> the fact that we are ending the war in afghanistan, we have
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released under my administration and previous administrations, a large number of taliban fighters and some of whom rurped to the battle fold. you don't do prisoner exchaefrjs with your friends. you do it with your enemies. >> diane feinstein was asked about the president not to go to congress. and she said she saw no cred ebl threat on bergdahl's life. >> critecs say the obama administration is changing its story, explain. >> reporter: critecs can't get a clear answer why the obama administration moved so fast and giving up five taliban for bergdahl and not informing congress. >> it was political reasons and we were told it was a health
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issue and then we have to do it right away. if it leaked out it would have killed them. if we were willing to trade them, they were not kill them. >> reporter: chuck hagel will be in front of the house armed services committee answering questions about the trade. >> thank you so much, molly. right now, tracey morgan is hospitalized after a deadly car crash. the latest on his condition and what police are saying about the cause of the massive pile up. >> four undocumented immigrants out of one state and dumping them in to another. why the feds say they have no plans to stop. ar unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor
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where you can explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. save up to 25% and earn bonus points when you book at >> actor tracey morgan is in the
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hospital in critical condition in a poil up. a truck driver was georgia was charged with death by autoin connection with the accident and facing four counts of assault by on the. he is expected to turn himself in tonight. the crash happen on the new jersey turnpike after morgan performed a stand up gig in delaware. they were riding in a limo bus and rammed by a tractor trailer. one passenger was killed. two other men besides morgan was badly hurt. his family is with him and he is receiving excellent care and we don't anticipate a change in his condition today. >> the truck was owned by walmart and the driver swerved to avoid traffic ahead and setting off a chaen reaction. walmart president and ceo issued
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this statement and i read: this is a tragedy and we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved and we are working quickly to understand what happened and working with law enforcement to aid their investigation. tracey morgan joined nbc hit show 30 rock. >> two ships responded when a ship sank in the mediterranean sea. navy officials provided them with food and water. five of the people were evacuateed to malta. the malta had not said where they are going. southern italy is a gateway frequently. and last year 300 died in a shipwreck off of the coast of
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the reputation of the poet and stage earned her admiration of the world top politicians and celebrities. many of them gaerthed to pay respect to a true american icon. the list of speakers was a tribute to angelou's fast accomplishment. first lady remembers the poet as the first person who let her know she could be a strong black
4:24 pm
woman. bill clinton and ophrah winfrey called her, her mentor. >> we anyhow her and touched by her words and able to sit in the kitchenitably. we are next in line to be a maya angelou to someone else. it is a challenge i embrace with my whole heart. i cannot fill her shoes. but i can walk in her to the steps. >> some of you might recall that angelou recited a poem in 1993. she played a role in the civil right's movement. she died at the agent of 86.
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>> arizona governor jan brower is outraged after federal officials said they are shipping undocumented workers out of texas to her state. she is calling on president obama to put a stop to it. dom is following the story. explain to us how homeland security is abandoning young children this cities all over the country? >> reporter: this is a video picture. you are seeing bus loads of homeland security buses unloading kids in the streets of phoenix and tucson and letting them go with a bottle of water and bag of chips and heading to emergency shelters. what happen in san antonio, and down in south of texas and oxnard north of los angeles isç overcapacity because 2,000 of the children have come across the border in two weeks. and local officials, near the
4:26 pm
border area say it begs relief. >> dumping people and no contact and no communication that is wrong. they have to be more transparent and so that local government and communities can somehow be part of the solution as well. >> reporter: they are coming cross the border because of escaping violence in central america. it is no indication of the tide of immigrants stopping any time soon. >> it is disgusting and what i don't understand, how is the federal government able to get away with this? >> reporter: it is the federal government responsibility to par them with relatives in the united states and they are trying to be compassionate and get them to a facility or some sort of destination whereby that can happen. what they don't want to do
4:27 pm
cording to ice which is the main immigration agency, they don't want to be in a compassionate situation and that is actually going to be the problem. no one knows who made that decision where by the federal government put kids on buses and shipping them around the country. no one has begin them an explanation yet. >> even fema is getting involved and trying to tame it. we have an indication of 500 kids coming over the border a woke. and no where to go. it is a major escalading problem and a crisis. >> i am very sad. dom thank you so much. >> reports that the five free taliban detainees are live
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time for the top of the news. actor comedian tracey morgan is in critical condition in a new jersey hospital following a multivehicle car crash. he was riding in a limo bus early this morning when it was rear ended by a tractor trailer. another passenger in the limo killed. the driver of the tractor trailer now facing charges as a result of the deadly crash. there is a possible breach of information of the agency that adminiters obama care for the state of california. officials with access connecticut said a back pack containing personal records of 400 people was found on the streets of hartford. how it got there they don't know. 8íq/÷i6? edgillespie won the nomination.
4:33 pm
he will face warren next november. one of the top candidates considered to be be taking over the va is withdrawing his name. he runs the hospital in clef end. cosgrove said i have great respect for the care provided to be veteran community and those who work to care for them. that this is a extraordinarily difficult dedecision but i have decided to withdraw and remain in the cleveland clinic dow to the commitment i have made to the organization and our pashts and the work that still needs to be done here. >> reporter: republican law makers are continuing to pressure the administration over the mismanagement of the department of veteran affairs. r >> this is the biggest health
4:34 pm
care scandal and america needs to know if the president is committed to doing whatever it takes to make things right. you deserve to know whether he will personally step in and so this through. >> reporter: this doing legislation in both chambers. the house passed thedo9nvid act month. the bill would allow the va secretary to remove anybody that is underperforming. the senate is working on legislation with added protection and granting veterans more access to alternative facility. acting selector gibson is moving ahead with improve ams. >> we'll be redoing our policy and scheduling and all of these things designed to begin the process of earning back trust of veterans. veterans have tofe when they come to va for carry.
4:35 pm
>> after reviewing 1700 veterans on the waiting list. 18 died awaiting care. if)xa(ñg the deaths are tied t delays, the agency will discipline those involved. back to the controversial prisoner swap for the pow. high ranking taliban members are in a tiny middle eastern nation of qatar. what they are doing is a mystery to the american media. could the americans keep a eye on them to make sure they don't return to terror. >> reporter: the five are joining up with other taliban xhan comraids who came to qatar for peace negotiations that didn't get off of the grouvenltd
4:36 pm
that is a grave disappointment for people who thought it would be leading to peace in afghanistan. some taliban fighter ares in the last now days, said the prisoner swap has nothing to do with peace and doesn't mean they are closer to. it qataris agreed with it is u.s. to keep the deals secret. the prisoners will be able toroam and be a political and quiet. they believe that the u.s. which has a beg military bias will be watching, too qatari is the richest population percapita. and it experter of li foyed natural gas and for a small country smaller than connecticut, it has influence and some say good and some say not so positive in the region. jowly. >> amy, thank you so much.
4:37 pm
>> many in washington are saying the taliban prisoners are a risk of security. one terrorist vowed to return to the battle fold. one in three detainees released from gitmo are suspected of or" confirmed to return to the battle fold. >> reporter: alleged ring leader of a benghazi attack and commander in yemen and suicide bomber in iraq. they were in guantanamo and later returned to terrorism. >> the number is 29%. 16.6 percent confirmed and rest are suspected. >> reporter: the number is higher than one in throw. >> i am not surprised that certain detainees who are highly radicalized go back to the
4:38 pm
fight. even after held in continued detention or go through a rehabilitation program. joishgs transferred to libya in 2007. detainee $5,400,007 is a cowed of training fighter ares for the benghazi terrorist attack and killed ambassador stephens and three urts. transferred to saudi arabia, the former detainee went to the kingdom rehab program and within two years a senior political commander in yemen. he had a similar port're part using cartages. abdulla, traveled to iraq via syria and plow himself up and the martyrdom video he encouraged suicide strikes against americans. a leading counter terrorism said
4:39 pm
the obama white house should take a page from history. >> both taliban, and al-qaeda peninsula benefitted. >> those who supported the swap said they are old men and arrived in qatar after 12 years, but a relative of noori said he plans to fight the americans. >> the track record is strong and fewer detainees going back to the fight. the bush white house train ferred 500 since 2009. in washington, fox news. no triple crown winner this year. tonalist won.
4:40 pm
and the california chrome passed with more than hundred thousand spectators hoping to see history. but not to be. california chrome finished in fourth place. molly joins us for belmont park. >> it was a lot of excitement and disappointment for the chromees. he is the 13th horse joining twel other horses that won the derby and probingness and couldn't seal the deal in the belmont stakes and get the triple crown. credit with tonalist who crossed the finish line first. it is owned by robert evans. when you look at the media clip provided to us. california chrome, his earnings so far.
4:41 pm
throw.4 million and earnings for tonalist. 157,000. he did not run in the preakness or derby. and so a lot of disappointed folks leaving here and wishing they could have seen the first triple crown winner in 36 years. affirm remained the champion and last triple crown winner until this day. steve was the last jockey to hold the triple crown. and chromees say a disappointing day and eyes on next year and still love the sport. >> molly, thank you very much. >> one business looking to make the best out of a bad situation. it is the sale of the century. world war ii veteran going to
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in disarming and subdied the shooting. people wasted no time located
4:46 pm
his wedding reggistry and buying out all of the gifts. but it didn't stop there. there was a go fund me sight for him and his fiance that raised more than 25,000 in joust one day. thursday's shooting in the private christian college left one student dead and two others wounded. police say it could have been a couple of men came cross one girl that needed help. our stories in america. in florida two sanitation workers are heroes for going beyond the call of doubt to save a teenage girl. they were picking up when the girl run out of the house and called for help. they went in the house and coming face-to-face with a knife- weilding burglar. >> i was out by the front door
4:47 pm
and a person jumped over the back fence and we knocked him down. >> the men held the suspect down until the police a ratified. >> california california, an outbreak of dangerous weather with six reported tornados. this ripped through the small community and smashing windows. and nebraska. hailstorm. one car dealership is throwing the sale of the century and slashing prices on 4,000 dinged up cars and trucks. >> we want something to pull the cows around with and good morning and we don't mind the debts. >> minnesota, veterans running through old boxes in the local vfw making an1 just in time for the 70th
4:48 pm
anniversary of d- day. they came cross the american flag with only 48 stars. but a note that came with the note made it more special. >> it was the flag that was made in england and carried with a soldier on d- day in normandy beach. >> it puts in perspective the amazing sacrifice made by so many americans. that's the fox watch in america. >> this next story hands down best story of the day. he made history in the d- day invasion in known 44, now at 89 years old, veteran bernard jordan made a daring trek in to france. he left the nursing home in southern england and told them he was goingalk. if but instead he boarded a ferry
4:49 pm
to the d- day. the nursing home reported him missing and another vet called them and said it was okay. >> jordan talked about what it was like to return. >> it is marvelous. >> you are going to face the muc. >> yeah, i will face that. it is one of those things in life. jordan received rock star treatment to his entire trip. jordan was an officer in the british royal navy and he said what he did that day was not special. and he hopes to return to normandy next year. >> cutting edge technology bringing the past to life like never before. how it could change museums forever. you told us your number one olive garden dishes.
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4:54 pm
i always thought to engage in history and the world. we need to touch. >> he abandoned the wood working. it is a technologeccal advance. and in fact. three d presenting is transforming the way we as human beings relate to our past. this is a three d printing based on a mask. >> they put blast i and cast that same at out of plaster and we created a throw d print. nthree d printing allowed them to relicate models of a mellia ear hart's flight suit and touch
4:55 pm
david livingston's rifle. and down saur fossils. >> they are thrilled to hold it in their hands. >> and the smithsonian is allowing it to be down loaded from their website. >> so this means anyone can have their only. >> that's right. we are talking down the data and three d print it. >> printing historical objects which he said will bring history to life in a way never experienced before. in washington d.c., douglas kennedy, fox news. >> actor and comedian tracey morgan in critical condition. now news of an arrest and charges in the deadly crash. we'll have an update after. this i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between
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add an adjustable kickstand, a keyboard, a usb port, and the freedom of touch. and, of course, make it run microsoft office, with the power and speed to do real work. introducing surface pro 3. the tablet that can replace your laptop. recap of fox top stories, actor and comedian tracey morgan is in critical condition following a díu=7gw!çmultivehic in the jersey turnpike. another person was killed, one of the writers. a truck drefr was charged with death by auto. bail is set the 50,$000. >> belmont stakes. california chrome who had won the kentucky derby and preakness
5:00 pm
tied for fourth. that'sçlebjz%cç how the fox rep june 7th. 2014. huckabee starts right now. have a great rest of the weekend. see you back here next week. tonight on huckabee. five taliban bad guys free to go in the swap for sergeant bowe bergdahl. will the president release the prisoners of gitmo. >> senator lindsay graham on why that move could lead to impeachment. >> and dropping everything to find bergdahl. the major said the five released their partners and their peers in this community. >> why a


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