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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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talk to you while you are watching o'reilly. the factor starts right now. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it was our judgment, based on the information that you had, that his life, his health were peril. >> that turned out not to be the case. at least according to doctors examining sergeant bowe bergdahl in germany. we will will continue our reporting on this very troubling situation. >> thank you bill o'reilly for demonstrating how to conduct a smear campaign against the military family. >> the far left getting desperate now. trying to deflect attention away from the president's order to release five taliban war criminals from guantanamo bay we will tell you what this is all about. >> people have called him a traitor. do you think bo bergdahl was a traitor. >> traveling to bergdahl's
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hometown to find out what the folks there thing think about the big controversy. >> personally i think he switched over to the other side. dad and the son caution, you you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. of the taliban swap closing in on president obama. this may turn out to be the worst controversy the president will experience. right now he is catching it from all sides. far left acolytes are getting desperate in his defense. a a new "u.s.a. today" poll tells the story. 43% say it was wrong for the president to trade five taliban war criminals for sergeant bo bergdahl. just 34% belief it was the right thing to do. and tonight, there is new information. mr. obama says he made the exchange because he believed the sergeant's life was in
5:02 pm
danger. >> we had a prisoner of war whose health had deteriorate ed and we were deeply concerned about and he we saw an opportunity and we seized it i make no apologies for that. >> it was our judgment, based on the information that we had, that his life, his health were in peril. >> but, according to american doctors, who examined bergdahl in afghanistan and others who saw him in germany where he is now, the sergeant's physical health is fine. nothing seriously wrong with him. nothing. so, once again, once again, the president of the united states finds himself in a truth controversy. bergdahl's mental health another matter. that remains undefined. it would be wrong to condemn the sergeant without a hearing. he has a right to put forth his case and we hope he does. he may even have been tortured in captivity. we have to cut him at least some slack right now.
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talking points is not going to jump to any conclusion cans. we will stay with the facts as we always do. but some americans don't want to acknowledge the facts and the president may be in that crew. the far left is attacking people who raised questions about the sergeant and his family. over the weekend, this happened on cnn. >> after the prisoner swap, this story got personal and political. >> but it is robertberg dal, the father, who is also engendering some controversy. he has learned to speak posh to pushto. saying allah right in front of the president. >> thank you bill o'reilly how for demonstrating how to conduct a smear campaign against a military family. >> so by telling you the truth that robert bergdahl learned to speak posh to you and look like a muslim at the white house, i'm smearing a military family.
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now, we expect that from that guy, a notorious far left zealot who has masqueraded as a journalist for years. there is a coordinated effort on the left to hammer anyone criticizing the taliban deal. yesterday, in the "new york times," a front page headline read, quote: bergdahl was in unit known for its troubles. article pointing out the platoon was, quote: raggedy and sometimes they wore bandannas and cut off t-shirts. that's about it. that was the specific thing the "new york times" came up with to denigrate the entire platoon. the paper ran that story on page 1. the "times" editorialized that members of sergeant bergdahl's unit were criticizing him desertion being run by republicans. can you see what's going on here. no question that the release of the five taliban commanders will have an effect over the entire world over the weekend.
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attacked the pakistan. trying to destabilize. tall intan a threat to the world. make no mistake about that. that's why this story is so important. by the way, here is how stupid the pakistani government is. they could have allied themselves with the u.s.a. and defeated the taliban. instead, pakistan has enabled the terrorists to destabilize afghanistan and possibly their own country. moronic doesn't even begin to cover it. finally there is no way president obama is going to win this controversy. it's already over. sergeant bergdahl is a deserter and five dangerous taliban war criminals are free. tough to justify. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining from from manhattan kansas. served with bergdahl in afghanistan. from boston, fox news military analyst colonel david hunt. i'm interested in your impression of the "new york times" besmirching the entire platoon, what say
5:06 pm
you? >> the "new york times" article on sunday was tragically uninformed, suspicious piece us specious and -- mud 99800 degrees temperatures go to the bathroom in holes. the food is bad. they don't have any sleep smoke too much and normally scared. the only -- i promised you the only thing clean on us weapons and our ammo. somebody took pictures of the guy digging a trench standing there with a ban danna. sergeants look like that in all of history. it was insulting to do this. other part of this bad blah tune. platoon leader was relieved for incompetency. i'm glad that the platoon fired. nothing bad with the soldiers, bad leadership. this is an attempt to try to get bergdahl some excuse.
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it's a bad unit so it's okay if he left. that's crap. he deserves it. >> you don't trust his journalism at all? you think there was a higher agenda. reportage obviously is foolish. again, that's the only thing they came up with is that the guys wearing bandannas and cut off t-shirts and sergeant had been dismissed months before. all right, let's get to you because you were a roommate to take the "new york times" article first. on page one of the biggest newspaper in the country how do you react to that? >> we got out to the original o.p. where bergdahl deserted from later. there was literally nothing there we had to build this o.p. by hand and with tools 18-inch shovel. we were digging bunkers literally in the side of a hill through sand, rocks and dirt. we were have to drive constantine know wire.
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this is a hard task. go ahead and add a helmet, weapon and body armor. we were told that security was in place. we were safe. you can go ahead and take off some articles of clothing so you don't pass out from heat exhaustion. >> this is total b.s. i believe you and colonel hunt. the sergeant who was relieved. did that make your platoon bad? did he do bad things? >> well, it was aour lt. that got relieved. he was replaced with another lieutenant who was youth standing and all of us hold to the highest regard morale improved dramatically after he blame our blah tune leader. >> the other lieutenant. did he he do anything untoward? were n chaos to justify this "new york times" article. >> we weren't in chaos o. it was incompetency on the behalf of the lieutenant. >> the full-time thing and this happened last week and the "new york times" accused you and some of your other
5:09 pm
guys who spoke out and told the story of bergdahl are being run by republicans. i understand an operation capital media partners did help you get on television. is that true? >> yes, that's true. after i started tweeting this out about a week ago. i started receiving requests. we can help you get your story out from different people. i went with them. i'm actually being represented by somebody that's not a republican through that firm. you know, dealing with literally a thousand emails, phone calls, text messaging, it's hard for people to have a full full time job. >> one of the partners is a democrat. do they ever tell you do republican talking points attack president obama to do anything like that? no, sir not at all. >> you went with them to get your story out. obviously there might be something in it for you down the road. a book, something like that, tell your story.
5:10 pm
now, colonel hunt, you went through the vietnam war and you you have a a bunch of reporting that made our soldiers look terrible in vietnam. do you make a comparison and what's going on with the "new york times" now or is it just about protecting barack obama? uninformed journalists with an agenda. taking on soldiers brush. have no idea what they're talking about. again, this is a very good platoon. this guy is an example and they were in 100-degree heat and somebody took a snapshot. bill, since war began, infantry soldiers have loonged like that i looked worse. >> when i read that i said this is a bunch of b.s. this audience knows its -- motive. you knew bergdahl pretty good. good guy overall?
5:11 pm
go ahead. >> well, you know, i lived with him and when we were in state side in alaska obviously served in the the team side and platoon in afghanistan. and it seemed well until he deserted his fellow americans. >> were you surprised that deserted? >> we all were surprised looking back hindsight and seeing the writing on the wall. not now it's not surprising but at the time yes, it was very surprising. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. we appreciate it next on the rundown, juan and mary katharine will react to president obama's political troubles. mounting information about the v.a. and how it's treating american vets. the factor is coming right back.
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i'll ask again... what's in your wallet? in the impact segment tonight, reaction to the growing controversy surrounding the taliban swap. joining us from washington mary katherineham and juan williams. looks like the "new york times" is running interference for president obama. what say you? >> i don't think that's the case. if they are trying to run a story that to suggest we shouldn't listen to the truth being spoke by those soldiers that's patently ridiculous. but to report accurately on the fact that that unit was in a distant remote area of afghanistan that they had bad leadership that was removed by the military i
5:16 pm
don't think that's wrong, bill. >> you didn't anything wrong with that article on page 1? where else would that have run other than page 1 with bandannas and cut off t-shirts? >> that's all they have. >> what else do they have? >> you heard colonel hunt say the lt. was removed. >> that was months and months and months before. >> that's evidence of the fact that that unit was having discipline trouble. >> no it isn't. it's poor leadership not discipline trouble. no one makes that suggestion. >> that unit lacked respect. that's what you heard from that soldier on your program. >> lacked respect? >> for the officer who was removed. the thing i had trouble with in the talking points memo is tonight you are saying get about this guy's health. he looks healthy. >> reports everywhere. >> the truth is that kid
5:17 pm
could have terrible psychological scars. >> psychological is not physical. juan, you you are really off it tonight. number one, the doctors are saying he is physically okay that's a fact. if you deny the fact you are not telling the truth. number two, i made it quite clear there is a difference between mental emotional and physical. >> correct. so if they can't. >> don't throw that at me, juan. disingenuous in the extreme tonight. >> mary katharine, you go? >> couple things. first of all i do want to say about this unit they were well disciplined enough that after this guy disappeared they launched several rescue missions for him putting himself at great risk and losing brothers in arm. let's keep that at the forefront. >> we don't know that for sure. the army will not confirm there has been any direct -- >> -- this has been reported several times but, yes, you are right to caveat it. >> the army will not confirm it maybe the fix is in quite
5:18 pm
possible. but we have to -- look. if i'm going to yell at juan for ignoring the facts then i have to connect the record subject itself is not off limits silly to me. there editorial in the "new york times" the rush to demonize bergdahl. ironically they are not much there there on and taking to task his entire unit. like you said, they don't have much -- >> -- there is no doubt they are running interference for president obama. no doubt they are trying to diminish the platoon and testimony of the soldiers within. that's what they are trying to do. >> the problem for them and obama is that these guys' stories are uniform. there has been investigation into bergdahl which has been leaked and found that he walked away and he is entitled to his trial as to whether it meets the definition of desertion. there is actually a definition that's been concluded and these guys
5:19 pm
seem like sober, smart calm people discussing this issue. >> i do say we are at the point now, juan, where we have got a corrupt media the media is motivated by ideology, not giving folks a fact to run a page one article to say a ploo tune in eastern afghanistan, most dangerous territory there is was raggedy, their word, wearing cut off t-shirts and bandannas while digging trench is a disgrace. absolute disgrace. go. >> i think raggedy is someone else's word. they quoted that let me just say have chuck hagel, the defense secretary on capitol hill on wednesday giving testimony and then some closed door testimony. i think you will find out mr. this young man was a did i setterrer. we know he walked away twice and came back, bill. i'm not just going to leap to any conclusion. i might add, you know, you look at some of these republicans on capitol hill. mccain, inhock, toomey, others. they were so quick to say don't lose sight of the principle. we don't leave everyone
5:20 pm
behind. if they're stupid, you know desserter, whatever. now those people are condemning bringing him back. >> facts were not at issue. "new york times" in this editorial misquoted mccain and left out the fact when he quoted it i would have to have the facts about this before i would support it as for his health, one more thing, that video that reports to have found so alarming came in january they waited until june to do this. >> on the table in january. >> lots of people didn't want the deal and cia and defense and they had to finally be brought in and they did buy in once they were agreed to the terms. >> i want everybody to be clear. the doctors whod can bergdahl in bag gram and in germany all say nothing wrong with him physically.
5:21 pm
>> physically. >> got to go directly ahead. brit hume on whether voters will now genetic the democrats because of the taliban and v.a. situations. later, jesse watters travels to sergeant bergdahl's hometown. find out what the folks there think. those reports after these messages. ♪
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5:25 pm
for the president. you read the front page article. you have been covering the news, what, since is the war of 1812? you have been around a long time. have you ever seen anything like that? >> i can understand how a news organization might take the view that they want to withhold judgment until we have heard from sergeant bergdahl and the facts and stow on. gentleman understand katzing aversions on this group of soldiers. known him and in this platoon and described him as a deserter. i see no reason to doubt their sincerity or the honor their intentions the "times" article seems to me is a cheap shot and there was a time not many years ago when the "new york times" that i knew would never have published anything like that. >> i agree 100%. 100% that that article with what they had to run that headline besmirch all of those men. i don't know if any women were in that platoon. it's just inexplicable.
5:26 pm
i shouldn't say that the only explanation is that they were running interference for president of the united states. they knee he is in trouble. they know there is a truth deficit here again because as we demonstrated they said that this sergeant was in dire and i mean dire physical straits. is he not. and once again this is like the tape in benghazi and the irs thing it never ends. the controversies seem to be utterly manageable in political terms. what happened in benghazi was a terrible thing fault was there to be found it's the effort to try to spin it afterwards or to cover up the truth or make a rash of misstatements about it that prolongs these controversies and raises questions that leave a bad taste with people that this is an administration and by extension a political party that can't shake hands with the truth. the old adage about these
5:27 pm
controversies in washington and scandal is not events themselves that get new trouble. it's the coverups afterwards that always prove to be lethal. this is a lesson the administration seems not to have learned. >> the voters then go to the polls in november and say you know, we have had enough. >> you know what i like the way you formulated about that question, bill. it's not any one of these things in particular it's the accumulation of them over time. the sense that the administration can't manage things effectively. can't run things effectively. you saw that with hhs and the rollout of obamacare. that obamacare is exceptionally flawed. you saw that with the the v.a. and whole handling of this episode. a cumulative effect that says these people can't do this. they are not up to it and that the ideas that animate them aren't working. that sentiment it seems to me is the kind of thing that can can give the republican party which is not itself very good with the american
5:28 pm
public is like this upcoming one. >> we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg on the "times" slamming the soldiers. that should be interesting. and then, watters, traveling to hailey idaho, sergeant bergdahl's hometown to get reaction on the controversy. hope you stay tuned for those reporters. -- reports.
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factor follow up segment tonight. shocking information about the v.a. scandal. the v.a. itself has just released an audit that says more than 57,000 vets have been waiting 90 days or more for their first medical appoint. in addition 64,000 veterans have never received an appointment even though they requested one. truly disturbing. washington national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us now. there is a hearing going on, we're live tonight with the new inspector general with the v.a. richard griffin, and he is in front of congress, congressional committee. what's going on there? that's numbers are actually worse than those numbers that you just mentioned. we just learned from the v.a. acting inspector general who is testifying tonight. you can see the light behind me in the capital sewing they are doing the people's business as we speak. is he seeking in front of the house veterans committee. they are now investigating, he says, a total of 56, not 42 v.a. facilities accused
5:33 pm
of manipulating the data with regard to these wait times. with regard to the audit released today. 13% of the schedulers at the 731 v.a. hospitals and clinics that the v.a. itself investigated. 13% say they were told by their supervisors to falsify appointment schedules. in other words, 13% of the nearly 4,000 v.a. employees were ho were interviewed were told to cook the books by their bosses. 76% of the v.a. facilities audited had at least one instance of schedulers changing the dates to make the wait time not look so bad. >> one of the reasons that was done was because the v.a. officials in the cities, if they showed a certain level of competence got money. they got bonuses. >> they got bone uses. that's the first thing that sloan gibson who is the replacement for eric
5:34 pm
shinseki. one of the 14 recommendations he gave today is that they could not meet these 14 day wait times. he got rid of that. and he also has gotten rid of this practice of giving bonuses. that's something that shinseki started in 2011. something that has led to a will the of these problems. >> yeah. i would say probably most of them not many people know this but jennifer griffin is really the responsible party for all of the track chairs that we have been able it to give to the amputees and the severely wounded veterans in iraq and afghanistan. she introduced me to the independence and then we got the system rolling. i said and this might have been unfair and i want to get your opinion on it he never won time contacted you or the independence and say can we help new this effort? we have raised $25 million.
5:35 pm
we are getting the chairs for the guys and gals. he was totally detached from it. and that really struck me as strange. >> it is strange, bill. there was a complete disconnect with the v.a. and with shinseki himself. he has now stepped down. sloan gibson is a good man. we have known him over at the uso for a number of years. he has come into a very difficult situation. it's interesting, we heard tonight from the inspector general, richard griffin that they have sent some recommendations over to attorney general holder suggesting that there have been crimes committed here. >> absolutely. >> it will be very interesting to see if the attorney general and the justice department picks this up. >> 11 democrats have asked holder to launch a criminal investigation. but is he not noted for that, jennifer, as you may know we appreciate you coming on tonight. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on the "new york times" slamming soldiers who are criticizing sergeant bergdahl. then, watters world in the
5:36 pm
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5:40 pm
world bergdahl. is that gentlemen jit mat journalism the way it's been reported. joining us from mr. goldberg. the "times" calls bergdahl's unit troubled but backs it it up by pointing out they are wearing cut off t-shirts and bandannas and mentions a lieu den nant that was dismissed. doesn't say what for and when it happened. is that enough to warrant a front page expose? >> no, no. let's go over this step-by-step. the headline is bergdahl was in unit known for its troubles. okay? what were the troubles? the first one is the one you have mentioned tonight and that word for word from the tisms. they were known to wear bandannas and cut off t-shirts. that's a crime against humanity, right? observation post inadequately secured. that might be serious. the first one is that pla
5:41 pm
tomb leader was replaced because he didn't inspire the troops. that's not the troops' fault that's the leader's fault. that's pretty much it. >> when you make an accusation, security forward operating base was lax or something wrong with it, you have got to back it up. >> they don't back it up at all. >> bergdahl walked out undetected. let's not get bogged down on that. that's pretty much the extent of the allegations and even the "times" acknowledges that this isn't uncommon at outposts throughout afghanistan. the question is why did they do the story? i think they did the story to suggest or imply that bergdahl isn't really responsible for whatever he did certainly is he not
5:42 pm
completely responsible for whatever he did. because, if he is in a raggedy unit, their word, not mine. if he is in a raggedy unit. a unit that has lack security. lacks discipline because the guys are wearing cut off t-shirts, what do you expect. they are trying to put this in a certain context though take the blame or certainly all of the blame all of bergdahl. >> let me get this straight the "new york times" says because guys wearing bandannas that it's okay to desert? so if i look ajim in hendrix album then i can go awol. you know what the real reason is, goldberg. >> the real reason is they are covering for president obama. >> thank you. thank you. >> that's the real reason. >> that's right. >> but you have got it do it in a certain way. what i'm saying is they are doing it by trying to take the blame off of this guy that obama got freed and i have no problem with him
5:43 pm
getting the guy freed. but to suggest that whatever he did was a deserter or worse, it really wasn't his fault. >> not his fault. >> it was part of the unit's glps you have to explain that fast to me. you don't have any trouble with the president free in exchange for the five war criminals? i don't want you getting in trouble here. >> what i'm saying is, one could make a case that you get your guys out and we discuss what he did did later. but, it's perfectly legitimate and this is what a lot of liberals aren't willing to accept. it's perfectly legitimate to say was it a good deal or not? what if the deal was to release khalid sheikh mohammed and the five guys. would that be legitimate? at some point you have a right to say it wasn't a good deal. >> and it wasn't. real quickly. i didn't mean to smear a military family, you know, when i -- you know. all i was doing was saying the presentation i just
5:44 pm
wasn't comfortable with it and pointing out the facts of the presentation. >> let me make three points. i don't mean tomorrow bare was you on point one. >> i know you off the air there is no way you would smear a military family. i don't think you would smear anybody, quite frankly. that's number one. number two, the term "smear campaign" that was used by cnn. the guy on cnn is precisely the term it that was used all weekend long on television, is he singing out of the same song. here is where you and i disagree real. >> real quick. >> you said he doesn't look like a muslim. he doesn't look like 95% of american muslims. he looks like the guys from duck "duck dynasty." he looks like the amish. the guys who ride motorcycles in the pacific northwest. he looks like -- i think what you meant to say bill, he looks like the taliban.
5:45 pm
>> okay. and they are muslim. bernie goldberg, everybody. he went to talk to the idaho to talk with the family who knowsberg dales very well.
5:46 pm
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5:49 pm
he like as a person? >> he is a very warm generous hearted man. >> what about bowe, what was he like growing up? >> he is shy. had a sense of humor. >> i think the vibe of the family is relief on the part of the family. >> some of the allegations came out. that made a black eye for idaho and definitely the city of hailey. just bummed everybody out. >> please reserve judgment until due process is held. >> people are mad at our town and all we did was support someone who grew up here and we knew the best of him. he wasn't bad here. >> he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> susan rice said that he served with honor and distinction. do you think he did? >> that's not for me to judge. he went in the wrong service. he was more a peace corps is what he should have been in instead of an army. >> probably the best thing right now is not to have him
5:50 pm
as a hero. is he not. >> do you think bowe bergdahl is a traitor. >> i absolutely reject that characterization. i don't know honestly how anybody can describe that young man as a traitor. >> what do you think his biggest challenge is going to be vets that are really upset about it. >> personally, i think he's a deserter. it upset me. it's ridiculous. they should have left him there. >> down why people are upset? >> oh, yeah, because you're ignore rant. he was there five years. you give him the benefit of the out. maybe something snaps and you can't handle it. you don't like a movie you get up and leave. >> any tile one of our guys goes off the reservation and falls into enemy hands, that's a huge deal. they find hill guilty, he's stuck with the consequences. >> when you heard about the deal, five taliban commanders for bergdahl, what went through
5:51 pm
your mind? >> we have terrible negotiators. >> if one american is worth five of theirs, i think it's what the going rate is. >> they are jealous? is it? >> reporter: i think they have honest feelings about what happened. this is the bergdahl residence in hailey, idaho. as you can see the property is very islated. the father bob hasn't been seen publicly for about a week [speaking foreign language]. >> he's a very intelligent man and deep of heart. >> reporter: the father, bob, has taken some heat with the beard. >> he grew it for his son. that's what we do. >> by growing the beard, i think he wanted the taliban to identify with him, hoping that
5:52 pm
they wouldn't be so harsh. >> reporter: is bob a religious man? >> i think he's a christian. >> reporter: did bob convert to islam. >> as a father, i would grow a beard, learn a foreign language and go to the mountains on the other planet to look for my child. >> i think he went to the other side. >> reporter: the dad. >> the dad and the son. >> i've been living next door for 20 years and keep saying, this vicious attacks that am i missing something? i know these people. for 20 years, next door. what am i missing? >> good report, watters. you keep coming back to the rolling stone article. there was report the father gave the rolling stone magazine some e-mails back and forth that his son was sending that showed
5:53 pm
sympathy to the taliban. that's the problem right now. >> right. >> but i think there was a good report, good balance. easy to split in hailey? are they split? >> 60/40 they support bowe. >> still? >> that this is about the family. they have convicted him, so they are angry about him. i walked around and some people yelled go home. i pull -- >> they do that in every town you go to. >> that's true, san francisco. >> they had to cancel the parade for bowe bergdahl. >> yeah. it looks like bowe was an interceptive guy, adventurer, wanted to join the foreign league and he kind of went over there to help the taliban and help the villagers they say, not fight with them, more of like -- >> i think this story will come out within the next couple of months. all right. watters, thank you. wait until you hear who donated $25 million to the united nigro college fund.
5:54 pm
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5:58 pm
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>> you may have heard of the koch brothers, billionaires. they donate to conservative causes and routinely smeared and villa fied but they donated $25 million to the united nigro college fund. check out the far left website and see if they print that. information is power but in many places you only get part of the story. not here. nice of the koch brothers to do that. a lot of kids will benefit. check out the fox news website different from and spout offabout the factor from anywhere in the world, o'reilly at fox news to, o'reilly at, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. we have a tendency to use swear words, but just substitute codswallop. and you'll stun the ocho crocro
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the crowd will pay attention. ms. megyn is next. the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a new warning about the safety of americans as a result of the president's decision to release five top taliban commanders in exchange for one american soldier who may face desertion charges. this is the united states house wraps up a classified intelligence briefing and lawmakers are furious. welcome to a busy "kelly file", everyone. i'm megyn kelly. some are outraged and speaking out accusing the president of misleading american public and claiming that he approved this deal without the required congressional notification because he supposedly feared a leak. this as we learn