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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 11, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i'm going to leave it right there. don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of "the five." special report next. >> the house majority leader steps down. the number two republican in the house taken down in what was supposed to be an easy primary. now the power struggle and leadership begins. this is special report. good evening i'm bret baier, perhaps the most distinct reaction to last night's out of the blue primary loss for house majority leader eric cantor came when a senior gop source told fox news members are freaking out right now. we have coverage tonight in richmond where his district along with much of the country is still in political shock
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tonight, but we begin with carl cameron. >> house republicans are planning to have an election a week from tomorrow to pick a new majority leader to replace eric cantor. >> in the wake of his stunning primary loss to economics professor dave brat, cantor announced he will step aside as the number two republican next month. >> while i intepd to serve out my term as a member of the congress from the 7th district of virginia, effective july 31st, i will be stepping down as majority leader. >> the gop hopes his decision to vacate his post will provide time for an orderly transition and prevent an ugly and did i vice sieve internal power struggle. some want it as soon as possible to avoid distractions. house speaker john boehner has chosen the 19th of this month for an eleeks election.
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kevin mccarthy is planning to run for the job. >> if he does decide to run, i think he would maks outstanding majority leader. >> congressman jeb hansling is also considering. the chief deputy whip wants a promotion to whip sem, he will likely face a challenge from steve scalise. some gop rebels, including congressman steve king of iowa even want boehner and the entire leadership bounced and boehner isn't budging. his backers are saying, he's needed for stability now. cantor said he just came up short and down played the gop internal division. >> the differences that we may have are slight and pale in comparison to the districts we
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have with the left. >> with a 95% lifetime rating from the american conservative uni union, he argue the differences are being scrathd. >> i would say from the tea party remember what it means. taxed enough already. >> it could slow down the legislative agenda. immigration reform is less likely to be passed this year. cantor denies supporting amnesty and helped block the senate bill from coming to the house floor. >> i said there's common ground at the border. i would like to see the issue of the kids addressed by those that didn't break any laws and come here unbeknownsted to them. so again, i've always said that there should be and is common ground if we would just allow ourselves to work together. >> republicans say by scheduling their leadership elect next
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thursday, they can regroup quickly and keep to their schedules, but the next week is plenty of time for the tea party and conservative opinion marks to weigh in on those candidates and if they don't listen, well, they better listen. >> all right. cantor lost to a college professor with very little money. so what happened? we'll look at that from richmond tonight. >> house majority leader eric cantor can't blame a rainy day. almost 18,000 more voters showed up yesterday at the polls. dave brat sailed to a win. >> this is the happyist moment of my life. >> dave brat was outspent by his powerful rival 25 to 1 but still won by a stunning 56% of the
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vote to eric cantor's percentage. >> this is about american values and virtues right from the beginning and the basic premise is power belong to the people and that's what we're going to do. >> he may have benefited from a perfect storm of national and local concerns. nationally, he's succeeded in painting cantor as complicity in the debt ceiling deal. he tapped into conservative ang anger. brat had little money but a big megaphone. and laura ingraham campaigned for him. >> people are sick and tired of centralized government and the impact it has on their life. whether it's obamacare and the chamber of commerce pushing amnesty. >> locally, he may have been his own undoing on election day he
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was in washington raising money. it fueled similarering perceptions. >> his role as majority leader took him out of the state a lot and that was at the expense of the local units and the voters see that. >> cantor was seen as being a little more interested in national aspirations as opposed to local ones so you put all that stuff together and you can start to see how this could happen. >> despite rampant speculation that he might mount a write-in campaign, he will not be on the ballot in november. republicans should be relefed because such a move would split the vote. thank you. the president's pentagon chief was not playing ball today with a suggestion from the white house tuesday that he not the president made the final call on the much criticized prisoner swap involving taliban leaders.
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chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is here tonight. >> at the first open hearing about the swap, defense secretary chuck hagel said the commander in chief made the call. >> the president's decision to move forward with the transfer of these detainees fses a tough call. i supported it. i stand by it. >> with that, then there were questions about those given up in the deal. >> who specifically selected the particular detainees that were transferred? the five detainees that were transferred have been the subject of conversation, a negotiation over a period of time. >> and an ongoing issue has been the fear that the taliban five will return to terror activities or the battlefield. >> we put american lives at risk to go after individuals if they rejoin the fight? >> yes. you could use the same argument
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on yemen and everything else. >> concerns about this being dangerous for american troops and civilians overseas. >> the result is somewhere in this world, in this moment, that there are terrorists watching this hearing in complete jub i lags. >> as i said before, our military is always at risk, especially in war. >> as for bowe bergdahl, an army spokesperson tells he's been discharged from the coast guard for psychological reasons. >> you are trying to tell me that he's being held in germany gauze -- because of his medical condition. >> congressman, i hope you are not implying anything other than that. early on, hagel got a lecture about that about keeping congress out of the loop. >> the law is the law, the way you figure whether it's constitutional, you go to court.
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>> the republican chairman said all that was necessary was basic notification. >> and i don't think we would have pushed back at all. and yet when the law is ignored, we all feel keenly the responsibilities that we have. >> we could have done a better job. we could have done a better job of keeping you informed. >> some details were not revealed because they are classified, but so far lawmakers say a number of closed door sessions after the swap haven't produced anything new. >> up next, another iraqi city falls to al qaeda. al qaeda linked militants in another blow to the obama foreign policy. first, here's what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. fox 12 in portland, oregon with new details on yesterday's deadly school shooting in suburban troutdale. police say the shooter was a freshman who had an assault rifle, a handgun and several rounds of ammunition. the shooter killed himself. there's no known connection
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between him and the 14-year-old student whom he murdered. >> fox 29 in philadelphia with a not guilty plea from a truck driver, kevin roper on charges related to that accident that injured tracy morgan and killed one of his friends. and this is a live look from faem, from our affiliate, it looks stormy. aa massive boa constrictor on the loose in boca raton. he keeps showing up in bushes and trees and even on a backyard chair. we'll be right back. upgrade to the philips norelco shaver series 8000 for the most advanced shaving experience. with gyroflex 3d technology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $50. finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand.
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president obama's beleaguered middle east strategy took a big hit today when a second iraq city fell to
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insurgents. today it was tikrit, and yesterday it was mosul. what does this say about a foreign policy already taking political fire? >> al qaeda militants already took over tikrit, one day after mosul. >> there's an indication of being a total failure of western policy in iraq? >> i would disagree with that. >> she did admit u.s. weapons given to the iraqi government have fallen into the hands of the al qaeda inspired militants in iraq. >> is ending the war in iraq and winding down in responsible fashion the war in afghanistan, and doing that after the success
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of our effort to dismantle and destroy al qaeda core. >> except that record came under attack from washington post, the capture of mosul is an alarm bell that violent extremists are on the rise again in the middle east. >> it's a group that is now involved in ten or twelve countries. >> we ended the war in iraq. we focus those tension on those who actually killed us on 9/11 and as a consequence, al qaeda's core leadership has been zes si mated. >> today, susan rice continued to recalibrate. >> core al qaeda is diminished, but its affiliates and off shoots increasingly threaten the
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united states and our partners as we're witnessing this week in mosul. >> as republicans note, the setbacks are mounting across the middle east. >> the administration unfortunately continues to hide behind, you know, classified briefings and those kind of things, and is unable to lay out a coherent strategy for the region. >> now, the state department has issued a travel warning for american citizens to stay away from iraq as a curfew has now been imposed in baghdad because militants are edging closer to the capital city. >> ed, thank you. russian president vladimir putin says he will sell natural gas to ukraine's new government at the same discounted prices he had for the previous pro russian president. he promises to keep the discounts in effect for one year, but ukraine's prime minister says the discount isn't good enough and wants to go to
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arbitration. as russia increases its presence in the area, the u.s. has now deployed two stealth bombers in europe. a pair of bombers will be temporarily based in england to integrate with u.s. and allied forces in the region. still ahead, i talk with the pilot who flew into libya right after the benghazi terror attacks to bring americans out, including the bodies of the four killed. first, hillary clinton says lawmakers with questions about the benghazi attacks can read her book. ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" bulldog: [yawn]
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that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at. ♪ mattress discounters hillary clinton seems to be drumming up as much controversy as book sales. topic range from the trivial to those involving life and death.
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good evening. >> appearing at a chicago conference, the former secretary of state fielded less than adverse yale questions from may i don't remember rahm emanual. she denounced the quote, unquote cynicism of vladimir putin for laws targeting russia's lgtb community and she received another chance to smoog over the first official gaffe of her book tour. >> hillary, dead broke, really? >> well, it may not have been the most artful way of saying that bill and i have gone through lot of different phases in our lives. that was then. this is now. >> in another book promotion interview, with nbc, clinton defended the swap of five
3:22 pm
taliban figures for bowe bergdahl. >> these five guys are not a threat to the united states. they are a threat to the safety and security of afghanistan and pakistan. it's up to those two countries to make the decision once and for all that these are threats to them. so i think we may be kind of, you know, missing the bigger picture here. >> clinton also disclosed that she kept notes during the benghazi affair and relied on them to write her memorandum worry. when asked if she would turn over the house benghazi committee -- >> they can read it in the book. let's see whether this is on the level or not because that really matters to me. i don't want to be part of something which in any way plit sizes or demeans the sacrifice that we saw happen there. >> asked about those comments, the chairman of the house benghazi committee, republican tray gowdy told fox news the
3:23 pm
select committee is focused on conducting a fair and fact-driven investigation, we need every relevant, witness, document or other piece of evidence to have all the facts. lastly playing up the obama cabinet team of rivals. she likened herself to an abraham lincoln and stephen douglas. >> don't forget hillary clinton talks with greta van susteren and me live next tuesday right here on "special report." you don't want to miss that. >> the -- republicans said it was too expensive on the bill for the student loan debt bill. >> the dow was down 102. nasdaq was off 6.
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we can bring you a first person account to the pilot who flew knew libya after the terror attacks to get americans out. his story and the stories of some of the survivors he flew out. next. can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train.
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you know about the four americans who lost their lives 21 months ago during the terror assault on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya, but
3:28 pm
what you don't know is the story of the u.s. air force crew who flew in to take the victims and the survivors out. the commander of that mission now retired air force reserve major eric stall, the day before 9/11/12, the day of the benghazi attacks, he and his crew were on what was called bravo alert status in germany, ready for a mission to transfer a detainee out of guantanamo bay. it was on stand by as the situation in libya exploded. >> at the time we were on a 45-day deployment to ramstein air base and we were there to pick up high priority missions that needed to be accomplished. >> you were on this alert status for transfer from gitmo, but we're talking 9/11 here. >> yeah. you would have thought that we would have had a little bit more of an alert posture.
3:29 pm
>> bottom line, i mean, the alert status you were in, conceivably, if they could have called early enough, you coffee vak waited those people from benghazi. >> absolutely. if they would have called, we could have been down there three hours basically. a hurried up timeline would take us an hour and a half to get off the ground and three hours and 15 minutes to get down there, so we could have gone down there and gotten them easily. >> that's not been talked about. >> i think the only thing i've heard is that there was no assets available. >> if they would have called earlier enough, certainly we could have gone to benghazi. it's just a matter of when they made the actual decision. >> you get the call to go to tripoli. >> we got the call. we didn't really know where we're going at the time. we were told to get in as quick as we could and we just guessed that we were going to tripoli obviously because that was the
3:30 pm
big thing on the news at the time. it wasn't until we were in our operations that we were actually going to tripoli. >> this is really the day after, we're now on 9/12. >> yes. this is the day after september 11th. >> so you fly into tripoli and it's what, chaotic? >> actually, we didn't have a lot of information going in there. we had tried to call ahead. it wasn't until the flight going down that we knew whether or not chris stevens had made it or not. there's a lot of confusion. >> you land on the ground, and what happens? >> about 45 minutes after we arrived is when the folks from tripoli, benghazi, and the folks from the hospital arrived. >> these are the pictures that you sent, and you see the vehicles around the plane. >> right. before we had actually placed the vehicles behind the train, that's when we had taken a few
3:31 pm
pictures. >> did you have any interactions on the ground? >> the prime minister of libya, he walk right up to me and grabbed my hands and had nothing but great things to say about chris stevens. apologized, and he said how the libyan people absolutely admired and loved chris stevens and they would get to the bottom of who was behind this. the first thing we did was a truck backed up and they had the four bodies on, and they were basically on a stretcher with a sheet over them and we had put them in transfer cases basically which is a way for us to get them from place to place, placed a flag over them. because we didn't really know what the security swaying was at the time, we didn't do a ceremony there. >> who else is on the plane? >> we had two ambulatory folks that were wounded. we had 33 that walked on that were from the embassy and the
3:32 pm
benghazi staff. >> and then the four -- >> then the four bodies, yes. >> you landed at ramstein, and you had that ceremony. >> yes. cia folks were absolutely adamant about making sure that we had a ceremony, the entire embassy staff came out there and there wasn't a dry eye in the back of the plane. i mean, it was kind of surreal going in and it kind of hit us on the way back to ramstein what had just occurred and how big it actually was. >> you've done the ceremony. are these guys being interviewed? >> they were taken away from the airplane, the ambassador to germany met us when we landed. they took them away, they wanted to debrief them that night. >> they do a debrief with the u.s. ambassador in germany and they told you they also talk to the fbi and homeland security. that's in the first -- >> yeah. within -- i saw them the next morning and knew that that stuff
3:33 pm
was going on. >> so now we're talking 9/13? >> yes. >> you spent time with them there, because they are still there. you are there. and talked with them. >> yes. >> what did they tell you? >> i think their biggest thing that hit me even the next morning after we all got up from what had happened was i remember looking at a couple of them and asking them what's up with the videotape thing and everybody keeps talking about that has to do with the video and they shrugged and i have no idea. >> they were puzzled by the video. . it does one of things that i said to the couple of the guys, i said -- do you guys understand what's going on in the press and what they are saying, one guy just looked at me and said i have no idea. they were completely perplexed. like they knew that was a full scale attack from -- while it was going on, and the reports about the video are, you know,
3:34 pm
they had some kind of a spontaneous uprising was confusing them because they had mortars, ak-47s and rpgs. >> because they knew right away. >> they knew during the attack that it was -- who was doing the attacking. >> and they told you that? >> yes. >> more specifically, how did they know? >> after they had left the consulate in benghazi and went to the safe house, they were getting reports that cell phones, consulate cell phones were being used to make calls to the attackers higher-ups i guess you would say. >> they are getting realtime info that these cell phones that were state department cell phones are being used by the bad guys to talk to their leadership? >> they didn't give any specifics. they just said that they knew while the attack was going on who was doing it. >> a separate source with
3:35 pm
intimate details of the situation confirmed this to fox, that the source saw intelligence reports of realtime intercepted calls of terrorists using state department cell phones recovered at the consulate during the battle to call their leadership and the info was relayed to teams on the ground. >> they said that there was a libyan security guard that was on the take for the bad guys and had given them -- given the bad guys information about escape routes, who was at the consulate, where the location of the cia safe house was, stuff like that. >> and they knew that? >> and they knew that. >> so you are interacting with these guys and they are telling the story about how they get out? >> yeah. >> of benghazi. >> i guess once they left the cia compound, they headed to the airport, and this whole battle
3:36 pm
lasted seven to eight hours, pretty protracted battle. they are all pretty shot up, obviously. they had -- they had wounded with them. once they got to the airport, they had a private plane waiting for them that they were going to all get on to evacuate along with two of their guys that were pretty injured. >> so they have got those guys on stretchers. >> they have got those guys on stretchers, and from what they told me, they had to strap them on to the stretchers because the doorway was too narrow. >> in a private plane. >> in the private plane. they actually had to strap them on to the stretchers and turn them sideways to get in, and they were pretty banged up. i guess one had a femoral leg wound, which the tuourniquet cae off and got pretty bloody. >> and there was a flight
3:37 pm
attenda attendant. >> i guess when they put the two guys on the airplane, she got hiss turkey kal. it got bloody. >> the story you hear at ramstein, blood is all over the private plane, the flight attendant is really kind of losing it, and telling them to put the guns away, like in the back bathroom or something. >> i think it was in the bathroom, yes. >> and then a round goes off? >> i think they were trying to clear their weapons or at some point a round went off because they were obviously in a rush. they didn't know when or if they were going to get jumped at the airplane or at the airport, and so i think just in the trying to get out of there at one point a round went off and then the pilot came running back and was trying to find out who was shooting in his airplane. >> wow. >> i think at one point they just looked at him and said let's get out of here now.
3:38 pm
>> that's a pretty amazing story. >> pretty scary. >> and again, had your c 17 been tapped sometime during that seven hour, eight-hour period -- >> if we would have gotten the call right when this all kicked off, if they would have made a decision, one of the other things they told me was that they had requested that a c 130 be on standby at the airport a month prior. >> a month prior to 9/11. >> and the request was denied. so they had requested something to be on standby there in >> in case it got hairy. >> uh-huh. >> why tell this now? >> i don't think a lot of the truth is necessarily been told. i think people aren't necessarily fesing up to what happened and hopefully the truth will come out eventually. i told these guys, you guys are
3:39 pm
absolute heroes. these guys clearly deserve some kind of recognition. they are absolute heroes for what they did. >> ericstahl was not interviewed for the arb. we reached out to the former ambassador to germany, phillip murphy for comment. have not heard back. this story is also posted on line,, at the top of the web page there and we will also be posting this interview on our home page. the stunning primary upset of house majority leader eric cantor. we'll talk about that and what it always means after the break. replace your laptop?
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i intend to serve out my term as a member of congress from the 7th district of virginia effective july 31st, i will be stepping down as majority leader. it is with great humility that i do so knowing the tremendous honor it has been to hold this position. all politics are local, and there was obviously a lot of attention that was cast on our race, but, again, i think that our members are in good position in their districts and again i'll leave the political
3:44 pm
analysis of what happened to you all. >> well, the house majority leader has step down. he will serve until the end of july. eric cantor with a major loss, a surprise to everybody in washington it seemed. as you take a look at the numbers, he uses to dave brat, but he loses big and take a look at the map of his district. you can look around right an the suburbs of richmond, that red went to brat and that is a total surprise and it was for the cantor campaign. it wasn't a surprise for conservatives, who say this is a long time coming, and it's an anti-establishment vote. let's bring in our panel. george will, charles lane, and steve hayes. okay, george, your thoughts on this. >> i'm startled by mr. cantor saying all politics is local. very little of our politics
3:45 pm
remains local because we've nationalized all of our elections with great national themes such as immigration, and immigration obviously was part of this, but i think a small part. i think mr. cantor's great advantage was money and i think it hurt him. it hurt him because he spent an awful lot of money advertising mr. brat's name to a lot of people, well, we actually have a choice here. second, he ran some extremely foolish ads saying he's a college professor, therefore he's a liberal. mr. brat is not a liberal. furthermore, mr. cantor is hurt by his prior successes. being a party leader and traveling, and doing all the duties, he necessarily neglected some of the housekeeping duties in his district. >> let's hear from dave brat in a victory speech. >> this is the happiest moment
3:46 pm
of my life. dollars do not vote. you do. [ applause ] >> this campaign was about just basic american values and virtues right from the beginning, and the basic premise is power belongs to the people and that's what we're going to do. >> that reframes the campaign finance reform debate. $122,000 versus $5 million. >> the less money you have the better your chances would seem to be what this race has proved. i think the republican party is going to have to decide whether its goal is to pur fie itself by tearing down its existing leadership or whether its goal is to broaden the base and win elections. things have gone kind of both directions so far this election season. we've seen lindsey graham who
3:47 pm
presumably had a similar record on immigration, supposedly too soft go ahead and win in a very conservative state, south carolina. >> he's co-sponsor of the bill. >> yeah. absolutely. and eric cantor nevertheless goes down. meanwhile down in mississippi, it looks like thad cochran is going down to defeat. at least that's the betting right now. whereas mitch mcconnell survived. the debate, the battle still goes on within this party and on the whole, i think it is going -- it is weakening the party. >> we should point out lindsey graham had six opponents down there in south carolina. whether he had one, and that would have changed the dynamic, we don't know. >> the republican party is going to have to decide what its goal is. i think part of the lesson from this is the republican party isn't deciding much anymore. it's going to be the people at the grassroots who are going to have a big say in this. i think george's final point is really key. eric cantor was very good at the
3:48 pm
things that bring success in washington. he brokered compromise. he sought policy reforms. he held dinner meetings where he talked to members about which direction house republicans should go, but he was less good at the things that made him elected in the first place down in his district. the glad handing, the spending time, the constituent services. >> we'll talk about the leadership horse race and also immigration. more with the panel after a quick time-out. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. house republicans will hold elections for the leadership a week from tomorrow. we're back with the panel.
3:52 pm
george, what about this horizon race now to be majority leader. kevin mccarthy currently the whip is said to be jockeying for position and cantor is supporting him. is there going to be this need to have a hat tipped to the more conservative, if there is such a thing, wing of the party? >> the conservatives certainly want that and some people who would satisfy the conservatives, paul ryan and general hencer ling has a problem. that is jeb is invaluable as chairman of the financial services committee. paul ryan is about to inherit ways and means where he would be be a national asset. and it is my understanding if you are a majority leader you cannot chair a committee. >> chuck? >> well, there is a good deal of sentiment among the more conservative and especially the southern wing and not south virginia is not the south anymore. we are talking georgia and texas, that they're entitled to a leadership position. because, of course, it's it not just the majority leader
3:53 pm
that's going to change. somebody bumps up to that and then other positions come open below it that's kind of where hencer ling comes into play. mr. pryce from georgia. pete sessions also from texas is in the mix i think it will be interesting to see how moderate republicans use their position in the caucus now to try to tip this thing because some of them are worried it's going to go too far right. >> on the immigration -- issue of immigration take a listen to the house majority leader until the end of july on that issue. >> i think it is much more desirable and frankly doable if we did it one step at a time, working towards where we have common ground and believe things in common. i don't believe in this my way or the highway approach that the president has laid out and i have continued to take that position. i have said that there is common ground at the border. there is common ground.
3:54 pm
i would like to seat issue of the kids addressed by those that didn't break any laws and come here unbeknownst to them. >> steve, what about immigration? >> well, if they do it one step at a time, i don't think that first step will come soon. i don't think it will come before the 2014 elections. i think it's -- it will be interesting to see how immigration plays in the debate about leadership. kevin mccarthy is regarded as somebody who is as pro-immigration, maybe more as eric cantor is. and you have already been hearing from red state conservatives who say, we don't want somebody from that and conservatives from outside of that we want somebody different who comes from a red state. most of the republicans and the house g.o.p. come from red states. we want a red state representative. >> yes or no, is it dead? >> i think it's dead. i don't think it was very alive before this. >> i t. was dead already. >> join us tonight for a special report online, 7:00 eastern right after this show. we will talk about the things we didn't get to in tonight's panel. the taliban prisoner swap
3:55 pm
hearing including hillary clinton plus that interview we had tonight with eric stall, the pilot. log on now, online and we'll see you in a couple minutes. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for just how outdated the technology is at the v.a. life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin but wondered, could i focus on something better? my doctor told me about eliquis for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three, unlike warfarin there's no routine blood testing. [ male announcer ] don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious,
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finally tonight, we are learning more and more about the out-of-date computer systems at the v.a. hospitals. how bad is it?
3:59 pm
just compare it to the cyber thriller movie from 1995. >> our scheduling system scheduled its first appointment in april of 198 a. it has not changed in any appreciable manner since that date. >> are you kidding me? have you ever saw the movie the net on late night cable and laughed outloud alone about how outdated the technology seems? ♪ that's 10 years more advanced than what the v.a. is currently using. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. on the record starts right now and we start with "special report" online in
4:00 pm
just seconds. if you haven't been there before, join us. chat, ask questions, we answer them. a shake up shocker. a surprise change in g.o.p. leadership just months before the mid terms. >> i will be stepping down as majority leader. >> an electoral earthquake. >> i just came up short. >> d.c. in shock. the number two house republican eric cantor suddenly loses his primary. >> i know there is a lot of long faces here tonight, and it's disappointing, sure. >> the capitol in chaos. >> the establishment can either learn something from this or they can confine themselves to the of political history. >> it's called the tea party. >> then chuck hagel in hot water. >> so now the new policy of this administration is we don't negotiate with