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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 11, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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there. >> yes. >> as a matter of fact, i'll let you throw us out. that is all the time we have left. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night as she now throws us out. >> brit hume talking about the stunning defeat of eric cantor yesterday by a tea party candidate in virginia. but is it really bad news for the republican party? we'll have analysis. >> putting lafs at risk to go after these individuals if they rejoin the fight? >> well, yes. >> defense secretary hagel grilled today over the taliban swap he supports. but even more troubling, looks like the jihadists are now winning the war on terror. ralph peters on that. also tonight, dennis miller on a new poll that says fox
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news, the most trusted media agency in the country. in addition, a factor exclusive talk with an american who was captured by the taliban. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. is there a tea party resurgence over illegal immigration? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. eric cantor lost big last night to a tea party candidate david brat in virginia. the race was not even close. believe mr. cantor alienated republican voters because of his stance on immigration. talking points does not believe that was the primary reason for mr. cantor's defeat. cantor served in the house for 13 years but has become very unpopular in his district. in fact, 499% of republican
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voters disapproved of him before the primary yesterday. it's hard to know why. but there is one interesting item that may be telling. mr. cantor's campaign spent almost $170,000 eating in steakhouses. mr. brat's campaign spent over $200,000 on everything. that's all the money they had. so it seems that mr. cantor was living large and perhaps the voters in virginia saw that in south carolina, it was a different story. senator lindsey graham beat his conservative opponents by a wide margin. mr. graham and mr. cantor's outlook on illegal immigration similar eric cantor lost because is he not in touch with the
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establishment. mr. brat won because he has been a consistent critic of president obama. enough to on to the immigration deal. there will be no reform passed in congress any time soon, shocking reresults of thousands of children illegally crossing the southern border pretty much put an end to comprehensive immigration reform. everybody knows in order to assimilate illegal aliens already here. you have to first secure the border. because, if you do not, millions of folks will flood into the country looking for working papers. the obama administration claims the border is secure. now we know that is not true. as children, children, flooding into the country creating a humanitarian crisis. the american people should be furious that the border is still out of control. is years after 9/11. there no excuse. none. until the borders of the u.s.a. are secure. no pathway for citizenship
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for illegal aliens can be considered. and a note to all you left-wing loons out there. why do you think all these kids are coming to the u.s.a. now? why? because they know once they get here they can stay here. the situation is disgraceful. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. why is the border such a mess? joining us now on the telephone from mcallen, texas, chris cabrera. vice president of the national border counsel. union represents border patrol agents. i find it almost impossible to believe that thousands of children are traipsing across mexico. some of them from honduras. el salvador. these kids are one side the
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mexican authorities and on the other side the american border authorities. what do you mean they just walk across through the mexican check point up to the american side? is that what they do? >> what they do is they find their way down to the river usually through a smuggler. put them in some type of raft or intertube maybe even a small jumbo. point them in the direction of the nearest border patrol agent. they walk up and turn themselves. in. >> they used to across the border border patrol agents. now the strategy is walk up and say here i am. in aan attempt catching under the circumstances instead of us catching them. take them to a bus and just bring them back to mexico he co.
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>> coming in from mexico. i don't want to be a child, you know, somebody who is hurting children. but it seems to me a policy would be look, you are not allowed to be here, unless the kid was 3 or 4 and then you have to. if it's a teenager or an adult, you take them, you put them on a bus and you drive them back from whence they came. >> yeah. you know, the thing is, some of these kids have as young as 3 and 4 and on top of that the federal government recognizes anybody under the age of -- under the age of 18 as a child. so,. >> so what are are the orders to the border patrol anyone under the age of 18 is a child. what are the orders from the federal government? what are the border patrol agents supposed to do? if they're not sending them right back, what are the orders? >> well, bringing them in, we are detaining them, he we are looking for family members in the united states. and unfortunately they are reuniting with those family
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members in the united states. >> all right. so everyone now from lore lore to argentina, can get across that river, can you stay in america forever. that's the reality. is that right? >> yes. yes. exactly. why wouldn't millions of people come? of course they are going to come. >> you know, the memo is out. find a loophole in the system, they are exploiting it and they are doing a good job quite frankly. and until we change our policy. until we start doing mandatory remofl and mandatory detentions it's going to continue smugglers charge money to but the them in the boat and accepted them across. they are making a lot of money. everybody knows, all the bad guys know get in under 18
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golden. how do you know how old they are anyway? come in and say i'm 16. right? you don't know. >> i guess the trick to it here is publications out in their whole country says if you come over with a child, the united states will take care of you and they won't turn you away. he we are getting record number of mothers with children or father with their children they are setting them awhile. ricky down the street. can he stay or she can stay if they have a child coming over, right? >> yeah, exactly. they pretend that it's their child. >> right, how would you know? all right. now, what toot guys think about it? what do the border patrol agents think about all of this? >> you know, my agents are pretty frustrated with what's going on. they go out there, they put in a hard day's work and it seems like it's all going for nothing. >> all right. so, just today, just take today, wednesday, how many
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people have come across today that you know of in mcallen sector. >> just our station which a small portion of the sector. we had a group of 74 people that crossed. actually it was two groups they crossed within 24 minutes of each other. 70 opeople came in and turned themselves in to the border patrol agent. >> they will all stay in the united states. >> all of them were either women or children or unaccompanied children. >> all right. and texas can't handle them so texas is sending them to arizona and arizona can't handle them and time what is the obama administration, ewes, all of that, do they say anything to you guys? are they telling you to do anything? >> you know, nobody seems to be able to handle it, and so it's getting stuck at the lowest level which happens to be border patrol. we are not equipped to handle. >> washington is not engaging you guys down in mcallen about this problem? >> well, we have been at it for a few months talking to the higher ups in
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washington, d.c. trying to get an answer to this. and just recently within last say the couple weeks the wheels started of turning. however, it's a little too late. you know, enough to we are being yofer whelmed and we are trying to keep up this problem when we had warned them about this months ago. >> it really is a scandal. just unbelievable. all right, mr. can a cabrera. we appreciate you coming on. we will check back in with you next welcome. i mean i'm just stunned right now. next on the rundown, are the jihadists winning? tastes on a march throughout the world and iraq may fall. iraq may fall. colonel ralph peters with the grizzly details. talk to a man kidnapped by the taliban and tell us what he went throug
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mm hmm delicious milo's kitchen chicken meatballs. they look homemade, which he likes almost as much as making new friends yes, i'll call her. aww, ladies' man. milo's kitchen. made in the usa with chicken or beef as the number one ingredient. the best treats come from the kitchen. impact segment tonight. al qaeda on the verge of collapse. iraqi army is falling apart this after the u.s.a. invested more than a trillion dollars in that country and saw nearly 4500 americans killed. more than 32,000 injured. incredibly some liberal democrats continue to support president obama's foreign policy, which some believe is ineffective. in fact, one congresswoman actually thinks the ban are not terrorists. >> let me underconsider the term terrorists.
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the taliban is part of the fabric of afghanistan. they were part of the leadership of that country before reengaged there. so to say that they are terrorists at this point is not necessarily accurate. >> are you kidding me? apparently ms. speier missed the taliban attacks the airport in karachi a couple days and and all the other terrorist its actions they have committed. joining sis lt. ralph peters. i think the jihadists are winning. am i wrong? >> you are correct. as far as the congresswoman's statement goes, that's right. taliban aren't terrorists they are community organizer who's happen to slaughter women and children, kill doctors, kill teachers, burn clinics and, of course, attack the karachi airport in addition to killing americans. nice folks. bill, you are fundamentally right. after obama swearing in his last re-election campaign,
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that al qaeda was -- he personally defeated al qaeda, let me tell you, when he took office in his first term, al qaeda was broken. today, al qaeda descend dents such as the islamic state of iraq and syria. al qaeda in its many forms is far stronger than ever. the event we just saw with these jihadis seizing iraq's second largest city, mosul. 1.4 million population, and ceasing tikrit's saddam's hometown in addition to fallujah, seeing two things. first of all, forget that line on the rand mcnally written maps dividing syria and iraq. there is now a new state, a jihadi state stretching from central syria to central iraq and continuing to expand. and, you know, it's about what people fight for. >> okay. got to explain that okay? now, here is what is going on so everybody knows what the colonel is saying.
8:17 pm
assad is fighting a civil war. he is the dictator of syria. syria is north of iraq. all right? one of the people -- one of the groups fighting against al side is al qaeda. fundamentalists, want them out there. they have army there. army now infiltrated into iraq. joining with other iraqi al qaedas that combine force is overwhelming the iraqi army, which we trained and armed. they are now deserting, giving up, 40 miles is what separates baghdad, the capital from fallujah, 40 miles. and al qaeda controls fallujah. unless iran comes in on the side of the iraq dictator, president, or whatever you want to call him and pushes him out which iran could do. but then iran controls iraq, not al qaeda. but, the fundamental thing is the obama administration has lost control of foreign
8:18 pm
policy. see that in afghanistan crazy deal they made for bergdahl. now we see iraq going down the drain you just heard the border, that's a foreign policy issue. you just heard that they can't stop millions of people coming from the border and everybody knows it so it's out of control. >> bill, the root evil here is that after we won in iraq, defeated al qaeda, won and stabilized iraq for purely political reasons, president obama, withdrew all our forces, did not leave a small residual force. >> that's not quite fair. you know that maliki would not indemnify the u.s. troops. that what he wonted to keep them there you can't try that-ma'am that can cannot try to get a deal. >> are you sure he did not try to get a deal. >> i'm 100% sure that he did not try seriously to get a deal. he didn't. a small residual force left in iraq, things would be different in iraq, in syria,
8:19 pm
and iran. then, he made all these threats about -- against assad in the first year when there was still hope for secular rebellion and did nothing from nigeria and poka haram. the jihadists are winning. there is no question about it. >> adding putin seizing crimea. our foreign policy is in disarray it's coming fast. all this stuff is happening fast. it's not happening in a vacuum. the taliban is not attacking an airport and the jihadis aren't attacking mosul in a vacuum. they see the weakness. and now everybody is coming. here they come. last word, colonel. weakest position since 1945. and the birth of the modern middle east. jihadis are winning because they are willing to die for their fanatical cause. the iraqi soldiers, syrians and others aren't one to die
8:20 pm
for their dictators. we are facing a problem if not caused as i believe at least exsaler is baited biobam maps dilatory incompetence. we are facing a problem, bill, that is going to plague us for many years to come. >> sure. once the jihadis get control of the state, they can strengthen themselves and attack america: we appreciate it directly ahead. two liberal americans will react to what colonel peters just said. later, miller on fox news being the most trusted tv media agency in the country. wow, up ahead. my name is michael, i'm 55 years old and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor, and he prescribed lyrica. it helped me. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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now, you are both liberal
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people and we have to deal with the facts and what's reality. you just saw two very very troubling reports. okay? now, maybe it's unfair. but, the sitting president for five and a half years is barack obama. his foreign policy seems to be just failing on every level. am i wrong, professor? >> you are not wrong about the fact that there is no question that terrorism has increased under his president. the rand corporation recently did a study for the state department between 2007 and 2013. it has increased nine fold from 1 oo1 to 929 terrorist attacks? what do you attribute that to? >> a variety of factors. do i think that the white house and the president does bear some blame. >> how do they bear some of the blame? >> because you have to look at the policies. >> do you know how what they have done wrong? >> well, i think just as an example, i think you have to be very clear in terms it of what your policy is going to be. and i point to the west point speech on foreign policy where he said terrorism is, and i think he is right, the scourge of our times. but it's not clear what he
8:25 pm
is going to do about it it so that in my mind. >> doesn't seem to know, colmes, what he. border cross something shocking. thousands and thousands of people turning themselves in not running away anymore. >> the shiites and cities going to go after each other the minute we left iraq enemies we stayed there together which we couldn't do. >> you say we couldn't do. peters said we could have lift a residual force. >> we couldn't though. you pointed out there was not an asecurity arrangement. >> peters says he didn't try to get it done. >> i don't know about that we wanted security arrangement to keep soldiers there. >> the fact remains that iraq is going down the drain, that the southern border is -- let's say chaotic. would that be -- >> -- why is that our problem? because we shouldn't have gone -- you know, iraq. >> why is what our problem? >> iraq was safer under saddam hussein. iraq is now aligned with -- we shouldn't have been in there. >> you can make the argument
8:26 pm
that if saddam hussein was still in power he could fight the jihadis off. if jihadis take over iraq we are in trouble. we, the american people are in trouble. do you not understand that? >> i don't necessarily believe that they don't have a long range missile. iraq was never a threat to the united states united states. never a geopolitical threat. >> if iraq becomes a jihadi state that's a threat to us. >> only if they have the military capability of attacks the united states. >> 9/11. >> did this come from iraq. >> no it came from afghanistan. >> if there are terrorists training camps like there were in afghanistan which is what, we would focus on the training camps. we don't have that at this point. >> do you see the danger here? >> i see the danger but why were we in there in the first place. >> it's revisionist history. >> it's not he revisionist history. on afghanistan that was his are a with. he said it was his war. with iraq he inherited it. what do you do in a situation like that. >> when the elected by we the people to solve
8:27 pm
problems. doesn't matter how the problems got there. but, in foreign policy, barack obama is not solving anything. everything is getting worse. >> he is trying to clean up a big mess. >> you and you know what? he is failing. he is he failing. >> i don't think he has been as good as people thought should be. >> would you not say he is failing? you said is he trying to clean up the mess. is he failing. >> he will with, you know. >> yeah. >> i don't think he is doing a great job. you can't say everything is getting worse. anwar al-awlaki. six heads of al qaeda. gone after al qaeda. >> colmes, if you don't see that iraq is about to fall, that syria is out of control, that afghanistan could fall and that putin is doing what he wants to do, i can't help you. i have got to go. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. we will talk with the journalists who was captured by the taliban. held for seven long months before he escaped. to wait a story. then miller on the clinton's financial portfolio. oh, that should be interesting. we hope you stay tuned to we hope you stay tuned to those reports. huh, we hope you stay tuned to those reports. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on
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♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. perm story segment tonight. while the controversy over bowe bergdahl continues un abated. it there is discussion what it like to be held by the taliban. this man was captured by the that taliban in 2008 while working for the "new york times" and held for seven months before he escaped. how were you abducted? where were you. >> essentially the taliban lied to me. i was in afghanistan. there was al that ban commander who had given interviews before to two foreign journalists.
8:32 pm
i was journalist number 3. it was all a lie. he grabbed me and took me over the border to afghanistan. >> you made a deal. -- remember david miller -- not miller, miller his first anymore escapes me interviewed usama bin laden. so it's a big scoop when you get these guys, john miller. when you made a deal with the taliban, would you say maybe this isn't going to work out? maybe i'm putting myself in danger did you say that. >> no. i was very worried. i had never done i had covered afghanistan for seven years. i thought and i met with one of these journalists who interviewed this guy, a french journalist. she said you might be in more danger as an american but i think you will be okay. >> okay. so then they grab you and take you into pakistan in the mountains, right? >> yes. >> that's where they are, that's where they live? >> yes. we can talk about it the but the pakistani military made no to find me and didn't find bowe bergdahl for five years. >> pakistanis sitting it out while the taliban are attacking their airports. that's a smart strategy.
8:33 pm
did they beat you up? >> i thought they were going to kill me. there was a polish engineering they beheaded him in the middle of my imprisonment. >> did you know that. >> they wanted me to sit down and watch the video of his beheading with him. you know what happened to pearl. >> they couldn't get their demands met. >> you knew it but you didn'tlike at the video. >> no. i refused to watch it. >> you were with another captive who spoke posh to you the language of the tall within a and he helped to you escape. >> afghan journalists came with me to the i view. >> you got a rope and lowered yourself down and ran to the military headquarters and then they took you in? >> yes. this brave pakistan let me in a apologizes to me and let me call my family. >> because because there are good fact stanes and afghanis and the posh tough
8:34 pm
code is hospitality and if you are in trouble. now you see bowe bergdahl in a story that hats a lot of complexity with him. do you. >> i feel tremendous regret for going to the interview. answer questions why did he leave his base? totally i understand the anger of the fellow soldiers that were there. but it's been a terrible five years. and whatever caused him to leave, maybe he deserted. maybe he had a mental breakdown. he feels horrible about what he has put his family through. >> because you, correct me if i am wrong, felt because your family went through so much. >> i pit put them through hell. it was a mistake to go through the interview. >> you didn't violate any honorable. you were doing your job or what you thought was your job. >> berg dale may very well have violated honor. certainly he deserted. what the circumstances were i don't know if we will ever find out.
8:35 pm
i don't think the obama administration wants this out. >> there was one report of a couple afghans missing at the same time and maybe they tricked him off the base and sold them. maybe he deserted. all i'm say something let's wait and hear his side of the story. i wouldn't believe any of these taliban reports. he was plengted allegiance to the taliban. we didn't believe veto calm. these roforts are coming from the taliban. i want to wait and have an investigation. >> i don't think there is any doubt that he left his base without permission. >> that's correct. >> david didn't do anything wrong. he took aens that. look, i have taken at love chances overseas. >> have you covered wars. >> yes. >> you have to weigh it, i wouldn't feel guilty about it but i understand why you do. bergdahl, i think he did violate the guys and the guys are really teed off about it david, we're glad you are back. thanks for coming in and sharing your story. we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> hillary clinton's money, fox news being the most trusted of
8:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller segment tonight. you heard about hillary clinton explaining that she and her husband were broke when they left the white house they had to work very
8:40 pm
hard to buy their houses and now they are multimillionaires and you say? >> well, it was a simple mistake. hillary mistook ethically beleft for dead broke. it happens. at this point hillary clinton wouldn't know broke or the truth if it walked up to her on the street and ill ely donated to her campaign. i haven't believed her since she told me she was shamed after edmund hillary and he summited in a 3 and she was born in 47. they don't have any idea, billy. they are constantly in b.s. mode. b.s. has become their real. they come out of the am knee amniotic sack. he they are told they are god's gift. they don't have any clue anymore. the only thing about hillary is she is always cranky. read these stories this morning how cranky she is with the concrete service. she is p.o.d. because he
8:41 pm
know she has been cheating on more often than a blind woman playing scrabble with gypsy. the biggest lazaruser in loserville should probably be the president so now doubt she has got that coming down the pike. >> you don't resent her money though and you and i have done very well working hard. i believe mrs. clinton works hard despite the gypsy comment and so does her husband. they run around. they do a the lo of stuff and they are rewarded for it but then she want run on income inequality as i said last night. >> billy, you know, her quality is for r. still and she is more full of it. these people like warren talk about the 1% have to be brought down. they are the pinnacle of the 1%. >> all right. now, there is a brookings study out, miller, that shows fox news, the most trusted television media agency in the country there it is, 25% of the population trusts us the most.
8:42 pm
broadcast news which is abc, nbc, and cbs 2 '. cnn 17. pbs 12. jon stewart 8%. and msnbc only 5%, miller. trust msnbc. >> well, what do you expect? those ratings for msnbc are easily understandable when you remember that msnbc is simply an acronym for man stupidity necessitates bad consequences. if you are going to have ed schultz be your plenty the elder and al sharpton, you are going to catch a one hard hop shot in the cup. that's what's happening right now over there. phil griffin has been dr. murrow on the island of dr. murrow. the nuts have gone so nutty they will start feeding on him eventually. what is the law in the law says that the ratings stink you go. that's what's going to happen over there eventually. melissa harris perry. what are you? kidding me.
8:43 pm
what a waste of a high of hyphen that is. they have been on the air longer than we have here at fox. and only 5% trust him. >> bread and circuses works. but you can't make a a at a old hogie buns and flea circuses. you have got to get something together over there. some legitimacy. >> i have to to look at the rerun. let's move to portland, oregon. thousands of bicyclists rode naked to promote bike riding as alternative to driving cars, miller you weren't there, were you? were you in this thing. >> let me tell you this. that's one race you definitely want to be in the lead in. you don't want to be behind. >> between swin and swing. >> they ride bikes naked to open up a dialogue.
8:44 pm
dialogue right now cover up your fat [bleep] right? i'm driving to work. i don't want to see your fat [bleep] there have we dialogued. put your put some clothing on your [bleep] >> i think we got it, miller. the posteriorier of the human anatomy is not what you want to see. >> don't get soft on me president word [bleep]. those aren't posterior us. >> ass a small donkey, miller. can you watch him on epix. >> donkey ride. those are bicycles? i made a mistake. i didn't mean that. >> get miller off all right? before we get the plug pulled on us. and we would like to remind threw are just two more bolder fresher shows this summer. miller and i rapid city south dakota friday july 25th. looking forward to seeing mount rushmore great vacation spot. fargo north dakota at the pacific auditorium. details on o' tickets great father's day gifts. can the obama situation
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back of the peculiar segment tent. is the obama administration done as far as influence is concerned? here is what brit hume thinks about the controversies. >> it's not any one of these things in particular. it's the accumulation of them over time. and the sense that the administration can't manage things effectively. can't run things effectively. >> the question then becomes are most fed up with the president and the democratic party? i put that query to charles krauthammer yesterday. >> so perception is reality in politics. the perception, of course now is that the president really can't administrate, i think that's a fair word. what say you? >> look. if this is were a particlely
8:49 pm
men tear system like britain, we he would have a call for a vote of no confidence and the government would be out. we would new elections. we have a system. terms are fixed. doesn't matter a whit what's going on with the popularity of the president the, he may lose the senate, but he is governing without the congress. he has got his -- he has got his own constitution that he is operating under. he now regulates the entire healthcare system. and the story that was missed among all the scandals that are supposedly undoing his presidency is the climate change regulations. this is all by regulation. nothing in legislation. he doesn't need the congress, which is going to revolutionize and put control of u.s. energy, which is a economy, in the environmental protection agency. you want to run america? don't run for the presidency. get yourself appointed head of the e.p.a. it makes stalin's five year
8:50 pm
plans look like a picnic the way they are going to have control of the economy. he doesn't need congress. he doesn't need popularity. >> i think you will agree with me that the nation is at a crossroads now. our i believe that would be the message. however, i do believe that perception now is that it is not working with president obama. the folks are picking this up. not the pelosis and reeds or radio talk show conservatives. they are in their stone and will stay there. the regular folks are saying it's not working. we tried it. it failed. we want something different. do you think that will happen?
8:51 pm
>> i think that's true. i think obama set back the cause of liberalism by over reaching, over shooting and combining it with incompetence in a way that i think has led to a crisis of confidence in liberalism and his brand which is exemplified, personified by obamacare and as we will see by this over regulation coming onto the epa for climate, which essentially is -- >> i don't know if that will get traction because it's so far out but the bergdahl thing has traction and more to come on this guy. he'll come back to the united states. we now know there was nothing physically wrong with him. no big health issues. all right? so then obama administration is caught in another deception. all right? almost all the senators are furious with president obama, even the democrats. so it's now reaching critical mass and i don't think the obama administration can come back
8:52 pm
from this. >> critical mass for what? >> for -- >> they are not going to i'm peach him and he doesn't need congress because he's ruling. >> the democratic party -- >> torn to pieces. >> he's ruling like banana republic -- >> fine. >> his party will be damaged for decades. he's destroying the golden goose. all right? >> that's fine. i think that's probably true. i think he is undoing a lot of the goodwill that liberalism enjoyed when he came in. they are seeing it eight years in action. the worst recovery since the second world war. incompetence in doing obamacare and incompetence in running the veterans affair. abuse of the irs. the list is incredibly wrong, and i think it will do lasting damage. i think the country is getting a demonstration of liberalism in action and they don't like it but all i'm saying is we got to live through the next two and a half years, and that could change the country. >> all right.
8:53 pm
but if the senate goes to the gop, then i think that his power declines drastically even though he's got his pen and his phone. last word? >> look, he's rewritten the immigration laws unilaterally. he's rewritten the drug enforcement laws unilaterally. he's changed obamacare 38 times and nobody lifted a finger and now he's going to deal with climate change, energy, regulation, what has never been done before unilaterally. he doesn't need the congress. that's the point i'm trying to make. >> okay. >> this guy is on auto pilot and liberalism will suffer and however, so will the country. >> charles? as always. factor tip of the day, a fun book you should know about. the tip, moments away.
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and a free pen and tote. excellent deal which will soon end. to michael wigger, nevada, "the new york times" convinces soldiers of being controlled by republicans but the same thing about the times working for the obama administration. the paper has an agenda and one mission is to see gitmo close. that's the primary driver, the deal for the five taliban is good because the terrorists shouldn't be imprisoned indefinitely and provide cover for mr. obama at times but that is not their primary goal. maryland, illinois, typical left, the liberal press is using strategy of discrediting opponents instead of arguing the facts. bill, if your son were being held captive, would you want president obama to trade him for five taliban? of course i would. that's the emotional response. the president's primary obligation is to protect the country. questions like yours mask the
8:58 pm
real issue. william ratcliff des moines, iowa, you made a big deal of the pr firm that prep sents him. wrong on both charges. our guest was treated kindly by me and the pr question was legitimate. if you want flak, find something else. plane plenty of that going on. "killing jesus" is pact full of insightful and relevant information. i like that. we're approaching 2 million in sales. i'm 16 and have listened to "killing lincoln" on audio and now listening to "killing jesus," waiting for "killing patton." chelsea williams from texas, kyle ellsberg bakersfield, california and karen burlington north carolina and alaalana, i e
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you guys like the book. >> factor tip of the day about a book, as well. our pal has one out called "a deadly business." there is a creaharacter. here is the deal, lis wheel was a seattle prosecutor who worked on violent crimes, ah-ha! . factor tip of the day, if you want a fun read, check out "a deadly business." sometimes this show is a deadly business, believe me. that is it for us and please check out the fox news fact tore website different from and spout off about the factor anywhere in the world, o'reilly at, name and down if you wish to ocho phone. no paralogism when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next.
9:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the stunning march of a frightening new terror group taking control in the heart of the middle east in a vacuum left by america's commander in chief. welcome to the "kelly file", everyone. i'm megyn kelly. new pictures of what may become the newest foreign policy crisis. we cannot confirm this but we're told this is armature video of an incredibly radical al qaeda off shot capturing the fight. this is the same group that 24 hours ago announce add capture where al qaeda flags today fly over a town where hundreds of americans died driving terror