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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 12, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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90th birthday. >> i won't jump out of a plane. i don't have the guts to do that now. bill: there is image from maine. our colleagues at "happening now" will pick up that story. have a great day. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> take care. jenna: bill and patti ann, we'll pick up where we left out. how could you not. how do you celebrate your birthday? would you jump out after plane? president george h.w. bush is about to do to celebrate his 90th. i put on twitter this morning, quote, a wonderful day in maine, nice enough for a parachute jump. that is what he is going to do. talk about the fact that, eric he is on twitter at age 90. that is accomplishment. let alone he will jump out of a plane in may. he will jump with retired member of the golden knights team, a parachute jump team as you may know. that is the helicopter we believe is carrying the former president as he makes this jump. they were a little worried about
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weather and some fog and rain here on the east coast. but apparently the weather cleared up and they're off ready to do this. just a quick note, president bush certainly has done a lot in his life. he jumped out of a lot of planes. this will be his 8th parachute jump for his birthday. to recap some of the things he has done in his life. service to this country in world war ii, being one of them. received the distinguished flying cross for his bravery. he served in many roles in government. as a diplomat, cia director, leader of his party, the republican party. he was the president. also the vice president. he continues to a big supporter of the military, and eric, every once in a while likes to jump out of a plane. eric: there he is. 41 at 90. he is president 41. served as ambassador to china.
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served as chairman of republican party in some of its darkest days during the nixon administration. he is american icon. a class act of the world war ii generation. we're awaiting the former president to actually jump out of a helicopter. it is just amazing. he is, so thankful he is still out there, still doing what he does on the coast of maine. beautiful day on kennebunkport. jenna: we have serious news to get to and there is a things that we have been inspired by a man accomplished so much in his life. his spokesman said the fact that the president wanted to surprise of a plane and the fact that the president even wanted to jump out of a plane today. he said this, his spokesman. it is vintage george bush. a passion for life. wanting to set a goal and wanting to achieve it. part is sending a message to others even in your retirement years you can still find challenges. eric: he was shot down in world
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war ii. he was a naval aviator. he celebrated his birthday doing the very same thing when he was 75. when he was 80. when he was 85. and now when he is 90. can you believe that? jenna: i can't even believe jumping out of a plane period, than this helicopter we're watching. we'll get more information throughout the day about just logistics of planning this how high they are. quite frankly this is a surprise to us. we had some indication that maybe something would be going on the 90th birthday of president george h.w. bush. this may be something we had not planned for. we saw the helicopter open. we're using our affiliate, wfxt in maine. these are some of the shots. there is a good shot of the weather. there was concern about the weather being a little foggy and rainy and some concern about whether or not this jump could take place.
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they're up in the air. eric: there has been some fog. what the president said, quote, it is a wonderful day in maine. in fact on that tweet, nice enough for a parachute jump. so we'll just wait from our boston affiliate covering in kennebunkport. i wonder if barbara is holding her breath. or saying, george is up there. he has done this before. jenna: i'm sure at this point in their marriage, hopefully able to relax a little bit over that i don't know, i guess as a wife you are always sort of concerned about what your husband will be doing on the site of adventures. even though we mentioned the president many accomplishments and service to this country. we should mention he is grandfather several times over and great-grandfather and known for his colorful collection of socks which he likes to display every now and then. nice he has his own style, eric. eric: maria molina is now in the fox weather center and she will fill us in on, you know, the conditions in maine but it appears that the door first of
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the chopper is open. let's just take a look to see if a former president of the united states is about to embark on his own 90th birthday present to himself. jenna: we should mention he will not be jumping by himself. he will be jumping in tandem with a retired member of the golden knights, the army parachute team. you can spot them because of gold and black that they wear. so he will be jumping out with a retired member there. this is near where his home in maine where he likes to summer, get away from heat in texas. eric: it is appropriately known as walkers point. he has been going there since he has been a child. this is the bush family compound so to speak which he had, when he was president, he would repair there and actually would have high-level meetings and glorious wonderful little point if anyone has been up there. you can see it when you walk around the very quaint and charming town of kennebunkport, maine. jenna: maria standing by, maybe
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you can weigh in here, one. reasons -- she is not available just yet. okay. why we didn't have too much of a heads up on this because bush's team wanted option to scrap it in case it didn't work out because of the weather. we've seen the helicopter door opening a few times. they could be checking out conditions and safe thing to do, as safe as it can be when you do a parachute jump out of a helicopter at age 90. that's what we're waiting to see. hopefully we'll see that shortly. this was scheduled to 1045, around that time, more or less. one wonders what is going on up in the air there, eric. the feelings of, when you were just about ready to leave the doorway. have you done any skydiving, eric? has that been your thing? eric: no, but my father's b-24 got shot down and he jumped out and broke his leg. they said, don't look at the ground.
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your initial reaction is to stiffen your legs and my dad didn't do that on april 12th, 1944. jenna: he might have been busy as well with some of the tasks he had to handle. but again, president george h.w. bush turning 90 today, celebrating his birthday with his 8th parachute jump out of that helicopter off the coast of maine. eric: what is rackable, he has been confined to a wheelchair lately because of his legs but he has not lost his zest for life. because don't you think, maybe at some point you would say, you know, i have done it in the past. i don't necessarily have to do it again but you have to have hats off. so remarkable, the symbolism and what he represents, not giving up, continuing with per veriance, determination and belief in yourself and your country. that is what george h.w. bush has always been about in his various positions in government, serving this nation, serving the
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people, and he continues in his own way out of office through these type of issues. look, the door's open. we'll take a peek. jenna: looks like there is somebody on the skids of the helicopter there. obviously jumping out of a helicopter is a little different than jumping out of a plane. one wonders how high they are off the ground. doesn't matter to me quite frankly because either way out of something in the air. looks like there is some movement there. again, you know, one of the things that the president said on his 85th birthday, this is something he like to do at age 90. that is something that you mentioned as well, eric, he set the goal to be able to do this. looks like he was able to do that they're having questions as you know, we reported as of late, over past several years of some health concerns but that is not stopping him now. despite what some have described as fragility around his health, eric, you just mentioned he is often scene in seen in a
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wheelchair. that is not stopping him. your viewers i'm encouraging to join on twitter what you think of the president attempting this jump and whether or not you would be interested in doing the same thing at any birth today. >> let alone 90. eric: he had some remarkable quotes about aging, like fine wine. he says, quote, just because you're an old guy you don't have to sit around drooling in the corner. get out and do something. get out to enjoy life. that's a great motto and mantra for all of us even if you're younger than 90. jenna: why not, right? by the way president bush is one of only a few presidents that have reached the age of 90. herbert hoover, john adams, gerald ford, also ronald reagan reached the age of 90. from what which know none of them jumped out of a helicopter at that time. but its rare to see. so this is just the beginning, by the way of a birthday celebration for the rest of the
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day. we see somebody else leaving the helicopter. the last time they did this they were able to film the jump pretty much from beginning to end. it is always exciting to see reaction with the landing of course, for all of us and there goes one and goes another. apparently that is also the president. take it in here for a moment. and share chute released. doesn't look like they're moving slow, eric, that's for sure. eric: no. red, white and blue, quite appropriate. jenna: appropriately so. must be a pretty good view. as we mentioned at any age but at age of 90 quite an inspiration the president decidedly state a goal, will jump out of a plane at age 90. helicopter in this case and achieve that goal. this is the best part of it. this is not, no matter your
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experience or your age, there is always a little danger to this. we want to make sure that we honor that as well. you have to be pretty good to steer this parachute into the landing zone i'm sure they already established and cleared. but from what i have been told of jumping out of planes, my husband has done that quite a few times, this is pretty cool feeling at this point, because obviously your parachute is open. you have a couple things to take care of make sure you land safely. eric, you mentioned there are a couple techniques to do that but for the most part you're able to enjoy the ride. eric: what is fascinating about this parachute and instead of going down vertically, you kind of glide, so he can enjoy the spectacular scenery and wither in kennebunkport, maine. maria molina is with us. what are the weather conditions like? what about the winds? it looks pretty smooth. >> the wind is thankfully not an issue in parts of maine. we do have them 10 and 15 miles an hour.
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the temperature a little on the cool side. you have to bundle up. the temperature is currently 61 degrees. we do have overcast skies. there is slight chance for a shower today. overall looks like holding off and looks pretty good for him as he goes his way down. look at that. eric: look how graceful, and so graceful and flying, maybe he will be up there for a while. jenna: i'm a little bit jealous. >> that is the thing we never know, who will be next to jump with the president. we all can line up at that. if he does it at 90, we'll set up birthday goals for him we'll enjoy it today as it is. a couple of our viewers writing in saying this is just incredible. carol ann, says, this is awesome to watch. eliza, brave what a great guy. certainly takes a lot of courage to this. todd shields says i think it is awesome. i think it is pretty awesome too. looks like they're coming in for, hard to tell from this vantage point which is limited
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exactly where they're intending to land. eric, you said you've been up in this area in maine. eric: beautiful spot. jenna: very residential? eric: very much so. not only us did he like to parachute but i've been told by locals he loves his fast speedboat. man, oh, man, he has that boat and he just letser rip -- let's it rip, causing consternation from the secret service i'm told unfairly. he enjoys that area. wonderful part of our country. between the lobster rolls and nature and whole great sense of the coast of maine, absolutely gorgeous. kennebunkport, those that have been there, know it is a charming quaint, new england town between the seafood and local area. i would urge my fellow americans to go visit. they don't have tours or, let's see. they don't have tours of course or anything related to the president but, walker's point,
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the compound, juts out there on that point and he has had mikhail gorbachev and others have been been there. nicolas sarkozy enjoyed hot bogs one summer at kennebunkport a presidential retreat likes of hyde park and others we had, kennedy compound. i think it is nicer than the kennedy compound because you don't have all those other houses so close to you. jenna: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell made remarks about the president's birthday. one of the things he highlighted when the president turned 18, on his 18th birthday he volunteered to go into the navy of the that's what he did at 18. it is interesting to see as we're seeing a tandem jump from a helicopter, the parallels, if you look at how he has continued that service there as the years but hasn't lost his navy roots. eric: there is the landing zone.
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a soft landing. jenna: perfect landing at the x spot. couldn't get better than that we'll try to stay with the shot as long as we can. we'll have a closer camera and get video and photography throughout the next hour or so of the president and his landing. but from what it lookinged like afar, eric, it looked pretty good. i'm partial toward the navy as you know, eric. my husband being a navy man. eric: of course. jenna: we're a navy family but nice to see the president represent as far as some of his navy roots as well. eric: absolutely. jenna: i'm sure that barbara is nearby. some asked the question on twitter as well, if he had barbara's permission. i'm sure the family is nearby. we don't have any information as far as the rest of the bush clan today, whether or not they're up there in maine helping the president celebrate. but we're going to continue to take you to these live pictures. obviously, a great start to a birthday for the president,
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former president george h.w. bush, making quite a jump today to celebrate turning 90 years old. eric: a wonderful american and we wish him a happy birthday of course. jenna: as we're talking a little bit about his military service the former president's military service one of the things we're talking about today as well is what is going on in another part of the world where our military has been certainly heavily invested in the past. iraq is a big story today. and iraq is, according to some reports on the verge of an all-out civil war. islamist militants threatening to march on baghdad. that is a story we are watching closely for many different reasons and a lot of dynamics to cover. we're florida you're staying with us. not only birthday of the president but other news we want to get to today. i'm jenna lee. eric: i'm eric shawn in for jon kottkamp the latest news all morning are al qaeda linked sunni fighters advancing throughout northern iraq. they're going south, taking city after city. now we're told there are only 70 miles from the
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shiite-controlled capital of baghdad. it is of course understandably a desperate and frightening situation for many, causing more than half a million people so far to flee their homes. they are looking for safe refuge. now there is word they're asking for help from the united nations. jenna: the islamic state of iraq and syria, isis controls iraq's second largest city of mosul and tikrit. tikrit is saddam hussein's hometown where he was found later in the war. they say, according to the reports of these militants, that their next target is baghdad. that certainly has a lot of folks concerned, eric. eric: that is astounding that they can take that. conor powell live in the middle east bureau with the very latest. conor? >> reporter: eric, iraqi leaders are determined to regain the ground they lost past few days but how they will do that is big mystery considering how quickly they lost ground in a few days or some the situation in iraq seems to be spiraling out of control.
8:18 am
the black flags and banners of the islamic state of iraq and syria now fly over mosul, tikrit and fa lucia, some of the biggest cities in the country. the militants are only 100 miles out of baghdad and promising to take the capitol. we're hearing that iraq's pro-western kurdish government in the northern part of the country have taken control of the northern city of kirkuk as a precaution now that government forces fled. iraq appears to be disintegrating literally right before our eyes. prime minister nouriel alma lackey asking help from the u.s. asking for airstrikes against the militants. so are fat white house seemed to rebuff the requests. the obama administration said yesterday that the pentagon would continue to send military assistance. that seems about as far as the obama white house wants to go right now. eric, we're hearing nato is echoing that sentiment. a top nato leader says he sees no role for nato in iraq going
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forward. iraq seems to be on their own in terms of actually having to deal with the militants that are pushing rapidly across that country, eric. eric: tremendously troubling with the onslaught of these islamic militants. conor. thank you so much. jenna? jenna: looking inside the mind of powe bergdahl, the army sergeant recently freed after five years as taliban prisoner. what his personal journal reveals about him and time leading up to his capture in afghanistan. we'll get into a little bit of that. today marks 20 years since the brutal murder of o.j. simpson's ex-wife and ron goldman. the tile of century have a different outcome, that is one much our questions today. throw in this question as well. what do you think of the president jumping out of a helicopter? that is really a bigger story at this point. click on america's asking. which await your thoughts on the jump. we'll go back to maine as we can and get more information on that
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close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. eric: we're awaiting comments from house speaker john boehner. we could learn momentarily about who could replace eric cantor as house majority leader with the gop leadership election set exactly one week from today, that will be next thursday. as you may know that cantor announced yesterday that he will step down from his leadership post at in a few weeks at end of july after the stunning upset in the gop primary. what does it all mean for the future of the republican party in the midterms? joining us jamie weinstein, editor of "the daily caller" and nina easton, senior editor and columnist at fortune mag seep. good morning. will this shape up as the tea party versus the establishment? >> well a lot of tea party folks
8:24 am
and a lot of conservative movement, conservatives in the house that hoped jeb hensarling would run for eric cantor's spot at majority leader. that is where their hopes. appears he will not now. that is what other outlets are reporting that i hear on the hill. he will not run. eric: what does he mean if he doesn't run? kevin mccarthy has it? >> kevin mccarthy and pete sessions. sessions is trying to portray himself as conservative candidate. my sources on the hill see him more of a conservative as mccarthy is. absence after real conservative challenger like hensarling. mccarthy would have distinct advantage considering contacts and sources he has and relationships on the hill. eric: hensarling is out and mccarthy takes it, what does that mean for the tea partiers? >> the tea partiers will take the cantor loss as a way to embolden themselves very much on the hill, even though that is
8:25 am
one victory in, and there have been a number of other losses to tea party candidates in this election cycle. i would just like to see the republican party and republican leadership not cave to the tea party over the issue, for example of immigration reform. i think for the party's presidential prospects this is something they have to deal with. dating back to john mccain's collapse of his campaign in 2007 to mitt romney having to do, jump in a hula hoop and, raise this idea of self-deportation which very much hurt him with hispanics. and even more recently, marco rubio coming out on mimi graduation reform being a leader and having to go back and hide from it because he got hit so hard from the right, i think until the party gets past this issue, and deals with the question of, what to do with those 12 million undocumented workers in this country, that it will continue to divide and
8:26 am
haunt the party. eric: nina, seems the opposite is happening. dave brat rode the immigration issue partially to victory. >> definitely partially the victory. i think that victory had something to do with cantor's relationship to his district. i think, there are people who didn't like eric cantor. had is anti-establishment vote but yes, i mean, the tea party will use this, i think, anecdotal example of immigration to try to raise their voice on this issue and fight against any kind of a reform. but again, on a national level, for a, for a presidential prospect for the republican party, you have to deal with the changing demographics. you have to deal with the rise of the hispanic vote. and, in order to do that, you have to deal with immigration reform. eric: look, the win by brat, that fired up the tea party supporters in other races. >> yeah. eric: jamie, "the washington post" has a
8:27 am
headline today, says, tea party purge. but it seems to me the absolute opposite. take a look at election results of just during this cycle. look at mitch mcconnell. he may have gotten just over 60% of the vote but mitch mcconnell's opponents, 38%, nearly 40%. lindsey graham did week that out with 56%. look his opponents got more than 40%. john cornyn down in texas, he didn't even crack 60%. if you have 40%, nearly half opposing a sitting republican, jamie, what does that mean? >> well i think a lot of people are opportunistically using eric cantor's loss to push their own agenda. i think it is far from clear immigration was the primary issue that forced eric cantor out of his seat. in fact there are polls in the district where 70% of the republicans support type of immigration reform in the senate and pushed to some degree in the house. so i'm not so sure that that was the case of the tea party having a tremendous success. after all, tea party groups put zero dollars in that race.
8:28 am
they put zero dollars behind brat. only they are now coming out saying he is our man. look what they did. but they didn't do anything there. as you mentioned you looked at lindsey graham on the same day he got 50 something percent. he is known as a big proponent what some refer to as amnesty. they call it gram-nesty and got 50 some percent in conservative south carolina. i think immigration reform is dead in this cycle because people are taking wrong message and republican leaders are scared because of what happened to eric cantor but i don't think the message has to do with eric cantor. eric: john boehner, we're waiting for comments two minutes from now. do you think he will step down and run again that he will try one more time? >> i don't think there is any thinking he will step down. he has rode the party through the hard times and he has survived and there isn't any significant challenge to him at this point. eric: all right, nina and jamie,
8:29 am
thank you so much. we'll see what happens when the speaker takes to the microphone a few moments from now. >> we'll watch for that. terrorists capturing several cities in iraq with baghdad in their sites. leader of that group, very few photographs of him exist, but some are calling him the most powerful terrorist lead another world. who he is and what he wants coming up. specifically the oil marketing, we're keeping the eye on those the price of oil. stocks taking a bit of a breather after quite a record run. we'll get to the reason why next. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home.
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eric: new jobless claims are out this morning. first-time applications for unemployment benefits increasing last week, rising 4,000 to 317,000. meanwhile retail sales are missing expectations. they only gained 3% last month. here's a live look at the big board. while it is not down as much as it was yesterday, about half that, 46 points as you can see, falling again. lauren simonetti of the fox business network with the details. lauren, the stock market has been like, going straight up like a rocket but now doing this. >> don't be selfish, eric. you can't have record after record after record. we basically got mediocre economic news this morning. what is that indicative of? the mediocre recovery.
8:34 am
the market is responding accordingly. the dow is down for the second day in a row. jobless claims rising unexpectedly last week. the good news, yes, they're still hovering near the lowest level in seven years. more than that. retail sales are growing but after half the rate economists expects, .3% last month. to make matters worse, if you factor out the automotive component, sales barely budged. americans may be buying a lot of cars but not much else there is correlation between retail sales and consumer spending which makes up 70% of all economic activity. if we're not spending money the economy isn't growing and guess what? the consumer discretionary sector is the only negative one for this year but casting a shadow over all of this today is this huge rile in oil prices, sharply higher. the catalysts coming from iraq where rebel groups linked to al qaeda are moving in on the biggest oil refinery in the country. the worry is, exports of crude oil to the rest of the world
8:35 am
will be crippled this is happening an effect on airlines for sure. many of them are lower for the second day now. yesterday lufthansa said weak demand for air travel caused it to cut its outlook for the year. delta, united, southwest, many others sharply lower today as well based on that estimate from lufthansa and what is going on in iraq right now in the oil market, eric. eric: that situation in iraq, dealing with oil price, not a good thing. lauren, thanks so much. >> good to see. >> quick note we're waiting for house speaker john boehner to step to the microphone in washington d.c. they are weekly remarks and weekly address but perhaps this week a little more interesting than others with the news of eric cantor losing a primary in virginia and big question about leadership in the house for republicans. meantime as we wait for john boehner, we'll turn to this growing humanitarian crisis on our southern border as thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children flood into the country from central america. the massive influx seriously
8:36 am
straining our customs and border patrol agents. one of questions we have, how does the government handle tens of thousands of children suddenly under our care? we have a former chief of staff for u.s. customs and border protection and principle with command consulting group as well. nice to have you back on the program. >> nice to be back, jenna. jenna: walk us through a scenario, a typical scenario. let's say border patrol comes across a 13-year-old who was smuggled across our border illegally. that 13-year-old doesn't have a parent, any relative with him. what would happen next? bach walk us through what the process is like. >> sure. border patrol, part of u.s customs & border protection would usually be the first to encounter a individual like that. they would make the apprehension although in many cases these types of immigrants are turning themselves over to agents and officers. they're okay to be picked up. they would be brought to a border patrol processing
8:37 am
facility, a station. they would be, their biometrics are taken. fingerprints, they are logged into the system. attempts would be made to talk to them, identify them, identify any relatives that might be here in the united states or accompanying them. jenna: thad, mind holding your thought for a moment. i have to turn to capitol hill briefly because speaker boehner stepped to the microphone. let's listen. >> as for the future let me share a little bit with you what i told the members yesterday, this is a time for unity. this is time to focus on what we all know is true, that the president's policies have failed the american people. his administration can't get our economy back to real growth and he continues to endanger our troops and citizens with his failed foreign policies. at this point the administration can not even provide basic services to our veterans. we need to elect a congress with will not only to stop the
8:38 am
president but power to do so as well. every day we're showing the american people we've got better solutions. today we'll act on two more jobs bills that will help small businesses invest and grow. unfortunately senate democrats continue to sit on their hands and failing to act on the dozens of jobs bills that are sitting over in the senate. guess what? so long as the american people continue to ask the question, where are the jobs we're going to continue to be focused on this one issue. said on tuesday the transfer of five hardened terrorists has made americans less safe and i mean that and i will stand by it. when asked last week whether the freed terrorists could return to plotting attacks on americans, president obama recently said, absolutely. well, i don't think that is half of it. this exchange has encouraged our enemies and increased the risks to our military and civilian
8:39 am
personnel serving around the globe. those who would argue the opposite i think are incredibly naive. one of our citizens greatest protections was knowing that the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. and that issue now, that principle has been compromised. america's willing to make deals with terrorists, that is the new obama doctrine. back in january i urged the president to get engaged with what is going on in iraq. this week we've seen big cities in iraq overrun with terrorists. the obama administration's failure to reach a status of forces agreement continues to have serious consequences for iraq and american interests in the region. the administration's failed policies in syria, libya, and egypt and his failure to implement a broader strategy for the middle east is having a direct impact on the situation in iraq.
8:40 am
the united states has and will continue to have, vital national interests in iraq. but the progress made there is clearly in jeopardy. the president celebrated our exit from iraq as a hallmark of his foreign policy agenda. but our focus should be instead on completing our missions successfully. i would urge the president once again to get engaged before it is too late. [inaudible] >> i will let, i will let the political pundits describe and figure out what happened in that election. every election is different.
8:41 am
and, went through a primary process myself and, you have to understand, the american people are being squeezed by obama's policies. the economy is not growing. incomes aren't growing. we're not creating enough jobs and 2/3 of america, see no increase in their wages but their food prices are going up, their gas prices are going up and their health insurance costs are going up. there is a lot of frustration that is out there. they look to washington and wonder why we can't, we can't resolve these issues? they're hard to resolve when you have a president who won't engage. >> [inaudible] >> i, i ran my race in a way that thought i should run my race but i'm not going to analyze that race down there. >> [inaudible]
8:42 am
>> well i do think that the members are going to make this decision. we're going to do it next week. i'm sure some will argue that is too soon. some will argue it was too long. but it's important we resolve this issue in a fair amount of time so that we can do the work that we were elected to do and so the members will make the decision about who the next majority leader is and -- >> [inaudible] >> listen, i worked with all 434 other members of congress before. i can work with whoever gets elected. >> [inaudible] >> well let me first, let me first, first debunk the first thing. i don't believe the first premise of your question.
8:43 am
secondly the issue with immigration reform has not changed. the president continues to ignore laws that he signed into law, violating his oath of office. he did it again with release of these taliban five. and, i remind the president again yesterday, that every time he does this, it makes it harder to gain the trust of our members to do the big things that need to be done around here. >> [inaudible] >> listen, the president's going to have to demonstrate he can be trusted to implement a law the way it was passed. >> [inaudible] >> they are dead wrong on this issue. releasing these five people, negotiating with terrorists, is
8:44 am
a principle that we have not violated and now we have violated it and we have put americans at risk as a result of it. >> [inaudible] >> no. i'm not, again i'm not going, i'm not going to analyze what happened in this election. they're all different. so, i'm sure at some point people will get a handle around what really happened. >> [inaudible] >> well, we don't know that, we don't know, we don't know that is the issue or was the issue in the election. >> [inaudible] >> on iraq, do you think the u.s. should be launching airstrikes and -- [inaudible] >> i think what we should do and provide the equipment and technical assistance that the
8:45 am
iraqis have been asking for. i don't know enough of the details about the airstrikes. comment whether we should or we shouldn't, but it is no the like we haven't seen this problem coming for over a year and it hasn't, it is not like we haven't seen over the last five or six months these terrorists moving in, taking control of western iraq. now they have taken control of most all. they're -- mosul. they are 100 miles from baghdad. what is the president doing? taking a nap. jenna: well, as you can see there, speaker boehner handling quite a few questions what happened in the race in virginia the primary race where eric cantor was defeated. speaker boehner repeatedly saying he is not going to analyze what happened in that election. not going to get into the politics of it. and as you heard, audio was a little bit low from some questions from reporters, the reporters were not taking that lightly. they really were pushing speaker boehner to figure out what is
8:46 am
takeaway from the republican party, if there is one from this one primary race. speaker boehner also really turning his criticism just to the president, which we have seen as of late, saying that the president is taking a nap while baghdad and the rest of iraq are certainly under fire by this terrorist group we'll talk a lot more about during our show. also speaker boehner making some comments bill my graduation, saying essentially that not too much on it. let's say what he is going to say. he didn't say too much about immigration or what he took away from the virginia race on that. the reason why that is an issue and question coming up because some point to the immigration issue as the issue that eric cantor could not get support from his voters on. speaker boehner he not sure that is the case. that is what some political analysts are saying. the speaker also mentioning that the president isn't enforcing his own laws. when it comes to immigration reform or immigration as it stands. that is the criticism from the president from speaker boehner. you see speaker boehner deciding
8:47 am
when he will show up and decide when he is going to leave. he had enough questions and that is when he left. there you go. former chief of staff for u.s. customs border protection, pick off a little bit what you were talking about, thad, you were explaining what happened when unaccompanied minors are taken in by border patrol. if we could sort of merge what we heard from speaker boehner, from your expertise, from your background are there certain laws that we're not enforcing when it comes to immigration that are encouraging these unaccompanied minors to enter our country? >> well, it's a combination of factors like that, jenna, along with factors on the ground in these countries where most of these children are coming from in central america. certainly the reality as well as the perception of how the u.s. is enforcing the immigration laws under this administration, the prospect for some sort of legal status if you just get
8:48 am
here in time, the actions that were taken by executive order on the d.r.e.a.m. act, actions taken to not enforce detention removal against certain category i ares of individuals, all send signals. that is part of the mix here causing this problem. jenna: one of the things that you mentioned is that, as you look again, very complicated problem. just to point out to our viewers, it is a sudden issue we're dealing with, from october of last year, through may of this year, we've seen nearly 50,000 unaccompanied minors come across our border which is at a rate of more than 90%. so that is why this does feel sudden. but, thad, most of these unaccompanied minors are coming from central america. you say that does create a difference, another challenge for our administration and how we actually handle this on the ground. can you explain how? >> yeah, it does create some unique challenges. not only where they are coming from but where they're coming to along the u.s. border.
8:49 am
most of our detention capacity was built to deal with a problem of mexican aliens who, in most cases were adults or at least accompanied minors. a lot of that detention capacity was built in arizona which was the busiest sector a decade ago. it can take 10 to 20 times as long to deal with an individual from another central american country, unlike a mexican national, you can't put them back across-the-boarder into mexican custody at nearby port of entry. you have to work with that country's consulate. you have to arrange air transportation for them back home. in the case of unaccompanied minors it is a whole other set of problems where now you have to identify them. jenna: thad, by the way we'll have to run, for example, air flight back home, would that be something our taxpayer dollars are paying for. >> absolutely. unfortunately, jenna. jenna: thad, so many more questions for you. we're up against a hard break. apologies for interruption.
8:50 am
this is big story. i know we'll revisit it. thank you very much. >> thank you, jenna. eric: jenna, troubling developments happening in iraq we were reporting to you, terrorists capturing several key cities in iraq and they are on the move! baghdad in their sights. this is the leader of that group. some calling him the most powerful terrorist leader in the world right now. we'll have closer look at who he is and what he wants. real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. jenna: al qaeda linked terrorists coming back with a vengance in iraq. isis islamic state of iraq in syria, taking over city after city including mosul, and tikrit, vowing to march on baghdad where they say they have an account to settle. we know more about the leader of
8:54 am
isis, a senior official says he is more violent and anti-american than the leader of core of al qaeda. advisory special agent joins us now. what about this guy? >> well his name is abu bakir al-baghdadi. he took over after the death of mullah omar who was leader of the group when the group was part of al qaeda. weighs able to basically pose the most important and most significant challenge to al qaeda core and its leader al-zawahiri. jenna: you say when they were part of al qaeda. are they not anymore? >> no. syria actually divided the global jihadi movement. you have al nusra and al qaeda plus other affiliates already pledged to ayman al-zawahiri and they continue to fight under ayman al-zawahiri. by the way these groups came out of isis, isis says these groups are traders. we're better than al-zawahiri. we're better than al qaeda.
8:55 am
jenna: are they? >> they are worse, absolute. absolutely. what they are doing in syria, what they're doing in iraq today. those guys don't have only the ideology of usama bin laden, the anti-american, anti-western ideology of usama bin laden but also, they pose the ideology, sectarian ideology and ideology that came after the iraq war. jenna: help us navigate this. we're hearing from one senior intelligence official telling "the washington post" telling us that these guys are more anti-american and anti-western like you're saying. >> sure. jenna: then the spokesman for the president says this is different kind of threat, that core al qaeda repeatedly publicly vowed to attack u.s. soil but he seems to be saying these guys haven't. how should we look at them as americans? what kind of threat do they pose to us? >> first of all they're challenging the national security of not only the united states but the entire region. today turkey ask, yesterday turkey asked for a meeting from nato. those people don't pose only a challenge for shiite regimes in
8:56 am
iran or iraq and syria but regimes in jordan, turkey, and saudi arabia. so they are extremely, extremely dangerous. now what is happening today in syria has a lot to do what is happening in iraq. isis exists in both countries. you have 12,000 foreigners, foreign fighters, 3,000 at least of them came from western countries. a lot of these people are fighting with isis. they hold this radical idea log that makes al qaeda look like moderate organization. jenna: wow. >> imagine what will happen when the people start going back home if we don't have any strategy in place to deal with them over there and deal with them when they come here or come back to the western countries. >> that is the next question. our strategy. we'll have to leave it there. hope you come back. a broader conversation about the strategy moving forward. ali, thank you. eric? eric: jenna, look up in the sky! it's a bird, it's a plane, no it is 41! president george w. h bush making another parachute jump
8:57 am
this time to celebrate his 90th birthday. coming up we'll have comments from you about what you think of the president's inspiring jump. it's a known fact that 100% of the swordfishes
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eric: and we'll see you back here in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> a fox news alert, i'm harris faulkner. we are awaiting a white house briefing right now on a new crisis unfolding in iraq. al-qaeda-inspired terrorists in just the last 48-96 hours have captured two key cities and are now moving op, vowing to march on baghdad. last reports, they're only about 70 miles out. iraq's prime minister is asking for help from the united nations, and he has been reportedly asking for air support there the united states. we should tell you a high level group of senators just wrapped up an armed services committee meeting x some on the record thousand with some tough talk for the -- now with some tough talk for the white house. plus, concern


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