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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we had good letters but we're always looking for more material and don't forget about the ask dennis. if you questions for miller, e-mail them. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. > . breaking tonight, how the feds are trying to keep the crisis. welcome to the "kelly file" everyone i'm megyn kelly. all week long we've been reporting on thousands of unaccompanied children crossing illegally into the united states in a crisis that critics say was created by the president's own policies. while the feds have pushed back in attempts to photograph these overwhelmed check points, t"the washington post" obtained cell phone video that it says was taken inside a boarder patrol station in mcallen, texas. this is the first view.
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you see agents at a desk, look at this, inside a garage holding area, some with masks and a video pans to the an area marked with yellow police tape. look at this. we understand the people inside that area are sick. the flimsy yellow tape is the only thing separating them from expecting mothers and young children. you can hear babies crying in the background. and you also see many people sprawled across the concrete floor. we understand temperatures inside this facility reach 90 degrees. making things worse, this facility is meant to hold less than 500 people, but on any given day, agents are seeing as many as 1300 illegal immigrants. in another area you see every inch of available space appears to be filled. rows of girls, little children, reports that these illegal immigrants wait for days, sometimes more than a week with access to portable toilets but no showers. farther down the hallway, more
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agents standing by. one with a mask and gloves, you'll see that in one minute, and through the small windows, you can see even more people packed into these tiny little rooms. this, folks, is the united states of america. arizona is another state seeing an influx of immigrants and the governor called on congress to help. my next guest says he toured one of these arizona facilities and he says what he saw was pitiful. reverend jared is president of the phoenix based progressive christian coalition and is a democratic congressional candidate in arizona. reverend, thank you for being here. you went in and actually saw this facility in dallas, is that where it was? >> it was in arizona right along our southern boarder and thank you, megyn for having me on tonight. >> you bet. tell us what you saw and what you observed in terms of the conditions. >> well, again, the conditions
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were pitiful. it's really a sad sight to see. you saw children that had no access to restrooms. they have been unshowered, as i questioned boarder patrol, standing in their presence, we were told many of them hadn't showered in ten days and that's since they got to the united states of america. the fema trucks weren't connected when i arrived. there wasn't water running to the showers. i observed them and length a hand when they were connecting the toilets to the water truck. the kids are in a storage facility. it's a large warehouse with cooling. 250, 300 people in a pin that can be described like a human pin 15-foot chain link with barbed wire. again, in restrooms in there, just cots and one and a half inch mats to keep th
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concrete floor. i was burning up. my whole delegation was sweating and very uncomfortable, so i can only imagine how they felt. >> this is unbelievable. you see guards with masks on worried about disease and we heard reports of some of the children having chickenpox, mrsa virus, other issues. you said before the show you observed children with lice and you think back to what we saw at the superdome after katrina and it just -- you're reminded of that. >> absolutely. absolutely. i was on the receiving end here, even in phoenix, arizona when katrina folks got off of the plane and were taken to our coliseum. it was basic things my group tried to impress upon boarder patrol while there. had the caplins been over to see the children? the answer was no. has your staff, boarder patrol staff hugged the children? have you told them they are all right and they will be safe? the answer was no. that is sad and unfortunate.
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this is a humanitarian crisis, and it is extremely important that congress not only fund organizations like the organization for many refugee resettlement but they need to make sure they are working with the president to make sure that health and human services can get down to these processing centers on the boarder a eer an sure these folks aren't staying longer than lawfully needed. >> did you understand when you went down there, you saw babies and at least 1,000 children total. did you have an understanding from them about why, why the influx now? >> well, the children said to several of us that they heard from local media and their parents were under the impression they could benefit from deferred action if they arrived at the united states within a certain time period. we certainly know that's not true. many of them talked about
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cartel. they talked about sexual abuse, dire economic conditions. but we knew this was coming. i talked to officials from the honduras consulates they knew this was coming and we can expect thousands more to come. >> wow, thank you for being on. i know they did not want, they are still not allowing the media in there but they let you in -- >> they should let the media in. >> they absolutely should. we're the people's voice and we have a right to see what is going on within our country. reverend, thank you. >> thank you. well, critics say this crisis is just going to get worse. you heard his information. we've been told perhaps 60,000 more coming and that's because boarder agents are taken off patrol to bus, babysit and feed the children. that's not their fault. they are trying to protect the boarder. they don't have enough people. they have very few people to police the boarder now. and the head of the national
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association of former border patrol officers says there is no one to blame but administration say income part quote, this is not a humanitarian crisis, this is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault by the compassion et side of americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purpose. a vice president of the national boarder patrol counsel. sean, thank you very much for being here. this is it. your group representing the national, boarder patrol agents and the question i have for you is whether you agree with that statement from the organization representing the former agents that this is not a humanitarian crisis, it's a man-made crisis and born out of a political world view. >> i do agree with that. this is a tafailure of policy. right now we have an immigration system designed to fail and our agents the boarder patrol
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agents. under siege, we have half our agents processing. we don't know what is coming through. >> these children come and by law, you can't just turn them away. they go from you guys and ice and wind up with hhs, human services and get returned to a family member who may be in the u.s. illegally or wind upwards of the state. we have 400,000 children in foster care. that was the recent numbers are 2012. we have 400,000 already in foster care and tens of thousands coming across the boarder. how can we stop it? >> we can stop it by having some kind of consequence. the word is out in central america this is your golden ticket to the united states, that immigration is not being enforced, and the rule of law is
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not existing. we need to close the loophole or else it's going to continue. you have to have consequences, or else it's going to be exploited. >> sean, what about the photography? we -- it's amazing how few pictures there are of what is happening along the southern boarder and these facilities and we're told the boarder patrol said knock it off with the pictures or you'll be fired, is that true? >> i've heard that and seen memos stating agents can't have cell phones in the holding and detention facilities. we think the american public needs to see what is out there. we tried to tell people about this story months ago, and until brandon darby put up pictures, nobody seemed interested. this is something that's been going on for over a year and is just getting worse, and the american public needs to see what is going on. they need to see how hard our agents are working and how helpless they are to stop this and to make this situation
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better. the boarder patrol has a long history of putting a pretty face on a problem. they fly over the boarder and what they are looking at is empty boarder patrol powers. we need the manpower and we don't have that. >> instead, they are trying to find 1.5 billion to deal with the immigrants as opposed to suring up the boarder. how purely protected is the boarder given the diversion of your resources? >> upwards of 40% of our people in the rio grand valley right now are processing. so about maybe a little more than half are out in the field right now, and our information that we're receiving, is that there are a lot of people that are not surrendering to the boarder patrol. they are still trying to evade us and at a time when we're throwing billions of dollars to help the people that are coming to this country illegally, our agents are being restricted in
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the hours that they can work. a year ago we asked for a few hundred million to sure up our salary so we had 100% staffing and couldn't get that. now there is money. there is billions of dollars available to make sure that people are taken care of, and no boarder patrol agent wants to see children coming across the bearder and not taken care of, but when are we going to take boarder security seriously? >> wow. sean, thank you for being here. >> thank you, meggen. >> what an incredible situation. no wonder they don't want pictures. we're getting word tonight of americans being evacuated from the middle east thanks to frightening terror tactics by a group that's led by a man whose called the true heir to osama bin laden. we'll show you what this means. as bowe bergdahl arrives in the u.s. tonight, we have hands on exclusive letters written while he was in captivity.
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breaking tonight, american soldier bowe bergdahl is arriving back in the states as we get new reports why he left his post in the first place. the daily beast reporting it has letters that bergdahl allegedly sent to his family while he was allegedly still in captivity. they got these and the taliban confirmed they came from bergdahl. the notes allegedly reveal bergdahl making excuses for why he walked off, the misspellings are his. quote tell those involved in the investigation there are more sides to the situation, the circumstance from the beginning of my time in afghanistan from immediate top to bottom were bad for troopers, especially in my platoon. joining me now, two former members of bergdahl's pla ton, a former army specialist that once roomed with bergdahl and evan buto, a team leader directly in charge of bergdahl. let me start with you, cody,
6:16 pm
having read these two letters, one from 2012 and one from 2013 that he sent to his family. the "daily beast" said these are legit, handwritten by him delivered by the red cross, what do you make of it? >> so now we know he deserted for a fact. he just admitted in these letters that he deserted. as far as his excuses go, they do not excuse his actions. it was rough on all us. the rest of us were in the same conditions he was and we upheld our oath and fought for fellow americans and did not desert. >> viewers should know he said things like this, clear minded understanding from leadership was lacking if not non-exist tablet. again, the misspellings and grammar errors are his. the conditions were bad and looked to be getting worse for the men that were actually the ones risking their lives from attack as well as afghan elements and goes on to say there are more sides to the
6:17 pm
situation, please tell d.c. to wait for all evidence to come in. evan, as his leader, your thoughts, evan is with us by phone on his attempt to blame this on leadership lacking leadership the reason he walked away. >> you know, as i look at the letters and i read what he said, a lot of people have problems with their leadership or their bosses in any job you have. i had problems with leadership and with my superiors and things they said. everybody does. the conditions we were living in, yeah, we sleeping on the ground, sleeping in holes, out on the front line. security is lacking. we were a little low on personnel but that's the life of an infantry man. so to say that's an excuse for him to leave, there is no excuse. we all stayed behind. we signed on the letter or on that line to say we're going to serve our country and follow orders and these letters just
6:18 pm
prove that he did desert and everything that we have said is true and there is no excuse for what he did. we all were there. we all were experiencing the same thing and we all stayed behind and like cody said, we fulfilled that oath that we made to serve our country and not desert it. >> cody, does this change your view of the prisoner swap at all in terms of i presume our government knew about these, they probably had read what we are reading tonight. >> well, you know, i would like to see when the government knew these were delivered to his family, whether it was a couple days ago or they knew at the time as the letters were sent a few years ago and i wonder if that would prove they knew the whole time he was a desserter. >> calling into the question the trade in your mind? >> well, if they knew he was a deserter, it's kind of questionable why they would do this. >> evan, you know, we've heard a lot about bowe bergdahl over the past couple days about he was in the coast guard but had some
6:19 pm
sort of problem that led to him being, you know, not kicked out but pushed out, an uncharacterized discharge in 2006 and now they are talking about his mental state and questioning whether he was really all there when it comes to competence and ability to make decisions. your thoughts on that? does that soften the situation for you? >> for me, no, it doesn't soften it for me. i think anybody that decides to walk away from their post and their fellow soldiers in the middle of afghanistan, anyone who does that is definitely having some type of mental shortcoming or something to think that they can go do that. having said that, and from all my interactions with him from the time he came to our unit in alaska through training and deployment, there was anything i nor anyone would would have seen of him having any mental problems whatsoever.
6:20 pm
he was very smart, and he was very articulate, wanted to train. he was a good soldier. he was always on time. there is really just nothing for us, at least, granted we're not medical professionals but i do not think that this softens what he did. he knew what he was doing. he sent his stuff home before he left. he gathered up a knife and water and journal and camera and walked away. this is something he thought about and planned and walked away. no, that does not excuse him deserting and he needs to be held accountable for that. >> he returns to u.s. soil tonight in the wake of lawmakers questioning why it was taking so long to get him back here so we could begin questioning him. thanks again to both of you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> we also have dramatic new developments in the case of the women sentenced to death for her christian faith. ted cruz went in an effort to free this woman. he's pushing the president to
6:21 pm
get involved. he'll join us. as we get new pictures of her behind bars that are heart breaking. plus one priest is murdered and another in critical condition. the mystery behind this awful crime. >> the tragedy that occurred last night at the mother of mercy mission church strikes at our core because every american should feel safe in a house of worship. replace your laptop? start with the best writing experience. make it incredibly thin. add an adjustable kickstand, a keyboard, a usb port, and the freedom of touch. and, of course, make it run microsoft office, with the power and speed to do real work. introducing surface pro 3. the tablet that can replace your laptop.
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if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. developing tonight, one priest is shot to death and another left in critical condition at an attack at a phoenix catholic church and a bigami mystery who might be beh this. >> this happened at the mother
6:25 pm
of mercy church. the motive still very unclear but the strongest possibility appears to be armed burglary. the church is located near the state capitol in downtown phoenix and at night the area is deserted and dangerous. police say the older priest, father joseph terra called 911 but they don't know if he called before or after the attack. one of priests vehicles was stolen but recovered a few blocks away and it may help this case, listen. >> this is very early in the investigation, and while we have physical evidence, what we lack is eyewitness information and i think that's the key to helping us in relation to closure very quickly on this issue. >> father terra is clearly an eyewitness but remains critical and unable to give a description to the suspect or suspects. police are also checking surveillance video. the priest who was shot and killed was 28-year-old kenneth walker. he was ordained in 2012 and his
6:26 pm
parishioners are distraught. >> very alive and a gentle man and good man and can't believe anyone would want to kill him. >> we're also told, megyn, father t terra was able to craw over and give father walker last rights. megyn. >> oh my goodness, thank you. there are stunning developments tonight in the controversial custody battle for 16-year-old justina. this is the little girl separated from her family for months after they had the nerve to question a decision by her doctors. you will not believe where it's gone now. and he is being called the new bin laden and up next, we'll speak with mark and brooke about what this guy and his group mean for america. >> it's not like we haven't seen over the last five or six months
6:27 pm
these terrorists moving in, taking control of western iraq. now they have taken control of mosul. what is the president doing? taking a nap. seeing the world in reverse, and i loved every minute of it. but then you grow up and there's no going back. but it's okay, it's just a new kind of adventure. and really, who wants to look backwards when you can look forward? ♪ ♪
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breaking tonight, we're getting reports some americans are being evacuated from parts of iraq after a terror group is
6:31 pm
vowing death to non-muslims or anyone who stands in their way. this is armature video showing the militant group parading the captured iraqi police forces through the streets. president obama today met with his national security team to discuss the increasingly troubling situation. this group is bad. it's very bad. but one member of the senate armed services committee says that's the last group of people the president, the national security team i'm talking about now should be asking for advice. >> i say to the president of the united states get a new national security team in place. you have been ill served by the national security team in the decisions you have in place now and the decisions that you made. >> mark wrote most of president bush's speeches on iraq during his time at the white house. he's now a fellow at the american enterprise institute. mark, do you agree the president is being ill served? >> it's a complete disaster.
6:32 pm
to put that in perspective. think about the situation barack obama inherited when he came into office. al qaeda and iraq, which is this group on the march in big dad going towards baghdad was defeated military and ideally. they have been driven from save havens and the leader was killed and controlled no ter territory. the iraqi people, the sunni masses had risen up against them and drove them out instead of joining with al qaeda to drive america out. they were defeated and the situation was so good, that the obama administration was trying to take credit for it. joe biden went out and said this will be, iraq will be a great achievement of the obama administration. they skanquandered it. they went from having no safe haven to being on the verge of taking over a nation. that's the situation we face now. >> we have the sound byte from
6:33 pm
the vice president. let's take a listen. >> i'm very optimistic about iraq. i think it's going to be one of the great acheievements of this administration. you'll see 90,000 american troops come marching home by the end of the summer. you'll see a stable government in iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government. >> and you say today instead of that success, that they are on the verge of starting the fade. that was bin laden's vision. >> absolutely. they have taken over mosul and tikrit. those gangs squandered were paid for with the price of american blood. americans died to drive alibi da out. besides the sacrifice. they will use the gains to follow us here at home. i mean, they are not going to be satisfied with taking over syria and iraq. they -- what they are in the process of doing now is turning
6:34 pm
iraq into what afghanistan was in the 1990s, a save haif ton carry out attacks and we know this because in 2005 we intercepted a letter from the leader of al qaeda in'-4 iraq. they had four stages, first stage drive the americans out. second stage establish a fit in baghdad and use that to attack other countries and fourth stage the clash with israel. we accomplished stage one. they are in the process of nearly accomplishing stage two, stage three is to attack us. this is a very, very serious situation. >> if this group is so radical, isis, so radical, al qaeda doesn't want it. the people who kill 3,000 americans on 9/11 are trying to distance themselves from this group because they are too radical. you say the president in your
6:35 pm
view made two critical mistakes. what were they? >> one, withdrawing every single american troop out of iraq against advice of military commanders that created a vacuum in afghanistan, which allowed al qaeda to regroup. >> in iraq. >> in iraq, yes. second, he did nothing in syria, did nothing to help the moderate prowestern rebels who were begging for support that created a vacuum in syria that allowed the reconstituting to move into syria create a safe haven there, draw recruits from around the world, train them and plan this march back into iraq where they are taking over cities. >> and now what is really crazy is that now that we have decided to help some of the folks in syria, not to mention the iraqi forces, these bad guys with isis, this bad group, they are using american humvees, our
6:36 pm
equipment and they are using them against our allies and i'm sure they would like to the use them against us, as well. >> thank you. >> we're learning more about the offshoot that controls a third of iraq. the commander controls the world's wealthiey esiest terror. they stole 400 million from a bank. some are calling him the new bin laden. some warned that man could soon order a terror attack on our soil if the u.s. doesn't make serious policy changes and fast. >> the isis had this for their agenda to attack the homeland. the next 9/11 is in the making. >> a human rights attorney and director of the law fair project. do you believe the next 9/11 is in the making? >> the comparison between -- >> this bad guy. >> the new head and osama bin
6:37 pm
laden is apt for every reason that make said is that basically isis is resurrected from the dead because of the void that we left in 2011 in iraq and because syria is now a training ground and recruitment ground and if we learned anything from 9/11, we know all you need san american passport, access to within our boarders to carry out an attack. we're seeing now, americans, american citizens, european citizens, canada citizens are being recruited to train along isis and al qaeda affiliated groups in syria. we had the first american suicide bomber in siry. the attack on the jewish museum was carried out by a jihad train in syria. they are coming home and god forbid we should have another 9/11, but if we don't take isis seriously for the threat it is, a motivated threat that wants to
6:38 pm
wage war against the west, that is threatening now jordan, they are threatening to invade jordan and kill the king there. >> and you can only imagine what their plans are for israel. >> they stated what their plans are. they have threatened to invade g goza and lebanon and if we weren't willing to provide assistance to iraq where we have thrown $15 billion to train the iraqi security forces that we've been misled to believe are capable of defending themselves, why would we be willing to help jordan? >> you look at this group headed by this mysterious guy, he's not like other ali-qaeda leader and doesn't like to be seen on camera and disguise and his whereabouts are unknown and he's not a flash si guy and he's about 42 years old. you look at his tactics.
6:39 pm
it's as brutal as you can imagine. you have to feel for the iraqi police force, which is, i mean, they are not prepared morally for the type of beheadings and being shot down in the street while just walking along that this group is unleashing on them. they have imposed sharia law. >> right, and it's a hard pill to swallow the troops abandoned their post in mosul. they were an ember we left burning that we failed to extinguish to one of the greatest non-governmental, non-state actors, terrorists actors, the greatest military threat to the west and they have an airport. they are holding the turkey embassy hostage and plathreaten jordan. >> and they are looking at
6:40 pm
baghdad. if they control iraq and parts of syria soon and actually have this islamic state from which to launch and plan jihad, brooke, what should we do about it? the president today said there is not going to be boots on the ground. the american people don't want that. he wants to work with partners but not ruling anything out yet. >> i think it's quite obvious what happens when there is a void with the american military, and we have to take this as case example. when we with drew our troops without leaving any type of military presence whatsoever in iraq, we have isis.oiñ iecú don't think it would be ad idea to have this policy of complete non-engagement any longer. >> we'll continue to follow this. thank you. >> thanks. there is shocking developments tonight in the controversial custody battle for 16-year-old justina separated by parents. you won't believe where that case is tonight and now develop
6:41 pm
t mentes sentenced to death for being a christian. she waits to learn if she will be hanged for refusing to embrace islam. >> she gave birth in a prison cell with her toddler son next to her. what is her crime? her crime is very simple. she's accused of and convicted of being a christian. ♪ they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what mas a subaru, a subaru.
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new developments in the case of a woman sentenced to death for her christian faith as we get new pictures showing miriam abraham and her infant daughter inside a deadly and overcrowded prison. look at her. she looks e most ua s bad. she's been locked up for months with her infant and her 20 month old after she was arrested for
6:46 pm
marrying her husband, a christian and a u.s. citizen and refusing to renounce her christian fail. she's been sentenced to 1 0 lashes before she is hanged. today, protesters took to the white house here demanding action. senator ted cruz and tony perkins among others calling on president obama to act. yesterday i had the chance to speak to senator cruz about it. here is what he said. senator, a counter part to you is pushing to grant miriam u.s. citizenship. she's the hmother of two u.s. citizens. can we do that? >> it's something that will help. i'm working with senators to do the exact same thing. i commend tom cotton. you know, our country was founded by people fleeing religious oppression and we sometimes forget how lucky we
6:47 pm
are. she's in a prison with her toddler son and newborn baby girl and she's sentenced to die for being a christian. the sentence is that she will be whipped 100 times and then hung by the neck 'til dead unless she renounces christ and miriam abraham said i will not renounce christ and she is married to an american from new hampshire. i have to say, megyn, as you look at this outrage, this atrocity, one of the first questions is where is the president? where is the president of the united states? why is president obama not standing up on the world stage and saying free miriam, you are not going to execute this woman for her religious faith, for her christian faith. you're not going to whip her to death and take her away from her baby whose u.s. citizens, from her husband who is a u.s.
6:48 pm
citizen. we need american leadership. this is heart breaking and we need the prayers of americans all across. >> if that appeals court does not do the right thing, this is not going to end well. the question i had is maybe the state department is working behind the scenes and won't tell us what they are doing, the husband says no they are not. he says he's not getting help on this. do you believe that to be the case? >> well, if the state department is working behind the scenes, i don't know of it. i can tell you a couple weeks ago i was in israel and visited with the famed soviet who spent years and he talked about the power of the president of the united states speaking out for freedom. he talked about how in the soviet gu logs, the prisoners from pass cell to cell notes, did you hear what president regan said. he said tear down this wall. megyn, why isn't the president speaking out against this
6:49 pm
grotesque violation of religious freedom. this woman is sentenced to death for being a christian. the president of the united states should be outraged and no one can speak to this with the force and power of the president. we need to see presidential leadership here. >> we'll stay on this. 27 years old with two babies in a prison. senator, thanks for being here. >> thank you, god bless you. >> there is a petition at to push the government to do something about it. coming up next, stunning developments in the controversial custody battle for 16-year-old jus trk srkjust th ina pelletier. why now are you breaking your silence despite what could be repercussions from this court? >> bottom line is my daughter's life is now at stake.
6:50 pm
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look at that picture. it is a case we've been following from the beginning and the controversial medical custody battle of 16-year-old just tina pelletier may becoming to a close thanks to stunning reversal by the massachusetts department of children and family. trace gallagher with the fallowup. >> just tina's fathina's father are close to getting their daughter home. this is after the massachusetts department of children and
6:54 pm
family made a stunning reversal saying they fully support justina going back to live with her family. this is the same dcf that a year ago accused them of medical child abuse because they got their daughter treatment for a rare genetic disorder, a disorder that was diagnosed by another elite massachusetts medical center. now it's up to a massachusetts judge to decide whether justina goes home or stays in the connecticut care facility she was transferred to last month and now justina herself is trying to sway the judge. watch this. >> all i really want to be with is with my family and my friends and that's all i want is to be with my family and friends back home. >> lou pelletier says by not treating his disorder, justina has gotten worse.
6:55 pm
here is lou. >> everything imaginable that you can do to a child has been done to her. so the old saying, the picture is worth a thousand words and i think they finally have seen that picture and that's why they are finally doing this. >> the family says they have fulfilled all of the judges's paperwork requests and are hoping a decision, megyn, comes very soon. >> trace, thanks. coming up next, it is official, i'm on facebook and right after this break, what did little mk look like at nine years old? my very first throw back thursday picture next and that's not all. plus, coming up tonight on "hannity". >> we should have gone in after september 11th, taken care of the bad guys, killed them, not rebuilt them. i think it's real funny to think that we can bring democracy and peace to a region that doesn't understand it and doesn't want it. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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it's facebook official, kelly. this is different from our show facebook page, you can see my throw back thursday picture. a picture of me when i was nine. clear as a bell on facebook, oh, joy. we posted behind the scenes video. check it out at
7:00 pm kelly. watch us tomorrow night because we have charles crowd hammer, dennis michael lynch and the state department spokesperson who ripped on bowe bergdahl's platoon members is coming on the show. that will be interesting. tomorrow at 9:00. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jam packed edition of the show. glen beck is right there. america? are you ready? let's go. >> we can't just have a president, this guy or that guy or that guy that makes up the rules. >> a message for the republican party. >> the next 9/11 is in the making. >> al qaeda insurgent take over several cities in iraq and set their sights toward baghdad. >> what is the president doing?