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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> we're 100 miles from baghdad what's the president doing? taking a nap. >> looks like the obama administration was caught by surprise once again. we'll have no spin analysis. >> i'm just trying to clarify so i can understand no. >> no i don't think you are trying to clarify. i think you are trying to say that i used to be7a/= @&c @c opposed and now i'm ink]wcé&or and i did it for political reasons. >> hillary clinton getting scrutinized even by the liberal npr network. what's that all about? we'll tell you. also tonight, shake it up, baby. governor christie trying to win back hearts and minds of the voters.
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>> hypothetically hillary clinton runs for president, do you think she is going to do that? >> you bet. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. doing nothing. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. back in the 19th century there was an american political group known as the know nothings because they were secretive and pretty much ineffective. today we have a do nothing government in washington. our elected officials sit around saying they will get to the bought of it. they will get to the bottom of everything. claiming they are working around the clock but little is actually accomplished. let me back it it up. when putin invaded crimea, america was caught by
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surprise. when terrorists killed four americans in benghazi, libya, america was caught by surprise. when the v.a. scandal broke in arizona, the administration was caught by surprise. thousands of children started illegally walking across the southern border it there was surprise in washington. now, with iraq on the verge of collapse, guess what? they are surprised. the president says they are working hard on the problem. >> my team is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them. i don't rule out anything. >> critics of the president say he has known for months that iraq was in danger. >> it's not like we haven't seen this problem coming for over a year. it hasn't been -- it's not like we haven't seen over the last five or six months these terrorists moving, in
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taking control of western iraq. now they have taken control of mosul. they are is hundred miles from baghdad. what's the president doing? taking a nap. >> even though that's a partisan statement, president obama does appear disengaged. from vital problems all over the world it looks like american voters are starting to understand it. new gallup poll asks does president obama manage government effectivelies, 39% say yes, 60% say no. then this question: does president obama have a clear plan for solving the country's problems? 34% say yes. a whopping 6 5% no. let me put that number into perspective for you. 34% of americans will approve of whatever barack obama does. it doesn't matter to them. they just like him and that's that. so the president is virtually getting a no confidence vote from every other person in the country. that's amazing. now talking points has been very consistent over the
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past 18 years. i don't care about party politics. i want problem solvers in washington. and in our state capitals. i want honest people who will think about creative solutions to vexing situations. i have nothing personally against barack obama. he has helped us raise a lot of money for wounded warriors, he has been respectful to us generally, and i support some of his programs like mentoring poor children and raising the minimum wage so more people get off the dole. but there no question at this point in history president obama is not effectively running the country. senator mccain was right yesterday when he said obama needs to fire his crew. and get some experienced people to it advise him on vital issues. again, 65% of american adults believe the president is not an effective problem solver. boy, do we have problems. and that's the memo. now for tour top story tonight. chief white house ed henry.
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>> he is not responsible for every single thing that's gone bad. >> v.a. candle they should have known sooner and people died, sure. iraq, yes, he probably should have been on top of this soon. i will give you one quick example from day one of this administration, the president handed the iraq account to vice president biden. so, this week, when they were trying to press the iraqi prime minister to do something finally, who made the call? not the president of the united states, it was vice president biden, got to get his hands dirty so at that point is fair. >> you said that i'm being too harsh. >> you are painting this picture that everything he has touched has just fan apart. >> did i not back it up? >> you like him on minimum wage and that's it? >> no, no. crimea caught by surprise, correct? >> crimea? yeah, pretty much. >> v.a. scandal caught by surprise. >> v.a. officials knew more than he did. >> border surprise. >> we have -- was there a public statement made by the president about the children he hasn't done anything
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about it except put them in detention centers ha. >> what i have said is too harsh. >> it's not like he is sitting in washington doing nothing. >> wait, wait, wait. major issues. big, big issues, i would say he hasn't done anything on any of them. you agree and then you say i'm being too harsh. >> i agree that he has been disengaged on some of these big things. >> all of them. >> do more. you are painting a picture he has done absolutely nothing. >> what has he done on any of those issues? i raised five of them. >> on the v.a. scandal, after the fact, he finally started cleaning house. he probably should are con that sooner. >> five and a half years? sure he should have. >> this has been going on years and years and years. >> in iraq what's he going to do whether you have prime minister maliki who has been letting the sectarian violence build and build and build out of control. >> is he an idiot. >> okay. >> what did he do there. >> what he does is anybody one inform the american people this is going south, number two, he might use air power, that's possible. he doesn't know what to do now. why doesn't he know he? should have a -- okay.
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this is what a leader does. and i'm coming at this from a historical point of view. this is what a good leader does. anticipates problems. and then when they happen, has a plan immediately that he can go to. they don't happen? he doesn't have to go to them. all right? that's what george washington did. abraham lincoln did, fdr did. they anticipate things happening. especially when they're warned. they are warned that it could happen. so, obama was warned that iraq could go south. >> sure. >> where is his plan? >> well,. >> where is his plan? >> air strikes at some point, but, yes. could he have done more? sure. but, nobody has solution. we have been talking about this months ago with russia as well. what are you going to it do with putin? going to go to war with russia. >> i told you what you do with putin, i told you. you remember or you forget? >> i'm going to remind you, i'm going to educate you again. a young guy, henry. don't take it out on him. all right. what i said is what they have you had have done.
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voice, is a master card and american express. do not accept those receipts from russia. all right? that cripples them immediately and that tells putin, do it again that's what's going to happen again. that's a solution to a problem. all right? iraq, i don't know whether i would use air power but i probably. would i will tell you what, if i'm sitting in the oval office i have that plan already in effect because i knew this was coming: making it like a president has no idea what to do. he has these plans. those guys attack mosul, all right? across the syrian border, all masse. you are bombing the hell out of them before they come into mosul.
5:09 pm
you. iraqi army do you know why? because they have no they. power, and then a day later late or two days is there anything wrong with killing these al qaeda, anything at all? >> kill them, wipe them out. >> you can see them. our drones know where they are. >> sure. send them in from kuwait and saudi arainia, our fighters and knock them out. what's wrong with that? >> sure. that's fine. you want use drones, that's fine. if you want to talk about more serious military intervention after we spent almost a trillion dollars in iraq. >> you are killing as many as these al qaeda as you can kill. you are sending a message to the iraqi army that you are not alone. all right? that's the plan that should have been there. but it isn't. do you know why? there is no plan there. and no plan is there on any of the issues. >> there is no plan there. he is he not doing it yet.
5:10 pm
he said give him a few days. >> i know it's your job to have a are a rapport. if you tell him tell him disappointed. more than a little. there he is lou dobbs on the awful chaos coming into the u.s.a. illegally. herald on the border mess and iraq. lots of messes. factor is coming right back. replace your laptop?
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before paragraph lou's the boss segment tonight. if there dobbs southern border: now we have nearly 50,000 children entered the country illegally in the past 8 months. some believe that's because the obama administration will not enforce immigration laws. does this ghn straight loophole. not clear where they are going except for staying here. >> they are going through the immigration process to determine how to return them to their home countries or to otherwise handle their immigration status. >> here now to comment is mr. dobbs, the author of the novel border war. all right. i mean, this is almost like for you shooting ducks in a little pool. in a little baby pool, all right? it's not even fair thank you for setting me up. first of all, were you aware of this entry by tens of thousands of children? did you know it was happening?
5:15 pm
>> imembarrassed to say i may have known about it before the president. >> he only knew about it three days ago. >> exactly. >> and both of us would have been, i think a little late in understanding what was going on. >> me too. i had no idea that this kind of humanitarian disaster was unfolding. and that's on me. i mean, look, as i said, we are busy. we have all kinds of things to deal with but this is a catastrophe then when would talk to the two border patrol guys this week look we can't do anything about it as soon as they cross into the united states, they can stay. nobody is being sent back. >> no one is being sent back. and everyone is now, each of those children, most of whom are 12 years or younger unaccompanied by adults, each one of those children are being sent off to now three military bases that have been set up to accommodate them, 90 some odd other centers that are going to be handling them. think about this. we are talking about this year somewhere around 0,000 unaccompanied children. next year the number is likely to rise in total to a
5:16 pm
quarter of a million. >> and for people who are just getting on to the story. the reason this is happening is that in countries like el salvador, honduras, guatemala, the media telling the folks that if they come to the united states now, because of the dream act and some of the other things that have been proposed, they will be able to stay. so that the people smugglers, the human smugglers which take the children out of their villages and then shepard them all the way through mexico, they are making a ton of money. >> yeah. and i think we have to be careful here, too, bill. this is not simply the cartel its, the human smugglers, this looks to be an the administration has been accused of orchestrating this in coordination with the government of mexico. honduras, el salvador. >>ry charging the administration of wanting this to happen. >> no doubt about it. >> really? why would they want this to happen? it kills comprehensive immigration reform. >> comprehensive immigration
5:17 pm
reform as this president wanted it was killed long ago. what is happening is that this is taking u.s. border patrol agents, moving them from. >> away from the border. even a reduced rate. they are now nursing children. they. >> administrative tasks. >> but why -- listen, this cartels are in control of our borders right now. >> i understand. let's get back to obama administration wants this to happen. this wipes out any kind of immigration reform that president obama would ever hope to have because the border is not secure. no republican is going to vote for that. >> no republican is nor has and frankly no democrat has that's why cantor allegedly lost. >> cantor was on board in the sense that the chamber of commerce was on board. >> right, now nobody is on board. >> no one is on board and now the focus here is to strike. >> why would obama kill his own legislation? >> his legislation was killed when the house refused to pass the gang of
5:18 pm
8 legislation on amnesty in the house. >> do you really believe the president wants all these children to come in here. >> i think what you are watching is a community organizer playing hem miss feerk politics. i believe that there is an absolute league among the governments of elsa value el salvador, guatemala, mexico. talking about children being moved and the national liberal media isn't pointing this out. they are being moved from 1800 miles away all the way up through the center of mexico our southern border if he we were concerned about humanitarian crisis he el salvador since 2001. >> certainly civil war. >> why aren't we shipping aid down there to these people. we are america. >> that would be stolen. that's why. all right. your thesis is very provocative. and we will take a look at it lou dobbs, everybody.
5:19 pm
>> appreciate it, bill. >> iraq falling apart. later, update you on the status of the marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi being held in a mexican jail. now going on three months. those reports after these messages.
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. fridays with geraldo segment tonight. get right to it. bring in the fox news senior correspondent. senior because is he 84 years old. [ laughter ] >> my shoes are 84. >> let's take the border first. you heard lou dobbs on the border. >> i totally disagree with what lou said about the president being involved in some international conspiracy to flood the border with children. this is paranoia. >> i don't think it is either. however, it's clear the president doesn't know what to do. so i'm going to ask you, would you solve the problem? >> i'm the president of the united states for two
5:23 pm
minutes. what i do is i summon the homeland security secretary and the secretary john kerry. i want every ambassador from mexico and central america summoned immediately in an urgent and official function that let's them know the extreme displeasure of the united states of america, our government. one thing lou said that was correct is it is impossible for these nations not to know that these tens of thousands of unaccompanied children. >> they know, of course they know. >> away from their countries to ours. it is a humanitarian crisis of their making. we understand the importance of undocumented immigrants to the economies of these nations. with the remittances, the moneys they send back. crucial elements of the mexican economy and to the central american economy. but this flood of children, this children's crusade, this is in direct response, this is the unintended consequence of the dream act. i did not see it coming. i supported the dream act.
5:24 pm
i supported the president in the run-up to the 2012 election when he granted through executive order the order that the immigration and customs people not deport little children. he said if you came here as a little child, through no fault of your own, you will not be deported. i supported that. but what happened is in these countries the word got out if you are a small child, you will not be deported if you can make it to the united states. >> that's what's happening. now you get all these ambassadors together and you tell them what? >> that they bear not only moral responsibility if there are 10,000 children from el salvador being sent at a certain time. then i want whatever economic relationship we have with salvador. i want salvador to pay for
5:25 pm
those 10,000. even if it hurts. it has to hurt. >> sure. >> i want salvador to be financially responsible for their citizens. >> not a bad deal. iraq, 90 seconds, what do you do. >> the president today and i have been generally supportive of this president as i was supportive of george w. bush during the war youened and i together. the president's statement today about iraq was the wimpiest and most ineffective statement i have ever heard president obama make. for him, first of all, to not say that this terrorist group must be stopped in its tracks, this has nothing to do with maliki or the sunni tribes. this has to do with al qaeda and extremist, islamic extremist. if we grant them their own de facto country. this is like factor in colombia. 48 hours ago i would have hit them with drones. 24 hours ago i would hit them with drones. i would hit them with drones
5:26 pm
today. go to north dakota or whatever the heck he went and do the other thing. this is an emergency. you hit them now. you don't. >> what's wrong with dead al qaeda in the desert. >> there is nothing at all. >> let them have it. >> and get the shiite army time to catch its break. >> that will bolster them. if the iraqi army saw u.s. air power, that would bolster them. >> let me ask this question. how is that the baghdad embassy. the united states embassy in baghdad, the world's largest, 15,000 employees, how did they miss the intelligence that these al qaeda extremist implementing. >> they didn't miss it. >> then why didn't they tell the boss? >> they did. >> that's true. forget these other -- everything. even the v.a., fast and furious, irs. >> he knew. >> he has to stiffen his spine and act now. >> geraldo, everybody.
5:27 pm
plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. hillary clinton getting hammered by some very liberal media people. what is that all about. and marine sergeant andrew tam reissy. we will have the very latest on whether the mexicans will release him from prison. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in
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5:31 pm
he is appearing on the fox news channel. recently his take on families and how parents should be responsible brought him some angst. i spoke with carolla a few days ago. >> so, carolla, you must roux the day you ever came on the factor. you are now the devil in hollywood. you are evil carolla. >> i have a to run serpentine every time i leave my house just because we are brought up in the same breath, bill. >> you and me, o'reilly and carolla. now,. >> it's funny though people is like oh he is hitler. i said no he is more like stalin or mussolini. >> yeah, he is he hitler light. >> yes. it's so absurd though, all i want for america is for adults to be responsible parents and all of a sudden they demonize you as some right wing kook. how crazy are these people? >> i don't know and it's insane that feeding your
5:32 pm
kids, taking care of your kids, being fiscally responsible for your kids has turned into some sort of extreme right wing platform or plank in our platform. it's bizarre. i mean, pretty soon it's going to be chewing your food and exhale something a right wing lunatic fringe thought. i don't get it it's elementary. it's been going on as long as we have been going on. and it exists around us in nature birds take care of their chicks, and whales take care of their cubs. that's the way it is. >> let me explain it to you, carolla, all right? by implication, if you say parents be responsible and care for their children, then you are implying you are implying, carolla, that the people who don't do that are bad. and you can't make judgments about that. the left doesn't want that
5:33 pm
if you are irresponsible parent it's not your fault. it's society part. didn't give the right training. how can he be held responsible? that's why you are getting hammered. you are not sympathetic to those who abandon their children. >> i think whales may have calves bay the way i may have called them cubs. expecting people to take care of their own kids. i don't tell them to take care of my kids or my nephew's, just their own kids. and imagine the utopia you would be living in if you adopt that. >> social problems would diminish if parenting was encouraged the way you are encouraging it. >> did people do this to your face or all sniping like that guy on variety called you some kind of name? do they come up to you
5:34 pm
personally and say insulting stuff or is it behind the back? >> um, some of it it is in my face. some of it is is, you know, now everyone is on twitter and now everyone is writing a snarky blog. it mostly comes in that form. as far as to my face, it's almost never to my face because i don't get invited to any parties anymore. thanks to you, bill. >> you are better off, carolla. why do you want to go to parties and smoke crack? why do you want to do that? i mean, you can go -- i will invite to you a party where you play volleyball, you know. those are not the parties you like to go to. >> no. i would rather be doing cocaine. >> right. >> and eat fruit off a virgin. thank you. >> all right. adam carolla, everybody. there he is. >> and carolla's new book, president me, the america that's in my head is a best seller. congratulations to hill. when we come right back, hillary clinton gets a little teed off with an npr
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>> hillary clinton has a new book out but she is undergoing some scrutiny in the media while promoting it it npr very liberal radio outlet, listen to this. >> you are saying your
5:39 pm
opinion on gay marriage changed as opposed to you just felt it was -- >> -- you know, somebody is always first, terry. somebody is always out front. and, thank goodness they are. but that doesn't mean that those who join later in being publicly supportive or even privately accepting that there needs to be change are any less committed. >> so that's one for you changed your mind. [ laughter ] >> you know, i really -- i have to say, i think you are being very persistent but you are playing with my words and playing with what is such an important issue. >> i'm just trying to clarify so i can understand. >> no, i don't think you are trying to clarify. you are trying to say i used to be opposed and now i'm in favor and did i it for political reasons. >> wow. that comes on the heels of mrs. clinton saying the five released taliban commanders do not pose a threat to america. >> these five guys are not a threat to the united states. they are a threat to the safety and security of
5:40 pm
afghanistan and pakistan. >> and what about iraq? mrs. clinton secretary of state when the president withdrew all american forces. >> i could not have predicted, however the extent to which isis could be effective in seizing cities from iraq to erase boundaries to create an islamic state. that's why it's a wicked problem. >> it certainly is isis being al qaeda. >> joining us now from washington, richard good stein who advised hillary clinton in her 2008 campaign. also from d.c. christie, a democratic strategist. were you surprised by the npr thing. >> i was a little surprised that she got pretty defensive in it because the truth is hillary's position on gay marriage isn't anything to be defensive about. has it changed? yes. but everybody's position on gay marriage has changed. you know, when president obama took office he wasn't in favor of gay marriage. since then, the world has
5:41 pm
changed. we had a supreme court decision on it. 20 states have legalized it, et cetera. so yeah i was surprised that she seemed to be caught off guard guy. >> this terry gross who i have had my innings with, why didn't mrs. clinton just say yeah, i changed my mind? that would have shut her up. >> i think it actually would have. >> i think that's exactly the role she should have played in that situation. i think she has this long standing battle going on with a will the of members of the media i think that she tends to get a little defensive where maybe she shouldn't. and i think in this case she should have realized. look, npr for the most part is a friendly outlet and they are going to understand that everyone's position has changed on this issue. >> hillary clinton made two major mistakes this week. that one and the taliban
5:42 pm
commander which will absolutely come back to haunt her. is it she is tired? is it she is not getting good advice? what do you think it is? >> bill, if what passes for being roughed up with this npr interview and if she decides to run for president, it will be smooth sailing. remember back in the 90's what she had to deal with around healthcare and these kind of faux scandals swelling up. she has been dealing with things like this since her husband was governor of arkansas. trust me, this is not anything that's going to get under her skin in the least. >> why is she -- hold on, as far as these commanders are concerned, bill, don't we want them to be out there? we couldn't do this in guantanamo. we can pick them off with drones if they surface one iota. why aren't you in favor of that. >> killing as many terrorists as we can kill. >> exactly. >> when you say and that's a nice spin you tried there mr. good stein, when you tell the american people that these commanders aren't a threat to the u.s.a., most
5:43 pm
jrvettle they are not going to be when they get hit by drones. >> that's after they kill people. you are not going to get them with drones until they kill people. when you say to them these five war criminals who aren't a threat, most people i include a lot of liberal democrats in that would say you are wrong. i feel that hillary clinton may be overconfident at this point that she has the media in her pocket teed off with ms. gross because she wasn't expecting that. >> i never thought she had the media in her pocket. the 2008 election. obama campaign had the media in their pocket and they did not. >> you are absolutely right. but that changed quickly. the media decided to anoint barack obama quickly but they didn't really turn on hillary clinton. they just supported him. it wasn't like go after her
5:44 pm
she has some legitimate reason to be weary of the way the media treated her. >> she is we'rey of the media if you look at her history she has been treated kindly. >> i didn't believe that. >> do you think that she is being overly defensive with the media in america who generally supports her and will support her in a run in 16. >> we are seeing authenticity about her. she is speaking her mind. that's the way you resolve problems these days not by plain vanilla kind of utterances. she is authentic. she is feisty, and i think that's something that actually people want to see. i will say the news from eric cantor this week one at mommy and one in d.c. on immigration. she is not going it do that she is going to say exactly what's on her mind and that's what the public wants to hear. >> i have got to run guys, thank you. the fate of the marine being held in mexico.
5:45 pm
we will have the latest in a moment.
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back of the book seeing want tonight, update on 25-year-old sergeant andrew tahmooressi a marine arrested in mexico on april 1st. after taking a wrong turn on the border, you know the case. sergeant had weapons in his vehicle. is he now in prison. the mexican attorney general saying he violated their laws so. far the efforts to get sergeant out of prison have failed. joining us now from phoenix is matt sammon, the congressman who visited the sergeant in prison. what's the latest on this? is he going to get out or what? >> i don't think is he going to get out white without the whe house getting involved. yesterday i met with vice president biden and there were two other people with me that made the same plea.
5:49 pm
ill roth leyton from florida and debbie wasserman schultz who is actually the mother is a constituent of hers. we all made impassioned plea vice president biden to get the white house involved in this. >> what did biden say. what did he say to you? >> what he said was that that he would personally bring it up to the president. >> this has been going on for three months. they vice president done a thing. i pointed out that this young man is an honorable person that has had zero questions about his commitment to his crun country. he actually served two tours of duty in afghanistan.
5:50 pm
is he a hero. and he needs to be out. he has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. i believe that's part and parcel of one of the reasons he made the mistake did he in and ed royce, the chairman of the foreign relations, foreign affairs committee are going to be going to mexico to the prison again next saturday to meet with him to try to do everything that we can. >> and i'm glad. the obama administration has to start engaging on some of this stuff. >> they have to engage. >> you went down there already to see the sergeant. can you describe the prison? and he says he's being roughed up. is that true? >> the first prison he was in, i understand and i didn't visit the first prison that he was in. but the first prison that he was in, i understand the conditions were not very good at all, in fact, pretty bad and i understand he was roughed up there and i also understand they forpointed him for about 30 days
5:51 pm
while he was in the infirmary. so they have transferred him subsequently to a prison called el hongo. when i visited with him, he was in good spirits. he looked like he was in good shape, in good condition. i was very, very impressed with him. >> do you know why he had three weapons in his car? >> yeah, he had all of his earthly belongings in his car. he recently moved from florida to san diego to start his treatment for poesttraumatic stress disorder. >> a moving situation. he had been in mexico earlier in the day and came out to get his car and made a wrong turn. i just want to make sure that when we throw the factor, you, the visit president that we really know this is a trumped up game and he should be out of there. you're 100% convinced, right? >> i'm 100% convinced that i
5:52 pm
believe that the posttraumatic stress disorder, this kid, you know, tried to escape when he was placed in the first prison. that's why they claim they treated him so badly. >> yeah. >> but he does not feel comfortable at all when he's thrown in with a bunch of thugs. who would? >> that's right. >> this kid is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and they ought to take that into consideration. there is president for that. there was an old ehrmahrmann in 80s who crossed the boarder with a gun and had alzheimer's. they incarcerated him for awhile but they let him go. >> the president of the united states and the vice president have to walk out and tell everybody, everybody that we believe that the sergeant should be released on humanitarian grounds and then he will be. >> absolutely. the president needs to -- absolutely. the president needs to call the president of mexico and say this is a priority for we. you're our allies.
5:53 pm
we give you a ton of foreign in foreign aid and we have people in congress that are going to get very, very ugly if this doesn't have a good resolution. >> i don't think we need to threat. i think the president and vice president next week have to do this, we'll encourage them here congressman and you know what that means to do it and we expect they will. >> we expect they will. >> thank you. >> thank you. chris christi trying to win back public approval but is that the way to do it? a tip on it in just a few moments. ave something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! means keeping seven billion ctransactions flowing.g, and when weather hits, it's data mayhem.
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factor tip of the daze, dancing in the streets with chris christie. it would be a good time to pick up my history books and give them to dad on father's day. if you like killing jesus and killing kennedy and killing lincoln will prep him for the upcoming "killing patton" out september 23rd. you can preorder patton on and amazon and barnes & noble. colorado springs, o'reilly you left out one important fact with regard to the u.s. palout from iraq. the iraqis refuse to sign a status of forces agreement that would protect troops from local prosecution. that's why president obama did not lead force there is and it was the right decision. i've raised that issue on a number of occasions, brandon, the latest with colonial peters this week. he says president obama didn't
5:57 pm
even try to convince the iraqis to sign the deal. peters is very informed and very honest. mike raleigh, bill, in listening to things going wrong you left out the mass shootings. how will reblame this on the president? if you want to be a kool-aid guy, that's up to you but what i listed last night in the talking points is true. you can read it on and no amount of sarcasm will change that. after hearing your talking points on the problems america has, i flipped over to msnbc, you would never know there is any problems on the president's watch. according to a poll, just 5% of americans trust that network. the lowest score by far among the tv media. somewhere in california, bill, you are my most trusted guy but you let me down. the googled the poll you quoted and it appears only republicans are surveyed.
5:58 pm
absolutely false. fox news is on top with all americans. jack hawes, wisconsin, bill i know you are visiting mount rushmore but if you want to see spectacular scenery, drive the needles highway. done it jack, i'll do it again because you're right. south dakota show is july 25th, friday. fargo july 26th, next night obviously. tickets make great father's day gifts and info at see everybody there. alabama, mr. o'reilly, i'm 12 and read the last days of jesus when i came here from mexico i could not speak english but reading is my favorite subject. way to go and thanks for reading my book. i'm nine years old, my favorite segment is watters' world. amazing how many nine-year-olds love watters.
5:59 pm
thanks for watching us. i'm sending a signed copy of the last days of jesus and i hope you like it and i would like to thank christina, she goes to school in colorado. her class wrote ess on some of my talking points memos. governor chris christie ran into big trouble when the george washington bridge was impacted by politics and they closed down lanes to punish a local mayor that didn't support the governor. christie is trying to win back hearts and minds. ♪ ♪ [ cheers ] [ applause ] ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> so here is the factor tip of the day, exercise is good.
6:00 pm
no further comment. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. please spout off about the factor, o'reilly at, word of the day do not be turse. megan is next. the spin stops here. see you next time. breaking tonight, the growing crisis in the middle east is getting worse with thousands of americans in the path of a brutal terror group and they may not be able to escape. welcome to the "kelly file", everyone. i'm megyn kelly. at this hour, the most significant foreign policy crisis of the last two years is at risk of spiraling out of control. the world's most salve individualed group of terrorists is consolidating power and gains over a third of the country of iraq. and starting to circle the capitol of baghdad. it's consolidating stockpile of missiles, firearms and military vehicles, many of which are american made. they have a