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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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know. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> based on secretary of defense chuck hagel's testimony this week, i just don't know. have a great weekend, everybody. i'll see on on "the five." >> hundreds of young iraqi men are lining up to fight against al-qaeda inspired terrorists after seizing two other cities this week. tensions are running high as iraq remains under siege and is spiralling into chaos. will the u.s. step in? the u.s. says not so fast. >> any action we may take to provide assistance to iraqi security forces has to be a sincere effort by iraq's leaders. we can't do it for them. >> and how the latest turn
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affect americans whose loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice? we will talk to the mother of the first navy s.e.a.l. who died during operation iraqi freedom as she shares her concerns about what's happening in iraq and why she feels betroyed. and thousands of illegal immigrant children streaming across, utterly alone. who's going to take care of them? a texas congressman will be joining us to weigh in. and the irs says -- lois lern lerner's e-mails. how could this happen? we'll have a live report of the latest developments. but first, we begin with the fox news weather alert. millions of americans from
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across the plains into the midwest bracing for severe weather tonight. a cold front colliding with warm, muggy air is expected to pound the region with large hail, high winds and isolated tornados. the storms could also lead to flash floods over the northeast, nebraska, northwest iowa and southeast south dakota along with southern minnesota. we're going to bring you the very latest forecast on the storms throughout this day. and now, moving on to the crisis in iraq, sunni militants reportedly gaining more ground in the country's heartland. the lightning advance is just 60 miles from baghdad where another town has been seized. meanwhile, in the capital, young shiite men are lining up to stop the march towards background. connor powell is joining us with the latest on this fast breaking story.
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conor? >> the fear in baghdad is growinging as the city appears to be preparing for an assault. young shiite men are joining the security services there to protect the capital. it also appears that iran is set to take a larger involvement in the conflict. officially, iran is not involved in the fight there. iran's president today saying that the country is set to ready to help iraq, but a senior u.s. defense official tells fox news that the pentagon is already seeing signs of iranian fighters engaged in iraq, a development they describe as concerning. insurgents now control falluja, mosul and tacrit. iraq is splitting along religious lines and iranian involvement will likely accelerate the process. al maliki maintains strong ties
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to neighboring iran. he has refused to recognize the sunni population's grieve enss and has tried to consolidate power. as a result, the sunni population in the west is welcoming with open arms, these sunni insurgent fighters, adding to the complications in iraq right now. the pro american curds in the north have taken advantage of all of the fighting to control now the oil rich city they've long coveted. there are really no options for the country. it is so rapidly disintegrating. we may be seeing the redrawing of the lines of the entire middle east. it is a really frightening to sea for everybody in this part of the region. >> it's unbelievable to see how everything is changing so fast. thank you for that story. joining us now, christian whiten, who was a senior adviser at the state department in the bush administration and knows firsthand what was happening behybrb
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behind the scenes when our troops were fighting in iraq. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> you had a front row seat to what our troops were up against and how much the surge of u.s. troops back in 2007 had in accomplishing to providing more security in iraq and now, here we are, witnessing after month blood and sacrifice by our troops, al qaeda inspired militants seizing control of key areas and iraqi soldiers aban n abandoning the post. is it too late for the u.s. to help bail out the maliki government at this point? >> not technically. we do have the force, the west has the capabilities to reenforce the previous status quo in iraq, but we're not going to do it. the president made that abundantly clear yesterday, saying that everything was on the table, they were actively taking troops off the table. speaking with people on capitol hill, elsewhere, people really expect president obama to do nothing. so, really as conor just hinted,
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we're dealing with three iraqs now, not just one. >> lots of folks were saying that the white house was taken by surprise by the rapid fire dwopts over the last few weeks. yet is it true that as far back as 2011, there was intelligence about the threat, the growing threat of isis and the impact it could have? >> yeah, it really is surprising that everyone is so surprised, our $80 billion a year intelligence bureaucracy missed this as they missed crimea. there have been indications all along and people have been warning all along that the syrian civil war was going to spill across borders and that's what's happened here. the army you see in iraq is not really a reinvig ration of what existed. what you're really seeing is a new army that's come out of syria, so yes, there has been a
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tremendous amount of negligence by this white house in watching what frank ly, a lot of people warned of. >> what i find more unbelievable, we are learning that the jihadists behind the takeover of mosul was a detainee in southern iraq. t we had the guy and then he gets released. how could that happen and give us insight on this ruthless leader who's showing no mercy? >> right. his name, al baghdadi. basically an al-qaeda enforcer. he was incarcerated in 2005, but this is sort of a problem we have more broadly with detainees. he was released. we have a catch and release. he was let out in 2009 and if you look at detainees and this just happened with the taliban, we traded and look at khalid shaikh mohammed, the master mind of 9/11, who's been in prison for more than a decade. our inability to put these
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people in front of tribunals permanently or execute them shows how broken our government is. >> well, the president wants to take a few days and look at all the option, yet iran is reportedly sending about 2,000 troops, although the leaders there are denying there are troops on the ground there, to help out the maliki government. can the u.s. afford to wait much longer and what do you think about the surprising irony of a possible alliance between iran and the u.s. fighting for a common interest? >> i think this is why we need to start thinking about iraq as three different countries. iran will be on the ground. has been will. has been there all along in many ways and we will not. that means that shiite iraq is going to be a client state of iran. and it doesn't necessarily follow that we want that or that that shiite iraq could be our partner in fighting isis in trying to shape what sunni iraq
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is, so this is why i think it's important that we not just go off and start dropping bombs like john mccain frankly has thought, because we still don't have a big strategy. the president owes it to the american people to say who our enemy is, who we're trying to help, who we're trying to contain. what the real red lines are. and none of that has happened. that combined with the fact obama is perfectly willing to dither means this is just going to burn on its own for a while. >> thank you so much for your insight as we continue to watch these amazing developments happening in iraq at this time. thank you very much for joining us. as iraq remines under siege with the jihadists seizing territory and brutalizing so many innocent people, observers have been stunned by the speed and scope of this week's assault and for those u.s. families whose sons and daughters paid the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terror, it's been extremely upsetting to witness what's happening now.
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debbie lee is the mother of the first navy s.e.a.l. to die in operation iraqi freedom. her 28-year-old son, mark, single handedly held off insurgents as his s.e.a.l. team rescued a wounded soldier. she joins us now from phoenix with her thoughts. my heart goes out to you for our loss. your son is a true hero and i know what's happening now is heart brecking for you. what runs through your mind as you hear what's going on? >> first thing i think of is how tragic this is. i have been over to iraq twice. i went the first time in 2007. i went back in 2010. i saw the difference our troops made there. they successfully completed their mission over there. i'm so proud of what they did. and at the time, when obama decided to pull all the troops out, i said this is what's going to happen and it's just heart
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wrenn ching to see this happen. to know the price, the sacrifice made and that we did successfully complete our mission and things could be totally different if our commander in chief would have left troops on the ground to stabilize the area. >> you actually did see the contrast as you point out between those two trips. tell us about the accomplishments you saw firsthand. >> first when i went in 2007, we went on a patrol three different times and we saw the you know, the difference, the stresses. we saw the battles. we saw the damage. when i went back in 2010, we couldn't even find anybody going outside of the wire because things had been so secured down and mark's last letter home, he talked about that very thing. he said it will take longer than most think, but we will get iraq to stand on its own feet and the wisdom that young man had far superseded the years of his age
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and i'm so proud of him and the sacrifice he made. i miss him deeply and these kind of things bring that pain closer to the surface again, when we realize what's missing, the sacrifice that was made. >> president obama said he needs to think about his options before making any major moves about whether we step in to help iraq. we've learned that the white house has been surprised by the speed and spoke of the jihadists efforts so far to seize control. how do you feel about that? >> it's disgusting. to me, it is disgusting to watch the, the president seems to be that's his reaction in anything. the va scandal, the irs scandal. whether it's benghazi. everything takes this man by surprise. what is he doing in the white house? why now does he have to sit down and study what's going on? this should have been done a long time ago and he should have had intelligence about all of this. again, it just shows the lack of leadership coming from our white house and to me, that's disgusting. >> you're not alone. there are a number of families who have lost loved ones during
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the war and also share the view that the u.s. forces were taken out too soon out of iraq. if you could talk directly to president obama, what would you like to say? >> i don't even know what to say to him. it has been so offensive and hurtful to me to watch the things that he has done and lack of support for our troops. he and his wife and joe biden started this organization that's supposedly support the troops and yet what we saw from his actions, he's not doing that. he's not being there for our wounded warriors and those who are sick and coming back in the va. he's not giving them rules of engagement that let them be successful. he's not supporting the families of the fallen and to me, it is deeply offensive that that's what's coming down from the man who holds the title commander in chief. >> you feel betrayed by this. >> yes. yes. >> as i said, our heart goes out to you.
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your loss, but your son, incredible hero and i thank you for coming out and coming forward with your thoughts. it's very courageous of you to do to. >> he was an amazing hero and i founded america's mighty warriors in response to his amazing last letter home because i do understand that we need to continue being out there, supporting our troops and the families and being a voice for them, so thanks so much for having me. >> thank you so much for joining us. and now, i'd like to hear from you. president obama says there will be no boots on the ground in iraq, but do you think the u.s. can really stay out of the country? as this chaos continues? let me know what your thoughts are and i want to know how you feel about thisme, i will be ree of your answers later in our show. turning back to news here at home and brand new developments in a shocking murder case in the city of phoenix, still reeling of an attack that left one
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priest dead and injured another one badly. police are saying they have a description of the suspect and have released a dramatic 911 call for help. donna is is joining us with the latest. >> yes, indeed, this is quite a tape. what you can hear is the voice of the critically injured pastor, who was critically injured in an assault at the mercy mission, sorry, the mother of mercy mission in downtown feen igs. you can hear him struggle to breathe and clearly having difficulty speaking coherently to the 911 dispatcher. this was wednesday night that it happened. his younger colleague, father kenneth walker, 29, was shot and killed by at least one intruder. in the aftermath of this attack, father tara clearly unaware just how badly walker had been injured. >> my assistant priest here has
9:16 am
been beaten. >> and he's right now he's beaten? >> yes. >> and one person is unconscious? >> yes. >> is he breathing? >> no. >> i'm sorry? >> no, he's not. >> he is not breathing? >> no. >> now, the instructor then, the dispatcher then instructs him to administer cpr, but he ends up giving walker his last rights and walker dies in hospital. police offering $1,000 reward on details on the suspect. a white male in his 40s because of no surveillance footage, there's few other leads that the police have. father tara remaining in a critical condition in hospital. >> thank you very much for that story. now to another major story confronting this country, thousands of children from
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central america flooding america's borders and they're coming alone without their parents. the department of homeland security has started busting migrants, but arizona is overwhelmed. in nogales, a small town straddling the border of mexico and arizona, local organizations are doing what they can to provide some help and are referring to when they were trying to respond to this crisis. >> you could imagine a teenage, 16-year-old boy coming over here and being dropped in the middle of you know, l.a. or d.c. in the northeast there and, or northwest and no support. doesn't speak the language. doesn't know anybody. he's been traumatized. if we don't have services for him there, you're going to have the gangs have plenty of services and they'll be heavily recruiting these kids, if they can get them. >> unbelievable.
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some of the youngsters have already been reunited with their families in the states, but others are being sent away from places like honduras and el salvador for their own safety. >> they're being forced into the gangs, family members have been kidnapped into basically working for the gangs an the drug people and they're fearing for their lives. >> this is a story that continues to raise major concerns because there are really no real specific hard lined answers as to what's going on done to take care of these children in a meaningful way, but you can learn more about the border initiative and later this hour, henry cuellar will be joining us from mcallen, texas, and will bring us his insights and thoughts about what's taking place at the border. well, a trio of teens
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thanks to our servicemen and women for making a difference. we sa lawsulute you. congressal investigators are shocked at the irs' latest confession, the agency losing get this, losing two years of lois lerner's e-mails. they could be the key to the investigation irs targeting. we have the latest now on this story. >> while the internal revenue service was and is in the process of producing more than 67,000 e-mails from the account of lois lerner, the agency says there are an untold amount of e-mails sent and received which may be lost due to a computer crash. irs officials say some of the e-mails between january of 2009 and 2011, had been wiped out
9:25 am
years ago. the agency wrote in part in the course of collecting and producing the e-mails, the irs determined her hard drive crashed in 2011. at the time, she asked i.t. professionals so restore her hard drive, but they were unable to do so. orrin hatch says he is troubled congress wasn't notified. darrell i sa is accusing them of quote, playing games. >> this is the most obtuse administration when it comes to being honest and forthright. i think what we have to worry about, i think the fbi could probably go back and retrieve those e-mails because in many cases, things that you think are deleted, they really aren't. >> ron wyden of oregon whose committee is looking into the claims of irs targeting said quote, we are now working with the irs to determine if any
9:26 am
relevant domes were not provides and will continue to work toward a release of our bipartisan report and despite this setback, the irs maintains it is quote, committed to working with congress. back to you. >> thank you very much and still to come, dealing with the aftermath of house majority leader eric cantor's astonishing loss to a tea party backed upstart. we're going to ask our panel about the soul searching going on within the gop, about the direction of the party going forward and the scramble to fill cantor's leadership spot in time for the upcoming midterm elections. >> i do think that the members are going to make this decision. we're going to do it next week and i'm sure some will considering it's too soon. some too long. but it's important we revolve this issue in a fair amount of time. >> and some sad news to bring you. legendary nfl chuck noll has died. hall of famer who won a record
9:27 am
four super bowl titles with the pittsburgh steelers passing away last night of natural causes. he was 82.
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here's a look at what's making news. the crisis in iraq heating up as al-qaeda inspired militants continue to push their way through the nation, seizing more cities. the latest takeover is a small town 60 miles north of the capital baghdad. meanwhile, hundreds of iraqi men are volunteering to fight. israeli security forces accelerating their search for three missing teenagers including one american in the west bank. israeli military officials are fearing those teens were kidn kidnapped by palestinian militants after leave iing a jeh religious seminary in the west bank on thursday. israel has arrested 14 people in
9:32 am
connection with the case, but could not confirm whether those teens are dead or alive. concerns about mad cow disease are forcing a missouri company to recall 4,000 pounds of fresh beef. the department of agriculture saying the recall affecting meat delivered to restaurants in new york city, kansas city, missouri and a whole foods distribution center in connecticut. the agency saying the risk is considered to be low. and the huge celebration in los angeles as the l.a. kings are the new stanley cup hockey champions. winning last night in los angeles after beating the new york rangers in game five, this is the second time in just three years that the kings claimed that big cup. and that's a quick look at the top stories making news right now in today's fox news flash. the aftershocks continue to rumble following this week's major upset in the gop with eric cantor losing honal seat in the virginia primary to
9:33 am
little known university professor, david brat. cantor's stunning defeat cost him his high profile leadership post, setting up a whirl of activity on capitol hill as to who will take over, but beyond that, the gop is take iing a critical look at the message voters sent in that primary and what impact it could have on the upcoming midterm elections going forward. joining us now, ed rollins and tea party express chairperson, amy cramer. welcome. nice to have you here today. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> ed, let me begin with you. what are you hearing from folks in the gop leadership and among grass roots conservatives about the lessons that were learned from cantor's big defeat this week? >> first of all, you can never underestimate the power of volunteers and the power of people out there being unhappy with incumbents. the great fear every member of congress has is getting beat in a primary. cantor has now put that front and center. i think his campaign ought to be
9:34 am
arrested for malpractice. it was not a well run campaign. he had a tremendous amount of financial advantages. he never knew it was coming. there are lots of things he could have done to win this race and i think to a certain extent, voters have sent a loud signal. >> conservatives were hoping that it would have the momentum to push a tea party backed kond to have a real chance to take back the majority, but that has a -- looks like kevin mccarthy was favored to win. that the tea party isn't as strong at the moment than would like to believe. >> thanks for having me and i left tea party express but, i'm still in the movement. i don't think that it's a clear path for mccarthy. the reason that cantor was in the leadership position he was in was because in 2010, the tea party movement gave them the
9:35 am
opportunity to take back the house. we're the ones that put him there and then ironically, he's removed because of the tea party. look, why would we not have leadership in the caucus that's representative of the entire caucus and there are many, many conservatives that just yesterday, congressman raul labrador has announced he is going to run for that position as well and i think he would be a fantastic majority leader. he has a lot of support and so, why can americans that are engaged in the process, why can we not try and influence leadership elections inside the caucus? i think we should. i think it's time that people step up and do that. >> what are you thoughts about that in terms of momentum and the tea party? >> first of all, there's two different games. an insider game, which mccarthy and cantor understood very, very well. but i think one of the disadvantages that the tea party has had from the beginning, i'm a fan of the tea parties, i
9:36 am
think they need them if they're going to be viable long-term. is they chose not to have any national leadership. they didn't let a sarah palin become a leader. they departmeidn't want a leade. in the congress, they have not basically organized behind one person or two people to make them a leader and i think to a certain extent, mccarthy and those guys understand the inside game. they would have re-elected him overwhelmingly and probably to the speakership, so i think there are two separate entities. >> do you think many incumbents now need to pay closer attention to what's happening outside of the confines of power on capitol hill and be weary of showing arrogance going forward? >> they better. the absurdity here, once again, having all the money in the world, all the power in the world, to not be doing nightly tracking, to not know what's going on in your district. to be sitting in a starbucks on election day with a bunch of
9:37 am
lobbyists showed how out of tune cantor was, just 90 minutes away from d.c. >> amy, going forward in the midterm election, knowing that it's going to be a different game in different states and the fact that the grass roots is what has to be organized. >> the grass roots, the strength of the movement is on a local and state level. those people that, the national groups are here to serve at the local level and so, those people already working, we still have a number of races where we can be influential and elect more conservatives to go to washington and that's the key. it's about conservatives, not just republicans. there's a difference in being conservative and being republican and that's what our objective is. is to elect more fiscal conservatives and send them there to support the ted cruz, the mike lees of the world.
9:38 am
everybody talks about eric cantor being a conservative. eric cantor may have been the most conservative of leadership, but outside of the beltway, no one thinks eric cantor is conservative and frankly, this incumbency mentality across the country, i'm just tired of, to take this position, it's no different than what we have. and that right there shows that washington is not getting the message. >> the difference between the conservative and the republican that she's pointing out. can you speak to that? >> the irony is that the one guy who had a lot of relationships with tea party members of congress was cantor. he was not defeats by incumbents in the house. he lost touch with his district and i think amy will be the first to say that the national tea party was really not involved in that race down there. there were people who were very unhappy with cantor and people across the country unhappy, but he lost the race because he ran
9:39 am
a lousy campaign and lost touch with the voters back in this district. any member who does that basically is going to lose a race. >> can i say one thing to just really quickly. do you know, eric cantor pushed the tea party to the side. i have had a better relationship with john boehner's office and with kevin mccarthy's office than i ever had with eric can r cantor's office. >> lots of lessons to learn from this particular defeat of eric cantor and i know that a lot of folks are looking forward to see what lies ahead as those midterms come around. thanks. appreciate it very much. >> my pleasure. gl thank you. >> well, still to come, thousands of children from central america streaming in to the u.s. all alone. as humanitarian groups are scrambling to find out what they can do to help. what does the united states need to do and respond to this growing crisis? we're going to talk to texas
9:40 am
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this is a story we are really focusing on because it is truly astonishing to see the flood of thousands of illegal immigrant children crossing into the u.s. along the southern border. it is at a crisis level at this point. many of those children being taken to detention centers at the government tries to figure out what to do with them. congressman henry cuellar, texas democrat, is currently on the border for a firsthand look at the crisis and is joining us by phone to give us some insights as to what he is going to do and what he is seeing from his vantage point. thank you for joining us. i know you are there because you want to see for yourself just how serious this situation is. you are on a texas border. this is where they're coming in from and right now, can you describe the conditions of the
9:45 am
situation and how those children are doing at this point? >> well, first of all, i'm actually on the lygo river, see the border right now. i represent a lot of those areas, near the border at number one, will soon be the conditions the kids will be able to talk to them, not only to the kids, but i'm going to talk to the men an women in border patrol that have been doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. keep in mind that every day down here in south texas, they're catching 1200 people a day. one-third of them are kids coming in with no parents and over 70% of them are from central america. not mexico, but central america. >> well, those children are clinging for their lives because there has been so much violence in their country -- in a way in
9:46 am
some situations just to stay alive. those border patrol agents as you've been talking about have been doing a lot and some are even going beyond the call of duty, as i understand, being asked to baby sit and take care of these children because there's no anywhere for them to go. these children need attention. >> i just finished talking to border patrol, they're working here and they said first of all, our mission is different and we've been asked to do something else. if it's somebody from central america, it takes up to about two or three hours to fill out the paperwork, so imagine if you're filling out paperwork on hundreds and hundreds of those folks coming across, who's taking care of our border? up to 40% of the agents could be taken away from the border where we're supposed to be stopping drugs and criminals from coming into our country, so, it's a very difficult situation that
9:47 am
our men and women are facing here at border patrol. >> we're also hearing among the flood of kids coming over are teen gangs because no one's doing anything to try to vet them from the floods of people coming through, so we are seeing an influx of gang members and i'm also concerned personally, just like what we saw in haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake with so many orphans around and people volunteering to take care of these children, who's going to vet the people coming through from the different charity groups to try and help these children? they could be exploiting them, they could kidnap them, there could be child predators among these groups of people coming in to look after these kids. >> those are excellent points, first of all, if you have a way of humanity coming across every day, in that, you could always have people coming in not for economic reasons, but for dirnt motives, gang members like you
9:48 am
mentioned. number two, whoever's going to be taking care of the kids, the groups coming in to help with the border patrol, yes, we also have to be very careful that they're well vetted because we don't want to have these kids come in through thousands of miles, then get abused in the united states. >> it's just such a horrific situation and i know there are no easy answers, but i know you are going to keep a laser like focus on this situation and i hope you'll continue to update us. >> thank you so much. and thank you for bringing this issue to the american public. >> congressman, thank you very much. i preeappreciate it. coming up, laura engel running around the city in search of hidden cash. >> sort of like watching a giant easter egg hunt, but this game is about finding free money. $50 bills and silver dollars being plucked out of central park. replace your laptop?
9:49 am
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welcome back, everybody. it's been part of a national frenzy. free money found in cities across the country. and now we're hearing that folks in manhattan and brooklyn will have the chance to find hidden cash this weekend. let's go live to central park where laurain english gal is standing by. >> reporter: who can resist the game of finding cold hard cash. the clues have been revealed and the first drop here in the new york area is central park. we are live around the pond. that is where we have seen this virtual scavenger hunt take place all morning long. this is a movement that you mentioned started back in california. and it has turned into a bit of a movement.
9:54 am
hidden cash. anxiously checking phones to find clues posted about where to search for these envelopes. these envelopes today have a $50 bill and a silver dollar inside. the once anonymous man jason boozy was recently outed. he says it started as giving away money for fun. he gave today's first clue away with details of the cash on fox & friends. >> what we're doing is we are putting a $50 bill with a silver dollar. so whether you're into precious metals or believe more in our paper currency, wherever you fall, you'll be happy and we put them together in one envelope. and we're doing 40 of these envelopes. >> reporter: and today's hidden cash search has people looking under rocks, digging in dirt. a far more civilized search than boozy's attempt six years ago that ended in a riot in new york
9:55 am
square. one lucky winner says he'll take his dad out for father's day. >> so i reached in between two rocks right there, and i was like, oh, my god, i won, i won. and it's heavy, and you feel something in there. and it's really, really ridiculous. the first thing i did was yell "yes, i got it!" as soon as i did that, you hear everyone just run towards -- everyone just ran towards the rock. >> reporter: all right. you can see some folks there are digging around the bushes behind me. there are other locations going on this weekend, as well. chicago, brooklyn, houston and mexico city. we'll let you know how it goes here in central park. back to you. >> wow. quite the treasure hunt, laura. i know you'll keep us posted today. look forward to it. >> reporter: that's right. well, we asked what you think about the crisis in iraq as it continues to descend into chaos. is it realistic for the u.s. to stay out of the continuing crisis? your answers, next. in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
9:56 am
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okay. we received a flood of responses on iraq. but we're running out of time. we can only get to one. melissa writes, they need us, they can't do it alone. see you next time. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm leland vittert in for kelly wright. >> great to have you. great to be here. >> you picked a beautiful day to come to new york city. >> and to be outside. >> you'll get outside later. i'm julie bandares. topping the news. the white house weighing its option on the growing crisis in iraq. how should the united states respond? and how did it get to this point? we're going to ask fox news military analyst, chuck nash. plus -- >> for the first time, we're hearing a 911 call shedding new light on a shooting in an arizona church that killed


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