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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 14, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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be sure to follow us on twitter at jerfnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. we start with a fox news alert now. there is escalating chaos to report in iraq today. radical muslim terrorists from that al qaeda splinter group advancing even closer to baghdad. and they have captured, we're told another town just 60 miles north of the capital. and welcome to "america's news headquarters" for this saturday i'm eric shawn. >> arthel neville. the militants threatening to march on the iraqi capital. after taking over mosul and it tikr tikrit, kurdish fighters are in control of the strategic city of
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kirkuk. collin powell is live with the latest. conner? >> reporter: arthel, those militants ron are on the doorstep of baghdad. lightning fast bands across the country has slowed somewhat today but baghdad seems as if it's preparing for an all-out assault in the coming days. young shia men in iraq's capital are lining up today to join the make shift forces of the capital while fighters in iraq and syria now in control of three major cities, fallujah, mosul and tikrit. as they move closer, iran looks set to be more involved in the conflict. saying the country is ready to help iraq's leaders. iraq, of course, is splitting along religious and ethnic lines and the iranian involvement will only likely accelerate this had process. many sunni iraqis feel marg marginali
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marginalized, al maliki maintains strong ties to iran. consolidating power of the country in the hands of its fellow shias. the result is that the sunni population in the west has been welcoming, with open arms the insurgents, also sunnis, coming in from syria, adding to the complications are the pro-american kurds in the north who have taken advantage of all of this chaos. capturing kirkuk, a city they have long coveted. and as the u.s. tries to decide what to do in iraq, options are running out, because the country is splintering and the situation becoming all the more complicated. all u.s. options, according to the president, at least looking at them. but any type of military intervention seems very unlikely and the situation there growing more and more complicated, arth arthel. >> complicated, indeed. conner, thank you very much. president obama is in california this weekend, delivering the commencement speech. at the university of california at irvine. and he's also considering the possibility of any u.s.
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involvement in iraq, potentially in the coming days to try and bolster that embattleded government, and some believe that could mean potential air strikes. correspondent doug mckelway is in washington with the latest. hello, doug. >> reporter: hi, eric. all of this comes as isil forces continue to make gains, seizing a small town 60 miles north of baghdad. there are indications iraqi forces may mount a stronger defense of baghdad. we have seen these pictures of young shiite men flocking to recruitment centers to join. yet what help the u.s. may offer remains largely unknown. >> because we still don't have a big strategy. i mean, the president owes it to the american people to say, who our enemy is, who we are trying to help, what the real headlines are, not just the politician headlines. and none of that has happened. so i think that combined with the fact that obama is perfectly willing to dither at the beginning of any crisis really means this is just going to burn on its own for a while. >> the administration has made
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it very clear that ultimately, u.s. help, whether it's military or otherwise, is largely contingent on iraq ironing out its own internal political differences. >> my team is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them. i don't rule out anything. >> and secretary of state john kerry has said that the u.s. is already providing enhanced aerial surveillance. the george h.w. bush carrier battle group has been moved closer to iraq, steaming from the arabian sea to the arabian gulf, just as of today. back to you. >> congressional republicans and many others are saying that this potentially was all very preventible. how is that? >> reporter: they sure are. and the statement from committee chairman michael mccaul is one example. there have been many but this says it all. he says, quote, the deterioration of iraq is a direct result of the president's
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inability to negotiate a status of forces agreement with the iraqi government. he goes on to say that the administration has to address this head-on with our partners in the region to prevent terrorists from getting another safe haven and to ensure that america's sacrifices there were not in vain. back to you. >> even if some advisers had remained there, that could have prevented this bloodshed. doug mckelway, thanks for the latest. so if the united states does get involved in iraq, what can our military realistically achieve, and can the military reverse the continuingin insurgent offensive? general jack keane will weigh in on the potential military options and the challenges we face. arthel? in afghanistan now, officials there are now saying nearly 50 people have been killed during the country's presidential runoff. the polls are now closed, and it's estimated that despite the bloodshed, nearly 7 million afghans filled out a ballot, 60%
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of the population there. troops searched cars at check points, frisking voters before allowing into polling stations. vowing to improve relations with the west and forced to confront a powerful taliban insurgency, and preside over the withdrawal of most allied forces by the end of the year. arthel, ukraine's president has declared tomorrow a national day of mourning. this after pro russian separatists shot down a ukrainian military plane in the eastern part of the country. all 49 people on board that plane were killed. this is the latest set back and comes only one week after ukraine's new president spoke about a peace plan in his inaugural address. washington and kiev believe russia is arming separatists with rocket launchers and other weapons. the ukrainian government also accusing russia of permitting its tanks to cross the border. but moscow, as it has been, has been denying those accusations.
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so are you a big hockey fan? >> oh! don't even tell me. we watched. >> for eric and the rest of you hockey fans, edge of the seats last night, right? okay. with a double overtime thriller in the stanley cup. details of the nail-biter. >> it was a great game, i only wish it went the other way. meanwhile, on our southern border, we have been reporting about this all week. the growing chaos that involves children. now some agents there are complaining they spend more time babysitting than thanks the drug cartels. >> it's demoralizing, the way we are treated and to see things like this. our agents should be out there patrolling the border, enforcing the laws. but instead we've got them processing, which is a necessary duty, but then they're being used as basically the hired help. so i can reach ally bank 24/7 but there are no branches? 24/7 i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things?
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. severe thunderstorms are expected to hit much of the plains and the midwest tonight. forecasters say large hail, damaging winds and even some tornadoes are possible from texas all the way up to minnesota. so stay alert if you live there. storms could also spark, they say, wildfires across the southwest this weekend. well, last night the los angeles kings went in the stanley cup for the second time
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in three years. >> whew-hoo! >> the kings defeating the new york rangers -- >> sorry. >> 3-2 in double overtime. oh, man. justin williams was named mvp of the playoffs. and the parents of a teenager who fatally shot a classmate in oregon school apologizing for their son's actions. in a statement, the parents say they are, quote, horrified and distraught by the violence. he shot and killed a 14-year-old boy before killing himself at the high school. >> what a horrible story. we go now to the u.s. -- what many are calling a crisis on our southern border. where agents there, they're struggling to cope with massive influx of undocumented immigrants. many of them are children who are then placed in detention centers. border patrol officials saying they're getting overwhelmed by the situation, and the bad guys are taking advantage of it. listen. >> the problem is, this is being controlled by the cartels.
11:43 am
these people can can easily surrender at a port of entry and the outcome would be the same. but the cartels are using this to their advantage. they are controlling where they cross, making sure that they surrender to border patrol, because then that ties up the few people we do have in the field. and the cartels are able to move their product or whoever or whatever they want across the border right behind them. >> okay. author and fox news contributor, cal thomas and democratic strategist, steve fig mamafigma of you have good ideas on what is a complicated situation. let me set up more for our viewers. since last fall, more than 47,000 of the young illegal immigrants have spilled over the southern borders. immigration officials expecting another 60,000 by the end of this year. border detention centers, overcrowded and in some cases border agents changing diapers,
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heating baby formula. i mean, it doesn't even touch on the health aspect with many of these kids having never seen a doctor, never had shots. so cal, let me go with you first. what would you say is the first plausible step in solving this problem? >> arthel, the first plausible step is the first step that has not been adhered to for a number of years under both administration, republican or democrat. it's build a fence. build a wall. this is like a boat with a leak in it, where you're trying to bail out the water, while more water is coming in. sooner or later, the boat is going to be overwhelmed. we can't continue to go on like this. hospitals are closing in california. public schools are overwhelmed. the various social services are burdened to a level unlike ever before. and if this continues, and both parties are at fault of this, by the way, democrats, because they want to import more hispanic votes and republicans because they want more cheap labor. we need to build the wall, stop the flow and then we can deal with the 11 million undocumented
11:45 am
immigrants and the children who are already here. but unless we stop it, it's going to get worse. >> and steve, i want to get you in on this with this question too. and how much responsibility should or can the u.s. bear? the white house announced this week, it's setting up emergency fund -- emergency program, with funds for about 300 lawyers to deal with this situation. that's still not enough. >> yeah. look, i think there's a number of things that have to happen here, right? the bottom line is, people want to come to the united states. and unfortunately, a number of them are coming illegally. but that's going to continue to happen. so three things need to happen in order to protect the borders better. one is better technology. better use of cameras, et cetera. two is significantly more man power at all of the ports of entry, and at the borders. and three is comprehensive immigration reform so that people are coming here legally and the 11 million folks who are already here, as cal said, you have to deal with them at the same time you're trying to plug
11:46 am
the leaks, because they are here. the problem is, you have bipartisan support for comprehensive immigration reform in the senate, you haven't had it pass the house. >> what does that mean in plain terms? does that mean make it easier for people to come through legal matters? what does that mean? >> it means a combination of things. it means more legal immigration and easier to make legal immigration. dealing with the 11 million folks you already have here to give them a path to citizenship. and $46 billion to strengthen our borders. i don't know if that's building a fence, but using technology and the kind of manpower you need. cvp every year is underfunded by $2 billion. what they ask congress for what they get back from congress. >> so cal, if we want to jump in where steve left off and make it a better place or easier, if you will, through legal means for people to come to america, of course, we want the best and the brightest. so how do we make sure that happens, if you do get here,
11:47 am
hypothetically speaking, via legal means, we want to make sure you're productive. what do we do to make sure that continues? >> right. well, the fact that everybody wants to come to the united states should not be an excuse for letting everybody in. i might like to go to france, i might like to go to switzerland. but there have to be steps i take before i become a citizen there. let me share something i found out recently. i spent a lot of time in the uk. prime minister david cameron and his government are proposing something i could be useful here. they're saying if you come to the uk, from another country, you are barred from being on public assistance for five years. and during that time, you have to get a job, you have to pay taxes. i think that would be a disincentive for a lot of people coming here with the idea they're going to get food stamps immediately, free education, free health care and all of the other freebies. that might help cut off the flow. >> and steve, i'll give you the last word on that, because, of course, cal, we know there are people who do want to come to america who do have lots of things to offer to our community here. and they are doing it through
11:48 am
the right steps. but jump off where cal left off, steve. i'll give you the last 20 seconds. >> two things. one, even if you stop public assistance, they still want to come to the united states. it is -- it is a part of american exceptionalism that people want to come here. and two, if you pass comprehensive immigration reform, you get $1.4 trillion in economic growth, and $800 billion cut in our deficit from actually bringing these people out of the shadows and making them part of the legal economy. >> i promised you the last word since i started with cal. i have more questions, but i'm getting cut off. so cal thomas and steve sigmund, that's where we leave it today. i thank you both for your comments. sunni militants on the move. they're gaining more ground in iraq on this saturday. and, of course, that poses a huge crisis for the future of that country for us. and the obama administration. so what can the united states realistically do militarily to
11:49 am
try and help the embattled iraqi government? we'll go in depth. general jack keane will be here to give us his views, next. and the nation observes flag day. today is also the 239th anniversary of the founding of the united states army. let's take a moment, shall we, to honor our men and women in uniform who fight for freedom under our flag every day. ♪ and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ take it on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day women's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares. i make a lot of purchases foand i get ass. lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000
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planes to try to stop the advancing extremist. pentagon planners mapping out military options the president could potentially use. but it is not clear what actions the obama administration will order. here is secretary of state john kerry. >> president obama met with his senior foreign policy team yesterday afternoon. we had a comprehensive meeting regarding the events in iraq. we discussed a range of options, clup -- including military action to provide support for the iraqi government and respond to their request at this difficult time. >> can u.s. military involvement stop the terrorist march and protect iraq. general jack keane joins us and a fox news analyst. general, good to see you as always. >> good to see you, eric. >> when you hear the range of option, yesterday the president said there will be selective
11:54 am
actions by the military, what do you think we can expect and, more importantly, will it work? >> well i'm not sure what they will put on the table frankly. but here are rangers to consider. they need some planning assistan assistance. on this network i've recommended to send general petraeus there to help with that. but we have capable people to do that. they have to have a consolidated offense at baghdad and equally important is we must conduct a counter offensive to regain the cities and towns that they have lost. >> general, excuse me. that is down the line. we are talking about now. they are 60 miles from baghdad. >> i'm talking about the con dated defense of baghdad, that is what i'm talking about right now. and they need planners to help them do this and some intelligence architecture to see the military. they are blind except for humans
11:55 am
and some drones were currently flying. and i do believe we can use power to interdirect with isis given what they are established in syria and in iraq. we should identify their safe havens and the roads they are using to move their troops and all of that is possible and very vulnerable to our air power in doing that. the other thing i would do, when we will have close battle contact, i would put some air ground guys on the ground with iraqi forces that we can work with and trust. and this would probably be special forces to coordinate the use of air power in and around population centers like baghdad and also when they are close to friendly troops. you have to have that kind of coordination if it will be
11:56 am
effective. those are some of the things that i think we could do and i think we absolutely should do. >> in only 20 seconds left, general, do you think this is achievable and doable? >> oh, yeah. sure. these guys are very vulnerable to us. they moved in daylight formation down roads, single column, brandishing weapons, that is a simple tagt to frankly deal with and they are not 10 foot tall people here. we beat these guys before, rather summarily in 2007 and 2008. >> general that will have to be the last word. we called the highway of factor when that happened. thank you very much. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing. legs, for crossing.
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plus an agent! and safe drivers can save up to 45%. call now and see how much you can save. just a few more ways, allstate is changing car insurance for good. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. hello, i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm eric shawn. welcome to "america's news headquarters." military sunnis graining more ground. they are captured a small town 60 miles from baghdad after iraqi soldiers reportedly surrendered. when will the united states get involved, how and can we help? live with the latest from washington. >> and investigators fuming after the irs said it lost e-mails from lois learner during
12:01 pm
a computer crash in 2011. could it all be governmental incompetence. we'll pour over the facts. and a court decision in california could have far-reaching constitutional consequences. could it mean the end of tenure for teachers across the nation. our legal panel will weigh in. >> we're going to start here. a new obstacle for investigators in the irs scandal targeting that we've been reporting on. the tax agency saying it cannot find many of lois learners e-mails because her computer crashed in 2011. it is sparking outrage among lawmakers. elizabeth prann with more from washington. >> reporter: the irs was and is in the process of producing more than 67,000 e-mails from the account of lo is learner, the agency said there are e-mails
12:02 pm
sent and received which may be lost due to a computer crash. some of her e-mails between january of '09 and app of 2011 had been wrieped out years ago. writing, the irs determined her hard drive crashed in 2011. at the time, mrs. learner asked irs i.t. professionals to restore her hard drive and they have been unable to do so. they are upset that congress was not noticed earlier, and darrell issa is accusing the irs of playing games. others sounding off saying the lawmakers should not take the agency at its word. >> this is the most obtuse administration when it comes to being honest and forth right. i think the fbi could probably go back and retrieve the e-mails because in many cases things that you think are deleted, they
12:03 pm
really aren't. >> democrat ron wyden who is looking into the targeting accusations said we are working with the irs to determine if any relevant documents were not provided and continue to look toward a release of our bipartisan report. and despite the latest development, the irs maintains it is still, quote, committed to working with congress. arthel, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. now to the growing crisis in iraq. the u.s. aircraft carrier george h.w. bush moving into the gulf as the radical sunni insurgents are just miled from reaching the cap -- miles from reaching the capital of baghdad. and the administration is still weighing its options on how to respond to this growing crisis. doug mchale live with those
12:04 pm
items. >> reporter: they are moving closer to iraq and expected to arrive closer tonight. that as sunni militants are gaining more ground in iraq today with the seizure of a small town only 60 miles north of baghdad. in baghdad young shiite men have been flocking to volunteer centers by a call by the top cleric to stop the isil. and the pentagon is awaiting a decision from obama on what military options to do to dull the advance. the president said american troops will not be placed on the ground. >> they cover a wide range of military capabilities and will be designed, the president said, to break the momentum of isil processes and clearly any decision is resting with the commander and chief.
12:05 pm
>> my staff is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them. i don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadist is not getting a permanent foot hold in either iraq or syria. >> the president is coming under increasing criticism that this almost advance is a direct result of his failure to reach a status force agreement with the nuri al-maliki government and to the withdraw force of -- of forces. >> we've given a chance for the virus to regrow and now we're not in a position to offer anything vaguely close to real help. >> yesterday john boehner suggested this was predictable. congress and the presbyterian have been warning the white
12:06 pm
about the problem in iraq and for months he has done almost nothing. and now iran has sent 2,000 troops to iraq to help counter the jihadist insurgency. >> and a top gem also in baghdad helping out. we'll be on top of this story throughout the hour. a v.a. hospital in fresno, california, blocking a news channel from the hospital. it showed everything except fox news. >> an employee walked by and i said there is a story coming up on fox news i would like to hear and he went over and he said, i believe that is 17. and three times it just jumped right over 17. he goes, i guess we don't have it any more. i don't know what is going on. >> hospital officials say they will make fox news available check the televisions in other
12:07 pm
waiting rooms as well. phoenix police, 911, where is your emergency? >> we have been broken in and assaulted. >> okay, did someone just break in your house and hit you? >> yes. >> and you don't know who they were? >> no. >> that is part of the heartbreaking and desperate 911 call that was made by the priest who survived that deadly shooting at a catholic church in phoenix. pari parishioners are mourning. father walker was killed in that brutal attack. we are live from los angeles with the latest on this investigation. it is so troubling, dominique and now there are new details on this tape? >> reporter: yes. absolutely. that breathless voice you heard was the voice of father joseph terra who was suffering the early stages of concussion after
12:08 pm
being badly beaten. we understand his current medical state is still critical after the attack on wednesday and he may have a brain injury as a result of the severe beating he took by at least one person at the mother of mercy in phoenix. father walker, his colleague and kenneth walker, just 28 years old received a gunshot wound in a bungled burglary. but the tape giving away details. not only was the father unaware of precisely who attacked him, from the tape log, it looks like it was just a few short minutes before an officer was on the scene but a desperate moment of confusion as he was trying to figure out what was going on. listen to the tape. >> over here. >> i need you to start doing cpr. >> do the cpr. i just wanted to make sure the door is open for the officers. >> the officer is here. >> okay.
12:09 pm
you need to do cpr. >> i'll start cpr. >> so there we go. the catholic priest suffering from a concussion trying to open the door to let the police in to help and simultaneously trying to help perform cpr on his colleague. at one point he gave up giving the last rites knowing his colleague would die and the father did die in the hospital later. the police really appealing to the public for help here. there is no surveillance footage of the attack. there wasn't any at the mission they were able to pick up. and same tain causely very scanned details about who attacked the two priests. they managed to get a few brief indications from the father saying he was a white man and in his 40s and that is the only lead they've got. back to you. >> i know the thoughts and prayers are with the father and the parishioners today. thank you. arthel. well we had some beautiful
12:10 pm
music out on the plaza here in new york city this morning. musicians from the u.s. army were on hand to help sell grate flag day and mark the 239th birthday of the army. ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home >> beautiful job. flag day is of course the day when the continental congress first issued the u.s. flag back in 1777. this flag day is extra special because it comes during the 2 hundredth anniversary of the our
12:11 pm
national anthem, the star spangled banner. >> if you have the flag, fly it. meanwhile a new mexico family is breathing a big sigh of relief after reunited with their 9-year-old daughter. she was reported missing from the family's campsite yesterday. she is reportedly unharmed and found by mountain bikers on a trail. there is no word on how she was lost. one of the cyclists said they heard the girl shouting for help. her mother helped everyone for helping to find her daughter. the search involve second quarter 00 people, search dogs and an airplane. investigators have been waiting a long time to see lois learners e-mails but now irs saying they cannot do that. what this means into the irs scandal still ahead. and a judge in california ruling the teacher tenures are unconstitutional. could this effect student
12:12 pm
education across the country. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. ♪ ♪
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final for a check -- time for a quick check of the headlines. two workers have died at zahn since december. one man was crushed to death and another fatality this month. whooping cough reaching major epidemic numbers. on the west coast the california department of health saying more than 800 new cases have been reported in the last two weeks. there have been nearly 4,000 case this is year alone. and columbia winning their first world cup game. they beat greece 1-0. they came close to scoring but couldn't do it. and later today england will take on italy and ivory coast will take on japan. republican lawmakers are furious at the internal revenue gency told congress it lost a potentially
12:17 pm
huge batch of e-mails to and from lois learner. as you know she is the central figure in the agency tea party targeting controversy and that comes one month after the tax agency agreed to turn over her e-mail to congress. the critics charge it is another road block to the ongoing investigation into the potential political wrongdoing. so are the e-mails really missing or is this mysterious disappearance on purpose. author of the new book eric holders justice department. you know, there is a simple explanation. the dog ate it. >> i think even worse, they are playing us for fools. you don't lose this amount of e-mails permanently unless you want to. i have a simple solution. a congressman from texas said snowden can find anything. well let's have the nsa forensic
12:18 pm
audit of the e-mails and i suspect we'll find something. >> good luck with that. >> they say we can't find any of her e-mails to and from people at the white house and treasury and did they go to her and say did you correspond with anyone there? >> she won't say anything. >> and you can say if you have contact with lois learner, they could provide it. >> and you just solved it. other people could have it. why haven't they turned it over. >> because there is a cover up. richard nixon must be smiling in his grave that people have finally surpassed his abilities. the e-mail time period, is that crucial. january of 2009 to april 2011.
12:19 pm
so you have january to april just before the 2012 election. >> the taeea party formed in eay 2009 and started building and gaining strength. we know lois learner and other people in the irs were concerned about this and then the 2010 election happened and the democrats had a historic defeat and they were rattled and if there was a response to try to shut down the tea party, i suspect this would have involved the planning and execution about how the tea party targeting and slow down took place. >> but miss learner said she didn't do anything wrong. she called the irs i.t. department and they came in and tried to restore a hard drive and that didn't work. >> i'm not a computer expert but no hard drive is gone unless you crush it and turn it into dust. so let's have the nsa look at this. >> i wonder if they did that.
12:20 pm
what does this mean bottom line? there is no way to get the e-mails? can there be a subpoena or the fbi or doj go in and get it. >> the irs president is a new and honest man, he's new to all of this and i think you call him in, we want full cooperation. will you bring everyone we wish to capitol hill to question them and have them raise their hand and testify under oath. if the dog did eat the e-mails, but if they commit perjury, i suspect there are a couple of them that don't want to commit perjury. will he send from the lowest levels up to the top to capitol hill so they can subpoenaed and testify under oath. >> you are talking about a major broad-reaching investigation. >> it looks as if there is a major, broad-reaching cover-up
12:21 pm
going on. >> the media is not that outraged. >> wait until the next couple of days as people digest this. and remember we have had iraq and that has wiped us off the news for the last couple dafz -- days. i think this doesn't pass the taste test, the ear test, the taste test. >> this isn't how the government is supposed to work. we pay our taxes and are we supposed to say oh, don't worry about it. >> there will be a lot of black items, you lost your e-mails before, can't you believe i lost mine. >> what do you think allegedly will come? >> i think we will get to the bottom of it. a lot of this is running out the clock. i don't think the people in this administration want this to come out before the november election and after the november election they are heading out the door. maybe they can stall long enough
12:22 pm
this will be discovered in the next administration. >> or running out the clock on potential criminal charges? >> conceivably, but i think right now most of the concern is political embarrassment and this is very nixonyism and one of the impeachment against nixon was the irs against political opponents. >> a number of e-mails missing and vanishing, disappeared. hopefully they will be found. >> i hope so. some folks in a major city searching for envelopes filled with cash. have you heard about it? our live report on the hidden cash craze. and donald sterling snooping into the backgrounds of other nba owners. his latest move, next. way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber
12:23 pm
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it is the bottom of the hour now. time for the top of the news. pennsylvania governor tom corbett calling on president obama to help end a railway strike in pennsylvania. that has stranded several thousand commuters. they went on strike this morning, not a work day. the governor calling on president to appoint a board to mediate the contract negotiations. >> donald sterling is hiring investigators to look into the background of the nba owners and silver. and the hall of fame coach who won four super bowl titles with the pittsburgh steelers has died. chuck noll passed away. chuck noll was 82 years old.
12:28 pm
and a bitter set back for the ukrainan government. the pro-russian separatists have shot down a military plane in the eastern part of the country rand all 49 people on board the plane were killed. this is one week after the ukraine's new president spoke about a potential peace plan in his inaugural address. washington and kiev believe russia is arming the separatists with guns and weapons, but they have denied the accusations. the los angeles superior court saying incompetent teachers remaining in the classroom are harming students. could this reach into public education across the country. joining us now brian claypool and david wool.
12:29 pm
good to see both of you. hi, david. you are up first. do you agree with the judge? >> the reality is that teacher tenure is a problem in the low income schools. it does allow the teachers, once they pass 18 months on their job and to keep their job and makes it virtually impossible to fire them. in the low income neighborhoods it creates a denial under the 14th amendment of the constitution and they are virtually impossible to fire and they go through generational education and i believe his ruling will be upheld by the court of appeals and this will spread throughout the country. >> brian, what is your take? >> this is the first time i think i've ever agreed with david. but teacher ten you're needs to be tanked. it breeds incompetency and
12:30 pm
complacency and creates a public safety risk for kids. and i 100% agree with this ruling and i think what it is going to do is create more equal education for kids. remember, kids come first. not teachers come first. and this union president comes out and say what about the teachers. we have to protect the teachers. but what about the kids? they have to come first. and we have to eliminate incompetent teachers -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> some say you don't make up a blanket rule but instead monitor individual districts and fire the teachers and administrators as needed. is that a better approach? >> here is the problem with that, arthel. once the teachers get past 18 months on the job, and brian knows because he's involved in lawsuits involving this, there
12:31 pm
are teachers who have molested kids and hurt kids and put on a desk job for years and years because it is virtually impossible to fire them. at my firm, if i don't produce and defend my clients, if i do a lousy job, i'm gone. i'm fired. and i deserve to me. my mom was a teacher. she was a great teacher and she never had that problem. and because they did a good job and that is not too much to ask to be a good teacher. do a good job or lever your job. >> do you think there should be periodic testing of teachers. >> you can do periodic testing of tuchers but don't give tenure. once you give tenure -- david is right, i've dealt with the union in this case. and arthel, they have a mountain -- a war chest of money. any time you try to remove a teacher for incompetency or suspected child abuse, they spend hundreds of thousands of
12:32 pm
if not millions of dollars to fight on behalf of the teache - teachers. and this is across the country. and i'm on the montes case and i have had hundreds of calls about this problem. you can't protect the kids iffa lou the teachers to stay on the job after 18 months if they are not a good teacher and a possible child predator. the judge did the right thing it. will be upheld. >> so the president of the california federation of teachers saying the judge fell victim to anti-union rhetoric. do you see it that way? >> well the judge was looking out for the kids, and the union, despite what they say, their primary objective is to remember that the teachers keep their jobs at all costs. and when it comes to the issue of kids versus teachers keeping their jobs, an objective judge under the circumstances that
12:33 pm
we've dealt with here is going to help the children. these are kids without fathers and suffered generational dysfunction and families have failed in education generation after generation. the kids most in need of excellent teachers are being denied that and for that reason is a good ruling and will be upheld. i agree with brian. >> we leave it there. we applaud great teachers but it is really about the protection of the students at the end of the day. david wool, brian claypool, thank you both. >> thank you, arthel. have you heard about this? the hidden cash craze that struck san francisco and now in new york city. the man behind the famous twitter account at hidden cash is making secret drops in manhattan and brooklyn today, calling it a social experiment for good. for more, let's go to lauren ingal live in central park. laura? >> reporter: it has been a nice day out here in central park.
12:34 pm
people going through the bushes, climbing over rocks trees and all in the name of finding the cash. this virtual scavenger hunt started in california and turned into movement and followers posting about clues for where to search for the envelopes of cash. the man behind his all, the san francisco investor and entrepreneur said it was just giving away money for fun and gave away some of today's first clues, listen. >> we are putting a $50 bill with a silver dollar, so whether you are into precious medals or believe in our paper currency, wherever they fall you'll be happy and put them together in one envelope. and we have four of these envelopes. >> reporter: and it is sort of like a glorified easter egg hunt and a far cry after his attempt
12:35 pm
happened last years. and kirt d. was one of the winners and he said will use the money to take his father out for father's day. >> it was a kreen in between -- it was a crease in between two rocks and i thought, is it really in there. and the first thing i did was yell, yes, i got it. and everybody just ran toward the rock. >> reporter: and there were other hidden cash locations this weekend. mexico city and houston. only one left tomorrow in chicago. so if you are into this, go to twitter and go to hidden cash and see where you might find the envelopes. >> all right, lawa. get off tv and quickly go look. >> reporter: i know. >> i feel suddenly sick. i have to go home. >> central park is only a few blocks away. >> exactly.
12:36 pm
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truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want... there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. 60 miles from baghdad. that is how close those sunni muslim militants are from the iraq capital. this advance comes from the white house considers military options to try to protect the government and stop the terrorists. the terrorist group islamic state of iraq and syria. they have sieged two iraqi cities and that is raising fears about the future of baghdad. so what, if anything, can the obama administration do to try to contain this growing crisis.
12:41 pm
a retired navy captain and former national security adviser for dick cheney. good to see you. you know the george h.w. bush is moving into the persian gulf and could an air strike be enough to stop the militants? >> not just potential air strikes but making sure we have the right capabilities throughout the region. what we are doing right now is imperative. we need to make sure we have the right intelligence and recognizance capability. and you just mentioned the george h.w. bush, and the weapons on board. two strikers and also a cruiser. we need to think about the cruisers and at tomahawk capabilities. and we have to think about the air capability in the region.
12:42 pm
.united states is a very strong posture. we need to rely on our air capabilities in qatar and also up in turkey at that air base. so we are doing things right now in regard to getting capability. we should be ready tomorrow to make it quick with regard to a capability response capability option for the president. >> you talk about quick. but they are not making it quick. the terrorists are making it quick. they are going down south quickly, 60 miles to baghdad, but the president yesterday afternoon said it will take several days, understandably to prepare and plan for this, but why wasn't it planned for already and is it too late? i mean, they're already there? >> i don't think it is too late. but i think we need to work with the iraqi government and prime minister nuri al-maliki with regard to american support and a counter terrorist objective.
12:43 pm
you just mentioned 60 nautical miles from baghdad. if we can work with the iraqis as well as have the american capability there with the options available to the president to basically stop their passage, stop their line of communication in baghdad, give the nuri al-maliki government time to provide a counter terrorist response and it provides us other opportunities to work in anbar province and work up with the kurds up in kurdistan. >> and you know what is troubling also is the involvement of the iranians. obviously supporting the shiites and maliki's government and there is reports that one of the generals, kassim seouly man is helping iraq. how does this effect the iraqi government and when you have the iranians there. he moved down from syria where
12:44 pm
the leader was advised assad and dealing with that situation. >> it is a very troubling move not only with the iranian militaries working with the syrias. and you know iraq has three constituencies, the shiites and the sunni and the kurds. stoking these particular sectarian patterns is a shiite focus is not a good current situation. also within his government he hasn't been able to share power with the sunnis. we had previous relationships with the tribal leaders up in al anbar province and that could be one of the keys to stabilizing it in the future. but nuri al-maliki has to listen to the united states and president obama has to have his aim -- to stabilize this country. >> we are looking at a
12:45 pm
photograph of them shaking hands in the oval office right there. bottom line, captain, what went wrong? >> well there are a quite a few factors in regard to destabilizing situations in iraq. iraq is a very challenging political situation during the handoff in 2011. i think one of the starting points with what went wrong was the fact that we did not go the extra mile to secure the status of force agreements. what we needed to do, although the maliki government did deny us that particular request to have that status of forces agreement, i understand from our former ambassador james jeffrey and as well as the obama administration principals that we needed to go one extra step to actually work with maliki to basically insist that the united states have that posture inside of iraq. all we wanted was 2500 to 5,000 troops for counter terrorism
12:46 pm
missions. we are good at those. that is it? >> captain, that is all we need to stop this? >> that is it. i think we need good intelligence, surveillance and recognizance and having forces on the ground, working with the iraqi counterparts. and still troubling was the disibt aggravation of the -- disintegration of the iraqi army. we worked for years to provide that capability and give them an ability to execute their mission. but they are 60 nautical miles from the capital, and we need to give the government some breathing room and at the same time we need to have some american kids with regard to stabilization of the and bar provence and very important isis
12:47 pm
was part of it. >> that is another story. he was in u.s. custody until 2009. captain bob wells, thank you so much for your insight today. >> thank you. >> and we'll have more on the response to the crisis. you can watch sunday morning futures tomorrow with maria at 10:00 a.m. she will sit down with buck mccuan of california and take look at what went wrong. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. right here on the news channel. a major conflict in iraq costing us here at host. next we'll talk about how the crisis in the middle east will impact us at the bump. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®.
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chaos across iraq as radical muslim insurgents take over city after city. now setting their sights on baghdad, all causing oil prices to skyrocket. crude prices jumping to $107 a barrel. that's a ten-month high and unfortunately that's just in time for summer driving season. but look who's here to sort it all out. good to see you, david. iraq is the third largest oil exporter. >> it's number two in opec right now. 3.5 million barrels a day. >> isn't this the time of year, once we hit labor day gas prices go up for the summer driving season -- >> this is different. this makes it worse. gas prices are starting to rise.
12:53 pm
oil prices are starting to rise. maybe washington doesn't understand fully the problem. but the energy markets do. it's not just the crisis in iraq. we're seeing the crisis develop in the ukraine. their gas lines are shut off on monday. and china's moving militarily into the south china sea, all conspiring to drive oil prices higher. it could become an international crisis. so we are up. how far depends on how long this conflict lasts and how deep the disruption actually is. >> is this a crystal ball, if you will, telling the u.s., you need to consider developing your own natural reserves? >> well, i know for ourselves, we're boosting our energy assets in our portfolio. but it brings the issue back here at home -- if the united states -- seems we're pulling back from the world stage and increasingly seeing a bad set of actors fill that void. as that starts to -- >> pulling back how?
12:54 pm
>> we're pulling back our presence as a country, as an influencer around the world. and a lot of bad things are starting to happen around the world. and bad actors are filling that void. >> when you say we're pulling back our influence -- >> politically, militarily we've pulled back. and it brings the issue back here. if we're going to do that, if that's the will of the people and the will of the government, we better have a plan "b." and plan "b" has to be energy independence in this country. we have to develop every single resource that we can. we have a chance for energy independence some time within the next decade. but there seem to be a lot of voices out there holding us become. >> you don't foresee that happening, independence here in our own country? >> i think it's very, very possible to do that. we're well on our way every year, we're using more and more of our own production. but like you said on this crisis, 3 million barrels get pulled off very rapidly like this, the energy market is going to react. i think gas prices right now are
12:55 pm
averaging about $3.64. probably go up to $3.70 some analysts say. maybe some north of $4. >> what does that mean, a lot of people watching us now are planning their trips to see family over the summer, summer getaways. what are we looking at in terms of prices at the pump? >> the prices could get as high as $4. it's really bad news for the economy. retail's been really hard hit over the last several months. >> and people don't have extra cash. >> they don't have the extra cash. more important than the absolute price is the direction and velocity of the move. they start to see it go up, they start to retreat. >> david, thank you so much. wish we had better news. but it is what it is at this point. that's it for us for now. "a healthy you" with carol alt is coming up next. we'll be back together at 6:00 eastern time. >> two hours from now with the latest on the crisis in iraq as those islamic militants are just
12:56 pm
60 miles from baghdad. we'll bring you all the latest details in two hours. >> and i'll be back at 3:30 eastern.
12:57 pm
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