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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 14, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is the fox report tonight. severe weather alert. warnings of hail, and powerful winds and even tornados. plus crisis in iraq. stepping up to fight. militants pushing toward baghdad as aircraft carrier george. w. bush moves in position in the araban gulf. plus, a terrifying 911 call revealing the chaotic moments after a deadly shooting. >> what is your emergency. >> we have been assaulted. >> a priest attacked and calling
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for help in the roman catholic church. ahead the evidence that could lead to a suspect. and how you can get involved in the hunt for cash that is taking over entire cities. >> i am julie bandaras tonight. baghdad in the cross hairs. people in the capitol preparing for an all out siege as isis threaten the shiite- led government. they are within 60 miles. the general insists that the capitol safe. the pentagon sending the ships in the gulf. they were in the region and positioned and repositioned as a precaution. president obama saying that he is weighing his options and even considering air strikes. iran, the shyite powerhouse a factor here. its president pledged to it help
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defend iraq's government if asked and the country would consider cooperating with the united states if washington was confronting terrorist groups in iraq and elsewhere. we'll gip with doug who joins me live. the president has no easy choice no matter what he does, right. >> the american people are war- wory and they don't want to so american troops back on the ground in iraq. the president said he will not send them but all other options remain open. air attacks while effective, can't pick up the pieces of what remains. we saw that in libya. it is now in chaos. >> i would put air ground guys on the ground with iraqi forces that we can work with and trust and this would be special forces to coordinate the use of a pour in and around baghdad and also
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when they are close to friendly troops. you have to have that kind of coordination if it is going to be effective. >> reporter: secretary of defense chuck hagel announced george. bush is streaming close to iraq and was on station in the araban see and now moved in the gulf. iran sent troops to iraq? >> this is getting in to the complexity of the problem. it is staged by the sunni neighboring forces. iran is supporting assad. they don't want to see sunni. and there is a potential a liiance with the united states to defeat the sunni invasion led in the iraq. all of this could have been avoided, but president obama chose to withdraw all forces
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after the successful surge. >> we gave them a chance to allow the virus to regrow, and we are not in the position vaguely in the help. >> good point. we are hearing that iraqi forces have apparently made their first advances. >> the head of the iraqi armed forces said our security forces regained the initiative to launch on the past throw days and achieved remarkable victories and added that baghdad is 100 percent safe and no fear for baghdad or heart of baghdad. how valid any of that is, we can't say. we'll be finding out in the next now days to come. >> we'll keep an eye on it.
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>> thousands of iraqis are answering a call to arms as shiite leaders urge them to defend the city. conner? >> the lightning facet advaps of the insurgents in iraq slowed down but they are on the doorstep of capitol of baghdad. >> the young men are lining up to protect baghdad. the terrorist are only 60 miles outoutside of baghdad. iran looks to being more involved in the count row. iraq is splitting on religious and ethic lines. many sunni iraqis feel marginalized by the government in baghdad who maintains strong
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ties with iran. he has refused to recognize their grievances. as a result the sunni population in the west is welcoming with open arms the insurgents that are sunnis. if the u.s. involves in iraq it will do so on the side of iran. >> turning to iraq and other nations to struggling. voters in afghanistan going to polls and walking past this. turn out expected to top 60 percent as afghan defy taliban threats. voting was reportedly smooth. the white house called it a major step in the country's democratic past. the run off is between the
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foreign minister and exworld bank official. they are promising to sign a security pact with the u.s. and karzi has refused to sign. prelimary results will be released next month. >> and now to a fox news weather alert. severe storms punishing the midwest over the weekend. damaging hail and winds topping 75 miles per hour dakotas all the way to texas. various watches and warnings and there is possible tornados in parts of kansas and conditions should improve before father's day. >> and a pleasure island becomes a scary scene in minnesota. on the lake, when wind gusts reached ha voc. several people went in the water
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and we are told all but one person was wearing a life jacket. there is a now cases of mild hypothermia. >> and right now, a released 911 call. the surviving priest calls for help. and plus where the suspect search is tonight. >> and imdpragz affecting more than border states. tens of thousands of children found traveling alone from central america. that's all straight ahead. i ys say be thman with the plan
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of israeli protection. and they dismissed the claims from the israeli prime minister. israel and the palestinian authority are working together to find the teens. funeral services held for one of two police officers killed in las vegas. relatives and friends remembering a len beck as a family man dedicated to serving others. they were shot as they ate lunch in a restaurant by a couple who died in a shootout in walmart. a fellow officer said that beck was a great man, officer and even a better family man. y wo have the 911 call in 1596 a roman catholic church. a priest is out of breathe as he tells the dispatcher that the someone attacked the assistant
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priest kenneth walker. here's more. dom nick tell us what he revealed in the moment as one profit tried to save the life of his younger colleague. >> it was a priest and his assistant. when you listen to the tape, it is chilling stuff. the man making the call father joe was suffering from concussion because his head was beaten so badly and he may have brain injuries as a result of the attack. but as you listen to the tape and hear the state of confusion as he tries to talk coherently and what happened to kenneth walker. you realize it is a fatal attack, listen. >>
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it was amid the head jer. but he follows instructions to perform cpr on his colleague which he d. but unfortunately his colleague didn't make it. >> do the police have clues as to who might be responsible. this was no surveillance footage in the scene of the crime. it was in the mother of mercy mission. a car was taken from the scene and abandoned just a few blocks. there will be forensic evidence and a limited description from father himself who each in the critical state it was a white
4:15 pm
male. he hasn't been able to tell us anymore than that. and the police are strug lipping to find out who it might be, julie. >> we can say they would be considered dangerous with the stand point of how brutally they attacked the father and the injuries that he sustained, almost to the point of death. >> and there is now a manhunt underway. >> why would someone do this? what motive is there? >> reporter: i am not entirely sure what the motive was. who ever tried to break in and if it is one or several persons. they don't know.
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after all one of the police died of a shotgun wound. >> thank you so much. >> the crisis along our border and mexico is felt all over the country. three shelters in south florida are taking in children who are pouring in by bo the thousands and the pictures are just stunning. government facilities over flowing with families and the associated press reports that officials found 47 children traveling alone in the border since the start of the budget year in october. the surge is a large part because of the perception of the children allowed to stay in the united states under the obama administration immigration policy. >> freed american bowe berg dachlt hear from the daughter of the first american killed in afghanistan. the man behind the riot killed
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. a military family making history as we mark the two 13th pirth day of the u.s. army. lieutenant harkins following his father's foot step and leading partroopers in to combat that his father led. he served in iraq and afghanistan. his father retired colonel harkin led the unit in vietnam.
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they are rich in family legacy. and a spokesman said this is a first. >> a nine-year-old girl is safe after wandering away from the family camp site. hikers found her after hearing her yelling for help. she tried to find her way back. and all smiles when she was reunited with her family. hundred volunteers sevened the park after she went missing. >> new yorkers scrambled for signs of hidden loot in the manhattan and brooklyn this weekend. a san francisco real estate envestor system tweeting the clues on twitter and calls the money give away a social experiment for good. it was not that good in new york city six years ago. in central park, laura, today went smoother today than last
4:22 pm
time, right? >> it d. last time it was in new york union square and caused a riot and sent one person to the hospital. today was a civilized easter egg hunt. people searched for the white envelopes and went in the bushes and the lined central park pond. and got on all fours and looking through the grass and looking at their phones for a clue on twitter. some finding success and excite. ment >> oh, my gochltd i won, i one. >> it is something in there and really, really ridiculous. yeah, i got. it soon as i did that everyone ran toward toward the rock.
4:23 pm
it is hectic. network everyone it is like in bushes and trying to >> it is interesting. and people who found them were asked to tweet a picture of themselves holding up the moan. they don't think everyone did that today. and that is all started in california. and what more do we know about the man behind the give away. >> reporter: he was jason boozy. and had an idea. and people started to figure out who he was. and he was outed a few weeks ago. he is a real estate envestors and entrepreneur and tried to make it fun. and people have asked for final help. there is are ways to know.
4:24 pm
and this way, everybody gets a shot. >> and i made a bunch of money in real estate and wanted to give back in a fun way. it is the charity. and i wanted to give back in a way that was fun for people. it was a lot of fun. i stumbled across one guy screaming and holding up the envelope and i asked him what he would spent 50 bucks on and he said i am going to chipotle. >> that was his plan. >> thank you for us. >> and one va hospital responding to it accusationing of censorship. and fox news, the television facility. >> and i believe it is 17 and a few times jumped over 17. and we don't have it anymore.
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i don't know what is going on? and whether the irs targeted conservative groups. and this happeneds of e-mails are gone. we want you to way in. you believe the irs? tweet me at julie bandaras. i will read the replies later in the show. [ female announcer ] this allergy season,
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>> human sized robots stepping in a four fight when it is too dangerous. >> from nuclear disaster ares and natural catastrophes and blazing hot fires. robts are underdeveloped. >> this is an advanced robot. atlas is 6- 22 and weighs 350 pounds. there are only seven like it. this is put through paces by the researchers. part of a government sponsored cop test. >> develop the robot to walk in fukushima which is inhospitable to human life. >> and atlas can walk and
4:30 pm
ambulance and clear things up. and what happens when the advantage is burning hot. at virginia tech. mechanic engineers are leading a time from researchers from ucla. tweet a four fight robot from the u.s. navy and protected by a resin shield. it is part of the ship board. it is balance and navigate quarters and using clues like smoke to lot fire. the future is in the lab. but researchers say this technology will be available for those in the fold and home. >> within the next decade or two, you will so them for real, helping with real disasters and you will see them in our home and work places. >> and in cam bridge,
4:31 pm
massachusetts. >> i am julie bandaras. this is a fox report. and time for the top of the news. defense secretary chuck hagel ordering the uss george w. bush to move in the gulf. this as president obama considers options in iraq. they could launch air strikes to stop the group of sunni extremist. in baghdad volunteers are arming up and preparing to defend the cant kament. they are searching for militants and weapons. and police are setting up check points and passenger ids and iran, a shiite dominated country, promising to protect iraq if asked. they may be open to cooperating with the united states, that is in the u.s. gets more involving in aiding the iraqi government. >> and release of the taliban
4:32 pm
five. in exchange for army sergeant bowebergdahl. he is back in the united states after years of captivity. one of those men traded for bergdahl is behind a prison riot that left a marine dead. the family of johnnie span is outraged. >> it is like a slap in the face. my father went over there and lost his life, and this man was instrumental in that happening, and so the mess amg that brings to my family, that the administration doesn't care about the sacrifices that americans have made. >> a difficult road ahead with sergeant bergdahl not yet reunited with his family. his mental health is reevaluated. he could be court martialed. and the irs claiming it lost thousands of e-mails that
4:33 pm
congress wants for the investigation into whether the agency targeted political groups. congress is demanding they be handed over. the agency said the computer glitch woiped them out. lois lerner refuses to testify to congress about the scandal. the house voted to hold her in contempt of congress. and the congressman a cowed the oirz of playing games. those are the details from washington. >> reporter: the internal revenue service was and is in the process of producing 67,000 e-mails from the account of lois lerner and there are untold number of e-mails sent and received that may be lost due to a computer crash. ears officials say the e-mails between has been wiped out years ago.
4:34 pm
and writing in part. the irs determined her hard drive crashed in 2011. at the time, she asked it professionals to restore her drive. hatch said they are troubled that the anxious didn't notify congress earlier. and darril issa said the irs is playing games. and the others say the law makers shouldn't take the aems at its word. >> i think the fbi can probably go back and retrieve those e-mails because in many cases things that are deleted are not. >> and ron widen whose committee is looking into the targeting accusations said we are working with the irs to determine if relevant documents were not provided and continue to work toward a release of our
4:35 pm
bipartisan report. and the irs maintains it is still committed to working with congress. julie, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. earlier i asked your opinion on the case. is the e-mails lost or misplaced. and i asked tweets. and here is one. dear irs, my 1040 and w2 disa pore from my computer. i am pleading the fifth. good point. >> ukraine's new president vowing to punish the pro russian rebels that shot down a military plane and killed 49 people aboard. it is a stunning act of violence. officials with ukraine's defense ministry, blaming rebels armed with military gear and accuses russia of supplying the separatist. moscow denies it.
4:36 pm
an investigation is under way. >> a deadly fire breaks out in a refugee camp. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. bangladesh, a terrifying scene in a refugee camp. the violence starting over firecrackers exploding in an islamic festival. five family members were burned to death. the refugee camp houses thousands of strained pakistanis that opposed bangladesh's independence. coasta rica. authorities seized more than four tons of cocaine. one of the ships was stopped in a joint operation with the u.s. coast guard. 11 people were arrested. england, a birthday celebration fit for the queen. ♪ hundreds of soldiers marching in
4:37 pm
the the annual trooping of color parade to mark the birthday of queen elizabeth ii. she rode by horse drawn carriage. she turned 88 back in april but celebrates publicly in john. >> mexico, single women filling the catholic church in mexico city to pray for help finding them a husband. tradition said they must gather 12 poems and write the wish on a red ribbon and love as an offering and their prayers may be answered. >> bizarre theft caught on tape. wait until you hear what police say this women shoved down her pants in a grocery store? do you like a lobster roll? that is a hint. >> and special honor for world war ii vet is sacrificed to serve the country. and we are see proud to be able
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4:42 pm
they have been eclipsed by the drama. and what an exciting day, brian, right? >> it really was, julie. this is day three of the world cup. and a number one in san paulo. and we had protest and was worried. it is all about the big game. colombia and coasta rica and playing in a big game. you can't forget about team cia. they are here and set to play and play their game on monday against gha una it. >> american fans took a flight from san pa ulo. and 200 u.s. soccer fans were on that flight. it is exciting to be here and all from seattle and upstate new york and wyoming, ready to
4:43 pm
support the red, white and blue. >> denver up to san paulo. and down to nepal. and so it has been a while. first time out of the country. >> first time out. >> first time and came down here to the world cup. >> i just think in the past 3 or 4 years, it is important. every since south africa it expanded. and it is growing in the state. and now finally catching on and i think we will see the fruition in the next couple of days. and just to give you an idea of the support and growth. world cup this year. the u.s. had the second most amounts of tickets purchased behind brazil. and the united states didn't crack the top ten. and by the way, over 500 american soccer fans are known
4:44 pm
as the american outlaws. they are following the them throughout brazil and a group match. excitement is massive here and by the way, the ratings for the u.s. world cup opening match is up 50 percent in the united states and another indication of how great the excitement is. and to be honest. it is usa, bill. it is now usa bill. american fans are set to tail gate on monday before the game and set to have a huge party tomorrow night and i will be there. and can we talk about the fannish teams. colombia. (speaking spanish) and i mean, they won, three- zip. >> big win. >> she missed her 1 o'clock show because of that game. thank you, brian so much. a sheriff's deputy caught on tape in the video in the heart of a federal investigation.
4:45 pm
our top story as we go across america. colorado, a judge ordering the release of a shocking video despite the city of denver's objection. you can see a deputy beating a man in a cell, the federal lawsuit contains the deputies acting as middle men for drugs. and this is an example of law enforcement protecting law enforcement. >> the denver police chief said they didn't do anything wrong and they are remaining on the force. >> minnesota, a massive sinkhole in st. paul shoes a problem. miles of corroded sewer pipe. it could take two or throw months to repair. >> florida, newly released video of a bizarre crime. this woman accused of dumpingly
4:46 pm
frozen lobster tails down her pants. she walked up to the sea food counter where she ordered seven tails and shoes up later with what appears to be packaging sticking out of her shorts. she is now charged with petty thft. >> and a puppy befriends a cheetah cub. the cub's mother rejected it at a now weeks ago. the adorable duowill live together and become animal ambassador. >> we wanted him to have a companion and he needed interaction. >> and now the fokts watch in america. >> it was one of the most sensational criminal cases in u.s. history. the murder trial of o.j. simpson still grips our interest and gretta talks to the co players
4:47 pm
from the case. >> she found herself hanging around who are these people. it pisses me off. or caddo is in prison. i don't know these people. he and i weren't friends. i don't know these people. i can count on my fingers the time i have seen them. nicole hung out with them. >> you represented nicole brown. >> he is a narsiftic and i can't believe there is so much hot air. he is shrugging and laughing and turning away. he knows he's not talking the truth. i spent weeks with this man in a conference room and deposing him and sat next to him fur four months and just got more of my
4:48 pm
share of what this man is b. >> is it a true definition of a sociopath in every respect. >> gretta investigates o.j. simpson tonight at 10 o'clock eastern time. and police forces in the country driving away with military trucks. the pentagon has plenty to share and why are critics up in arms over the give away. that's still ahead. spokesperson: the volkswagen passat is heads above the competition,
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4:52 pm
hospital in fresno, california. it is apologizing for blocking this channel. a veteran brought it to our attention of the local fox affiliate. >> i know fox has been heavy on the government things especially the va scandal. >> the hospital spokespurpose confirmed that fox was blocked from the waiting area and said it was all a misunderstanding. glad we cleared it up. >> a police force, and the pentagon with a deal too good to be refused. they are giving away military trucks. the move is drawing fire from critics. >> as the wars in iraq and afghanistan wind down. surplus military equipment is going to local police departments including hadn'teds
4:53 pm
of ambush protected vehicles. >> we go out on high risk warrants. if the situation goes bad. our officers can get in and have cover and won't be shot. >> the sheriff's office a kwoiring this was a no brainer and it didn't cost them a doim. >> it is a benefit to the taxpayer and they don't have to by that capability and ability to benefit from what the government no longer needs. >> but the military transfer program has critecs who say it is overkill and blurring the line between cops and soldiers. >> they confuse the policing with the military mission and we get unnecessary confrontations and injuries. >> most all law enforcement tools or weapons, either start out in the military and we adapted them or vice verse a. >> orange county authorities say
4:54 pm
it has been well received by the community because they use it judiciously. in the year they used it. they only used it throw times once to respond to it a barricaded gunman and staged at back up while serving high risk warrants. >> and a world war ii veteran getting a high school diplomma 69 years later. the class of 2014 sharing the spotlight with joefrj bush in the move up day ceremony. bush was set to graduate in known 45 and he was drafted before he could finish. >> you know, that probably is, it was really that important. you just do what you have to do. >> my dad is a good giechlt he did for his family. he never wanted anything in return.
4:55 pm
>> he worked as a fact row maintenance man and automechanic to take care of his family. one day he told his wife he was interested in getting his diplomma. the principal jumped at the chance to help him finally graduate. congratulations, george bush. >> it is it father's day weekend, dads, what was the worst father's day gift you ever got. tweet me and julie bandaras. we'll read your comments, next. [ male announcer ] how did red lobster make four amazing entrees even better?
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when you book at >> in case you missed the sobering piece of news. king of beers bowed to the power of the internet. ingredients of bud wiser and bud lite beers for the first time. they went public after a popular food blogger demanding he needed to know the ingredet. and that is the secret that is out they wrote the worst and best a shovel and most used ever. it is packaged. and julia worst than ever and
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funny as heck. and i have a guest in the studio. a friend of mine here. and he bought his dad a mail box. >> tonight on huckabee. insurgents are sweeping over iraq and sweeping to the cant kament. >> it is not like we haven't sewn it coming. what is the president thinking now? any action that we may take to provide security have to be joined by a sen sear effort by iraq's leaders. we can't do it for them. and >> they are afraid the republican establishment


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