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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 16, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> i missed four days and the world is crumbling throughout the middle east. "happening now" starts now. have a good day, everybody. more cities fall in iraq and john kerry said airstrikes might be needed to stop the terrorist. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric sean in for jon scott this morning. the white house is considering options on how to stop the sunnis and one of those options could include direct talks with iran. the pentagon con firming reinforcements are going in to protect thousands of americans who work at the embassy in is baghdad. and another ship is moving into the persian gulf with hundreds
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of marines on board in case they need to evacuate. we begin with conner powell. >> many iraqis are fleeing the capital and getting out while they can. and the pentagon is spending a hundred marines and they are pointing out their diplomats there. they are taken a town outside a city that was taken last week. they appear to be consolidated the gains in the cities before moving on to baghdad. they are using brutal methods to secure the goal of taking iraq. mask fighters were shown murdering hundreds of people,
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reports of mass killings, summary executions and right now these al qaeda inspired militants are knocking on the door of the capital. 60 miles outside of baghdad. the iraqi military is disorganized and the makeshift reinforcements to the military haven't taken hold. there was a lot of confusion and the iraq government is confused and their response to the militants haven't taken effect. talks about u.s. airstrike and there is confusion about what who they would hit and particularly what the iraqi military might do enforce that. they are not unified and don't have a military together so how much they can push back is a big, big question. >> connor powell kicking us off.
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thank you. >> we are open to discussions if there is something constructive that can be contributed by iran if they are prepared to do something that is going to respect the sovereignty of iraq and the ability of the government to reform. >> secretary of state john kerry saying the united states is open to talks with iran over iraq. and lindsay graham is supporting the idea but says he must be careful about cooperation. >> we will need their help to hold baghdad. we will have to have a dialogue with the irani ans and cordinate. >> bret baier is here. you had people from both parties
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floating this idea of joining capacity with iran but we know iran is the most dangerous and state sponsored active terror in the world. why is this floating as a suggestion? >> because the others are not that great. the iranians have a direct line to the prime minister and they have forces inside iraq. what iran did in syria was seen as destabalizing the weekend but these conversations are being open to shore up iraq from this sunni threat led by this terrorist group. i think there is concern and definitely people talking about opening the conversation but there is concern not only about iran's wish to have a neighbor
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it controls but also from u.s. and isralii officials that linking up now will water down the nuclear ambation of iran. >> do you think there is a strategic vision being pursued for the entire middle east? >> that is a question about the obama foreign policy overall and the question of when to get involved and when not. the president has spoken out a couple in re cent weeks about this and framed it as the united states can be be playing whack a mole all over the place. but there is real concern about this fate that might be set-up with these terrorist groups. and this isn't really a terrorist group, it is more like a terrorist army taking city
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after city in iraq. >> we discovered an intel report given in february to the government and i am going to read a small portion because it is pressing about what was to come. isil will probably attempt to take territory in iraq and syria to exhibit their strength. someone was raising a flag about this potentially taking place. do you think the talk of the president being caught off gourd are correct? was there a lack of communication between different branches of government? how do you see it? >> you are right. that report is from the dia. it is put up every year and this
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came in february and outlines the threat from the group. even in the intelligence community i don't think they understood the ability of the terrorist in syria to formulate an army with this effected sunni but people all over the regions a well. this threat was out there for a time, though, you are right. if the united states engages in airstri airstrikes does it split them into sunni, shite and kurd. >> there was an article that was critical of the bush administration and the current administration. the last line says now with this obama weakened we can left with
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a bigger mess to clean up. one that demands fresh policies of war and peace that failed so bad. who can provide the fresh thinking in this? >> you listen to john mccain and he thinks the administration should start over with their foreign policy team. it is a little late and not the administration would do that. do i think there is thinking about dealing with his militarily and that is why you are not seeing a lot of options for the president. it is so complex. it is like a three dimensional game of chess because one piece leads to others. syria has made the problem worse, but getting into iraq at the beginning started the whole thing. >> the conversation dissolves into two parties -- the bush or
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obama line. but maybe there is a new line we should entertain. see you at 6 o'clock bret. there is new information about the top taliban leaders that were freed in exchange for bowe bergdahl. we are learning dozens of other detainees knew about the swap even before it happened. how is that possible? chief intelligence correspondant catherine heritage is life. >> right now, 194 detaines in the camp and most live in camps five and six and have access to satellite and news channels and uncensored newspapers. so it is clear they knew about the swap and political fall out
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in real time. >> they get satellite tv, newspapers, watch fox and espn, and soccer games going on. this is a camp in exchange for a good behavior. they get number of privileges. they also take language classes and life skills to help them build their resume and prepare them for life outside of the camp. and they are able to take yoga classes. the 9/11 suspects are in a separate camp known as camp seven and they are back in the court house for a pre-trial motion. even though they are accused of the worst crimes against the united states, they are still in the loop. >> they are aware of the swap. i have only spoken to one but it
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hasn't changed his outlook. he doesn't have any hope anyone is going to swap him for anyone else. >> and you probably remember the soccer field we first reported on two years ago that was built at camps five and six at the cost of $700,000. they are going to set-up a garden class and the argument is these kinds of recreational activities keep a lid on the activity of the detainees and make them easier to handle. >> gardening, yoga and they get to watch the world cup. a teacher is accused of having a relationship with her students and the latest on the case. and iraq is unravelling with four war ships in the gulf and
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this one from texas with a teacher was arrested have having sex with a 14-year-old student. the boy's mother alerted the authorities after seeing facebook messages from the teacher on the screen. and a mother for a an iowa teen who shot his dad and brother. police making an arrest for a deadly shooting in phoenix. they haven't released the suspect's name. one priest was killed and another injured. eric? back to the growing crisis in iraq, they continue to terrorize the country and grabbed about a third and taken over the northwestern town. an area populated by the muslims and it is fear that the takeover could leave to genocide or
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ethnic cleansing. the united states is considering action but can we stop the march and retake ground? bill kernel is here and he has been to iraq about 20 times over the last decade. good morning, bill. on friday the president said they have several military options and plan a response in days but is it too late for what the terrorist and islamic on the doorstep? >> way too late. when the president is talking about reconcile talks this snake is out of the cage. it is great big giant snake and no one is getting it back in there with talking. i would say isis has themselves in a good position to control a large territory of iraq and syria. and that threatens iraq and
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certainly the west. >> do you think there can be reconcile talks? a political settlement in this? or is iraq going to be split by thirds? >> far too late. in my many trips over there, i listened to the sunni's and talked about their disagreement and there was hate and anger coming out. it wasn't anything that could be reconciled and the prime minister shunned the sunni's and pushed them out of any position he could. the tribal leaders are on bar who were our friends and helped us defeat al qaeda and the others out there told malkey if you don't start working with us we are coming after you one by one and that is indeed what is happening. i don't think there is any room for talk that will solve the situation that is religiously in
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clined. >> they are trying to create a wide swath, a caliphate if you wrong?what kernel, do you think >> i think it is massive failure of intelligence. the ability of them to rise up like this and move either says it was a massive intelligence failure or we were failing to work with iraqi counterparts in preparing them to be ready for the movement and respond to it. i know i would like to remind our viewers the iranians were directly responsible for the killing of hundreds of american men and women. the kurd forces have been inside for a long time. we captured a lot of force members we pushed out. talk with iran sound but but the
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iranians will be the winner. i think they will stop their march on baghdad and spend effort consolidating gains. >> there is a force in baghdad now trying to protect and advise. what would it be like for iranians and americans to together? >> i am sure the iranians would play us like a fiddle. and make sure they are going to be winners. 60% of the shites are in iraq so i am sure if we had to deal with the iranians they would be careful about what they did, how they did it, and making assure they were the victors in iraq.
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>> the fear is iran will turn into a state of fear. the crisis along the southern border is getting worse with hundreds of thousands of children entering from south america. a former deputy is here next with his take on the crisis. and a dramatic rescue you have to see to believe. how it took an entire man trapped deep inside a cave. trapped deep inside a cave. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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the united states sent planes full of people as far away as florida. 90,000 illegal children are expected to cross the border this year. 47,000 children travelling alone have been detained already just since last oct. the white house is seeking 1.5 billion to help care for the children and they are creating a new branch of americore. john taures is here. why are we flying these families anywhere? >> we have to provide good care for them and in south texas they are overwhelmed so they are looking in california, arizona, oklahoma, and even as far away as maryland.
8:26 am
>> why wouldn't you say you have to turn around? >> well many are travelling alone so you don't want to turn them away or turn them over to mexi mexico because that is thought their country of origin. >> we are seeing six year olds coming across the border and waiting for the patrol agents to pick them up. you are going to take care of this child, but from taking them and what happens next, what is the timeline for that? >> if you can find a family member, the average time they will see an immigration judge is as high as two years.
8:27 am
so you have word of mouth adding to the conditions of where they are from and they are willing to take the risk of the united states, win the immigration lotto and wait to see the judge and hopefully immigration reform will pass in their mind. >> i will a question on this in a minute. but the path these kids are taking is dangerous and 1500 miles. it is no easy or quick journey. so it is important to keep that in perspective. a democrat who represents the area in texas along the border said what we are seeing is almost a cuban policy by de facto and he said this to say as well: >> if you are a pregnant women or a family unit they are going to give you a piece of paper where you promise to show up in 90 days and they will not show up. no way. >> this plays into the question what happens over the next two
8:28 am
years? what happens if they don't show up for the hearings? do we know where they are? do we go find them? what happens? >> some will be released on certain types of conditions like reporting where they have to call in or appear at an immigration. but a number will not show up and they will be what we call immigration fugitives. but the priority is going back to targeting the worst of the worst. the worst criminals with convictions or public safety risk. so while they be become an immigration fugitive they will not be a priority to go out and look for them. >> the department of homeland secretary was on the hill and he made reference he was going to continue to enforce the immigration laws and he said that is no substitute for immigration reform. to solve the problem we are seeing, these minors coming from
8:29 am
central america, in these floods and tens of thousands of kids, do we actually need immigration reform or is there another solution that could be immediate? >> in the immediate, right now future, you need to focus on three real things. one is that you have to focus on the enforcement of the smugglers and traffics bringing them in. our government and agents need to cordinate. and then you have to provide the services to the children here. the medical community, the faith-based groups and the non-governmental organizations to provide the services and get them through the temporary shelters as quickly as possible. and the government needs to add resources to the immigration court so you can close the window and have them go through
8:30 am
a hearing and taking care they have the due process so you don't have someone sitting here for two years waiting for a h e hearing. >> thanks, john, we look forward to having you back. iraq is back in the headlines but why did the mainstream media take their eyes off? and we are live in wall street as the market is reacting to the crisis. will it send the dow jones further south?
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>> still to come this hour, deteriorating situation in iraq. coming up, we'll take a look at the coverage, specifically by the mainstream media and the dramatic rescue thousands of feet underground. how teams finally reached an injured explorer. one death now has five new reasons to celebrate father's day. >> fox business alert as wall
8:35 am
street watches the crisis in iraq very closely. we take a look what's happening to the dow, slightly lower today this monday session. there are concerns more instability in the middle east could lead to a huge spike in oil and gas prices with wide reaching impact. lauren with the fox business network joins us now. >> stocks down, oil up. that's the trend you might have to get used to. here is what's going on. international monetary fund cut its growth forecast for the u.s. to 2% this year. about the same as last year. a bad winter and slowing housing market are some culprits for this so-called recovery. there's some good news. a reading on manufacturing in the new york area rose this month to the highest level in four years and then the federal reserve says factory output nationwide rose in may as we brought more new cars so maybe the economy will do better in the second half of the year. we have to see. in the meantime, this situation in iraq is casting a shadow and sparking worries about risk to global oil supply.
8:36 am
the bulk of iraq's oil production is in the south and fortunately, has yet to be affected. still oil rose four bucks last week marking the biggest gain of the year. this coming just as americans are flying and driving to their summer vacations. oil right now is at $107 a barrel. the dows are down about 30 points or so. jenna: a story we'll watch. thank you. >> iraq is now back on the front page but why did it take the mainstream media to turn its attention away from the region until its rapid collapse into chaos just three days ago? brit hume has one theory. >> this was a war thought to be george bush's war and it was also thought to have been concluded even though we were in the process of withdrawing. >> did the media turn a blind eye? joining us is pim winkerington
8:37 am
and alan colmes. both, of course, fox news contributors. jim and alan, what happened? did the media get caught by surprise? >> i think brit had it right there. the media take their cue from their fearless leader, president obama, but i will tell you this, back to george bush, if george bush played golf 175 t president obama has, the media, including this weekend, here he is off this weekend as iraq is falling apart, the president is in california fundraising and talking about climate change, of course, and playing golf. that is, according to cbs news, the president -- this president plays seven times -- golf seven times more than president bush ever did and the media would be killing president bam over that and they're giving obama a pass >> do we have to talk about the number of days bush took on vacation?
8:38 am
this is an absurd argument as if president obama playing golf is caused by what's happening in iraq. he got on a -- he acted like tom cruise in top gun, declaring mission accomplished in 2003, the status of the agreement ended on 2011 meaning we could not keep forces in iraq. they didn't want us there. it's not just the mainstream media. none of the media, mainstream or otherwise have been paying attention to this because the war was declared over by bush in 2003 and the status forces agreement had us out of there at the end of 2011. >> president obama basically said the war is over. new yorker has a terrific piece analyzing all of this. jim, the status of forces agreement, many say that the obama administration did not do enough to negotiate withmalaki to get this extended.
8:39 am
>> the media wanted to be out of iraq so the media weren't going to press president obama back in 2010 and 2011. >> do you think they put their feet to the fire sufficiently? >> i don't think so at all and i think the point has been made we're going to see the same thing in afghanistan coming up. if we like what's happening in iraq, we can look forward to seeing it happening in iraq in a year or two when the u.s. troops leave there as well. the main thing is do -- are the media demanding that the president be a leader? i think -- i mean rgs look. what's so palpatable now is that the president has checked out. valerie, the president's top advise ser talking about how the president suffers from cabin fever and can't wait to get out. i think that's the real story here is the president is already kind of tuned out of being president and wants to focus on fundraising and building his library and developing a post presidential career. >> do you think that's fair?
8:40 am
>> totally unfair. >> do you think the media will hold this administration accountable with critical reporting on what is happening now? >> the media should hold not only this administration accountable but where was the intelligence community in all of this? they didn't see it coming. what do they know and who did they inform about it? media didn't hold the government accountable when we started this war in 2003. proper questions were not asked. i keep wanting to know, what do we win in iraq? what do we win in afghanistan? those questions have never been answered in the 12, 13, 14 years we've been a nation at war. >> jim? >> alan is right. this is not a great decade for america. i'll certainly agree with that. and there's plenty of blame to go around. however, one man and only one man is president today. alan can try to relitigate the bush policy but the issue is what happens now and when you
8:41 am
follow on twitter, you see veteran saying i got my arm blown off in iraq and i feel like that was now for nothing because we've given up in iraq. that's very powerful and the media should be interviewing these people and talking to them and the veterans are saying, what do you think about what happened there? instead they're waiting to see what obama does next which is probably make a deal with iran. >> we can't ignore we got out of iraq on bush's time line and we could not get a status of forces agreement to stay there. we should have been out there but those who didn't want it, couldn't get it and not for lack of effort to try to keep american troops there. iraqis did not want us there. >> this will continue, of course, and it will be unfolding and it is very troublesome. jenna: trapped thousands of feet underground. one man waits desperately to see if he'll be saved. crews finally managed to reach him. details coming up.
8:42 am
plus why the white house may be turning to iran to help with iraq. the risks and opportunities that this could present. what could also go wrong. we'll go in depth next.
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8:46 am
the degreeing crisis in iraq and why some republicans say they may agree. >> plus america divided. is the entire country as bad as congress? alarming new research, what it could mean for the midterms, 2016 and the nation as a whole. >> swimsuit shyness is really a thing. and it's not only about weight. >> all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> see you 14 minutes from now. jenna: new video just coming in of a very dramatic rescue that happened thousands of feet underground as crews work to reach a german explorer from deep inside an alpine cave. the man suffering a head injury a week ago. rescue teams even sent in doctors to make sure he was well enough to be pulled out. this cave is nearly 12 miles long and is described as one of the most difficult to navigate in europe. eric? >> now back to top story. that is the growing crisis in
8:47 am
iraq. it turns out that there's word washington may turn to iran for help. the "wall street journal" reported obama administration is prepping, quote, direct tie -- dialogue with tehran. u.s. spokesman, diplomat and a fox news contributor so rick, iran has killed americans. they're on the state's department list of the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and now president says we are willing to help. should we take them up? >> they've been trying to help us in their way for quite a long time. look. from the very beginning, iranians have tried to kay hold in lebanon, the bush administration pushed the iranians and the sunnis out of lebanon. that was in 2005. then the crisis in syria which is really iran playing a lot of
8:48 am
games. now it's going on in iraq. the iranians are enemy. they absolutely want to control this whole area. they're looking to do whatever they can. the problem we've had is that the obama administration has been negotiating with them on the nuclear issue and we've done a terrible job of negotiating. you look at our background on -- our record on negotiations and the idea that we're talking to our enemy is not as much of the problem as who we have negotiating because we keep losing. >> the july 20 is the alleged dead lean -- deadline for the iranian agreement. what happens if we -- our diplomats sit down and are above trying to support al-malaki? how does that involve the nuclear program as well as what they've done to us? >> make no mistake. iranians are focused on the
8:49 am
nuclear program. we're playing into their game by trying to bring other issues to the table with them. we absolutely have to be able to say to the iranians, stop, get out and if you don't, we're going to stop -- negotiate on the nuclear issue, increase sanctions. >> seems like the opposite is happening. the top general, he allegedly is in baghdad right now helping direct that. they're not getting out. they're pouring more in because they apparently want to have iraq as a client state. >> most of our u.s. media and the obama administration are just talking about military action right now. no one is talking about syria's diplomacy and what we need to be able to do is go to the saudis, go to the turks, go to the jordanians. there's a whole bunch of different arab governments in the region that want to help us and yet, we're not doing crazy diplomacy. right now we should be really active on trying to talk to the
8:50 am
individual countries and say, we have some things in common. let's try to calm the situation down and let's talk about a future. >> i love that point. crazy diplomacy. you've been behind the closed doors. what goes on? how can that be achieved? >> it's tense but people do talk bluntly and that's what we need to do right now. all we're hearing is that secretary kerry is calling people. he needs to get on the plane and go in front of them and start making deals and start talking. the problem that we're having is when this administration starts making deals, we come out on the losing end. >> iran situation, they're violating six u.n. resolutions so we'll have to see what happens here. good to see you. >> you, too. jenna: hall of famer and sawed padres great glen dies. one of the greats in recent days and the game of baseball and so he lost his battle to cancer.
8:51 am
other sporting news, team u.s.a., we're live in brazil where thousands of u.s. soccer fans are gearing up for today's big match against ghana. we'll go there next. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country,
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jenna: thousands of u.s. soccer fans are arriving in brazil to watch the u.s. soccer team take on ghana. as fans and players gear up for the main event, they're also dealing with very extreme weather. brian is live from nepal, brazil with the latest. >> hi, jenna. we're in the northeast part of brazil and they've seen more rain than they've seen usually in a month causing landslides and flooding. auto people have been evacuated. dozens of homes destroyed but the rain did stop yesterday but it's coming back in time for
8:55 am
today when the u.s. plays ghana tonight. it is a big game and i'll tell you what. the u.s. soccer fans are ready, rain or shine. i believe that we will win. that u.s. soccer cheer shook a volkswagon dealership last night where 3,000 american fans gathered for a pre-game party. music, cheers and just national pride. some 500 of the most crazed fans called the american outlaws chartering two planes to follow the team throughout three cities in bra sfwlil. you can expect home field advantage for tonight's game. the only host nation has purchased more world tickets than the united states, evidence that u.s. soccer excitement is here and it's here to stay. >> i've been in four world cups before. this here is the best crowd i've ever seen. >> i landed here just a couple
8:56 am
of hours ago for this game and definitely come on. i'm feeling like u.s.a. pride. i'm in brazil for soccer. that's amazing! >> while we travelled around, we also happened to discover this isn't first time that thousands of americans have come to the city. world war ii, this was a pivotal world war ii base where they had u.s. planes bring supplies to help the british defeat the nazis. vice president biden is here. it's the first stop on a four state tour of latin america and we'll cover the excitement. jenna: looks like a fun assignment. thank you very much. from today through july 13, we'll have your stories for everything world cup. check out our special world cup coverage. >> game starts in a few hours from now. there's brand new stories we'll bring you in the next hour of
8:57 am
"happening now." hundreds of homes threatened by a wildfire in california. we'll have the latest from the front lines and you know donald trump likes his name on everything. we'll tell you why that's causing a big controversy in the windy city. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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>> see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, brian is here. >> i was hoping it would be me. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, guys. i was watching on fox and friends this morning and you're all over this story happening in the middle east right now. >> it's an absolute disaster and you can't say it's unpredicted because you had a situation with fallujah fell in jua


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