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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 16, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> we have a little bit of time. >> can i get back to soccer for a moment? >> we have to go now. we'll be back tomorrow. thanks. . this is the fox news alert. in washington, another huge recall tonight for general motors. over faulty ignition switches. this time it involves more than 3 million cars. that's on top of the more than 2.5 million recalled earlier this year for a similar problem. it has been linked to at least 13 deaths. let's get details from jeff flock live in chicago. hello, jeff. >>reporter: it's almost incredible this could be happening again and, again, around an ignition problem. g.m. thought they had gotten to the bottom of this and they haven't. it's pretty easy to see.
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you can almost see it on your own keychain. this is a slotted key. when you have a slotted key in the ignitions, it can essentially rock like this around corners, it creates enough torque to actually turn the car off. take a look at the cars now being recalled. these are in addition to the cobalts that have been responsible for at least, as you report, 13 deaths and many crashes. this is a broad range of cars. and, again, it's around the issue of not having enough torque to stop the key from actually turning by accident and shutting off power to the car. what does that do? cuts off power steering and power breaking. doesn't make you crash. if you don't have power steering or power brakes it could lead to a crash. some have been reported around these new cars. what about the recall crisis for g.m. looking big picture? well, now we are at 17 million plus cars that have been recalled by g.m. in this year alone. for comparison purposes, last
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year in the u.s., all of the u.s. automakers made and sold only 15.6 million cars. they have actually recalled more cars than were made all of last year. >> just perspectivewise, what does this mean financially for g.m.? >> well, up to now it has not been a huge hit on the stock. they announced an additional $300 million they will take in the next quarter to pay for the expenses around this. they have to bring all of these cars in and do a fix on the keys. that begins to really start to pile up. we're now over $2 billion worth of charges for g.m. against their balance sheet. not a good thing for general motors at all. >> jeff flock live in chicago with the breaking story. that you know. now to the developing crisis in iraq. islam insurgents have taken another iraqi city are their self-described march to baghdad. american military muscle is
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moving close to action and considering an alliance with iran. we have fox team coverage. ed henry is at the white house with an administration struggling to qualify what we may or may not be doing with iran. we begin to jennifer griffin at the pentagon with a look at how the chess pieces are moving around the board don't. good evening, jennifer. >> the pentagon will present the president with an option of putting small teams operation toss work with the iraqi government. this would require the president to put boots on the ground. a fast team of marines and operates have been positioned at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. al qaeda-linked insurgents took another city today about 100 miles from the syrian border west of mosul fell at dawn. a distance that would stretch from indiana to virginia in the
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u.s. the "uss george h.w. bush", escorted by a navy destroyer and cruiser, are now in the persian gulf. the defense department ordered them closer to iraq. they will join a marine transport ship equipped withes onpreys should the u.s. military require airlift. they have ordered 1,000 of the 5,000 embassy personnel to leave the capitol of baghdad. secretary of state john kerry indicated the u.s. might soon deploy armed drones to iraq. >> they may be important to stem the tide and stop the movement of people who move around in open conveys and terrorizing people. >> they could begin flying two to three a day. typically they only carry two to four missiles at a time.
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commanders with experience in iraq suggest drones won't make a difference. >> unfortunately it's not a high volume weapon. it's not something you can repeatedly use to stop major forces. i know the national security team is looking at various options. but this is more of a political problem than military option. >> leading hundreds of iraqi soldiers in plainclothes, sunni fighters shot down an iraqi army helicopter, killing both pilots as reports that u.s. intelligence believes the insurgents have "likely acquired stinger missiles." fox news learned syrian warplanes struck two sprays isis convoys just inside iraq using iranian intelligence, according to u.s. officials. the incident occurred on saturday. it is the first time syrian warplanes crossed into iraq since the fighting started. >> jennifer, thank you.
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the best way to describe what the obama administration is considering with iran might be the old proverb. the men my is the enemy is my friend. >> president obama returns tonight and immediately meets with his war cabinet to mull his military options in iraq. >> this should be an all hands on deck challenge for president obama, but he doesn't seem to recognize that. >> reporter: his waeuds know he was receiving updates over the weekend from susan rice. and one option for tamping down the crisis in iraq is a partnership with iran. despite the fact his own state department recently again classified iran as a state sponsor of terror. >> i, at this moment, think we need to go step by step to see what in fact, might be a reality.
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but i wouldn't rule out anything to be construct toeuf providing real stability. >> republican john mccain quickly slammed any effort to work with iran. it phaob the height of folly to think iran could be our partner in managing the deteriorating security situation in iraq. which is why they quickly qualified kerry's comments where they said there is absolutely no intention and no plan to coordinate military activity between the united states and iran. to the state department where, "kerry was only talking to iran about ways to push nuri al ph maliki to reform. >> the state department itself called iran a bad actor on that front. despite its pledge to report
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iraq's stableation, iran trained, funded and provided guidance to shia militant groups. that's why the former ambassador to iraq, chris hill, wants to make sure the u.s. does not let iran fill the vacuum. >> i don't think we want a situation where the baghdad government is only getting its international help from iran. so i, for one, believe the united states needs to be active. and i would like to see us active also in the form of air strikes. >> on top of that, the former acting cia director told cbs today i believes isis wants a save half tone launch a terrorist attack in the u.s. potentially we are putting more pressure on the president to act on his own. >> thank you. let's get some thoughts from senior political analyst. >> reporter: president obama has an interesting view of wars and how they end. most presidents bring the troops home when the war is over.
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mr. president thinks he can end war by bringing the troops home. he thinks leaving is winning and the only thing better is not to get involved in the first place. it seemed a quiet place compared to its earlier years of blood and chaos. so he appeared them to be sovereign, stable and self-reliant and brought the last of the american troops out. it seemed not to occur to him the presence of those forces were a major region iraq was holing together as well as it was. he had promised as a candidate to be as careful getting out of iraq as we were careless getting in. but in his statements on the issue, all the emphasis was getting out and on a date certain. he kept that promise and stayed out of syria's bloody conflict
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as well. it suffered a major strategic defeat by the u.s. in iraq to regroup and renew name more praoult and dangerous than before. three years ago this week, he declared the tide of war is receding. can he or anyone say that now? >> it's not just the left now saying that this wouldn't be this way if we as a country didn't get into iraq in the first place. >> that predisposes that saddam hussein would have survived. look, history doesn't disclose its alternatives. we would never know. but it's hard to believe that would have held >> thank you. what has pro life groups celebrate something here's what fox affiliates are covering. fox 25 in boston, former patriots star aaron hernandez pleaded not guilty to assaulting an inmate and threat epping a
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guard and his family. they asked for the dismissal of one of the three murder charges against hernan tkes. in seattle, starbucks said it will offer both full and part-time employees a generous tuition reimbursement that covers two full years of classes. and a live look at new york, fox 5, the big story, the city's latest war on rats. inspectors will descend on the most rat-infested neighborhoods. some experts are estimating the city's rat population could be double that of the 8 million residents. eh. that's a live look outside the beltway. we'll be right back. sfx: car unlock beep.
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a big win tonight for the pro life movement. the supreme court has given the green light to the challenge of
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an ohio law restricting political speech. shannon joins us in the bureau. >> well, the case started when a pro life group ran an ad claiming he voted for the new health care law knowing it would allow fund for elective abortions. they can refer ad makers for possible criminal charges and penalties, including jail time. that process can take months and can have the effect of silencing political speech a the process plays out. it was dismissed after he lost his election, susan b. anthony continued its fight saying it unlawfully chose political speech. today they cited with the group, stating it has a right to challenge the ohio law. the burden some commission hearings are backed by the additional threat of criminal
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prosecution. we conclude that the combination of those two threats suffice it to create an injury. it's vital to the flourishing democracy that would be free to speak without fear of fines and imprisonment. that is in fact, what would happen if you were found guilty. >> pro-choice america condemned the ruling by saying folks that can't win often resort to lying and deceiving the public. in many ways this is just the beginning of the case. it bounces back to the lower courts where the institution ality of the truth commission will be directly challenged. >> shannon, thank you. the supreme court says federal law does not allow so-called straw purchases of hand guns if the original buyer and the person for whom the gun is intended are legally el visible to own firearms. justices ruled this is a violation of the federal background check law. skepticism is growing for
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the irs contention that it has lost three years worth of e-mails concerning its targeting of political groups. we have the latest from an outraged capitol hill. >> reporter: irs officials are blaming a 2011 hard drive crash for keeping the agency from turning over e-mails from january 2009 to april 2011 after learner repeatedly refused to answer lawmakers questions. the irs retrieved her internal correspondence but not with other governmental agencies or groups. they made preference to the e-mails being preserved. >> taken off and stored in servers. and you have 90,000 employees. >>reporter: republican lawmakers are furious. >> you've got to be kidding me. 123 months ago we asked for these e-mails. now suddenly they can't find them? how convenient. >> reporter: those suing the irs for targeting of conservative groups aren't buying the crash
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excuse. >> this is an outright lie. government agencies go to great lengths to ensure they have redundancy in their backup systems. e-mails do not get loss. >> reporter: they say records must be properly stored and preserved. but the irs says it was temporary. ", prior to may 2013, these backups were retained on tape for six months.d the agency say 250 employees have worked more than 120,000 hours at a price tag of $10 million to deliver some 67,000 learner e-mails. >> they have given us a lot of e-mails, the ones we don't want. but the ones we want suddenly got lost because of a crashed server. i don't think anybody believes that. you couldn't say that with a straight face. >> reporter: the good-faith effort has been made to cooperate with congressional oversight. they are interviewing i.t. personnel. and they will testify about this matter next week. mike, thank you. more on this with the panel will
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vice president biden will meet with central american leaders in guatemala to talk about the human wave of unaccompanied children and families flooding into the u.s. now. senior national correspondent john rockets looks from the border town of mission, texas. >> reporter: the problem for the obama administration, how do you stop people who want to get
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caught? these women crossed the rio grande early this morning and waited quietly for border patrol to pick them up. a critic of the president's hamming of the crisis say they, and many others, will never be seen again. >> if you're a pregnant woman or family unit, they will give you a piece of paper where you promise to show up in 90 days the. i'll tell you, they're not going to show up in 90 days. no way. 4 quar brought the problem with these photos of illegal immigrants, many unaccompanied children, crammed into a border control station. some were psychiatric with tuberculosis, chickenpox scabies. this woman from honduras, nine months pregnant, ldz she was slashed by a man who tried to kidnap her 3-year-old daughter. he just came in and attacked me, she tells me.
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when he was going to hurt the baby, i put my hand in and he cut my hand. with a government paid bus particular net hand, they are fanning out across the country. this woman hopes to stay and build a better life for her son. when i asked, he said he is sad about leaving his home. the border patrol and local police are overwhelmed by the crisis. agents told me it has taken them completely off the mission of chasing the bad guys. with the rivers so easy to cross, no one expects it will end any time soon. >> john rockets in mission, texas. john, thank you. president obama will sign an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. legislation to accomplish that for all americans has languished in the house. one gay rights group estimates it would cover 20% of the u.s.
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john harwood made the comment on pbs. "eric cantor is a jewish republican. this is a rural, conservative southern district where that is -- you don't have a lot of jewish members of congress from the south." some noting cantor has been elected several times from that district. political commentators have come up with a laundry list of possible reasons for cantor's defeat, including his moderate stance on immigration, not spending enough time in his district and his focus on national politics. the arizona daily sun in flagstaff does not have room for balance in his newspaper. randy wilson wrote global warming deniers do not deserve space. it's not censorship by ignoring those global -- those denying climate change. when is a scientific question settled to a point that entertaining further debate is not only a waste of newsprint
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but a diversion to finding a solution to the problemsed raised by an answer to the question. finally, a story you might have missed when you were in a waiting room in a veterans affairs hospital. the va blocked access to fox news channel claiming they were squabbling over the remote. they said it had nothing to do with the coverage of the va problems. fox would be unblocked immediately and promised to make sure it is available in other waiting rooms as well. we told you earlier another city has fallen to islamist extremists. but iraq is not the only country dealing with in surgens violence. james rosen has some of the other hot spots. >> reporter: across several hours in a kenyan town, terrorists with al shabaab, an offshoot of al qaeda, set fires
3:31 pm
to hotels on sunday and monday, killing 48 people. witnesses reported some were murdered because they could not answer basic questions about islam. last week saw sustained and destructive attacks by militants in claspy, which killed close to 40 people and triggered the first american drone strikes. and the kidnapping of nearly 300 school girls by boko haram. america's top diplomat seemed that the terrorist enemy appears emboldined of late. >> they are trying to take advantage of these opportunities, and it's hard to built governance in the middle of that. but we are working in every single one of those places step by step. >> i would point you to president obama's speech a couple of weeks ago where he rolled out a plan for $5 billion counterterrorism fund. clearly we are taking steps to address the threat. >> in iraq, where islamist
3:32 pm
fighters have overrun mosul, a series of bombings exposed the deteriorating security environment. they attribute it to lack of leadership in the oval office. >> we're in a very similar place now as we were at the end of the carter administration where the world perceives a weak president. then every dictator decides this is open season. >> reporter: they cite a mixture of immediate and long-term factors, including the up haoefls of the spring. and it is a drawn back of the u.s. role in the region more broadly. and that has really contributed to this security vacuum. and there isn't any other country, neither russia, china, nor anyone else who can step into this security vacuum left by the united states. it was dianne feinstein, the california democrat, who declared last month, that al
3:33 pm
qaeda has metastasized. >> james, thank you. the army says it has begun investigating the disappearance of sergeant bowe bergdahl from his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was released last month in exchange for five detainees from guantanamo bay. the army says, "the primary function of this investigation is to certain facts and report them to the appointing authority. these types of investigations are not uncommon and serve to establish the facts on the ground following an incident." some of his former platoon mates say he is a desserter. do not forget tomorrow hillary clinton will be here tomorrow live. greta and i will interview mrs. clinton 6:45 eastern time. if you have a question you would like to ask, let me know on or twitter. use the sparbl #hiha special h b
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3:38 pm
there's something constructive that can be contributed by iran, if iran is prepared to do something that is going to respect the integrity and sovereignty of iraq and the ability of the government to reform. i do not want to see the united states become the air force for iran. and that appears to be what maliki is asking, to prevent isis from moving into baghdad. >> what is next in iraq? negotiations with iran about that will move forward, we're told. also, just moments ago, the white house released a statement saying this. today consistent with the war haurs resolution, the president transmitted a report notifying the congress that up to approximately 275 u.s. personnel will be providing support for the u.s. embassy in baghdad. 150 to the embassy and about 100 for airfield management.
3:39 pm
we're also told 1,000 people are leaving the embassy. let's bring in our panel, syndicated columnist. run fornay and charles crier. >> well, that statement was inevitable. when obama left, he said we ended the war. we left behind a stable and sovereign iraq. he did not. it was relatively stable and secure as a result of the fact that americans were deeply involved. he removed the involvement. he removed the glue. and now he has to undo that at least in part. the best thing he can do is ask ryan crocker, former ambassador, who knows all the plays and was instrumental in creating government at the time we were there, iraqi government that were relatively nonsectarian and able to enlist sunni, shiite and
3:40 pm
kurds. it isn't as if a situation is hopeless. but simply asking that maliki reform himself overnight is not going to work. if we have stake in the game, if we are a player in the game in helping the regime have a seat at the table, we will be able to help them. this is the best case scenario to develop some kind of political strategy where sunnis and kurds were brought in. in the absence of that, that won't happen. >> ron, with this deal with iran and the possibility of having some kind of partnership in this. >> for this to work, we have to find a way to work with the folks in the area. israelis. europeans. it has to be done quietly. you can't have the secretary of state talking about it and taking it back. quiet diplomacy is supposed to be quiet. he's really messed this up. >> to that point, on this issue, secretary kerry was out talking
3:41 pm
about this group, isis. and he was ask about the funding for this group. take a listen. >> there are also reports that isis has been funded by kuwait, qatar and saudi arabia. >> we're very, very concerned about exactly that reality. there are clearly divergent issues that play here, katie. in the end, the united states of america has to do what president obama judges is in the best interest of the united states of america and protects our citizens. and if there's divergence with other people in the region, so be it. >> what about this, george? >> who are our friends over there at this point? if the saudis are funding the other side. this whole atmosphere suggests, a, a tet the offensive and april 1975 when the last helicopter
3:42 pm
lifted off the embassy in sigh gone, there are amphibious machines ready to go from an increasingly chaotic libya. some of the missiles may have left the arsenals of gadhafi and found their way into the isis. they're sending into the persian gulf this magnificent vessel but it's not clear what it is good for. when the president issued that statement about the person personnel going into iraq, he said they are there to protect civilians. he did not say, and clearly they are not there to do something military, which is to perform the in dispensable function of coordinating air attacks if there are to be air attacks by the united states. >> it seems complex. if we do launch air attacks, are you helping the iranians gain a
3:43 pm
foothold inside iraq and not a sovereign iraq? >> it's very complex. i'm not saying we have friends over there. we have many players in the field, all of whom have an interest. not towards the sunnis or towards the shia. the fact of the matter is we bumbled our way into iraq and out of iraq. the parties will have to come together in this country. and we're going to have to work with our allies and enemies overseas to put this humpty dumpty back together again. >> it is preposterous. of course they have no respect for the sovereignty and integrity of iraq. they have been supporting shiite militias precisely so it would be the dominant element in iraq. it is the worst thing we could possibly do. the way we keep it off the table
3:44 pm
and out of the scene is to provide some assistance and have somebody like crocker on the ground. there were just elections in iran. parliament is still split. golden tud to create a coalition. crocker knows all the players. if obama would allow himself to have people of great competence and stature involve themselves and conducting foreign policy other than running it himself in the presence of let's say people who don't exactly have the stature of henry kissinger. >> i was surprised although there is no appetite for boots on the ground, i was surprised to hear the president of the united states take it off the table. why do that publicly? does that help at all? >> general keen said if you take off air controllers on the ground, boots on the ground,
3:45 pm
then nullified all military action, not just military action on the ground. you have nullified -- >> the iraqis can't fly missions without boots on the ground. >> i don't know why you do that unless you appeal -- it's a political statement. >> what about approximate lawmakers over the weekend, the president being disengaged this weekend of all weekends. >> look, i covered the bush white house, clinton white house, this white house. i've always been low to criticize the president. as you know, the president never leaves, the president. it's optics. not just how it matters to this country, voters and family members of our men and women in the military, but also what it looks like to our many enemies over there. this was not the best weekend to go to palm springs and go golfing. >> and the white house said, don't worry, he's been regularly briefed by susan rice. >> that was really reassuring. >> and he gave a speech yesterday on climate change. iraq is falling apart.
3:46 pm
thousands of americans could be in jeopardy. evacuations are starting. 1,000 are leaving. and he's talking about climate change. because it might raise sea levels in 50 years. i mean, it is urgent. next up, the missing e-mails in the irs targeting scandal. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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3:50 pm
kidding me. 13 months ago we have been asking for me emails. you have got to be kidding me: they don't just disappear. they don't just fall off the end of the there. they just don't want us to have them. >> irs officials blaming a 2011 crash, computer crash of the hard drive for keeping the agency from turning over thousands of e-mails from 2009 to 2011. the white house said this today. it is entirely reasonable because it's the truth and it's fact. speculation, otherwise, is indicative of the conspiracies that are propagated around this story. there is ample evidence to indicate that a good-faith effort has been made by the irs to cooperate with overnight and the far-fetched skepticism by congress is not at all surprising and not particularly believable. charles? >> these guys are living on a different planet. they asked for this a year ago.
3:51 pm
it's now discovered they are lost. i've seen quotes from computer experts who worked for decades at microsoft who say this can absolutely heard from one of the irs officials a few months ago that all of this stuff is backed up. now, the idea -- here we have nixon lost 18 minutes. obama now lost two years of email. and one thing that people don't remember the second article of impeachment for richard nixon was the abuse of the irs to pursue political enemies. this is a high crime. this is not a triviality. when the president said there was a smidgen of corruption this all had to do a rogue operation in cincinnati, we already know from a newly released email as a result of a freedom of information act procedure that it was run from the washington irs and not a rogue operation out there. and now the question is was the white house involved. political people involved? and these emails hold the
3:52 pm
secret. all of a sudden we are asked to believe they have disappeared into thin air. >> ron? >> josh's statement with all due respect is insulting to my intelligence it really makes me angry. the reason there is questions about this is because they haven't answered the questions. the fact of the matter they haven't answered the facts. we don't know if anybody is guilty or not. one of the most pernicious things the government can do is use the irs to come after us. he promised he would do this to get to the bottom of it we needed to see immediately every email in the irs involving this incident and from lois lerner and email in the white house and the campaign resolving around this targeting both of democrats and of conservative groups. they have stall worthing for 13 months. a year ago, after only six weeks of this, i wrote a column saying that the republicans are overreaching and the white house is overly political. we need to have a special prosecutor. i renewed that call on friday. until they cough up the evidence and let the public see whether or not they were
3:53 pm
being guilty, it's hard to presume anything other than a coverup. >> he yes. i mean, compare the reaction in this town and particularly by the media in this town when 40 years ago 18 and a half minutes out of nixon's tapes out of ours and hours and hours of tapes were missing, the country was incan descent. now you have two years and inconvenient yently not lois lerner communicating with not only the irs but the white house or other people we will not know. the sirs a law enforcement agency. it is the most intrusive and potentially the most punitive agency of the federal government and we know beyond per venture that it has been politicized and forfeited any right it had to be presumed innocent in a case like this. i have one question for the irs. how many computers crashed back then? was it just one? just lois lerner's? that would be really interesting to know. >> several lawmakers already calling for the nsa to be
3:54 pm
involved. >> that's the irony of it. overlapping scandals here. i want to give this president the benefit of the doubt. i want to give every president ohio cover and is my president the benefit of the doubt. they don't deserve the west of the doubt. turn over the emails. if you are going to believe they were lost at the irs, if there was wrong emails, they weren't just written inside the white house. they went to the irs and the campaign. where else. >> justice department. >> where are those emails. >> lois lerner at the time asked irs it professionals to restore her hard drive they were unable to do. so none the less the irs will produce 24,000 emails from 2009 to 2011. >> i would say the urgency of restoring herils are slightly higher today than it was in 2011. they ought to try once again, bring in outside experts. people who are not democrats or republicans who know computers and and turn them loose.
3:55 pm
the answer that we got from josh earn national weather service, i think is ernest. you have to think that congress and the rest of us are stupid if we tore believe what they're telling us. >> besides this channel, one other channel and network television covered. this surprising to you, george? >> not anymore, no. people have been trying to force the irs scandal unto the national scene like watergate. the abuse of punish political enemies except the engagement of the media. >> that is it for the panel, stay tuned for balancing day act. ♪
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, in honor of father's day san francisco giants pulled ultimate dad against the rockies. check out this catch. i don't know if the mom would be as happy with the move though. >> this ball is well-hit left center field. detroit clip it? he did. two-run home run and the rockies are right back in it. >> what i like, when it got out on to left field on dad's day? who caught the baseball? take a peek. walking up out of the walkway with a baby in his hand. i made a nice little snag. >> clip down the sunglasses on and able to it make the play. >> the baby didn't even
4:00 pm
move. just out of the air. that was pretty good. don't forget our interview with hillary clinton right here a little less than 24 hours from now. one to watch. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> this is a fox news alert. american-made stinger missiles now potentially in the hands of sunni insurgents who are stopping at nothing to take over iraq. extreme militants now seizing control of major cities as the violence escalates. unfolding situation putting many people here in the united states on edge and very unstable at this hour. live from jerusalem with the the very latest. fox news correspondent conor powell. conor? >> well, greta, in insurgents in iraq continue to make dangerous gains. the pentagon telling fox news tonight that the insurgents likely have their hands on american made stinger miss sils and most likely got them while overrunning iraqi bases the past few days. despite some resistance from