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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 17, 2014 4:15pm-5:01pm PDT

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political arena are, you know, despicable and they should be called out there. is so much that moves so quickly in a presidential campaign as you know so well, i can't speak to who did or who didn't say anything. but i'm absolutely with you that any kind of personal add add. >> if people would cross parties and actually speak up because it would make it unsafe then for people to be critical within their own party and actually focus on the issues. sort of get, i think that would sort of, you know, make it safer for women to be -- >> -- i think that's a good idea. i think we ought to try to enlist more women and men to do just that it ought to be across the aisle. and it ought to be across all segments of society. we don't do any service to ourselves, to each other, to young women coming up if we let those kind the comments stand, if we, you know,
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ignore the double standard which still makes it very difficult for a lot of young women to feel that they have a role in the public sphere because of the way they are judged. i'm with you on that and maybe we could work together to try to get some kind of pact or agreement that people will speak up as we go forward in politics. >> i read your book and i was disturbed by this richard holbrooke served our nation with distinction in many ways, helped to handle the war in bosnia and negotiate the dayton accords when he was working for you people over at the white house would sometimes roll their eyes at him. to me i thought the arrogance of those people at the white house not respecting his contribution, that bothered me. >> you know, i think it was related to age. just like we were just talking about what's related to gender. i think a lot of younger people, and i wouldn't exclude any part of society, wouldn't be just at the white house or any one place, may not appreciate some of the struggles that our country has gone through, even in fairly recent times. >> the way i read it in your
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book is that these -- i take it wasn't the president because, but i mean someone below the president, you don't name them, but the arrogance that they thought they knew better. >> and actually, i think that makes it hard to sort of govern if your staff thinks that they are such know it all's. >> i think part of it was richard's experiences in bosnia and his experiences going back it vietnam which he often talked about and drew comparisons with were not understood to be as relevant as richard and i thought they were because we both had lived through both of those experiences. first in vietnam as young people he was a dip and then with the war in bosnia. i view it as kind of a missed opportunity, perhaps, for people who didn't have the personal experience to have learned more. one thing about richard holbrooke is he was used to people saying okay, richard,
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it never stopped him. he just kept going. i also talked in the book how he followed me into a lady's room in pakistan once because he was trying to get me to agree to something and i was still thinking about it. and he thought i needed to agree right then. he was not bothered by any of this. i was the observer who thought what a shame that people aren't really listening to someone who is one of the great diplomats of our time. >> president obama has called the irs scandal a phony scandal is, is it a phony scandal? >> i think any time irs is involved for people it's a real scandal. there are some challenges that rightly need to be made to what is being said and i assume that the inquiry will continue. so i don't have the details but i think what president obama means there is there really wasn't a lot of, you know, evidence that this was deliberate but that's why the investigation needs to continue. >> but it's really hard not to say it's deliberate
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whether you have now we find out that there are two years worth of pertinent emails missing of. it would be irrational not to be extremely suspicious. i wouldn't say phoney. i would say this is real to many americans. >> i think maybe the right thing to say is let's investigate it but do it fair minded and fair balanced as we can much. >> i have heard that. >> we want to know what the facts are. >> if call it phone i couldn't are trying throw the dog off the scent,. >> anybody who says this the circus around the investigations, you know that you are a long-time observer. are really trying to confuse what is happening. it's important to get back to very professional inquiries that can't be accused of politicizing because somebody may be worried about the answer they get or they don't get and let's try to find out, you know, what the facts are. >> secretary clinton, thank you. i have read the book.
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of course i traveled on many of these trips. it's a fun read. that concludes our joint show interview. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> interesting back and forth. >> we'll be back with the rest of the "on the record" and including the capture of the benghazi suspect after a quick break. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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this is a fox news alert. key suspect in the benghazi terror attack is on his way to the united states. on sunday u.s. special forces capturing the suspect near benghazi. the first arrest in the 2012 attack that killed chris stevens and three other americans news correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with the latest. jennifer? >> greta, fox news has learned that he is currently on board a u.s. navy vessel in international waters where is he being interrogated by a u.s. intelligence team, sources tell us that he will be sailed back by the u.s. navy back to the u.s. to give more time to talk to him, the justice department will not say whether he has been mirandized yet. based on past experience can hold detainee on board a
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ship for investigations up to a month. at some point he will be given a lawyer and brought to the u.s. district court in washington, d.c. where a criminal complaint filed last year was unsealed today, a known leader of ansar al sharia was nabbed just south of benghazi by a combined team of special operators. and a representative of the fbi. pentagon officials say there were no casualties during the operation, which took place sunday. this is not the first time that u.s. forces were closed to grabbing him. back on october 5th, 2013, which when the army's delta force surprised another high value target al libby outside his home in tribunely a simultaneous operation by another team was slated in benghazi to grab him. sources tell us that mission was called off when there was trouble at the location in benghazi back in october. so he slipped away. he had been living in plain sight and had done interviews with multiple new outlets. he was very confident he
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would never be captured. video of the attack allegedly shows him at the consulate the night of the benghazi attack. greta? >> jennifer, thank you. back on october 2012 weeks after the attack fox news senior affairs correspondent greg palkot found the benghazi suspect and spoke to him. why did it take almost two years for him to talk to the suspect. greg palkot joins us. greg, how did you find that suspect so fast and what did he tell you? >> greta, it wasn't all that hard and certainly that is part of the story we were in benghazi shooting a documentary for fox news. we had heard of him and we were able to contacted him. one of the first media interviews he did. while he wanted it off camera, we conducted terrorist hotel in benghazi. he was relaxed boasting sure of himself. no security entourage to speak of. he was basically hiding in plain site. sight. now while he admitted to me that he had been at the scene of the attack he
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denied he had any planning role. tied to the attack. he claimed he was only attending to fellow militia members who had been guarding the compound who had been injured in the attack. he claimed that he was helping to direct traffic he shows no remorse for the death of chris stevens and the three others. he explained in uncertain terms that the u.s. should not meddle in the politics of libya. this was five weeks after the attack and shortly after an fbi team had been on the ground in benghazi. he said he had not been questioned. he had not even been contacted by american officials. remember, again, the word was certainly out that he was there. one more note, greta, while we were conducting the interview, we heard overhead a u.s. aircraft, a drone surveillance aircraft buzzing around benghazi.
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i pointed up to the skies. i noted to him and he didn't even flinch. perhaps now he is reacting. back to you. >> greg, thank you. and you heard it right here. former secretary of state hillary clinton responding to the capture of the benghazi suspect. our political panel is here to talk about that next. we are monitoring the breaking news in iraq. deadly bombing in baghdad as islamic militants advance towards the capital and u.s. forces advancing toward iraq to protect our embassy there live report from iraq coming up. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn?
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4:33 pm
beginning to emerge after a week of selling the book on bowe bergdahl on syria, on iran, on iraq, on the irs scandal. you saw the slightest little nudges in a different direction. a suggestion that hillary clinton is going to be quite independent of president obama when it comes to it. i think she still falls back on this about hard choices to avoid choosing when actually very hard but i think there were critical moments there that you saw some substantive differences emerging between herself and the president. >> i thought that was really interesting. obviously the attention right now is on iraq. and in the last few days she has really tried it avoid being co-commander and chief. tonight she made news by really pressing hard about how prime minister norry al maliki has to go. he can't be prime minister of that country anymore. he is too influenced by the iranians, that we shouldn't have formal negotiations or discussions with the iranians and that was actually huge step out.
4:34 pm
>> we learned more about what she was doing the night of the attack. i think there is still probably a lot more to learn. when you asked her about the marine in mexico, she said she would be burning up the telephone lines to mexico to free him. and when you asked her about the irs, she said, you know, because president obama had called it a phony scandal, she said for a lot of people it's a real scandal and that's why the investigation should continue. so i think that's more of that daylight that rick was talking about between her and the administration. >> well, you know, it's tough -- all these topics, like say something like iraq. iraq burning up tonight. and you have the situation where iran is big buddies with president assad of syria. causing big problems. friends with al maliki. what's iran going to do with the situation. those are questions i wish we had more time for. >> if she runs for president she will have to answer more
4:35 pm
fully what she will be doing differently. you get the sense she doesn't want to second guess president obama turn. she is cog cognizant of the fact is f. she runs as president she is going to be doing so as -- >> bret baier talked about the right track/wrong track in the polls in the country. 64% of the country say the country is on the wrong track. he asked are you one of them? coulddo you agree with them? and she said i can understand how people would be very frustrated their standard of living is going down. they are not able to get ahead like they had hoped they would. that's going to be a fundamental question in this campaign if she goes forward if -- will she say that she actually does believe the country is on the wrong track under the man foreign policy wonk. she can separate quite skillfully, politically on the domestic issues. >> no, but she has separated
4:36 pm
herself, i think rick is right on foreign policy and really interesting way just in this interview tonight on many topics. she did actually say she would mirandize the benghazi suspect and backed up the president on that jonk any president americans would be feeling opportunity for the american dream isn't that an interesting answer. >> question whether she wants to be president. president obama started us out of a recession economic catastrophe ton a right track get better or will she say we are on the wrong track i understand why and i'm going to make a difference. >> that's talking about people's standard of living. >> following breaking news. militants continuing savage push through iraq and closing in on baghdad. more gun battles and explosions today. live report from iraq and ambassador john bolton is here next. unlimited cash back.
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this is a fox news alert. militants getting closer and closer to washington. other u.s. troops are have already arrived in baghdad for support of our industry. aaron joins us live. good evening, aaron. >> hi greta. it's been interesting. the members connected with isis have been on think way down towards baghdad they reached the capital a couple days ago. we thought that would be the last big fight and they would forget about the north. today kirkuk which iraqi kurdistan across the border we saw sunni militants attack the town of bashir and actually ended up killing six soldiers.
4:42 pm
tensions are running high here. thousands of refugees from iraq fleeing to iraqi kurdistan. >> in terms of who has the upper hand at this point. is the sense that isis is on the retreat or going full speed ahead? >> who has the upper hand tonight? >> i think that isis has the upper hand especially in areas around tikrit and kirkuk and now we are seeing the attack in breashear and just yesterday there were three car bomb explosions that went off in kirkuk that the kurdish military were related to these sunni militants. i think they are coming back with a vengeance. >> aaron, thank you. >> thank you. >> so the big question, that what should or county obama administration be doing about iraq. is sending more troops the answer? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. what a mess. >> it is a mess. i think the basic cause is the absence of any american leverage over the al maliki government.
4:43 pm
i thought it was very interesting that secretary clinton said in your interview that al maliki had failed in his responsibility to put together a unified rickenbacker. >> i completely agree with that it is functionally a puppet of iran and i think the conflict between isis and the maliki regime is analogous to the iran, iraq war of the 1980s when henry kissinger said it's too bad both sides can't lose. >> i don't know how iran can lose in this because they have aligned themselves with al maliki and isis, isis coming out of syria and heading down to baghdad. they have got two teams playing against each other here. >> he will with, i think the iranians have potentially have isis in a nutcracker. they have assaad on one side and al maliki on the other. i think this attack by isis well-planned and well executed to be short so far the question is whether it's
4:44 pm
sustainable. and if these 3,000 isis fighters are in iraq it means they are not in syria anymore. >> what happens? give me the scenario, the possibility. >> here is one thing that's not going to happen. baghdad is not going it fall. if isis goes into baghdad, the streets will run with blood but they will not contour it the areas that isis now dominates in iraq are the sunni areas. but the country is 20% kurdish and 60% she a and what al maliki is doing now is creating a new iraqi army. i think this conflict as in syria could grind on for quite some time. conversation two months from now. >> i think functionally iraq is going partitioned and you know the deone iraq vs. three arocks. the joy biden area. two iraqs the kurds are functionally defactor independent and they are not coming back in voluntarily. >> the kurds are building up pipeline turkey and on to
4:45 pm
the mediterranean, they are being very shrewd and smart about this. kurds have got their eye on the future. >> the sunnies understand that that's why isis has allies from the tribal and militia forces in the sunni territories. but that alliance isn't necessarily going to last. >> fatal not to negotiate something, a status of forces agreement that would have let us stay a little bit longer? i realize george w. bush sent the first one in but president obama didn't seek to extend it or get some certain deal. >> he wanted out. the key issues of immunity from prosecution from american forces that was said to be the hang up, he could have gotten. i think everybody believes that i think it was a pretext. he wanted out. he got what he wanted and now we see this. >> and so now all -- i mean so iraq with all this heart break and blood lost and money lost? >> i think we squandered a lot of opportunities. but the issue for the united states today is not what our interest was five or 10 years ago, the question is what is our interest today. and i think the real interest america has is to take out the dominant threat
4:46 pm
that we face in the middle east. and that's the ayatollah's regime in iran. that ought to be the focus of our policy. >> not if we are negotiating trying to figure out what's to do with al maliki that's not going it happen. >> exactly. the obama administration doesn't often take my advice member ever. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> you saw former secretary of state hillary clinton go "on the record." what does the political panel have to stay about our interview? find out next.
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just minutes ago former secretary of state hillary clinton talking with bret baier and me. >> so unpredictable, whoever runs has to recognize that the american political system is probably the most difficult even brutal in the world. >> yeah. >> have you been to more than 100 countries. [ laughter ]
4:51 pm
>> i have. >> most brutal? >> not in a beat-you-up-sort-of-sense. running the marathon, running the gauntlet day after day. when i ended my 2008 campaign i was exhausted, i was drained. it was quite an experience. i'm quick to add that part of it is we have a different idea about free expression, about the role of money in politics as the supreme court has recently said. and we are a big complex country. and is getting through that gauntless, to be one of the nominees to run for president requires a lot of stamna. >> and we're back with our political panel. byron is, she running? >> certainly sounds that way. i mean, it was a terrible answer by the way. there is brutal and then there is brutal. there is a lot of difference between our primary system and things that are happening in the middle east for right now. she appears to be. but, you know, there is going to be -- these questions are simply not going to go away. there was one that bret
4:52 pm
asked her about benghazi where she had said on abc i take responsibility but i wasn't making security decisions. and he said okay, when specifically were you taking responsibility for? and the answer was kind of, well, i was taking responsibility for being the secretary of state. she sphwg to have to do better than that. if she goes through that gauntless she -- gauntless gauntless -- gauntlet of a political campaign. complex country and difficulties and challenges you have to get through to become one of the nominees. she is not going to have a mime marry if she runs. there might be some vanity candidate. no one is going to go off to the clinton. >> no one thought that in 2008. >> that's fine. >> it seemed ridiculous -- >> -- but it's hard to anticipate at this point that she would have -- she actually thought at that point that john edwards was a real threat. but, anyway, i think that she knowing how difficult it was, she thinks she is going to have an easier ride this time. it's still, just as we were
4:53 pm
saying in the last panel, it's a very difficult country and a very difficult time. it's a difficult job. and it's, you know, there might come a time where she decides she is just not up to wanting it. >> if she used the gawntlet primary season i totally agree begins to answer itself. this whole exercise of writing the book and going around and talking about it she is not going it answer all the questions. but at least it will seem like old news by the time she declares. >> puts it way behind her. puts it in the rear view mirror. happened in june of 2014 or january or march of 25015 or 2016. able is toy aanswered you all the questions i put that behind me and look forward. that's going to be critical for her. this country has a history of essentially electing third terms for people and that's going to be a bigger challenge. >> it's going to be a way to get her time as secretary of state off the table. the election is not going to be about her time as secretary of state. it's going to be about domestic issues, barring some unforeseen event we don't know about. it's going to be about the
4:54 pm
economy and jobs and barack obama's legacy. >> you know, i actually think there is a real chance this will be much more about foreign policy we anticipate. >> we have a certainly good chance to sees a time marches on. panel, thank you. >> thanks, greta. coming up go off-the-record i will tell you my thoughts on sect clinton. that's next. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults.
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♪ have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it. okay, let's go off-the-record for main. our interview with secretary clinton is history. i have to admit it was a bit stressful. not a lot. but a bit. which is a bit of a surprise. a surprise because i have interviewed secretary clinton many times. little rock, arkansas, many times on capitol hill when she was a u.s. senator. new york city next to the 11 crater for the world trade center and all over the world, afghanistan, pakistan twice, india, haiti, mexico, germany, and so much more.
4:59 pm
you think this interview would be old hat for me. in some ways it was. so much extra attention put on this interview. i got so much advice much insolicitted. everyone has expectation what it should be. as for me what do i think? bottom line, i have two goals. first i hope i had i asked some not all the questions you h second i hope i was fair. as if every big interview after it's over i always regret that i did not have more time, more follow-up, additional topics. i always want to kick myself for the question i forgot to ask perhaps i will get that chance with secretary clinton in iowa? she won't let on about that one. we don't know if she is going to run or not. anyway it's over and on to the next "on the record." that's my off-the-report comment tonight. thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7 p.m. eastern. before u. go, i want to talk to you about two things. first of all, dvr, remember, if you can't watch us live, set your dvr series. if you don't know how to do
5:00 pm
it, make a phone call to it a friend. learn how to do it. secondly go to and tell me what you thought of our interview with secretary clinton tonight. i had a good time working with bret baier too. that was really fun. bill o'reilly is up nextment good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> regardless of how long it takes, we will will find you. and i want to make sure that everybody around the world hears that message very clearly. >> u.s. special forces grab one of the alleged ringleaders of the benghazi killings in libya. he is now on his way to america. meantime, the al qaeda atrocities mount in iraq. what will president obama do? charles krauthammer, john stossel, and i will analyze. >> talk about the border patrol too biz jr. changing diapers and not going after dope peddlers and illegal immigrants. >> border crisis getting more intense as tens of thousands of foreign children


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