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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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busy night tomorrow night at the kelly files, former vice president dick cheney will be here, and glenn beck returns to discuss his expectations on the islamic fate. many mocked him at the time, they're not laughing now. set your dvr. i'm megyn kelly. almost two years after the benghazi terror attacks, a suspect is now in custody and headed to the u.s. to face custody. this is special report. >> good good evening. i'm bret baier. after a 21 month search, detecti detectives have captured a suspect linked to the benghazi terror attacks. we will get reaction from the woman in charge of the state department when the american facilities were attacked. former secretary of state
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hillary clinton joins us live on set in a few minutes. we have fox team coverage with ed henry at the white house what this means for a president taking heavy criticism for his foreign policy we begin with jennifer griffin to tell us how it all went down. >> good evening, brett. the united states has been criticized for not getting to him sooner. the united states has been watching him since shortly after the attacks. >> reporter: on sunday, two years after the attacks on benghazi, a joint team of special forces carried out a secret raid to capture the suspected ringleader. >> on sunday night the united states government conducted an operation to capture ahmed abu khatt khattala for the attacks on
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libya in 2012. >> our special forces showing incredible courage and precision were able to capture abu khattala. >> reporter: after being captured, abu was taken to international waters where he has already been interrogated by a u.s. intelligence team. the justice department would not say whether he has been mirandized yet. but according to past experience, the u.s. can hold a detainee on board a ship up to a month before bringing him to the u.s. where he will stand trial at a district court in washington d.c. this is not the first time u.s. forces were close to catching khattala. on october 4th, 2013, they grabbed a high value target outside of tripoli, a near same
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operation was called off and he slipped away and living in the open in plain site doing interviews with fox's greg p palkot. >> i interviewed him the night of the attack but denied any pl planning role. >> the presumption was he was going to mcdonald's for milkshakes every friday night and we could have picked him up in a taxicab. >> sources tell fox news he will be sailed back to the united states to give u.s. interrogators time to talk to him. >> jennifer, thank you. like the raid that killed osama bin laden the capture of ahmed abu khattala is welcome news by president obama. >> after so many months being battered over cover-up charges on benghazi, president obama all but took a victory lap as he tried to bring the killers to
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justice. >> regardless how long it takes we will find you. i want to make sure everybody around the world hears that message very clearly. >> reporter: to be clear, it took 646 days after the attacks to land one suspect and others still at large nearly two years after this promise in the rose garden? we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> reporter: in the case of ahmed abu khattala, he often appeared in public as if to taunt the administration and congressman trey gowdy pointedly gave the president no credit saying i applaud our military and law enforcement officials for apprehending this terrorist. senate majority leader harry reid quickly called it disgusting for republicans to down play the takedown. wonder if the men and women who captured the terrorists agree with the republicans saying it's no big deal.
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>> reporter: a big deal ahead will be how the case is tried with attorney general eric holder making clear khattalah will face trial in a criminal court killing a person in a federal facility, attempting to conspire terrorists and death and using a firearm in a crime of violence. while legal analysts say the case is a slam-dunk since he was spotted at the consulate at the time of the attacks and later boasted about it. marco rubio said that is not the point, it is being sent to g guantanamo for other attacks. >> we're not talking a burglary of a 7-eleven here. the idea we're treating these now as traditional criminal charges not only misses the point but puts the country at risk. >> reporter: top officials are closing the door on the suspect
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going to gitmo and lindsey graham called that a mistake that will haunt the country. >> we will of course get reaction to this from hillary clinton in just minutes. greta van susteren and i will interview her life on set. to see the interview as it happens follow us on facebook or twitter, just use the hashtag hillaryfoxnews. now to another hot spot, iraq, islamic negatives bound for baghdad are being preceded by a new wave of sectarian violence. james rosen has the latest from the state department tonight. >> reporter: more chaos tonight as a car bomb in the shiite district of baghdad known as sat tar city following reports shiite executed sunni supporters on the facility where they were being held with fighters of the
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al qaeda group isis battling forces 37 miles from the capital, the pentagon acknowledged the enemy does possess some american supplied military hardware but not a particular kind of missile system as had been reported. >> we don't have a perfect inventory of that. the iraqi government is investigating all of that. i've seen no firm indications they're in possession of that particular system. >> reporter: officials provided some detail about the 75 u.s. troops president obama citing the war showers resolution, notified congress late monday he was deploying to iraq, roughly 160 are to help with embassy security and roughly another 100 forward stationed outside of ira iraq. >> one of the things this group does and is proficient at is airport management and security. >> reporter: on the sidelines of iranian nuclear talks in geneva, speaking briefly to diplomats about the crisis in iraq but did
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not include discussion of military coordination between the two antagonists. >> they discussed the need for exclusivity in iraq and the agenda. >> reporter: a former u.s. ambassador to iraq, afghanistan, syria, pakistan and other islamic countries fall to the current leadership of the state department for mishandling this account. >> secretary kerry in my view, should be on a plane right now for baghdad. the focus has been on the conflict. that is indeed serious. diplomacy is what is crucial right now. >> the state department spokesperson at one point shouted at the prime minister al malaki saying he was inaccurate and offensive when he asserted the isis fighters drawing towards baghdad are drawing support moral and financial from saudi arabia. >> james rose sen from the state
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department tonight. thank you. up next, another batch of missing e-mails in the irs targeting scandal and don't forget hillary clinton in minutes live on set. first, here's what some affiliates across the country are covering tonight. from lincoln, nebraska, a rare set of tornadoes and a 5-year-old child was killed and at least 19 people taken to hospitals. the sheriff says more than half the town is gone. fox 32 in chicago, none in suburban stone park are suing a neighboring strip club. the 91 said t-- the nun said thc distracts them when they try to play and police reports do not back that up. a live look at the air force base from our affiliate out there, the base is under lockdown as civilian and military authorities search for a reported suspicious person carrying a suspicious backpack.
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no one is currently being aloud on or off that military base. we'll keep an eye on this one. if anything breaks, we'll bring it to you. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. t enterises in the world, are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in. that's why hp reports and helps neutralize more intrusions than anyone... in the world. if hp security solutions can help keep the world's largest organizations safe, they can keep yours safe, too. make it matter.
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political activities of tax-exempt groups. the house already said it would delay the issuance of the rules but republicans want to stop it in its tracks. >> another day another set of missing e-mails. irs officials say even more correspondence relating to targ targeting conservative groups has disappeared and the uproar of republicans on capitol hill is growing exponentially. >> senator leader mitch mcconnell is accusing the obama administration of stalling on the irs targeting of conservative groups. mcconnell doesn't buy the irs claim lois lerner's e-mails from previously are gone in a crash. >> congress asked them two years ago and now they're saying they're gone? >> reporter: they cannot produce them from six other agency employees. and said this doesn't pass the smell test.
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>> it's extremely unlikely for those losses to occur. >> reporter: and being called to testify before two house committees. house ways and means investigator said they first knew about destroying the e-mails in february but told them they would produce all communications. >> i certainly took him at his word there would be a new openness when he came in to head the irs and that certainly hasn't happened. >> reporter: orrin hatch said he believes the e-mails were intentionally destroyed and so far the majority leader isn't drawing conclusions. >> i talked to senator wyden today and he and senator hatch looking into this, what we should do. >> reporter: lerner didn't seem worried when told her e-mail was unrecoverable. writing in an e-mail sometimes stuff just happens. those targeted are furious. >> it's very deliberate those that said they're lost it certainly look likes a cover-up.
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>> reporter: the house has issued a subpoena for lerner's hard drive and electric devices and devices connected to the irs's response to congress. >> let's get perspective on the irs and missing e-mails. c brit hume is here tonight. what do you make of this? >> apart from the obvious fishiness of e-mails disappearing from the very period in question in this whole scandal, it's a real confidence question. bringing the irs commissioner back to testify. the last time he made the rounds on the hill, he testified that he made it clear that seven months, it had been seven months by that time since the subpoena for the e-mails had gone out. it was clear that almost nothing had been done in an effort to retrieve them and put them together for congress to look at. and he said it would take a long time to do that, but he said it
10:17 pm
could be done, would be done and they had the e-mails. now, there was arecord, we just saw a piece of it from lerner herself attesting to the fact there had been this computer crash. and the kindly old gent he is didn't seem to know about that or if he did, didn't say anything about that. they're bringing him back but i question how much they will get out of that guy. >> politically, obviously we followed this from the beginning, where does this sit? >> the most telling thing we heard today was harry reid saying, not oh, the republicans are off on one of their crazy tangents again, he was saying that senator hatch, the republican and his democratic counterpart were looking into this and that's what we should be doing. that tells you a lot. if harry reed as partisan as he is, isn't saying this is all a wild-goose chase you know something's up? forensically a lot of people saying you can get these. >> well, you know, anybody who
10:18 pm
has an e-mail -- does e-mail in a large institution like the federal government knows there's a record of them somewhere. by the way when he was asked about what kind of system they had, he said they have outlook. it is an e-mail application but not the e-mail system. one senses if he's going to be a witness he has things to learn. >> thank you. >> you bet. president obama wants to create the largest ocean preserve in the world by preventling ocean drilling in a massive stretch of the pacific ocean and the action could affect as much as a million and a half square miles the president is once again bypassing congress and using executive authority and some contend he is exceeding that authority to promote a political agenda. on wall street the dow was up 27 1/2, s&p 500 gained four and nasdaq finned ahead 16. still ahead, we take you to the increasingly tense scattered showers of baghdad.
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bret baier bret baie bret baier bret baier. we do not know yet where the just captured suspect in the benghazi terror attacks will be held. guantanamo bay might be a possibility. there are several spots there since the trade of the taliban leaders for the p.o.w. the wbig question is who is lef? >> reporter: the high value detention camp at guantanamo bay is like a who's who of the terrorist world. there's the alleged master
10:23 pm
planner that killed seven. and the operations chief for the al qaeda network and indonesia's equivalent of osama bin laden. with eight high value detainees already in the military trial system, the chief said they were important to court. >> it is an important source for incapacitating and punishing terrorists and those who violate long stand standing armed confl. >> reporter: many may be prosecuted at guantanamo and this week, the man alleged to go between afghanistan and taliban. and the obama administration has brought no detainees to the camp. >> they think if they bring one or two detainees to the island and get a lawyer and access to the court, that's inconsistent with closing it.
10:24 pm
that's not inconsistent with closing it. >> one or two detainees suspected of returning to the site. spanish authorities arrested eight men allegedly linked to recruitment effort for isis and a detainee is thought to be among them. according to his pentagon file he was considered high risk but still transferred to spain in 2005. after a complex legal battle, terrorism charges were thrown out. the decision to send khattala to court is more evidence president obama is planning to close the prison camp. coming up, we talk about the suspect in the benghazi terror attacks. stay with us.
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khatallah has been charged for his role in the attacks on the facility in benghazi on september 11th, 2012. no u.s. personnel or civilians were injured in this operation. the united states has taken khatallah to a secure location outside libya. he will be brought to the united states to stand trial on a court of law. >> president obama approve the mission friday night we're told and then on sunday, special forces along with fbi agents
10:29 pm
went to libya and managed to get abu khatallah, believed to be one of the ring leaders, one of people tied to the benghazi attack. he went down without a struggle we're told. what about this? 642 days after the attack. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, mara lie ason, and charles krauthammer. >> well, they got the guy. i think that's important. the white house made it extremely clear he's not going to guantanamo. he's going to be tried in the united states. i think this really exists on a separate track to the controversy over benghazi which continues, you know, new cnn poll out today saying people are dissatisfactoried almost two-to-one about what they have heard, doesn't think that hillary clinton handled it well, and whether the obama administration has been honest
10:30 pm
about it or not, also about 2 to 1. benghazi is controversial. it's a good thing. it's important to get people bho do harm to the united states. >> i think it's a good day. by all accounts, abu khatallah was involved. he was seen on video directing some of the fighters at the battle at the consulate. there are other people we need to get. i this think we should make it a pliert to get them soon. we should have i think had them before, but among them, mohammed jamal. we shouldn't be in any hurry to get abu khatallah to court. we should take as long as we can and as long as we want to interrogate him because of the intelligence he has, if he knows any of operational planning, could be important, could tell us more about the substance of the attack. >> a number of republicans, charles, came out, said they
10:31 pm
were really concerned that he would be read his miranda rights sooner and that the intelligence mining, if you will, won't happen. what about being tried in civilian u.s. court? >> i think it's a mistake. not in principle, a mistake, but when you have a guy like him and you have ansar al-sharia still on the loose, threatening everybody, including americans. what's more important is intelligence, it trumps justice, justice tumps everything in domestic politics. in war, intelligence is more important. so you don't want to ever get give his guy his miranda rights. probably on the ship, they will not read him his my randall rights. they will put the ship in first gear. they may run out of gas halfway out of there, so it takes a week or a month to get there. why are we couldn't straining ourselves when you are to bring him to guantanamo, the purpose of which is to detain an
10:32 pm
unlawful combat tant indefinitely to get all the intelligence you can and you try him either in civilian court or military. it's like the underwear bomber who was read his miranda rights early and we undoubtedly lost a lot of intelligence about operations in yemen. it's an unnecessary unforced error we should inflict on ourselves. >> he's on the video. there's a question about evidentiary gathering in this case and that the fbi took 18 days to get to benghazi. you wonder about the case in u.s. civilian court. >> right. apparently, one of reasons it took so long to get him is because they were building the case and they wanted to get it ready. i think it would be a really terrible thing for him to be tried and not convicted in a u.s. court, but i don't think that's the big concern. i don't think we have any indication right now that he's been read his miranda rights or
10:33 pm
will be any time soon. >> and they won't say that. >> they won't say that. >> we should not ever read him his miranda rights because he has none. he's not an american. it's for americans, not unlawful combatants. >> the point is i think the u.s. is going to take the time they need to get what to get him. >> if they were taking their time building a case before getting him, i think that's a disgrace. >> when we come back, familiar scenes in the iraqi capital. we take you to the streets of baghdad. baghdad. baghdad. ♪ here's to the man who truly is the best of us. (crowd cheers) who, really, has the key to the city? with best-in-class payload and best-in-class cargo capacity and an unsurpassed powertrain warranty, you run the town.
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as president obama rds military options for iraq, the iraqi people are making their own plans. police say pro government shiite militia men killed nearly 50 sunni detainees. reports from baghdad, it's beginning to look a lot like the bad old days. >> they converge on a baghdad hotel. it's a demonstration of support for the embattled government. thousands shiite have already rallied to the iraqi flag.
10:38 pm
>> the question is can they rally sunnis to the same flag. >> and that's the rub. many iraqis here just as advancing isis forces have carved off the north of the country, so the shia may settle for only defending the southern strongholds. most people stay off the streets. the markets are empty. there are no shoppers. the residents are afraid the deteriorating security system. they will save their money for fear the situation getting worse. >> contrast that with this
10:39 pm
location. >> we used to have many things in storage. but all the stored goods have run out. >> thousands of shia are being recruited to fight isis and defend iraq's precious southern oil fields. the lifeblood of the nation. here's why. two weeks ago, moss mosul was a bustling city of the north. it's in the hands of militants so extreme that they have been shunned by al qaeda. after the recent mass murder of shia, they are recruiting sun nie so-called volunteers. the new rulers may soon declare it the capital of a terrorist caliphate. they may settle for control of the south and iraq's break up will be complete. the city of baghdad is
10:40 pm
criss-crossed with these walls that separate the communities. it is fear that is keeping people off the streets. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton and my colleague, greta van susteren join me right here on set after join me right here on set after a quick break. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "special report." i am joined now by my colleague and host of on the record, greta van susteren. hello, greta. >> we are pleased to welcome to our set, former secretary of state, former new york senator, and former first lady, hillary
10:44 pm
clinton. >> really quickly a word on the format. we have 30 minutes with secretary clinton. i'll start the questioning with seven minutes. followed by seven munns with greta. let's begin. add -- the focus is on benghazi and the capturing of ahmed khatallah. too isn't there a difference in this case in that abu khatallah was hiding in plain sieg, openly giving interviews to reporters? >> that is absolutely true, bret, that he was in a certain part of libya, and he was well protected, and to try to mountain operation such as was carried out successfully on sunday posed different challenges than the ones that our intelligence forces faced in trying to actually pinpoint bin laden and then carry out a
10:45 pm
dangerous operation. but my point is that what we try to do in this country and i think what was made abundantly clear by this latest effort is we have an unwavering commitment to go after anyone, no matter how long it takes who is responsible for harming americans and everybody around the world who thinks about that, plans that, needs to know that will be the outcome. >> should khatallah be read his miranda rights and be tried in u.s. civilian court? >> i don't know what all the details about what the plans are. if you were president. >> if i were president and the fbi and the justice department and our law enforcement came and said we're finally ready, mr. or madam president to go and capture and detain this terrorist, and we have enough evidence to successfully prosecute him in our courts, which have proven very successful at prosecuting terrorists, i would say then i'm ready to give the order. >> i have some more specific benghazi questions.
10:46 pm
you may have imagined that. you write in your book that as the attack is happening you are on the 7th floor of the state department and then you go to your washington home, still in direct communication. your deputy assistant secretary testified before congress that on the night she was in the diplomatic security command center in washington, was in realtime contact with the diplomatic security agent who was manning the tactical operations center on the grounds in benghazi. he's alerted the embassy in tripoli, the cia, the bureau of diplomatic security in washington. did you talk to her that evening? >> i did not. but i was in direct communication with everyone who was. she was not the only one who was monitoring the phone lines because contrary to some of the reports, we did not have realtime video that enabled us to follow what was going on on the ground. it wasn't until some time later that we got the security camera video from the compound that we were able to analyze. but we were in direct communication, insofar as it was
10:47 pm
possible because remember, they were under heavy attack. we had a lot going on for those diplomatic security officers to deal with, and then as you know, the attack later moved to the cia an next. >> did you talk to secretary panetta that night? >> i talked with director pay tray he is. i talked on a secure video conference with a full array of officials. i knew because i had talked with the national security adviser, tom donnlyn that secretary panetta. i know the defense department was in the room. >> you stated this, i certainly did not know of any reports that contradicted the intelligence community talking points at the time that ambassador rice went on the tv shows. the sun shows. do you stand by that statement?
10:48 pm
>> i do, bret, and i wrote about this at length in my book, a whole chapter on the attack on benghazi. this was the fog of war. my own assessment careened from, you know, the video had something to do with it, the video had nothing to do with it. it may have affected some people, didn't affect other people. i think the conclusion to draw because we were not just monitoring what was happening at benghazi, once it began to unfold, but remember we had a very dangerous assault on our embassy in cairo that same day which was clearly linked to that video, so i was trying to make sense of it, you know, i think that the investigations that have been carried out, basically conclude we can't say that everybody was influenced and we can't say everybody wasn't, but what the intelligence community said was spontaneous protests and that is what at the time they thought. >> in the benghazi chapter, you acknowledge on the night of the attacks you received a state department operations center bulletin in which the book you say it's a report that ansar
10:49 pm
al-sharia has claimed responsibility. how did that report come to you? >> it came to you as the secretary of state. it was orally delivered. it was a monitoring of a facebook account that said that, and then as you know and as i write in my chapter, that was reversed. >> ansar al-sharia didn't fully pull it back. they didn't participate. >> there's no doubt terrorists were involved. there is no doubt and i from the very beginning and in my statements as you know and as i write in the chapter, said that these were attackers. now, who was leading them? we think we now have one of the ring leaders in custody, but others were either motivated because of their extremism and their ideology and others came along for the ride and maybe others were also motivated by the video. >> the timeline suggests president obama, you had a conversation on the phone, roughly around 10:00 p.m. do you talk to him before you
10:50 pm
put out a statement or after? >> well, i didn't always talk to him before or after when i put out statements. we were in close communication. that night? >> that night, that statement went out, i don't know the exact timing. my recollection is it went out before. >> before the -- >> yeah. >> do you know where the president was through the attack? >> theh the attack? >> the president was in the white house. the president was in the oval office when i got word of the attack and i called the white house, asking for national security advisor donlin, who is our point of contact for the entire government, which would mean cia, dod and others. i was told he is in with the president and secretary panetta and general demps j. i said i need to talk to awful them. and i know he from my conversations with pa net tax dempsey, and donlin and the president that at that moment the president said our defense officials do everything you can to help our people. >> either before or after that at 10:07 you put out this press release i put 00 mission in benghazi today.
10:51 pm
some have sought to justify this behavior as a response to inflammatory behavior put on the internet. the united states deplores any did you talk about the video with president obama? >> i don't know that i talked about it with him at that conversation. we had since, on numerous occasions, because part of what he we were trying to sort out is what caused this. i had a very clear sense of priorities. protect our people, get them to it safety, make sure that other attacks embassies or posts don't happen. we neat to need to get information to other posts. let's try to prevent it from happening. i know there is a lot of questions and i know you and your viewers have a lot of questions. and i would recommend that
10:52 pm
people read the unclassifiedwte6 version of the accountability review board, which you can get off the state department web site. read what congressional committees have already put out. because, you will get the best information we currently have. >> i want to be fair and balanced to greta here. >> that is very fair. thank you. >> let me switch to another topic. afghanistan. would you have made that swap for sergeant bergdahl. five taliban to sergeant bergdahl? >> as i write in the book and at the time i was trying to put together a bigger deal. a deal that would create a negotiation between the government of afghanistan and the taliban to try to move the taliban to it renounce violence, renounce al qaeda and adegree to support the constitution. >> isn't that part of their ideology though, violence? look at the violence towards women. aren't we abandoning the women to the taliban? >> those are two different issues and both really important, greta. on what i did on my watch was to see whether we could do such a deal.
10:53 pm
and i write about it in my book. and part of that deal was, you know, making some concessions on getting bergdahl back because that was very important to the defense department, to the state department, and the rest of the government. and, of course, the taliban in return wanted to get some of their people back. so sequencing it getting a bigger deal was part of what i was trying to achieve. today, however, i think what you have heard from secretary hagel, as well as the white house, secretary kerry and others is that itappeo try to get bergdahl5m÷t0&/"7ó÷ i have not seen the video. the people talked about. i cannot offer independent judgment. i rely on the judgment from medical professors in defense and others. i i think the important points to make here we never leave anybody behind, i think that's to our credit. secondly there is an agreement. i don't know the details. i know what i was trying to negotiate with qatar to keep these people under very
10:54 pm
strict vigilance and to prevent them from traveling. and, number three. to debrief bergdahl to get as much information from him when he is ready to talk. >> you have been quoted as saying these five guys not a threat to the u.s.a. i think when people heard that, they were quite surprised. >> as long as they are in qatar they are not a threat to the united states. >> well, bin laden was never in the united states. >> well, in qatar, with an agreement that has been interdz into, they are supposed to be constrained from what they can do and certainly they are not supposed to be permitted to travel. that is as, my understanding tells me, what the deal is and in that situation, they are not a threat. now, i agree with you that when the new president, whoever that turns out to be, is sworn n afghanistan, there is no doubt given the atmosphere that they will try to take back the
10:55 pm
territory. i worry about the gains that have been made, the sacrifice that americans made to enable those gains especially for women and girls. this is a situation that is dangerous that we have to keep watching those five men they are right now not a danger if they're kept where supposed to be kept. we still have to worry about the taliban and everything they could be doing. >> you were in favor of arming the moderate rebels in syria. now we have that situation in iraqi where they weren't armed and now we have got where iraq seems to be blowing up. are we losing all the gains in iraq as well? >> too soon to tell. i think that if we can persuade or basically bargain with al maliki so he does what we have been trying to get him to do for the last several years. inclusive government where sunnies feel they have a stake. >> in bed with iran. >> i'm not in favor of with any formal negotiations with
10:56 pm
or agreements with iran at this time regarding iraq. in fact, if i were an iraqi of whatever persuasion, i would be thinking hard about do i want maliki to continue to be the prime minister. he has failed as a leader. he has purged the military of some of their strongest leaders. he has we arranged the government and gone after sunnies who were willing to work with him. that is a recipe for continuing instability. if there is going to be a real stand against these extremists who are worse than even is being reported, publicly in terms of what they are doing and how they behave, then there has to be a different government. and i don't think maliki is the person to lead iraq. >> 20 seconds. was then senator biden correct in saying a number of years ago it should have been divided into the three states, the kurds, sunnis and shiites. >> i think at the time that was a suggestion that most people did not agree with because there was a hope that. >> hindsight? >> well, hindsight, it could not have been imposed on the
10:57 pm
iraqis. it may end up evolving in that direction. at the time though, no entity, not the swats united states or anybody could have said we are dividing up your country. you are going to get more oil than the other group. you are going to get less opportunity to govern yourself that was not going to be possible. >> that's it for part one. thank you, mrs. secretary. >> >> more questions and answers with secretary clinton after a quick break. means keeping seven billion ctransactions flowing.g, and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected,
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welcome "on the record" i'm greta van susteren i'm joined by former secretary of state hillary clinton and my colleague bret baier. >> our time to continue the interview with hillary. i will start with seven minutes and followed by greta. >> september 12th, beth jones, the acting assistant secretary of state sends an mail to your chief of staff and others staying she has been speaking with the libyan ambassador. when he he