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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 18, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we will see you back here in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. this is "outnumbered" i am sandra smith and we have our panel here today. today's #oneluckyguy is harry bradshaw. he has played 14 seasons as quarterback for the pittsburgh steelers, and won 4 super bowl and a hall of famer but he is out p outnumbered. >> you are hanging out the with ladies. >> i like this a lot. >> do you like it better than t the husky men? >> no, no matter how this turns
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out it is going to be a great experience. >> do you think it is tougher than a sunday game? >> they are going to know what were they like in person and she really that cute. >> and you will tell our secrets. >> at the end of the day you could get a ring. >> i thought you were going to become a polygamist. >> did you do anything specific to prepare? >> yes, i highlighted notes and read this stuff. i didn't want to be caught off guard because i have seen all of you on various shows and i know how smart you are and i am not exactly a guy that is going to split atoms so i wanted to be up on the topics. highlighted, prepared and pushed
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aside whatever i can remember is going to be good. all you girls are married? >> is everybody married? >> i am not. >> you are single? >> i am. why do you know anyone? >> kennedy, you are married? >> why don't you switch with her. >> this is a great show. >> any day of the week i will sit over there. >> we are off to an awesome start. we have plenty of news including hilary clinton's sit down with fox and the remarks on benghazi and the doubts she said she had about a video triggering the attack. but first the story making news. the issues over the washington redskins name. and u.s. paten office canceled their trademark saying it is racist for the native americans
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coming after five native americans filled a lawsuit. harry reid made a comment about the decision. >> the writing is on the wall in blinking neon lights. the name is changinging and there is no trademark for the red skins. daniel might be the last person to realize this. >> there has been calls for the team to change the name but it will not budge. our hash tag made news on this. terry, should they change the name? >> i think they should. if 3-4 people coming out saying as native americans we are offended by this it probably gets a blimp but it is hundreds of thousands. >> you know the owner of the team? >> he is making a mistake saying i will never -- if you say i
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will never you will have to eat that. you are keeping the team. which is the most important thing. changing the name, although, trademark wise it is millions probably, but you still have the football team. >> what about the seminoles or the braves or the running rebels? >> are they complaining? >> the trojans are probably the worst program in the country and i say it because offends the people of troy. but the fighting irish. >> i haven't heard complaints. >> i am a greek and i don't like trojan, now what? >> it has to gather momentum. >> you are saying enough people spoke out about it. >> how important is the name of
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an nfl team? >> i think it is important. played for the steeler and when they colts moved they took the game with them. the browns kept the name when they moved. the team went to baltimore. they got the team back and it is the browns. so i believe the name of a team is huge. and your point is well taken. seminole, trojans -- >> the kansas city chiefs. >> i would not want to offend anybody but there is a tradition and the fans appreciate that tradition. my issue is how this is going down. i don't like that the u.s. trade mark office is running over the
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nfl and the owner's decision if they want to change it. not a u.s. senator to bully something that is none of his business. >> the issue is then are we watching a legislative process where political correctness is concerned and are we comfortable with that? harry reid letting it out in a blurb and then snowballing into something much larger, i wonder if there were phone calls made after the senator made the comments about the name needing to be changed. do we want a legislated pcness in our society? >> i think if you look at it from the political side. harry reid is saying me jump on this. this is good for me. that does happen. not necessarily he believes in it, but it is good for him. was i shocked the red skin thing
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became a huge front page story? no. am i surprised by my decision saying it is offensive and it is being called like the n-word yeah. >> redskin is like using the n-word you say? >> yes, that came out last week. >> see i take offense to that because i think it minimizes what it means to use the n-word which is one of the most offensive words in the language. i don't agree with that. dan synder said people who wear the red skins uniform usually by and large they are channeling the feeling of what it means to be a warrior and it isn't a denigrating term. >> washington warriors there is a good time. >> the bottom line is, and i hate to be heartless about it, but it is green.
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that is the color we are talking about it. so synder has to feel the market speaking back to him and that is the point we made. the market will answer back and when it does if you don't like it don't buy tickets or apparel and that is how you will speak. so they have to see it coming. >> terry is shaking his head. >> don't you feel exploited a bit? you made a great point earlier that politicians exploit athletes like steroids and baseball. the democratic party wants to change the topic off anything happening today to deflect off the real priorities. they are exploiting athletes. what do you think? >> i am a farmer down in oklahoma. i don't know -- i do believe it is human nature -- i this thing about politicians and i just see this will help me let me jump on it as a simple person i would
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say yes, i agree with that whole heartedly. that is why harry reid saw this as an opportunity to jump on >> it is an emotional issue he is exploiting. >> this is most likely going to be appealed by the team. it happened ten years, they appealed and won. >> the nfl is very powerful. let us not forget that. >> former secretary of state hilary clinton sitting down on fox news talking about benghazi and more. what she is saying this time and how it could impact a possible presidential run. and a lot of excitement from americans surrounding this year's world cup. is soccer finally making it's mark in the united states? -- its -- replace your laptop?
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could help your business didavoid hours of delaynd test caused by slow internet from the phone company? that's enough time to record a memo. idea for sales giveaway. return a call. sign a contract. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back. is hilary clinton changing her tune on benghazi? she stood behind the claim in the days after that the video sparked the attack that took four lives. but now she is saying she had her doubts even back then. >> this was the fog of war.
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my own assessment creamed from the video had something to do with it, the video had nothing, it may have affected some people and not others. i think the conclusion to draw because we were not just monitoring what was happening in benghazi but we had a dangerous assault on our embassy which was linked to that video. >> but disspite the doubts susan rice went on the sunday show selling the line this was from a video despite reports on the ground this wasn't the case. her answers on benghazi are not sitting well with the public. polls are showing she has leadership skills but far as trust it is not as good. it seems like she is not backing
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off the video story. it was her state department that pushed the narrative on and on despite the intelligence under immediately after the attack -- we have heard them saying this is terrorism, we knew it was, she has to stand by it. is this going to hurt the trust deficit even more and widen that gap with voters if she continues to deny the truth? >> she is not helping herself on this book tour and i thought e bret baier narrowed down the timeline well and showed the inconsistency in her story. did she get approval to say it was the video that flared up the case. all of the intel knew it was
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terrorism not a response to a video. >> she said the buck stopped with her, then she wasn't responsible for security, what difference does it make, and now she was responsible for the security of her very good friend ambassad ambassad ambassad ambassador stevens. >> my question is will she lead on foreign policy because of what happened here? she has to read the book again and she reminded us about 20 times. she has to stay consistent with that written document and said there were other written documents -- the notes she took. that is a lot to remember if the story is going to continue to change. one thing she said last night that caught by attention and i mentioned efficacy and can she lead on foreign policy.
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she has the skills. the polls show that. but when asked about the situation with the taliban five who were just released in trade for sergeant bowe bergdahl and do you feel like that put us in a place that is not as safe, no, qutar is going to watch them. they are not going to run freely. my understanding of the deal, per what the state department and defense department told us is, is they are roaming freely within the country. they are not monitored. we don't know who they are texting. >> and she is trying to have it both ways and tried to do that with the nsa with greta. when you talk outside both of your mouths you lose the message. >> that is a classic clinton tactic. >> do you trust hilary clinton?
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>> um, not really. don't particularly like her. never have. i find the best thing to do because she is on a book and the only reason she is on fox is because she is promoting a book. i say this, if you tell the truth, you don't have to worry about covering up another story. the truth sets you free. tell the truth and you can hang it and never forget it. it becomes your foundation. if you decide to run for president, you will have to answer to the benghazi deal. when the lady came out and said it triggered all of this, the music -- >> the muslim video. >> did anybody buy that? she said that on the sunday morning show and i said someone told her to go out there and say
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this and stay with her. >> and hilary clinton is saying she wasn't sure about it. >> if you are not hundred percent sure don't put that out. >> i am wondering if the arrest makes a difference. i don't know if that will help her out. >> we will watch her book numbers. we are switching to one of my favorite subjects. take notes. we maybe witnesses a seismic change in america's sports landscape. soccer appears to be gaining traction. the win over ghana was the most watched soccer game every on espn and that doesn't count the million watching it online. and check this out. a poll taken before the games finds interest in soccer on america's youth on par with baseball -- america's past time.
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this is such fantastic news for those of us who have named our children after soccer legends. >> my not daughter is named palay. sgr >> she went into subway and looked at him and say why does it say that on that old man's picture? and i said that is who you are named after. >> i am usa all the way but -- >> she is named after a communist astronaut. this is a great game. does it make the big three sports a little nervous? >> i have said for years if i had children -- i have children, i have girls and they played
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soccer. but if i had boys i would have held them back from football but i would have insisted they play soccer. the coordination and not to mention this country needs exercise and those kids running up and down and kicking and having fun and looking forward to it -- i think soccer is a wonderful sport. i don't know much about it. i have watched it on television. >> it is called football. >> i know it is. and i don't think in any of our lives we will see soccer take over the present day nfl as we know it. but i can see in a hundred years -- >> even the way you see people pushing against football saying it is too rough? >> i think in a hundred years -- >> 16 million people watched the ghana game. 6 million watched the hockey. >> 55 million watched the super
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bowl. >> over that. >> i see a hundred years from now if we continue to have legislation for the nfl with the concussion and lawsuits continue and the rules don't continue to improve and god forbid we have more and more injuries and deaths i can see soccer in a hundred years moving up where it would threaten the nfl. >> you will have to move your timeline? >> you think sooner? >> i think within a couple weeks. okay. now -- >> messie is a dorable. americans are not good at
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flopping which is essential in soccer. if someone touches you land on the back and act like you had a seizure so the ref comes over. you can see the coach in brazil barely tapping a player who was taught to fall over and fall down and that is what brazil did against croatia and they scored a crucial goal. americans are not good at slopping. they think it is unfair. and there are those saying if they don't flop they will not do well in the world cup. should they be falling and faking injuries to do better? >> that is stupid. >> i don't blame the players i blame the rules. should the u.s. do it? >> no. >> every other team is doing it.
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>> they should not do it. think about the way we play sports i don't think that anyone cried when those guys went down. we are tough people. and this leads me to my next question. we had this debate on the five commercial break yesterday. what do you know is the toughest sport to play? soccer, american football -- >> i would say soccer. >> because of the running? >> they don't have pads? >> hockey? >> they are in great shape. >> football -- you get broken. stop right there. >> you are going to get in trouble. >> no, but if i do, that is good. i am thinking hockey. >> i agree.
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>> those guys come in and out every five minutes. >> the coach for the u.s. is asking them to flop more and the goalie is from new jersey i might add. if you want it win it is part of the game >> if you can increase your chances of getting out of the group of death i say do it. >> i say if you are going to hit a guy just go ahead and hit him. lay it out. you know who doesn't? >> acting classes for our soccer team. general hospital and soap operas. i just took an elbow to the solar plexis? >> do you know where that is? >> it is right here.
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you spasm when you get it knocked out of you. are you friday football? the other football, you know, the pig skin. it is almost that time and if researchers get their way all teams in the nfl could be sporting head censtores to tackle the growing concussion proble proble sensers let's close the gap between people and care. the the
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>> and this is "outnumbered". we are glad you with with us. if a group of researchers has its way by 2015 all teams in the nfl could be wearing helmets with c devices to measure the frequency and magnitude of the hit they were taking and researchers can determine which hits result in the most severe impact. two teams took part in a pilot program already and more this season. have you ever had a concussion? >> yes. i have been asked that question by a doctor in florida, dr. amen in florida, and i said what is wrong with my memory and he said how many concussions have you
9:32 am
had? a concussion is when you out. i go high school, one, college none, three it's pittsburgh. four! >> let me ask you this. if they have these monitoring and devices on the helmets do you think it will change the game for the fans? >> they have taken and are in the process of doing more so the head out of the impact. all right. because of the 20,000 athletes that sued the nfl and the 700 million bucks that supposedly was settled for and now a federal judge is holding that up wondering if they can pay it. the censors are not to determine they are concussions. it is the impact of frequency. how deep did it go, how did it spread, it takes the player out
9:33 am
of the game and it measures, you know, all of that stuff. >> you are a fan of it. >> absolutely. i knew about this three years ago and i got a call from jim moore, jr. who was with seattle and now -- >> he coaches the bruins now. >> why are you in orange? >> blue and gold is at the cleaners. >> he called and asked me to be on the committee about the censors and i said absolutely. they used it at the university of washington and the jaguars used it now in the nfl. i think it is good idea. but i believe the nfl is coaching, teaching, informing us better and taking the head out of contact. >> your memory loss today you
9:34 am
attribute to the nfl? >> i never said that. but i just said i had four concussions >> jim mcman went on the record and said he would leave home and forget how to get home. he said sometimes he would stay in a room and lie in the dark because the pain was excruciating. this is such a huge problem in the nfl. i want to go around the couch. you were an athlete. sandra played at lsu but not football. >> i have a lot of nephews that play football and i worry about it. i think there could be rules for younger folks and college where they are not paid. but become a professional athlete, i think you are bogein paid that large amount of money to take on that risk. i don't believe there should be
9:35 am
rules enacted in the nfl that change the level of the game. this will drastically change things for fans. should they change it for younger folks that don't know better? yes. nfl, leave the rules. >> the parents have to realize what age the kids should play and a concussion is when the brain hits the skull, and you say you loose consciousness and is there any helmet that can help? the players were not getting the proper helmets back in the day. you came out and said i know that is what i was getting into. and i think a lot of players who what they were getting into it. you said i had a great life because of football so i owe the sport a lot. but if you could criticize one thing would it bow the safety of
9:36 am
the helmets back in the day? >> well, you have to understand one thing, they were made as good as they could be mate and trying to improve on them. if i showed you my suspension helmet i wore in 1970 -- and i didn't even wear a chin strap. and then he had the air helmets that sit on your head and fill up the air and they fit you perfectly. so what happened is the helmet has evolved. the better the helmet got the more they used it. because i am safe now. and they led with heads. now the nfl says you can do more damage with the shoulder than you can with his. and not to mention the fact we are going to eliminate broken necks. >> there we go.
9:37 am
from the expert. the alleged ring leader of the benghazi attack is now on his way to face what the president is calling quote the full way to the justice system. we will have a full report. and one school district is trying to bring out the softer side in gym class by offering yoga, archery and fly fishing. awesome. >> what happened to dodge ball?
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mainahmed abu khattallah talkha
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>> welcome back. more schools across the country could be taking the physical out of physical-ed. in the washington, d.c. district they are developing a nicer version of gym class are archery, yoga and fly fishing. they say it is going to increase
9:42 am
the activity level among the students who are a little less a athletic. >> fat, lazy kids shooting a bow and arrow are not getting anything out of that. everybody that can walk put a walking track and get their fat butts out there. i am so sick of the fat, lazy kids that don't do anything. i got on an elevator and no one is talking. they are on the facebook and all that junk. now we are fly fishing? >> terry, the fat, lazy kids you speak of get walloped in dodge ball and they hit it. and sit on the sideline and hate sports. >> i understand that because a guy that is athletic can grab a
9:43 am
and ball and that hurts. i am saying okay, break a sweat. >> you can break a sweat in yoga. it is physical. >> hot yoga is fantastic. >> you think they can do hot yoga? >> you have to stoke kid's passion and get them excited about things. >> i am thinking about the money involved. if you are going to have them start take yoga and fly fishing and fly rods and yoga mats. >> is it catch and release? coach of the u.s. soccer team makes it mandatory all of the players do yoga and shop for whole food products. >> yoga is awesome. >> it is strengthening,
9:44 am
flexibility, and focus and balance. >> i think they should mix it up for the kids. maybe not archery but i like the yoga idea. what is terry bradshaw's best yoga pose? downward facing dog? >> i had a bad right ankle and knee when i got into yoga and i could do -- >> he is going do it. >> and then -- i did get dizzy when you have to do this. and hold your head up and breathe. but i had a little problem with that. but i swear to you, an infused risk, there is a lot i can't do and you can't leave. the thing i didn't like about yoga you cannot leave. bradshaw we are not leaving the room. i had to sit for 45 minutes in a 110 degrees sweating my butt
9:45 am
off. and that is what i would want to young people doing. sweat. >> and reaction to the irs scandal and the e-mails from six other prominent officials have also disappeared. time to appoint a special prosecutor? and what is sexier than a guy catering to your every desire? shoes. the study that will have men wanting to up their game. wanting to up their game. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients.
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>> more "outnumbered" in a
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moment. but first jon scott on "happening now." >> congress investigates the agency targeted conservative groups and questions about what if the documents were not lost but deathleleted? a new debate on whether guantanamo bay inmates will go to washington as well. and mary barra is being grilled again about defective ignition switches linked to 13 deaths. all coming up on "happening now" at the top of the hour. >> i maybe out numbered but it is mine turn for the story. men, be aware. a new survey finds 1-5 women
9:51 am
admit that new shoes turn them on more than their lover and half say they judge someone based on their foot wear. by the way the average american owns 17 pairs of shoes. >> that is nothing. >> i found 17 to be low. extr extremly. >> is that true? you are a married woman -- your husband turn you on? >> yes, he very much does. i am going to see i am going to be out numbered on this because i don't have the shoe thing. i like shoes but i don't go gaga over them and wrack up credit card bills buying them. i know there a couple girls on the couch who think otherwise. i am looking at andrea. >> admitted shoe a-holic.
9:52 am
this is a small snap of the shoes i have. you should see by apartment. if the shoe turns you on more than the guy you have a bad lover. but there are similarities. they come in with sizes, taller is better, and they look good but they can both hurt you and leave bruises. >> even if your body changes your shoes still fit. dresses may not fit over the years. and by the way, here is the ultimate solution and we talked of this -- where shoes to bed. where your sexy shoes to bed and combine the experiences. >> terry, you are speechless. >> no, i am not. i am gathering knowledge. but i find wearing shoes to bed does excitement me bit. that is a little stimalating.
9:53 am
there is nothing worse than looking at a woman and looking at her shoes and it looks there is eight pounds of something and skin is rolling out. >> oh, my. >> terry -- why do you think men like high heels? >> they kick the booty up. >> i knew he would give us a great answer on that. >> that is a fact. >> what do we say about shoes? tall, sharp and necessary. >> turns out more men are replacing that matcho hand shake with a big bear hug. we will explain the growing trend of the bro-embrace. trend of the bro-embrace. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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♪ >> ah, the times are changing. men are apparently giving up on the macho handshake and opting for the man hug. friendly embrace tweep guys of all ages. they are admitting to being huggers. not just going to shake hands but give them love. you are into. this we have a picture of you.
9:58 am
and you look the same 1970 and still beautiful as you are. you are hugging john brown, is that who you were with the steelers? is that part of the game in >> yes, it used to be hand slaps. and now evolved. >> boat pats. >> and we all embrace. brian embrace, it is a bro- hug. all of us at fox hug. people that i hug the guys that work for me. everyone of my employees hug. everyone of them hug. we all hug. and then you hug some people and people that i hug just because we hug and you go i will never hug this person again. you get this. and you know they are not huggers. >> and what do you do when you don't get a unrecip proicated.
9:59 am
>> someone can call human resources. >> why would you bring up human resources. you are obviously not a bro hugger. >> i go for a hug and people reel and i was not sure if i ate to which garlic. and you go for the hug and they go for a handshake. >> i am glad football players are sharing. >> i don't think you can the at first, but you can. >> you shake hands and bond a little bit and then you hug. >> and then you go for the elbow and then you pull them in. >> you are a hugger and what happens when you shake someone's hand; is that a sign you don't like them? >> no, like i said, the shaking of the hand is expected nothing upsets me more than greeting someone and say excuse me, what
10:00 am
was your name? and you have a lot of love. >> we have to get out of here. >> that was you with lundqvist in the hall of fame. and in three seconds we'll go to happening now. toss us that ball. that looks like a good time. >> thank you. we'll take the toss. right now, three developing stories we are watching right now. new reports that a key suspect in the benghazi terrorist attack is now talking to u.s. interrogators. a live report just minutes away. marabara back on the hot seat telling law makers why it took years for her company to address safety problems. and dr. oz getting


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