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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 19, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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with us. we begin with a fox news alert. terrorist militants flying the black flag over the biggest oil refinery as the country crumb s crumbles. e >> iraq is asking the u.s. for air sport but the president wants to wait. hi there elizabeth. what's the hold up? >> president obama met with congressional leaders this week. he indicated to the men and women he doesn't necessarily need their permission to move forward although they will be updated on any possible news. john kerry and administration officials at this point aren't ruling out anything. >> nothing is off the table. all options are still available. the president has not made a decision on those options. we are intensely vetting each of the possibilities. >> any time you say as the president has on many occasions he is not ruling out and never does the u.s. of military force
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in a circumstance like this. >> the iraqi government has requested air support in countering the rebels. it is not quite arizona zee as it looks. they warn heavy risks that come with launching a bombing campaign especially since the targets for now are pretty unclear. f 18's are typically known as an aircraft -- an attack aircraft but they are doing so from a carrier in the persian gulf. any moves at this point are unpredictable. >> this foreign policy is making the world is much more dangerous place and we more likely to be attacked after he became
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president p than before. >> how is this sitting with voters? according to a new poll 57 percent of voters disapprove the president's handling of foreign policies so only 37 percent approve at this point. >> elizabeth prann live for us in washington this morning. that takes us to our look who is talking. while the administration decide what to do about iraq the main stay media is busy blaming president bush and dick cheney. maybe listening to chain nae on iraq isn't a good idea. he kroet this there's not a single person in america who has been more wrong and more shamelessly dishonest on the topic of iraq than dick cheney. the former vice president responding saying this about what happened after george w. bush left the white house. >> i think when we left office we had a situation in iraq that was very positive.
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we made progress as a result of president bush's decision to go on a surge in kuwait there had been a dramatic reduction in violence in the country. they were prepared for negotiations that would lead to a stay behind force of american trainers technical people, intelligence logistics capability so they could de fentd their own territory. barack obama came into office and instead of a stay behind agreement he basically walked away from it. >> one key impact of walking away from iraq no u.s. military personnel on the ground. colonel oliver north says that means u.s. air strikes on the militants are a very bad idea. >> what would we want to start bonding people without air controllers on the ground with iraqis? the even re don't want to put them with iraqis they don't have
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status agreement. you need to have these kinds of people who know they can get out if things turn upside down. attacks by the taliban setting off a real gun battle there. this happened in a parking lot of a nato out post near the border crossing in pakistan. nearly 40 trucks were deployed by explosions and two killed in a firefighter with police. jesus lionel sanchez mesa was extradited and is charged in the murder of the border patrol agent. he was killed by bandits who purchased ak-47 through the botched fast and furious operation that encouraged to illegally sell thousands of weapons to a mexican gun cartel. he received a 30 year sentence earlier this year in connection
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with the murder. one other suspect is now in custody. >> the benghazi suspect khatallah is talking to officers and is giving all sorts of information. libya is demanding we return him saying we had no right to take him in the first place. katherine herridge has the story from guantanamo bay, cuba. >> stud it shows the extreme steps they will take to avoid the guantanamo bay situation. >> putting them on ships, submarines places like that for a temporary interrogation instead of a full interrogation that's dangerous. >> they are giving interrogators a history lesson on his islamic
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militia. >> this war is not over yet we are seeing a reversion back to the clinton administration where we are treating terrorists as a criminal defense. >> the benghazi suspect is a second operative picked up by the obama white house held to see them and transferred to federal court. the timing came up on capitol hill. the criminal complaint was found in dc last july. >> the operation though it looked routine it took months of preparations and intelligence. >> he can be questioned but it cannot be used against him. >> he's the type of guy to figure out who he knows how they are interconnected and how this attack came together.
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>> in guantanamo mow bay cuba, katherine herridge, fox news. he cannot get a fair trial in massachusetts because of tavented jury pool. they are asking to try him in washington, d.c. instead. survey of potential jurors in the commonwealth finding quote an overwhelming presumption of tsarnaev's guilt. his lawyers point to the community impact of the four-day manhunt and the lock down. the trial is expected to begin in november. >> the nightmare for the u.s. marine in mexico could soon be over. the mother of sergeant tahmooressi fired two lawyers after questioning their c competence. he accidentally drove into mexico with three legally registered guns. now to extreme weather.
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more of it damage and dramatic pictures after a south dakota town takes a direct hit from a tornado. >> oh my gosh. it hit something oh, no. that tornado hitting a town west of sue falls south dakota. plenty of homes and businesses had major damage in that area and now the red cross is coming in to help families who have been displaced by that storm. >> maria molina tracking in the storm center. >> some of the strongest tornadoes in february february a -- nebraska and south dakota. in states like minnesota parts of iowa down to candace and oklahoma. there's a secondary area we
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could be seeing severe weather and that's across the mid atlantic states like maryland, parts of southern new jersey. you could see storms with large hail and damaging winds. there's a smaller risk for tornadoes. it could potentially produce a tornado on the ground and produce damage. we have a risk of flash flooding especially across the midwest. several inches of rain expected out here. take a look at the highs 97 in raleigh, atlanta, widespread across texas. in the northeast a cool down only in the 70s in new york city. >> happening today house republicans vote for a new majority leader majority whip kevin mccarthy appears likely to win over raul labrador to succeed eric cantor.
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if he does current include chief deputy whip of illinois, louisiana congressman steve scalise and marlin stutzman of indiana. >> happening today the marine that jumped on grenade to save his best friend's life receives the nation's highest honor corporal carpenter will receive an honor that takes place today. carpenter was wounded in 2010 while guarding a patrol base in afghanistan. enemy forces lobbed grenades into the base and he put himself between one and norma reason. he lost his right eye and suffered injuries. he is the 8th recipient to be chosen for the medal of honor for actions in iraq organ stan p. >> congratulations. >> coming up congress couldn't get the washington redskins to change their name how the pc
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>> two u.s. citizens in the united states are now behind bars. federal authorities in texas arresting a university of texas student and another in separate cases. kahn wanted to join a terrorist group linked to al qaeda and wolfe wanted to serve in al qaeda. both men are due in detention hearings tomorrow. >> charged bowberg da bowe berg
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with de certification. his former roommate retired roommate testified in a hearing saying bergdahl be trade his country by walking away from his base. the father of lieutenant andrews who died trying to recover bergdahl from the taliban also spoke questioning whether his son's death is justified. >> if you are going to get your son back by trading 5 more senior taliban oo. >> if my son had been a deserter, no, absolutely not. but my son was a man of honor. and i would do almost anything. >> andrews also says the government initially lied to him about why his son died. >> the federal trademark panel now ruling the team's name is
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considered disparaging and canceled their trademark. it has been a long battle to get the name changed. what it means for the team and the money. >> the decision is a blow to the team but don't expect things to change any time soon. the federal trademark board says the redskins name is disparaging and never should have been given a trademark in the first place. the team can still use the name but they could possibly lose out on millions of dollars. six trademarks have been canceled but the current logo has been untouched. her harry reid sports the cha-- supports the change. >> there have been tv and radio campaigns calling for a boy scott of t bsh bsh boycott of t
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name. many players awaited a decision. >> as redskins with a name we are not trying to bring harm to anybody. >> today's ruling will have no effect on the team's ownership of and rights to use the name and logo. the team was named after their head coach who was part of the sioux. despite the ruling snyder is adamant he will not change the name. some including nfl greats ter terri -- terry bradshaw says that's a mistake. >> if you err say i will never you will eventually have to eat that. >> an attorney for the team will appeal that decision. if they ultimately lose changing logos could cost the team up to $5 million. a lot of money heather but hardly a drop in the bucket for this third most valuable nfl franchise. back do you, ladies.
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>> we want to know what you think. have the pc police gone too far or is it time for the redskins to give in? >> send us an email at and we will share them later in the show. >> before you get in your car this morning, a new investigation into more than a million vehicles over possible ignition issues. you do need to know about this. loren simonetti from the fox business network is here now with what you need to know about that. >> this time we are talking about chrysler. the national highway traffic safety administration offering two probes into switch defects in one and a quarter million cars. 1.25 million here. this includes the dodge journey as well as jeep grand cherokee and others. the ignition spich can pop out and cause the air flags not to am deploy after it stalls.
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it is an investigation not a recall at this point. gm recalling millions of cars. e-mails were presented showing the switch defect is not just in small cars but in bigger cars as well. senators proposing raising the gas tax $0.12 over two years to fund the highway trust fund. last time gas taxes were raised was back in 1993. amazon has finally announced its fire phone six cameras render 3-d images. they present the user with ways to buy em this. it has a two-year at&t contract. t the s&p had another high yesterday. >> loren simonet net -- lauren simonetti thank you very much. >> up up and away the tsa using
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>> a taxi driver losing all control of the car. he couldn't break lake let alon stop.
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you can hear the tear fied passengers screaming in the back. came to an end with the car slamming into a tree. no word what happened mechanically to the car. >> dramatic video capturing a terrifying moment a sky diver's parachute and emergency backup failed. the 27-year-old man jumping from 14,000 feet in sydney, australia when his parachute ripped. he tried the backup. the lines got tangled. he frantically tries to free himself. he eventually crashes into a field suffering a few bumps and bruises. can you image, heather? >> no, i can't image that. taylor swift's home in the united states was attacked by beer bottles. police arresting two men and a women in her beach house. they hurled beer bottles on to her property and cursed out her security guards. the singer not home at the time.
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>> the man who broke into sandra bullock's house had an entire arsenal. joshua core bit got into her house while she was sleeping. they found one illegal weapon but they just announced they have found a lot more. they now have certain. the -- seven. the accused stalker didn't come to burglarize he just wanted to see the star. >> jay leno will be awarded the mark twain prize for for humor. a tale of two cities is one of my favorite books he says. 25 minutes after the hour. if you want to get a whiter around brighter smile you can forget the toothpaste. what you can buy in the dairy
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>> good morning. we start with a fox news alert. president obama sitting on his hands while this happening once again in iraq. militants celebrating another victory as the bent gone appears to lay the groundwork for air strikes. >> up, up and away. the tsa charging you more for your flights. why the airlines are against the new fees. >> talk about being on a treadmill. it is the video we have been showing you all day long. it continues right now.
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>> i am loving that song. good morning. it is thursday june 19th. welcome to "fox & friends". beautiful american flag. i am heather childers. nice to have you here. >> great to be here with you heather. i am heather nauert. it is half past the hour. let's start with the fox news alert. terrorists flying the black flags over iraq's biggest oil refinery as the country seems to crumble. >> iraq asking the u.s. for air support but the president wants to wait. doug luzader is live in washington with more. >> heather and heather good morning. the white house under a lot of pressure to make some kind of decision on this. the administration says they have ruled outcome boots on the ground but yet at the same time they say all options are on the table. fighter jets taking off from the george h.w. bush. they are being used for recognizance missions over iraq.
2:32 am
this is not traditional reconnaissance aircraft. they are pushing for air strikes to help beat back the advance of isis militants. they told congress yesterday it would not be easy. >> these forces are very much intermingled. it is not as easy as looking at an iphone video of a convoy and immediately striking. >> president obama reaching out to congress to a point. he met with those at the aufl office but also wrangled republicans who said it would be clear he would not need their permission to move forward. >> we are far more likely to get attacked after barack obama became president than before. >> you said on many occasions he's not ruling out and never does the u.s. of military force in a circumstance like this.
2:33 am
that's not ruling in or saying there's a certain use of military force. >> and this as the situation in iraq continues to worsen with the reports ice sis militants have taken over an oil refinery. doug, thank you so much. dozens of fields rock near eastern afghanistan setting off a gun battle there. this happened in a parking lot near a border crossing into b k pakistan. nearly 40 trucks were destroyed by an explosion there. >> benghazi suspect cat tal law now giving them a history of his military group. he is being pushed to id the other terrorists. officials hoping to have as much time with him as possible before having to read him his miranda
2:34 am
rights and hand him to his lawyer. she says there's more evidence out there including a video. >> i would remind you that there was a video that the administration never released after promising it would do so. a surveillance video of the attacks that showed i am told in some cases pretty good images of some of the attackers on-site. we don't know why they won't release that to us but that's a piece of evidence the administration has when they are looking for suspects. >> the families of four americans killed during the attack, the arrest for them is not enough. the father of former navy seal tyrone woods and pat smith the mother of shawn smith both want to know why nearly two years later they still don't have answers. >> the question is why since our government knew from day won the names and the phone numbers of the leadership why did it take one year and nine months to make
2:35 am
this arrest? >> is there anything they dr leave. >> there's one thing in particular. tell me the truth. tell me what happened. who can tell you that? >> hillary, i want to know why she did not give security when it was called upon for so many times, at loose eight that i know of. they needed more security. she refused to do it. she is blaming everybody else even though it was her territory, it was her department. she is the one whos had a the answers. >> four pryer attacks. they demanded we give up facts saying it was libyan sovereignty and we had no right to take them. >> an 89-year-old man living in philadelphia may now be headed back to germany to face charges he helped the nazis at one of
2:36 am
the most notorious concentration camps. he worked as a guard at auschwitz and that's where prisoners were killed in the chambers. he immigrated to the united states in 1952 and he worked as a tool maker until his retirement. fascinating. let's talk about an extreme weather alert that damaged dramatic pictures after a south dakota town takes a direct hit from a tornado. 100 national guard troops are moving in there to help. we have the risk for more severe storms today right across the center of the country. this is the area that has been seeing a lot of severe weather over the last several days in
2:37 am
north dakota and south dakota could be damaging winds and large hail even tornadoes from the storms. there is a secondary area we will be watching for the possibility of severe storms as well. across parts of virginia, maryland and southern parts of the state of new jersey storms will be firing up during the afternoon and evening hours. flooding is a concern. indiana, illinois even into minnesota travel will be impacted by some of the storms today especially across cities like chicago and illinoboston. warm out there 97 for high in ralei
2:38 am
raleigh. 94 in atlanta. factor in humidity out there it will feel hotter than that. the northeast cooling off in the 70s for many of you. head over to you. six flags about to get a whole lot scareyer. the roller-coaster opened up to the public. the ride is expected to be the world's fastest wooden roller-coaster with the faster steep drop groping them 180 feet at a nearly vertical 85 degrees. it will reach top speeds. would you let your kids go on that? would you go on that? >> mine are toddlers. no. i might go on it. >> a plane was forced to make an emergency landing because of this mangled wing. look at that. wait until you hear what created that giant hole at the end. >> you want a brighter whiter
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>> welcome back. "fox & friends first". this is plain crazy.
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sued see the giant hole? it was caused by a flock of birds flying in mid air. speaking of flying your flight may cost more than you thought. tricky matt charging you more. adam joins us to explain. >> right now they define round trip as any trip leaving and returning from the same spot. they charge 2.50 for a nonstop flight so the round trip journey would cost you 5 bucks in tsa fees. congress agreed to raise tsa fees as part of the budget deal. the agency wants to charge a
2:44 am
flat $5.50 for each segment including connecting flights that might depart four hours after the leg of the journey. you fly round trip from newark to vegas it would cost you 11.50 in t is,a fee -- -- tsa fees. a flight from erie, pennsylvania to newark to las vegas and back again that could add more than $30 in tsa fees if connecting times between flights are greater than four hours. the new fees will raise almost $17 billion more than the current fees over the next decade. here is why the tsa plan is, you might say, hitting a lot of turbulence. that extra money will be used to lower the deficit. only a portion of that extra money will fund tsa operations. fasten your seat belts. heather? >> adam shapiro thank you very
2:45 am
much. do you ever just stress out? >> would you take a second and take the sticks out of your head and maybe you would see i am a person who has feelings and all i have to do is do what i want to do. >> stress may not be from the brain. a stressful lifestyle and stressful job could hurt your short term memory because there's a hormone that increases when you are stressed out. it can lead to memory lapses especially as you age. >> it is time for your 5 at 5. >> here are five things you should buy dark chock let hardens enamel to stop staining from your teeth. strawberries actually cleans stains off your teeth and cheese works because it lowers the ph levels and makes your mouth less acidic. finally nuts. nuts help strub plaque off of your teeth. did you know?
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now you do. >> i don't want to chip it, though. >> the time now 15 minutes to the top of the hour. a teen in trouble for bringing pot brownies to school? why her father is now facing charges. >> brian kilmeade is here from "fox & friends". >> 14 minutes before the top of the hour. at the top of the hour we will be talking about this. now we have been the phave the t office getting political. the redskins get their trademark canceled. they are counter suing. what does that mean for the tradition. the judge is here on that. suits up with the fdny from air-conditioners to dishwashers. easy ways for hundreds of us to save big this summer. behind the scenes with jersey boys, the play with clint eastwood that will be the story and it is national martini day
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good morning. it's ten minutes before the hour. an armed robber is no match for a 79-year-old army veteran. martin yale, right here in blue, was pumping gas in florida when someone attacked him and went for his wallet but the veteran not going down without a fight. check this out. >> he kept trying to get the wallet which is right here. this is where he used his left hand and showed me a big gun. i wasn't going to give in. he said give it up old man: >> then a worker intervened and the suspect took off. a washington man and his daughter have been
2:51 am
arrested after the teenager baked pot brown tpheus and brought them to school. four students at the school got sick and now the father is facing charges including giving the student t.h.c. oil. cops found an entire operation in the guy's garage. he has pleaded not guilty and the teenager is in juvenile detention while authorities find a place for her away from her father. heather. >> from broadway to the big screen, "jersey boys" hitting theaters friday. but it is the man behind the camera that is bringing this movie critical aclaim. legendary actor and award winning director clint eastwood. for more, stepping into the fox light with michael tammero. >> go ahead, heather. try and make my day but it's too late. my year has been made. i had a chance to sit down with the legendary
2:52 am
producer, director and actor, clint eastwood. the four fellows from new jersey, rags to riches story, these guys will likely end up in jail or dead, let alone going worldwide with their music. we sat down with him recently and asked him what drew him to his project. he did something different with this. this is what he had to say. >> there was something hidden about the movie, a great hit there but never got quite the recognition of the beatles or the rolling stones. it was kind of great hits were hidden between these four guys, so it was fun doing a story on them. >> i heard that you kept a lot of original actors from the play instead of going to bigger names like a lot of musicals do. >> that to me was the spirit of the thing. these guys, some of them
2:53 am
had done as many as 1,200 performances. that's experience that you can't put a price on. so, and they lived with it that much, i figured they could live with it one more time. >> i could live with it one more time too. i saw it last weekend, it was really fantastic. you'll leave humming some of the tunes, hopping to steps and maybe the whole thing. >> when does it open? >> june 20. check out all our interviews at as always, you can follow me on twitter. >> okay. ready? ♪ sherri baby >> i won't try. won't even attempt it. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. congress couldn't get the washington redskins to change their name so now the p.c. police are using the patent office.
2:54 am
talk about being tripped up on the treadmill, it is the video you will be talking about all day. keeping a billion customers a year flying, means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter.
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if you're doing that, jumping out of bed, dancing to the music and joining "fox & friends first" every single day at 5:00 a.m., we appreciate it. it is three minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what happening. terrorist militants fly their black flag as the country crumbles. iraq asking for u.s. air support. the president has yet to decide about action. republican house members voting on a new majority leader today. majority whip kevin mccarthy likely to replace eric cantor. a marine who jumped on a lundregan made to save his best -- jumped on a grenade to save his best friend will receive the highest honor at a white house ceremony today. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. >> i don't think i really deserve it. >> after serving more than two decades in the marines, jack bernardo coming home
2:59 am
to find volunteers had remodeled his home. they spent more than $70,000 installing new tphaors, -- floors and a new kitchen. >> a raging bull turning the table on amateur fighters in peru, breaking out of the ring and charging into the crowd. ten people were hurt. finally the ugly. one guy learning the hard way you should always pay attention in the gym as he face plants right there. look -- ouch! on the treadmill. embarrassing. >> now it's time for your brew on this responses. we told you earlier a trademark board with the u.s. patent office stripping the trademarks on the washington redskins name saying it is disparaging to native americans. the owner vowed to keep the name despite the ongoing controversy. we asked have the p.c. police gone too far or is it time for the redskins to give in. gail tweeted leave the redskins alone.
3:00 am
hail to the redskins! genie tweeted as usual they have gone too far. all of a sudden it bothers a few american indians. barney says i am part native american and i look at it as a name that pays tribute to a proud heritage and a positive, not a negative. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> good morning. it is thursday, june 19, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. sunni militants flying their black flags over iraq's largest oil refinery claiming it has fallen to insurgents this morning. this as exxon pulls out its people. we are live with all those breaking details. >> can hardly wait to see how much gas is going to cost today. meanwhile this morning, the lost lois lerner e-mail apparently gone forever. somebody apparently destroyed the hard drive. what exactly is going on


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