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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 20, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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-- the -- she eventually said he was able to swim to safety. she was too overconfidant before the trip and today she is eating humble pie. we will you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> here is our panel and today's #oneluckyguy retired army colonel alan west. he served in deperation storm, iraq freedom and afghanistan. he was awarded a bronze star. today he is outnumbered. >> this is normal for me with a wife and two daughters. this is all right. they told me to act normal like i am in the house and sit in the
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corner. so put me in my corner. thank you. i can talk for food. >> you got it right. >> normally i have my motorcycle so i can escape. >> you should have parked that out back so you can escape. >> looking forward to it. >> the sparks are flying where lawmakers grilled an irs chief about the agencies targeting scandal. the hearing is in a hold for a vote for other issues. but thousands of e-mails from lois lerner are missing and could be gone after it was revealed they were lost when the computer crashed in 2011. one of the most heated moments was when paul ryan took his turn. >> you don't have the e-mails? hard drive crashed?
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you learned about this months ago and we had to ask you monday? this isn't being forthcoming. this is being misleading. this is a pattern of abuse and misbehavior that is not giving confidence this agency is being impartial. i don't believe you. this is incredible. >> i have a long career and this is the first time anyone says they don't believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> that is fine. most of the 27 pages is exhibits when asked about the custodian -- >> will you let him answering the question? >> i didn't answer a question. >> gentlemen.
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>> the gentlemen's time -- i control the time. >> regular order. >> if we are investigating criminal wrong doing, targeting of people based on political beliefs and the e-mails in question are lost because of a hard drive crash that is apparently unrecoverable and you don't tell us about it until we ask you that is not being forthcoming. >> and earlier today people were gasping in that room when he once and for all explained the fate of that critical hard drive. >> your letter says the e-mails are not recoverable but fail to mention where the damaged hard drive is? >> after it was determined it wasn't functional and no e-mails could be retrieved was recycled.
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>> was it physically destroyed? >> that is my understanding. >> was it melted down? >> i have no idea what they did with it. this was three years ago. >> let's go straight to colonel west. your thoughts? >> it is hard to try to excuse this away because the irs tells us we have to keep records up to seven years and they are m mandated to keep e-mails for up to two years. so saying this is all gone that is not acceptable. we have an agency that is doing good with collecting meta data called the nsa so turn it over to them. there is one agency at a galvanize the american people it is the internal revenue system. >> this isn't a republican or democrat issue. this is an american issues. >> as you and i talked about
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this it is a liberty issue. you have 16,000 irs agents coming in and they are going to be the one in charge of our health care and the next irs return you will have to check the box when or not you have health insurance coverage so they have so much intrusion into our lives and we are seeing this pay out where they feel in an arrogant way they are not responsible. and i think that republicans are kind of getting tired of the heisman trick that is being played on them. >> let's flip the switch. let's see it from the democrats perspective. we have a little from nancy pelosi now. >> they need to upgrade their technology, get it right so there is no suspicion about what agenda anyone may have on that. >> all right. so she is saying the problem for the irs is their computer technology is behind the times and that that was really the
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problem. >> just blame the technology like they blamed low level employees. a lot of americans would love for a team of it experts to go in and question that guy. there is no way there is not some trace of this. those e-mails landed in someone's box. if they want to find the e-mails they will find it. and as a conservative, i love that side of paul ryan. if you bring that out we might give you another shot. >> it was said the white house isn't lifting a finger to help. why isn't there? >> there is no up side for democrats to defend this and suggest it just a technology problem, okay, then, but why? why were they not backing things
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up as they are required by law to do. it is kind of a remarkable thing this person sits there and not even apologetic. he is not saying well -- i am sorry, it just seems like common sense if you have a hard drive at the irs you preserve that. >> it is six hard drives of six individuals involved in this. nancy pelosi did say she believes this and maybe we should spend money and fix the system. well that should have been done a long time ago and i felt it was demeaning for the irs commissioner to not have an answers of where that is. >> and later in the hearing he
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was asked does lois lerner have a black berry or i-phone and he said i don't know and i will find out and be happy to let you know. >> every government employee has a black berry or some type of mean. if the democrats are seen as aligning themselves with the irs this could be a huge political issue going into the mid-term. >> president obama making surprise remarks during a news conference on the growing crisis in iraq. listen to how he answered this question? >> do you wish you had left a force in iraq? >> keep in mind. that decision was made by the iraq government. >> that is different than what he said in 2012. watch this exchange with his then opponent. >> with regards to iraq, you
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agreed there should have been a status of forces agreement. >> that is not true. what i would not have done is left tens of thousands of troops in iraq that would tie us down. that would not help us. >> we left how many troops in germany? and they are still there. how many troops in korea? they are still there. bill clinton said we would only be in the bal kins for a year and we are still there. i think the president was caught up in a campaign promise. you never give up terrain you have taken. we created a vacuum and the prime minister talked to us in 2011 and said if you withdraw your troops in iraq and no footprint you will create a vacuum. we are going to have to deal with the isis enemy today or
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later and i would rather deal with them now in the infant stages. >> i am curious your take? >> he did use it as a campaign issue but it is also true that prime minister was going to let him leave troops. so there was no way to get the status forcement agreement and you cannot leave troops without that. >> if you show resolve and strength in that part of the world they will build to your will. and when you think about the treasure and our resources sacrificed there, you just don't go back and say okay, then we will not do anything. it is interesting we are looking at the verge of the exact same thing. >> so you would have sent troops without protection for immunity? >> he didn't want us there.
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there is no question. >> he would not be in his position of power if it were not for us. >> that is true. but he didn't want the u.s. there. he is not a good partner, right? >> i agree he is not a good partner. but i think we could have done more influence in that situation. >> i think the key is americans didn't want us there. you can look at the president saying he is flip-flopping but the bottom line is 80% of iraqis didn't want us there and americans didn't want us there. and i think most americans will stand with the president if he takes a back-seat on this. i think many americans think he should have taken a more back-seat on this. i think he has a lot of public support here. >> i hear about war fatigue. how many people in the united states have war fatigue?
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a soldier, sailor, airguard, they want to see a mission completed. the only way you win wars is win or lose it. you don't pack up and say i quit because the enemy has a vote. >> a poplar teenage clothing line is at it again. giving out pens made to look like needles and you will not believe what they say on them. and coaches at the world cup are laying down the law for players and wait until you hear the things players are banned from doing in the bedroom. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to
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last year they had to pull a line of items for looking like prescription bottles and pills. we reached out for comment but haven't heard back. this is a store that teens frequent. does this bother you? >> this wreaks -- the store is desperate. the stocks are down. they are trying anything is what this tells me. this is just an insult to the families dealing with this epidemic. i am sure everybody on panel has a story of someone they know or their best friend knows that web has been affected by this drug. >> there is a particular problem with heroin in new york.
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the number of people seeking treatment for heroin has risen by 40%. do you think advertising or marketing contributes to this? >> i think it is this culture war where people promote things and you think it will have a financial benefit but it goes against the culture -- fill -- i have two daughters. and this makes it tough because they come home saying everybody else is going there. so we to educate the kids we don't go along with everyone. it does make it difficult for parents to get out there and to the right think. >> harris, i want to play
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devil's advocate. what about people that say let parents do the explaining. >> that is the devil. i am outraged by this. as a parent or just as a person i am outraged that we would elevate this to the level we are going to sell things based on drug use in this country. and by the way the little picture we showed of the cup that looked like a bottle of oxy cotin that was a shot glass. they are cross promoting the change of drug use. it is like a slippery slope. it isn't funny. it isn't funny. it is offensive. >> but wrap music and everything. with daughters, think about the way they portray girls with the music videos and the lyrics. this is the culture thing we are
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facing and it does really hurt parenting and it is an every day fight for parents to be able to stand up against these incredible peer pressures out there. >> is the answer the free market? parents are responsible for buying a lot and they will respond saying they don't like and it will play out? >> i guess so. but part of the free market is speaking out and saying they don't like it. they promoted drinking to children basically. they had a star of david patch t-shirt similar to what jews had to wear during the holocaust. who are these people? >> worlds only living heart donors. >> i think people should start speaking out. >> parents don't need the job to
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we have a little round up of his more colorful statements, let's take a look at that. >> your mom is still alive and your dad passed.
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>> [bleep] you! >> unchain wall street. they will put you all back in chains. >> he did not say that. >> there was so many more, i thought it would go on longer. >> what is he going to get you in terms of the midterms? cozy up next to a big name like hillary clinton, war on women dialogue, you need somebody who's going to help you with the dialogue. i don't know you get so much from the vice president. >> what you think of hillary clinton as a juggernaut who is going to become president? >> i don't think she is the strongest candidate. if you look at this last week, she has to go back to get some of the tools sharpened up to get on the field again.
9:28 am
this is what i think they are looking to do. you want to run on the emotion issue of the first female president and if you don't agree with that, you are sexist, misogynist, the people in that situation. joe biden doesn't get you anything. >> sticking with what you are talking about, what do you think, there was a politico article about this, they support hillary, this is something i said over and over again. they feel like it is their time. >> there is no other viable option could be something here. joe biden has to work on his personal relationships a little bit better in d.c. a lot of this is a reflection on his boss as well. if he wasn't declining ratings by the day into the midterms joe biden may be in a different seat. >> likability issues, noted
9:29 am
parallels because joe biden is a weaker candidate. he is a guy conservatives like me find he is funny, entertaining, charismatic, those are the things hillary clinton has revealed she is absolutely missing. some very different possibilities i think historically they will go behind hillary clinton, but he is interesting. there is a lot of crossover, a lot of republican women. even more so. >> most americans think the global image is worse off under the leadership of president obama and former secretary of state clinton, raising questions of how that might impact a possible presidential run in 2016. a new poll shows 55% of americans believe the nation's prestige has worsened since they came into office, of that
9:30 am
number, 34% say it has gotten a lot worse. is this the struggle this administration has had with foreign policy for example? >> what you saw when president obama came into office was to get away from gun toting diplomacy to make america more likable but the world is more machiavellianone peace, love and coca-cola. so what you are finding his we present the cute little reset button to vladimir putin and he threw it in the trash can. you try to make nice with china, now china is taking over threatening the balance of power in the pacific. you look at sedan said on the i.
9:31 am
why don't we tell the sudanese to get off of it? there is a sense of weakness for the united states. >> it is not just a united states thing. republicans say americans was standing has withdrawn. 57% of independent terrorism say america standing and prestige in the world has declined under president obama. >> i watched the president do an interview on tumbler and he had great salesmanship. this is about selling what works. we feed, clothe, love, free more people on the planet than any other country and i would argue in this history. america is just that special. i am not the president, i can sell it. i almost want to throw my time, why doesn't the president take a page out of that book and say it
9:32 am
is not with pride, maybe it could be, but we were wrong. >> he is a very exceptional country and has spoken to country abroad about the great things they have done. i think he never said the word i'm sorry, by the way. i don't think he apologized but people have just turned against the president on every front. who even knows about being specific of any foreign-policy. people are just unhappy with anything he does. people were quite upset you have this information come out after the election, i think he is having a country turn against him on every front. >> the pope is turning against marijuana. why he is condemning attempts to legalize pot and other
9:33 am
recreational drugs, and first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby, young moms and marriage. ce. [woman] that's good. i know right? gevalia.
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to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> first comes love, then comes baby, then comes marriage? both american mothers play 6-31 have at least one child when they were not married. only 36% of moms in their late 20s were married when their kids were born. the study also shows waiting for marriage to have children is now considered "unusual" among less educated adults. he surprised me in the commercial break, i've got an answer for this, why is this happening? >> the consequence from lyndon
9:38 am
johnson, do something good for single mothers, provide them a check from the government but at that time it was at 6%. today it is 45%. you are seeing what used to be the foundation absolutely devastated now. something i never saw growing up as a kid in the inner-city of georgia. this intent by the government but they never think of the second or third affect. >> it since some of the problem so many african-american men are not married to women? unfortunately a lot that have been incarcerated. >> that is why we have to focus on the inner-city. detroit, chicago. 41 shootings in chicago, or than
9:39 am
iraq and afghanistan and that continues to cause this breakdown. >> you say that is something that is a trend we can follow. >> without a doubt. every statistic out there says children grow up better in two parent families. for those who grow up fine in single-parent families? absolutely. but it is now becoming the norm. look at jessica simpson and her football player boyfriend. they had all their children and then got married. kim kardashian doing the same thing. >> i try not to compare my life to kim kardashian. >> it is on every magazine in the supermarket. >> most having children out of wedlock are not like this. educated people tend to less likely have a child out of wedlock.
9:40 am
economically insecure by having a child out of wedlock. >> you are around more like-minded people in college. i have a question for you, would you consider this? i know you are single, beautiful, smart, you may not find that child if you don't need him. >> if i could economically support that child on my own. and numerous studies have shown a two-person household is better for children. you have to think non-traditionally about aunt and uncles and grandma and grandpa. not everyone has a traditional family but they have love and support financial and otherwise around them. it is a lot more complex than a lot of people give them credit for. >> they place such a heavyweight on education because your heart
9:41 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, let's go to jon scott with what is coming up. >> chemical weapons or the ingredients to make them in the hand of terrorists? new information isis fighters stormed the capacity as they go to iraq to support the government against advancing islamic militants. the reports of deadly violence in eastern ukraine as clashes with pro-russian rebels waged two days after the new president calls for a cease-fire. sunlight more addictive than heroine? or desire to involve something more than just going for a bronze glow. we will tell you about it "happening now." >> good to see you, jon. >> i may be outnumbered, but now it is my turn. oscar award-winning actress just became the latest hollywood star to come play celebrity life to war be at winning an academy
9:47 am
award for her role in 12 years of slaves telling vote magazine the red carpet feels like a war zone but you cannot fight it, you just have to stand there and take it. after some consideration she says i hope it doesn't make that a big quote because that would be sad, tell them not to do that. following a recent comment from gwyneth paltrow that he considered insults to war and charlie's therein who spurred outrage after intrusive press coverage to rape. i say we take them and put them in a combat zone. >> put an american flag on their backpacks, they will be hunted forever. >> you don't get back up to live, die, and repeat again.
9:48 am
>> i can't imagine how it makes you feel, but having this hurts me. i don't know who the first actress was, have not seen the movie, when his paltrow awesome story, wrote a story and said i wonder how it feels to read all the sad words people say about you in your mansion in the hollywood hills. it is perspective, they don't have the perspective. >> we have elevated people to this status they believe they can say anything and we have to take that away from them somehow. >> how do we do that? >> this will be the first time t paltrow or anyone, but have none of us ever said anything like that. it was like a war zone. you have never said that in your life? >> i can say something like that
9:49 am
where you say everything was really crazy like a war zone. you don't mean it literally like afghanistan. >> i'm not sure to me it sounded more offhanded. >> i remember when kevin garnet was playing for the timberwolves, it is like being in a combat zone and he got riddled for that. he apologized and said you know what, i was out of my mind. >> we have not heard when his paltrow apologize. >> these public relations experts that used to surround these celebrities have given up. >> social media, twitter, facebook, these people will be saying whatever they want at some point, have just taken a backseat as to before they would monitor heavily, she never would
9:50 am
have said that, somebody would have been constantly in her ear advising her. they know they have to go on twitter at some point, to let her speak. >> we're not talking about the woman who won the oscar for the film. >> no acrobatic sex and no sex at all from soccer players did why some coaches are implementing these rules ahead of big matches. and no, this isn't the new face of gucci, although it could be. the mug shot of one of southern california's most violent criminals and he has all the ladies swooning. we will explain. good job!
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♪ >> the world cup team to do anything to get an advantage even when it comes to sex. at least five teams that means
9:55 am
no funny business goo. for the u.s. and most european nations up in between the sheets is off-limits but for other countries it depends. for the french team, sex is okay. host country brazil while sex is okay, just not the acrobatic variety. coaster rico no sex until the second round, and maybe nigeria takes the cake. no sex with girlfriends. so what are we to believe to the only man on the panel? is engaging in this sort of activity before the game making men wee weak in the knees? >> i'm going to take a lesson from lois lerner and plead the fifth. i remember the movie "rocky," the first one when he said women
9:56 am
are weak in the legs. i had a rule of no sex until after your fourth patrol. >> really? >> no! >> we are gullible. >> how is the french team going to monitor this? will they be looking to see what is going on? really? >> i'm going to tell him. when sandra says not the acrobatic kind and what is that, you said it's fun. >> you have to space things up every now and then. >> you are unusually quiet on this subject.
9:57 am
i thought we were moving onto oo the next topic. >> you got lucky, you got lucky. a mug shot is going viral because of, take a look, he is smoking pot. getting more than 50,000 likes on the facebook page with lots and lots of comments like don't send him to prison, he is going to change, send him to me. and don't mind me, just taking my jaw off the floor. such a shame. he is a criminal and that makes him an ugly person. one of the most violent criminals in the area, no previous arrest photo has gotten so much positive attention. >> what is wrong with women in some cases? this guy has been labeled the most violent criminal, five weapon charges, one game charge,
9:58 am
$900,000 bond and still women are finding. is there something with our gender? >> women like bad boys. >> you are not getting away this time. >> he is gorgeous, is it terrible? would i a convict? no. but if somebody is ugly? >> the guy is obviously gorgeous, they are just saying this is too bad he went this way, he could have been a supermodel and had a better life. it didn't have to be like this. people are joking around, send him to me. he is gorgeous. would they actually date him? i don't know. >> the police department put up the picture.
9:59 am
44,000 likes at last count. >> he could have been yours. now you are the quiet one. >> this reminds me of when the boston bomber appeared on the cover of rolling stone looking like a celebrity. are we glorifying this sort of criminal celebrity, a dark side, we like it? >> you look at how they made him look like the bad guy. scarface, everybody fell in love with manny, they didn't want tony, they wanted manny. you guys are all about image, looks. my wife tells me to get up and go running. >> i happen to like the good
10:00 am
guys. >> that does it for "outnumbered." "happening now" starts right now. jon: new information on three developing stories we're watching this hour. on the irs, the commissioner the irs refusing to apologize after thousands of e-mails subpoenaed by congress simply disappeared. plus the obama administration dealing with a surge in immigrant children in a southern border. pope francis comes out against legalizing marijuana and other recreational drugs. but first, u.s. military advisors on their way to iraq trying to bolster against sunni militants. welcome to this new hour of "happening now."


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