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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 20, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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guys. >> that does it for "outnumbered." "happening now" starts right now. jon: new information on three developing stories we're watching this hour. on the irs, the commissioner the irs refusing to apologize after thousands of e-mails subpoenaed by congress simply disappeared. plus the obama administration dealing with a surge in immigrant children in a southern border. pope francis comes out against legalizing marijuana and other recreational drugs. but first, u.s. military advisors on their way to iraq trying to bolster against sunni militants. welcome to this new hour of "happening now."
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lee. there are new threats to the safety. a shiite cleric warning the americans they will be attacked. >> meanwhile kuredish forces are taking advantage of the vacum left by fleeing iraqi forces. there are growing calls for a change in leadership saying the embattled prime minister maliki is unable to stop the sectarian violence. jon is live in the mideast bureau with the latest. >> reporter: jon, as far as the violence goes. isil militants are gearing up for a assault in the oil reserve in iraq. if the refinery were to fall in rebel hands, it could fuel the military capability. they have had a path of death
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and destruction through a large swath of iraq and now reports that the militants are destroying religious sites. all of this comes as the calls increase for iraq's prime minister maliki to step down and one of his strong critics. shiite a yla ttoh warned in a fiery sermon, we'll know ready for you if you are back. president obama stressed that u.s. troops will not be back on the ground in iraq, but he added military strikes could happen if the situation worsens and also obama is sending secretary of state john kerry to the middle east to work things out in the diplomatic channel. it is a holding pattern at least for now, back to you.
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>> jon reporting live from the mideast bureau. if this is the first time you are seeing jon. it is the first time john has appeared on fox news channel. >> reporter: that's right. it is good to be here. >> welcome to the time and you are covering a critical part of the world right now. we thank you. > reporter: thank you. >> ukranian troops and clashes in the government force ands pro russian rebels in the east. the latest battle comes after the ukranian new president issued a call for a ceasefire. greg has more from london. >> reporter: uma, the latest word in the last hour, ukranian president announced the seize four and it isap effort by him to calm things down. there are new troubling reports coming from the region. our contacts on the ground said there is more russian armor
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rolling in eastern ukraine and tanks and army personnel characters are seen and commandeered in an open border with russia and ukraine. they are sending troops near the border for security and fighting as you noticed. it is nor a hot bed town of slobvinach. the seven ukranian solders were killed and the government is claiming rebel casulties in the dozen. as they try to get the piece deal off of the ground and would include setting up a buffer zone between russia and ukraine. he has been on the phone with putin twice. and he made the announcement in eastern ukraine, his first visit to the troubled regime. none of this seems to be calming the people down. many are fleeing and bound to
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make moscow more angry and plains by ukraine to sign a trade agreement with europe next week. washington along with other things in the world keeping an eye on this troubled situation. the treasury department saying they are issuing sanctions against seven individuals against ukraine for destabilizing the reason and harboring pro- russian sentiments. still an unstabled region indeed. back to you uma. >> thank you very much. the irs targeting of conservative front and center on capitol hill as the commissioner testifies the first time since the irs claimed thousands of e-mails from lois lerner were lost in a computer crash. the day's hearing was heated at times. and he refuses to apologize. >> i didn't hear an apology to
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the committee. >> i don't think an apology was owed. not a single e-mail was lost. and we have produced and will produce. >> you don't think the time period between january 2009 is relevant. >> it is relevant. >> some critics compared the irs scandal in to what happen in watergate. the water said it is much worse and reads "watergate break in was a professional party in power going after the party professionals out of party. the irs is a party in power going after the most average >> it is a fascinating stuff and the refusal to apologize
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surprised a lot of people. >> he's decided to dig in on this. and more i watch the hearings between the republicans and irs. the seems that she should apologize to the american people. don't lose sight of the fact that the audits of the tea party investigation groups happen. we are not talking about american cross roads and super pact. these are average american people who organized themselves politically in towns and cities all over the america. these groups were audited by the internal revenue service and they deserve an apology. >> you point out the towns. franklin, tennessee and lucas, texas and that is average american as it gets. >> these are people who every year in april paid income taxes right off of the top of their
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incomes and then they organized themselves politically and find the powerful and feared agency in the united states asking them for this detailed information. that was the result of democratic senators encysting in letters to the irs that they go after and look at 5014 c groups. that is the party in power sicking the irs on average americans. >> the president was outraged when he first learned of all of this. what has he done to express his outrage since then? >> he allowed the irs to go up to capitol hill from time to time and elaborate the preposterous excuses why they were not responsible for lois lerners losing her e-mails. no one who has a pc in front of them and understands that e-mails are sent to an outside server believes that something like this could happen. >> you said the president seems
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detached and worn out from all of this? >> that's what the hill newspaper reported. maybe obama is done with washington. he's not doing anything legislatively. and in foreign policy, the things going on in ukraine and iraq, i think it is the result of his own decisions. it was his foreign policy to lower the u.s. role in the world and lead from behind and carried the risk that something could blow up in the world if the u.s. is not leading and now he has to deal with two crisis that he doesn't want to have to deal with. >> threatening a redline that shouldn't be crossed in serria and when it was crossed nothing came from it. does that lead to the crisis in iraq. >> >> it incent vised vladimar put
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ep in crimea and the al-qaeda group in northern iraq decided it was the moment to step forward because they would not meet resistance. and taking over half of iraq in two days, obviously they understood no resistance in iraq or the united states. >> very well done. thank you. uma? on capitol hill another crucial hearing and into another scandal wrapping up. house veteran's affairs xhutee taking up the controversy in the va. millions paid to the top executives as hospitals in the country went out of their way to hide long wait times for veterans seeking medical care. >> now, about the fraudulent actions taken in this country that have harmed our veterans, do you think that the department's assessment that the
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management of va is successful and in line with reality. >> if we knew what we anyhow today at that time, it is unlikely their performance would reflect what they reflected at the time the reports were written. they are looking at individuals through 2016. >> and the white house trying to stem the humanitarian crisis in the southern border. the obama administration is planning to open now detention facilities to keep with the surge of children and families flowing over our border from central america. no details and where they will be located. existing facilities are simply overwhelmed and forcing the government to release illegal immigrants until their court death. new details on the crash that left tracey morgan injured. what does it say as we get news.
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also why pope francis is not approving the burning of this bush. we want to hear from you. do you think that the terrorist threatening to take over iraq could be planning an attack on the u.s., too. click on happening now and click on america's{to join in on this discussion. anlrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. new information on the
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condition of tracey morgan. according to the publicist he is showing signs of improvement. he was transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. it comes a day after we lunched that the truck driver charged in the accident was speeding before slamming in morgan's limousine. the accident two weeks ago killed one man and seriously injured morgan and two other bus passengers. >> pot is not blessed by pop francis. the pontiff declaring the efforts to legalize marijuana are questionable and frusing the desired affects. loren? >> reporter: the pope denounced the use of recreational drugs and pushing back against a growing worldwide trend.
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pope francis told the conference in rome, that limited legal otherwising the drugs is a bad idea. >> legalization of so- called recreational drugs is highly suggestive and fails to produce the desired affect. >> the pope preached against the evils and meted the with addicts many times. he is trying to head off what he sees in the world. it is happening in his own backyard. ura gua yocced medical murn marijuana. francis saying that the underlying problems leading to drug use must be affected. >> the problem of druggous is not solved with drugs. >> and in the u.s., medical
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marijuana is available in 222 states and new york poised to be the 23rd. pope francis warned that substitute drugs are not an adequate therapy but a vailed means of surrendering to the phenom nan. >> this pope is not afraid to speak his mind. thank you very much. >> president obama doing a 180 on iraq and sending military advisors in a conflict he once thought was over. and the challenges that our forces will face there and vice-president cheney blasts the obama administration over the handling and igniting a media fire storm in the process. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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welcome pack on happening now. republicans are gaerthing in washington for the annual faith and freedom forum. and here is a live look at what is going on. they are motivating key conservative for a base of the party's support. rand paul among the speakers today. urge you go conservative not to shy away from the faith. and saying that religion can't be part of public life. namerica is not just experiencing growing pains but america is in a full- blown spiritual croisis and america's challenge is not wolves at the door but termites in the floor. our foundation is cracking.
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>> rick sanatorium and mike huckabee will be among some of the guests speaking out there today. >> and u.s. military forces heading to iraq. president obama sending 300 advisors to help prevent the government from falling. it marks a stunning turn around for the president who put iraq in his rearview mirror. mr. obama said our troops will not be thrust in the same role as before saying it is up to the iraqis to take the lead. >> we have had advisors and prepared to send additional military advisors, up to 300 to assess how to best train and advise and support the iraqi security forces going forward. >> and they will not be returning to combat in iraq and we will help iraqis as they take the fight to terrorist and they
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threaten the iraqi people and american interest as well. >> and what can they achieve in iraq. and brian fishman and followed with the new america foundation. and throw hundred, not's lot of boots on the ground; what can those military advisors do? >> yes, jon, i think the plan and it doo does make sense to put americans on the ground with the islamic, the jiowa haddist army marching toward baghdad and the sunni coalition that they are going to work with. what we need to do is divide the jihaddist from the other militants and we need to understand the relationship between them. and we also need to frankly get better intelligence on the iraqi government itself. prime minister maliki's
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government in iraq is a failure. and it has drin sunnis in iraq into the arms of the radical lastly. there is a worse case scenario. potentially if the iraqi government starts to fall apart we evacuate the embassy. and having you know, an increased number of troops to be able to secure and prepare an evaluation is what they are thinking of. >> and the rub here the united states is not fond of the malco government. but we have to prop the malco government up to put a lid on it, i guess. >> you need the malco government to stem theatoid of isil that is marched through much of iraq. but at the same time i don't think prime minister maliki will be part of the long- term
10:26 am
solution. he created the political conditions under which this has happen and statements by the senior religious figures including shiits, a how manyingly influential man had veiled criticism of the malco government saying you need to govern on behalf of all iraqis and not only shiite and bring in the sunnis as well. >> and obviously, we wanted to send in seal teams or delta force to pull off covert operations. the question is do we want to? >> what would we accomplish. isill is an army and not just a small number of terrorist groups. even if you take out the leader, i don't think that makes a huge
10:27 am
difference. if you leave the same political conditions in iraq in place. and so while using force and special operation's team is always an option on the table. but to do so without a broader political plan strikes me as you know, putting americans at risk for no good reason. you know, we should do that, but only when we have a broader strategy. >> brian fishman, thank you. >> thank you. transitioning from the battlefield, is often difficult for any veteran and one of the difficult assets, putting military skills to work in the private sector. coming up how they are putting american heroes back to work. and thousands of e-mails demanded by congress disa pored. the latest on the hearing and reaction from the white house. [male vo] inside this bag is 150 years
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gone. today's exchange was heated at times and here is one with wisconsin paul ryan as to why congress was not notified right away. >> i don't believe you. >> i have a long career and first time anybody said i don't believe you. >> i don't believe you. >> i am willing to stand on our record and it was not buried in 27 pages. most is exhibits and when asked about the custed oniance. >> being forth coming is to say. >> i am sorry. >> we are investigating. >> i didn't ask him a question. >> molly has been following the hearing and live in the white house with more. some members of congress don't believe the white house or congressman at all. >> reporter: it is getting heated. congressman paul ryan doesn't believe that the irs lost key
10:33 am
e-mails and he and others don't believe that the obama administration and white house's defense of that tax agency. here's more. >> we are missing a huge piece of the puzzle. years of 2009 and 12 is when the irs implemented the targeting scheme. how convenient. i find it hard to believe. and i don't believe that the irs went through every possible exercise to recover the documents. >> reporter: remember president obama said the irs targeting scandal is a number of phony scandals in washington. the congressman kemp said they are fed up and expect answers from the irs and administration. >> so what are you hearing from the white house and what do they say about the criticism? >> reporter: the president's time continues to defend the ears saying they are trying to
10:34 am
recover e-mails from lois lerner as possible. here's more on. that >> has the congress said it professional were unable to restore. but the irs will produce 24,000 e-mails from the time period largely from the files of other kwo individuals. they are engaging in an effort to find the e-mails in the absence of being able to restore the hard drive. ncarne said the irs produced emaims from lois lerner and 750,000 documents in the investigation. and jon, we are getting information from our fabulous white house producer kimberly, there is a briefing and they are addressing this topic now and incoming press secretary josh earnest was asked if there would be a special prosecutor it look into this. he said the irs and white house
10:35 am
are cooperating and they don't need a special prosecutor as you would imagine they would say. and he's chalking this up to transparent political motives. that is latest in the the briefing. >> locks like the irs had political motives of its own. but we'll let congress decide that. >> they are investigating. >> thank you. >> and vice-president dick cheney slammed the president obama handling of the iraq. he said it appeased the enemies and abandoning the allies. cheney is facing tough questions over the bush's role in the iraq war. we have howard. great to see you and how is this playing out with the way the vice-president was on the hot society. >> dick cheney is epititled to the views and what he and president bush did. it was a telling moment when he
10:36 am
went on megyn kelliy's show. she pressed him in addition to critizing president obama, cheney would not admit the miscal can you laugzs that the bush administration went with. and that is how the former bush administration officials and pro war pundits. they are entitled to the views and we should hear from them and questioned not just what should be done now, but what happened and got us in this mess in iraq. >> keeping it fair and balanced on fox news for sure. >> reporter: another point, there are some in the left that don't want fair and balanced. on msnbc. why should we hear from bill crystal and paul brimmer and they are wrong and discredited and we don't think they should be in the television studio. that strikes me intolerant.
10:37 am
i think they should be questioned and other people address president obama's role in this. could he left a residual in iraq despite maliki. all should be examined and not just one side. bill crystal and others, it sassumed what their view points are going to be. and they are saying no need to hear from him. >> crystal and others say we should go back in a military way in iraq given the situation with the terrorist there and captured a third of the country, they are entitled to say that. and no one should be shocked uma if they come at them hard and say why should we listen to you because you were wrong. it is a good healthy debate and degenerating in eye partisan blame game. >> i agree with you. and it is important to it hold both sides accountable. what is coming up this weekend?
10:38 am
>> we'll talk about that and have bret baier and gretta in the interview and strides going in and how it played out and an interesting conversation with the former secretary of state. >> we look forward to the media buzz. howard, great to it see you. talking about iraq, a great number of veterans of the iraq and afghanistan's wars are looking for work. there is a incredible program to help them. >> reporter: for many veterans it is a tough transition. for those who served since 9/11, unemployment rate is 50 percent higher than the national rate. gary is a example. he served in the army eight years and two tours in iraq. he got home to western michigan, he couldn't find a steady job despite the skills he developed
10:39 am
in the military. spectrum health wants to change that by getting the veterans in the dorwith internships and traits of discipline and leadership can shine. >> it gives veterans hope and opportunity and a chance to express themselves and show their capabilities. >> reporter: through the veterans program. veterans go through a 30 week internship and rotate in the hospital departments and learning skills with the end goal of landing a job. in the first six months, the program is so well, the hospital is expanding it to have more than 60 veterans by the end of the year. >> when you hear the gratitude and appreciation. it should be the other way around. it humbles you. >> reporter: spectrum health heard from other local
10:40 am
businesses looking to join in and hoping that with the success of the program, that many other businesses across the country will develop similar programs as well, jon. >> thank you. well it is summertime and officially begins tomorrow. that means a lot of families are heading to the beach. burning desire to catch rays means that we can get addicted to sunshine. an amazing surveillance video. these guys didn't bother to puck a look. they just drove through the store and what they were after right after this. stay with us. t! [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for...
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>> hi, everybody. i am jenna lee in for gretchen. under investigation for's pursuit that took them over the eighth hole in a golf course. how far should they go to get the suspect. and a group of inmates filing suit for air conditioning. have you been to houston in august? we'll talk about it. and plus, take your dog to work day. i like dogs. and dog owners taking things too far here. we'll debate. it we'll see you in the top of the hour. >> four guys in texas use a car to rob a store, look at this. it is a smash and grab drive by style. the thieves in a stolen car
10:45 am
drive in a cell phone store and making off with 30 phones and grabbed the cash drawer and they jump in the car and took off. it was later found on fire. pretty wild night for the guys and police who say they may have committed more crimes in the county. >> heroin is a dangerous drug. but the sun may be just as addictive. uv rays produce endorphins that make you feel good in the same way heroin does. the desire to lay on a beach is more than just washing a car. and we want our sunshine fix. they are joining us now to talk about this. fascinating study and saying we could be addicted to getting the rays. and people generally feel good
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about being outside when folks like us cooped up in winter and finally seeing the sun may want to be out there and it feels good. >> it is no secret that folks crave the outdoors and we know when you are outside and the weather is warm, you tend to have more physical activity. with activity and exercise and light walking and jogging, you create the endorphins and you get the high feeling. and it feels good when you secret the substances. and what they are thinking. some people are sun seekers and worshippers and that seems like a psychiatric addictive behaviorial disorder. and maybe there is a scientific reason to. it maybe certain people seek the sun because their body prouses the substance. >> that is a lope from mice it humans and it raises provocative questions. what about the seasonal aspect
10:47 am
when you need a uv light and boost your mood and things like that. is that related to all of this? >> it is related. folks in the extremes of the globe where they don't have sun exposure and cycles, and they are at risk for that seasonal affective disorder and it is a similar system when your body uses mepela tonnium. and mice don't have mella tonnium in their skin and plus mice have fur and nocturnal. and they are not exposed to sun in the same amounts humans are. they are trying to extrapolate the and says make it works in humans. >> if you are in the sun to long you can develop skin cancer. >> to which exposure causes skin cancer especially in fair
10:48 am
skinned folks. and just like everything on our shoes, it is done in moderation. >> that's right. >> if you want to get the sun and enjoy. it wear protective clothing and exercise with a natural high. the body has been designed to move and that means get up and get out and enjoy it. >> what is your take away from this point of vow? >> like everything i mentioned earlier. the big take away probably eat a healthy diet and get enough vitmin d and exercise and hydrate properly and take good care of your skin and body and all that leads to better health in the future. >> enjoy the summer. >> absolutely, you know i will. >> so will i. >> on the issue of race in american. the author of a new book said most of what our government is doing to fight poverty, all of
10:49 am
the billions they throw at the problem is simply not working. >> and plus, this guy is facing serious charges and tens of thousands of people are liking him anyway. the hot mug shot going viral next. i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? you feel that in your muscles? yeah...i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches lets us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. experience a new way to bank where no branches = great rates. ally bank. your money needs an ally. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor test.
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there's a big and controversial article in this week's issue of "atlantic" magazine in which the author says america needs to repay moral debts to african-americans in this country after things like slavery among other abuses. now "the wall street journal's" jason riley takes issue with this argument. he's the author of the new book "please stop helping us, how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed." jason riley joins us now. the book is just out this week.
10:53 am
you claim that essentially all of this money that the government has thrown at poverty programs in this country isn't working. >> it's not just the claim. i looked at the evidence. poverty was lower in 1966 than it was in 2012. after 50 years of great society programs trillions of dollars. >> $20 trillion or so. >> what i argue in the book is blacks must help themselves the way other groups have. they have to develop the types of behaviors and attitudes and traits that other groups who rose in this country had to develop and to the extent that a government program, however well intentioned, gets in the way of that self-development, it ultimately does more harm than good. >> eirish were put down for a while. they have made tremendous strides as cultures but they didn't have dark skin color. does that make the difference? >> it did make the difference up until the 1964 civil rights act
10:54 am
and 1965 voting rights act when the government tried to level the playing field and make discrimination illegal and make sure blacks had access to the ballot. i think that's all the government can really do. when the government goes beyond ensuring equal opportunity and tries to ensure equal results, which is what the great society was all about, that's where it gets into trouble. the government can't replace a father in the home. it cannot replace the develop development that must occur. it tries. it's well intentioned. affirmative action is a perfect example. it was supposed to increase ranks of the black middle class and the number of college graduates but when california ended affirmative action and higher education back in 1996, black college graduate rates went up by more than 50%. so here you had a program intended to help blacks but was actually blocking or reducing the number of black college
10:55 am
graduates. >> so why is it that a helping hand however well intentioned, doesn't accomplish the purpose and may hurt? >> i think it just shows the limits of what the government can do. it's got to ensure equal opportunity but when it goes beyond that, the risk is doing more harm than good. one of the points i make in the book is poor blacks need a black man in the home more than they need a black man in the white house. what i'm talking about is the family. it has to start with the family. so long as you have 70% of out of wedlock births in the black community, you're going to have drug problems and teen pregnancies and poverty. these are problems that blacks themselves must address. the government does best by getting out of the way and letting blacks -- letting that self-development occur. >> when the former new york senator wrote about that, people
10:56 am
were upset. >> when someone like me writes about it, i'm self-hating. proof is in statistics. look at the efforts to help. minimum wage is another perfect example. it's aimed at poverty supposedly. most blacks who are poor are poor not because they have a job that pays ta s too little. it's because they have no job at all. it doesn't help lift people out of poverty. >> the book is "please stop helping us how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed." jason riley, the author. thank you. a new internet sensation has lots of ladies swooning out there. no, he's not a calvin klein underwear model. he may be a bit dangerous. tens of thousands of people like him any way. ♪
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who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief, and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tubeulosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you le in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. have yourself a great friday and great weekend. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> the woman you are sitting in
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for is up next on the "real story." did you get to sleep in a little bit this morning? >> it's musical chairs. i was up early. doing the reading and necessary preparation. i have to do every day to keep up with you. >> take it away. >> thanks, guys. we're going to begin with major developments on capitol hill as lawmakers grill the head of the irs in the case of thousands of missing e-mails potentially related to the politically targeting scandal. i'm jenna lee in for gretchen. the commissioner is facing serious lawmakers on the ways and means committee refusing to apologize after claims that lois lerner's hard drive was destroyed. >> why wasn't this committee notified before a decision was made to completely recycle her hard drive? >> the committee was not notified because that decision was made three years ago. none of this had anything to do with the investigation. it was -- >> i would submit it does have


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