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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 20, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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for is up next on the "real story." did you get to sleep in a little bit this morning? >> it's musical chairs. i was up early. doing the reading and necessary preparation. i have to do every day to keep up with you. >> take it away. >> thanks, guys. we're going to begin with major developments on capitol hill as lawmakers grill the head of the irs in the case of thousands of missing e-mails potentially related to the politically targeting scandal. i'm jenna lee in for gretchen. the commissioner is facing serious lawmakers on the ways and means committee refusing to apologize after claims that lois lerner's hard drive was destroyed. >> why wasn't this committee notified before a decision was made to completely recycle her hard drive? >> the committee was not notified because that decision was made three years ago. none of this had anything to do with the investigation. it was -- >> i would submit it does have to do with the investigation
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because we're trying to get necessary information. >> a snippet there. let's go to mike live on capitol hill with this. there was a lot of emotion at this hearing. we'll play more for our viewers in a moment. what resonated the most today? >> reporter: it was striking because he admitted he was aware of a problem with some irs e-mails back in february but didn't tell congress until a week ago. you had lawmakers putting him on the hot seat asking a lot of questions about the handling of these e-mails and missing e-mails and the fact that lois lerner's hard drive was destroyed and they want answers taxpayer tells the irs they lost information, the agency can be really harsh but now wants congress to accept this excuse. wisconsin's paul ryan questioned his credibility and blasted him. >> if we are investigating criminal wrongdoing targeting of people based on political beliefs and the e-mails in question are lost because of a
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hard drive crash that is apparently unrecoverable which a lot of i.t. professionals would question and you don't tell us about it until we ask you about it, that is not being forthcoming. i yield back the balance of my time. >> that's not true. >> you had a lot of frustration because a lot of folks would like to look at that hard drive. they were told it's been destroyed. that's not an option. no more forensic testing available and you have lois lerner refusing to answer congress' questions so they think e-mail is critical and they don't have access to a lot of her e-mails. >> we saw the passion from paul ryan. one thing you have been reporting on this week is whether or not you're seeing a change from democrats, whether in the senate or the house on this issue. how did democrats respond to the republican colleagues and to the commissioner? >> reporter: jenna, some defended the commissioner, some yielded some of their time to allow him to further explain what went on at the irs. and then others mocked their
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colleagues. >> how about area 51 out in roswell, new mexico, where all of those space aliens allegedly came. have you ever had any responsibility for that? >> no. >> have you ever had custody of the president's birth certificate? >> no. >> commissioner, i believe one of the mistakes that you've made in dealing with the committee today is that you did assume professionally that this was a serious inquiry. >> reporter: some democrats say that he deserved respects and temperatures seemed to flare a bit. you can expect more fireworks when he appears before the house oversight committee on monday. >> i wasn't expecting the alien comment. interesting sound bite for viewers to take in. did you? >> reporter: area 51 just for you. >> thank you very much. if you are just catching up on the morning news, this is one of the big stories of the day. here's a little bit more of today's volatile hearing. >> what i didn't hear in that was an apology to this
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committee. >> i don't think an apology is owed. i understand the suspicions of the majority upon hearing two years of e-mails just disappeared. put the shoe on the other foot, when democrats were investigating the lies and incompetence of the bush administration, we would be disbelief in this as well. >> all of a sudden you look and say wait a minute, we don't have e-mails from this time period, something else has gone on. that's when we find out or you find out or anybody in the agency that has been getting this request from us and other ogr committee for e-mails is the first time it's found out? i find that to be very curious. >> the woman you saw on your screen is diane black asking her question of the commissioner and she's our guest on the topic for us now. congresswoman, what did you achieve today? what answers did you get that maybe you didn't know coming into this hearing? >> i don't think we got very many answers that will help us to put to bed some of the questions that we have.
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i think we have more questions than we did answers today and i intend on following up with the commissioner with a lot of questions that i have that i didn't have time to ask. >> there is an issue of results from the hearing. they are interesting to watch. often dynamic as we've seen but what results have they achieved? how is this helping you toward the goal of holding someone accountable? >> i think that we are doing just what we need to do and that is our job and our role as congressmen are to have oversight and we're asking the question. unfortunately we're not always getting the answers which means it takes much, much more time. we have also had a sense where we ask the department of justice to name a special prosecutor. eric holder decides not to do that. some stuff could be taken care of quickly if there was someone working full time on a staff with this rather than us going back to ask for documents before we get documents and combing
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through them and then going back and asking additional questions and once again we'll do that because we don't have the authority to name a special prosecutor. that's the department of justice. >> is that what you would like to see happen? >> i would like to see that at this point in time we continue to find more out. the dog ate my homework kind of thing. they knew that that those documents were not available. if lois lerner were here, she could answer those questions. if there's nothing there, why isn't lois lerner in front of the camera talking and telling us the truth of the matter of what went on. >> you bring up a point. what prevents this from becoming a cycle of hearings that doesn't produce the results or the answers that you believe the american public deserves? >> the american public does deserve. if we have a department of
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justice, which i feel is inept in this because we've given them enough reason to have a special prosecutor. we've shown enough questions out there about what has happened. the american people deserve to know what's happening. this is an agency that has personal information and power and control over people in this country and we have to get back to the point where we can establish the people can trust their government and in particular this agency of the irs. >> you lead us nicely into our next segment. congresswoman, nice to see you. thank you for the time today. you think people don't like the irs and tax man, turns out americans don't like congress either. a new gallop poll shows record low 7% of americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in congress. repairing that might be more difficult than irs and perhaps it's a bigger story here. allison barber is a writer and i know you have talked to a lot of people on the hill about what's happening regarding this irs scandal. how do you think it plays into this larger distrust of
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government that we see from the american people? >> you have a couple different fractions of that debate where you do see people having distrust of congress. general issues with the irs. when i talked to people on the hill about the hearing, staffers would say what their congressman was bringing up was the hypocrisy here. that's what bothered them the most. if you were being audited, the fact you didn't have your e-mails wouldn't work. we hear it a lot because that is what's resonating with people and what's frustrating to people. in terms of how people feel about how congress is going to handle this, to answer your last yes of whether or not this will avoid becoming just a cycle of hearings, i don't know it will avoid being that and if people look at this congress and think they'll be effective enough to do much. i'm not sure they can do very much. >> to that point of not sure that they can do very much, who can in this particular scenario? >> i talked to staffers and they are not sure what they will do
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next but next step is for department of justice. we sent eric holder a formal criminal complaint saying three laws, three criminal things we know lois lerner has done. it seems like they are saying ball is in their court. maybe they'll go with a special prosecutor. they are considering it. a lot of this seems like it's out of their hands right now. >> we'll what happens in the in the senate where there's a bipartisan investigation taking place. irs is just one topic. you have veterans affairs scandal as well. you have nsa. all of these big issues. i wonder if you think that it's really repairable. the questioning of our government and some of these agencies that are supposed to be apolitical. >> many things over the last few months we've seen consistently and repeatedly erode the trust of the american public and that's a lot of things you have to overcompensate for and build back up. i'm not sure that's something we'll see change within the next six months or so. i wouldn't be surprised if we
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see polls like what you showed of most americans saying i don't trust congress in general to do the job they're set out to do because they don't have a lot of trust in federal agencies that are deeply involved in a lot of people's lives and that's why the irs is scary to people. that's unavoidable to everyone. >> we'll see if that trust can be repaired. another topic on our show is bring your dog to work today. did you bring your dog to work? >> no. they tell me i couldn't bring it in the building. if i said it was a service dog, i could sneak it in. >> great to see you as always. thank you. you have to check out allison's dog. very cute. startling new revelations from the department of veterans affairs as we talk about that agency. nearly 80% of senior executives received performance bonuses last year despite reports we heard about widespread treatment delays and preventible deaths at va hospitals and clinics. assistant secretary of the human resources says the department
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must pay bonuses to keep executives who make less than $181,000 a year at the agency. florida representative jeff miller, frequent guest on this, chairman of the house veterans affairs committee, says the bonus system is failing american veterans. we'll keep you up to date on that. a group of 300 military advisers and special forces officers are set to arrive in iraq as the u.s. general who led the iraq surge pushes for a different strategy than the one that the president is proposing and moving forward with. we'll get into that and also vice president joe biden meeting with officials in central america over the thousands of children flooding illegally into the united states. a fierce political battle over immigration reform as it rages in washington. a look at both sides in a fair and balanced debate. new signs of progress on the long road to recovery for actor tracy morgan. h. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit.
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new details concerning actor tracy morgan today. a spokesman saying the "30 rock" star is out of the hospital and in a rehab facility and will remain there in recovery for several weeks. he was involved in an accident that claimed the life of a fellow comedian and seriously injured two other people. the former top commander in iraq, general david petraeus,
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speaking out about president obama's plan to handle the crisis in iraq. he says the united states should avoid taking sides. >> this cannot be the united states being the air force for shia militias or a shia on sunni arab fight. >> general petraeus refers to our next guest as his mentor. retired four-star general jack keen. i know you have more clarity about what general petraeus is advocating for in iraq. tell us about why that's important. >> that quote like a lot of quotes was in the context of a ten-minute discussion. the fact of the matter is he has a london times article out with an explanation where he advocates military intervention against isis. it's a threat for the just to iraq but direct threat to the united states and he's asking also for our allies to intervene as well against this threat. >> explain to us what military intervention means for those of
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us out there military specifically what does he want? >> it would mean air strikes. >> drones specifically? >> i don't think he specifies. the implication would be drones and manned aircraft. >> what do you think timing is on this? obviously that's not what the president is doing right now. he has a different strategy going into iraq. how much time do we have to figure out what strategy is the right one? >> i think we're wasting incredible amount of time with a slow methodical decision making process. the president has moved in the right direction with the commitment of the 300 but the fact of the matter is it's not sufficient to address the security question and it's quite inadequate to address the need for political reconciliation. >> do you think the few hundred military officers that are going to be on the ground there, do you think they're more vulnerable because there's not more support for them? >> i think that assessment has been made. i don't think so. this organization does not have
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the combat power to take baghdad. i think the force will be able to gather intelligence, used in our technologies and pass that to iraqis and make on the ground assessments to help with planning and with a device but it's only the beginning. we truly need more of a commitment. >> some say their presence could help with air strikes if that's the road that we would like to go down. what do you think is the strategic vision for iraq? if we were to do anything more, what do you think the american people need to know about what the goal is? >> i think what we've always wanted for iraq remains the same. that is a stable and secure iraq that is moving towards a mature democracy and they're in the fledging stage of that and is pro-west and has a relationship with the united states. i think division now has changed. we have to recognize the threat of isis and what it means not just to iraq but to the region and to the united states and to europe and as a result of that,
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i think we act certainly on behalf of iraq but we need to act on behalf of our own national security interests. >> after isis is inside iraq, what stops them from doing that inside syria? >> they have erased the border between syria and iraq. they control a piece of land that you have shown accurately on television many times. we should not recognize that border. it doesn't exist. we should certainly conduct a limited and selected air campaign against targets that we're able to acquire in syria and iraq. >> quick final question. people talk about air strikes and changing of someone in central government, it makes me think of libya. that's a recent example of where we saw air strikes being used. what prevents iraq from not be libya now is total chaos as you know and terrorists are operating freely within that country. >> two problems with libya. first, on military use of air strikes in libya we found
11:20 am
ourselves in a military stalemate because we didn't put air traffic controllers in with militia to have effective air strikes and we didn't follow-up with security needs that libya wanted to strengthen their security forces. we walked away. we got benghazi as a result of it and we have chaos as you just accurately described. >> interesting. lessons perhaps from the last several years. general, always great to see you. nice to have you here. irs chair taking heat on capitol hill as we mentioned but putting the squeeze on the estate of pipe icon michael jackson is something we haven't talked about. wait until you hear about the draw dropping amount the king of pop's estate owes and why. and record number of wildfires sweeping across the country particularly in california. what if you could make your home fireproof or at least fire resistant. we'll have that. national take your dog to work day. that brings us to your question
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welcome back. we're talking about the irs today. here's another side story to that. michael jackson's estate owes the tax man $700 million and the dispute stems from differences over the value of his assets when he died. his estate says his heavy debt and tarnished image made the estate lower.
11:25 am
he borrowed heavily and had not landed an endorsement deal in years when he passed away but the irs says the pop icon's image was worth a lot of money and they'll try to get that. half of homeowners chose to build or rebuild after a wildfire and that number could start increasing thanks to cutting edge fire resistant homes. adam has a lot of experience in these wildfires reporting live from oakland with more on this. adam? >> reporter: oakland hills one of the worst fires in u.s. history. it's where neighborhoods are built out in wildland areas and you see more of that across the west. to refurbish your home is more affordable than ever. wildfires across the western u.s. are more frequent and burning bigger over the last 30 years. a trend that has homeowners from colorado to california looking to stop fires at their doorsteps. >> it goes back to security of knowing that if there is a fire
11:26 am
or harsh weather, they are more protected than anybody else in the neighborhood or as protected as they can. >> reporter: that protection starts with walls built out of styrofoam block form that look like large legos. once filled with cement, the wall is virtually impossible to penetrate. >> as you can see, these blocks have been stacked on top of each other. this is a 6-inch core block. there will be six inches of concrete poured into these blocks. >> reporter: the homes are more energy efficient and repel bugs. >> it's construction friendly. been around for a while. i think they're a great product. >> reporter: a couple different ways you can refurbish your home or build new ones. you can wrap the outside with rock like this and phomes are five to eight times more
11:27 am
expensive but good news is insurance go down at the same time you can also save money when it comes to energy costs as well. there are some positives there. more and more builders are going from stick homes to those building processes. >> very interesting technology. thank you very much for that. in the meantime, dozens of lab workers at cdc possibly expos exposeded to to a deadly bacteria. how did that happen and we'll look at severe weather as we head into this weekend. starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" of swedish experience in insidperfecting the rich,ars never bitter taste of gevalia. we do it all for this very experience. [woman] that's good. i know right? gevalia.
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a quick check of the headlines. ukraine's new president ordering a week-long cease-fire as he makes a trip to the embattled region today. the ukrainian government says it closed off the border with russia. the army decides to strip a general of his retirement benefits after brigadier general jeffrey sinclair's guilty plea to multiple offenses. and cdc says as many as 86 lab workers have been or may have been exposed to anthrax after researchers in atlanta failed to follow safety procedures. the agency is providing antibiotics to those employees and says it doesn't believe there's any risk to family members or to the general public. the crisis in iraq, a receipt hot topic on capitol hill with obama administration announcing deployment of as many as 300 military advisers to the country as lawmakers express concern that the u.s. could face
11:32 am
similar issues in afghanistan. our chief white house correspondent ed henry is out of the briefing at the white house with more on this. what does the administration say about the impact of what's happening in iraq on afghanistan? >> reporter: you have seen a lot of talk on capitol hill in the last couple days about a fateful decision perhaps for the u.s. to not keep any troops behind in iraq. the president yesterday saying he had no regrets about that blaming it on maliki. republicans on the hill say president previously took credit for getting all troops out of iraq at the end of 2011 and think that he sort of flipped the equation here and wonder what will happen next in afghanistan when u.s. troops leave there. i just pressed josh earnest on that question. here's his response. how do you respond to republicans who are saying that what we're seeing play out in iraq could happen in afghanistan. >> i guess what i would say to republicans who are worried about this is what's the alternative?
11:33 am
is the -- the president doesn't believe that's in the national security interest of the united states. >> reporter: that was administration's view in iraq as well. the country is a sovereign nation and has to stand on its own two feet at some point and they see a difference in afghanistan because the current plan is for u.s. to leave several thousand u.s. troops behind for a couple years but they would come out at the end of 2016. >> let's focus on iraq for a moment. republicans are saying that terrorists are gaining strength not only in iraq but across the middle east. what do they want to hear from the white house? >> reporter: you heard speaker john boehner saying he believes on the president's watch you've seen terrorists pick up steam not just in iraq but syria, egypt, libya, all throughout the middle east we see groups like isis rise up and republican lindsey graham says he's concerned to see a similar situation play out in afghanistan. listen. >> his fateful decision to look
11:34 am
for ways to get out totally has come back to haunt us. and we're on the verge of doing the same thing in afghanistan. i promise you the taliban would dance in the streets. they do not believe in dancing. when they heard that we were leaving in 2016. >> reporter: interesting just a few moments ago josh earnest was asked at the white house podium about air strikes in iraq and whether they could also potentially be u.s. air strikes in syria. he said the door is open and that the president could use air strikes not just to target isis inside iraq but inside syria as well. we could have that debate play out again. it gives you an idea of isis' reach in the region and what a big problem this is. >> one of the big topics we're watching today is iraq. here's another one. vice president joe biden is meeting with officials in guatemala today. this as critics on right blast the president's entire approach to immigration saying his administration easing of deportation policies created the
11:35 am
current crisis. democrats including the president are placing the blame squarely back on congress. imagine that. especially house republicans for rejecting a senate passed comprehensive immigration reform package last year. let's get into this a little bit. we have host of alan combs show. one side is blaming the other. in the meantime, we have these kids, mike. what's the solution? >> no one wants to see kids harmed. one of the false narratives all along is opponents of illegal immigration want to have a nasty deportation or hurt children. it's a tough thing. for years, this country has invited illegals to come to this country because of the anchor baby policy. >> it hasn't happened for years. really only since october. >> exactly. now there's almost a surge and frankly this is a difficult issue. i don't know that it's a right-left issue. i'm not one of those that says -- >> you're not partisan? >> i'm partisan a little bit.
11:36 am
i think we're all sensitive to the plight of children who are forced in a situation not of their doing. >> that being said, do you think the focus on comprehensive immigration reform from either side is the right focus? do you need that to solve this issue? >> neither side wants to do it. democrats and republicans in midterm elections, nobody wants to go on record too worried about their reelection. >> why do you think that is? >> they want to get reelected. they'll bother a certain percentage of their constituency. >> is this issue or this particular side of the issue perhaps an opening because it is a 5-year-old traveling 1500 miles from central america to come across the border with a note attached to them with relatives in the united states. does that give an opening because it's different than other immigration stories we've heard about. >> thoughtful republicans and thoughtful americans on all sides have to figure out a way
11:37 am
to deal with the issue of the influx of immigrants and do it with compassion from a political standpoi standpoint, republicans ought to be more welcoming to some kind of reform. maybe not comprehensive. >> you are trying to give advice to republicans. what about advice to democrats? there are those that say the reason why this is happening is because of the president and that's why we see it at this particular time and we haven't seen this in the past. >> you need more of your people. >> of course they'll blame the president. >> in your particular opinion. >> i'm an open borders guy. i go goes both parties on this. "wall street journal" agrees with me. people should be allowed to come to this country and if they work and get a job, if not, let them go back. find out who they are and if they have disease and if they'll have a job and let them come to america. >> that's mainstream democrat. >> not at all. >> i'll let you fight over whether that's mainstream democrat. another topic for you. we're going to talk a little bit
11:38 am
about what issues are big issues ahead when you016 race for the white house and who is being thought as. mitt romney says no thank you to another run, there are folks in new hampshire that are really excited about that possibility. according to a new poll, 24% of likely gop voters in the granite state support romney compared to 9% with his closest competitor which hypothetically is chris christie. this ties into the immigration side of the story. rick perry's campaign tumbles along weak traction but it's interesting. some are saying now that the reason why the administration is responding to what's going on in texas is because it's politically motivated and they're worried that texas governor will make a stand on immigration and get some power toward 2016. >> i don't think rick perry is a big problem for the democrats. i hope he doesn't. any of those problems are fine with me if they want to run in 2016. the reason mitt romney is doing
11:39 am
so well is who else do republicans have? nobody else. you tell me who the republicans have. >> we're just fine. >> who do you got? >> let's start with marco rubio. >> is that who you would like to see? >> i like marco rubio a lot especially with the immigration debate. listen, there are people that will push back against any kind of immigration reform. this is great hispanic guy who has risen through the ranks and i think he's very, very powerful. listen, if we could pray here just to tick you off, let it not be mitt romney. we don't want mitt romney. >> would you be more interested if it was marco rubio? >> i don't think rubio has a chance based on division in the party. jeb bush is your best candidate. >> no, he's not. >> someone else you're not interested in. >> america doesn't want another bush. we need somebody fresh. invigorating.
11:40 am
marco rubio. >> looking forward to seeing that name or learning who that person is in the next couple months. nice to have you both here. thank you very much. off roading in the middle of a car race. a 21-year-old man in the u.k. is facing charges for driving his girlfriend's volkswagen on the track while she screams for him to stop. >> oh my god. >> yeah! >> do you think they're still together at this point? just curious. race cars narrowly avoided them. they made it all of the way around the track once before pulling over to pit lane. the man is apologizing saying he's getting death threats and its fair share of criticism for
11:41 am
the obvious security lapse. shepard smith is here. >> you know what your producer said in my ear? it sounds like bill and martha. >> i'll stay out of that completely. >> the state department now confirms militants have taken over an iraqi facility, listen to this, that was once saddam hussein's top chemical weapons collection complex. u.s. officials says the place does not have materials of military value. a former pentagon intelligence official says chemists that once worked for saddam are fighting alongside the terrorists. how big a threat is this and why did we leave the materials there in the first place? >> thank you very much. we'll try to keep it in the lanes until we get there. you heard of lawsuits over soggy sandwiches and bad haircuts and now a group of texas inmates is filing a
11:42 am
lawsuit demanding their prison get adequate air conditioning. that may sound outrageous at first blush but after several health related deaths, heat related deaths, do they have a point. if you're in texas and you're in prison, do you deserve air conditioning? our panel of guys are coming in and they'll continue that debate. also, forget gasoline. have you seen the price of bacon lately. what's driving up the cost of our favorite breakfast meat and will it go back down any time soon? [ laughter ]
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11:47 am
elderly inmates in texas saying hot temperatures constitute cruel and unusual punishment. hear to weigh in, we have frankie, wes and keith. interesting question. do these guys deserve air conditioning in prison? i'm curious what the lawyer has to say about this. >> i think what texas thinks they're doing is preparing these guys for their demise. they're preparing them for hell. >> they are in prison. >> i give lawyers credit. not too many are falling over each other to represent prisoners and inmates. a way to lose friends. you've had 12 deaths. what are they waiting for? the 13th death. 120 degrees in the prison. cots are so hot you can't touch the metal on the cots. >> you sound like a good lawyer for this guy. it's easy to see what they say. there are parts of the prison that do have air conditioning but to change and make sure that
11:48 am
air conditioning is at every prison is not possible because of money. >> i don't know if i buy that completely. i'm from atlanta. it gets hot in atlanta like the rest of america and 88 degrees inside you end up with a nightmare inside the prison. the prison system just like a lot of infrastructure in this country is antiquated and my opinion here is that it really wouldn't cost that much to modernize 21st century. so it's not cruel and unusual punishment. >> these guys are compassionate. are you on the same side as them? >> i am. >> you guys like your air conditioning. >> i'm from miami. it's one of the hottest places in the world. i have some empathy for those guys. worst of the worst but give them ac. >> we know in miami because of the shirt, unbuttoned shirt. his shirt is more unbuttoned than the rest. the miami guy. i have to ask you about this bring your dog to work today. it is bring your dog to work. we've been getting viewers to
11:49 am
send us different tweets about this. seriously. i like dogs. bring your dog to work day? what's next? >> i bring my dog to work all the time. >> what kind of dog? >> french ball dog. his name is napoleon. >> why isn't he on set? >> i'm the son of a veterinarian. i'm a dog lover. he gets two strikes for compassion. i'll give one. i love it. no dogs or kids to work president both are silly. i don't agree. >> bringing stories together, if you bring your dog to work, does that mean your office has to have air conditioning? what do you think about this? >> from life experience, i'm against it. my secretary took it upon herself to do a bring her dog to work day and i didn't know and the gremlin was behind me and i wheeled my chair back and sounded like king kong had been
11:50 am
murdered. >> there's place and a time for pets and work. >> you say no. you say yes. >> i say no dogs at work. absolutely not. i say yes to ac for prisoners and no to dogs at work. >> thanks to all of you guys. thank you very much. nice to see your dog. next time he's welcome on set. talk about role reversal. police officers now under investigation for this high-speed chase that took them over a very crowded golf course. what were they supposed to do? and one shopper will think twice before heading to the produce aisle again after a close call with this little guy. >> makes me think i should go to a grocery store that unpacks fruit for you. aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein.
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new die tails on the story we have been telling you about in minnesota. three police officers are now under review after this car chase that sent golfers running for their lives-at least watching something crazy. trace gallagher is live with more on this. what's the latest? >> the golf course chase is just one of the things being investigated as far as police conduct in this case. the chase began when they pulled over a driver instead of pulling over, he took off. then it got trapped in a cul-de-sac, didn't give up. he drove threw he homes, on to the golf course. three cop cars followed, the first nine, the bag nine, the driving range, and dozens of golf carts and golfers had to scramble. listen to them. >> my eyes got about the size of golf balls. i could see in the distance people scattering and rung all over the place.
11:55 am
>> pretty crazy for this, especially for the golfers to see that coming down. >> so, the moorehead police department releasing a statement saying, quoting, the preliminary investigation that the administration does has some concerns and and for that reason it's been assigned to a commander to do a full investigation. no one was hurt and police called off the chase but the suspect got away. they found him a short time later in a mall in fargo, north dakota, and that's where the second investigation into police action take place. apparently three plain clothed police officers ran through the mall with their guns drawn and the shoppers thought they were gunmen so they scrambled out of the way. they did finally get the suspect but the 3458 was placed on -- mall was placed on lockdown and the police are investigating that. so unsuspect, two chases and, two police investigations into the actions of the officers. >> but he is off the streets, the suspect is. >> yes. he is in jail.
11:56 am
>> at laos that part is take -- taken care of. >> coming upper,-under tweets on take your dog to work day. we have hit a nerve. these tweets are great. a crazy story town. a guy on the bridge dancing around his burning truck. the story behind this picture as best we can, next. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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12:00 pm
the dogs love it. and jim says if you have a dog, it's great. i you don't, it's, are you kidding me? and brian likes it as long as it's a well-behaved dog. that sound rational. thank you for being part of the "the real story." here's shep. >> iraq's prime minister feeling new heat today. this time from a fellow shiite. hours after president obama warned iraq's leader the message, your mess to fix, in pressure is calling for a new and effective government. that and a warning for the american advisors headed to iraq. a vicious moment caught on camera as a robber attacks a pregnant clerk. >> okay, okay. >> he sucker punched her. ahead, what happened after the punch and what the woman says about how she is doing now. and a velveeta re-call in a dozen states. could this c


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