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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  June 21, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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i'm carol alt. can eating like our primal ancestors help make us thinner, leave us with more energy, improve our overall health? sounds intriguing. but is it possible? esther blum, the author of "cave women don't get fat," is here to explain the paleo diet and how it works for both men and women. plus, did you know that surgery does not always have to be the answer for those battling prostate cancer? new techniques alou you or your loved one to monitor prostate health and live a cancer free lifestyle without a single cut of the knife. today, one of the country's
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leading radiologists is here to explain. but up first, we hear a lot about the importance of going green, how it helps preserve the environment and improves our own health. but what exactly does going green mean? and how can we incorporate it into our daily routine? here to discuss all of this and more is co-founder and codirector of the imus cattle ranch for kids with cancer as well as the president and founder of the deidre imus environmental health center, deidre imus. jeepers, you're a busy bee. >> yes. >> so tell me, what does going green mean? the genesis for me with going green goes back to my environmental health center. and this ranch we have for kids with cancer where you live your life with the least level of toxicity where possible. so that means everything, the food, your soil, your water, what kind of food you eat, how it's grown. your indoor air quality, what you use to bid your home.
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you know, what kind of water are you thinking? there's no pure water really anymore on the planet, unfortunately. >> an issue for sure. >> it's all of these things, clothing, beauty products. makeup. i mean, everything. shampoo. and there's so many dilemmas because some things like cleaning products we came up with solutions with our greening the cleaning line we have for hospitals and we were the first to introduce that in a hospital setting, those are easy solutions. but there are other things that are dilemmas. i know you've talked about it on your show. >> we talk about body lotions and deodorants. >> and hair coloring. it is an issue because there's really nothing that's totally nontoxic. you can get something that has less toxic effects without coal tars or ammonia or things like that. so green is living with the least level of toxicity. and being -- you have to be really proactive about it because there's so many things on a daily basis that i'm learning. it's a constant learning. >> right?
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>> it's never okay, now i'm green. people think i'm going to go green. now i'm raw. 'the same thing. >> it's not like okay, you're done, you're in this box and you're okay. it's not that the. >> then you step outside and you breathe that air. >> right. then you're sending your kids to school or you walk into a building. that's not green. you're breathing all those fumes and toxins. i look at it as common sense. do i want to be ingesting pesticides and antibiotics. >> or eating pesticides. what about the modified foods. >> i don't want to have a any of that. >> i don't either. >> it's looking to research. lots of research, and that's really where i started with myself and my family. on learning about all that. >> i know you made your husband superhealthy. >> yes. >> everybody talks about it in this whole building. >> it's true. see that's the thing, too. meeting him already, you know, 50 years old and you know set in his ways, eating, you know -- and he comes from a whole life
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of all toxins and abuses of everything and loved drinking and all of that to now totally organic. he's vegetarian and we eat mostly raw. i know a lot like what you advocate. do you, you feel better. i've seen that transformation in 20 years with him. >> what i don't get is people make the change and they feel better and they look amazing and then they like go back. they say well i fell off. how do you fall off? so you eat a cooked meal one day. go back to your regime. >> it is, there's a balance there. right? >> yeah. >> because where i am now and what i eat now i wasn't eating when i first started over 25 years. >> me, too. >> you know that. you think you're eating healthy because you have to learn about healthy foods even. all the different like mel let and quinoa. those are complete proteins. >> when they're raw. >> like i had a quinoa salad
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today raw. but people think that because our whole society is built around -- it makes it very hard living in the world being like this because you have to really look for even the foods to eat that that are healthy. >> you have 11 tips that you can do to be a healthier you. and one is to avoid toxins commonly found in household cleansers. you have a line of cleaning products made totally from plants. >> we started the health center, the first hospital based program that started this greening the cleaning program in 2001. >> then you have eat whole foods as the bulk of your diet. >> absolutely. whole plant-based foods i prefer. we have lots of different nuts, raw nuts and seeds are important. you know, there's so many seeds that you can be eating >> choose organic when you can. >> and i say when you can because life isn't perfect. >> life isn't perfect. >> even organic isn't perfect. >> sometimes they lie. >> when you can. but again, try to make that a
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high percentage. 80 to 90% of your diet every day. >> eat fish and meat, choose wisely. >> if you eat fish and meat because i don't. but i'm not a hater. not like these -- you can't eat this or that. >> you've got to eat what's healthy for your body. >> if you are a person that does eat meat or beef, i advocate eating grass fed organic beef. >> buy local. limit cell phone use. don't smoke. >> can you believe i actually have to put that in there in this day and age? you can't smoke. you can't be around people who smoke, you can't use an e cigarette. you can't have that part of your life if you want to be healthy and feel good. >> avoid weed killers, roach killers and other pesticides in the home. when renovating your home, move towards green things. >> right. and that roundup and phosphates that's everywhere causing a lot of illness even to our bees. they've connected it now validated studies with the pesticides.
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>> consider integrative medicine and let go of unnecessary stress and negative attitude. >> and that means sometimes gutting people out of your life that are negative and drag you down. >> with that and probably is the best tip. even if you ate healthy, if you don't have a great attitude or sense of humor and music and having a pet to me, like those are really healing things. >> relaxing >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for inviting me. >> i'm inviting you back. >> thank you. come up, how you can improve the state of your prostate. that's a crazy little joke. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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welcome back. for years it's been thought that men who battle prostate cancer only had one option, surgery
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with radiation. which sometimes leaves men missing work, leaking urine, and not able to perform sexually for a period of time. but my next guest says those rumors need to be put to bed. and that there's a much more noninvasive way to check and treat prostate cancer. he's dr. robert barred, founder of the barred cancer center here in new york city. welcome, dr. barred. it's an honor to have you. i know how busy you are. i remember you actually once told me it's not if a man will get cancer, it's actually gotten to the point where it's when a man gets prostate cancer. >> yes, it's true, carol. because any man over 60 has a 60% chance of having cancer. but the body kills cancers off without the benefit of surgery in many cases, which is why most men are prostate cancer do not need any treatment because at the end of their life, they don't die from prostate cancer.
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only 3% is killing. >> interesting. you actually also once told me that a tumor that is starting to grow, you can actually catch a tumor before it gross because it's like a construction site. and that the blood vessels have to build roads towards the site before a tumor can actually grow. so you can actually read the body, read with this doppler and see where there might it be problems. as well, you also said that you can read whether a tumor is benign or malignant by that same indication. if there are blood vessels flowing to it, that's why you're talking about the flow of blood? >> exactly. let me rephrase that. >> yes, please. >> you can see if the tumor is aggressive or not. >> okay. >> for instance, i had a fellow in today, i said aid the mri shows something that he brought into me. i did my sonogram scan which is a 3-d specialized scan. it only takes five minutes because it's computerized.
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while i was scanning him, i said yes, you have a tumor but there are no blood vessels in it or maybe one or two peripheral vessels. so i said this won't kill you. >> okay. >> so does this work for all stages of cancer? >> it works for most stages of cancer. one of the things we've learned is cancer is when they get treated and start dying, they can swell. >> okay. >> which means the tumor getting larger does not necessarily mean the tumor is getting worse. >> interesting. >> that's why we use the blood flow. the tumor that is this many blood vessels and gets larger but has this many blood vessel. it's dying. >> and you can tell all that with this doppler. i know the people come from all over the world to see you. i know you brought us some visuals. you want to tell us what you brought me? >> yes. let's start with this because this is a basal cell skin cancer. basal cell is the most common
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kind of skin 'canes ever. it's the most common cancer of everybody in the world. so that's primary cancer. you can see the red circle showing a dark area. unlike the dermatologists, we can see below the skin. >> okay. >> we can tell these patients if they'll be in for a half hour surgery or half day surgery. >> oh, interesting. >> we see the depth of the tumor. >> this is all with this same doppler machine? >> yes, this is all with ultrasound technology. >> okay. >> here we have a dark spot. this is particularly important in summertime because any dark spot a mig meanted lesion or mole could be a mole or it could be a cancer. the doppler shows the red and blue feeding vessels on the right rit side. so we can measure the blood supply to the tumor, the blood supply in the tumor, and for a surgeon, for example, we can say if there's any arteries or veins or nerves outside the tumor that he may want to steer away from. >> amazing.
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our next one? >> this is important for the prostate. the reason doctors say they need to operate and cut out the whole prostate is the biopsy finds a low grade tumor. when they cut out the whole prostate and examine it, they often find is a bigger tumor that the biopsy missed. >> the problem with biopsies is the six core biopsies are 10% accurate because half the time it misses the tumor and half of the 80% it under or overdiagnoses it. here you see the red line. and since the red line is at 12 millimeters and the c core is at 11 millimeters you're going to find the low grade cancer and you're going to completely miss the much larger more aggressive cancer that's broken out of the prostate. >> not if you put your doppler on them. thank you so much for being here. your book, of course, which is "the prostate cancer
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revolution." in stores now? >> in stores now. >> excellent. thank you so much for being here. up next, forget the latest hi-tech ways to lose weight. the answer may have been invented in the stone age. a look at the paleo diet when we return. [ male announcer ] your joints... work hard for you. give them the edge they deserve. new edge from osteo bi-flex with joint shield helps strengthen your joints°. it works as hard for your joints, as they do for you. get the added benefits of joint & muscle, and joint & energy. new edge from osteo bi-flex, so you're always ready for action. find it in your vitamin aisle. so you're always ready for action. smoking with chantix.
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welcome back. the idea of losing weight may seem modern or chic, but the concepts of being fit and eating well are really actually quite ancient. today we're going to take you back. i mean way back to the days of being a hunter and gatherer and how you can be as lean and as toned as our primal ancestors. here to discuss the paleo diet
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is the author of "cave women don't get fat." how funny is that title and registered dietician esther blum. esther, what a great title. >> thank you. >> that's funny. so can you give us an idea what the paleo diet is? >> yes, the paleo diet is really a plant based diet. most people think it means beating their chests and waving clubs of meat around. our ancestors ate a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit. when it was in season. then following that, we ate quality fats. avocados, nuts and seeds. >> very important, fats are superimportant. people don't realize how important they are. >> especially when it comes to regulating female hormones and physiology and fat burning. at the top of the list, there also quality proteins, pastured proteins ideally from animals that are raised on grass. >> so grass-fed cows -- >> c.o.w.s, hens raised on
1:21 pm
pasture that were eating grubbs, worms. >> not caged chickens. >> not corn or soy fed just is grass fed as nature intended it to be. >> exactly. tell me, what have you brought me to show you and give me an idea of what it is we're talking about so people get a visual which is always a very important thing. >> i tried to keep it really simple. kind of how you construct your meals. there's something for everyone here if you're vegetarian, carnivorous, vegan. >> paleo does include cooked food? >> it does. but i encourage people to eat raw and cooked food because as you know, the raw foods have all the active enzymes and we want to preserve those. >> and also the bonds between the vitamins and minerals which are heat sensitive are undisturbed in raw food. >> that's right. but some trace minerals are released by light steam. i do a mixed of cooked and raw. here we have a basic salad. i was sure to include avocado
1:22 pm
which has oh make 9 fats and is gorgeous for giving you sumptuous, hydrated skin. it tastes delicious. to me it's green butter is what he call it. >> i love salads, i love avocado and putting lots of oil on all of this stuff. >> yes. i think women should eat at least half to one avocado a day for optimal hormonal balance. here here baked sweet potato tries. >> i was wondering what they are. >> if you want to keep it simple, have a baked sweet potato. >> who's going to give up having fries? >> i know. these are baked because if you want to bake them yourself at home, brush them in a little coconut oil which can stand up to high heat oil. you don't want to fry in soy oil which is disruptors. and pro imflanner to. this is an omelet over chicken with tomatoes and cucumbers and tahini sauce.
1:23 pm
it's a plant-based form of calcium we can eat and enjoy. it's quality fat. this is a great snack. this is celery and raw almond but the are. >> nothing you have to do. open a jar. >> you open a jar. >> you can do it with apple, pear pieces. >> carrots. >> any kind of vegetables, any crudites. >> it has protein fats and a little bit of carbs. it's the perfect fast food snack to me. >> so why do you recommend the paleo diet? what does it do for people. >> i work with the diet for people who have autoimmune conditions. it gets rid of the grain and dairy. the first clients i treated in private practice had autoimmune issues. i found their issues completely went into remission within three months of being on a paleo diet. the protein varies person to person. that end doos on your weightlifting needs, stress levels, sleep, hormones.
1:24 pm
i love the paleo diet. the reason i wrote the book is to help people find their unique carbohydrate tolerance and really, i clean out all the starches for two weeks and say just pile on the fruits and vjis. eat lots of fats and protein. >> don't be afraid to eat especially fruits and veggies and if it's raw. people are afraid. >> i want to hit the hormonal and metabolic reset button and have people add roots and tubers and starches slowly over time. if you're still losing weight while you're doing it, you'll know how much you can eat. >> it helps you sleep better. >> that is one of the greatest testimonials have i heard is people getting off sleep medications or even over the counter sleep aids by balancing blood sugar and hormones. >> it's not a feminine diet. encan eat the paleo diet. thank you so much for being here. that's cave women don't get fat.
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welcome back to a healthy you. time for ask carol. today's question comes from terry who asks, how do you keep healthy while traveling on an airplane? my daughter caught the flu after a flight. probably on flight, if i know airplane air. and you know, that did happen to me, as well. and short of asking people not to fly if they're sick, there's not a whole lot we can do. i find people who fly knowing that they're sick are just extremely selfish. from now on, i know what i'm going to do when i fly, and i don't really care how ridiculous i look. i'm going to wear a mask. that's right. a mask over my nose and my mouth and i'm going to take a little
1:29 pm
bit of tea tree oil and rub it lightly on the mask and inside my nose, careful not to saturate the mask. some believe that tea tree oil is used as an anti-septic to fight germs. with germs finally an kirk cue lating in that close quarters a sick person is bound to infect the other healthy ones around them. if you're sick and choose to fly, i would also suggest wearing a mask with tea tree oil to prevent spreading your illness to others. i try to use a chemical-free hand cleanser and avoid shaking other people's hands or hugging people. many times people are contagious before they realize they're sick. and if you think you may have been infected or near an infected person, i always suggest taking three tablespoons of sovereign silver during a day for three to four days to ward off any potential illness. i hope this helps. oh, and if you see me on a plane from now on with my mask, don't laugh at me. our show is over for today. i hope you've enjoyed yourself.
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i know that i have and that you're learning to are more of a healthy you. see you next time. hundreds of sunni militants capturing another city in iraq this weekend as they continue their march towards baghdad. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. the situation continuing to unravel with the al qaeda splinter group essentially taking control of iraq's entire northwest territory. and threatening to destabilize the whole country. and the region. john huddy is live in our mideast an bureau with more. hi, john. >> well, arthel, yeah. along with all of that the battle also c


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