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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 21, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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i know that i have and that you're learning to are more of a healthy you. see you next time. hundreds of sunni militants capturing another city in iraq this weekend as they continue their march towards baghdad. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. the situation continuing to unravel with the al qaeda splinter group essentially taking control of iraq's entire northwest territory. and threatening to destabilize the whole country. and the region. john huddy is live in our mideast an bureau with more. hi, john. >> well, arthel, yeah. along with all of that the battle also continues for that
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are massive oil refinery in northern iraq. this is a key fight. i explain why in a moment. first, take a look at this. this is video that was taken earlier today of a new group of militants that are also now jumping into the fray. now, the several thousand heavily armed shiite fighters basically paraded through sadr city today in southern baghdad. the shiite militants are supporters of a radical cleric named muqtada al sadr. you're going to hear his name a lot. he's aligned with ayatollah ali sistani who warned the 300 u.s. military advisors being sent to iraq would be attacked. fox is being told so far those advisors have not yet arrived in baghdad but they are supposed to be on their way. and all of this as al qaeda-linked isis militants have reportedly taken over two keyboarder crossings along the iraq, syria border in northwestern iraq. as i mentioned, the battle also
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continues for that massive oil refinery in the northern part of the country. remember, it fuels most of northern iraq. and this is a real critical fight, as i said, at the top. because if isis fighters, arthel, were to take control of this refinery, basically, it would essentially refuel their fight. arthel? >> john huddy, thanks for breaking it down for us. in pakistan, the number of re g refugees growing. officials say more than 300,000 people have been forced from a tribal area bordering afghanistan as the army continues to battle militants. the u.n. says they are helping to assist those in need. the pakistani army says they have killed more than 200 militants and destroyed score of hideouts so far. and new concerns about the dangers posted by drones. an investigation in "the
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washington post" found more than 400 large u.s. military drones crashed in accidents around the world sincen 2001. among the reasons, mechanical breakdowns, human error, and bad weather. this report exposing the potential dangers of opening our skies here in the u.s. to drones. a political tug of war erupting over the fate of thousands of immigrant children. as hundreds pour across our southern border day after day. many of them running from violence and poverty in their central american homes. and now the u.s. is responsible for feeding and clothing them while the administration and congress try to hammer out a policy to deal with the growing crisis. dominick di-natale live in los angeles with more. >> hey there. finally dealing with this crisis and it comes as we're seeing more and more of these children and families coming across the border on a daily basis if not
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hourly basis. there are plans for more temporary centers to be set you. .we can show you one of those new centers that were set up in the past week or so at nogales down in arizona. that has become very focal point at the moment because it was set up in such a hurry because of the scare that the crisis that escalated over a series of weeks. vice president biden was sent to central america to talk to key leaders to talk about the key issues driving immigrants through mexico to north of the border. he was describing to the media yesterday just one effort in what is now the government's new plan on attacking this. listen to it. >> we're launching a $40 million five-year program here in guatemala to increase economic and educational opportunities for at risk youth. these issues come together in the challenges that brought me to guatemala in the first place today. >> reporter: and not just
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guatemala because across, of course, central america. here's the rest of the plan. $162 million will be used in central america. this is u.s. taxpayers' dollars for immigration gang control. and also improving rule of law. they can make these countries more stashl, fewer immigrants head toward the united states. guatemala we heard about the $40 million a movement ago. in el salvador, $25 million on youth outreach centers. that's attempting to stop young people in central america from joining gangs and perpetuating a more violent environment. finally in honduras, $1 million spent on the police who are struggling there to deal with gang violence and gang culture. that's how america right now is going to be helping the situation. is that really enough? well, you know what? it doesn't really address the immediate issues we are seeing along the border right now. we're just as you see on the screen, just more young -- actually teenage if not early 20s some of these people that
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are coming across although the primary concern is about the conditions of the families and young children that we're also seeing. given that thousands are still heading this way from central america, critics of the government's latest plan say the crisis is much more urgent than that. >> it's roughly 15-day trip that if we stopped it tomorrow, there would still be that backlog that would be coming here. so it's got to stop and it's got to stop immediately. >> but stopping it immediately is actually a very difficult thing to do. this could take months for it really to take effect and the plans that the government has got really for central america is really down to those countries actually implementing those. so the cash may go across quickly but how soon will be the problem be resolved locally? >> dominick, thank you so much for that report. well, all the heavy rain across the midwest helping to create a scare at a hospital in
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minneapolis. a hundred yard section of soil including trees and brush, slid off a mississippi river hillside, landing on a parkway below. barely missing two motorists but the really scary part, the mudslide happened right next to a group of medical buildings. leading to questions about their stability, but engineers say the buildings are embedded in bedrock and safe but the hospital had to relocate some oxygen thanks near the site. folks in the plains and midwest are in for for severe storms and flooding. meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox stream weather center with the latest. >> yes, it's feeling like summertime for a lot of folks across the southeast and the gulf coast, central u.s., 90 right now in kansas city, 91 el paso, 104 in phoenix. 73 in missoula. cooler across the northeast as well as the northeast and great lakes. scattered thunderstorms are
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moving through the atlanta area. that's why the temperatures have dropped significantly over the last couple of hours. watches and warnings, three of them right now well into the evening for parts of the upper midwest across the ohio river valley. these are thunderstorm watches in effect for the next several hours, again, including the city of chicago where we could see again hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. just some severe weather warnings here, severe thunderstorm warnings including hail, gusty winds, heavy downpours. no tornado warnings. we'll watch for those. at they point, we could see some of these start to spin. we'll keep you posted. also the threat for strong to severe storms for parts of the carolinas. up towards the midwest and the great lakes over the next several hours into the overnight, as well. so we're going to be watching this certainly this area over the next several hours. we watched these line of thunderstorms that start to develop across the northern plains, midwest, great lakes, southeast, through saturday and then sunday, as well.
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we're looking for the threat of severe weather for these regions again tomorrow. so we'll certainly keep an eye on it. if those watches and warnings come in, we'll break in and give you the latest. >> indeed. we'll rely on you for that. thanks so much. the leader of the catholic church breaking bread with prison inmates and drug addicts. we're going to tell you about the pope's trip ministering to the less fortunate in his country. plus, the situation is really heating up in iraq. and the president says he has a plan to tamp down the growing crisis, but is it worth all the risk? >> i don't think what they're going to do is going to make any difference because we had a failed strategy. that's what worries me. and it feels like your lifeate revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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time for a quick check of headlines. the lunt is on for a south korean soldier who opened fire on his fellow troops, killing five of them and injuring five others. it happened at an outpost on the border with north korea. it's still unclear what sparked the incident. the brother of ahmed abu khattala says his brother was "sold out" and is now threatening revenge on whoever gave him up. he was arrested last weekend for the deadly raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and is now on his way to the u.s. for a possible trial. pope francis visiting italy's underdeveloped southern region today.
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the pope arriving in. ca lab briia this morning where he visited a prison and met with several victims of organized crime including a family whose 3-year-old son was killed in a car shooting. well, the situation is fast unrabling in iraq. and president obama is taking hard hits on his foreign policy efforts. today, we've seen the violence and tension happening on the ground there. and we're learning more about the president's strategy of sending advisors and raising the potential for air strikes. so what is his goal? we're going to take a look now with close look with jamie weinstein. the senior editor of the daily caller. hi, jamie. >> how are you? >> i'm well. i want to if you can try to break down the political puzzle in iraq first and where if any place does the u.s. fit in. >> we, it's a very difficult situation and there's been a lot of people trying to point back to the bush administration and the iraq war. but whatever you think of the iraq war, whether you thought it
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was a good idea or a bad idea, when president obama came into office in 2009, the situation there was pacified as a result of the surge. but when the u.s. troops left at th 2011 and the president failed to get a status of forces agreement, you had the iraqi government. >> the president failed? what was he supposed to do, do a table arm wrestle with the prime minister and make him do it? >> that's what happened in 2008 when president bush got a status of force agreement or before that, he dealt with mali ki every week in a conference call and took a year to get a status of forces agreement that was acceptable to both us and iraq. the president only engaged this issue at the very end. when he came into office, his goal was to remove american troops from iraq so it seems like that is something that he wanted to do. he didn't work very hard. >> americans were really ready for the troops to leave iraq, as well. but talk about this, jamie. how much pressure should president obama and the u.s.
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apply on the iraqi government to become one of inclusion? because that's a big part of the problem as you well know. >> absolutely. today the real problem is which side you come in on. if the united states started doing air strikes right now and i think the president seems to realize this, as general petraeus said, it would be looking like we're going to be the air force of nuri al malaki's government in iraq, the shiite prime minister of iraq against the sunnis. that would be a bad situation in and of itself. we'd be playing into the hands of iran. before anything like that occurs, i think the president is looking to try to change the situation on the ground, get a government that is more inclusive of the sunnis, try to reach out as he's doing which seems to be a good move according to all sides to those who helped america during the and bar awakening that helped pacify iraq in 2007 to fight fight this isis terrorist group in the sunni areas, as well. because it's a very difficult situation because both sides right now don't seem to be
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particularly good sides. have you isis on one side which is a terrorist group and the government of iraq right now which is he cantarian government that has not been inclusive of the sunnis to begin with. >> you're right. so let's look at politics. from a d.c. perspective, where are the political land mine and which party on which they might explode? >> well, it looks like the president has the support of at least democratic leaders to do what he needs to do in iraq. there was an attempt to by some lower level democrats to cut off funding. they tried to put an anticipate on a bill but that was rejected. the president's claiming that he has the power to do air strikes and do some of these initiatives in iraq without going to congress. >> but he did say that he will consult congress and from what i understand, the president as' not too gung ho if you will, about these air strikes. >> i agree with you. but he did send troops to iraq without consulting congress.
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i'm not saying he doesn't have the power to do that. i think president bush did this, as well. >> did what, as well? >>. >> they have the authority as a result of the previous resolutions that were passed both with the iraq war and with after 9/11 to deal with terrorists abroad like they will do in yemen and elsewhere. so i do think the president has retained that. that's why he's sending troops without asking congress to send troops. it's an immediate problem. as a a result of being the commander in chief he believes he has the power, the executive authority to deal with something like that. >> listen, jamie, i have to go. i want to keep talking to you. i do apologize. the president made sure to really, really repeat it in his press conference a few days ago that listen, i'm going to consult with congress and keep the american people informed. it's a really bad situation. let's hope we don't get too many lives involved this time around. >> absolutely. >> jamie weinstein, thank you so much.
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hernandez also filing a motion to be transferred to a jail closer to boston for safety concerns and to be closer to his lawyers. let's bring in misty merez and ben levine, both trial attorneys. you mind if i start with ben today? >> absolutely not. >> why would his legal team want these medical records? explain that to us. >> what it sounds like hernandez's attorneys are trying to pursue here is either a defense of insanity, or more likely, they're going to argue that hernandez had diminished capacity. they're going to say that diminished capacity is based upon his time with the new england patriots with concussions, head trauma, and other related injuries, which would not allow him to plan or commit premeditated, deliberate murder three separate times. >> yeah, okay. so misty, should they be allowed to be given access to these medical records? >> there's no question that they're going to be given access to these medical records. and the reason being, these records are hernandez's records.
1:54 pm
so his team, as long as he authorizes it, he can have those records. the question is, whether or not those records will actually be admissible in court. and that's going to come down the line. you don't know yet because we don't know the content. that's going to be based on the relevancy to the claims. >> what do you think about the claims that ben just brought up that they may be trying to stack up some defenses of insanity, head concussions, got my head knocked over. so maybe -- >> i think it's 100% true what's ben saying that's exactly what they're going for. they're going to try to set up a diminished capacity defense. however i don't think that's going to hold water. there's a reason for that. an insanity defense is extremely hard to plead. based on the fact that we know from the indictment, somebody who is of diminished capacity doesn't take those steps to hide what they did. they don't -- they don't have the -- the idea of diminished capacity is, i didn't know my actions were wrong. >> ben, does misty bring up a good point here? >> she brings up a great point.
1:55 pm
ultimately this is going to become a battle of experts if they do try to assert an insanity defense and/or argue diminished capacity. you're going to have to find a neurologist that's going 20 come on the stand and try to say that because of the injuries that he suffered on the new england patriots and his mental state that's the jump from being a three-time multimurderer. >> this is a slippery slope if somehow they're actually use this as his defense? >> i think that i agree with ben, definitely, there's going to be expert testimony. that's going to delay the trial because we're going to need to get experts in there to give him independent medical examinations on both sides. but i think no matter what is in the records, a jury is going to look at his actions, they're going to look at hernandez's actions, they're going to say, is this really the act of someone who doesn't have the capacity to premeditate and to cover up a murder? and based on what we know right now, i don't think that that's going to hold water regardless of what the record says. >> i also think there might be a
1:56 pm
basis, hernandez's attorneys right now might not want to see this get to a jury. they might think the evidence is so overwhelming they might be using this diminished capacity argument saying his intent to commit premeditated murder but maybe we can do a degree for second degree murder and/or manslaughter which are two lesser crimes that have much lesser penalties. >> i wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. but i don't think the d.a. is going to go for it. >> misty marris, ben levine, thanks to both of you. that is going to do it for me. join me for one more news -- one more hour of news coming up in one hour from now. i never get this part right for whatever reason today. stick around, i'll be back at 6:00 p.m. "the five" is up right now. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours.
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hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and jesse waters. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." who is the real hillary clinton? the former secretary of state has long touted her history as a champion of women's rights. >> over the past 25 years, i have worked persistently on issues relating to women, children, and families. >> it is a violation of human rights, when individual women are raped in their own communities. it is a violation of human rights, when a leading cause of death worldwide


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