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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 21, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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one in five women say they are more excited by these bad boys. >> maybe, jesse, that is why your wife wants you to take the shoes off at the door. >> yes, your heels. >> that's it for us. we'll see you back here on monday. greg is going to be back monday and "special report" is next. have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for staying with us. ♪ hello, i'm eric shyne. i'm arthel neville. as the u.s. sends help, some iraqis are warning us to stay home. >> the benghazi terrorist suspect is headed here to u.s. soil but his brothers in libya are trying to find out who gave him up to our special operations forces. >> the humanitarian crisis isn't
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getting better. is comprehensive reform possible or doomed to get worst? we'll have a full analysis. mounting pressure at this hour on washington to try to come up with the solution to the growing crisis in iraq that is only seemingly intensifying. here are thousands of shiite supporters taking to the streets in baghdad in new anti-american protests. they were led by radical cleric al sadr. well, all this as sunni militants continue to capture several new cities in iraq's northwest region. that as they seemingly march towards baghdad, some said to be now only 40 my as way. molly, what's the update.
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>> reporter: the progress they've been able to make and president obama is sending 300 military advisers, not combat troops to help stem the insurgency but some military analysts say that may not be enough. >> i think it's absolutely a step in the right direction. it's not sufficient, though, to truly address the crisis that we're facing in iraq in terms of security crisis. and i don't think it's sufficient to really address the political situation where we have to reach out to the sunnis and attempt to reconcile some of them and also put together a coalition government. 300 advisers i don't think will convince the parties at play here that the united states is really making a commitment and is serious. >> reporter: the president also has left open the door to order, quote, targeted and precise air strikes if baghdad requests such help. but at this point the president says he wants to see if iraqi leaders, including iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki can
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rise above religious and tribal differences and compromise. the president said in an interview yesterday, quote, if they can't, there's not going to be a military solution to this problem. there's no amount of american firepower that's going to be able to hold the country together, and i made that very clear to mr. maliki and all the other leadership inside iraq. u.s. officials say there are manned and unmanned u.s. aircraft flying over iraq 24 hours a day now on intelligence missions. eric? >> molly, thanks so much for the update. there's new information about the suspect in the benghazi terrorist attack. there have been few threats of revenge since the u.s. commanders arrested him in eastern libya on sunday. but his brother says he was betrayed by an insider. reports also say that abu khatallah was a shadowy figure and did not take a leadership position in the militia group. of course, the benghazi attack
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killed ambassador christian for stevens and three other courageous americans. >> eric, a group of gunmen attack a nato air base that happened on the outskirts of the city of jalalabad where many u.s. forces are stationed. no word on any possible casualties. all of this comes as hundreds of people take to the streets in new protests a day against alleged fraud in last week's presidential runoff. at least 13 people have been killed so far in widespread violence. the final results from the runoff expected to come in early july. the white house is trying to hammer out a new policy to deal with the growing crisis along our southern border. that as you've seen thousands of undocumented kids from central america where they've been pouring into this country and now the u.s. is responsible, of course, to feed and clothe them. seems to be a growing crisis. domini has more on this.
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>> eric, a week after a new protesting center for children coming across the border in nogales the government late friday came out with an emergency action plan to deal with protesting deportations, primarily announcing that there will be a large number of immigration officials and also lawyers to tackle with the likes of these children and these families that are coming across as well as the adults that continue to flood over the u.s. border. they say that speeding up is our most important priority. >> the immigration courts and backlog building up because of the surge that we've seen along the southern border. we are surging resources to try to address that. >> and challenges with those resources, federal officials are now scrapping plans much to the joy of locals in virginia where hundreds of central american children faced local opposition
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because residents in the small town of lawrence vilma which you can see on the screen here were worried about the impact immigrant teenagers would have had on crime and safety locally. >> we have no idea where these children will end up, while they're here and when they leave. >> please, take your uacs, locate them in d.c. where you can keep a very close eye on their welfare rather than putting it in our backyard. >> when did the u.s. government go into the orphanage business? by your presence here tonight you are telling us that the federal government via the department of homeland security has failed its job in securing our borders. >> here's an example of how securing the borders is becoming quite difficult. the customs and border protection authority is saying that since this crisis began in the first six months of this year, attempts to actually stop drugs coming in and the drug
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seizures have fallen between 32% and 64% between california, arizona, texas and the border in new mexico having a bra matic effect. >> dominic, it is just getting worse. thanks so much. arthel? >> eric, a massive search under way for veteran writer karen sykes is under way in mt. rainier. the 70-year-old experienced hiker was researching a story on the mountain when she disappeared wednesday. a park spokesman says sykes had survival gear to camp overnight this. comes just weeks after six people disappeared on mt. rainier while trying to climb a challenging route to the summit. search crews say they are believed to have fallen to their deaths, unfortunately. fox news extreme weather alert. record flooding gripping parts of minnesota today. this after the area was hit with powerful storms packing damaging
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winds and large hail. meteorologist janice dean busy all day in the weather extreme center with more. >> arthel, we have a tornado warning. i want to point out where -- sorry, severe thunderstorm watching in effect but within those severe thunderstorm watches tornadoes warnings south of chicago so this is central iroquois country, east central illinois. doppler radar indicating rotation, south of cress cent city and, of course h. is a heavily populated area so we want people to be really, really careful. obviously if you live in these areas you need to be taking shelter immediately and then west of richmond, virginia, our latest tornado warning south central buckingham ken whisenhunt until 6:30 doppler radar indicated seeing rotation within this severe thunderstorm warning. active afternoon and continue to monitor the storms. a couple batches across the
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midwest, the great lakes, ohio river valley and then over towards the carolinas and mid-atlantic region into tomorrow. so, again, we'll watch for the potential of hail, damaging winds and, yes, tornadoes. several of them right now. tomorrow's severe threat across the plains states again. with the potential for isolated tornadoes and you talked about the rainfall. not only severe weather but incredible rain on top of areas that have seen close to or over a foot of rain fall. that's going to cause flooding issues as we can see some cells open up and bring several inches of rain and there's your river gauge observations in the reds and purples. moderate to major flooding so any more rain is going to exacerbate an already bad situation. there are your temperatures, very summerlike across portions of the southern and central plains and the latest from the fox news extreme weather center. >> j.d., thanks so much. pope francis visiting a region known as a hub for
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organized crime in italy. at an outdoor mass, the pope saying all mobsters are automatically excommunicated from the catholic church. it is the power base of a global drug trafficking syndicate. the pontiff also met with inmates and had lunch with poor people and drug addicts at a rehabilitation facility. a controversial decision and now a death sentence was upheld against a muslim brotherhood leader and 180 of his supporters. they were convicted in the death of a policeman who was killed during those protests last summer. egypt has sentenced over a thousand people arrested in an extensive crackdown against the muslim brotherhood following the 2013 ouster of islamist president mohamed morsi. and two people are dead after a small plane crashes into a home in central minnesota. police say both victims were passenger as board the plane and
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that they were sightseeing in the area before crashing. one person who was inside the home at the time managed to escape through a window. a neighbor would witnessed the crash says she saw the small plane go around a larger plane before it went down. the exact cause is under investigation. how about this, a massive hot air balloon? it sent inmates running. that balloon landed in an oregon women's prison parking lot. they were taking part in a balloon festival when he began to run low on fuel and battled the strong winds and decided to put himself down and it ended up in a prison parking lot. the pilot thought it looked like a safe place to land. luckily no one was hurt. all the inmates were inside and nobody escaped. >> there you go. workers are cleaning up the big greasy mess outside ft. collins, colorado. about 7500 gallons of crude oil dumped into the river near the
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town of windsor spilled from a tank sitting right on the riverbank and floodwaters washed away and broke a valve and say the oil has stained plant life downriver. but it has not affected drinking water. and coming up, a superstar athlete is now in serious trouble. next up we'll tell you why u.s. women's soccer star hope solo landed up behind bars. we will tell you where these iconic checkered cabs are now making a comeback and why. you know those serious fireworks on capitol hill. did you see the reis targeting scandal? man, oh, man, we'll look at the potential political fallout. all ahead as the agency refuses to apologize over all those lost e-mails. >> what i didn't hear was an apology to this committee. >> i don't think an apology is owed. there are not a single e-mail has been lost since the start of
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fireworks in capitol hill at that congressional hearing on how the reis lost thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of e-mails including
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hearst. lois lerner at the center of the political targeting scandal of carpenter gro conservative groups. he denies there's any cover-up saying a computer crash caused the problem but turns out the hard drive that he says was destroy eed was standard procede but they were not buying his explanation. >> i don't believe you. >> i have a long career. that's the first time anybody has said they do not believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> that's fine. we can have a disagreement. i'm willing to stand on our record and remind it was not buried in 27 pages. most that have 27 pages is exhibits when asked about the custodians we advised you -- >> being forthcoming -- >> which we knew -- >> you know what, congress is investigating -- >> let him answer the question. >> i didn't ask him a question. >> wow. cover-up of illegal targeting or
3:18 pm
innocent computer mistake. tammy bruce. former adviser to hillary clinton for president. tammy, do you believe him? >> no, it concerns me that this man could have a long career and to one has confronted him about anything this. is part of the problem and the republicans share some of the blame here but really it was shocking that performance and it was the -- this is certainly nonpartisan. every american should be concerned with a kind of smug entitled arrogance within the concept here of what we've got houses already referred, lois lerner for criminal charges to the doj. she's taken the fifth amendment which is her right but seems to be hey lot of things going on that the commissioner seems to not care about but the attitude i think is based in the fact that no one has been held accountable for anything throughout all the agencies, many of which have these kinds of problems, i mean an apology is just a decent thing to do for
3:19 pm
the american people at this point. >> richard, smug arrogance or simple, you know, look, we're sorry, two years of this stuff and happens to be around the time of the 2010 election when they are talking about tea parties but woo don't know anything bit. the dog ate it. >> basics, eric. remember 501c4 status. the statute says those organizations have to be exclusively for social welfare. the reis needs to police that and they did looking at groups that had tea party or patriot in their name or progressive and occupy in their name and they did that too. and it's a rip-off to the u.s. taxpayer if 501(c)4 status is used to shield them. go back and look at every segment fox news has done on karl rove's group and tell me how much of that is about social welfare versus political. we know exactly what's going on here. look, those documents were lost in 2011. i guarantee you there weren't
3:20 pm
five people on capitol hill who had ever heard the name lois lerner as of the time they were lost which incidentally she pleaded with her i.t. department to get them back. hardly looks like a cover-up but much ado about nothing when we have big problem. >> much ado about nothing but the potential of hundreds of thousands of e-mails one of them that was recovered. she wrote "tea party matter very dangerous" so i mean, tammy, as richard says, is this much ado about nothing. >> what you heard is the political argument and what the real argument is the response to the nature of what's going on, people get in trouble for not what they did sometimes but covering it up and we're still reliant on what they say is missing. no external audit. no internal even real framework of investigation. there's -- there should be an external investigation. there should be an i.t. forensic investigation so it's change that it's only the people who
3:21 pm
congress is investigating whose e-mails were lost in this framework. by 2011 i have to say they had a sense that other people had found out what was going on. so -- especially in the context of how this administration and how the federal government's been operating. the american people now unfortunately don't believe anything they're hearing and both sides have the responsibility to try to reassure us that this is being taken seriously and certainly the commissioner did not do that. and, frankly, the republicans are a little late to start getting a little excited about what's been going on. >> so what do you think is going to happen? >> i mean obviously right now the american people have had enough. the poll numbers for mr. obama are going down which we've got an election year. it may mean that we'll get some responses but i think -- >> eric -- >> i think they're in a little bit of trouble. >> richard, last word. >> i need to get a word in here. listen, again, the people pro-pounding this whole scandal are basically saying, we want the reis to look the other way
3:22 pm
when people are misusing the tax code. do republicans want that? heck no. democrats certainly don't so this whole notion the underpinnings are a fiction. we don't want the reis to do anything other than police what is or is not a proper use of the tax code and as far as these records are concerned it's an odd thing for somebody to be pleading to get them retrieved when supposedly the whole idea was to lose them. the reis has delivered 700 had you thousand documents. 67,000 with lois lerner's name on them already and can get the hard drive to somephrenic person to, you know, look over and see if there's any -- >> apparently the hard drive has been destroyed. >> or the other people she wrote to. >> this will continue and another hearing this week. maybe they destroyed it. he said they did that as part of the standard procedure when you have something -- >> they should knock themselves out. >> thanks so much. arthel. >> eric, how about this, a blast from the past.
3:23 pm
when checkered cabs were all over new york, i love that, you may remember seeing these guys in a few old movies but this weekend those iconic cars are hitting the streets of the big apple one more time. laura ingalls streaming live in brooklyn with the checkered car convention. hey, laura. >> reporter: hi, arthel. you know, it is a very special time for these checkered car enthusiasts. not only are all the beauties at the same place at the same time. first time in their history that this show is in new york city and really when you think about it, what better place to showcase the cars made famous in the movies and in tv shows that were filmed in the big apple. checkered motors corporation produced taxis, cars and limousines from 1922 to 1982 in kalamazoo, michigan, but most people really know checkered cars by the iconic checkered taxicab and while many remember the cars as a new york city vintage staple they also roamed the streets in chicago, pittsburgh and minneapolis back in the day.
3:24 pm
>> while most cabs throughout the country were fords, they had a special unique and had the checkerboards on them. they were just different. >> the last time an authentic checkered taxi rapg up a fare was in 1999 which is when the city stopped allowing the checkers to operate because they started failing required inspections. and you know, one of the most famous cars here at the show is this checkered taxi. you know, the taxi that was used in the tv show "taxi." can't you just see danny devito? they are beloved and celebrated for many reasons. >> when somebody needed to go somewhere, it was a good, solid, reliable, safe checker that got them there and the cars themselves are just big and bubbly and friendly. i don't think i've been
3:25 pm
anywashington redskins people didn't like to be in a checker and see them and talk about them. >> reporter: it has been a lot of fun to check out these cars and they did come from all over the u.s. to be here in brooklyn for this show, michigan, of course, where they came from, florida, kentucky, ohio, pennsylvania and, of course, the enthusiasts have been following. arthel, back to you. >> i wish they'd bring them back to new york city myself. all right, laura, thanks a lot. they were great. just like stretch out, you know. in those seat. >> i'm not cramped in the back of there. i could go on. i'm not going to. >> maybe they'll come back. coming up here on the fox news channel an icon for millions, well, these now facing some very serious criminal charges. what hope solo allegedly did to land herself behind bars. people are dusting off their grills and getting ready for barbecuing next. why the prices at the grocery store, you may get sticker
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the situation continuing to unravel in iraq as an al qaeda splinter group essentially takes control of the country's entire northwest territory threatening to destabilize the whole of iraq and the entire region. john hutti has more from our mideast bureau. >> reporter: arthel, many more developments in iraq. this is the battle continuing to rage on several fronts and now a new group is joining the fray and that could be a problem for the united states.
3:31 pm
several thousand heavily harmed shiite fighters paraded through sadr city in southern baghdad. the shiite forces are supporters of muqtada al sadr who says advisers sent there would be attacked. fox is being told those military advisers have not arrived in baghdad. meantime, the al qaeda linked isis militants have taken control of two key border crossings along the iraq/syria border as iraqi forces continue to battle for control of a major oil refinery in the northern part of the country. it continues to be a key battleground. because if isis fighters took over it would continue to fuel their fight. all this as the calls for iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki to resign continue to grow louder. u.s. forces meanwhile, remain in the persian gulf awaiting orders
3:32 pm
from president obama about whether to start gearing up for military air strikes against isis militants. arthel. >> all right. john huddy reporting from jimmy johnson, thank you. u.s. women's soccer star and olympic gold medalist has landed this jail after police say she assaulted her sister and 17-year-old nephew. officers were responding to a report of a woman who was hitting people and refusing to stop and leave. police say they found solo intoxicated and upset and they say the victims are injured. solo is now facing four counts of fourth degree domestic violence, assault. her court date set for monday. a major milestone for one of the victims of the boston marathon bombings. jeff bauman photographed in this image is now back at work. returning to a costco store in new hampshire 14 months after the attack. he described one of the bombing suspects to police following the attack.
3:33 pm
he also lost both his legs above the knee. starbucks lately? one of many chains in which the prices are going up. yep, price increase. the coffee giants says hiking some of the lattes and big mochas and all that other fancy stuff by as much as 20 cents and at the same time prices for your favorite packaged coffee at the store is going up too, as much as a dollar for some. what is going on? founder of is here. >> it's true. when you look at beef price, i mean a lot is due to bad weather. there was a drought two years ago that is still being felt today that caused the cattle supply to be at its lowest level since the 1900s when the population was much lower. you look at coffee prices, the commodity coffee has been up 46% over the past year. that's largely due to a drought in brazil which is the world's
3:34 pm
largest coffee producer then look at wheat prices and dryness in the southern plains, it has caused this year's wheat harvest to be 20% smaller and not to mention tensions in ukraine and ukraine, is, of course, the fifth largest wheat exporter. >> i was going to say tensions in ukraine, what does tha does o with pmy wonder bread. >> wheat, that pushes up the prices for everyone. >> a full screen. we have, you know, summer here, the hot dogs on the grill. guess what, it's going to cost you 5.6% more for hot dogs, ground beef, hamburgers going up over 10% and steak, about 10%. i mean what can we do or what can be done at all to try to mitigate any of these prices? buy in bulk? >> you can buy in bulk. ultimately it's a factor of where the economy is right now. inflation is a huge issue right now. we saw the consumer price index released a few days ago, it rose 0.4% but up 2.1% over the past year. now, the reason that's
3:35 pm
important. >> slow that down, it was up 0.4%. >> in may. >> and then 2.1% over the past year. now, the federal reserve's inflation target is 2% and the fed actually doesn't even use the cpi when it's doing its calculations but use the personal consumption expenditure price index that's a slightly different calculation. that was up 1.6% over the past year. but regardless, both gauges are pointing to higher inflation and what we're seeing with the fed right now is they're starting to scale back that bond stimulus which helped spur economic growth and cause inflation so if inflation continues, the fed is going to have to start thinking about raising short-term interest rates sooner than expected that will increase borrowing cost for banks and subsequently consumers with the hopes of chipping away at inflation. >> man, oh, man. >> the fed is making sure the economy is not too cool, not too hot. >> i thought janet yellen had to deal with just the stock market, not with scrambled eggs. >> all connected. >> you said in may it was 0.4%.
3:36 pm
last year, 2 point something percent. that means it's gone up like ten times fast. >> it's true. can you even now feel those effects at the grocery store, of course, you know, we saw coffee prices really mitt their highs in february. so it takes a few months tore that to trickle down to the stores but saw jam, smucker's announce a 9% increase in prices and make folgers and dunkin' donuts in the store. >> do wages go up? if they raise my giambi 9% are they giving me 9% more here? >> that's the problem. stagnant wages but as the unemployment rate continues to fall, you know, consumers have more money to spend because people have more jobs and that will increase intlags. >> how come it never goes down? >> it has but we're at an economic recovery and we're starting to see things pick up h things pick up we see prices rise and demand and so sort of connected. >> okay, scott gamm, thank you very much.
3:37 pm
website is is what we all need. arthel. >> scott, eric, thank you. the obama administration announcing some tough new policies to deal with the thousands of illegal immigrants, many children flowing across our southern border. is enough being done to deal with the crisis? a fair and balanced look. >> if you're not controlling the borders and keep seeing more children and teenagers coming across the border illegally, and you're not going to secure the borders, what makes us think that it's only going to be 120 days? it's just going to get worse. my dad has atrial fibrillation, or afib. he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran exilate mesylate)... ...was proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke. and unlike warfarin, with no regular blood tests
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3:42 pm
but is that enough to deal with the crisis and what does this mean for the immigration debate in washington? susan estridge is a political professor. good to see you, as always. >> good to see you, art. >> i want to start, though, here, susan, i want you to share your thoughts on what you say is an attempt to play politics with human tragedy. >> well, i just get very upset this morning, you know, seeing some of the news headlines. the obama administration is saying we're going to do this and various republicans quoted as saying it's all their fault then the democrats attacking the republicans then you have the republicans attack the democrats. and of course it's a campaign season and of course everything is about politics, but right now we have this horrible human tragedy at the border. i mean you get -- i just sit there as a mother, art, and i can't imagine the pain of
3:43 pm
mothers who are sending their children alone across the border to the united states because they believe rightly or wrongly but they believe it that their kids will have a better life over here and, of course, their kids get here and we're not prepared for them and they're in detention centers this. is a terrible human situation. and you would love to believe, art, that the political leadership in washington, democrat and republican could get together and say, what do we do about this human tragedy rather than -- who is this going to help in the november election. >> i mean, i hear you, susan, and there's a question, though, but is there, you know, what do we do? is there an easy answer? what is america's appetite for immigration reform and is congress in concert with americans on this issue? >> well, congress can't get itself together to do anything, art. you know, i mean that's just the reality. the republicans are split. the republicans are fighting with the democrats. nothing is happening on
3:44 pm
anything. so congress' appetite for immigration reform i think right now is zero. i mean, there are plenty of members of congress with an appetite but nothing is happening. i understand the president is trying to do something. but the real problem, i think, i mean you look at these children's faces. you know, this is, you know, any one of us who is a mother, a parent, a sister, a brother, a human being, democrat or republican, should be saying to ourself, let's get this problem out of the election. let's try to take it out of politics. let's try to get these people to sit down. we've got to send the message loud and clear to mothers in mexico that the answer is not to send your children here. that it's not going to be better for them. find ways to reunite these kids with their families and stop playing games with people's lives. >> well, you know that the u.s. is giving 250 million to central american governments, in fact, we're going to pop up a graphic that shows the breakdown while you and i will talk about the general contribution there, we're talking about guatemala,
3:45 pm
honduras, el salvador and the intent for those governments to use the money towards calming their interior, but, susan, can we trust that they'll use the money for which it's intended? >> i don't know and even if they do, art, i'm not saying we should be giving more. look at honduras, 18 million on policing gangs. you look at el salvador, a lot of family there are terrified every time their family goes down there, parts are safe, parts of it aren't. these countries have huge -- not only do they have gang problems and violence problem, but some these countries also have no economic opportunity. so, you know, i mean i'm all for giving them money and trying to help them and i don't want to suggest they're not using the money but obviously you look at the conditions in these countries and no mother sends her kid alone here if there's a chance for them there. i mean, i firmly believe that. these children are not coming to our borders because things are
3:46 pm
good at home but they'll be just a little bit better here. they're coming because they're really quite bad at home and that's the underlying problem. >> susan, you always provide interesting perspective and thoughtful comments and that is what i really most appreciate about you that you think about it, you're not biased one way or the other and really that's what it takes to try to get some sort of solutions in our great country. >> you hope. >> and this affects us big time. >> all right. >> thanks, art. don't forget you can read susan estrich's syndicated column every interest friday and wednesday in newspapers. exhale. take it outside, eric. >> all right, arthel. you know what today is? it's the first official day of summer. that means you have to protect yourself with sunscreen. we'll talk about it with "consumer reports." we'll separate the best from the rest and tell you how you can protect yourself through july and august all right through the beach days. we'll be right back.
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3:52 pm
and i will get in the mod of talking about supscreen. >> love that song. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 products. >> we tested 20 sun screens and looking for great uva rays that cause tanning and aging of the skin. >> you picked the winners for us. we have copper tone baby. it had great protection. >> this is specifically for babies or >> it is for everybod there is nothing different between kid and adult sun screen when it comes to the sun blocks. adults can use kids and kids can use adults. >> i didn't know that?
3:53 pm
>> 50, 100 and 85. does it matter? some say you don't have to go over 80. >> you don't have to go over 50. that blocks 98 percent of the sun's uv- rays >> and so that is pretty much there. >> what do you have here? the equate version of loegdz solid at walmart and this rated well and a consumer best buy and least expensive ones. >> what is good about this it? >> it has great uva and uv protection. >> and get it at walmart. >> this is the ultradefense. and spf 110 and top performing sprays in our test. >> you have to remember to reapply them. >> every two hours. sun screen doesn't last all day
3:54 pm
long. they think they do. but it is not the case. no matter what the case you have to rea loy. >> you have to keep it on. >> especially swimming. >> when it is water-resistant reapply. >> did we do this one. >> bull frog is a nice spray and did well in the test. >> and how much is that one? >> $10. >> i think it is $10. >> and then we have the oh, this is target brand. >> it is up and up. this one did well in our test and it is spf 50 so that is good. >> that is good. >> every summer you get the unoused ones and you keep them and throw them in the summer, and you pull them out. >> check the expiration.
3:55 pm
and you shouldn't have any left over. you need to apply an ounce. and so an eight ounce bottle shouldn't last you long. >> it is about a shock glass full is right amount to put on your body. >> important message is to use sun screen. a way to protect yourself. >> that is good stuff. >> thank you. >> i got it right. >> yes, you did. >> we'll sing cheryl crow sunni song. and that's going to do it for us. julie bandaras is off and heather childers is going in for her. what are you going to do? >> i got to work because tomorrow i am on at the 10 o'clock and 12 o'clock we are back. >> we are back together. stick around. there are people having fun in the the background. hi, guys and happy summer to you. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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