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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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e symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. this is the fox report. tonight thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them children overloading the detention centers. this as law makers debate how to handle the humanitarian crisis on our boarder. a flood of children flooding over the board. they will receive amnesty once they arrive. the obama administration promising surge of reenforcement and growing call from americans to send the immigrants back. >> it is a tragedy and must be stopped. tonight how states are
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responding. also a plan for a second show down on capitol hill in regard to missing e-mails. the head of the agencies set to answer questions from law makers in a saga that sparked exchanges. >> i don't believe you. this is incredible. >> i have a long career and that is the first time somebody said i don't believe you. >> ahead, the latest fallout. and a fleet of classic american cars hitting the streets of new york city. and the look and heritage of the automotive icon. >> more cities in iraq fall in terrorist hands. as the white house pressures the iraq shiite government to work to a political conclusion. isis capturing two more sees.
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qaim. and rawa h. and in baghdad thousands of heavily armed shiite militia men vowed to defend the city and government at all costs. there are new reports that a high level cleric is issuing a warning to hundreds of military advisors that president obama is ordering into the country. molly, what is the cleric saying? >> reporter: his name nasaar a l sidi. a shiite muslim cleric and he said america was the occupier in iraq. and according to our sister network, if u.s. military advisors come in iraq we'll be ready for you. and one fox military analyst. this is a dangerous military
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administration. >> we will flip on them and we'll have the green on blue. and that's whyine if that doesn't happen i don't think what they are going to do is make any difference. we had a failed strategy and that worries me. joishgs president obama said he would send the advisors and not combat troops to help with intelience and training of iraqi security forces. they are not on the ground yet, hoether. >> it president obama concerned about iraq breaking apart. >> reporter: concern body that and a full- blown civil war. president obama wants the iraqi leaders including maliki can rise above the differences and compromise. if they can't in the media interview president obama said no amount of four power will hold the country together.
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the top priority is the safety of u.s. personnel in iraq and believes that the advisors might be able to skwel the insurgency. sn >> this is a endowering relationship in iraq and that is training and equipment. u.s. officials say there are manned and unmanned aircraft flying over iraq 24 hours a day on intelligence missions vladimar putin is now weighing in on the iraq crieses. he called maliki and expressed moscow's support for his actions against the isis melitants. they talked about cooperation to keep the region free of dangerous terrorist. and putin has ordered his troops
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in central russia to be on full combat alert following another wave of attacks in eastern ukraine. the latest violence came after the ukranian president declared a sos fire. the sos four deal was met by multiple rebel attacks last night and today. rebel troops accuse the troops of breaking the cease four. putin supports the sos four plan and urging both sides to halt all action and return to the negotiating table. this happeneds of illegal immigrant children are crossing the border and into the u.s. authorities are running out of time and places to put them. take a look at where these children are coming from. since october of last year more than 11,000 children from el sal
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vadoor and 12,000 from guatamala and 15,000 from hondaures. it is leaving border states scrambling to look after all of the children. arizona senator john mccain visiting a processing center, and he said president obama's lax detortation policies are the to blame for the crisis. >> his message should be. no more allowance of people to stay in this country who cross our border illegally. and so all of our capabilities whether it is the border patrol or fema or department of health and human services are under enormous strain. >>dom is live from los angeles. what is the mastermind from the white house? >> reporter: i wont call it a master plan. i am not sure we can call it
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a silver bullet. it is just 120 days what the government is to do. they will introduce more immigration officials and judges to process faster deportation. increas increased enforcement on the border and removal and judges and attorneys and 255 million on local security, aid and support that will be spent in these central america country at the expense of the u.s. taxpayers. criminal gangs are spreading misinformation about how easy it is to get into the united states. that misinformation is causing people who are in a desperate situation, to risk their lives, to come to the united states border expecting they will be able to stay in the country,
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that is simply not true. >> reporter: but critics say the white house needs to be more strict in enforcing the plans. >> the vice-president was work nothing central america countries from which these families are coming. giving them money, offering them money to try to take care of them, and yet not offering texas the money we need to better secure our border. >> reporter: there are no guarantees of how the central america countries will spend the money and how it will take affect. >> such a troubling situation. >> and the feds had a new processing center in virginia to keep with the demand? >> there was so much local protest with regard to the center in virginia.
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locals are very concerned about what would happen if young teenagers turn up. you can see how delighted once health and human services made the announcement that the center would not be opened. there was overwhelming defiance from resident, listen. >> we have no idea where they will end up and when they leave. >> when did the u.s. government go in the orphanage business. by your presence you are telling us that the federal government failed in the job of secowering our borders. joishgs and the issue is secowering the borders but nothing is stopping the tide of the children and families and adults coming cross the border. more centers will be needed but where will the government put them is the question.
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>> thank you. for the first day of summer brings life threatening weather conditions in parts of the counsel row. and severe weather warnings. at this hour. and large hail and damaging winds on the radar. the threat will extend to the midatlantic stays by later tonight. this is the scene in the northern plain states following a woke of torrential rain. parts of iowa and minnesota is swamped. any additional thunderstorms in those regions could lead to flash flooding on the missouri and mississippi rivers. and janice has the details. >> heather, we had earlier tornado warnings that just expired but the danger is not over. thunderstorm watches in the northern plains and chic where we have a severe
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thunderstorm warning and wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. and many severe thunderstorm warnings and where you so theiely polygons down to tampa and carolina and midatlantic. that will continue tonight and tomorrow. and we have a severe threat for this region and the areas that we have severe thunderstorm watches in affect. larger cities will get strong to severe storms. and future radar. they will move eastward and we are watching this line sunday morning as people are getting up. heavy rain and potential for more hail and isolated tornados in the central u.s. as we head in tomorrow and tomorrow evening. and you mentioned the flooding and incredible rain in areas that received a foot of rainfall and flood advisories for the missouri river and that will be
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ongoing as we so showers and thunderstorms in the area. and past several days we are seeing video. it is the first day of summer and i picked the hottest place on the map. southwest is warm. 106 in phoenix and 108 in yuma. and those are the summertime temperatures. 86 in dallas and 91 in kansas city. and new york city. you can't get better than 77. back to you. >> it was a beautiful day outside today. >> i was. i investigated. >> thank you. >> we are not done yet. a boat filled with people begins to take on water. and the dramatic coast guard rescue. >> and the irs, in the hottest of hot seats.
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welcome back. we have the new video showing the dramatic rescue of ten people stuck on a sinking boat. the three children and the group called for help after the 28 foot catamarine started to take on water. a coast guard helicopter lowered a rescue swimmer in the water and everyone was wearing life jackets and none of them were hurt. the coast guard was able to slow it down just enough to be towed back to land. >> turning to the scandal of the irs on conservative political
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groups. he will get little chance after hours of hotted exchange with law makers yesterday. he is set to testify before the house over sight committee on monday. much of yesterday's hearing centered around the irs' explanation of how thousands of e-mails vanished in a computer crash and copies were deleted. many of those e-mails are related to lois lerner. the woman in the center of the investigation. erin shock sits on the ways and means committee. and he believes that learner anyhow she broke the law. >> she immediately pled the fifth and refused to cooperate with us. and when she gave the e-mails
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and now they disappeared. >> what is the latest elizabeth? >> reporter: the irs xhugzer told congressional law makers that the agencies not guilty. according to him the hard drive crashed and back up e-mails only kept to six months and reported to it an report by the inspecter general concluded while aems employees acted inappropriate it was not political. ni don't think an apology is owed. >> agencies say hard drives to other staffer ares crashed. republicans dismissed the explanation. >> they have no credibility and the commissioner of the irs say reportedly that no e-mails were
4:19 pm
lost since the investigation started knowing that the targeted began before the investigation. >> reporter: they have suggested a special prosecutor. and congressman ryan told him i don't believe you. recollects say it is a pattern of denial and obstruction. >> this is a pattern and this is not an instance. it is an ongoing. for obama to say not a smidgeon of corruption in the irs hurts his credibility. >> heather, back to you. >> elizabeth with the latest, thanks. right now an american gold medal winner hope solo is busted and wait until you hear what police
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say she did. >> and hand system felon. and more details emerge and his viral bad boyimage is all a misunderstanding. that's up next. i spent my entire childhood seeing the world in reverse, and i loved every minute of it.
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but then you grow up and there's no going back. but it's okay, it's just a new kind of adventure. and really, who wants to look backwards when you can look forward? thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. [meow mix jingle slowly andright on cue.ks.]
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well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to the fox report. hope solo is behind bars tonight and under investigation for domestic violence. solo held without bail in a jail in washington state. she was arrested over neat, solo accused of hitting her sister and teenage nephew in a family party at her home. the situation was out of control when police arrived. both victims had visible signs
4:24 pm
of injure and solo has two olympics medals and the goal keeper of the national women's soccer log. and california felon, have you sewn him, his mug shot went viral. jeremy meeks is facing weapons and street terrorism charges and he's not the violent criminal and wants to clear his name. the internet exploded when the stockton police department posted the mug shot. and it racked up tens of thousands of likes and dubbed smokes the hand cuff hotty and dreamy mcmug shot. what do you think. others say it is no laughing matter >> this is out of porportion and people are making jokes. the families are hurting. >> and the friend said that meek's wife is outraged over the
4:25 pm
media buzz surrounding his mug shot, but his mother is trying to use the popularity to raise money for bail that is set at $1 million. >> and speaking of money, business owners experiencing concern over a new minimum wage law and treatening to fight the law if court. >> many workers in seattle are about to get a pay raise. the city council passed a $15 minimum wage and phased in over seven years and facing a lawsuit. the international franchise association sued because the ordinance puts franchises as big business and requires them to pay 15 bucks an hour four years before the mom and pop competitor. >> not everyone will survive. it will affect franchises and
4:26 pm
they will go out of business. thaw they have franchise that employ 19,000. chuck has 69 workers in seattle. his customers will be easy able to go out for better pricing. >> we wanted to be treated equally. and i am not a 500 person company. >> and to the elected leaders, size doesn't matter. they said in order to be a franchisee you have to be wealthy. and the mayor said it is a way to level an unlevel playing field. that is very, very different than individual business owners. >> cathy lion borrowed a quarter of million using her mortgage to
4:27 pm
launch a bright star franchise. and envested in the home health company and now afraid she could lose it all. >> i am worried about the care for them and the rate we have to charge tis undoable. >> some businesses will fail. >> some jobs are loss. that is a net plus. >> they will nip the $15 minimum wage in the bud. and they are pushing it in san francisco where voters will have a say in november. in seattle dan springer, fox news. >> u.s. military advisors heading to iraq as full chaos involves more of that count ro .
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>> i am healther child sxers this is the fox report in the bottom of the hour. rescuers scouring washington state mount rainier searching for a hiker that was missing
4:32 pm
sips wednesday. the 70 year old was separated from her hiking partner. pope francis said organized crime and excommunicating mafia members in italy. and kicking them out of the catholic church. and a nato air base that houses a u.s. air bias is under attack in afghanistan. it thankfully no one was hurt. and now back to the top story for you. the crisis in iraq terrorist capturing two key cities in the country's northwest region near syria. and the obama administration actually launched a secret plan last year to aid iraq with up-to-date real- time intelligence on the isis.
4:33 pm
they were worried that iowa ran would give the data to iowa ran, john? >> heather there are many more developments in. iraq. >> reporter: this as the battle rages on several fronts and now a new group joins the fray and this could be a problem for the united states. thousands of heavily armed shiite fighters in southern baghdad. they are supporters of sadr, he is aligned with the a yatolli sis tani who said the military advisers sent to iraq will be attacked. militants have taken control of two co border crossing in northwestern iraq. this as iraqi forces continue to battle for control of the major oil refinery.
4:34 pm
isis fighters took over it would continue to fuel their fight. all of this as calls for the iraqi prime minister maliki to resign continue to grow louder. and u.s. forces remain in the persian gulf awaiting orders from president obama about whether to start gearing up for military air strikes against the isis militants. >> and the question then who replaces maliki? >> they have risked their lives in iraq and afghanistan. but for war heroes, life back home can bring hardships. the new program is helping military vets adjust their skills. garry 10y has more. >> reporter: wearing a shirt and tie in an air-conditioned office is a change for garry who is used to wearing layers of body armor in iraq.
4:35 pm
transition to civilian life was not easy. >> six months there is finding part- time work here and there and nothing that could support my family. >> reporter: after eight years in the army and two towers in iraq gary has discipline and commitment and working well in a team and like so many veterans returning home, he struggled to find a job. he heard about a new program helping vets like him in western michigan. >> there was a great military experience and converting that in the civilian and we wanted to bridge that divide. >> reporter: renee is a few of the americans veterans taking advantage of the program. she would be rotated in various departments in the network of hospital ands learning job
4:36 pm
skills along the way and goal of landing a job. >> they need to make the program nationwide. >> reporter: spectrum health will enclude and expand the program. more than 720,000 unemployed vets. and the group hopes that the other businesses will be encouraged to develop their own programs as well. in chicago, garrett tenn ey fox news. >> people hurt in a scloin. we go around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan, throw hundred people were inside of a ceremony honoring the life of a local saint. the homemade bomb went off in the courtyard. it was built with low intensity
4:37 pm
explosives. thus saving lives. construction crows blowing off the top of the mountain. scientist plan to build the largest telescope and study black holes and galaxies in space. england, stone henge monoument to mark the summer solstice. it draws huge crowds to the mysterious standing stones that were erected 3500 yearsing on. the reason they are there is unclear to this day. >> china, an avrnient bronze vessel is back where it belongs after a century overseas. the vessel dating back to 1600 bc was discovered in 1919. it was bought and solid several times before being returned by
4:38 pm
christie's auction house in new york. that is a wrap on the trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> pretty cool. team usa goring up for a match. and a win would guarantee the usa a spot in the next round of the tournament. this after germany and ghana was ended in a tie. there was a match here that set a ratings record. in chicago. thousands watched the game in grant park. so many people showed up. they have moved the viewing party to a bigger field. brian is in brazil tonight. >> reporter: hi, heather, you are right. last woke the u.s. men's soccer team did an incredible job and this week, tomorrow on sunday, they will play portugal in
4:39 pm
a win, they would go to the next round of the world cup. we are thinking that it could happen. last week, usa showed up bichlth there were fans wearing red, white and blue. american fans dominated every section. large part thanks to the u.s. soccer time and outlaws that hosted pregame parties and fans last week marched to go see ghana and singing america the pufl and they have chaptered to planes to follow the team in the first throw games and the u.s. purchased 2,000 world cup tickets only second to brazil. and the excitement for the usa team is incredible. it remains to see if we will see if it will be in the second game. it is in a capitol city that is in the middle of the amazon.
4:40 pm
2 million people live there. and between the piranas and endiginous tribes there is a doubt of a showing. and a lot of fans are confident. we caught up with some fans that showed up in manows a new days ago. >> it is, i like it myself. it has good shrimp and it is salty and it gives me like it is hydrated. >> and you know, it is not like america. watching the games and enjoying the weather. it is awesome. he had the soup people have in meinous and he said it was good. it is in the middle of the amazon and guarantee the next
4:41 pm
round for the american team. i am impressed with the amount of fans and we expect and it should be exciting. >> brian, streaming live for us. usa, usa, right, thank you. fox news latina is your source for everything world cup. don't miss any of the action leading up to the championship match that is on july 13th. go to fox news latino.comto tune in our special world cup coverage. very exciting. you ever wonder if you are getting the best health care possible. git mes detainees don't need to worry about theirs. iconic checkered cars in the big apple. we'll have more on that, stay with us.
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welcome back to the the fox report. two people are dead after a small plane crashed in a home in central minnesota. witnesses say the plane was flying low to the ground trailing another plane when it slammed in the house and the crash set the home on fire. the man inside somehow managed to escape by jumping out of the second story window.
4:46 pm
the impact sounded like an explosion. one neighborhood said it nose dived in the home. the victims were on a sight seeing trip. >> the iconic checkered cars that filled the streets of new york returned to the city that helped to make them famous. 50 checkered cars and limousines are on display in brooklyn. it is first time collectors brought it to the city. it is providing nostallingia and people who remember them and perhaps seen them in movies. laura is with us from the checkered cab club in brooklyn. >> reporter: the enthusiast are here in new york city to celebrate the iconic beauties.
4:47 pm
this is vintage checkered cars they are on display in brock lin. they are known by the checkered taxicabs that are made famous. and they worked in chicago and pittsburg and minneapolis. they are yellow and big and boxy and haven't cruised for over a decade. >> they had a special look and checkered boards on them. and they were just different. and i think that is one of the attractions and it is a real new york icon. like pizza and bagels. >> last time they rang up a fare was 1999 when new york stopped to allow them to operate after they failed inspections. >> i got a lot of waves and people follow me for 10-15 miles to get a look and picture in the back, car shoes, it is a popular
4:48 pm
car and every time i go to a gas station people look at it and once they hear the history they are amazed. >> this is considered the rock star of the show. this is the original checkered used in the series. and cars are brought in all over the united states to be a part including michigan, and florida and kentucky. >> thank you, laura. guantanamo bay, home to the dangerous enemies and yet det n detainees are probably getting better health care than you. kevin mccarthy sits down with anchor chris wallace on fox news sunday. check your local listing for time. ness of naming names. ness of naming names. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans.
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you probably have heard about the slow treatment that many veterans face in medical facility all over the country. there is more shocking news, from one of the noterous prison guantanamo bay prison camp it houses the most dangerous terrorist and arguably they are getting better medical care than american war vets. kathryn harris traveled to gitmo and filed this report. >> reporter: the ratio of medical staff to detainees in at this time guantanamo bay prison camp is nearly 1 to 1. >> seven doctors assigned to take care of the detainees and 23 nurses and 94 hospital corps men. >> that is for one froin
4:53 pm
detainees. for medical swoet, the contrast to the da could not be plain. >> if there is an acute need in the middle of the night. and there is immediate care. >> unlike the va, there are no wait times and shadow list for treatment and the demand is growing as the camp population gets older. >> the age, the ages are anywhere from mid20s up to 67? >> no one over 70 yet? >> an aging population here in the camp faces the medical challenges has americans back home. >> we are seeing blood pressure and diabetes and cholesteral. >> and the medical care and access to specialist there are
4:54 pm
dental and mental health. >> what do you say to americans who don't understand why you would give them medical care. i would argue that you are not getting that care in the va system or a regular hospital system? >> i honestly don't have a great answer to that. >> i was told to come down here and provide top level care. >> they are professionals and say they have orders to fill. >> and the primary mission is the care and custody of the detainees. this is kathryn harris fox news. an olympics medal winner hope solo under arrest. and a police officer who patrols the city streets on his skateboard. [male vo] inside this bag exists over 150 years of swedish coffee experience.
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thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. is is is is is is jooi is
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>> a police officer is turning head. when he is doing this. he patrols on a skate boofrmentd people stop him all of the time to take pictures. it is about bonding with the community he is sworn to protect. >> it is good to get more exercise and talk to people. the squad car is a barrier for
4:59 pm
us. i wanted to show people skate borders are not just punk kids but all kinds of people in your community and even your police force. >> if you wonder how efficient he s. he once managed to pull over a motorcycle driver. and it was jaw dropping for me and the guy on the bicycle. >> a recap of fox top stories for you. thousands of shiite gun men marching through the streets of baghdad vowing to protect iraq from sunni terrorist. soccer star hope stolo behind bars and under investigation for domestic violence accused of hitting her sister and nephew in a family party. solo will be in court on monday. >> and in the midwest, record flooding in areas and more rain
5:00 pm
is on the forecast including the possibility for severe storms tonight. and of course, janice dean will stay on top of that. that's our fox report. i am heather childress. thanks for watching, huckabee starts right now. tonight on huckabee, iraq is falling apart. >> it is in our national security interest not to see an all out civil war in iraq. >> what should america's role be? >> america combat troops are not going to fight in iraq again. >> top military minds break down the strategy and tactics and the big picture in iraq. and outrage, a suspected benghazi ring leader gets constitutional protection from the justice department. the congressman tells the governor why he's furious. >> and plus, sinking poll


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