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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 22, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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i hope we will, too. and we'll all pray for their safe and prompt return. well, that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night andanananananananana stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. news report, kzs being transported around the country by our own government and you could be at risk. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us. first to iraq and my open. so what should we do? send in more troops to protect sacrifices already made? cut a deal with the devil, rira? or let the sunis and shias duke
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it out themselves. i told you to be afraid because they're coming for you. the isis assault, the islamic state and syria signals the beginning of the reverse crusade. they are coming for us. to them, we are the infidels. but i for one am not willing to let one more american die or come home with fewer limbs from that part of the world. americans have shed enough blood there. my resolution -- air strikes. bomb them. bomb them, keep bombing them, bomb them again and again. and i don't care how long it takes. just take out isis, take out their convoys and take out those troops. and even though our president says he didn't know, they told us they were coming for us. the head of this band of savages, abu al baghdadi was
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leased by the obah. ma administration and started isis one year later in 2010. he threatened his american jailer, see you in new york. isis is a fanatical religious organization. and if you think they are nothing more than ragtag rebels, you are wrong. they are a sophisticated band of militants who add to their ranks by emptying out jails and have $1.5 billion oil fields, control of major iraqi cities and who continue their atrocities now 30 miles from baghdad. and as they march, they slaughter thousands of moderate muslims who aren't extremist enough for them. all the while, posting the most gruesome videos of mass executions and beheadings. they have a centralized
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structure superior to iraq's military command, with corporal reports and savvy social media, they measure their performance by the number of deaths. now, mr. president, you may see yourself as a war hero -- >> the tide of war is reseed cr i i ing. >> core al qaeda is on its he heels. >> there's been a 60% increase in radical islamic terrorist since you've been in office. you didn't have the balls to try gitmo or federal court. you're clueless, a paper tiger who only knows how to cut and run. and here's the kicker. there have been reports that say isis was trained by u.s. instructors in a secret base in jordan to prepare them to fight president assad as rebels.
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since the benghazi massacre, the reports are the annex was a front for a cia operation shipping arms to the anti-assad forces through turkey. your feckless, weak foreign policy on the world stage is creating a danger zone for all americans. you and hillary, armed and trained terrorists and gave them true battlefield experience, and then you did a cut and run in libya and iraq, leaving our weapons behind. the irony, mr. president, it will be with our taxpayer funded weapons that they will be coming for us. so now that your numbers are in the tank, 54% say you're not able to lead, you have a 41% job approval rating, 37% foreign policy approval, and now pick up the ringleader of that benghazi massacre. our special forces now arrest
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katala? wow. we call found him and chatted with him. and the american drones fly overhead, he flips them the bird. why two years? why did you wait? could it be, mr. president, that if you arrested him sooner, he would have debunked that despicable video theory. you know, the one you all lied about. can you imagine you indict katala and he comes in and says you dumb schmucks, what video? we all killed you because we're al qaeda's cousins. we kill americans. mr. president, americans don't trust you for good reason. we're not convinced you even know who the enemy is. you release terrorists, you cut deals with iran, you dance around with your political
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correctness while they sharpen their knives. mr. president, you are playing a very dangerous game, for which you are ill prepared. and it is the american people who will suffer. and that's my open. with me now, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolton. good evening, ambassador. what is america's interest, if any, in iraq today. >> well, i think we have a very substantial interest in the conflict we see unfolding in front of us and how it comes out. that doesn't mean getting involved momentarily on one side or the other. i think if you calculate what's most at stake in the broad erie john, it's still a threat from iran, from its nuclear weapons program, from its financing and arming of terrorists around the world. so that's one reason i would not put military advisers in or otherwise cooperate with the
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regime, which is effectively a subsidiary of the ayatollahs in iraq. >> why would we send 300 advisers to help maliki when we're supporting the shiites, who are essentially iran? >> right. under the control of iran, at least the maliki government -- now, even the shiites are div e divided and some have called for maliki to be replaced. and that would be a step forward. you're right, isis is, if anything, worse than al qaeda in terms of its terrorist threat, but there are other sunnis, tribal leaders, even former baathists from the saddam era that don't like to be suppressed by maliki either. they're not necessarily our enemies. the situation on the ground in iraq is very confused at this point. not the kind of environment to put in american forces.
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and it diverts us, as the obamaed a administration has been diverted for 5 1/2 years from the main enemy. and the main enemy is iran. >> do you think there could be any kind of effective partition of iraq? would that solve the problem? you give some to the sunnis, the kurds and the shias? >> i think iraq is moving in that direction. i don't think that outcome is inevitable, but if you look at the nap of what isis and the sunni allies have taken. some say baghdad is going to fall, the country is going to fall. no, it's not. what they have taken is basically the sunni/arab part of the iraq. if they're able to hold it, which is another open question, but if they're able to hold it, i think that would result effectively in partition. the kurds have been defacto independent for 20 years already. >> all right. and what do you think about what has happened? the administration again seems to have been caught off-guard. should we have known this? seen it coming or is just the
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execution the administration uses from everything, the va to the irs. should they have known about this? >> they certainly don't know anything. i think that's another subject for a legitimate congressional investigation. nonpartisan, to be sure. if the intelligence community thought this was coming and the white house didn't pay attention, that's very serious indeed. i think it's just part of the only bah ma administration's s disinclination to pay attention to america's national security around the world. this is just the most recent in a long list, sadly. >> well, you know, and the takedown of katala two years later. i have to tell you, i'm glad they finally arrested him, but how do they justify the fact that everybody and his mother spoke to this guy and now, you know, that his numbers are low, he decides to make an arrest in the benghazi case? >> well, i think there's a legitimate question why the timing now. i mean you can't pin it down to a day, maybe even a week.
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iinga i acknowledge the military needs to put it together. they could have done it 16, 18 months ago. there's no good reason to wait this long. that's another subject to another congressional investigation. >> and this whole idea of the indictment against katala. it's interesting that they don't indict him or charge him with what happened at the annex, but only at what happened with the ambassador at the consulate, which tells me, ambassador, that, you know, they would have had to have admitted that it was premeditated to get rocket propelled grenades, et cetera, et cetera, that was used on the annex. and then they would have to contradict themselves. i think it's all about the politics of katala and saying you're all crazy. there's no video. we did it back we hate you. >> he's going to use this as a
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campaign against the united states. it reflects the philosophical mistake obama made. the war on terrorism launched against us, should be treated as a war. this guy should be on his way to gitmo for a long, long time. a very intensive investigation. >> ambassador, with all due respect, we send him to gitmo, we don't let them go. we don't b try them. look at the five traded for bergdahl. >> it's a travesty what obama is doing, and we are going to be much less safe all around the world as a consequence of this. the end of the bush administration, that was a travesty, too. bipartisan comment for you. >> enough blame to go around. >> war in iraq, are americans in danger from the thousands of immigrants crossing our borders? the latest irs shocker, and what can the benghazi terrorist tell us about possible future attacks? and vote in tonight's poll.
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what do you think happened to lois
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>> isis continues the march towards baghdad. this as heavily armed militants continue to iraq. fox news military analyst, retired four star general and vice chief of staff for the army, jack king was one of the leading proponents of the iraq surge. all right, good evening, general. why did you propose that surge in iraq? >> because we had a failed strategy for three years. we were about to lose a war. the iraq government undermined by the al qaeda and the sunni insurgency which inflamed the shias by blowing up a huge
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sectarian conflict and we were going to lose a war. it seems to me -- let me finish. it seems to me, if if you start a war, you should finish it on your terms. >> okay. you proposed the surge. well, then what happened? >> well, we defeated al qaeda. they admitted that themselves. they said don't send any more fighters. we talked away from that government and he's a nefarious character and he punished sunnis who he believed was his political opponent. he put in stooges in the military as opposed to distinguished military that fought in the surge and isis was able to re-emerge and they're on the march. >> okay, so when al maliki gets rid of the sunnis in the military and the government, we knew this was all happening, did we not, general?
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>> well, absolutely. but the current administration, because during the campaign, if you remember, this was a bad war and we were going to end this war, we did not stay geopolitically engaged in this government as we did with germany, italy, japan and south kree that. and we pushed away. we had an ambassador, yes. but we treated them like france, as opposed to helping to shape their political class and shape their political system. and we did not do that. and we're paying a price for it. >> all right. pell, you know iraq, general. what's your take on the do? is the president true when he says i'll send them 300 guys to talk about intelligence? >> he's partially correct. here's what's happening. isis is a branch of al qaeda, actually, as you correctly identified them. is he much more brutal than they are. they're sunni based, but you
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can't make this a sunni/shia thing. this radical islamic movement is sunni based. they intend to take control of muslim lands. most of the muslim lands are owned by sunnis. they will fight and kill sunnis just as they will fight and kill shias. they have a huge swath of land in syria and now they're taking northern and almost close to central iraq and some part of western iraq. the fact of the matter is, they want this control and dominance. this is a small army that was a terrorist organization, remanes a terrorist organization, but has grown into a small army that is using conventional tactics to establish a state, which is the goal of all of the al qaeda and its affiliate organizations with whatever country they're in. >> and that's like a caliphate, a religious state.
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they have nothing to do with nations or national boundaries. but is iran going to let them do this? iran is shiite. i know what you're saying, it's not necessarily sunni/shia. but if the sunni militants come in and say we want those holy lands and the ayatollah is going to say no way, jose. >> they're not going to take the holy lands. they won't go near them. those are shia holy lands as the sunni in mecca are. they did blow a mosque up in february 2006 that's because they wanted to undermine a new government. right now that's not their strategy. their strategy is to maintain a tactical initiative, to encircle baghdad and put pressure on them. to conduct some sporadic attacks into baghdad.
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they don't have the combat power to take baghdad. what they are achieving, they don't need baghdad. what they're achieving is a huge amount of territory they can claim, and they will declare it an islamic state of whatever at some point when they're able to consolidate their power. now, we have the means to stop this. this is not an impregnable force. >> how do we stop it, very quickly. >> well, the president is taking a step in the right direction with intelligence advisers. if he is putting them in there to set the conditions to use the iraqi army to conduct a counteroffensive against them, aided by air strikes and also aided by clandestine special operation forces, then we're on the right path. if he's not doing it for those reasons we're on the wrong path. >> thanks so much for sharing your insight. coming up, war on isis and how their leard once threatened an ç
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they're considered more extreme than al qaeda. their leader is the heir apparent to osama bin laden. he told his former captors, isle s see you guys in new york. just how worried do we knee to be. the author of "they must be stopped" and a terrorist analyst. eric, what makes isis so appealing to young jihadists who apparently are flocking from all over the world to join up with them? >> judge, number one, success.
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in the world of jihad, it's what have you done for me lately? a lot of these jihadists are 8 years old when 9/11 happened. the other thing that makes isis appealing is they're very active on social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and they're extremely savage and barbaric. mas beheadings, crucifixions. burning churches to the ground. an israeli source who followed them closely in syria said these guys are psychopathic killers. if they weren't in the middle east they would be back here on death row for killing a family just for the fun of it. that appeals to the worst elms. >> what should americans be worried about. should they be worried at all?
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>> we need to learn from mystery. when theal band blew up the buddhist temple in afghanistan, americans did not pay attention. it took al qaeda to attack the center on 9 the/11. if we would have paid attention, we could have prevented a lot of things. as you mentioned earlier in the show, they are operating, they are very sophisticated and their agents are already operating in the united states and definitely there are sympathizers within the united states. >> do you think if they do establish this caliphate, eric, that they will go west? >> thousands of western muslims from britain, france, germany
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and yes, dozens of americans have already travelled to syria to join us with isis. just last month, we have a florida muslim blow himself up in syria. once they return, they're u.s. citizens. they're battle trained in syria and iraq with isis. >> and why are they even worse than al qaeda? and how big of a threat are they, you know, now. is it the future that they're coming. why are they so angry with us? a. >> well, they want to re-establish the caliphate. they are operating with a goal. sorry. and that goal is to establish an islamic caliphate worldwide. in their book, we are infidels and we need to be dominated. their plan is not just for the middle east, their plan is a worldwide caliphate, and they are consolidating sources across the world, whether in nigeria, sudan, all the way around the
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world. north africa and everywhere they can operate and link together. >> all right. so this isn't a question of establishing -- sometime we hear about the arc, you know, from syria and western iraq and that arc. we're talking about a caliphate all over the world. >> absolutely. it sounds crazy to a lot of people listening, but this is what they want. and they won't stop. it starts in iraq and syria and then it expands. that's the ultimate goal. global domination pop that's why i call it a reverse crusade. it will be very interesting. thanks very much for being with us. >> all right, coming up, tens of thousands of children are crossing our borders. many with infectious diseases. is our government actually [ male announcer ] identity theft ... it's one of the fastest growing crimes in america.
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log on to fox you're watching the most power name in news, fox news channel. . breaking news tonight, is the obama administration knowingly creating a time bomb by sending tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children across the country with potentially dangerous infectious diseases with me dr. bob arnott. all right, dr., good evening. >> hi, judge. good evening. >> are these illegal immigrant
1:34 am
children, and certainly none of us blame them, are they bringing in dangerous diseases from their countries? >> well, sure, on several different levels. on the most basic level, we know they already have licensed scabies. it doesn't sound like much, but if you're an immune-compromised person, for example, and you get scabies, this turns into a miserable kind of infection for the skin and it can get more serious than that. that's the simplest level. the next level up would be diseases most americans have never heard of like benghi fever which has been eliminated or well controlled in the united states for, you know, decades. these suddenly are re-emerging. the problem, judge, is that lots of doctors, including myself, aren't going to be suspicious when they see a patient come in that it is denghi fever or some, you know, kra i zi tropical disease we don't usually see here. on the most serious front, you have two things. one is if you have measles as an
1:35 am
example. or if you have unvaccinated children with chickenpox. these can spread very rapidly. you could have an epidemic disease and it does put people at risk. who is most at risk? it's goen to be the elderly, the very young, someone's immune compromised. say they're undergoing chemotherapy. they have congestive heart failure. and the worst, the nightmare we talked about this amp is going to be tuberculosis that's drug resistant. there isn't enough follow-up to make sure they're taking this multidrug regime to make sure they're curing tuberculosis. they might miss a drug or a few weeks. with that, they create a resistant tuberculosis which is a nightmare to treat. >> doctor, when i look at the pictures of these kids, our government is housing them. i mean, they look like sardines
1:36 am
in a sardine camp. is the situation being made worse by the living conditions that essentially allow these kids to cross infect and cross con tom nate each other? >> absolutely. now, judge, here's the crazy thing. i mean, i have been around the world lots of different refugee situations, and right now, if a child were to cross from, like, iraq or syria to, say, turkey or from congo into sudan for example, they would be greeted by refugee workers who would check them out, see what diseases they might have, make sure they're fed, make certain that the diseases are treated. and it seems crazy that here in the most prosperous country in the world these children are immediately brought into a medical facility, aren'ted for these diseases, to make certain they're not suffering and make certain they're not a dangerous to others. again, a very unusual situation. the poorest countries in the world, you would have that kind of medical care, but for
1:37 am
whatever reason, you don't seem to have it here in the united states. it seems kra i zi. >> it is crazy. you think about it in some of these foreign countries, you bring in the doctors without borders and you bring in some of these organizations, but instead, our government is packing them all in together, and then putting them on airplanes and sending them to massachusetts and virginia and it's a danger to other people. and then we have to pay for their health care, yes? >> well, a couple of different -- sure, you're right. it's wrong to put them in these detention facility all packed in like sardines. they should be checked. i mean, they have rights. even if they're illegal immigrants. i mean, technically, i guess they're refugees until they're, you know, their status has been determined. and then, of course, putting them on airplanes. even if it's just scabies, you're sitting next to them, you're undergoing, you know, cancer treatment or something, that's a bad disease for you to get. they have, you know, a
1:38 am
drug-resistant tuberculosis, a nightmare. so sure, this is the wrong way to do business. no question about it, judge. >> thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> you're so welcome. now on to the latest from the irs. don't you love it when there are two sets of rules, one for us, one for them? when the irs loses their receipts like they did with the lavish conferences, remember, nothing happens. try telling them you lost your receipts the next time they come calling. but it doesn't end there. this week, irs commissioner clashed with lawmakers when he testified before the ways and means committee about missing e-mails and computer hard drives linked to the political targ targeting scandal. take a look. >> where is the laptop now which supposedly has hard drive problems? >> i don't know. as i said -- >> you don't know? >> we just got the list on monday ourselves. we've been pursuing this and we will, in fact, give you a full report on all of the custodians, now seven. the eighth one is actually one
1:39 am
that failed this year and doesn't count. >> so we don't know where those hard drives are right now? >> we do not know where those are. we'll gv you a full -- >> that's unbelievable to me that you don't have that information. >> unbelievable, i agree. with me, chief counsel for the american center for law and justice. jay listen, as a prosecutor, i'm thinking destruction of evidence. have you taken this to the justice department? >> well, we've notified them immediately when this started. but judge, it's -- the irony of this, i mean, you can't make this stuff up. if it wasn't so serious, it would be comical. but now the irs is saying not only is lois lerner's e-mail, hard drive gone, wiped out, but the other six, they don't know where those are. >> let me make this yeclear, ja. by the other six, the people in the government to whom they sent the e-mails, their hard drives
1:40 am
are missing, too? >> yes. >> crazy. >> at least their e-mails are missing as of right now. the government does not know where their hard drives actually are. but judge, there is an e-mail from lois lerner to the chief of staff where she is requesting, she said she had a discussion with the chief of staff for the irs. she said she had a discussion with the department of justice and in that discussioning they talked about quote -- and you're a prosecutor -- piecing together criminal case against groups like my client. that e-mail we have. but the rest of the e-mails are mysteriously gone. and by the way, lois lerner's e-mail hard drive cashed ten days after congressman camp notified the irs they were concerned about targeting. in ten days, vanished. >> okay, now let's assume somebody somewhere says, if the american people stand up and say enough is enough, isn't there a law, a federal law that requires a backup system?
1:41 am
>> yeah, there's a federal requirement act. it requires, especially on policy matters that they retain actually hard copies. in addition to the backup, they're supposed to have hard copies. this e-mail and the others related to it were policy decisions. the irs decided to go after a particular group of people because of their political views. people are forgetting, they admitted they did this. this isn't something they're having to prove. they admitted they did it. and there's a federal requirement to keep records and that also is mysteriously -- they back up on nothing. they can't find hard drive. and you know that little exchange between jay carney and the reporters about lois lerner had no e-mails to the irs? we now know the communication regarding this whole issue with the irs was not be going lois lerner to the white house. it was lois lerner to the chief of the staff of the irs, dozens of visits to the white house at the time this was going on.
1:42 am
>> all right. now, if someone were to take this to the department of justice, jay, they have a conflict of interest, don't they? the woman who was investigating for a minute and a half who gave, like, what is it, 10% of her salary to the president, she has a conflict of interest. >> we have said from the outset that the fbi, independent investigating this is ridiculously. in fact, judge, we sent a letter -- you'll appreciate this as a prosecutor and as a judge -- we sent a letter to the fbi this week saying our clients are no longer going to voluntarily cooperate with this supposed, as you said, minute and a half investigation that the irs is engaged in. that cooperation stopped when we got that e-mail about the piecing together criminal cases. we notified the irs and obviously their lawyers that they've got to maintain the records. we're looking at going to the judge possibly for a promotion on this. the federal rules require them to hold on to evidence. so, you know, of course, if they don't keep -- if they don't show up with the evidence, if the e-mails are gone, really gone, the allegations of our complaint
1:43 am
are deemed admitted. my theory is the actual allegations, as bad as they are, what we allege in the complaint, as bad as those are, i think the e-mails are probably worse. >> absolutely. thanks so much. >> thanks, judge. >> and coming up, what can benghazi terrorist$
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congrats to the obama administration to find a guy that's been interviewed by half a dozen media outlets, sitting outside a cafe in benghazi, waving at drones and flipping them the bird. but now khatallah is finally on a slow boat to new york. is he being interrogated? and by whom. we're with a terrorist and terrorism expert, robert mcfadden. good evening. how do you know he's being interrogated and by whom? >> it's been reported in the media quite a bit -- >> you told me you had been briefed by someone. >> i had a conversation with a colleague who's par of the investigative team. >> who was interrogating him on the boat? >> it's hard to tell right now, you see, because this is a continuation of the hybrid approach here where it's driven by the intelligence community. you have a special operations warrior as part of the grab and an nib nib investigation.
1:48 am
so it could be individuals from the intelligence community or the fbi. typically, though, in a case like this, one of the biggest tools is the fbi has been investigating ever since the benghazi attack. i know there's been a tenacious investigation since that time. so typically in -- >> okay. so all right, how did they get him to talk? and what are they looking for right now? they're not looking for the benghazi case, per say. i assume they have enough evidence to convict the guy or else they wouldn't have brought him here. >> that's correct. >> what are they talking to him about and how do they get him to talk? >> first and foremost, when you have a high-value detainee, it's about current intelligence, walking him backwards about blot ploths under way, who's involved, co-conspirator, communication notes, things that speak to national security interests and breaking up lives.
1:49 am
an attack of upmost importance, that will be dealt with. there may be current intelligence involved with saria or the brigade that khatallah himself had form lated. all those things tie in together. >> how can you get full information out of someone who's a hardened terrorists. you don't use force anymore, correct? >> that's correct. >> how do you get them to talk? >> never use force. it wasn't part of my training. >> you are one of the ones who believes that has nothing to do with valuable intelligence. >> absolutely. how do you get them to talk? there's a range of different things, depending on the individual about why he might talk. depends on motivations, depends on what his state of mind and emotions are. is he fearful, is there some anxiety about the unknown. or i've had experiences in the past where you have an individual, ideologically motivated who wants to tell his story. he wants to show he's a man of
1:50 am
action and a big deal. maybe a little bit rare, but it's a whole range of different reasons why they talk. >> all right, so let's assume you get them to talk. you're confident they're going to get him to talk? >> yes. >> how do you assess what he says is a load of crap or whether he's telling you the truth? how do you know? >> in a setting like this, you is a whole support team including intelligence analysts and exerts, fbi defense department and cia, they have access to all source intelligence and a copious file of documentation. there is a lot of questions that are asked early on that would be a bell weather as to whether he is telling the truth or not. there is a constant validating and vetting. >> thank you so much, robert mcfadden. good work on the u"uss cole" investigation. and this guy's mug shot is blowing up on social media.
1:51 am
wait until you see my mug shot. and this is the last chance to vote in the poll. what do you think happened to
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those who follow me on facebook and twitter know i love to pose great pictures. here is me with a friendly camel on my recent trip to egypt. but nothing i posted ever got close to the response of a mug shot after a california police department posted it. take a look at 30-year-old jeremy meeks, arrested on weapons an gang charges it has been shared 11,000 times. talk about a smooth criminal.
1:55 am
social media users have calling this the best-looking mug shot they have ever seen. he may be hot but this bad boy is really bad. the police call him one of the most violent criminals in the stockton area. i have no problem with people liking photos on facebook but let's not get carried away here. this guy is a no-good violent dirt bag. and i decided to post my own mug shot. let me know if you like it. i think i look pretty good. my mother is going to be very upset. boy, that is ugly. now for the results of tonight's poll. we asked what do you think happened to lois learner's e-mail and hard drive. the e-mails were printed and border patrol is using the paper for the kids to draw on and the hard drive is in the back of obama's golf cart. she used it has a booster seat
1:56 am
to plead the fifth. ask the nsa. i bet they have a copy. everybody call the irs and say you e-mailed your tax stuff to lois learner three years ago. and shirley said they were where obama was on the night of benghazi, nobody knows. and she put them where the $67 million is that she lost. and shirley says there were ever obama was on the night of benghazi. gabriel says they went to the shredder along with the constitution. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us.'s our fo
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i am heather childress. thanks for watching, huckabee starts right now. tonight on huckabee, iraq is falling apart. >> it is in our national security interest not to see an all out civil war in iraq. >> what should america's role be? >> america combat troops are not going to fight in iraq again. >> top military minds break down the strategy and tactics and the big picture in iraq. and outrage, a suspected benghazi ring leader gets constitutional protection from the justice department. the congressman tells the governor why he's furious. >> and plus, sinking poll


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