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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  June 22, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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properties so i am find with that. >> even president george h.w. bush doesn't like broccoli. he is 90. on the buzz beater this sunday, hillary clinton faces off with two fox anchors and we'll talk to brett behr and grat tabou therate >> did you talk to secretary panetta that night? >> i talked with director general petraeus and my assessment careens from the video had something to do with it. it nag to do with it. >> did you talk about the video with president obama? some are criticize this as too soft and some say there was too much focus on benghazi. who right? as the white house weighs military action a debater represents over who entitled to debate the war.
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>> cable news, op-ed, everyone, we know you were tempted to book these yahoos on the subject but if you turn to the people who were wrong about iraq and ask them what to do you would not be laughed at. you will be embarrassed you did this. you will have to apologize. >> should television side line the cheer leaders for the invasion of bush or did that defrequent from president's withdrawal, how is the press covering the chaos? >> a new twist in the redskins fourors and some are refusing to mention the team name. this is "media buzz." >> hillary clinton made two cable news stops this week. first, here is that report. >> are you compelled with juices
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flowing for for the chance be the first female president? >> can you see why she is experienced journalist. >> it was here at this desk in this studio as the former secretary of state sat down for half an hour with bret baier and greta. >> the chancellor of germany is set that we bugged her phone. should she? >> she should be. uncalled for. >> you write that the obama administration or obama campaign after john mccain selected sarah palin, they called you and wanted you to and you something that would dismiss her. >> yes. i believe sexism is a problem not only in politics but downism and business and all kinds of human endeavours in our country. >> the decision to spend a good part of the time on benghazi
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threw flak from some. >> the first eight questions, eight questions were about benghazi. >> bret baier asked 15 questions, 12 about benghazi. if the fox professional whose cook up this obsession cannot lay a glove on clinton, how good is the committee going to be? >> was fox fair? we now have fox news contributor and former usa executive who hopes associate buzz. >> and a fox news contributor and former spokesman in the bush administration. and craig crawford founder of the trail mix blog and former columnist. it seems like they are get sitting, fox, from both side, too soft or too hard. >> and the conservatives are going after this, after bret and greta. people wrote into facebook
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page and said the interviews were hick anything were a joke, and this is why i no longer watch fox. >> david said, i coy agree more, and fox traded boxing gloves for mittens and another said it was soft and made her look good. >> i have a big advantage here. >> so, most critics thought it was solid, why the complaints from the right? there are a lot of hillary clinton haters out there. >> fact; she doesn't answer the question. what is bret supposed to do? we have a woman who looks at the camera and said whatever she wants. it is not based in factor reality. she skirts the issues. >> don't think she answered the
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questions on benghazi? >> so many questions lingering and she does a if job because she is a 20-plus year politician. if you like politicians you love hillary clinton. she is washington, dc incarnate. >> the decision to focus a goodibility of time on benghazi was that unfair? >> not at all, the questions were fair but the problem, he divinity argue with her and call her names which people are used to and they thought it was a soft interview. it was a win-win. i didn't see she was brain damaged, i thought she came out intelligent and handled the questions quite well and her answer, the fog of war, this is what they have done and they are good at, they explain away questions with reasonable-sounding answers that average people pregnancy easy to follow. >> i note that diane sawyer spent several minutes on benghazi and people were not beating up over that.
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>> what was unusual about the interview it was two anchor format. >> she was sitting right here and she was looking at bret. >> almost like a debate how they divided it up. >> it was. but greta, in particular, had a very conversational tone and that comes from interviewing her all over the world in afghanistan, war zones and she has been around the block and she has interviewed a lot of people but what distinguished it was the questions that she asked talking about sexism which was not answered and richard holbrook and the marine in mexico a cause of her getting the marine out and got an interesting response from hillary clinton which was i would have been burning up the telephone line and sending in envoys. she gave hillary clinton an opportunity, there, to distance herself from the obama administration. >> you don't think the amount of
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time that bret baier spent on benghazi with specific questions, who you talked to, where were you, did you see this report...added anything to our understanding? >> it added a little, the fact that she is not willing to answer questions. look, she wasn't interviewed for the interview report. she has never answered. show says things like, they could go anywhere and they could ask anyone. well, miss second, they tried to ask you and you weren't willing to it is. no one pushed her. she is not answering the question. that is the point. >> the answer she was giving makes sense, it was the fog of war, she wasn't sure if 9 video caused this or not, she said that could have gone either way in her mind and they were trying to find out and they were more focused on protecting them and she wasn't part of -- she made it clear, i think, in an implicit way, that she didn't agree with the argument of the video. >> back to the interview, in the cnn and fox interview, i thought
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hillary clinton seemed more relaxed and in the first round when she was considered when she walked out of her she seemed upbeat. therefore, did fox news, despite the criticism on the right and left treat her fairly? >> absolutely. it was old skill. they asked factual questions, don't interrupt, let people say. she didn't say too much so she didn't have to interrupt her, a civil interview i would like to see more often on more channels. >> this was a hirely negotiated interview. clintons do not want to do follow. >> why did they do? >> they we have to do one. you have to jam pack everything into the one interview you get because she is willing to do a lot more interviews on other
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stations because it is easier. >> she didn't do it on msnbc. >> she probably practiced for this and i would like to know who the stand ins were for bret baier and greta. we will hear more on the interview in a littlibility but the day of the interview was the day of the announcement that forces had captureed ahmed abu khattala a chief suspect in the benghazi attacks and that prompted some commentary on fox and some push back on other channels. channels. let's take a brief look >>hat >> what a great thing to announce on fox news the perpetrators were brought to justice. it is all too neat, it is too cute. i want to be grateful and give the benefit of the doubt to our authorities but in this case it feels --. >> they have lost their mind whether it is the president orchestrate this or hillary clinton orchestrating this, it is so bizarre.
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>> what do you make of the comments about the timing of the capture? >> more outlandish the comments the more the websites are going to say, my gosh, fox news said this and they made this point. it is funny because fox news doesn't say that the individual contributors did. the criticism is that fox takes what is a good news story and one guy is finally captureed and turns it into something "suspect." >> let's be clear, the president was in palm springs golfing on sunday. they waited until tuesday. they waited until the president
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was back to washington to make the announcement. the packaging -- packaging of the news happens all the time and you scat reporters and networks and outlets to hold the news, and you need to know that. it is not always suspicious but put that information out there it is being packaged. >> craig crawford is it legitimate for people like james rosen at the state department questioning people, to say why did it take two years to capture khattala when several journalists sat down and interviewed him? >> hillary clinton was asked about that in the interview and pointed out that they might know where he is but they couldn't get him like they could in pakistan. it took a while. the crazy conspiracy-type theories are made it discredits everything else that you want to
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say. then the other side can toss out "that is the birthers." >> well read your best tweets at the end of the program. we will he in on the hillary clinton was approached and from stick cheney to bill kristol all ahead. thank you daddy for defending our country. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> on what to do about the terrorist whose have seized major cities in iraq, not
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everyone wants to hear from some. >> those idiots have been ostracized. >> the news media has rushed to get the band back together again. some anchors are giving former bush officials a very hard time. >> it would be in order from the know i don't conservative whose banged the war drums. >> hogwash. >> time and time again history has proven you got it wrong, sir, you said this were no doubts about weapons of mass destruction, and you said we would be greeted as liberators. what do you say to those who say, you were so wrong about so much at the expense of so many? >> i fundamentally disagree. you have to go back and look at the track record. >> this argument that we should not hear on television from people who supported the war,
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you were the spokesman for the ambassador total united nations. your thoughts? >> i don't think the liberals get it both ways. they don't get to say the current problem is all about the mistakes of the past but we can't hear from the people who were in charge during this time. if we want to hold the people accountable currently in office, i'm for that. there are a lot of really bad decisions going on right now. the lynn programs need to pick a side. hold the current people accountable or if it is a 25-year-old ancient problem, we need to have the full breadth of the people in charge then and now to talk about the issues. >> isn't it better to bring them on and toes press them hard with change? >> she handled it perfectly. it is like set your house on fire and sue the fire department for not putting it out. it is okay to have them on but it is like a lawyer impeaching a witness in the court. you have to get that stuff out
2:18 pm
there. their back ground. all of the mistakes they made. >> do you agree that if the changes and wolfowitz and bill kristols are quizzed about 2003 then oh obama administration needs to be quizzed about no force left in 2011. >> that was asked and it ought to be pressed more. i agree. their antiis always about the protection agreement but i would like to know more about that and how hard did they push to get that? that is the reason they got out. >> political reporters are now blurring the issues. this is a question whether we should have gone into iraq and second about mishandling of the troops. two issues. don't pleasure them. >> and megyn kelly is being handled. >> but it is great television to
2:19 pm
have someone going after a former vice president and it is great television. producers will bush these people. it is great for someone to say you had it wrong, and to actually hear some accountability because people love to hear when people have made mistake. >> beyond the blame game talk how the war is covered now and the obstacles opposed to --. >> what we are seeing now is a lack of the big heavyweights, the big stars, going in and the reasons, simply, is because there is no military to protect them and same thing happened in the ukraine when vladimir putin decided he would annex crimea, reporters tried to go in but there was no one to protect them. >> you have a none of newspaper reporters reporting from iraq
2:20 pm
including anderson cooper but we don't see brian williams. >> it is true. there are no battle front lines. you don't know where to go in all of this. the skirmishes happened here and could be headed to this city but it is a little blurry to send someone in. >> there is a little bit of a difference here because during the bush days everything was about bush and it was "new york times" front page "blame bush." now, the u.s. government or washington. today the "washington post" has a front page outlook says saying mistakes that washington has made, not president obama, and that is the difference. >> president obama is not the face of it now or going failure. >> i have to ask about a war of words with "new york times", a
2:21 pm
profile your former boss, and a reporter wrote that you said there would be no interview with bolton unless a republican lawmaker e-mails on her behalf. >> beyond silly. the issue was "new york times" credibility. i said, i am not go to john and recommend you because i don't know you and i am such the paper and she said i am very credible, ask republican lawmakers. i simply said get them to tell john. maybe that will help. it was a simple 15-second comment and conversation and she somehow made it to be a condition and made a big mistake i am not the john bolton spokesman. >> she said you raised it first but "new york times" stands by the story. >> i never asked for a correction because who cares? >> thanks for stopping by, today. when we come back, how did bret
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did president buobama durin his first term ever seriously disappoint you in any way? >> we had disagreements. president obama has called the irs scandal a phony scandal. is it a phony scandal? >> i think anytime the irs is involved for many people it's a real scandal. >> what was the journalistic strategy as hillary clinton came here to fox news? i sat down here with the host of on the record and the anchor of "special report" whose new book is a special heart, a journey of faith, courage and love. we're going to device the time perfectly evenly, just as you
2:26 pm
did. >> we've learned that. >> so bret, let's start with the christ simple. some folks case you were too easy on hillary clinton and others saying you spent too much time on benghazi. >> the criticism is going to come no matter what on either side. i think we struck the right down and the right balance on getting answers. and we went over a lot of material. and the reason i focused on benghazi for those questions, one, we had the breaking news, so i started with katallah being captured. that obviously took up some time about miranda rights and that sort of things. and the other thing is laying out questions methodically about her role. and i don't think that had been done. when she answered that it was the thought of war and she was careening from the video had
2:27 pm
everything to do with it to the video had nothing to do with it, it was pretty unique. she had not said that before. if she thought the video had nothing to do with it, in those early hours, it's pretty strange that a press release came out blaming the individual crow. >> greta, have you been getting beat up online over the interview? >> oh, yeah, but it comes with the territory. bret and i have been around the block enough and sometimes when you have a controversial guest, you're going to get it. there was no surprise. >> but what do you make of some conservatives saying this is a great love fest? i certainly didn't see it that way. you asked a lot of hard questions on a lot of different issues. but you're saying you can't please everybody. >> i wasn't attempting to please everybody. i was trying to get information from the viewers and trying to cover the topics. >> you have a more conversational style. was that in part delivered to try to get hillary clinton to loosen up a bit? >> for me, howie, it was just a regular interview. i've interviewed her probably eight times as secretary of state. bret and i have interviewed so
2:28 pm
many people here at fox news, i really was -- a hundred percent of my goal was there was no strategy other than to get information. bret and i had to divide it up. the most complicated thing was how do you divide it up? it was very routine, at least for me. >> no, i agree. and the other challenge was the time and the time, you know, bouncing, you know, to get to that time. and splitting it up. >> never enough time. that's the problem. never enough time. look, this isn't a courtroom where you get to keep them up there for days and if you don't get a full answer, we have a judge instruct the witness to answer the question. you don't get that here. >> so, bret, you were the only man in the united states picked to join in these interviews. i'm sure that was an honor. >> the bbc, though. yeah. >> there was a lot of attention, how is fox news going to treat hillary clinton about the right tone to take and how aggressive to be? >> you know, i don't think it really factored in. we were not -- that's the tone we would have taken. i think both of us. and as greta said, she's
2:29 pm
interviewed hillary clinton many times. this my first time. i wanted to lay out things in a methodical way. and there's not always going to be the -- it was two years ago moment. and i don't think in interviews trying to get news that somebody should plan to try to get somebody to that point. those things -- >> a lot of enterprise have these gotcha moments. isn't it true that and didn't you say that two years ago. >> that's a little bit almost entertainment. i think it's understandable, a little bit of our lives, bret and i both have daily shows. we had so much going on in our lives. we had to read a 600 page book and we had to divide it up and we didn't have unlimited time. there was no sort of grand strategy. it was to try to get information for the viewers. >> when you asked about everything from nsa surveillance to -- yeah. she and i don't read the fourth
2:30 pm
amendment the same way. >> so the irs scandal, to the marine still being held in mexico, to sexism and sarah palin, weren't you hoping she would make some news? >> well southbou, she did. >> she did. >> i was curious what her answer was and i think the viewers are curious. even viewers that hate the -- may have ripped out skin off. there have been a few of those. bret and i have exchanged a couple, yeah. i might do a blog where i just read them. jimmy kimmel, he had a tweet -- >> maybe to a rap. a good rap every. >> so what's the measure of success? because this was a high profile interview, which she makes news, whether you elicit information, whether ought out without embarrassing yourself? what's the standard that you apply? >> i think the news part is what we're striving for. and i think she did that on a number of different fronts.
2:31 pm
and the irs, the separation between hillary clinton and the administration was really astounding. i think some of greta's questions on a host of topics, the marine in mexico. when i asked her about the economy, right track, wrong track, and there's clearly this fine walk that hillary clinton is doing to be attractive to the left, but also distance herself from this administration. it's having problems. >> and i think another challenge for us is we work first. we had to be clever and find new ways to ask things because a lot of people who follow these interviews follow a lot of them. so we wanted to be a little bit different and offer something else up. >> bret, greta, thanks very much. >> thanks, howie. >> greta and bret predicted hillary clinton will be back at fox news. up next, the ratings are up
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dangerous elements in iraq as radicals continue their advance across iraq. they have taken two strategic border crossings including one with syria that gives then
2:36 pm
direct access to weapons and reinforcement. secretary of state john kerry is in jordan on the tour of the middle east to rally support from allies for a new iraq government. >> a disturbing report about delays from medical care for the veterans. the v.a. knew two years ago that will set employees in the sweat were falsifying appointment data and failed to stop it. the patient records allowed workers to correct bonus bay creating the impression they were reducing wait times. i will see you at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. in the pacific for the fox report. the controversy over the redskins name is raging, still, after years in washington for years, and the patent commission rules stripped the team from trademark reflections. and pundits have lined up on opposite sides of this with one
2:37 pm
anchor warning that harry reid was going to say the name. >> interesting case on the floor of the senate, continuing to talk back to snyder and he uses the name so i will warn you about that if advance. >> you go ahead, you cheer if you want the strip of trademark rights from the redskins. no one is safe when the protections are stripped away from the public. >> we have a lot of native americans that are offended but how is it a media issue where the right is defending the owner and the left says it is offensive and disgusting. >> the left sees it as an issue because in their view a minority government is being exploited and insulted by a member of the richest 1 percent, washington redskins owner insider for
2:38 pm
obscene profit. the right see it as government overreach and getting involved in private bit where they have no business to be involved. that is why it is a left-right argument and the media has jumped on the story. passions are running high. >> the government doesn't need to be about resolving this. seattle times is now the latest publication to say it is not going to use the name. isn't that -- whether you agree or not that it is offensive it has been the redskins for 70 years and it is now the redskins. >> since the great depression, the redskins have been around. with things exception of pete sing and "sports illustrated" and two guys you know from the "washington post" who spoke out against it for decades were on board when it was based if their principles and not on convenience. for all of the sportswriters and even publications that are
2:39 pm
coming forward, now, and they have had bylines saying we deem this as offensive, where the hell have you been on this issue? do i name a couple? >> a couple? >> sure. >> bob costas has been in broadcasting since 1947 and nbc covered the nfl for all of those years, with the exception of eight years and not until last year did he say he found it offensive. he had a byline since 1974 and he could have spoken out about it but only when the political winds did he shift when he said, me, too, i don't want to be deemed as racist. >> but now it is a national controversy and everyone has to take a stand. the world cup is doing good in ratings for espn and i thought most members thought soccer was boring. >> you are increasingly alone if that category.
2:40 pm
today, the match with the united states and portugal at 6:00 p.m. will be watch by more americans than the nba finals which only feature the most popular athlete and will triple the nhl stun -- stand stanley cup finals. >> i am not excited when there is a 0-0 game. >> no, that is nil-nil. >> it is football as the word calls it, is it really arising or every couple of years people get excited. >> everyone loves curling during the olympics, it is the same thing, they love the stage, the event and when it goes away, major league soccer is getting better ratings but will it challenge football and
2:41 pm
basketball and hockey? probably not, but the world cup is. >> reality check. enjoy the game. joe concha thank you. >> "new york times" goes way out of down and what katie couric said when we talked. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing. legs, for crossing. feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to ma, now may be time to ask about xeljanz. xeljz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. seris, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any infection,
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here are your buzz briefs. the "new york times" and washington post ran froes "new york times" said scott walker was part of an effort to coordinate fund-raising with conservative groups during the recall but no charges have been filed antwo judges have been ruled no laws are broken and the legal definition are fuzzy. is it news? absolutely. but would they give it page one if he was not a republican governor? i don't think so. walker is calling the media aing accomplice of the left. >> and nbc was tough on the former montana governor who apologize for saying cantor is is effimate and dianne feinstein
2:46 pm
like a streetwalker. >> he is a paid we msnbc reporter. >> "new york times" put mickelson in the rough by reporting based on anonymous sources he was under scrutiny in an insider trading investigation that involved carl icahn but "new york times" reports that the golfer did not trade stock in clorox just before a take over bid and the original sources were wrong. that is a huge mistake, a double bogey, that damaged his reputation. >> i spoke with katie couric of her new job at yahoo and the exclusive interview she landed with john kerry. >> you don't think a residual force would keep this from happening? >> absolutely, unquestionly not. >> she had half an hour online
2:47 pm
and would have gotten five minutes at "today" and 3 1/2 at "cbs." and is proud of her canceled show that she would not dumb it down but she could not talk about it because she was getting married. you can read the interview tomorrow on >> "today" cleans up donald trump's mess. we have a video verdict straight ahead for you. uncer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care.
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. time for our video verdict. this is a pet p of when politicians insist they are fought running for president and journalists won't take "no"
2:51 pm
no an answer. >> romney made it clear he will not make another run but david gregory went there anyway on "meet the press." >> will you be a candidate if you were drafted and the conditions were right, would you consider another run? >> david, i'm not running for president. i said that so many times. >> 100 percent romney will not, if drafted, will not be a candidate. >> i am not running and talk of a draft is silly. >> and he went on to ask. again. >> i understand why he wanted to ask. >> why? >> because politicians lie when it cops to this. >> but in this case --. >> he has run twice and lost and if he would secretly plot another run for the white house he would not give up the donors. >> he would not break it on "meet the press." >> david gregory has plenty of company but why understand why that question is asked again and
2:52 pm
again and again. >> it happened to elizabeth warren. >> i give it a two. >> i give it a three. >> glenn beck is always been sure he is right. the founder of the place does something in reconsidering the iraq war. >> now, in spite of the things that i felt at the time we went into war, liberals said we should not get involved and we should not be involved in another foreign mess and should not nation build. let me lead with my mistakes. you are right. liberals, you were right. we shouldn't have. >> shocking. liberals, you are right. good for glenn beck for saying something like that. >> glenn beck has said a lot of divisive things including when three was at fox like president obama is a deep-seated hatred for whites but i salute him for admitting in his view and for
2:53 pm
saying that left and right cannot come together but he says we should stay out of iraq. >> it is good for public discourse he has had an evolution and not afraid to say it. >> we will see if he sheds the inflammatory reputation he has. >> i give it an eight. >> i give it a six. >> the donalds slams a critic. but he mangled the facts. h marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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here are your top tweets with your grades for hillary clinton's spots interviews. she filibustered every question and there was a lack of focus. willie davis, c for toughness of questions, a for finally showing an ounce of character, when interviewing a democrat. i give it a five on a scale of ten, spend too much time on benghazi and not enough time on her policy views. this is one word, superb. soft. she was well rehearsed and there were no surprise or really tough questions. >> and we talked about that earlier. a lot of conservatives say it was simply too soft. >> and i'm going to respectfully disagree. >> me, too. in our press picks, this was over the line. donald trump punched back after
2:58 pm
a critic blair called the giant new trump sign on his skyscraper utterly out of character and grotesquely overscale. the donald ripped cayman on the "today" show. >> this has turned out to be a great piece of architecture, a great thing for chicago. i do great buildings. this was started by a third-grade architectural critic who i thought got fired. he was gone for a long period of time, most people thought he was fired. >> cayman worked at the tribune for 20 years and never fired. jay carney wound up his tenure at the white house this week. >> when somebody's getting riled up, and filled with sometimes -- >> come on, jay. >> exactly. >> you didn't answer the question. >> and if they're really obnoxious, you get a little rattled and sort of engage.
2:59 pm
you finish the exchange of thinking. i won that. i killed. and then you look at it later on tv and you realize that nobody actually sees the whole exchange. they just see you wagging your finger or looking like a jerk. >> if the shoe fits. >> you're suggesting his analysis of his performance was correct? >> maybe. there were a lot of times that he really attacked reporters, especially at henry in a very personal way. one of the things he said when he left is that he enjoyed every minute of his time there. even the minutes in the briefing room. i think that was a very polite way of lying. >> but jay carney has a point in that television reporters -- he's tangled with others -- they want to get something to show on television so he has to kind of fight back. >> the reporters want to look good by asking the tough questions. that's what they're going to show. >> jay carney goes to do something else where he doesn't
3:00 pm
have to get beat up. that's it for this edition of media buzz. we post our columns, and respond to your questions on video on our facebook page. i'm chris wallace. isis insurgents on the march in western iraq. we'll have the latest. and house republicans elect new leaders and try to present a united front heading into the midterm elections. >> we've got solid, conservative solutions that are going to solve the problems facing our country. >> i'll make one promise. i will work every single day to mach sure this congress has the courage to lead with the wisdom to listen. >> we'll sit down with kevin mccarthy to discuss immigration, spending, and the tea party in his first interview since being elected house majority leader. it's a fox news sunday excliv