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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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sunday. >> announcer: fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news. i'm harris faulkner. potentially game changing developments in iraq at this hour. the white house has indicated it would be open to talks with iran to stop the al qaeda spinoff group isis. well now, we're learning iran's religious leader reportedly is condemning u.s. involvement saying the iraq government can handle its own problems. and they are having some critical problems right now as isis, that terror group has taken over key cities again this weekend. and arguably, one of the most important gains, iraq's only border crossing into jordan. that puts a blood thirsty group right at the doorstep of one of our strongest allies in that part of the world. here's a look at all the
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territory that terror group is racking up at this point. then there's this development troubling as well. in the areas that have fallen, iraqi military forces are said to have walked away from their posts. elsewhere, they are fighting back with air strikes. new video is reportedly coming in from mosul so that religious leader telling us to stay out, our nation's top diplomat, secretary of state john kerry is beginning his six-day trip in that region. he still plans at this hour, as far as we know, to go to iraq at some point. speaking today in egypt, he called on iraq's prime minister, nuri al maliki's shiite government to rise above sectarian motivations. he urged wealthy sunni countries not to help fund the isis terrorists. as you may know, one of the sunni nations would be saudi arabia. elizabeth fran begins our news. what are lawmakers saying at this hour on capitol hill? >> harris, as the instability
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intensify in the middle east, so does the reaction from lawmakers here. some say isis does not pose an immediate threat, others would certainly disagree and those critical disagree with how they're handling iraq and foreign policy in general. they say more needs to be on the table. >> i leave everything on the table right now. >> including boots on the ground? >> i'd put everything on the table but most people when you talk to them don't think boots on the ground will work right now. that you don't need it. if you don't have a strategy, what would the boots on the ground even do? that's the question you have to have. >> one of the reasons we're in the position we are right now is because the president did not get the forces agreement. by pulling troops out, we lost the leverage we had and allowed maliki to fall into this. by not taking significant action in syria, we've allowed -- the border is forest between syria and iraq. they're going back and forth. this isn't just iraq.
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it's iraq and syria and represents a threat to the united states. >> if the president did designate 300 special forces who will be advising the military and a government insists the troops will not engage in combat themselves. harris? >> what's interesting, elizabeth as you heard congressman king saying, mentioning syria. one of the border crossings that the insurgents moved in on today is that border crossing into syria as well. so is the white house saying, elizabeth that we'll engage more or less in iraq? >> right now, they're staying very cautious. during the president's most recent interview, he says military officials must stay focused on a more targeted strategy. he is, however, concerned that extremists are destabilizing a country that could spill over into allied territory. >> we have to be vigilant generally. right now the problem with isis is the fact that they are
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destabilizing the country that could spill over into some of our allies like jordan. and that they are engaged in wars in syria where, in that vacuum that's been created, they could amass more arms, more resources. but i think it's important for us to recognize that isis is just one of a number of organizations that we have to stay focused on. >> harris, time and time again the president reiterated, no matter how much the u.s. does to help, the iraqi government must help itself by becoming more inclusive to obtain peace. >> thank you. let's go to the scandal involving the internal revenue service. irs commissioner john kos ka then, fresh off heated exchanges with lawmakers on capitol hill last week is set to go before the house oversight committee. he'll most likely face another
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grilling over the agency's excuse that thousands of e-mails belonging to lois lerner vanished when her computer crashed. critics are pushing, there may be a way for congress to get a copy of all those e-mails after all. peter doocy now with the story. >> harris, the irs says they can't find two years' worth of e-mails at the center of the targeting scandal. but we learned today that just because lois lerner's computer allegedly crashed doesn't mean her correspondence is gone forever. >> i do think there's an opportunity to piece together the missing e-mails from lois lern lerner, whether it's e-mail that went between her and the federal election's commission, the white house or treasury, we're going to continue to pursue all those lines of inquiry. >> there's another way to see who lois lerner was sending and receiving messages from. according to the lawyers for tea party groups target ld by the irs. >> i've had irs employees who have e-mailed me this week who said all of their servers --
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it's not one little computer in washington. that there are server this is three different places in the united states. the irs has a contract with a professional e-mail archiving company. >> the white house said this week they don't think an independent prosecutor needs to investigate the irs targeting scandal because they say the administration is already cooperated with congressional inquiries. democrats are essentially saying there's nothing to see here. >> there is no scandal here. they went after the left and the right arguably. but here, what this is about is distraction. just like the whole benghazi thing. >> the house oversight committee gets another crack at the irs commissioner at a hearing on the hill focusing on those missing messages on monday. harris? >> peter, thank you. i'm looking at my phone. they have just handed over that long list of 15 questions. they're mostly technological questions that they'll be asking him tomorrow. we'll cover that story as it happens, of course. new developments in the crisis at our southern border.
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hundreds of illegal immigrants will be flown from texas -- the latest attempt to ease the strain on those coping with the sudden influx of people crossing into the u.s. from central america. thousands of them as you may know by now are children. dominick di natali is live in los angeles. there have been so many illegally gaining access across our borders. what happens to them now? >> in in particular case, we're going to see 300 of these illegal immigrants, mostly families in in particular case put on two separate planes tomorrow. 140 of them are going to be put on one plane to san diego and a second plane is going to be put -- second load will be put on a plane to el centro. about 100 miles east of san diego. that's because they want them to be able to be processed. because of such an overwhelming number of people in these texas processing centers at the moment, they're falling behind. this is all part of the white house's plan to speed up the processing of these illegal
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immigrants as they come through. none of them will be unaccompanied children. of course, it was the unaccompanied children that caused the crisis to begin with. what we will see happen is the ice, basically immigration enforcement agency, start to look through who can be released and who needs to be readily deported. no indication how many of these are getting moved to the san diego area will be sent back to their countries where they're from, mostly central america, harris. >> i haven't read anything where they'd send a child back unattended. the bulk of these being children, this is a crisis, emergency type situation which brings me to my next question. the new emergency plan, how does this relocation fit into that? >> there was that four-point plan that the government put out late on friday. so this very much fits within that. now, is it a direct result of friday's announcement? no. this is probably some time coming. let's show you one center --
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this is actually the people illegally crossing the border at the moment. sorry about that. it's really about taking more pressure off the immigration services and distributing them around the country as they start to build more centers and what they can do with them. critics of the plan are basically saying, look, what needs to be done is better policing. take a listen. >> there's a humanitarian disaster of 50,000 kids being dumped on this side of our border. it's because you have a beacon, forgiveness and you don't have a secure border. >> so securing the border, how are they going to do that. they're talking about committing more judges and also more immigration officials along the u.s. border. that seems to be the most immediate thing they can actually do. the larger numbers start to come across. perhaps quicker, they can maybe turn them around. we're hearing from customs and border officials saying what we need is certainly momentum and better, tighter controls on the border. no indication of precisely what
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that's going to be to make that border secure, harris. >> a plan with words but right now not a lot of strategy it would seem. dominick di natali, thank you very much. right now, after the horrific news broke weeks ago about our military veterans being mistreated by the professionals entrusted to schedule their doctors' appointmen appointments, a new bombshell. an old audit of the veterans administration just now surfacing revealing the troubles with the system may run a lot deeper than we already knew. and health care viama care is going back before the u.s. supreme court. they're going to rule on a provision that employers, like hobby lobby, say violates their religious beliefs, this is an interesting one to watch. we'll break it down for you. stay close. sfx: car unlock beep.
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held nor nearly five years by the taliban in afghanistan. a military spokesperson is reporting that bergdahl is an outpatient at an army medical facility in san antonio. he will get treatment and undergo reintegration process. the spokesperson adds "psychologists will continue to ensure he progresses to the point where he can return to duty." bergdahl arrived at the brooke army medical center earlier this month after recuperating. the former p.o.w. was freed in may under a controversial deal, as you may know, involved swapping him for five taliban leaders at guantanamo bay. the army has since begun an investigation into the facts surrounding his actual disappearance and capture back in 2009. we're learning more about the scandal surrounding the v.a. the arizona republic newspaper is reporting that they knew as far back as 2012 that workers in arizona, new mexico and texas
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were manipulating patients' records to make it appear they were getting care quicker. appointments were routinely canceled in order to reduce wait times. just take them away and they won't affect your average. as you may know, the v.a. scandal broke at the hospital in phoenix, the facility whose top officials received some $10 million in bonus. bonuses that were tied to providing timely access to medical care. the topic of v.a. bonuses was the subject of a hearing last week on capitol hill. the house recently voted to suspend all bonus payments at least until 2017. the u.s. supreme court must decide on nearly a dozen cases before completing the current term by the end of the month. one particular ruling could determine whether an employer can deny workers birth control despite religious beliefs. it's a case many legal analysts and lawmakers are following very closely because it's another challenge to obamacare.
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shannon breen picks up the story for us. >> with 11 cases outstanding, it will be a busy final full week at the u.s. supreme court. the nine justices have a number of key decisions to release between now and the term's end on june 30th. one of the most prominent cases involves craft store chain hobby lobby. the owners are a devoutly religious familiar i who object to the hhh mandate. it provides employers to provide coverage to employees including cost-free access to 20 forms of contraception. hobby lobby's owners object to those that include abortion. >> being forced to provide in is against my religious beliefs. >> the court will decide the executive power when it comes to making recess appointments. in this case, president obama's
4:17 pm
decision to appoint three members to the national labor relation's board at a time senators argue they were not in recess. >> it really shouldn't be a partisan issue. presidents going back to george washington have used this power and more recently george w. bush, ronald reagan and clinton and president obama have used this power. >> the next round of opinions is due monday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. harris? >> shannon, thank you. malaysia airlines flight 370, missing since early march. and sparking that international response. news tonight. now police say they have a suspect. and three prison inmates back behind bars after breaking out using a helicopter. remember that? we've been on the story since a few weeks ago. now the update. you can't miss it. you told us your number one olive garden dishes. now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites! get your all-time favorites like creamy chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks
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a potential lead in finding a missing jetliner. the sunday times of london is reporting malaysian investigators identified the pilot as the chief suspect. that is if human intervention is to blame in the disappearance. the pilot had a flight simulator installed in his home and police say he had experience that could have assisted him in rerouting the plane. that's not exactly new. he's their chief suspect now. malaysia airline flight 370 disappeared back in early march. the plane never reached its destination in beijing china sparking that multination search in the southern indian ocean. on mt. rainier, a search suspended for a missing woman. park officials found the body of a female. no confirmation if it's her. 70-year-old karen sykes a well-known hiking enthusiast has
4:22 pm
not been seen since wednesday. she was separated from her hiking partner on the eastern side of that mountain. oddly, a few weeks ago, six people are believed to have fallen to their deaths climbing the summit. three canadian inmates who staged a daring helicopter prison break earlier this month are back behind bars. a s.w.a.t. team nabbed the trio in montreal. they're suspects in major cases. they were found at this condominium complex. they were sleeping at the time and did not put up a struggle when they were collared. more suspects are being tracked down, including the helicopter pilot. that would be helpful. who assisted in the escape back on june 7th. at the time, the inmates were beg held under tight security at a detention center in quebec city. a judge allowed them to be in the prison courtyard at the time during court days. that's twh when they made their flight to freedom, literally.
4:23 pm
it was the second time of a helicopter escape in two years. olympic gold medalist, hope solo it due back in court accused of domestic violence. she's been sitting in a jail since her arrest early yesterday in washington state. accused of assaulting her sister and teenage nephew. she now faces two counts of fourth degree domestic violence assault. the trouble broke out during a family party at the sister's home we're told in the town of kirk land. officers who arrived report that both victims were visibly hurt and that solo was visibly intoxicated. an attorney for her, she's 32 years old, she's the goalkeeper. you saw that video of her playing soccer, says his client is not guilty of any crime and that he looks forward to presenting the facts in the case. solo has won two olympic gold medals for the u.s. women's national team and she also plays with the seattle rain. gaining ground in iraq where we started this hour, where they're spreading and what if
4:24 pm
anything can be done to stop them in their tracks. hillary clinton defending herself against critics who say her wealth discredits her ace a potential champion for income equality in the united states. remember, a couple of weeks ago she said she was flat broke when she left the white house with her husband. why she says they're like everybody else. our political insiders will weigh in and we want to hear from you. does a politician's personal wealth affect their ability to get things done for the average american? why or why not? tweet your responses at harris faulkner. for fox report weekend. stay with us. one say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. the bottom of the hour. if you're just joining us, here's what's happening. secretary of state john kerry is now in jordan as he continues his trip across the middle east. eventually, we're told it will include a stop in iraq. kerry called for the isis terror group there, the "greatest threat to the middle eastern region and urging our allies to work together to prevent the bloodshed from spilling into our countries. ". terrorists are capturing four cities, as well ascountry' with jordan. iran also issuing a warning to the united states. one of their religious -- their religious leader telling us to stay out of iraq. let their own government take care of its problems, he says.
4:29 pm
john huddy has the latest from the middle east bureau. john? >> harris, isis militants continue their assault while iraqi forces try to push back. this is video of iraqi army air strikes against isis position in northern iraq trying to stop the militants in their tracks as they continue their assault on the ground. iraqi soldiers did manage to capture some weapons and vehicles, but the sunni militants continue to storm through the country taking over a total now of four towns along the syria and iraq border. opening an even wider supply line while occupying a huge swath of the northwestern part of the country. meanwhile, u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in the middle east today hoping to restore stability through diplomatic channels. his first stop was egypt. now he's heading to jordan to meet with leaders there before at some point soon heading to baghdad and we're also waiting
4:30 pm
on the first group of u.s. military advisers to arrive in baghdad as well. secretary kerry, meanwhile, echoed president obama's warning about the quote-unquote spillover effect. the violence in syria and iraq spilling over into other countries. harris? >> john, thank you. as i mentioned, iran's religious leader is now warning the united states to stay out of iraq. even accusing u.s. for fueling tensions on the ground there. he's saying we're making it worse. so how can the obama administration still be talking about doing something with iran to stop the terrorists? fox news political insiders are here and you can join the conversation as you already have. i've seen your tweets on twitter. at harris falker. pat caddell on the left. a former pollster for president jimmy carter and fox news contributor. john la butte lee a onset with me. and then on the right, also via satellite tonight, because they roll like rock stars, doug
4:31 pm
shone, former pollster for president bill clinton and fox news contributor as well. pat, i want to go to you first. i'm curious. iran's religious leader saying u.s. stay out of it. why would we hear from him at this point and condemn what we're doing? >> this is our newe ers while ally i guess. we just got his answer. we saw prime minister netanyahu attacking the whole idea of our cooperating with iran and it will only speed up their nuclear program. what we have in the middle east and the entire region is a total disaster going on and it's getting worse, not better. it makes you ask the question, as bad as saddam hussein was, is this better? and the same thing as we're already seeing libya, we have more extremists taking over than kadaffi. i don't know. >> it's frustrating, though,
4:32 pm
just to watch this unfold, doug. because we didn't really see the president make a case one way or the other last week. i want you to kind of break down where we are so that maybe the american people can understand. >> harris, it's tough to do that because it's very hard to see how 300 trainers and unspecified air strikes combined with as pat was saying correctly, a half on, half off issue with the iranians will achieve anything. i think we're nowhere, harris. the data from public opinion polls, which we'll get to later, shows the american people are developing increased doubts about the president and i think equally important our allies around the world are reaching the same conclusions. >> let's talk about the way the public is seeing how the president is handling foreign policy in general. i have numbers to pop up. "wall street journal," nbc poll shows that president obama's handling of foreign policy. we call this a disapproval
4:33 pm
polling. because that number of disapprove is so huge at 57%. >> oh, yeah. his ratings in this poll are the worst they've ever been. the biggest problem he's got, the different number where 54% of the american people say that he can no longer lead and can't get things done. in other words, he's basically a lame duck. people are tuning him out. >> he has so much to deal with right now. >> it's the second failed presidency in a row that is doing the same thing, a secretary of state running around the middle east meddling, trying to tell a country who their leader ought to be. we just had this under the bush administration. now the obama -- we don't like nuri al maliki, we want a different guy running it. we can't run our own country let alone run another country. >> promised he would be different. >> yeah. >> he's been different stylistically but in the end the result is the same. it's mayhem all over the middle
4:34 pm
east. the united states embroiled where the american people don't want to be anymore and we need to wake up to it. it speaks to something big, okay? the failure of both political parties here. the american people have seen it. it's not that one is good and the other is bad. they're both terrible. >> i want to take a look at something and get your response, pat, if we can. first, it's former vice president dick cheney talking about senator rand paul and in his view. you kind of see two divergent views, inside and outside the beltway. let's watch them back-to-back and then we'll talk. >> we spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago, we're going to miss the threat that is growing and that we do face, rand paul with all due respect is basically an isolationist. he doesn't believe we ought to be involved in that part of the world. i think it's essential. >> was the war won when 2005 when many people said it was won? they didn't really, i think, understand the civil war would break out.
4:35 pm
i don't blame president obama. has he got the solution in maybe there is no solution. but i do blame the iraq war on the chaos that is in the middle east. i also blame those who were for the iraq war for emboldening iran. >> pat, who has it right? >> i don't know. but i'll tell you this. this rift in the republican party between the neo cons on the one side represented by dick cheney and rand paul, which is libertari libertarian, more isolationist view is a more serious one. it reflects a division in the country. there is a middle ground in foreign policy to the american people between surrender on the one hand and as i've said before, an invasion a week. on the other. we're not having what they cannot grasp is why we have such stupid policies and they seem to repeat themselves. the president this week talked about, but i echo what john said about leadership. half the people think he's competent, half incompetent. worse than bush and katrina and
4:36 pm
the wall street poll. someone reminded me that he had said, the people need to rise above their differences, get a common agenda, work for the future of their country. it was talking about iraq. it was like he should have been been talking about himself. and his leadership here in america. doug likes to point out, so divisive against in this country. so politically divisive. >> you know, doug, i hear a theme from you three gentlemen, we hear it sometimes on fox report weekend of the american people and april trust deficit. does this foreign policy issue and with regard to iraq feed into that? >> oh, absolutely, harris. whether you're an isolationist, a realist in the middle or a neo con, it's hard to look at this presidency and indeed the one that came before and feel anything but distrust and i dare say, very frequently disdain towards our government. what john said is exactly right. we can't govern ourselves here
4:37 pm
at home. we're divided. we're not offering leadership around the world. and the net result is the american people are really upset and aghast, have thrown their hands up and are looking for alternatives. anything, sadly, they don't see any. >> before we wrap up this part of our conversation tonight and move on to other things, john, one of the pressing questions that i wanted to ask and i have members of the military, what honors the sacrifice that our men and women have made in iraq? what is the best decision? i understand that the obama administration had calls from the prime minister in iraq for help, air strike something as far back as january. maybe we've reached the tipping point, it's too late for help. what honors those men and women wheef lost? >> the same thing about the 58,000 people that died in vietnam. what did they die for? what they have to look and their families have to look is, they served their country, their commander in chief, their military leaders. in the case of vietnam, a lot of them joined but a lot were
4:38 pm
drafted. so they went. here everybody joined. the sadness is that their political leaders have led the military down the wrong path. irresponsibly. they used them like fodder and then when they come back, we have the v.a. scandal, we have the lies throughout all that too. no wonder the public is so cynical about all of it. >> any ray of sunshine, any silver lining? we always look for that. we want to offer that. >> our ray of sunshine, believe it or not, is we hope an alternative is coming politically in america, someone to run against the status quo, against both parties, against the big corrupt media and take it on as an outsider and try to shake things up. that's what we hope for. >> monica c writes on twitter stop the nation building. thousands of years and they have warlords and a warlord mentality. we're going to take a quick break and come back. when we do, there's a lot to talk about with this i.r.s.
4:39 pm
scandal and things that are happening tonight. i'm watching the tweets. there's a server company that's in charge of the e-mail. they did a whole lot of promotion saying we're glad the irs is our new client. they may have a vested interest in turning up those e-mails. after a hearing on the political targeting scandal, getting a bit heated at times, especially when it came to the e-mails, we'll take a little bit here and come back and talk. watch this. >> you asked taxpayers to hand a seven years of their personal tax information in case they're ever audited and you can't keep six months' worth of employee e-mails? the volkswagen passat s above the competition, but we're not in the business of naming names. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans. and the volkswagen passat has a lower starting price than... much better.
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this just in. israeli military is confirming air strikes on nine targets inside syria, including the military headquarters. the countries border each other. israeli officials say the air strikes are responsible for a cross-border attack yesterday that left an israeli teenager dead. right now, it's still not clear who carried out the attack. syria, of course, has been consumed by civil for more than three years. we'll bring you more information on that situation as it happens. for now, let's bring in the fox news political insiders. lawmakers are hoping for answers in the next round of hearings on the internal revenue service's
4:44 pm
targeting a political conservative. tomorrow irs commissioner john koskinen will face another round. this time congressman darrell issa and the oversight committee will hear him. you know what's really interesting about this. do we still have a little bit of that sound on tape? i want you guys to hear this from the hearing. a lot of people missed this. it really caught my ear and eye. does lois lerner have a cell phone? watch this. >> do you know if lois lerner had a blackberry or iphone? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i do not know. >> do employees of the internal revenue service carry mobile devices issued to them by the government? >> they carry them. they run the same e-mails system people do not have on office blackberries -- >> let's wrap it there. i think the big news there was lois lerner is at the center of this.
4:45 pm
she pled the fifth. she doesn't want to talk. they don't know if she had a blackberry or iphone. >> they don't seem to know much and don't tell anybody anything. for anyone to believe that these e-mails were coincidentally lost from her and six other key officials there, just at the period when the targeting -- and it's not conservatives. it's tea party people and pro israel groups were targeted too because they disagreed with the president's foreign policy. and this thing goes right up into the white house. no question in my mind that there's a political direction put in here and they're scrambling to do the cover-up. happily, by friday night, the mainstream media finally gave a few minutes on the evening news for the first time for this irs -- >> this is not like a democrat or a republican. this affects all americans. this is about our freedom here. john jacobson says on twitter, why can't congressman issa
4:46 pm
subpoena about lois lerner's e-mails. doug? >> that's a good idea. i would like to know what, if anything, is left on lois lerner's own blackberry and know that the company has hired to back up the irs e-mails in 2005 has in their files. but it absolutely strains kre dual at this has john and pat suggested that somehow all these e-mails have disappeared. i mean, this makes rosemary woods' 18 and a half minute gap during watergate look like a walk in the park. >> pat, before we go to you. jose writes on twitter, ms. faulkn faulkner, the irs has a -- recovery archive company that doug was alluding to. it's called sohn a soft. they spent from what i'm reading, money advertising. they might be a little motivated to go back and find the e-mails
4:47 pm
on their own service works. >> you wish somebody would. let me just say something. if you believe the 6,000 e-mails and all these things crashed and can't be recovered, and we're only told to the congress this week after being known for months, then you probably believe that after 642 days a man who was running around in the open in libya, benghazi, who was a suspect finally gets picked up and has nothing to do with the political agenda of the white house. i want to tell you, look, the only simpleton cannot grasp or a partisan simpleton that there's a cover-up going on here. even the republicans are incompetent at getting at the heart of it. all i can tell you you is that bob bauer, husband of anita dunn who launched the anti-fox campaign at the white house came in as white house counsel. he demanded lois lerner go after
4:48 pm
these groups. he moves in the white house. commissioner shulman moves in literal little like a permanent resident of the white house and we have all this target. you all think this is a coincidence? not at all and the media is to blame for this because they've decided to put their partisan support ahead of america and ahead of the american people knowing the truth. and the republicans are just incompetent. >> pat caddell does not mince words. on our way out, we had colonel allen west outnumbered, the daily noon eastern program that i co-host and he was the man in the middle. the #one lucky guy. here's what he had to say. we'll continue the conversation. stay close. >> you and i talked off screen that we talked about a liberty issue. because you got 16,000 irs agents supposed to come in and they're supposed to be in charge much our health care. the next irs return is going to have to check that little box. these people have so much intrusion into our lives and now we're seeing this play out where
4:49 pm
it's an arrogant way they're not responsible. good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables
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the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. anybody who thinks that americans don't care about this irs scandal are not paying any attention to social media. before we get off of the subject, john, i'm reading here that dianna says they canceled our contract they had a few weeks ago after lois learner's computer crash. >> they don't want to get them. the last thing the irs or administration want them. >> they run the government, so -- >> what will the hearing look like this week? >> it will be more of the same. whether republicans finally found their legs on this thing
4:53 pm
after screwing around for a year -- where was this a year ago? >> that time it didn't hurt them. if i'm looking at social media correctly -- >> if you look at the wall street journal poll, the republican party has never been worse. >> could they regain footing? >> i think this irs thing, and what we talked about with foreign policy, all are working for this november. everything looks good for the republicans to win enough seats to take over the senate. and that is a game changer for the last two years of the president. >> let's talk about hillary clinton, and we don't know if he will run for the white house in 2016. there is a book out that may may be competition. it's called "blood feud." it is written by edward cline.
4:54 pm
gets in the disfunctional and jealous relationship between bill and hillary clinton and barack and michelle obama. could any of this be true? you know them. >> i have worked with both clintons, i observed them. my sense is what ed cline is reporting is mostly true. go back to the scarce primary in 2008 when obama said that bill clinton played the race card, that was a set up, and bill clinton who has been supportive of the civil rights took it, he showed great exception. nothing that happens subsequent has repaired that. the clintons and balm's have their own selfish reasons to stay in close touch and to work together, but i don't believe
4:55 pm
that there is any great degree of trust between the two families. >> the book says reportedly that they put on a show of unity, but privately the obamas and clintons loathe each other, pat? >> i think that's probably true. >> does it matter? if she moves forward? >> well, it is somewhat of a problem. look, hillary's waitings, her book is top ten on amazon, numbers are going down. there was a wall street journal pole that show that she and jeb bush are more candidates of the past rather than offering new ideas and vision. i think here is the problem. she is getting stronger. she falls less into less potent general elections. the reason being is she is trapped between beating obama, she can't criticize him, and as
4:56 pm
long as she is there, the more is will cost her in a general election mode. i think we have had enough of all of this. and they're looking for something different. >> what do you think? >> i think the more you see hillary the less they like her and trust her. the wall street journal poll, only 37% of the american people think she is straightforward and honest. >> thank you, you can continue to follow us, we will be tweeting throughout the night, and i will see you for the next news break in an hour or so. i will be back form on the pacific coast for "outnumbered.t one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares. now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites!r one olive garden dishes.
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