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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 23, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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what we can expect from kerry's visit toot. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet with nouri al-maliki along with sunni leaders to take about ending the crisis in iraq urging them to come together to fight a common enemy. they arrive in iraq to advance the wave of violence in baghdad taking control of four more towns and three border crossings into syria and jordan. kerry will discuss u.s. actions underway to help iraq to help the threat from isis. this is about isis terrorist designs on the state ofiraq. no one should mistake what is happening or why. the united states is prepared as we have been in the past to help iraq be able to stand up against
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that. >> on sunday president obama made it clear the united states must be on constant guard against extremist groups like isis. >> right now the problem with isis is that they are de stabilize ago country that could spill over into some of our allies like jordan. and that they are engaged in wars in syria. >> they will have a more focused strategy in iraq providing more enforce am and more military in iraq. it will be a hard road to go. ainsley and heather. >> that takes us to our look at who's talking and strategy.
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who exactly should we do about the situation in iraq? newly elected majority leader kevin mccarthy weighing in on the president's choice to send 300 advisors into the region. >> to see the key part is layout a strategy then we can see the outcome of what we need to do to make it happen. put everything on the table but most people don't think -- what would the boots on the ground even do without a strategy. that's the question wyou have t have. >> illinois congressman says air strikes are the solution to containing isis in iraq. >> what we are watching in iraq right now is the worse case ken narrow. i can't image much worse happening in iraq. i look at this and say advisors
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and special obstacles air strikes for isis units in the open to button them down where they are at now and work the political solution but give them the opportunity to get that taken care of and begin to push isis out. this also goes into syria. israel attacks serious targets in retaliation for killing a teenager. the israeli hitting nine targets. this is in response to border missile attacks in syria and wounded his father. >> support for ukraine peace plan, vladimir putin calling for them to lay down their arms and sit down and talk. this is when he ordered the anti-terrorist to cease a
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one-week fire who declared the region independent. the army investigating a training accident that left a u.s. soldier dead. 23-year-old private first class andrew stats of fremont, north carolina died during a training exercise saturday. it happened at the national training center at fort irwin california. at that time had that ared he wered the national de tense service medical and army service ribbon. >> house committee on kret trans affairs given the kwaupt of care. this will as newly obtained rrdz show va administrators knew the employees across the southwest mr. manipulating appointment dat dau for two years. sharon hillman claimed they were not aware of any misconduct.
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40 veterans died waiting for treatment at the facility. >> the irs commissioner back as new details emerge the irs canceled the contract weeks after lois lerner's today. >> what can expect today? >> irs commissioner did himself the pais and means areas. lois berner was even the most level headed wrems of the city. >> this is not forthcoming. it is a pattern of abuse on behavior that he gave them no condy dent. i don't believe this is
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incredible. >> now republicans are smelling blood in the the water. chairman daryl isis sent a letter with 15 questions. among the questions please explain the failure of the hard driy on lois returner on around 2011 and the date of the stale yuf of hard dye. any irs employees have any responsibility for the regard drive. >> irs con tar vetted. >> i have had irs employees who are e p mailed me this week and said all of the servers aren't one little computer there are servers in three different places in the united states. the daily caller is reporting
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they had e-mail contractor just weeks after she made the fm fof we the feins in 2005. >> u.s. women's sofer mare dole lee. she was arrested for staultling her 26 and 17-year-old nephew. they found what appeared to be a drunk solo inside. she insists shez the victim and is not held in jail without hot air beau loon. and coldless, of course there. notice the large boom were it
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goes to three p. neighbors gabbing the link width approach. praek brow and krrts yk is found. this comes as officials say they are scaling back that search. whiff reached a point where we have to make a decision. the decision is we will be shrinking our search efforts. >> he has been missing fore nine days this as family and friends gathered at a fire station in arcadia to hold a vigil praying and hoping for his safe return. >> a michigan judge.
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he is on a submarine in the pass stef i am social when she ordered him to dorothy. if he didn't go up he could lose dust key over his 6 week old's daughter. it has delayed proceedings until after it was over. it was a heartbreak for team usa as a goal forces a 2-2 tie last night. americans down one in the second half. jones slams one home to tie up that game. later in the half dempsey knocks one in to give team usa the 2-1 lead. with sefkdz left in the game fort gull scores to die that game. they can still making it to the sex moaned if they can win against germany. rain and thunderstorms from
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texas today. am rain and flash flooding possible. good morning maria. >> good morning. i watched the game yesterday, too, so exciting and thrilling. i want to show you the weather conditions now. you mentioned we have showers and storms. early this morning we are already seeing them produce areas in parts of 74 texas as we head to tomorrow. forecast along portions of the mississippi valley across states like illinois and hit hit and out. the we could be looking at storms producing large hail and canalling damaging winds. we are looking like summer out here in east of the rockies 8 0s
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widespread and also the 90s. 70 degrees for a high temperature. starbucks is set to raise prices starting tomorrow. adam shapiro is here with more on that. >> duncan doughnuts raised the price on packaged coffee. starbucks raising prices on some drinks by 5-20 cents starting tuesday. they made their problems that is killing toffee cop. ceo visited and said... >> starbucks has no plans to raise prices. they have packaged coffee that will cost you a dollar more. there's a problem with air honda is recalling 2 million vehicles including the honda compact and crv sport vehicle.
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nissan is recalling 755,000 of its cars worldwide to fix the problem. japan's three largest makers we called 5 million a munch month. hollywood considers that he is ho hum. think lick a man. the jersey joys musical hit a flat note. 22 jump street and how to train your dragon and jersey boys round out the top 5. in record territory the dow is up but futures are down eight points.
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s&p 1962 on friday. nasdaq down 4 and a half points. >> thank you. 12 minutes after the top of the hour as iraq spirals into kay cross>> schools training teachers to carry guns ins radio root room. that i what's the twee to skop deep the lightening. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine.
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>> malaysian police calling the
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pilot the reason for the crash. computer experts just recovered the simulator. they are searching for the aircraft. >> bad weather and poor visibility a deadly combination that contributed to the crash that killed rockefeller earlier this month. great grandson of the oil giant rockefeller faced foggy rainy weather shortly before takeoff. visibility sawas so poor that t troll tower couldn't tell if rockefeller hadic at that enoff. >> you are outside just doing yard work and the next thing you know you are thrown off your feet. shawn o'connor said it happened to him and knocked him straight out of his workboots when a bolt of lightening struck him on his right foot. >> i could smell burt hair. i noticed my leg hairs had been
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singed. >> we found his boots on the other side of the driveway. doctors say shawn is lucky to be alive the odds of being struck lie lightening 1 in 17,000. >> shawn mcgovern and mel lis k saw will found by fisherman seven miles from shore. they had hypothermia and jellyfish stings. one who found the pairs joins us live later on "fox & friends." >> it is time to brew on this. will arming our teachers prevent more school shootings? more than a dozen school districts in missouri think so. teachers are trained to carry concealed weapons.
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they get 40-hours of training on the range over a period of five days. >> it has come to the toint r point that i feel like it's important. somebody has to step up and do it. somebody has to protect these children. some argue teachers should be able to concentrate on students not making sure firearms are stored and used properly. >> how do you feel about schools arming the classroom? send us an e-mail at fox friends first ot iraq is in crisis. our vets wait months or care. what is the president doing? saving honey bees. >> did you know your smart phone is a great buy? things you never knew but should.
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>> good morning. in times square in new york city. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends first". we bust the three men using a canada prison using a helicopter. the three were found living on the tenth floor of a luxury montreal condo. police don't know what tipped them off. they were due in court today on
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new charges. >> aaron hernandez out of jail and in the hospital. he was briefly hospitalized. they won't say because of medical privacy laws. he will be in court tomorrow on charges he killed two men. >> president obama turning his attention to saving had been knee bees. he created a task force studying the recent decline in the number of bees. an increase public awareness of this issue. the president also requested $50 million to combat that program. stress and heart attacks. they have gone heaand in hand f a long time now. now we may know why. a new study shows a large amount of stress can cause an
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overproduction of white blood cells. it can lead to blockages. they studied doctors in the hospital. you can start by turning down the heat. a study 10 years in the making claims being cold might be a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight. the body burns more calories as it tries to make up for lost body heat. it is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. iraq is spiraling into chaos is our national security here in america at risk? a disturbing prediction on the stop center on the house intelligence committee. >> you think you know what the labels on your food mean, think again. why all natural is not what you think. >> first on this day back in
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1868 christopher lathum shoals received a patent for the type writer. >> in 96 the college board administered the first sat exam. spokesperson: the volkswagen passat is heads above the competition, but we're not in the business of naming names. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans.
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and the volkswagen passat has a lower starting price than... much better. vo: hurry in and lease the 2014 passat s for $199 a month. visit today.
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>> good morning it is monday june 23rd, 2014. the irs heading back to cop tol
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hill as grabrand new questions looming. what about the agency that was hired to protect all of the lost e-mails. one veteran has found himself in a new battle at home: >> it lookser looks line a scene from jaws. the story behind that dramatic video. "fox and friend first starts right now. >> oo wake up and join "fox & friends first". we are waking up on this monday.
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>> a fox news alert moments ago john kerry landing in iraq where he will meet with the country's prime minister. this after 8 people kill overnight and militants cease even more cities. kelly wright is where we can expe -- with what we can expect from the visit. >> kerry is expected to encourage leaders in iraq to form a unity governmentment to be more sensitive to sunni and kurdish demands. over the weekend they carried out two bomb blasts killing 8 people. the extremists also taking control of four more towns and three border crossings. >> we are not going to put
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additional combat soldiers there but we will help iraqis to complete this transition if they choose it. if they want, they have the opportunity to choose leadership that could represent all of iraq ana unity government that brings people together and focuses on this. >> united states must remain vigilant in helping iraq and stopping violence to american allies. >> what we can't do is think we are going to play what can them and send u.s. troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop up. we have to have a more focused targeted strategy. >> and time is of the essence. nouri al-maliki is in an anxious state. they are very fearful of their situation adding a lot of people
2:33 am
they have known sunni and shi'ite have been killed. >> it is time for a look at who is talking. diane fine stein share of the senate intelligence committee offering a disturbing prediction when asked if security is at risk because of the situation in iraq. >> i believe the recruiting in europe there's no question in these three places spain, germany. the number of passport fighters, we know there are at least 100 americans that have gone to the arena to fight who have an american passport who are going to try to get back. we know they can get back to the european country and if it's a visa waiver country come right into the united states. this is where i think we need to build our intelligence to see that we can disrupt the plot
2:34 am
because there will be plots to kill americans. >> the irs commissioner back on capitol hill as new details emerge. the irs cancel their contract with the irs firm weeks after lois lerner's e-mails disappeared. doug luzader has what we can expect. >> things may get pretty heated on capitol hill today. the house oversight committee will play host to john cost nin. he had a fiery appearance on capitol hill before the house weighs and means committee. there's still questions about the e-mails why they disappeared why all of the hard drives suddenly crashed around the same time. >> the ir is has a contract with a professional e-mail archiving company. i want to know why the fbi has not stepped forward and said
2:35 am
what they have done to try to bring in their very sophisticated capabilities to understand what happened. >> the irs says these e-mails have been lost forever. the daily caller meantime reports that one of the companies that was contracted by the irs to do ip backup right around time that all of these hard drives began crashing. back to you guys. this is not being forthcoming. this is misleading again. this is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. i don't believe that. this is incredible. >> that was from the hearing last week. the house oversight committee will have its own hearing today.
2:36 am
>> another response for it. thank you very much, doug. appreciate it. >> as soon as the show ends we are talking about the irs scandal on-line. we want to know what you think. are the e-mails gone forever or is there something else going on here? i will be chatting with you live. >> soccer goal reand olympian hope solo in court today she is held without bail for assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew allegedly. police were called to her seattle home and found what t y appeared to be a drunk solo. they are sister and nephew had serious injuries but solo says she is the one who is the victim. >> pamela tsarnasar -- tamlin tv is in court today. he had dinner with the two brothers hours after the deadly attack but lied about his
2:37 am
relationship with siblings. he's accused of deleting computer files that might have helped that investigation. >> army sergeant bow bergdahl in outpatient care. he had been at the inpatient facility at fort sam houston and will continue to receive medical and psychological care at the base. the army saying his reintegration process will expose him to more people. investigation as to how and why he walked off his ways, they will precede once they investigate the case. >> the state's republican party passed a resolution at the annual convention calling for the impeachment of barack obama. detainees from bergdahl and recent epa proposal that would curb emissions frommer tower
2:38 am
plants. >> the house committee holding another hearing looking into the quality of care given in our nation's va hospitals. this this as you'lly obtained records show employees were manipulating employment data for years and didn't stop it. they claimed they were not aware of any misconduct. 40 veterans died while awaiting care at the phoenix facility. hillary clinton has a new book out today in claims that hillary had serious health problems including a blood clot between her brain a thyroid condition and abnormal heart rhythm. hillary never made these problems public because she didn't want to ruin her chances to run for president in 2016.
2:39 am
>> rain and thunderstorms from texas to the ohio valley also some flash flooding is possible. >> maria molina has all of the details for you and your family. >> hi. good morning heather and ainsley. these storms are packing a punch a lot of moisture with them and they are producing areas of heavy rain across the state of oklahoma and texas. that area will be expanding later today from texas up into the ohio valley. we have concerns and we could see travel delays that's usually showers and storms in those areas. in boston and washington, d.c. so parts of the northeast and mid atlantic are expecting a beautiful day a lot of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. don't think tral will be an issue there. wicked be looking at severe weather and damaging winds and large hail being a concern. 87 for a high in cleveland and
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90s into texas. >> the time now is 39 minutes after the top of the hour. all natural is not what you think. before you shell out any more money at the grocery store we are reading between the lines on food labels. >> a camera view that has gone wrong. it will make you feel better about whatever comes your way on this monday. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it.
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oo owe he walked in to buy a drink the manager told him to get the dog out. it caused a confrontation on camera. >> what's up next you brought me out in front of the store. i am a disabled veteran i have a right to have this dog in here. >> i she is a service dog. he wasn'ter with aing a service vest it was hot out. he sewed him the special tag and the id card. >> anybody i was telling him he was blowing it off. anybody with a service dog anybody with a disability, you shouldn't treat them like that. >> a spokesman from walgreens
2:45 am
says service dogs are always welcome at the stores. >> lawyers jump into the social media poll looking for jurors. the american association giving them the green light to scan the social media sites of you the citizens calling for jury duty. this includes jurors with deliberations. they will be looking for information that night signal the leanings of jurors. they warn lawyers about actively following or befriending jurors. >> what you need to know about your smart phone. first your phone is spying on you the gps tracking your location at all times. next public wi-fi is not secure. it could allow people to see everything on your phone. third your data is vulnerable. applications, store your information and that includes your credit card numbers. four phones can be fished meaning you click on the wrong site mal wear can hijack your phone. make sure you restore your phones to the factory settings
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if you are trading it in. >> most americans think the word natural on food labels means that they are, well, natural. but that couldn't be further than the truth. lori rothman breaks it all down. good morning, lori. >> good morning. don't believe what you read. we are talking about the way food is labeled. more specifically what it means when food is labeled natural. consumer reports out with a new survey that found two-thirds of americans have the wrong idea what it means when food is labeled natural. the survey found 60 percent of consumers believe natural got no antibiotics or other drugs in their feed. 70 percent of americans think it means there's no growth hormone. when asked what natural should mean 85 percent of consumers said no pesticides and no artificial ingredients. what does natural really mean? the food and drug administration allow food producers to label it
2:47 am
natural as long as nothing synthetic or artificial has been added that wouldn't normally expected to be in the food. in other words, natural under federal cabli federal labelling guidelines means nothing. back to you. the time is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a camel ride goes really wrong. the video that will make you feel better about whatever comes your way. it was a scene right out of jaws. first check in with brian ki kilmeade to see what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me tell you what's coming up on the show. more border crossings are ceased by militants in iraq. john kerry lands in iraq. i am sure he will solve all of the problems. we have the latest developments.
2:48 am
plus meetings this week to discuss the border threats and a lot of people flooding over that border that have no place to go. a bald man grows a full head of air. we will tell you how he did it. donald trump here life. does any one know how the u.s. game ended? they were up 2-1 late. anybody? hey tie?d. we will tell you. defending our . thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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that one, for the home made bomb still on the run: a boy in -- a 12-year-old boy made up an entire kidnapping story telling police he was heading to the dentist when an abductor pulled up, asked for directions and drove off. the boy's story was so good that police spent a month investigationing until they realized surveillance video didn't match up. no word on his punishment. 53 minutes till the top of the hour. training teachers to carry a gun into the classroom? your comments pouring in. we'll share them next.
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♪ ♪ always love seeing those american flags waving first thing in the morning. thank you so much. we're not done yet with "fox & friends first" . it is about two minutes -- well three actually till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. john kerry in iraq where he will meet with the prime minister. u.s. olympic soccer goalie hope solo due in court today.
2:58 am
police say she beat her sister and nephew while drimpg at a party. she is -- while drunk at a party. >> get ready to pay more for your coffee at starbucks, prices going up between 5 and 20 cents starting tomorrow. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. the good, corporal kyle carpenter being honored by the san diego padres throwing out the first pitch. carpenter says he loved baseball growing up and joined the announcers in the booth for a few minutes as well. the bad, a great white shark getting beside that fishing vessel. an attack took place off the coast of cape may on saturday. finally, the ugly. one circus goer getting this crazy ride on an out-of-control camel. the woman volunteered for that ride but it didn't go
2:59 am
so well. she got tossed off, flipped her pants. >> ow! >> time for your brew on this responses. we told you school districts in missouri are training teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom to prevent school shootings. they'll head to the shooting range for 40 hours over five days. >> we asked how do you feel about our schools arming teachers? >> susan tweeted yes, we have to put the protection of our kids first as long as they are concealed and the teachers are well trained. >> carl tweeted us, he says might not stop them but could make them less severe. could possibly save lives. >> bruce tweeted unfortunately teachers are forced to be first line of defense in school shootings. arming them is the sad reality. thanks to everyone who responded. we always appreciate it. >> don't forget, we're going to be talking about the i.r.s. scandal on-line in just a few minutes. >> are those e-mails really
3:00 am
gone forever or is there something else going on involving the i.r.s.? log on to our facebook page right here and we will be chatting with you live. >> every day after the show. we're excite bd -- excited about this new thing we're doing here. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> it is monday, june 23. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. just moments ago secretary of state john kerry touched down in iraq. but after four more cities fall to jihaddists will kerry's presence be enough to help the iraqi people? >> the i.r.s. chief heads back to capitol hill tonight at 7:00 p.m. one of the big questions: why doesn't the company that the i.r.s. hired to archive the e-mails have them now? what happened to it? could they possibly also be lost? we're going to tell you what we know as we report and you decide. >> from triumph to heartbreak kind of, team


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