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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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fascinating. >> friday was unexpected t was real fiery. we'll see what truth they uncover and see where it leads. freight to be with you, patti ann. >> not sure how much truth. great to be with you. >> "happening now" starts right now. jenna: your big story as we get started, new calls for political reform in iraq as america's top diplomat sits down with the country's embattled prime minister. i hope you're having a great week. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. secretary of state john kerry wrapped up a series of critical meetings in iraq including one with the prime minister there, nouri al-maliki. this comes as washington floats the idea as maliki resign as first step towards stopping vicious and violent uprising convulsing that country. maliki has plans of his own, pushing for targeted airstrikes against militants in iraq and neighboring syria.
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this comes as the al qaeda linked insurgent group, isis continues racking up battlefield success in northern parts of iraq. we have following developments live from the israeli-syria border. john? >> reporter: jon, it is unclear whether secretary of state kerry proposed the idea to prime minister al-maliki to resign from his position, to step down from his post. what is clear is the situation in iraq continues to spiral out of control. nonetheless take a look, secretary of state kerry met with the iraqi prime minister today in a closed-door meeting, about 90-minute meeting. when asked about the meeting kerry quote said, that it was good. the situation we know in iraq is not. at one border crossing iraqi soldiers, this is a big concern, abandoned their posts. sunni isis militants took yet another iraqi town widening their supply lines even more from syria into iraq.
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there is growing concern. we heard this yesterday. the violence in iraq and syria could spill over, basically spread into other countries. today, here we saw a noticeable increase in israeli military presence along the syria and israel border though so far while we did hear explosions, including one a couple minutes ago we did not see any fighting. coming back to me live, below the ridgeline that we're at, there is a border crossing between israel and syria along the fence line below, a long fence line. this is the exact kind of border post that isis militants have been taking over in iraq and syria and now there is growing concern here in israel that they may be gunning for this exact post, this crossing as well. jon? jon: john huddy, joining us live from the israel-syria border. thank you. jenna: back here in the united states we're getting some new reaction from our political leaders to what's happening on the ground in iraq.
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take a listen. >> an increase sieve country for its future. that is not iran's goal. to do nothing and allow isis to establish a base of operation like al qaeda had before afghanistan places us in a very dangerous position. >> we're on verge of something very series and i think we have to meet it. our allies have to help us and i think iran can play a major role in moving out maliki and developing a reconciliation government. that is if there is the desire to maintain iraq as a state. >> i wouldn't wait. it is not whac-a-mole. this is in our national security interests. bumper sticker phrases aren't going to win thing this. we've got to be dug in for the long haul because they're dug in for the long haul. jenna: jonathan schanzer, vice president of research fors defense of democracies and former terrorism analyst at the treasury department. a long time spent on sunday shows to explain isis's threat
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to our country. you say that could be a waste of time. why is that? >> it is because we're hearing alternative to isis could be other dangerous regimes in the middle east like iran and syria. these are false distinctions. we need to make sure we identified enemy across the region. isis may be one but there are many others we need to be concerned about right now. jenna: that is one of the reasons why secretary kerry is in the region talking not only to iraq's prime minister but also to our allies as well. senator rand paul had something interest to say about our partnerships in the region. i want to play the sound and get your thoughts. >> i personally believe this group would not be in iraq and would not be as powerful had we not been supplying their allies in the war as well as our allies are funding these people. they probably have weapons that were bought either with saudi money or kuwaiti money or qatar money. jenna: saudis, qatar, kuwaitis, jonathan, those are quote, unquote friends. if they're actually funding isis who are our truth partners in the region?
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>> look, we don't have good partners. what senator paul mentioned here is absolutely correct. we've seen frenemies of the united states call them, saudis like qatar and even turkey helping isis grow. turkey i actually have to say on their eastern frontier they have had a very lax border policy allowing for money, arms, training to take place. this has been extremely dangerous. we've stood by over the last two years and failed to call them out on this and failed to reform them. jenna: so if our partnership that we think are established, aren't really helping news our national interests, how likely is it that we can establish a solid partnership with the government of iraq? >> well, it is very unlikely. and the reason for that is, that the government of iraq is very much aligned with iran. and iran of course is a state response sore of terrorism in its own right, having supported hamas and hezbollah and some of these shiite militias in iraq that targeted american soldiers. it is possible that iran could have a greater role to play
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amidst this crisis. that of course is a dangerous development as well. jenna: james rosen is in iraq. he is doing a lot of great reporting. one of the things he is talking about a lot of iraqis are turning to the united states, saying, listen, we really do need your help. jonathan what do you think about that? what conditions should we set if we are about to help the iraqi government as it stands? >> well, look it is extremely coply indicated obviously. the american public isn't interested in putting boots on the ground. that said we're putting in special forces right now or potentially doing so, advisors on the ground. the question whether there is is air support could be provided. i think we need to tread very carefully. when we're attacking isis we're essentially acting as iran's air force this is challenge in very, very complicated middle east, one far more complicated than it was perhaps even two years ago. jenna: there is all the talk about strategic vision. we heard a little bit from kevin
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mccarthy, congressman on "fox news sunday" whether we have a strategic vision for the middle east. jonathan, if you were back in advisory role whether at treasury or otherwise, what would you say the is number one priority we should have if we should map out what our strategy is not only for tomorrow but next several years down the line in the middle east? >> first of all we need to identify who our true allies are and we need to understand who our enemies are and we can't blur that we're relying on frenemies like qatar, turkey and saudi arabia thinking of iran as a possible partner. these are all massive mistakes. we need to combat sunni jihaddism and shia islamism and radicalism at the same time. we've not done a good job of it over these last couple years, particularly as this syria civil war has spun out of control. jenna: not to, too much of a pun on the map we have, different shades of gray, essentially same color what you're saying, jonathan, as we look at enemies
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in that area. good as always have to you backs. >> thanks, jenna. jon: there could be a positive development in the region which word syria just handed over last of declared chemical weapons. this comes from the organization charged with overseeing the destruction of that arsenal. its director-general said the final 8% of the 1300-ton stockpile is loaded on ships. the syrian government agreed last fall to surrender those weapons when the u.s. threatened military strikes after a deadly attack, chemical attack on rebels. jenna: back here at home, 28-year-old sergeant bowe bergdahl starting outpatient treatment after spending moore than a week as an inpatient at brooke army medical center in texas of the latest step in the healing and reintegration process according to those not know. you recall sergeant bergdahl first received medical treatment at an american military hospital in germany after first released after five years of taliban captivity. jon: new revelations on the va scandal. "the arizona republic" newspaper is reporting that in 2012 va
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administrators knew workers in hospitals in several southwestern states were manipulating patient records to make it appear veterans were getting timely medical care but those administrators reportedly did nothing to stop it. this is coming ahead of a hearing tonight on capitol hill before the house veteran affairs committee on the va's availability for care of veterans. jenna: monday nights is becoming new hearing. jon: there is no football. why congress is scheduling hearings on monday night. jenna: no football. we'll take the hearings. starting us off on a week of big news. a massive manhunt for a escaped inmate considered armed and dangerous. where police focus efforts to catch a convicted murderer. the irs commissioner back on the hot seat. tonight is the night for him facing more tough questions about the missing emails. we're hearing tonight's question is expected to produce more fireworks than the one last friday. we want to hear from you about that. what would you ask the irs
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buffington is believed to be armed with a shotgun. last seen in his all-white prison jumpsuit. a police tactical unit busted into an upscale condo in montreal taking fugitives without firing a shot. this comes two weeks after their daring helicopter escape from a quebec jail. u.s. woman's soccer goalie hope solo due in court today. she was arrested on suspicion of psych striking her sister and her nephew in a dispute at her seat tell home. we'll dig deeper with you are our legal panel. jon: more fireworks expected tonight as irs commissioner john koskinen goes before a panel to testify about the missing emails related to the agency's targeting of conservative groups. the new round of questioning comes a couple days after this dramatic exchange between koskinen and congressman paul ryan. >> i don't believe you. >> i have a long career. that is first time anybody said you do not believe you.
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>> i don't believe you. >> that he is fine. we can have a disagreement. i'm willing to stand on our record. i'm willing to remind you it was not buried in 27 pages. most of that 27 page is exhibits. when asked about custodians -- >> being forthcoming, being forthcoming is to say, you know what investigators, coness, who is -- >> let him answer the question. >> i didn't ask him a question. jon: last hour on "america's newsroom," the man who will be leading tonight's house hearing, congressman darrell issa is from california, is explaining what he will be looking for tonight. >> reality we have serious questions for the commissioner. the biggest one being, you came before us, you said you would tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth under oath. do you believe you told the whole truth? of course the answer is he is did not tell the whole truth. jon: talk about it with tom bevin. he is executive editor of "real clear politics". some, you say there seems to be
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a bit of stonewalling going on by the administration. are you suggesting that john koskinen is part of that? >> well, sure. i mean part of the problem with, you saw paul ryan, who is a pretty mild-mannered guy on friday, basically getting very hot under the collar. as mad as i have ever seen him, basically saying that he didn't believe the commissioner of irs. that he wasn't telling the truth. and part of that is they just found out on, you know, friday, last week before friday, that these emails were missing, right? when we found out the treasury department and the white house had been informed about it, this email crash occurred, this hard drive crash occurred, weeks before congress was notified about it, so congress is feeling left out of the loop. they feel like commissioner koskinen has not told them the full truth here. certainly not in a forthcoming, timely way. i think we'll get more of that in hearings tonight and tomorrow from house ways and means, house
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oversight, excuse me. jon: one year and one day ago, june 22nd of 2013, the president said this, i will do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again by holding the responsible parties accountable. what has he done to live up to that promise? >> not a lot actually. if you look at the record. the, commissioner was moved out but that was something that was in the works for a while. so, you know, lois lerner went into retirement after taking the fifth. there hasn't been a whole lot of accountability. the president said, this is problem for the white house. he came back and said later there was not even a snig john of corruption regarding the irs scandal at all. i expect we haven't seen the president asked about it directly. i suspect longer this goes on he will be soon facing questions about that comment in particular and what is going on now. jon: because now we know that the irs did in fact have a backup system in place until right around the time these
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emails simply vanished. >> right. we're learning more and more. it is coming out in dribs and drabs. we're learning that yes, the irs had a contract with a vendor who was managing their email systems and backups on servers. that contract was apparently terminated just a few weeks after this hard drive crash occurred back in 2011. so that is something that congressman ice is going to probe tomorrow and tonight i'm sure. we may learn a few more details. i'm not expecting we'll learn a whole lot, but maybe a few more details that move this story forward a little bit. this is one of those stories, jon, that will not go away anytime soon because it is really, the explanation that the administration, that the irs has provided is so implausible you can't find anyone really when you ask them whether these emails can just disappear a trace, nobody believes that. that is one of the reasons this story is going to stick around. jon: rosemary woods tried to explain who she erased some
8:19 am
nixon recordings through this convoluted, complicated, press this button with my foot and press this with my finger kind ever thing but the mainstream media don't seem to be real interested in this story. would you agree? there is not a whole lot of coverage. >> there hasn't been a whole lot of coverage. i think that is one of the reasons. "new york times," for example, sunday paper, after this explosive hearing on friday, they ran something on saturday but nothing in the big sunday edition. very little in the "washington post." not a lot on the major networks. i think that is one of the reasons that this story hasn't sort of blown up but it will continue and certainly, you know, there are a couple of things that might increase the visibility and pressure. certainly if republicans take control of the senate in november they would have subpoena power there. and there is always the possibility that someone from within the irs would come forward, whistle-blower of some kind and provide additional information that would, you know, sort of up the profile of this story. jon: yeah. or if we can find those missing
8:20 am
emails somehow, some way. tom before van from real clear -- >> they will look into that too. jon: i'm sure there is reward fund out there now for anybody who can find them as i understand it. tom bevan from "real clear politics." thank you. >> thank you, jon. jenna: should give a tax deduction. you don't have to file taxes. you can find the email. jon: oh, man, wouldn't that motivate people. jenna: we'll see if they turn out anything. that is a very important story and one we'll continue to watch. meantime the cause of a u.s. marine jailed in mexico in new hands. new details on sergeant andrew tahmooressi's fate as his mother hired a quote, rock star attorney to represent her son. that could be a game-changer. >> find out if your car is one of millions several carmakers are calling back now.
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jon: right now, faulty airbags forcing a massive recall by three major car companies. honda, nissan and mazda, recalling nearly 3 million cars because of airbagses that regulators say could rupture and possibly explode. here is the exact breakdown. honda recalling 2.3 million vehicles made between 2000 and 2005. nissan, some 755,000, cars 2001 to 2003. mazda recalling 160,000 calls from 2002 to 2004. a come please pleat list of vehicles -- complete list of vehicles available on each company's website. jenna: new developments in the case after u.s. marine in mexico. sergeant andrew tahmooressi getting a rock star attorney who says there is more than enough
8:25 am
evidence to prove this 25-year-old is innocent and should be out of jail. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with more on this. >> reporter: jenna, they have a new strategy north and south of the border. one they say trying to bully, pressure or embarass mexico to release andrew a mistake. protests to boycott mexico for his release they say are counterproductive. the media blitz criticizing mexico is a mistake. unlike ours their mexico judiciary is independent from the congress and president. tahmooressi broke the law albeit by mistake entering mexico with three weapons and loads of ammunition anything. >> there is no point in trying in some way to punish mexico for what's occurred. it only is going to get a similar reaction from the mexican people and the mexican media. >> reporter: so they feel they have got a strong case with the
8:26 am
evidence, the question is now, getting that before a judge. probably another 60 days, jenna, before he is out of jail hopefully. jenna: we'll continue to watch that story, william, thank you. jon: a fox news alert. fresh tape of secretary of state john kerry speaking in baghdad. let's policen. >> i look forward to taking some questions. today the international maritime task force completed the extraordinary mission of removing the final 8% of declared chemical weapon precursors from syria. ii want to congratulations the u.n., opcw joint mission and u.s. coalition which operated under very dangerous conditions to remove pour than 1,000 tons of declared chemical weapon materials from syria. this effort emerged from an agreement reached last year
8:27 am
between the united states and russia. many of our allies partners played an essential role in the removal effort. i want to thank all of those partners for their diligent efforts. the world will really never forget the loss of more than 1,000 innocent syrians who were senselessly killed with chemical weapons on the early morning of august 21st, 2013. it's very important, however, even as we mark this moment of removing 100% of the declared weapons that we understand that our work is not finished to insure the complete elimination of syria's cw program. there are still some serious issues that remain to be addressed and we are not going to stop until those have been addressed. we remain deeply concerned about the reports of systemic use of
8:28 am
chlorine gas in opposition areas. i want to emphasize, chlorine gas, chlorine is not among the required, declared, chemical precursors. but when mixed in a certain way and when used in warfare it becomes one of those prohibited entities under the chemical weapons treaty. so while all of the chemical weapons as declared weapons are removed we still need to deal with this issue. and the syrian region in -- regime in addition -- jon: we reported to you what secretary kerry is talking about there. the fact that syria's declared chemical weapons, 100% of the declared chemical weapons have been closed loaded on board ships to be disposes of under international agreement. secretary kerry is in baghdad with talks with the al-maliki government there to try to stem
8:29 am
this violence that is convulsing iraq right now. we thought he might open with some comments about that. we'll continue to monitor his remarks and let you know what the secretary has to say. jenna: interesting business story coming up for you. the gluten-free craze. have you seen that in your grocery store? cookies that are gluten-free, something like that? it is a multibillion-dollar business. even though a fraction of americans need to eat gluten-free foods. we're behind the story and business behind it. an op he had of critical of president's handling of the crisis in iraq. how the media is covering it. we'll take a closer look yet. >> almost seems like you're accusing the president of treason here, saying he is intentionally bringing america down a notch.
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jenna: still to come, a boating trip taking a harrowing turn as a florida couple falls overboard with no life jackets. how they managed to survive more than 12 hours and miles out to sea. we'll explain that. plus a search for a missing california firefighter who disappeared more than a week ago. what rescue teams are doing now and sglut -- gluten-free products. is it worth your money? are you buying healthier foods? dagen has that story coming up. >> i don't intend any disrespect for the president but i fundamentally disagree with him. i think he's dead wrong in terms
8:34 am
of the course he's made for this nation and i think we're in big trouble years ahead because of his refusal to recognize reality and because of his continual emphasis getting the u.s. -- basically to withdraw from that part of the world. jon: that was part of former vice president dick cheney's response after carl said as if it seems the former vice president was accusing the president, president obama, of treason in his recent op ad. joining us is jim pinkerington for the american conservative at of the alan colmes show and aut o of "thank the liberals for saving america." what do you think of jonathan carl's question? >> i thought it was way out of line. dick cheney has a strong opinion on president obama and his current iraq policy but nowhere did cheney in that op ad use the t word, treason, which you normally reserve for people like
8:35 am
benedict arnold or edward snowden and that would be like me saying blah, blah, blah to you. it's out of nowhere. jon: he wrote that he felt the president wanted to take america down a notch, that -- well, alan, who would you characterize it? >> you want to intentionally take the country down a notch? i think that's a fair question. i don't know why they put cheney on in the first place. he said we're in the last throes of the insurgency years and years ago and continued to make false statements and continued to be wrong about the iraq war. as megan kelly put to him the other night when he was on fmc, why do we continue to have to watch this person pontificate when he's been so wrong about this war? jon: let me put to you a quote
8:36 am
from bush 43 official who was the deputy national security adviser, wrote this in politico. he said the middle east that obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace after the surge in iraq that had beaten down the al qaeda linked groups. u.s. -- i'm sorry. u.s. relations with traditional allies in the gulf, people countries like jordan, israel and egypt were very good. iran was contained. today terrorism has metastasized in syria and iraq, jordan is at risk, the humanitarian toll is staggering, terrorist groups are growing fast and relations with u.s. allies are strained. sorry about the read there, alan. i was trying to pill -- pull it off my computer.
8:37 am
>> we put our efforts behind malaki who was going to create a shiite government, not including the sunnis. junys were going to go after malaki. the notion we were going to go into iraq and we were going to heal a problem among three roaring -- warring factions that have gone on since the death of muhammad in 632 conceptually, the whole idea was wrong. it was bound to fail and dick cheney continued to make a series of false statements in the runnup to the iraq war which he should be held accountable. >> i think it's perfectly fair to criticize dick cheney as megan kelly did and she also took on josh bolton the next night so it's perfectly fair to have the arguments of bush administration policy and of course, obama administration policy is more relevant considering he's president right now. the issue as jon put it up is should you take a criticism, so
8:38 am
you're accusing me of being a traitor. that's an escalate. it's what you do in this world in the media to get clicks, to get eyebrows, to create controversy. you throw around the hottest angle like treason and i think it's unfortunate. i think it was unfair to cheney. >> dick cheney accused of president of intentionally want to go take the country down a notch and when questioned by jonathan carl says i meant no disrespect. those two statements do not go with each other. >> to say i want america to be weaker is not the same as betraying country. a lot of people want to cut the military and reduce foreign aid. plenty of people with a lot of opinions on a lot of topics including that would reduce america's footprint around the world. you don't accuse them of treason unless, of course, they give their secrets to the british or the russians. jon: the president did come into office suggesting that america has too big of a footprint and gets too muddied up in too many events around the world.
8:39 am
>> he was right. we shouldn't have been in afghanistan for 12 years. how does dick cheney say one minute that he's accusing the president literally of wanting to take the country down a notch and later say i meant no disrespect. >> it doesn't make you a traitor to say that and i mean that with no disrespect. you have a right to your opinion. that's fine. but you're not a traitor for thinking that america is too aggressive around the world. jon: always a good discussion to get you two on but we have to say goodbye for this monday. jim pinkerington and alan colmes, thank you. jenna: we're going to turn to business new as well. gluten-free products are creating a multi billion dollar industry to feet a lot of gluten concerns. this despite increasing numbers of health experts questioning the real legitimacy of a gluten-free diet. what should we all know about this? dagen joins with us more.
8:40 am
how much has this business really boomed? >> in terms of the overall u.s. foods sales of products labelled gluten-free. these are foods like yoeg you tell that may have been glount -- gluten-free before the sale, now it's selling more. some people have a legitimate disease called siliac disease that's an auto immune response to eating gluten that can damage intestines. it's less than 1% of the population. you throw in people who have gluten sensitivities, that is about 6% of the population or roughly 12 million people but a recent survey found that a third of americans surveyed, that would be about 100 million people overall if you extrapolate the numbers, are avoiding gluten so a lft people are jumping on this food fad for no other reason that it is being
8:41 am
sold as a way to lose weight. jenna: i haven't seen a food trend that i haven't tried. it's fat-free stuff, the carbs-free, sugar-free. is this just a fad? >> it could be. for people who have a legitimate gluten allergy or sensitivity to it, it's a very real thing that they're do dealing with. i can attest to the fat-free trend in the 1990's because i guess i was a dummy about food. i remember buying those fat-free cakes and i thought i could eat one a night and not get fat and i added like 30 pounds in the first year i lived in new york city so you can read into that how you will but in terms of the food fat, you should know that the reason health researchers are worried about this is because packaged food that's labelled gluten-free can very often have less fewer vitamins, less fiber and more sugar in it. there's already a sign this trend is fading just a little bit. jenna: that's interesting. you're buying one thing thinking you're getting healthier but
8:42 am
perhaps not getting the vitamins or bang for the buck you would like. >> gluten-free cookies are still eating cookies. jenna: i do feel better about it, though, dagen. >> a lot of these gluten-free baked goods taste terrible. just go for the real thing. jenna: if you give me permission. >> i give you permission. jenna: thank you. >> rescue crews are scaling down their massive search for a missing california fireman. what search teams did find and how his family is responding. and as illegal immigrants and young children continue surging across the southern border, here to weigh in what to do about it, a former u.s. attorney general under president george w. bush.
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jenna: let's check out what's ahead at the top of the hour. >> thanks. hillary clinton on the defensive yet again after saying that she's unlike other multi millionaires who are truly well off. so is she just digging herself a deeper hole? >> plus the unfolding sectarian violence in iraq. just the latest crisis that seems to have caught the obama administration off guard. we'll look at other examples in which the white house has said, we didn't know. >> would you tell your wife that she needs to hit the gym? some brave husbands did just that and the women's reactions may surprise you. >> all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. jenna: looking forward to it.
8:47 am
thank you. jon: brand new developments now in the surge of young illegal immigrants streaming into the united states. the border patrol now cancelling plans to move nearly 300 of these illegal immigrants from texas to california for processing. those plans could be reinstated, we're told. this comes as some of texas' top conservatives get a first hand look at facilities housing the unaccompanied minors caught crossing the border from mexico illegally. joining us now, judge gonzales, former u.s. attorney general under george b. bush, currently a dean at the college of law. we are a nation of laws and also a compassionate nation. how do you reconcile the two in trying to deal with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them children, who have flooded across the border? >> well, it really is a difficult situation and as you say, we are nation of laws and we are a compassion nation.
8:48 am
whatever we do here, and i'm not sure there's an easy solution. we need to ensure the children's safety. this situation just simply reflects what happens when we don't have an immigration policy that takes into account all aspects of immigration policy so that when you legalize certain children but don't deal with border security, when you don't deal with revising the visa process, when you don't deal with employer sanctions, don't deal with the 12 men already here, you're going to have unintended consequences and for that reason that i and many others in the country still firmly believe we need to have comprehensive i mean grigs reform. jon: what about the cooperation of the government of mexico? when you take a look where many are coming from, they're coming primarily from central america. they're making this long trek across mexico before they ever reach the u.s. border. do you think the government of mexico could be or should be
8:49 am
induced to do more to intercept them? >> i do. i think that there are things that we can do as a country to work with mexico and hopefully, as you say, induce mexico to work with us with this immigration problem. long-term, one of the things that we have to consider as a country in the united states is that the people that come into this country do so because of conditions in their home country. say, for example, mexico. we need to look what we can do to help conditions improve in these respective countries south of the border. jon: right. 39,000 of them have come across from october to may and those are those that we have intercepted. when you look at the pictures of some of these staging areas where the government is trying to hold these people, it is sad and it's appalling but can we open the doors and simply, you know, say come on in? >> absolutely not. every sovereign nation has a right to determine who is within their borders and who becomes a
8:50 am
citizen within their borders and we need to have a compassion immigration policy but it has to be an immigration policy. we can't have open borders in a post 9/11 word. jon: how do we go the word out they can't do this? >> we need to have a clear policy. for example, when president obama announces that people that -- that children here, brought here by their parents will not be subject to deportation, that sends a clear message. make it to the united states and you'll have a better life. those kinds of policies, you know, we need to have a very clear message about the rule of law in this country and that we're going to enforce the laws in this country. jon: former attorney general gone sglael -- gonzales, thank you. jenna: john kerry is on the groundworking to get a different angle. will it work? we'll have that. a couple falls overboard without any life jackets.
8:51 am
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jenna: terrifying weekend for one florida couple who fell off their boat near key largo into open water. phil keating is live in miami with more on all of this. phil? >> first they fell overboard not wearing life jackets and then watched their boat speed away from them. all of this happening over the weekend and they have a lot to thank to a flock of seagulls. >> personally i was surprised. i was amazed they lasted that long in the water. i just have never seen something like that before. >> 49-year-old and 51-year-old were very close to drowning when they were finally pulled out of the ocean. just before sunset on friday, they fell off their boat overboard. they then drifted north in the
8:55 am
gulf stream 70 miles for 14 hours until finally they were spotted east of a beach. fishermen rescuers thought at first they were dolphins due to the seagulls hovering. >> we had to lift her out of the water. the male, shawn, said he ran into three or four jellyfish stings during the course of the evening. >> their 30 foot island hopper was found after it ran out of gas. it washed onshore in fort lauderda lauderdale. fishermen included two off duty detectives and off duty paramedic, all of whom knew what to do. according to the couple, that boat was in high gear. she was visiting him from texas, fearing real attacks by sharks but fortunately a happy ending. jenna: we're happy with the happy ending. how do you fall? how did they actually fall?
8:56 am
do we know? >> the details of how they fell overboard with no life jackets on the boat and how -- we don't know that yet. jenna: just curious. >> yeah. jenna: thank you. jon: they are very lucky. >> sunset cruise. jon: talk about wait until the cows come home. we'll tell you the story behind this interesting video. and more fireworks expected when the i.r.s. commissioner takes the hot seat on capitol hill once again tonight. we want to hear from you. what would you ask john koskinen if you could? starts with back pain...
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9:00 am
bridge. utah highway patrol and department of transportation. a lot of ground beef on the hoof there. jenna: we'll see you back here in an hour, everybody. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, chief white house correspondent ed henry is in the house. he is outnumbered. gret to have you back. >> i hope that cattle drive is not a precursor for the b.s. flying around here. i know that doesn't usually happen here. >> not unless where you sit. >> ed, we're excited to have you today. we have lots of stuff on hillary, i.r.s., you'll have an opinion on all of this. we're going to start off strong


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