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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 23, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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now! tonight ron paul on the blame game that has to stop when it comes to what we do abroad. what he says and how he defends his son from the onslaught of one dick cheney. kids cover your ears. rocking tonight at 8:00. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld, with kimberly guilfoyle and dan a perino. this is the five. thanks to president obama domestic passions everyone can marry a cat as sport teams with bad names are demonized forever. there's one small matter. it's called the world. it's a mess. we got a boss more interestsed in feelings than fracking. he's not naval gazing because
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that needs a talent. terror is back and better than ever and one wonders why not play whack-a-mole instead. >> what we can't do is play whack-a-mole and chase whatever extremists appear, occupy those countries for long periods of time and think somehow we're going to solve those problems. what we can't do is think we're just going to play whack-a-mole and send u.s. troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop up. >> well if the war on terror can't be whack-a-moled what should it be. wait until they come here and whack us. isn't it your job to whack the moles. here's the plan split the crazy from the seans, kill the crazy. if they want to-die-for allah --
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the danger is mistaking suppression for elimination. some kids barely remember 9/11. we have classes on sex ed so why not on terror? faced with an apocalyptic possibility where worst people gain the worst weapons america must be ready. we must become the happy warrior flu fracking and a super deadly national defense. we must stop global incineration. remember when al qaeda was on the run. they make bolt look like the slowest kid on campus. >> the lightning bolt sign. >> k.g., what's wrong with whacking moles? we have isis, they are looking for weapons. they are finding them. what's wrong with whacking moles? isn't that how you do it? >> that's the whole point. that's why the phrase goes together whack-a-mole.
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they like it. it makes them feel important. i think we should only be so happy to oblige especially dealing with terrorists that threaten our very way of life, our liberty, our principles, our freedom and future for our children. didn't he get little cliff notes version of how combat terror when he came into the white house? because i still think he's a little slow on the uptake, the learning curve is taking too long. >> he thinks isis was a morning children's show. on this show many times you were disgusted by the radical muslim attacks on christians and horrible things they do to people. shouldn't your disgust extend to action rather than just saying how much you hate it >> here's the problem and i think obama was right about this. what are we going to do? are we going to put people on the ground in every place where there's an insurgency. the rand corporation will come out with a study in order to stabilize iraq requires another 500,000 troops.
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there's very little we can do except let these countries go and protect israel. that's about it. >> so basically you're saying yeah you'll get angry when muslims do horrible things but not willing to fight them. >> how you going to fight them. >> why does the solution have to put boots on the ground? >> what's the solution >> bomb the crap out of them. >> you have to gather intelligence and hit them on their supply routes where they can bring food, supplies. there's a way to do this and be strategic and not extend a lot of u.s. lives if you do it right. >> the last time i heard that was about vietnam. >> bob this isn't a country of quitters. you want us to go okay fine let the terrorists take over and abandon our most important ally israel. >> if the terrorists took over iraq what's the problem? >> what's the problem? you're basically saying fine. >> you can't resolve something
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that's 100 of years old. >> let the terrorists take over. what you're not getting, bob, that's what's happening here. you don't seem to understand the connection. it's naive to think you can't do nothing. you can't assume everything will be fine here because it is not. >> what's naive is somehow the united states military is in a position to handle all this without losing lives and money. >> eric, we've done this before. we know how to do this. we won this war. it's not like all or nothing. >> here's the way i see it. the reason why we're failing in the middle east right now and it's all obama's fault. when he came into office he first said islam is a religion of peace. in cairo in 2009. that was setting the stage for what was to come next. what came next is embracing arab spring in egypt and libya. that was okay. when it spread to syria and on to iraq all of a sudden all
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those weapons we gave to the people who are fighting against the regimes they started to trickle into other places. that's number two. number three, this engagement with iran is the biggest mistake the obama administration has ever done. any administration has done for them to say we'll lift the sanctions on the iranian economy, on the iranian oil, on the iranian nuclear programs we're foolish. we're sending a signal throughout the arab world we rolled over, put up our leg like my dog does when he wants his belly scratched. i have a couple of thoughts on what kimberley and bob were getting into. i'm agreeing with bob on this one that we stay out of the region. we'll get to that. >> go ahead. >> i want to ask, dana, been away for a week -- >> if i look like kimberley now that's great. things are looking up. >> is this what happens when we fold up shop? when we decide we'll get out? >> the consensus is building
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amongst analysts that 2011 decision by president obama to tell america we will be safer if we pull all the troops out and that we didn't sign the agreement, the status of forces agreement to leave troops there and didn't follow through on the political and diplomatic agreements we had plus in the last year n-creationly in the last few months as iraqis have been asking america for help to push back isis, we offered a couple of hell fire missiles and two cessna planes which wouldn't do much. i think that power is a force of vacuum. if you leave a vacuum i think that's why strength translates in to cooperation. you have to have something in order to show that you are willing to push back. one of the reasons that the taliban said that they hit us on or al qaeda hit us on 9/11 was because they thought we wouldn't fight back. then we fought back.
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>> we're telling them now we won't. >> but first of all the problem here is not 2011, it was putting maliki in the first place. >> we didn't put maliki in. >> he was installed first then elected. >> remember that's what we were all about. let's allow countries to pick their own leaders. in my opinion that's why iraq is going to be a free country pretty soon. >> please. >> i want to go to some sound on tape. this is two republicans thinking quite differently on this problem. you got rand paul, dick cheney. go. >> what's going on now, i don't blame president obama. has he got a solution? maybe there's no solution. i do blame the iraq war on the chaos in the middle east and blame those who were for the
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iraq world to embolden iran. >> we spend our time debating what happened 11, 12 years ago we'll miss the threat that's growing and we do face. rand paul with all due respect is basically an isolationist. he doesn't believe we ought to be involved in that part of the world. i think it's essential. >> i always like when they say with all due respect. that's when they insult you. >> then you know something bad is coming. other side doesn't know anything bad is coming. president obama and the people advising him will put politics every single day of the week ahead of the national security interest. he has to make hard decisions. when you're a president, like president bush did after 9/11 you got to do something and act in the best interest of the country. you can't always be poll checking, wind checking to see is my base going to support this. do the right thing. doing the right thing and making tough decisions shouldn't be that difficult and i think standing back and doing nothing is a good move for the future of
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this country or the sacrifice we made to stabilize that region. when did we become a nation of quitters. >> for the nerve of dick cheney to say let's not look back. he came up with phoney information about going into a war. >> this is feigned outrage. >> i don't understand this conspiracy theory that people think dick cheney came up with something and only one in the world that was able to effect change. >> didn't bill clinton come up with it first. >> first of all we're all blaming one another when we should blame saddam hussein. we didn't start this. all 15 agencies involved in gathering intelligence for the united states agreed with high confidence iraq is continuing to get the wmd. so did other countries. yet somehow it was dick cheney who convinced them all by himself this was happening?
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how does that compute. >> he convinced colin powell go before the u.n. to come up with a bunch of boards that was phoney. >> you don't have to risk anything about this debate. >> what do you want to do? >> i want to exetterminate terrorists. >> we've been successful. i don't agree with you. >> this is the reason why i'll agree with bob. we're now seeing pictures of abrams tanks and humvees with isis fighters in that. why is that? iraqi soldiers laid down their arms. the syrian rebels we armed who were supposed to help us are the same people who turned around and decided they want iraq as well. >> that ties right back into not
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having an appropriate status of force agreement to secure the region. >> hold on. we have pictures of united states senators with terrorists that we won't run here but run on other magazines and other areas but we won't run it on this show. he's standing with terrorists. listen, we don't know who our friends are, we don't know who we're arming, we don't know who we're giving money to, who we're training. >> should we go hide in a clo sweat our favorite blanket and a flashlight? >> no kill them. you see a terrorist kill them. >> can i just say i do think that there is a small ray of hope with something. isis is a group. their method is to kill and kidnap. that's how they have coerced people. that's not a long range strategy and you have people in the northern part of iraq and the kurds all saying we're not going to stand for that back in 2006,
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'07. i don't think isis can win hearts and minds on the ground there. there's a chance for us to push them back. i think we at least have to try. >> thank you, dana. >> take over iraq and the iranians have to be checked at the border. they can't go out and explore nuclear weapons. they are most terrified. it's not the israelis, it's the -- >> there are three different factions. iraqi military, al qaeda and isis. you have three different groups. forget about the sunnies in the north or the kurds in the north. it's so convoluted. it's a mess. drone the hell out of them. >> you can sit there and not do anything. cut them off at the pass. >> we are beginning to drone. directly ahead hillary clinton and her claims about her family's post-white house financial problems.
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all right. it's so hard to be a clinic at least according to hillary. remember earlier this month when she made this claim. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for chelsea's education. it was not easy. >> well she's back at it in an interview with britain's "the
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guardian" newspaper. clinton was asked if she could be a sincere voice in the fight for income inequality. her response she and her bill is not well off as others. eric, do you remember when the liberals attacked mitt romney relentlessly for being too out of touch and just a rich white guy that didn't pay enough taxes. >> they destroyed him. harry reid figured out what his tax rate was and didn't pay taxes. i find it absolutely astonishing she doubled down on one of the most ridiculous continues she ever made. we left the white house broke. we didn't know how to get a mortgage. give me a break. they made $12 million the year they left the white house. don't go be double down and say we're not as well off as other
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people. you're not as well off as the billionaires who are funding your 2016 campaign. out of control. dana if you were an adviser you would tell her hand me the shovel. >> is she comparing herself to people that she's gotten to know as he left the white house that are uber wealthy? >> she's put her foot inside her mouth so many times she has athlete's teeth. she's makes mitt romney look like al bundy. hillary isn't a lemon but a lemon factory. republicans can screw it up by nominating somebody just as bad. >> when you were out in the world, were ther hillary. >> they were high on something. i was in lake tahoe. most of the people that owned businesses there are fox news fans and people that don't own anything are not.
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>> that's an interesting thing. kimberly, do you think with two weeks that we've had of her book tour do you think she's any closer of making a decision as to whether she will run for president. >> i think she would like to rescind the book and the dumb blank statements. this is not good. i expected a lot more from her. the woman is accomplished. she's very bright. she's politically savvy. but she's not playing at her a-game level. this is j. v. people expect varsity at this point. this is not what we're getting. making comments like this she will alienate everybody. it doesn't sound good to anyone. remember the witch-hunt against mitt romney. i don't think people have such a long memory for that. >> do you think politically her instincts might be off or do you think that she needs a revamped campaign strategy or does she
2:22 pm
not need a strategy. what do you think? >> i think this is a classic case of front-runneritis where everything is done by committee, servicing done to avirgin islands controver-- >> i flipped through her book. everybody had their word in the thing. every time she answers these things she digs herself deeper in the hole. it's classic in my mind of a front-runner -- we never had a front-runner this long. i still believe at the end she will make a decision not to run. >> wouldn't you think people around her would say, we're broke and how everyone picked it up left and right wouldn't you think somebody say hillary go somewhere else with that. >> of course. maybe they did. maybe she is not that into her staff or what they have to say or maybe they did. maybe she's unapproachable. or maybe she's -- maybe she's
2:23 pm
saying to her team i have a book, i want to sell the book, i'm not worried about the presidential campaign. i'll think about that later. i have to tease. >> one fast point. if i were hillary clinton i would look at this nbc/wall street journal poll. a return to past policies 49% would provide new ideas and vision 42%. that's not a healthy way. >> i wonder if she decides to run if she has to write another book so we can hear all about -- when we come back he's one of the world's most iconic musicians but is he stinky. surprising news about sting and what he plans and doesn't plan to do with his fortune. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith. a powerful earthquake struck off of alaska and there's a warning in the aleutian islands chain. it was an 8.0 earthquake, now we're hearing 7.1. the tsunami warning is for here the aleutian islands and gulf of alaska. if you're in these coastal areas go to higher ground. tsunami warning means there's a significant risk of inundation possibly already occurring. no reports of any water coming ashore. if we hear anything more we'll get to you right away. for now, back to "the five." ♪ legendary musician sting is on a mission to teach his kids
2:29 pm
the valve buck. he has an estimated net worth of $300 million and his kids may not see a dime of it. the singer says he expects his six kids to work and earn their own money telling them that there won't be much money left over because he and his wife are spending it. you like the police but don't like sting. >> first off, just a point of fact. sting does naked yoga on the beach so just think about the poor sand. >> okay. >> police is one of the greatest bands ever. sting, how awful he became after he left the band. his music is for lonely divorcees dancing in front of a mirror. give your kid a money other than hepatitis. you got to help your kids out. when your kids start working and start trying to make money then you give them money opinion if you give them money too soon you screw them for life. >> your going to leave some of
2:30 pm
your $300 million -- >> he only makes money when he pulls his teeth out. for real. gets 20 bucks this weekend. >> $20 for a tooth? >> that's all i had. >> you got 300 mil, stiff the kids? >> no. i would come up with a creative way to make sure in case they were failures, they had something to fall back on. but i would give known charity. i would lead by example and tell them if i made it can you too. by all accounts his children are successful. >> of course they are. this is why it doesn't matter. if you're one of sting's six children you already have all the connections you're ever going to need. you call somebody and say hi i would like a job here. fine we'll sign you up. here's your 401(k) plan. they will never have a problem in their lives. >> if you're going to leave money to your kids do it when
2:31 pm
they are 35 and have a trustee see it. if they are screw ups, they don't get it. my guess is sting will give a lot of money to the charities. >> he said he and his wife are spending it. >> but he's spending it on aids in africa and other things like that. >> i grew up watching my parents struggle. i mean literally we were very, very poor. poor. and that i think motivated me to work hard and become successful. >> your a money bag. >> i don't think it's wise to let your kid know that they will inherit $50, $60 million each. first they will wait for you to pass away and then they will be lazy. "wall street journal," saying 15 grand to hang out with celebrities. is there anyone at the table you would pay to hang out with? >> no. i think that's disgusting. you know what? there's a difference between fame and popularity.
2:32 pm
when millions of people know who you are that's fame. when a few people like you that's popularity. you can't confuse the too. being famous is hell. being liked is heaven. >> you know? >> i'm just saying. it's not a good thing to be known by a lot of people because they don't even like you. they are going oh, it's you then they want a picture with you but don't know why. i see that happening with people at the airport. i'm happy to be alone. >> usually they are tapping me on the shoulder, sir can you take a picture of kimberly and i. >> you do take good photos. would you pay to hang out with anyone >>? >> i would not. >> women never have to pay. >> we're talking about celebrities. just last week when president obama was here and had that fundraiser it was $32,000 a plate. if people are willing to pay $32,000 to see him. >> i would pay $15,000 to hang
2:33 pm
out with elvis. the real elvis. >> he's dead. >> get him back somehow or another. if you can get him back for a day i would pay $15,000. >> that's not fair. >> i would pay to hang out if it went to a good cause, a great charity and something that i felt i could learn something from. >> i got one for you. how about 15 grand, donate to charity hang out with the pope. >> the pope is not going hang out with me. >> this is the other thing, if you're paying for it, the celebrities don't want to be with you anyway. they think of you as a little irritant and they have to deal with for a couple of hours. >> is this how you feel? >> that's true. whenever they do those raffles for celebrities, if you ever see the pictures at lunch they look like they don't want to be
2:34 pm
there. >> self-proclaim feminist father post this photo on rules of dating his daughter. it's gone viral. bottom line her body, her rules. what do "the five"ers think of this message next. we're moving our company to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york...
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♪ >> now that you can dance to. chuck spear is getting a lot of heat after posting this. rules for dating my daughter. number one i don't make the rules. two you don't make the rules. three she makes rules. four, her body, her rules. signed feminist father. the dad is sincere about feminism. the picture has gone viral on social media but what does "the five" think of the message this father is sending?
2:39 pm
daddies? read to participate? >> i have a daughter. i would not have those rules for my daughter but she's not old enough to -- this girl is 20 years old. she has a right to do whatever she wants. her father is cashing in clearly. i don't believe for a second he's a feminist. i bet his daughter hasn't seen him in five years. >> let's not make stuff up. >> you are so bad. >> that's terrible. bolling. >> what's makes him a feminist by saying she makes the rules. >> isn't that what you're all taught. >> isn't this logic. if she doesn't want to do anything -- >> isn't it the same thing for guys. bob's body god help us, it's his body, he makes the rules. >> just because you got a good body you don't take the shot at the rest of us. i wouldn't wear that purple outfit but it shows off the best for you.
2:40 pm
>> you ruined by segment again. >> you asked for it. >> i was saying why does this apply to guys. >> i think this whole thing is dumb. at 20 years old, of course you make the rules for your body. and if you are a gentleman that you are raised to know of course a woman -- this is all -- i think this is ridiculous. if you at 20 need have your father's permission or some sort of sign that your dad wears around to reaffirm what should just be obvious and a given then you have problems. >> is he a chevy chase kind of father a jokester. >> i'll tell you what i do at my daughter's first date. she's do back at midnight, if she's not you're dead. he was a punk anyway. >> all right, bob. >> i have one rule for my body. i have a better message.
2:41 pm
make her cry we make you cry. that's all you need have. the guy looks like he's in a good shape so i don't think he needs a shirt to scare anybody. feminist father sounds like the worst halloween costume ever and i do smell a little baloney. i feel this is a perfect story that liberal media would gobble up. it's not bad. >> he should show his face. >> is she showing these things? >> i don't think so. i don't understand the rules. >> i thought i need ad rule for my body. >> i'm being very serious. why is' feminist by saying my daughter can say no? i don't get that. >> doesn't everybody say that? >> whose daughter can't >> can't a boy wear that shirt. it's sexist if it's just for women. >> under sharia law that's not
2:42 pm
true. >> it looks like he works out. >> he never had that when i was a lot younger. the girls would never say no. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know what to tell you about that. anyway turn around, show us who he is. who is the man behind the shirt. coming up, bob hits some new york city bars over the weekend to see what the world cup frenzy is all about. >> oh, goodness. >> beautiful game. most popular sport in the world. you never know when the excitement will happen. >> to bob's new friends helped turn him from a soccer credit into a sport's newest fan. we'll find out next on "the five." ♪
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let's start off with this very simple statement, okay. a man sport, woos. i'm not a big soccer fan but a lot of people watched the world cup this weekend. this weekend i decided to hit a local bar here in new york city to try to find out if these real deal soccer fans really existed. >> this is bob beckel with "the five" and i'm here at legends bar. soccer institute of of ale new york city. about to start the next game, germany versus ghana. i'm bored already. you guys like this game? >> yes. >> who you guys for in this game? >> germany. >> germany.
2:48 pm
>> i'm going to watch the grass grow and then come back and there will be a score. >> thank you very much. >> what's up? you're holding the wrong ball. >> sure you don't want to do football. >> he's in the wrong bar. >> who are you for? >> she has no choice. >> germany. >> excuse me, i'm sorry. we beat you in the war, you know. ♪ >> you're for ghana. >> i'm from ghana and for ghana. >> last game i watched it was 1-0. took 90 minutes for one goal. don't you find that boring? >> it's a strategic game. the goals are an added bonus. >> you can go to the bathroom whenever because there's plenty of time between goals. what is it that you like so
2:49 pm
much. >> most popular sport in the world. >> this is what i like. >> national pride. >> excitement. >> you want to swap this? >> what is this? >> what is this? >> you a fan of "the five"? >> absolutely. huge fan. >> what is it about this? >> i question the same thing about baseball >> you're for ghana. >> i'm for ghana but from uganda. >> what do you like about it? >> the teamwork. >> identify waited here. football worldwide, football america. i'm stick with football. i see you got your ball back. >> yeah. it was amazing experience to be in that bar. these people were serious. a. b, packed in like sardines.
2:50 pm
some hadn't discovered hygiene. that guy with that horn he let that horn go right in my ear and if i wasn't doing this for fox i would have punched his lights out. these people are serious. they love this game. usa/portugal game at the end was pretty interesting. in the middle it was really dull. >> so, here's the problem. i decided to watch u.s./portugal at dana's urging. i watched the whole game. somewhere around 20 or 30 minutes in or so they stopped the game for a water break because 89.6 degrees. they never had done that before but they decided to do that. turn out camera three points out part of the reason why usa lost the time they spent getting water was put on the end of the game and they scored, portugal scored the last 20 seconds of the game. the rules are so stupid. maybe if they fix the rules americans could get more involved in the game.
2:51 pm
>> for the most part what they do is kick the ball back and forth to each other. it's like dodgeball. >> on the water thing. we just had -- the white house just had a whole thing about concussions in football. we take the safety of our athletes very seriously. the water thing is only if it's that hot. you're running basically a half marathon with no water break. >> i don't have any problems with water break. greg, i'm sure you watched the match. >> i did. >> stop the clock and then go. >> that's what they do. >> it's just so weird. it's like the schools i used to pl play in seventh grade. >> it's arbitrary. greg you did watch it. >> i was at a bar. it's amazing how people will clap for anything because they are so starved for any kind of action. i saw half the bar was watching the game until they realized they were staring at a case of
2:52 pm
mountain dew. >> my wife spent most of the game googling rinaldo. >> you have to cut that stuff in your hair you have low t problems. >> i wonder if they pay attention to the rules no sex for a month before the game. >> you were infringing on jesse water's territory. >> it was a woos jacket. >> 18.2 million people watched it. the highest most watched u.s. soccer game ever. how about thursday. >> you know what happens. nobody but nobody. >> i'm about thursday. >> watch usa/germany game. we'll beat the germans a third time around. one more thing is up next. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in. that's why hp reports and helps neutralize more intrusions than anyone... in the world. if hp security solutions can help keep the world's largest organizations safe, they can keep yours safe, too. make it matter. . one more thing i'll kick it off. philanthropist passed away yesterday from canner. he was an amazing man, felix dennis. >> were you surprised to be on the show and sit by me. >> i certainly am since i fired you for three times which you forgot to tell them.
2:57 pm
>> what was third firing? >> you got fired twice on stuff. also you've been fired from other magazines that i didn't control for cruelty to animals, little furry pets where he's him for juggling d in the air. furry little animals. >> it's so not true. >> to clarify i did not juggle i was doing step aerobics on cats. i did get fired. felix dennis was a great man and a great philanthropist and will be missed. >> it was jasper's wet and wild weekend. let's look at the pictures. we were in massachusetts with friends. how many dogs can sit in a hammock. i was there with a friend of ours. they have three boys ages 9, 6 and 3. they played with my dog the whole weekend. you know what was so refreshing.
2:58 pm
they didn't play electronics the whole weekend? they were outside the whole time. i know i just learned about this new toy i want to give to it kimberly to redeem myself. it's called a kaleidograph. it has designs kids can dine long car ride. kids who like to build and design things i'll give these to you. >> is this to make up for when you said you wouldn't take them. >> yes. >> death stars. >> thank you, dana. >> he's throwing them out the window on 495. >> i didn't leave jasper up there. they would have kept him. >> all right. yes i can get them off mind craft. that's good. bob, your love life is going so swimmingly right now. just in case you blow it there's still hope because is using facial recognition technology to help their users find the perfect mate.
2:59 pm
you have to be a premium member and it costs 5k. go ahead and do this. you send pictures of your exs so they see what kind of shape face. they go on pre-dates. this may be the way for you to help yourself. >> i would end up with the wicked witch of the west. >> we had covered this story about merriam who is a sudanese christian who was sentenced to death because she refused to give up her christianity and her husband and her family -- a judge released her and i want to thank the judge for doing that. the first muslim judge who has shown some courage. >> very good. >> quickly, i fought with porter all day. i didn't have one more thing. instead i'll do this.
3:00 pm
listen, i want a story. i know my story. i want a snap chat. can someone please call snap chat and ask them to fix this problem? >> all right. >> don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. america's top diplomat says iraq's fate could be decided in the coming week. this is "special report." good evening. i'm in for bret baier. secretary of state john kerry got another chance today to play the role of global peacemaker talking with top official, iraq's warring and rneligious coalitions. president obama continues to be on the defensive about how the situation got so out of control so quickly. chief washington correspondent james rosen is


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