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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 23, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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very beginning about president obama. it's a hot topic. i'll have it for you tomorrow. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new evidence piling up in just one of a series of scandals enveloping the obama's administration and new questions about how this may effect their trust in america's government. at this moment a congressional hearing is under way. we learned over a week ago that the irs claims to have lost thousands of e-mails sent to the commissioner at the heart of the targeting scandal. it all happened in the run-up to
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president obama's reelection. now there's new information on the timing of the computer crash that obliterated those e-mails. on june 3rd -- follow with me. on june 3rd, 2011, the chairman of the ways and means sent a letter to the irs over the apparent targeting of some conservative donors, june 3rd. ten days later lois lerner's computer crashes. ten days. erasing e-mails dating back more than two years. here's the e-mails from lerner's colleague. also tonight, another wrinkle in this story. 2011 when ms. lerner's e-mails were allegedly destroyed, the irs was working with an e-mail archiving company. that's convenient! thank god because they had a hard drive crash, their backup drives overwrote themselves so it's a good thing that they
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contracted with this company that specialized in recovering lost files. taxpayer money well spent! apparently they don't have them either. and some skeptical lawmakers have now demanded that the irs do a little bit more to restore america's faith in it. >> will you call the fbi because the integrity of your agency is absolutely at stake. we have lois lerner having invoked the fifth in front of this committee, indicating she's fearful of prosecution, which should be enough for you to pause and think maybe crimes were committed at my agency and maybe somebody not of integrity committed a crime in destroying them. you should call for the fbi, you should call for a special prosecutor. >> i cannot enter into lois lerner's mind -- >> i am not asking you to go into lois lerner's mind.
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>> i am not going to call the inspector general -- >> then that is an issue of your integrity. >> congressman turner giving the irs chief there a tough time. joining me now is cleta mitchell. now we learn there is this group that actually contracted to back up the e-mails at the irs, and it would have covered the critical period. and yet mysteriously one month after lois lerner's e-mail account shut down, her computer crashed, the irs cancelled its account with the company and now they say that nobody, one presumes they include sonosoft in there, can produce the e-mails. >> i don't believe that. i'm getting e-mails from people all over the country who are
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i.t. specialist, some people who work for the irs and they say, wait a minute, we have these servers that are not in the irs buildings but they're in different locations around the country and i had an e-mail just this evening from someone who described the way logs are kept for servers and networks and the irs, as we heard tonight in this hearing, has a $2 billion, with a "b," annual budget for technology. and now they're saying that they just conveniently lost the most relevant e-mails of the central figure in this investigation, who has pleaded the fifth to avoid potential criminal prosecution? really? this is not a tv mystery. this is real life. and they have done the most remarkable things that i have to tell you i am so appalled to see
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this commissioner of the irs, john koskinen. i mean, honestly, he may never have been called a liar before or we don't believe you, but he's going to hear that a lot more because i don't believe him. i think he is letting people tell him what to say -- >> that's what paul ryan said to him, we discussed don't believe you. depending on who you ask and often times it depends on their political stripes, they say that about this scandal. they say, as koskinnen did, there's no there there, if you do any more investigation, it will be a waste of the taxpayers' dime and says there was no nefarious conduct here, computers crash. and in his defense, they do! the government is huge and doesn't invest a lot of money in fancy computers and screws up in
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technology all the time. >> $2 billion a year for technology, megyn. don't forget that. they always cry they're poor, they're poor, they're poor, but they spend a lot of our money on technology. what are they spending it on? congress voted an enormous increase in their budget within the last ten years. one of the things that i think is really important here is that tonight, the new ploy from the irs commissioner is we're going to have a tigda investigation. we're going to ask them to investigate. remember that the first investigation was not actually an investigation, it was an audit. the tigd an was a only conducted interview in the presence of the designated person. >> doesn't make you want to open up. >> let's answer this question. is this going to be a real
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investigation where people are going to be put under oath, where people are going to cough up their documents, which the treasurer general is going to conduct a true investigation? i don't know what it is that they're planning to do. i can tell you that democrats in congress have been attacking, have been attacking the treasury inspector general and i think that they will do the same thing, they're trying to intimidate him and that office and they have tried to cast aspersions on his earlier report. >> if there truly is no problem here, then there should be no objection to opening up all the books to producing all the documents to going to the e-mail backup company, demanding all the records. after all, we paid them. those are our records, not the irs's. >> so the agency that demands that americans keep their records for seven years has now lost e-mails, wiped clean the
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criminal hard drives and employed a data backup company that did not back up the data. in this particular case -- can you imagine trying to sell that to an irs auditor that was coming after you? even if nobody there did anything wrong, there are questions of trust and credibility that are reaching beyond the irs. i mean, that's the problem, mark, is that they want to us give them the benefit of the doubt and a lot of americans are standing there with arms crossed saying you don't deserve it. >> yeah, i think paul ryan spoke for millions of americans when he looked to the irs commissioner in the eye and said we don't believe you, nobody believes you. the problem is more and more millions of americans don't trust what their government officials are telling them. the americans doesn't believe that two years of lois lerner's e-mails disappeared or that her
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computer crashed after her boss received a request for information or that none of that information is recoverable. they don't believe any of this. when president obama says there's not a smidgen of corruption, really? not a smidgen? nothing? why don't they believe that. because it's not just the irs. it's the v.a. scandal, it's benghazi and the president telling the american people it was all an internet vehicle and they didn't change the talking points. it's telling the american people they can keep their doctor and health care plan when they knew it wasn't true. it's the president drawing a red line in syria and not enforcing it. the list goes on and on. >> we don't spy on people, not wittingly, we don't collect their data. eric holder, i've never heard of the potential -- the list goes
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on. the irs chief stephen miller who testified before congress about the irs scandal and said we've never targeted conservative groups, while he knew the inspector general was targeting them and was asked if it was an issue and he said no. he said it wasn't targeting, i disagreed with that word. but he didn't tell the full truth, which is that exact s allegation is being levied and we're being investigated for it right now. >> or that six other people had their hard drives crashed, too. so this is a pattern that's going on, not just in the irs but in a number of different areas. and what's happening is is that people's trust in two things, the competence and honesty of the federal government is being decimat decimated. trust in republicans in congress is even lower than it is in democrats in the white house.
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but the difference is barack obama came to office with the intention and goal of restoring trust in government. he came in as the anti-reagan. ronald reagan came in and said the most frightening words in the english language are i'm from the government and i'm here to help. barack obama came with the goal of making those the most comforting words in the english language and he has failed to do that. >> his critics say when the tough gets going -- the going gets tough, he goes political. rather than taking responsibility, showing accountability and having an honest conversation of this is why this happened, he goes to the political place, says what's politically convenient and what he thinks his supporters want to hear. >> exactly. it's a phony scandal. just today josh ernest said this is republican conspiracy theories from the podium of the white house. people want answers from their government. they want their government to tell them the truth of what's
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happening. fox new poll just came out and on 37% of the american people trust their government. 37%. the gallup poll recently fond that 37 of americans think that big government is the biggest threat to the country. that includes the biggest number of democrats. american trust in the competency and honesty of government is eroding, which is exactly opposite of what barack obama's goal was coming into office. >> good to see you. >> a new poll suggestions americans are also losing faith regarding iraq. plus comments over bowe bergdahl's fellow soldiers. remember that in marie is here live. >> and new revelations about the southern border crisis. up next, the evidence that suggests the government knew
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>> to move kids around the country as early as last
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january. i thought they're caught by surprise. why are they contracting to have people move the children in? trace ghallager has the report. >> why is the administration scrambling to find places to shelter the steady flow of unaccompanied children? it turns out in january, department of homeland security began shopping for contractors to help transport the children saying, quoting here there will be approximately 65,000 unaccompanied alien children in total. 25% local transports, 25% via ice charter. 50% via commercial air. ice confirms the document is real but tells us the contract is just long-term contingency planning. 65,000 unaccompanied children is almost triple the number across the force and ten times the numbers in 2011. also wondering if the administration knew they're coming why not send more agents to help protect the border?
9:18 pm
an op-ed that ran to weekend, dhs secretary says this children will not receive sit sinship, saying the long journey is not only dangerous, there are no permits or free passes but the contract to escort the kids says they'll be taken to office of refugee resettlement shelters across the country, following under health and human services, stated purpose to help relocate and process individuals in asylum. they're supposed to go through immigration courts. >> thank you. >> now, tom dupree, a constitutional attorney, good to see you. and so, i know you believe the document showing this contract put out in january is the smoking gun. why? >> it illustrates what the
9:19 pm
administration knew but has not levelled a surge in unaccompanied minors coming across our border. they were planning it's contingency, to accompany the children it raises a question of why the administration wasn't better prepared by ensuring adequate facilities to house and detain the individuals and taking steps to ensure we weren't caught off guard the administration claims to have been >> that is the thing. how can they claim they're caught off guard? we're looking at the document that says there will be approximately 65,000 unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally. they're saying in total. they know how many there is going to be, tom. they knew, in advance. >> right they knew in advance. and i think the wis that they are causing this surge by saying to the world at large
9:20 pm
that we, in the united states, are going to enforce a policy of resettlement rather than removal. when you put up signs with open borders and people are welcome to come here and we're not going to remove you or detain you, we're going to resettle you if you're an unaccompanied minor it's an invitation to come here, i think the administration policy and their failure to enforce the rule of law is in large part responsible. >> administration admit that had over the weekend that it was their policies that led to this great influx of people as we have seen i do want to say p that town they're objecting because these kids were coming in and there was no facility to put them they felt comfortable w there was a closed facility, st. paul college that could house up to 500 children, but it closed a year ago. they don't have any place to put the people to whom they open the door. >> thank you.
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a woman was sentenced to death for being a christian. we got word that she's out of prison but that doesn't mean she's out of danger. one apparent victory scored. we've been waiting for this appeals court to decide whether this death sentence she received
9:25 pm
for being a christian would be overturned. they decided it should be. >> that's correct, megyn. a lot of prayers were answered today when mariam and her two children were released from prison, all charges dropped. >> they were released? we were working to confirm whether she's actually out of the prison? >> she is out. i've been in communication with those working very closely on this case. her and her family are temporarily in a safe place. now, it's very hard to be in a safe place in sudan because there are those even within her own family who have said she should be killed if the government does not kill her from reportedly switching from islam to christianity. she said she didn't. she said she was raised as a kristian. however, the court overturned the previous ruling and all charges have been dropped. but now the question, megan, is this is certainly a day of
9:26 pm
rejoicing, those involved in this very happy. people across this country and around the world praying for her and her children. but for hersh for this story to have one of those and they lived happily ever after endings, she's going to have to be permanently in a safe place and that has to be outside of sudan. her husband said they want to come here. so far the officials have not said anything in regards to giving her safe haven. >> she should come through ecuador. it's very easy to get in now. the state department, our government, turn as blind eye to those who ignore the law. here is a family simply persecuted because of their faith, an american citizen, his wife and two children and they're trying to play by the rules and having a difficult time. i will tell you this, megan. i have been in contact with
9:27 pm
members of congress working closely on this, mark meadows, a freshman from north carolina has been working day and night on this case. and those i talked to, one of the things they said that was very helpful in this, the ambassador, khaled, ambassador to the united states here, is one of the more reasoned voices and because of the outcry of the american public and in particular they mentioned fox news and megyn kelly for speaking out on this issue, gave those reasoned voices the leverage they needed to get this decision out of the court. i'll be sitting down with the ambassador on wednesday and i'm hopeful there might be a renewed look at what their own constitution says is supposed to be in sudan, and that is religion freedom. at least for miriam and her two children, this could be a happy ending if america acts quickly. >> you are very kind, tony, but you did all the work ond this.
9:28 pm
tony, all the best to you. >> thank you, megyn. >> we'll continue following this and let you know when she is in fact safe and whether she does in fact wind up on u.s. soil. >> we are getting frightening reports about the progress of this terror group taking over a huge swath of the middle east. up next, state department spokeswoman will join us live to talk about that. plus we'll ask her about the controversy about her remarks about sergeant bowe bergdahl and his fellow soldiers and how her comments made our own ralph peters so angry. ♪ don't miss a step... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. so absorbent even when you twist not a drop escapes. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪
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isis claimed four more cities. john kerry is tonight in baghdad where chief washington correspondent jays rosen just filed this report. >> megyn, good evening. in his talks with iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki today and with other leading iraqi
9:33 pm
politicians, secretary of state john kerry stressed that the u.s. alone is not the answer to the sunni insurgency that is currently threatening iraq's central government. after nearly two sessions with al maliki, he said they must quickly come together and put aside their sectarian differences to meet the threats of isis. >> none of us should have to be reminded that a threat left unattended far beyond our shores can have grave, tragic consequences. the president understands very clearly that supporting iraq in the struggle at this time is part of meeting our most important responsibility. the security of the american people fighting terrorism and standing by our allies. >> secretary of state kerry made clear the president has been
9:34 pm
reviewing improving intelligence from the iraqi theater and he won't hesitate to protect security interests if they fail to get their act together and military action is required. >> secretary of state kerry said the president would not hesitate to act but there are new questions about whether the united states may have missed the opportunity to stem this violence several months if not years ago. marie, thank you for being here. let me start with that quote that james just included in his package about secretary kerry saying a threat left unattended overseas can have grave consequences. isn't president obama guilty of leaving a threat unattended? there were reports today that the cia and other intel agencies have been warning him for years about the growth of this group and the consequences that could follow if we did not intervene. >> thank you, megyn, for having me on tonight. we've been very clear for months, if not longer, that isis
9:35 pm
and isil is a huge threat to the reason. that's why we've continued to increase our assistance, the iraqi government, to fight there threat. what we're focused on today is how we help the iraqi army do better because clearly they need to. we're send 3g 00 special operators, the guy who is know how to fight terrorists better than anyone to iraq to help them and the secretary made clear, as james said today, that iraq's leaders need to step up to the plate and realize the future of their country really depends on their ability to bring people together and govern in a more inclusive way. >> the point is should we have been doing more? have the gains we achieved just a couple of years ago slipped away under president obama? >> this is a very different threat. it's one that's been growing but to compare it to a few years ago just doesn't hold up in terms of
9:36 pm
what the threat is we see today. >> it was just in january that this group took over fallujah and started flying the al qaeda flag and the president was asked about that and he told "new york magazine," i think it was, i have it here if we can put it on the board, he talked about how they were j.v. -- "the analogy we use around here sometimes is if a j.v. team puts on lakers uniforms, it doesn't make them kobe bryant." did he underestimate the threat? >> not at all. this is a threat we've been talking about in the region for months. we talked about it just last november with prime minister maliki and that's why we've been indreesing support creasing sup and intelligence. it changes on a week-by-week and
9:37 pm
month-by-month basis. >> in january they were j.v. and now they're taking over iraq? >> we have seen them grow in strength, mostly because of the situation in syria. the iraqi army surprised a lot of people and couldn't stand up to the fight. what we're focused on now as the threat has evolved over many months -- >> particularly january to june. is what what you want the audience to believe? in january they were j.v. but from january to june, gis they're varsity now. >> we were worried about the threat in january, too, megyn. i don't think anyone -- >> but what is the truth? were they serious in january like they are now? or is it nothing to be worried about? there seems to be an inconsistency and the group is
9:38 pm
so terrorizing, people want to know what's true? >> i think we have been very clear. if you go back and look at everything we said about this months from the president down that we believe this is a serious threat. to be candid is what we've seen in the past month is them grow in strength and grow in iraq that they couldn't do in january. as the group has evolved and the threat has evolved, we have responded with resources to meet this threat. that's exactly what we're doing right now. >> nobody is suggesting the terror they, unleashing over there is the responsibility of anyone other than those terrorists, but it's fair to ask questions about what if anything the united states should have done or should be doing. and that question was put to president obama just last week. the question was should we have left troops there when we pulled the troops out of iraq? should we have left some troops there to try to maintain what were some tenuous gains?
9:39 pm
here is what president obama said last thursday. >> reporter: do you wish you had left a residual force in iraq in any regrets? >> keep in mind that wasn't a decision made by me. that was a decision made by the iraqi government. >> now that times are tough, he says it's all the iraqi government. but this is what he said to mitt romney during the third presidential debate when president obama was fighting for reelection. >> you didn't want a -- >> what i would not have done is left 10,000 troops in iraq that would tie us down. that certainly would not help news the middle east. >> which is it? he didn't leave the troops there because he didn't want to tie us down or, as he said last week, it was all the iraqis' decision? >> we've been very clear we were not going to leave any troops there without the legal protections i think most americans would agree they immediate to have overseas. it is true that the iraqi
9:40 pm
government made very clear they did not want our folks there in 2011. there's going to be a lot of time to look at the history of what happened in iraq both when we got in and what happened throughout the years there. what we're focused on today is that the iraqis have asked us to come back, they have asked for a number of troops to help shore up their army -- >> but, marie, the generals have come on the show repeatedly and said actually, many of the iraqis were begging for us to stay and our own generals begged him to leave 10,000 and he said no and he marked it down to 3,000 troops. now he wants nothing to do with it. >> we can debate what happened in 2011. i'm sure many people will be doing so over the coming days. >> i just want to know what's true? did president obama pull the troops out because he didn't want to us be tied down there and that wouldn't help the middle east as he claimed in the presidential debate or it was
9:41 pm
all the iraqi government, as he claimed on thursday? >> well, look, these things aren't mutually exclusive, megan. we said it's not in our national security interest to have troops deploy deployed, boots on the ground around the world. >> so it's our decision. >> that the iraqis should step up and do this themselves. at the same time, the iraqis said they didn't want to us stay. today they have said they want our troops there and they can serve with the protections that we demand. we don't have the luxury for having philosophical debates -- >> with respect, we're looking for honesty. and the accusation -- this isn't a "washington post" today, this is not a fox news thing. this is the "washington post" had a scathing opinion piece,
9:42 pm
report, about how when the president was running for reelection and it was politically convenient for him because mitt romney was accusing him of withdrawing the troops too early and he was trying to paint mitt romney as more of a warmonger and president obama slammed him and you know this because you were on the debate team, he said to mitt romney, no, i didn't want a status of forces agreement because i didn't want to be tied down in the middle east. that's what he said in the presidential debate. slash forward to now, iraq is fall apart and a reporter from cnn says do you wish you tried harder for an agreement and he says that was all nuri al maliki. we can't trust the government. >> the reason i'm here is to talk to you about where we are today. look, i'm happy to have discussions about the fact that a few things were clear in 2011.
9:43 pm
the iraqis did not want us there. we were not going to leave our men and women in uniform there without those protection, protections that we've gotten today for our 300 special operators. but the president has made very clear that we are going to be careful about where and how. we use military force, particularly in the middle east. he was very clear it's not in our national interest to have boots on the ground in all these countries litigating iraq's political fights. >> you have a lot of americans that have a loss of hesitation about going back to iraq. but the question is different about whether we messed up and not keeping some more to secure some very tenuous gains when the generals were saying we needed that. i got to wrap. i want to ask you because you've got i don't know some hot water over what sounded to many like a pejorative comment about bowe
9:44 pm
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we're back now with marie harf, the state department deputy spokeswoman. i want to ask you about this because we got a lot of coverage of this. you were asked about a comment -- you were asked about bowe bergdahl's platoon mates, about the fact that they were calling him a deserter because he walked off the base. you had the following exchange. >> nobody knows exactly what happened that night. >> i think his squad mates have the best indication. >> i don't think that's the case. >> so you were asked about the platoon mates and you say they do not know what happened that night, they do not have the best per expect of on what happened that night. they took offense to that when i told them that. do you want to respond? >> thank you for the chance to
9:49 pm
respond. i've been in this business and national security for a long time, yincluding the intelligene community. i've seen what they go through and i have the utmost respect for them. what i was conveying is the army is looking into what happened with sergeant bergdahl. i don't have the information. the army is trying to get it. the other thing i would say that i think i was trying to convey was i believe very much and am proud of the principle that we don't leave people behind, we don't leave soldiers behind -- >> that's a different issue. that's a different principle that -- the president has said that and there is some controversy about that but what got you in trouble was lucas said i think his squad mates have the best indication of what happened that night and you said "i don't think that's the case." and these are guys who strapped on the american uniform, guns and went out there and risked their lives in afghanistan and say he walked away and they
9:50 pm
don't want to say marie harf say they go don't have the best indication of what happened that night. >> look, megyn, the army has said they will get to the bottom of what happened. if sergeant bergdahl did anything wrong, they will find that out. >> i know. but do you apologize to those guys who felt offended by that comment. >> course. i don't ever want anyone to feel offended by something i say in one of my press briefings. the army has said he should not be -- >> they kept their mouth shut. >> it would be hard for us to know -- >> but it wasn't hard for them to know what happened that night. >> or what his parents have gone through. there's a lot of debate and discussion. i'm proud of the fact that we bring people home and proud of the fact the army said they will
9:51 pm
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9:55 pm
but i would love to put new the state department press room. >> me? >> you would be amazing. >> on the receiving end of the questions or on the asking end? >> on the asking. we need some really good reporters in that room. can you see when you actually deal with facts and you push the facts forward and you say this doesn't make sense because you said it over here and you said it differently in a different situation, they then drop back to the same kind of political chatter. it's a campaign for them. they're very good at it. >> it's clear as day when president obama debated mitt romney and mitt romney said there should be been a status of forces agreement, mitt romney said no. he said it would have tied us down and wouldn't help us in the mideast. >> that clip needs to go everywhere. what you really did is you iraqi government. >> that clip needs to go one what you really did is you showed that it's a convenient, kind of statement and argument to make with one reporter but then at another time it's not se convenient. presi and when you put them together,
9:56 pm
you see that the president and his people are not being honest with us. >> the magic of videotape.d you i've got just a short time. what did you think about the bergdahl thing? obviously you know the platoon.s >> i think there's no reason she should be defending bowe bergdahl's kind of situation at this point.r word we don't know what he's going to say. it would be easy for her to say they were there, we take them at their word.oker. he >> there was no reason to diminish them in trying to protect him. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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it was a hot eha it was a hot exchange at the irs hearing. it's over but we're posting it. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. by the way, ed klein will be here tonight to reveal his bombshell new book "blood feud," which exposes the very rocky relationship between the obamas and clintons. militants still on the move in iraq. the terror group isis captured four towns and three border crossings in the western part of the country over the weekend including two border posts along syria and jordan. the group's expanded controls raising new concerns tonight about a wider threat to the region surrounding iraq and beyond. this news comes as secretary of state john kerry landed in baghdad earlier today where he met with iraqi leaders to