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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you never ever miss another episode of "the five." "special report" coming up right now. won't try any. >> i'm megyn kelly, this is the kelly file, here's hannity. welcome to hannity, this is a fox news alert, the irs scandal continues to inch closer to the white house as there are new calls for a special prosecutor to be named in this case, and in iraq, violence continues to escalate, and a senior intelligence official is telling fox news tonight, that isis has as fishation and intent to target u.s. interests in a moment. dick cheney will join us for an instudio interview. eight states held different contests today. all eyes were focused on two of the biggest races, oklahoma and mississippi. we turn to brett baer in washington.
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any call yet? >> on the big one? not yet, first to mississippi, this is really where the barn burner is, six-term incumbent thad cochran trying to fight off his challenger. 79% of the precincts reporting. i want to talk to you for a second some of the votes coming in now are coming from jackson mississippi. this should benefit the incumbent to kind of counteract some of the strong turnout, high turnout for mcdaniel in his home county, this is going to be close, but the cochran people were told looking at these numbers, they're feeling increasingly confident, despite the fact that you're talking about about 3700 votes skpliting the two. the other big race tonight, sean, the request to serve out the remaining term of tom coburn has gone to congressman james
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lankford. he has handily defeated the former state house speaker, t.w. shannon, in a race that brought plenty of outside money and outside attention. shannon had the support of the tea party, considered a star in national party politics. this was a shocker in that it was decided early, and even the lankford campaign was caught offguard, saying they were going to come out a little built later, because they didn't think it was going to be this much this fast. he had to get over 50%, and he did. >> brett, let me ask you this question, the final days of this campaign, we know that cochran was attacking mcdaniel as a tea party conservative extremist, and the daily caller actually got ahold of a robo call that was courting democratic voters to crossover and vote in this primary for cochran. let me play it for you.
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>> the time has come to say no to the tea party, their obstruction, to their disrespectful treatment of the first african-american candidate. chris mcdan yald is in a runoff against thad cochran. if we do nothing, mcdaniel wins. with your help, we can stop this. please commit to voting against tea party candidate chris mcdaniel next tuesday, say no to the tea party. >> explain how he was courting democratic voters here, because democratic voters that hadn't voted in the primary, in fact, the democratic primary could crossover in this primary tonight. >> that's right, sean, i mean, it is open, democrats, independents, republicans can vote tonight in this special runoff, the democrats couldn't vote if they voted in the june
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third primary, about 83,000 democrats did that. he was courting other democrats, the republicans who win this race will likely win the senate seat in november. it's just the way mississippi has gone for a long time. cochran didn't make any bones about it, he was saying he was bringing the pork home, the education money home for mississippi, and they rolled out the machine. there's no doubt about it, not just the phone machine there, but the machine of politics under haley barbour, senator john mccain went down there, you had the governor, phil bryant do an ad for him, he even brought in brett favre for an ad, of course, the famous green bay packer quarterback. >> is it too early, bret as we look toward the general election in november, where most observers think this could be a good year for republicans, but the white house being under fire as they are, with the irs scandal, lois lerner, the v.a. and iraq, what's happening there? are we seeing a pattern emerging
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that this might be insurmountable for democrats come november? or is it too early to tell? >> it's a little too early to tell. you ask most people around washington and most people who watch this closely, they're leaning now toward more 70-30, 80-20 that it goes to the republicans for senate control come november. just looking at the polls and the right track wrong wrong track, some place like mississippi, whoever won tonight they were going to win in mississippi as the republican there, other places, these battles, these primary battles could determine whether democrats pull off a win. for example, in colorado, where you have cory gardiner and mark udall, that's going to be a race that everybody watches come november. >> bret baier, we'll be checking back with you later in the program, as election results come in. joining us now from the great state of alaska, sarah palin. governor, good to see you again. >> thank you, sean. >> obviously very close in
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mississippi, too early to call right now. in the final days of this campaign, thad cochran really angered a lot of conservatives by reaching out to democratic voters to push him over the hump here. that might have made the difference, any impact in the general election? >> well, you know, as for the primary, and perhaps if it's true, some shenanigans going on there, nothing should surprise you. that's old school politics where it's a bit of the status quo and that's got to go. it's very rare in a republican primary that the candidate who promises to bring home the bacon, promising bigger government, which is requiring higher taxes and more burdensome government actually pulls it off in the primary? that's a rare thing. it's -- it will be surprising, and yet perhaps not to find out what the cross-over of democrat voters, how that does impact the
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general. >> how do you determine what happened with eric cantor? nobody saw it coming. what is your interpretation of that? >> i think that it speaks for itself, that it is the constitutionalists, those who understand that the constitution is the blueprint toward a more perfect union, and if politicians would follow it, our country would be better off. included in that kind of that principle of following the constitution, adopting the free market, adopting any policy that would allow thriving of the american people, the entrepreneurial spirit to once again grow. cantor wasn't representing that, he was representing the machine. the establishment that had been there too long, and was part of that status quo problem. and refreshing to see new energy getting there and not necessarily new ideas. because these are time tested
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truths that work for an economy and for security of a nation. and i think that we saw results that reflect that. >> governor, i've been making a distinction between conservative governors, like rick perry, like rick scott, bobby jindal, scott walker, and the success they have had using conservative principles and how they, in every case have taken large deficits and turned them into surpluses. high unemployment, by a pretty large degree, but i've not been inspired by republicans in washington. you went as far earlier this week and late last week to suggest if the republican party doesn't get their act together, you would consider moving third party, explain? >> well, if republicans are going to act like democrats, then what's the use in getting all gun hoe about getting republicans in there. we need people who understand the beauty of the value of allowing the free market to
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thrive. otherwise our country is going to continue to be overregulated, drive the industry away, driving jobs away. we're going to be fundamentally transformed country unless those who know what they're doing and aren't going along to get along with those in power, that does no good. so, yeah, if republicans aren't going to stand strong on our platform, then it does no good to get all enthused about them any more. >> it has to be a vision. i'm not looking for a complicated solution. very simple, don't spend more than you take in. balance the budget. look at north dakota and texas. that's the answer, in four years, we don't have a consensus plan on obama care. i think you have to get parents choice in education and control the borders. i don't think that's that complicated, governor. you don't hear a concise message coming from them? >> no -- >> we'll do this, go ahead. >> what ronald reagan said, there are no easy answers.
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but there are simple answers, if we have the courage to do what is morally right. we need candidates willing to serve those who are courageous enough to buck the status quo and do what is courageously right and to implement those pretty simple solutions that you just named other solutions, how long did they go without even having a budget? you can't plan, you can't efficiently invest and have priorities that work if you don't have a budget. and that's what we lived with. >> governor, i want the 50 million americans in poverty to have the same shot in life as i had. hillary clinton's book, she told the story that in fact the obama campaign asked them in 2008 to attack you. now they're saying, hillary clinton is pretty much lying about being asked to make a sexist attack against you. what is your reaction to that? >> i've heard david lie about
10:11 pm
other things. i don't put a lot of stock in what he says. the reference in that book was more evidence of this war on women. certainly the first shot over the bough in my campaign, it was shot by barack obama. they're the ones whoen watt to, essentially oppress women by keeping them dependent on big brother government to take care of all their needs. part of the war on women, they started it. >> good to see you, thank you. governor palin. and coming up on this busy news night, don't go anywhere. we're going to continue to bring you the latest results on fox news channel. dick cheney is here to talk about the situation in iraq, how the administration is putting lives at risk. we'll get to that and much more as hannity continues. and the latest with lois learner and the irs straight ahead. the lowest price
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welcome back to hannity, we continue to monitor tonight's primary results. with islamic militants leading a bloody trail all across iraq, yesterday your fearless leader, president obama appeared on nbc news and declared that over the
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past few years, iraq was stable, things change, it's not his fault, nothing's his fault. >> just because something's stable two years ago or four years ago, doesn't mean it's stable right now. and what we have in this situation in which in part because of growing mistrust between sunni and shiite, some of the forces that have always possibly pulled iraq apart are stronger now. those forces that could keep the country united are weaker. >> here with reaction, a special in studio appearance, the former vice president of the united states, how are you? >> good, sean. glad to be on the show again many. >> all of the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice, the surge, all of this goes into getting iraq, not a perfect democracy, certainly better off than it was. >> certainly. >> and an ally in the region of the united states. you see now city after city falling. the president says he's not
10:16 pm
responsible. i would assume you don't agree with that? >> well, i don't, and partly, i think it's important to understand, this isn't just about iraq. one of the things we have going for us now, going under these circumstances, not going for us is that it's part of a much larger problem. we just had the rand corporation produce a report in the last couple weeks show there's been a 58% increase in the number of jihadist terrorist organizations over the course of the last four years. they're up now to some 60, based on their count. we've had a doubling of the number of so-called terrorists. members, individual members of that organization, or those organizations, and doesn't say they're all al qaeda, but they're all basically terrorist organizations, with a similar philosophy, and it's growing by leaps and bounds. it's not just about iraq, it's the fact that iraq and syria are
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both potential trouble spots. and as we see this prolieration of terrorists, we've had an administration that didn't want to recognize there was a problem. they liked to say, we have bin laden's problem solved or we decimated al qaeda, what they decimated is the u.s. defense department. >> i try to put myself in the position of, maybe an iraq war vet who came back and lost a leg, or maybe parents in some state around the country, and you met many of them. that lost a loved one. and the cities that their sons died in, or where they lost a limb, they're watching those cities fall to isis right now. what are they thinking tonight? >> they have to be very. very, very upset obviously, concerned about it without question. the fact was, when we left, iraq was in pretty good shape. we had the surge in '07 or '08. we had a significant reduction in violence. the sunnis came on board as a result of the awakening. they were fighting side by side with our guys, and we had a
10:18 pm
situation pretty well squared aw away. there would be an agreement to leave some troops behind to handle intelligence, logistics. >> training. >> but my understanding of what transpired then was the military, the pentagon came in with a number of 18 to 20,000. the white house said no. they came back at 10,000, the white house said no again. they ended up down at about 3,000 or 3500. and then failed to get the stay behind agreement to get anything there. the net result was, over two and a half years, without any kind of advisers operating at all. isis came in, the iraqi military just collapsed, they didn't have the kind of leadership, partly because al malaki had perthed some of the sunnis out of the force. we have a terrible, difficult situation on our hands. i think it's primarily cause both maliki and obama.
10:19 pm
>> if president obama had left behind just enough troops to provide the logistics, the training, the intelligence, we wouldn't be where we are today? >> i think that's an accurate statement, and i think that part of his problem is -- my own personal belief, obviously, we're not close. but that he -- >> he doesn't call you for advice. >> no, no, i'd be happy to give it if he cared to call. >> you'll hear about it, don't worry. >> i'm sure i will. but the big problem is, you end up with a situation where i don't think he wanted to have troops behind, i think he wanted to be able to say, as he did during the campaign, he didn't want any u.s. servicemen in iraq, he wanted to pull everybody out. the thing i'm worried about now, he's talking the same way about afghanistan that i did iraq. >> with syria and iraq and isis, whatever you wan the to call it, now i'm worried about jordan, which has to be nervous. you have this syrian/iraq line here, where the terrorists basically keep expanding their
10:20 pm
reach. lebanon, jordan, turkey, what do we do now? is there anyway to save iraq? is there anyway to -- at this point, are we going to have to shed more blood? do you support air strikes? what would be the best thing to do? >> to recognize that the administration's policy, they're in place with respect to the feds, with respect to recognizing there is a problem, terrorist concerns. >> is to reverse course in the defense budget. we ought to use this excuse, not that we need an excuse, but the specific situation in order to turn things around at the department of defense. they've now moved toward fighting one more strategy we've operated on in the past. taking the army down below prepearl harbor levels. we have only four active duty brigades that are combat ready out of the 40. all those things need to be reversed. quit talking about further withdrawals from the middle east. we created a vacuum out there now. and it's being filled by the
10:21 pm
likes of al qaeda or isis. there are major steps we could take right away. >> this is a president that went to cairo, went on an apology tour, who said he was uniquely qualified based on his experience in the muslim world to unite the west and the islamic world. you said in an earlier interview today, i think it was on russia's program, that an attack on this country far deadlier than 911 is going to happen within a decade. >> you asked me if that would happen by the end of the decade, i said yes. on 9/11, it was terrible. right here in new york city we lost the world trade center, the pentagon was badly hit. 3,000 people killed, worst attack since pearl harbor. what we're faced with now, though, all they had were airline tickets and box cutters. as we've seen this prolieration of terrorist organizations, also
10:22 pm
the problem of prolier ating nuclear capability. we now have the terrorist organization in pakistan conducting a big raid on karachi airport. why do we care about that? we have 50 to 100 people. if the terrorists get their hand on a weapon of some kind -- >> it almost seems like -- and maybe i'm reading into what you're saying, if we don't get real about the rise in the march of radical islam right now, that literally, we face the potential of a human catastrophe on a scale we've not seen before. am i reading into that? >> i think that's an accurate statement. the stretch will increase dramatical dramatically, and as we already know, for example, the man who put together the pakistan nuclear program, and was under house arrest, he was selling stuff to the libyans, he has said publicly in the press a couple years ago, that the pakistanis sold nuclear
10:23 pm
technology to the north koreans. we know the north koreans build a reactor by the syrians. so there's a network developing there. where access to that kind of technology becomes increasingly problematic. on top of that, we have iran trying to build a nuclear program. >> i see the world the way you do. i view this as a real clear and present danger, almost the potential for a modern day holocaust that we've not seen. maybe in your grandkids lives or my kids lives. pretty scary stuff. >> we're going to come back, we'll have more with the former vice president dick cheney. he's going to call for a special prosecutor in the targeting scandal. all that and more when hannity all that and more when hannity continues.
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♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. welcome back to hannity, the investigation into the irs targeting scandal is getting more contentious by the day. especially after lois lerner's e-mails just disappeared after a computer crash in 2011. lawmakers grilled officials both last night and this morning, regarding the outrageous claims, things got quite heated. let's take a look. >> i subpoenaed you here tonight because i'm sick and tired of your game playing in response to congressional oversight.
10:27 pm
>> this is a huge story, we have the key player in this, took the fifth, it's in the news every time, and you're telling us you did not have any inclination that a bunch of lois lerner's e-mails were lost? >> you told us all e-mails would not be provided, you did not come back and inform us. >> all the e-mails we have will be provided. i did not say all e-mails that have disappeared will be provided. if you have a magical way for me to do that, i'm happy to consider it. >> what statutes did you look at? >> i -- >> how would you know what elements of the crime existed. you don't even know what statutes are at play. >> the fact that you didn't tell us, and we've been after this for 13 months. we subpoenaed 13 months ago, you assured us you would get all the e-mails to us, and you don't
10:28 pm
tell anyone you can't. >> you should call for a special prosecutor. >> i cannot enter into lois lerner's mind. >> i asked the detective to call the fbi not what's in lois lerner's mind. >> did i break the law? >> i'm not a lawyer. >> you administer the federal records act? >> i do. >> if they didn't follow it, can we safely assume they broke the law? >> they did not follow the law. >> you disagree with the president? >> there are people who have been making judgments about whether there were -- >> i'm not one of those. i'm simply saying, we will never know, because you didn't keep the evidence. >> we have a problem with you, and you have a problem with maintaining your credibility. >> let's put up the latest poll numbers as we continue with the vice president. 76% of the respondents think the e-mails missing from the account of lois lerne. the ex-head of the irs think
10:29 pm
they were deliberately destroyed. >> we have a lot going on in washington, we have a v.a. scandal that is atrocious, i won't ask you about that. we have what's happening in iraq, an economy that's contracting 50 million americans on food stamps and 50 million americans in poverty. why do i think this scandal more than ever, has a way to impact the white house in ways nobody can imagine today? >> as i look at it, i think the power of the state, the ability to tax, obviously, is a key part of that, but somehow it's more threatening than any of the other concerns that we're talking about. the fact that they can get into basically anybody's life, if you've ever been audited. i used to be audited every year, when i was in the government, it's a scary proposition. >> i have to overpay because
10:30 pm
they -- i have a big target on my back. >> i bet you do. i think it's a devastating scandal, we have not gotten to the bottom of it, i hope congress continues to pound away at it. >> i didn't know we had an archivist in the united states but apparently we do, who said the irs did not follow the law how aware were you of the need to keep records like this? >> i think about my own tax situation. i was audited literally every year that i was vice president. >> seriously? >> yes. >> it's something that started back during the nixon days, once they got started nobody could figure out how to stop. every year i got audited. >> you got the audit? >> and i got the privilege of paying for it, too. >> we know a time line exists here, the e-mails were subpoenaed in august of 2013, we know that they realized they were missing in february 2014,
10:31 pm
the irs commissioner promised in march they would have them. in april they figured out they had no access to them. lerner's computer crashed ten days. the irs ended the e-mail storage contract with a server just weeks after lerner's computer crash, and the irs commissioners, a huge democratic donor. too many coincidences? >> yeah, it looks to me like a very serious cover-up. it would be as if nixon had burned the tapes. >> article 2 of nixon's impeachment. do you think it has the potential to get that serious? >> i don't know. congress push it very hard, if there's a special prosecutor called for, it seems to me this is the kind of case where exactly that would be the right answer. get somebody out there that everybody can trust and believe in, and let them go find out the truth. >> we have a big scandal with the v.a., it seems to be
10:32 pm
institutionalized fraud with the dual waiting lists we have. and all these people getting these bonuses. comco burn, he's saying that probably what has happened, there are a thousand veterans that lost their lives and taxpayers are on the hook for already a billion dollars in malpractice. what do you make as you hear day after day of how we're treating our vets? >> it's a real tragedy, you think about what these individuals have done during their lifetimes often times put their own lives on the line for all the rest of us. if we owe them anything, it is the kind of medical care they're entitled to by virtue of their status having served. and if we had a big bureaucracy in the country handling the nation's health care, it makes you nervous when you see what impact has happened at the v.a., it badly needs new leadership, we'll see whether or not they can get on top of this. >> where's the sense of urgency,
10:33 pm
the 1-800 number for the guy that really needs help today. they chronicled a guy for eight years that needed a psychological evaluation. as it relates to the republican party, i'm kind of impressed, i'm not that impressed i don't feel there's a vision coming out of elected officials in washington on the republican side offering a clear, distinct alternative. what do you make of the battle between establishment and key party? i would look at you as more tea party. >> sure, if you look at wyoming, for example, we are the most conservative state in the nation. >> more than utah? >> more than utah. it's the self-identification gallup poll earlier this year. those are my people, i mean, that was my -- >> three electoral votes. >> and we needed them. >> i know, that's a good point. >> i delivered them. >> when it was important. >> you abobut i find in wyoming
10:34 pm
have some places where the tea party is working hand in glove with the mainstream party or the regular party. other places where there will be competition of some kind and a contest and controversy. i think we have to have room for everybody in that tent called the republican party. and i'm not eager to see that split developing into a movement outside. i think it's very important we make room for both tea party and nontea party. >> i want a vision that they articulate a consensus vision. i like the penny plan, stop spending money. i like control the borders, leave it there. i like energy, look at north dakota, i look at choice in education. five simple basic fundamental things in consensus on obama care. that would unite the tea party and establishment, won the it? >> i find i have some friends that are members of the tea party, others who aren't members of the tea party, it should not be in my mind treated as some
10:35 pm
kind of negative, the press, the liberals, they say, we're just the party of the tea party, the tea party wins again trying to embarrass us because of that. i think a strong party for the republicans will -- should have room for all of those folks, and i think we need to come together as you say on the message, basic fundamental beliefs that we have adhered to in the past, and need to again. that's why i think it's so important, daughter liz and i have started out with a new organization, the alliance for strong america. it's all focused on national security and defense. >> that's your real passion? >> that's my real passion, where i spent most of my time as vice president, four years as secretary of defense, four years on the intel committee. we believe very deeply in what we're trying to do here, and certainly that ought to be part of a blank that we can support. >> your comments about
10:36 pm
predicting a far deadlier attack than what happened on 9/11. can you see a potential radical islam, in the world at war with islam? >> that's farfetched but i think we're to the point where we clearly have a counter terrorism unit for the brits, announced within the last couple weeks that of all the cases they have that are active, that they're pursuing now in mi-5, half of them in some kind of association with syria. syria's become a breeding ground for the kind of thing that afghanistan was for back at the time of 9/11. i'm worried again as i say about the prolieration of these kinds of organizations, the territory where they find safe havens and their abilities to get their hands on deadly weapons. that combination is not only a threat to the united states, but our friends throughout the region out there, folks in europe, sooner or later there will be another mass casualty attack, and i worry it will be
10:37 pm
far deadlier than 9/11. >> by the way, you look great. congratulations, you look in good health. i can't go fishing with you, because you mock me on my fly fishing. >> any time. coming up, we're going to head back to washington, bret baier is watching the latest election results, especially out of mississippi. much more straight ahead. it's always the same dilemma, who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 877-218-2500 now. zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach's got it covered... with allstate renter's insurance. protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renter's insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 877-218-2500 now.
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10:43 pm
95% now, it's 50.6% to 49.4%. with thad cochran leading right now. about 40,000 votes separating the two. you have some interesting places still out on this map, some desoto county, that's the outskirts of memphis, votes that are still out being counted also some in heinz county. it is tough to see how this goes back and forth. we've been down to 2,000 votes separating the two over the last few minutes. thad cochran desperate to hold on and win another term. mcdaniel trying to upset cochran and it was believed the tea party support would get the conservatives out. both of them did get, it looks like, the votes out. and turnout is really high in the special election, really quickly, new york, charlie rangel is hanging on right now, still early, 36% in.
10:44 pm
espaillat is a challenger, dominican born, the district has changed around charlie rangel. he could lose this he's trying to get a 23rd term in congress. >> do we know anything about the 5% of the vote that is out in mississippi tonight? >> it's tough to say, jones county is where chris mcdaniel is from. he won jones county overwhelmingly. just a small part of jones county still out. it's believed he's tapped those votes. as far as the interior of jackson, overwhelmingly thad cochran support. desoto county is the question mark, and there are five different precincts there that could be big deciders. >> thanks. special report each week night, 6:00 eastern on fox. the man who just won the gop senate race in oklahoma, james
10:45 pm
lankford, congressman, welcome back good to see you. >> it's very interesting, it became a battle of which tea party person supports which tea party person. oklahoma tea party members say all you outsiders stay out of the way. what's your reaction to that leading into ton in the. >> it was interesting, i rarely disagree ever with the president, when he talked about wyoming being the most conservative state in the union, i'd say welcome to oklahoma. who's conservative and who's not, come to oklahoma, you'll find all the republicans on the ballot are extremely conservative and extremely passionate about getting the federal government out of oklahoma, so we can actually run our state again. it's a very good race to be able to talk to a lot of the issues. >> let me ask you about tw in this next question, i
10:46 pm
interviewed tw twice i wondered what you thought of him? >> he's an impressive gentleman. he called me, i said we started out as friends, i'd like to end as friends as well. he's very articulate and passionate. i'm sure he'll stay involved in politics in the future. >> congratulations on your win tonight. we appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> thanks very much. coming up, continuing coverage of tonight's election results, we'll check in with karl rove. larry sabedo is with us. we're watching the race in we're watching the race in mississippi really closely. we're moving our company to new york state.
10:47 pm
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10:52 pm
larry sabato. . >> i think it's going to win a substantial number of votes from independents who are concerned about the abuse of power from the irs. if there is one agency, every american, regardless of party afillation fears is the irs. the arrogant behavior of their commissioner, is i think going to generate a backlash in the polls in november. >> larry, your reaction to this? i think larry is right, the term is arrogance i don't think it's good politics >> well, it isn't. and of course a lot of people if called in for an audit will be quoting some of the things said but you know the irs and va scandal are a 1, 2 punch. if you expect scandal to be an issue in november, those are the two parts of the scandal controversy that i think will have a political impact. >> so as we move forward, karl,
10:53 pm
look at what happened at eric cantor. your thoughts on where is the republican party right now? nationally? do you think, as i do, that they need a consensus agenda they can get behind and run on? >> if you look at the primaries this year, we've had victors we've had people who have unified the party. you know, they have been able to appeal to all elements of the party find a unified, forward-looking agenda. >> i didn't like it. if thad cochran holds on tonight, i did not like what he is saying about mcdaniel. i don't like him reaching with robo calls. i was very unhappy with how he handled it. >> if he hangs on, and there are 20 precincts that are now voting for mcdaniel. there are 31 precincts out in
10:54 pm
counties voting for cochran, including 13 in the popular centers around jackson. if he does hold on, he's going to have to thank whoever wrote the mississippi open primary law that said it's like texas. you get to vote in any primary you want, you can run in any runoff you want as long as you didn't vote in the other party's primary earlier in the year. if he hangs on, it's going to be the reason he succeeded >> karl, thank you. larry, thank you. coming up, more "hannity" right after thth nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. the problem isn't likely to go away... ...on its own. so it's time we do something about it. and there's help. premarin vaginal cream. a prescription that does what no over-the-counter product
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not clinton music, who picked that? time to set your dvr, record "hannity" the series.
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start your day 5:00 to 9:00. i'm throwing the football to kiante, our special guest tonight. we'll see you back here, tomorrow night. p. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i personally am calling to impeach the president of the united states. this is impeachable. if you don't want your vote back, what will it take? >> the conservative radio talk show hosts are very hard on president obama. but now with all the chaos, have they been correct about him from the beginning? we will hear from both sides tonight. >> we have a problem with you and you have a problem with maintaining your credibility. >> the new irs commissioner, once again, under siege but are republican congressman people being unfair to the man? darrell issa will answer that question. >> the revolutionary