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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the investigation into the irs dramatically widening into potentially two scandals. there is the targeting of groups and now potential coverups. welcome to "the kelly file." one week ago the new head of the irs revealed that thousands of e-mails belonging to the woman at the center of the irs targeting scandal are missing and totally unrecoverable. congress and according to the latest polls nearly one out of every eight americans not buying it. tonight congress demanding the white house and other federal
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agencies turn into any and all communications they had with the irs. >> irs commissioner sent a letter in late today to house weighs and means committee chairman saying the irs should be able to turn over e-mails by the end of next week. he says he was hoping to provide a full response today but critical information is still being collected and verified. many republicans on capitol hill are still pushing for a special prosecutor to investigate the irs mess and some say there should be a financial incentive. >> we know those e-mails are out there. we know they can be found. we just need the people to help find them and don't forget the other not just carrot but stick and reduce everybody's salary in the irs 20% until e-mails are produced. >> irs commissioner said treasury inspector general
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expects to have an interim expedited report on missing e-mails. house lawmakers aren't waiting around for that. late today some asked the white house and treasury how they learned of the hard drive crash and asking for communications between five irs employees who had crashes. federal election commission and osha and president obama has gone back to calling this a phony scandal. >> sometimes the news coming off are just washington fights. they are fabricated issues that are phony scandals that are generated. >> if the irs commissioner is correct and will be turning over e-mails by the end of next week the issue you run into is, of course, the fourth of july holiday. that would be one of the best
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times to dump bad news when americans are enjoying fireworks and family and not focused on the irs mess. >> thank you, mike. joining us now former chief speech writer for president bush. mark, sounds like they have two scandals for the price of one? >> that is exactly what is happening. first it was a scandal of the improper targeting of conservative groups by the irs and now the new scandal of the irs' coverup of the first scandal which congress is dramatically expanding the investigation on. in february the irs claims it knew that lerner's e-mails were lost. in may they were telling congress they were going to produce the e-mails they didn't have. it was not until june that they finally fessed up to congress that the e-mails were lost. they did it on page 15 of a letter dumped to congress on a
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friday afternoon. it was like they were hoping nobody would notice that two years of e-mails had disappeared. these people are not going up front. that is why congress is going to investigate. >> back in may of 2013 we remember the had president came out and said this was inexcusable conduct. he said he would work hand in hand with congress to get to the bottom of that. that has not happened. he told bill o'reilly that there wasn't a smidgen of corruption in an interview earlier this year. how does the american public feel about it? were these accidently destroyed? we are talking about the missing e-mails. look at the numbers. it is not close. 76% say deliberately. only 12% think accidental and 12% say unsure. do you think there will be enough public pressure that the white house will have to acknowledge this is legit and do
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something about it? >> i think you have to put this in context of everything else going on. this is in the wake of the president's you can keep your health care plan lie where everybody believes he intentionally lied to the country. more than half of the people think the president regularly lies on matters of importance. it is no surprise when you have this kind of cover up and drips and drabs of information coming out like pulling teeth it looks like they are covering something up. of course the american people are upset about it. if the president is working hand in hand with congress i would hate to see what obstruction looks like because this is not cooperation in the least bit. >> the head of the irs has been beat up pretty badly a couple of times on capitol hill. he said we are doing everything we can and going to get you these things as soon as we can and by the end of next week. of course, that is a holiday. do you think that means we might get something substantive they
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want to release on a friday holiday fourth of july. >> we have been put on notice there could be big news that day. he has lost all credibility. senator claire mccaskill called him arrogant. one reason why democrats are upset with him is because he has lied to them, too. in the monday after the fact of the e-mails being destroyed came out he met with senator widen and just failed to mention that six other employees under investigation also had hard drives mysteriously crashed. over in the house the irs was telling him he didn't mention it to the democrats. the democrats are getting lied to, as well. this is something we have to get to the bottom of. there is a scandal that needs to be cleared up. the american people have a right to know whether the government was targeting.
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>> we know a number of lawsuits on that note continue, as well. good to see you. thank you. the irs is not the only issue the administration is dealing with. tonight the pentagon confirms the u.s. is flying armed drones over iraq as an al qaeda offshoot tries to form the first radical islamist nation. today the commander in chief suggests it doesn't matter whether the american people support him or not. >> let me ask you a final question on foreign policy from 2006 you are talking about president bush's foreign policy strategy without a well articulated strategy that the public supports and world understands america will lack legitima legitimacy. the majority of americans don't support your path on foreign policy. are you failing by your own standard? >> i know we go back to the
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polls. the first half of my presidency polls consistently showed strong support for my public policy. >> the public has to support it. >> not every minute and not every week because there are times when the world is messy. >> one of those times is now. let's talk about it with jack keen, former army vice chief of staff. good to see you tonight. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about one of the polls. we all want our president to govern by principle and integrity and what he believes is best with the insight and advice of military advisers and others. you do have to think about when there is so much going on in the world the summit of american people supporting what you need them to support. on foreign policy approves 32% and disapproves is 60%. that is a pretty tough number for the president. >> it certainly is hard to find
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a place in the world where something has really improved. we have an assertive and aggressive china and reemergence of russia and eastern and southern europe. we have libya, syria, iraq all in trouble. and we actually have an indisputable rise of radical islam in the middle east and africa with no strategy to deal with it. those are the harsh realities. you can understand those numbers. >> this administration said al qaeda is on the run. we know it seems and the president said it is sort of like you try to play whack a mole. other groups will quickly band together and rise up even when you get leadership of one group and there are a lot of lone wolves out there. what is the strategy for dealing with those? how much of those things, those roots lead to things like we are seeing in iraq now?
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>> i don't agree with the whack a mole strategy. the fact of the matter is radical islam is rising in synchronization in the middle east and africa not necessarily in coordination with each other but the fact is they are rising at the same time. we don't have a comprehensive strategy to work that as we did to deal with the ideology of communism with political, share technology, share training and let these countries work these problems with our assistance. we gained a lot of information on how to deal with radical islam as a result of iraq and afghanistan. we can be very helpful and have true partners. we don't have a strategy like that. we don't define this ideology and significant geopolitical ambitions to take over lands and you see that on the rise right now with isis which has become a
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terrorist army, still terrorist organization to be sure but very threatening to stability of the middle east and to the united states. >> you certainly have a lot of experience and insight on what is playing out now in the middle east. my understanding is you have been contacted by someone from the white house and i know you probably can't tell us much about that. can you characterize what the conversation was at all? are they seeking help, advice, input about how to move forward? >> i think when you have something so troubling as complicated as it is you want to reach out to different view points. i think this white house is doing that. and i commend them for that. but i also believe that we should be taking some decisive action now because isis is on the move. and we do have the capacity to weaken this organization both in syria and in iraq using air power. we have been looking at these
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targets now for about a week with 30 to 40 being flown every day. i am convinced the targets are available and i think we should start to weaken this organization before it collapses at least threatens collapsing iraq and begins to undermine jordan which is clearly its next objective. >> thank you for your service and continued service and advice to our country. good to see you tonight. >> always good talking to you. president obama back out today hitting the campaign trail talking about the so-called phony scandal where he says the trouble lies. we will have a fair and balanced and probably feisty debate still ahead. new developments in the investigation into the deadly benghazi attacks killing four americans and the hunt for the 19 suspects in the terror attack. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice
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know this their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. >> there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> that was president obama promising to track down those responsible for the 2012 benghazi attack that killed four americans. developing tonight sources telling fox news that despite the president's promise little is actually being done. fox news senior correspondent has more. hi, adam. >> in fact we have a number of sources on the ground as well as back in washington and in the region that will tell you that while abu khatala was a big get and say other suspects that are bigger that should be brought into justice. we are told that the information about those subjects were basically ignored or put on
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hold. as for khatala one source in particular says he was low hanging fruit, we could have picked him up months or months ago. in response to that the state department today said that is just not the case. >> we have been committed to bringing to justice those responsible for the attacks in benghazi. there has been a great amount of media attention paid to him and i deny any assertion that he is anything other than significant here. >> fox learned the united states has a target list and that contained ten suspects identified within days of the attack and grew to nearly 20 as surveillance was conducted in and around benghazi. the four groups include ansar
6:18 pm
al-sharia. one was released for amnesty. fox news learned from our sources that his involvement in the attacks has shown he has been very involved and they don't understand why that has been ignored. a lot of information coming out as those on the ground dealing and hunting suspects has been put on hold. we are told intelligence has been given to our leadership for well over a year. >> a lot of questions. joining us now to talk about it fox news political analyst and columnist for u.s.a today. the more we learn it seems there is a bit of a conflict of what we are hearing. according to adam's reporting what is being carried out an opportunity to get some of these additional suspects and special operations waived off. >> i think president obama has been extremely aggressive about going after terrorists. he has expanded the drone war
6:19 pm
that president bush had. he takes this seriously when he wants to. he pays a lot of attention to it and captured osama bin laden. i think the fact that he has not in this case is telling. when he wants to make something a priority he does. and, according to this reporting he hasn't made it a priority at all. and i think that part of that could be because it is not a particularly helpful issue to him. it doesn't make his administration look very good to have benghazi in the news. it doesn't make his heir apparent look very good, hillary clinton. >> now that they have one suspect in custody we know this is a guy giving media interviews. others haven't been questioned. people like the landlord apparently there of the annex of the buildings apparently he knows a lot more about what went
6:20 pm
on. i know they are dealing with foreign governments and that certainly complicates things but at least gives appearance to the american people that they are trying to do something. what is it going to take? benghazi is not something the administration wants to talk about. if they are making progress that is a plus for everybody. >> i'm not saying that to excuse it. i am trying to make sense of the lack of engagement in the area where i think the president has been extremely engaged and i would argue overengaged to a certain extent. i think it is hard to find people in other countries. i don't think we should minimize that. they are not just down the street. they are in another country. it does involve going into another country to get them. i think it is difficult. that said we know it can be done. so if it can be done and we can get these people and it should be a very, very high priority for a myriad of reasons there is
6:21 pm
not a good excuse for why the administration isn't moving more aggressively. >> we'll see. we know a lot of times these are months in the planning and going on behind the scenes when we find out about them. thank you. >> thank you. have a good night. we are waiting for a big decision from the supreme court on the hobby lobby case. what it can mean for religious freedom across the country. don. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. ♪ they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru.
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the wait is almost over for the supreme court's most anticipated decision of the term. on monday the most important religious freedom case in recent memory. the christian-owned company hobby lobby versus the obama administration's contraceptive mandate. do company owners have to under
6:25 pm
write the parts of the health care law that violates their religious beliefs? chief council to the judicial crisis network join us now. >> this case is based on the religious freedom restoration act which the company says gives them the right to push back when the government says you have to do something. the owners say you are going to force us to violate our beliefs. i know you had a hand in crafting this law. why do you think they should lose? >> i think the religious freedom restoration act was supposed to help people, for example, a muslim firefighter who wanted to grow a beard and if he did grow a beard would have no negative impact on any third party. it was designed to deal with some of the issues that come before one very special corporation, churches to
6:26 pm
guarantee they have some relief. never ever did any of the left, right or center people supporting the religious freedom restoration act believe that it covered a for profit company like hobby lobby with its 20,000 employees all over the country particularly to allow that company to make decisions that would violate the conscience of their individual employees. i don't think that for profit companies can exercise religion. i think it is an absurd idea. even if they could exercise religion there is no substantial burden on their exercise of this so-called religion simply by presenting an insurance plan that let some of them accept contraception. >> when this law was put together other laws that congress put together specifically matched them for individuals and said this isn't
6:27 pm
fo corporations but just individuals. they didn't do that. is that a winning argument for hobby lobby? >> your religious freedom shouldn't show on tax status. this should apply for businesses like whole foods who decide to stock meat they feel is inhumanely treated. they are asking they shouldn't have to choose between running their family business and giving up their deeply held beliefs. >> there were a couple of justices during the argument said they can just give up their insurance. the fine if they do that is about $26 million a year if they don't ensure employees. the owners say they want their employees to have health care. if they continue to provide health care but not the con traceptives the fine is $475
6:28 pm
million. is that really a choice? >> well, it absolutely is a choice because it is about $2,000 per employee. and what you could do is say we with our own health insurance through hobby lobby but we will give your salary a boost so we have a competitive equality with other companies like us and you go out with this extra money and buy any kind of insurance you want. that would be a perfectly fine way. i would say this is not like whole foods deciding to sell organic coffee. >> what about the kosher butcher? >> there is no negative effect of not selling coffee. >> really quick, just a few seconds to you to wrap us up. >> the employees of hobby lobby have every right to use birth control they choose. they cover 16 of the 20.
6:29 pm
they say we don't want to be dragged into being forced to pay for someone else's choices and violate our religious rights. the government has many other ways to achieve the goal. don't force them to violate their religious freedom. >> 10:00 a.m. eastern on monday morning we will find out to see what the justices have to say. new developments from the southern border and how cartels are targeting border agents. president obama backing out today hitting back against the so-called phony scandals. who is he blaming now? you won't be surprised. a fair and balanced debate coming up next. try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. president obama doing a campaign style tour of the$7,ak ahead of the mid term elections blaming republicans to washington's failure to get anything done. >> basic common sense ideas can't get through this congress. so far this year republicans in congress have blocked or voted down every single serious idea to strengthen the middle class. i'm not saying these are all bad people, they are not but they can't be too friendly towards me because they would be run out of town by the tea party. i'm not sure which of the things
6:34 pm
i have done they find most offensive but they decide they are going to sue me for doing my job. they don't do anything except block me. and call me names. >> and send bills to the senate that harry reid won't put to vote. republicans aren't the only ones taking heat from the president. yesterday he hit the media for making him look bad. >> sometimes the news coming off are just washington fights. they are fabricated issues that are phony scandals that are generated. it is all geared towards the next election or a base. just because it is not reported in the news i don't want you to think that i'm not fighting for you. >> meanwhile, a tough new milestone for the president. his disapproval rating has been higher than his approval rating for more than a year. so is this latest blame game likely to help?
6:35 pm
host of dana on the radio america. welcome to you. >> thanks for having me. happy friday. >> happy friday to you, as well. not a happy friday for the president. these numbers are not good. he is really pushing back. he also said the last couple of days that he sort of like i don't care what people think anymore i'm going to start saying what i want. >> beyond pushing back i think the president is fighting forward for the american people. i think it was a big mistake made here with the health care rollout and mistakes on how we possibly handled benghazi. i think what the american people are looking for is solution from washington and not this salem witch trials and not more no. they want real solutions and create real jobs and fix the tax code. there are so many things we need to do together.
6:36 pm
>> republicans on the house side will say they have been trying and sent dozens of bills to harry reid and he doesn't want to vote on them. >> if he doesn't want to bring it to the floor he is not going to bring it to the floor. i have to commend richard for suggesting finally, i'm so glad someone has acknowledged that benghazi was messed up. i'm pleased to hear you say that. you are right. harry reid, how many bills had they blocked in the senate and that is not brought up. i know the president wants to blame everything on republicans in congress. republicans only control two-thirds of two branches of government. he doesn't have a lotty"q ofl'g he is the president. he needs to reach across and wheel and deal. >> let's talk about the phony scandal. we have fast and furious, the irs, trouble in the v.a. both sides agree it is a
6:37 pm
complete mess. looking back the phone tracking thing, d.o.j. going after james rosen. there are so many things here that sometimes you lose track and maybe that is why the president is so fed up. richard, our polling shows people out there across the board not partisan polling think this administration lies to them, the president lies to them. how does he overcome that deficit? can he and it sounds like he doesn't care. sounds like he is getting a little cranky. >> i am based in washington. we know the approval rating for washington generally are horrible. they are all in the toilet including the president. i think the reason for that has less to do with him and john boehner but more that the american people want to see our government work together. harry reid needs to work together with john boehner. they have to work together because a lot of bipartisan senate bills made it to the
6:38 pm
house not brought up, immigration reform, tax reform, student loan debt reform brought to the house and not brought up. now they want to go to a phony lawsuit and spend more american taxpayer dollars on a case that will go absolutely positively nowhere. >> now the lawsuit is phony, also. we have a thing called the u.s. constitution with plenty of checks and balances. there are times when you read the federalist papers and read about the initial under pinnings and ideas in the country they were okay with friction and ideas of branches fighting with each other and will happen when there is a republican president. and the founders were okay with that. they wanted the government restrained and not running the entire country from washington. >> you absolutely nailed it. they didn't want it to be easy. they wanted it to be difficult. the house of representatives is more of a direct voice of the
6:39 pm
people whereas the senate is supposed to be a lot harder to get something passed through the senate. more of the point that richard said it was a phony lawsuit. that supreme court decision 9-0 under the unconstitutional appointments for national labors board. >> we are not talking about that lawsuit. we are talking about the lawsuit that john boehner filed against the lawsuit. wait just -- >> 9-0. >> wait just one second. wait for one second. ronald reagan had over 300 executive orders. george bush over 200. >> can we stop going back to reagan and bush? why weren't you outraged then? this is pumped up political rhetoric. >> stop richard. >> since you were both like 3
6:40 pm
when reagan was around we will leave it there. good to see you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. still ahead. frightening reports you see in the pictures from our southern border, how cartels are targeting border agents on patrol. i spent my entire childhood seeing the world in reverse, and i loved every minute of it. but then you grow up and there's no going back. but it's okay, it's just a new kind of adventure. and really, who wants to look backwards when you can look forward?
6:41 pm
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are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as feve fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. developing tonight new reports that nearly 13,000 illegal unaccompanied minors just from guatamala have been detained. only about 100 of them have been deported. we are learning a mexican military helicopter crossed the border firing on our border patrol agents. we have seen these images from the border. they are heartbreaking. i have seen it come from a member of congress, pictures that show kids basically in chain linked fences. this is a horrible situation.
6:45 pm
everyone's heart goes out to these kids. there are questions about what the administration did potentially to create the situation and what they are doing to clean it up. >> what we are seeing is clearly appalling. i don't think anyone would disagree with that. i think this entire episode serves to illustrate what strikes me as a huge disconnect between the way washington, d.c. thinks about the issue of immigration versus the rest of the country. here in this city and you are down here all the time you know how things operate. people are looking and gaming out the issue of immigration. there are elections to be one and constituencies to please. the american people are looking at the images from the southern border and are drawing the clear conclusion -- i don't think it is a conclusion that can be debated -- that our southern border is not secure.
6:46 pm
even though most people according to polls are open to some sort of comprehensive immigration border but wonder does the federal government have the capacity to fix this problem comprehensively or otherwise? >> it is interesting because you see a couple of other things. dhs secretary jay johnson when he had a press conference talking about these kids and what was happening down there said he knew when he was being confirmed and sworn in months ago that this was coming. he said the administration had a sense that these numbers were coming up very high, that these kids were coming and more would be coming. he said he has been aware of this for months. now we see the president standing up saying if your children come here they will not get to stay but when we look at the numbers of what really happens found 90% of the people who get here are processed and given a court date 90% of them do not show up. they stay in the country and one
6:47 pm
agent saying if they say it is an amnesty they are lying. the reality is how this plays out nobody is going home, not nobody but not a lot of people. >> i think secretary johnson's predecessor janet napolitano said the border is as secure as it has ever been. and she was hoping and the administration was hoping there was some baseline for moving forward on a comprehensive plan to figure out what to deal with all the people or how to deal with the people already here. once the rumor of the magnet of that rumored amnesty, however you want to term it, once that started percolating throughout central america we had tens of thousands of unaccompanied children showing up across the southern border. it is manifestly clear that the border is not secure. that is a real problem for most
6:48 pm
americans. >> and those kids are put in very dangerous situations to get here. >> it is terrible. >> good to see you. >> you, too. a sneak peek at the new film about the american spirit. >> unemployment, scandals, americans left to die and the media ignores it all. >> i think america is not only broken but what bothers me is not enough people want to fix it. >> we need a spark. shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!"
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6:51 pm
a new film about the american spirit, it's a documentary that takes us from the southern border to washington. take a look. >> i film the truth. >> you're fighting veterans. why are you fighting them? >> but none of it makes sense. >> absolutely the worst it's
6:52 pm
been for 23 years. >> and it breaks your heart. >> unemployment, scandals, americans left to die and the media ignores it all. >> i think america is not only broken but what more bothers me is not enough people want to fix it. >> we need a spark. >> are you really going to shoot these people if they move forward? yes or no? >> and that spark is you. >> i get goose bumps when i talk about it. we can unite this country. >> dennis michael lynch is the producer of "we ride to d.c." you're missing something special to be here. tell us why you're here and why this is important.
6:53 pm
>> the first few films i made were both about illegal immigration. and they played an instrumental role in stopping the senate bill from getting through to the house. i know this because congresspeople told me, we never received more phone calls from people saying, do not pass that bill. i watched this film. that said, this film is even more important. in fact, my son's high school graduation is tonight. i'm missing it so i can be here. this film does two things. it's more than just about the american spirit. it's about how the mainstream media is lying on all the topics. we cover everything from benghazi, irs, immigration, you name it. it gives the visuals the american people need to see, i don't care what party they're in. they watch this film, they come away and say, i'm being lied to. and hopefully we can influence these people to shift on how it is they digest their news. number two is, it gives the american people -- especially the viewers here, who think america has fallen off the cliff. it gives them the opportunity to know that other people are out
6:54 pm
there really trying hard. so people say to me, why don't you put these things in theaters? i don't because i believe people have to step up. you go to the website, you get the dvd and i send extras. you hand them out to people who need to see the truth. if they go to, they get the extras, send them to congress, i promise you, i promise you, they may not admit it, but when the 2014 elections come around, they may think a little bit differently than they are today. at this point in time, we really need something because our country has fallen off a cliff. it depends on how hard it is that we're going to land. >> folks can find it online. it's very thought provoking. when i talk to people, that's the number one thing i hear. they feel they are alone. maybe when they see this movie, they realize they're not. >> it crushes the mainstream
6:55 pm
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6:59 pm
it's been six years and for the first time ever, the man who is personally believed to have set off several bombs in this country, bill ayers, answers for his act in an exclusive interview with megyn kelly. here's a sneak peek. >> how ma bombings are you responsible for? >> i think slightly over 20 in a period when there were 20,000 bombings in the united states against the war. >> how about you personally? >> my personally, i've never talked about it. never will. >> you stole money? >> some. >> you ripped off dead babies' identities? >> right. >> and yet the violence continued just because you went underground didn't mean the violence stopped. >> what violence? >> june 9th, 1970, you bombed the new york city police headquarters -- >> you're equating -- >> march 1st, 1971, you bombed the u.s. capitol, you bombed the pentagon, you bombed the state department. that's what i mean by violence.
7:00 pm
>> again, catch megyn's exclusive interview with bill ayers monday night, 9:00 eastern right here on "the kelly file." thanks for watching. this is "the kelly file." she's back on monday. tonight, al qaeda is back and taking off iraq. who are these militants? >> they live tweeted the headings. they took credit for crucifixions. >> what do they want? >> this is what osama bin laden was talking about more than a decade ago. >> this is exactly that moment before our eyes. >> should americans worry? >> there is a real danger of something using a nuclear weapon on the united states. >> fox news reporting, iraq and the rise of a terrorist state. from washington, here's chris wallace. >> good evening. with an offshoot of al qaeda threatening to take over iraq, america finds itsf