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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 28, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that, madam secretary, shouldn't be one of your hard choices. that's it for us. see you on "the five." have a great weekend. a suspect in a benghazi terror attack now in the hands of u.s. law enforcement. for the past two weeks, he's been questioned aboard a navy ship sailing from libya. now ahmed abu khattala is being held. a live report coming your way. iraqi forces going on the offensive backed by helicopter and gunships. they try to take back the northern city of tikrit from sunni militants. president obama hasn't authorized air strikes in iraq but armed u.s. drones are flying over baghdad at this hour. we'll have a live report from the middle east. plus congressman ed royce, chairman of the house foreign affairs committee will be here to weigh in. could the missing lois lerner lost e-mails turn up by the end of next week?
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that's what the irs chief is telling the house ways and means committee he hopes happens. maybe just in time as one congressman proposes offering a $1 million reward for the e-mails' return. a live report on that coming up. and news this week that the world's biggest economy, ours, is shrinking as the gdp takes a big dive. we'll have how the economy can make a comeback. obamacare is not the answer. tax increases are not the answer. >> i'm uma pemmaraju, america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we have breaking news to begin this hour. benghazi suspect ahmed abu khattala now in the u.s. ahead of his controversial civilian trial. u.s. special forces capturing him in libya two weeks ago. until now he's been aboard a navy ship being questioned by authorities. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is following the story from the u.s. district courthouse here in d.c.
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jennifer, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, uma, as you mentioned, ahmed abu khattala, the benghazi suspect, is in the courthouse behind me. we're told by u.s. officials that he was brought by helicopter from the uss new york at about sunrise today, landing at a helipad in anacostia and then being brought by vehicle here to the district courthouse. the justice department has brought three counts in connection with the attacks on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi against khattala. in a criminal complaint filed last july, he was accused of murder and carrying out an attack on a federal facility. khattala had been held and questioned by the cia and u.s. military intelligence interrogators on board the uss new york since his capture by u.s. army delta force operators at his villa south of benghazi on june 15th. >> it's funny, you know, within an hour of us saying that we got him, the questions we were
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getting. why did it take so long and how could this very dangerous guy be sipping mango juice at a cafe and you guys couldn't pick him up. now we're getting asked, well, wasn't he just low-hanging fruit and why does it matter? he matters. we believe we've got a strong case. >> reporter: khattala, shown here in what is believed to be his arrival at the courthouse this morning, will be provided a lawyer and has presumably been read his miranda rights. the u.s. district courthouse in washington is an unusual choice of venue to try khattala. most high-profile terrorism suspects have been tried in federal court houses in new york or alexandria, virginia, which have more experience with these kind of terrorism cases. even transport of khattala back and forth to the jailhouse will be difficult given downtown traffic here in washington, d.c. right now the security here at the courthouse is very tight. we're told that khattala will be presented before a judge later
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today. uma. >> thank you so much for bringing us up to date on that breaking news. now on to another story breaking at this hour as we learn iraq's government is targeting sunni insurgents in tikrit with air raids. one of two major urban areas sunni militants have taken in recent weeks. john huddy is standing by with more. >> reporter: uma, this is an important battle because it could stop those isis militants from getting any closer to baghdad. iraqi military forces say they're using, as you mentioned, helicopter gunships to attack the sunni-led militants. air strikes like this have helped in other recent battles as we've seen as ground forces also continue the fight. at this point iraqi military officials say they have control of tikrit, which has been one of the bloodiest battle fronts so far. that's because it's where al qaeda-inspired militants. the isis militants reportedly
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executed 160 people just about two weeks ago. the fighting, by the way, has raged on there since thursday. much of the battle centered on the tikrit university campus. locationwise just to give you an idea, tikrit is south of mosul and about 100 miles north of baghdad, almost in between the two cities. mosul, as you know, remains under isis control. so not only does this fight have strategic military relevance, but historical as well. tikrit is considered saddam hussein's hometown, and it's where u.s. forces -- it's near where u.s. forces captured him, uma, in 2003. back to you. >> lots of history there. all right, john, thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that breaking story. for more on these developments in iraq and the arrival of abu khattala in the u.s., let's bring in house foreign affairs chairman, ed royce. congressman, welcome. great to have you here today. >> thank you. >> first off, your reaction to the news that abu khattala is now in the u.s.
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do you think his criminal prosecution should be postponed until investigators have more time to question him over time? >> well, my concern all along has been to give him the full due process rights of an american citizen seems like a very odd thing to do for a senior commander here in this al qaeda offshoot. he should have gone to guantanamo bay. he should have been interroga d interrogated. typically in a situation like this, i think of one of the somalis who was interrogated for two months. i'm concerned we're not going to get the information out of him that we could have got, which would have led to other terrorist leaders. >> what specifics are you aware of at this time about his actual role during the benghazi attack? >> well, what we do know is he's charged with murder. we know also he's charged with planning. we know that eyewitnesses saw him there on the scene conducting, overseeing part of the attack. so i think we have him dead to rights. the question is what other terrorists could he lead us to had we handled this in a
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competent way. >> so you think that option is now closed, to learn that information? >> i'm presuming -- i'm presuming that it's quite unlikely at this point and i also think it's highly unusual that we would be trying him in this entirely new venue of washington, d.c. >> so what do you think the thinking is behind this? >> well, i've heard -- i've heard that the attorney general has had a role here. i think he has an ally who's a prosecutor in washington, d.c., who would like to take this case. for what reason i don't know. but that's not where the expertise is. the expertise is either going to be in guantanamo if you did it right or the southern district of new york. so there's no telling with this administration is the conclusive come to. it took 18 months when he was in broad daylight doing interviews to bring him into custody. so i have no understanding right now as to why they're doing it this way. >> it raises all kinds of questions. let's turn now to iraq for a
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moment. some may say the fact that we have predator drones operating in the region is a sign that the u.s. is stepping up its military involvement and that this isn't the right move since it will be seen as a move to take sides and that can backfire. how do you see it? >> the time -- the time to take action was at the time that we got the request last august that isis was going over the border in iraq and planning to attack cities. at that point you could use drones to make air strikes on these columns out on the open desert. that was the request of the -- not just the government, but also our own embassy in baghdad said why don't we use droughnesr that purpose. that was declined by the president. and to my knowledge, the opportunity to take out actual units of this al qaeda offshoot has still been declined by the white house. we may have overfl
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when we had the opportunity to really set them back and to keep them from racking up these victories, we didn't take it. >> so does this play into the concerns that many people have had by the fact that it seems that the u.s. has been taken off guard by the swift success of the militant group called isis? as i understand it, as you're pointing out also, there was intelligence indicating that this was a group that was deadly serious about its purpose and the fact that the iraqis made requests for drone strikes and also we heard that other -- you know, our embassy was making those requests for nearly a year suggests that from your point of view at least that this administration did not take this threat seriously? >> and the reason we're worried about this particular al qaeda offshoot is because they have recruited people from the united states and europe and expressed the intention of training them and sending them back to carry out attacks. so when you're dealing with al qaeda, you've got to take it
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seriously. you've got to have good intelligence, and you should take them out when you have the opportunity. >> let me ask you this, do you think there will be little or no progress unless maliki steps aside? if so, who do you think should lead iraq? >> i'm very encouraged that the shia leader has called for maliki to step aside. maliki needs to step down because if he does, then clearly there's the expressed intent by the other shia groups and by the sunnis and by the kurds to come together and form a government. maliki is in the way of that, he should step down. >> let's reflect on what's going on with the president and his bid to get more money over to syria. he wants $500 million to train syrian rebels which would get the u.s. closer to direct involvement in that civil war. is congress likely to approve this funding? and why now? what will this money really do at a time when this conflict is now three years old? you have more than 100,000
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people dead and rebel groups like isis gaining momentum there and spreading their terror across iraq right now. >> well, remember where this is directed, though. this is in jordan. jordanians are doing the training now and isis is on the border of jordan so a key ally is threatened. as i understand it, this is not for u.s. combat, this is to train, to assist the jordanians in training the free syrian army which may in fact help protect jordan from being overrun by isis. so i think we are going to learn more when we go back into session on this, but for some time now it has been a concern because isis is not just interested in taking syria and part of iraq. they're also interested in jordan, israel, lebanon has part of their -- >> so do you think congress is likely to approve this funding? >> i think it is likely that it will be approved because i think the kingdom of jordan and our
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concerns about israel and that all being the target for this calaphate means we're going to want to see actions taken to help protect those countries from isis. >> at the moment, though, the options look like they're quite complicated and there doesn't look to be a clear path towards any type of victory at this moment. >> i wish we had hit isis when it was coming over the border, when it had 5,000 combatants and were on that open road. you know, with one of those drones, you can look down, you can readily see the black flags and ski masks. you can tell those units and you can knock them out. that was the time to hit them, when it was requested by the government in iraq and when it was requested by our own embassy. >> wow. chairman royce, great to see you. thank you for joining us today with your insights. >> thank you. and now it's your turn. now that president obama is
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ordering missile drones to provide protection for military advisers, do you think it's just a matter of time before those drones are used defensively against the militants? tweet me and i promise that i'm going to read some of your responses later in the show. well, coming up, colonel ralph peters will be joining me with a closer look at the militant grew isis and what impact it's having on the worsening iraqi crisis. and former vice president dick cheney not shying away from his critical review of just how the white house has been handling that threat of the growing mill tanitant group and impact in iraq. >> president obama said he was leaving a country that was sovereign, stable and self reliant. what went wrong, mr. vice president? >> well what, i believe went wrong was the failure to negotiate a stay behind agreement. they were unable to reach agreement for a status of forces. now, the u.s. military, our generals, wanted a stay behind force of close to 20,000 people,
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18 to 20,000 people and the white house said no. >> tonight we invite you to join chris wallace for his special featuring dick cheney and his daughter, liz, who will share their thoughts on iraq and the rise of a terrorist state. airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. turning to matters here at home, louis gomert has a creative solution. he's putting out a million dollar bounty. this comes as irs chief tells its house ways and means committee his agency should get congress what it's demanding by next week. molly is joining us now from washington in our newsroom with more. molly? >> reporter: uma, the irs says two years' rort of lois lerner's e-mails are destroyed and unrecoverable, e-mails possibly relating to the irs targeting scandal. but texas congressman gomert
9:15 am
doesn't believe it. he says those e-mails are out there and he's offering $1 million from the irs' budget to anybody that can produce the e-mails. and he has a warning for anyone knowingly keeping those e-mails secret. >> if you help to hide evidence in what will ending up being a criminal case, guess what, you're part of the crime. so take your pick. a million bucks to come up with all the e-mails, or go to prison as part of the crime, your choice. >> congressman gohmert is offering $500,000 to anyone who can provide information on who may have destroyed the e-mails. meanwhile, the irs says it's working to try to comply with the house ways and means committee's request for more documents on the e-mails and computer crash which supposedly erased all those e-mails. there was a letter sent to the
9:16 am
chairman of the committee saying, quote, we will get as much information to you next week. i had hoped to provide you with responses today, but critical information is still being collected and verified. that letter was sent yesterday. but koskinen cautions that the irs already has provided a seven-page document to the committee outlining what the irs knows about lerner's computer crash and what irs employees already have done to, quote, collect miss lerner's e-mails from other sources. >> all right, molly, thank you very much. well, the supreme court speaks out and a television streaming website, aereo is listening. it's shutting down for now. it is a company that provides television content to its subscribers via the internet. earlier this week the court found they are violating laws users are being refunded for the rest of the month. and there's much more ahead
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coming up on amhq. we are asking why millennials now reportedly 95 million strong and once ardent fans of barack obama are going more disenchanted with this white house. broken promises are leading many to lose faith in the american dream. news this week that the economy isn't growing, it's shrinking. noted economist art laffer joins us telling us why he's worried about why we're heading. up next, more on who makes up the militant group isis. why this group is gaining ground in a relatively short period of time in iraq. lieutenant colonel ralph peters will be joining us with his insight. stay with us. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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9:22 am
>> thank you. let's talk about isis. its leader joined that insurgency when erupted in iraq soon after the 2003 u.s.-led invasion. is it true that he's attracting yongjie haung jihadists that he battle tactician rather than the man that's the head of al qaeda now? >> any muslim fundamentalist extremist will tell you that the prophet mohammed was also a battlefield commander. so you've really raised a very important point, uma. we keep looking at isis and other extremist groups through our own eyes and through our own reference points and in obama's case through our own political requirements and needs and desires. what you've got to do and what i had to do as a former intelligence officer is try and get inside the other person's head. what do they want? what are they trying to achieve? what lengths will they go to to
9:23 am
achieve it? when you do that, uma, there's no way around it. these people are absolutely dedicated to their cult version of the philosophy that is so inhumane, not just anti-woman, but antibasic freedoms and rights and decency that it is a real threat to us eventually but right now to the people of the middle east. while i worry about the threat of a terrorist state emerging in the middle east as we do nothing, the greatest victims are in fact muslims. they're the ones being slaughtered on a day-to-day basis. and so washington's unwillingness to come to -- to deal with the reality that this is a group of religious fanatics who will stop at nothing to further their vision, you can't negotiate with them. it's a different model. and washington still doesn't get it. >> and that plays into what you're talking about, that unlike other groups in that
9:24 am
region, isis is working towards actually creating an islamic emirate that straddles syria and iraq. >> yeah, indeed. and it was frustrating this week to watch kerry and our state department spokespeople still talk about iraq or even syria. iraq is gone. it was an artificial country created by europeans. our military held it together, but it's over. the border between syria and iraq has disappeared, it's been erased by isis. the middle east is redrawing itself anew. and the way it is doing it is very, very bad for us. because even at its worst, al qaeda in afghanistan hosted by the taliban didn't have the strategic location, the power, the numbers, the wealth of isis. and remember, isis is so violent and radical that a year ago al qaeda broke with them. al qaeda said these guys are too crazy. now, everybody loves a winner. so what you're seeing is al qaeda is coming back, hat in
9:25 am
hand, and saying we're on your side, isis. so we are dealing with a movement that is reshaping the strategic heart of the middle east, and the obama administration's only question is how can we get off cheaply and appear we're doing something while doing nothing. >> fascinating. you know, initially it's been reported that isis relied on donations from wealthy donations and now it's earning lots of money from oil fields it stole in syria and banks it's taken down in iraq. and it's selling back to the syrian government oil along with selling antiquities looted from historical sites. >> yeah, well honestly on the antiquities, i'd rather have them sell them than destroy them because often they just destroy anything. they destroy shrines. the saudis do that too, but something else the press is missing by and large, is with all the military equipment we provided to iraq that the isis fighters have now captured,
9:26 am
they're taking some of it back to syria to expand their grip on syria. if you look at a map, the euphrates river, you know, the garden of eden, the cradle of civilization running from syria into iraq is now in the hands almost exclusively in the hands of the worst terrorist organization we have yet seen. and again, there is -- as you discussed with an earlier guest, there's no clean solution, there's no good solution. there may be only partial solutions and transient ones. but in the face of th lethal, morbid state, we've got to do something. >> all right, colonel peters, thank you for joining us as always. joining us from las vegas today. thank you. great to see you, as always. >> thank you. and still to come, a big announcement by the vatican that has people around the world nervous about the pontiff's health. plus the gdp takes a dive. reagan economist joins me to explain how our economy can make a comeback. >> a poor man can't spend himself into wealth, it doesn't
9:27 am
happen. an that's what these people have been trying to do for a long, long time and it's not working and it never will work.
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welcome back, everybody. it's the bottom of the hour and here are some of the headlines making news right now in our fox news flash. after days at sea, he's now on u.s. soil. ahmed abu khattala, the suspect described as the muscle on the ground during the deadly 2012 benghazi attack, heading to federal court in d.c. earlier this month u.s. authorities capturing him near libya's capital. troops backed by helicopter gunships launching an operation in saddam hussein's hometown, tikrit. the military also carrying out air strikes on the insurgent-led city of mosul. the 77-year-old pope skipping his visit yesterday to a rome hospital.
9:32 am
that was the third time this month he's cancelled or scaled back an event due to fatigue or illness. and we are awaiting supreme court's decision on monday on a case that weighs the religious rights of employers against the rights of women to birth control of their choice. dozens of companies, including the arts and crafts chain called hobby lobby claiming religious objections to covering some or all contraceptives. and that's a quick look at the top stories right now in today's fox news flash. well, as we have been telling you, a in the benghazi attack is now in the u.s. but more terrorists who also have roles in that attack killing four americans are still on the loose. fox news' senior correspondent adam howsley tell us us who else is on the radar. >> reporter: according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the benghazi attack and subsequent hunt for those involved, the united states has a target list that initially contained about ten suspects identified within days and eventually grew to more than 20.
9:33 am
the target list is broken down into four groups that include members of al qaeda and libyan militants with the top target being a man described as the imir. he was a prisoner at guantanamo bay for more than five years and was classified as, quote, a probable member of al qaeda. he was eventually released as part of an amnesty deal for militants. intelligence has shown his involvement in the attacks and actionable intelligence has been ignored. he along with other more prominent suspects have been allowed to remain free. these same sources question why more of the investigation haven't centered on the libyan landlord of the american facilities. some in the region insist that he, quote, knows a lot more than he's letting on and, quote, is a key connection to everyone else that night. intelligence officials also agree with special operators in the region, insisting there are bigger targets than recently arrested abu khattala.
9:34 am
at the pentagon rear admiral john kirby countered, insisting the arrest of khattala shouldn't be taken lightly. >> let's not loose the big picture here. he's not sipping mango juice at a cafe in benghazi, he's on his way to court. >> reporter: al bashary says he's due for the attacks. >> back here at home a new report showing the economy shrinking at a shocking rate. the just released numbers from the commerce department showing the gdp down 2.9%. that's almost three times what was expected. i had a chance recently to ask former reagan economist art laffer if this means we're on the verge of another recession. >> this economy is terrible because of the bad policies of obama and in the last two years of w.
9:35 am
there's been no improvement. we're 14 million jobs below where we would have been when clinton left office. >> and a lot of folks say they were caught off guard by this number. are you surprise bide that? >> well, this is a very, very, very bad number but i was not surprised that we have bad numbers, no. it will probably pick up a little wit in the second quarter, but not enough to make up for the really terrible drop in output. >> people in the white house are blaming the weather for the reason that the numbers are so bad this time around. you know, when in doubt, blame the weather, i guess. but at the same time when you are having the current situation as it is, we're not really seeing a big spurt in job growth, even though the numbers are better than where they were, it's still not where they need to be. >> if you look back at the end of the clinton administration, employment as a share of population was about 64.5%. for the last seven years, six, seven years, it's been right
9:36 am
between 58% and 59% with no improvement whatsoever. literally no -- the only growth in employment, uma, has been population growth. we have a larger population now so the same percentages give us a slightly larger number. there has been no recovery whatsoever in employment or in real gdp once you take the trend out. just none. we need a change in government, we need a change in policies, we need something to get this economy going. >> yet in some areas of the country we have seen improvement, for example, in home sales and construction happening in certain sectors. why is that? >> well, what you have is very different economics in the states. we have a battle going on in two groups of states. those states that are cutting taxes and pro-growth states like the state i live in in tennessee, we're having a good housing market here. texas is having a great housing market. but then you look in other states that have been high taxers, increasing, doing all the wrong policies, those states have been very lackluster and so
9:37 am
you find a lot of variation amongst the states. but the nation as a whole which is really run by washington, the nation as a whole has not done well at all. >> you see a direct correlation where states that have lower taxes and or no income tax, where the economies are definitely better there so you will see a trickle-down effect to areas like housing and employment? >> those states that have low tax rates or have cut their tax rates, they way outperform the other states. i mean it's just a common trend. and it's so much common sense, uma. if you have two locations, a and b, if they raise taxes in b and lower them in a, producers and manufacturers and people are going to move from the high tax states to the low tax states. all the data show that taxes really, really matter on a state level and people can move across state borders with great ease and they do it all the time. >> when we talk also about corporate tax, there are countries that have 12% and under. we're at 35%.
9:38 am
that's an immediate fix, don't you think, if we lowered our corporate tax? >> it's sort of amazing, isn't it? we have the highest corporate tax rate of the oecd and we have the third lowest tax revenues as a share of gdp of those countries. hello? it's a calling message. if we cut our corporate tax rates, if we did just what britain just did, revenues would be pouring in on taxes not -- we wouldn't lose money, we'd make up money. it would be tremendously beneficial to this country. >> what's the takeaway from all of this? what should the average american look forward to as we are discussing what's at play right now? >> okay. what i think is the important message here, uma, is people deserve the government they get. and the government you have has been giving us high taxes and slow growth. you need to change it. and it's your responsibility. the electorate's responsibility to put in the types of policies
9:39 am
they want. to me economic growth is second to nothing. i mean to me the best form of welfare is still the high-paying job and we need job creation to bring prosperity back, not increases in welfare, not increases in taxes. we need to create an environment of economic growth which we could do very, very quickly, uma, as you said just dropping the corporate tax rate by 10 percentage points. that would do it, bang. we'd be flying in no time. >> and our thanks to art laffer. remember back to the presidential election, president obama courting millennials and they were drawn to him like a magnet? now the attraction seems to be fading. we'll talk to a young millennial about high. a high-profile review of the va after news of a scandal rocking the country. what needs to be done to fix those unbelievable wait times to see a doctor? [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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we are back. well, the scandal-plagued va can only be fixed by an overhaul of the system. that's according to a white house review coming in the wake of reports of those lengthy wait times for appointments to see doctors and treatment delays in va facilities nationwide that have led to the deaths of america's patriots. elizabeth tran is joining us now with more on the story. >> reporter: well, the white house says the department of veterans affairs needs to be restructured. president obama receiving the report friday afternoon from selected top deputy rob nabars and sloan glibsibson. two citing a corrosive culture. the required 14-day appointment guarantee is arbitrary and may have been a motivator for the secret lits and inappropriate behavior. the report also charged the va with slow to adapt to changing
9:45 am
demographics among veterans which includes female patients and younger veterans. while the report was met with mixed reaction from congress, lawmakers in both chambers this week say they're ready to work with the administration for comprehensive change. >> i really, truly believe this from the bottom of my heart that throwing more money at a system that's behaving like this would be the wrong thing to do. i think we have to change this system the way it's currently working or we're going to make the problem worse. >> if you don't fix the real problems, you'll be back here again and the commitment to our veterans will be wasted. and the most important thing is we will have wasted an opportunity to actually make a difference in their lives. >> lawmakers are working to hammer out the differences between the house and senate versions of the veterans affairs lentiling. while both versions do address the altered waiting list allegations and private health care options, the senate option would add more medical centers across the nation and both sides have a different take on how much it would cost for giving veterans more private care options. that being said, the house and
9:46 am
senate are both off next week. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. well, they voted him into office and now young people are souring on president obama? coming up next, a young voice explains why she believes millennials are finally beginning to see some of what she calls the damage the president is doing to their generation. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book?
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you may recall that young people were part of president obama's base as he was swept into office calling for hope and change. a new book by a conservative author says the millennial generation is disenchant canned.
9:51 am
katie keifer is the author of "let me be clear." welcome, great to have you here today. >> thanks for having me on, uma. >> you point out that a recent are harvard university study from the institute of politics poll reveals there's a low level of trust among millennials and the government, particularly the president,s with less than a quarter of americans under 30 planning to vote in the midterms. what happened? >> well, we look out 0 there and we see over 15%s of millennials are unemployed. over a third of my generation are living at home with their parents. we haven't seen those numbers for past 40 years. what i do in my book is educate millennials and the voice of their peer and show them, here's why this happened but here are concrete steps and solutions that we can take to pursue the american dream as well as concrete steps that independents and conservatives can take to win these swing votes in the future because my generation is 95 million strong, and we have
9:52 am
the power to determine the future of the midterms as well as the presidential election. >> so why is it that so many more young people are losing hope of ever collecting on the american dream? >> i believe it's because they voted for this president, thinking that he was going to create jobs and that he was going to reduce their student loan debt. those were the promises he provided for us, he offered all of these promises with regard to obamacare. we're seeing now that our generation is going to have to subsidize this low-quality and very high-cost system. so we're seeing that everything that he promised, both in 2008 in 2012, is not coming to pass. that's why young people are potentially not coming out to vote at all. we do need them to come out and vote and so that's why i'm trying to give them hope and solutions. >> but why is it the president -- why does he need to be held accountable? so many polls are showing that the public's disenchanted are politics as usual and congress
9:53 am
is at an all-time low as well. >> well, this president, through the use of executive order, primarily, and also through his continual lies and through the use of the irs to shut down the tea party groups has through his own actions lied to this generation and set this generation back. so he is directly responsible. i also hold his entire administration responsible in this book. it's not just him. but he -- we must remember -- is responsible for putting everyone from eric holder to janet napolitano into the positions they have held. >> katie, thank you for joining us. a very provocative book indeed. thank you. >> thank you so much. and coming up, your twitter responses. but first, we want to take a moment and note the passing this week of a good friend of ours here. we are sad to report that one of our brilliant minds of our time on mideastern affairs has died
9:54 am
after a battle with cancer. he was just 68. he was one of those rare individuals who could illuminate modern arab history for folks in the u.s. and played a part in that history as an advocate for the invasion of iraq in 2003. working as an unofficial adviser to the george w. bush white house, he dispaired about arab governments finding their own way to democracy and believed the u.s. had no choice but to confront what he called, quote, the culture of terrorism after 9/11. born in lebanon. he won many prestigious honors including the human tear man medal. he was often a guest on our show, teaching me a great deal 0 about the complexities of the middle east. he will be forever grateful for his wisdom, rare intellect and friendship.
9:55 am
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we are back. we have beenasking you if you believe the hellfire missile drone sent to iraq is a precursor to u.s. air strikes.
9:59 am
hunter says -- wre should be using air strikes and putting thousands of troops on the ground in iraq. kent writes, though -- unfortunately drones only carry two hellfires meaning only two vehicles. it's a pin prick. mark adds dshg it depends if the president of the united states needs some bad news. he needs to move off the front page. we got so many responses. thanks for sharing. well, astronaut reed wiseman is at it again, posting another mesmerizing video from the international space station about 230 miles above the earth. take a look. this is what lightning looks like high above the storm. the dramatic flashes are happening over houston, texas. wiseman has been on the international space station since may 29th. he has quite 0 a view and vantage point. that will do it for me in d.c. "america's news headquarters" rolls on in new york. one more thing before we go, let's take a look. a 54-year-old oregon 0 man is
10:00 am
living the dream, his dream. now the successfully swum the entire length of the will amet river. he is battling two types of cancer swimming 9 to 12 miles every day to 0 swim the entire river. congratulations. hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour inside "america's news headquarters. topping this hour, iraqi forces going on the offenses, backed by helicopter gunships as they try to take back the northern sit of tikrckritikrit. one is proposing a bounty bill in an effort to recover the missing irs e-mails. we'll 0 have the new developments in the scandal. plus, florida's governor signing a bill that legalizing the use of a certain kind of medical marijuana. for the treatment of a specific


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