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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 28, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the fox urgent the only suspect in the benghazi terrorist attack makes a court appearance. abu khattala pled not guilty of aiding and supporting a terrorist group. the government investigation is still ongoing and more charges could be coming. boot bot was nabbed on june 15th and on a u.s. navy ship where he was interrogated by the fbi and cia until he was flown in washington by helicopter earlier today.
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boot bot who is a senior leader of a terror group admits he was on the grounds when the consulate came under fire. four americans died in the assault. including ambassador stephens. and three others. jennifer griffin is live outside in washington. where is he being held tonight? >> reporter: tonight he is held in alexand ria, vinge virj to a courthouse that is familiar with high- profile terrorism cases. it is interesting that boot bot is tried in this u.s. district court. it raised eyebrow asks there was concerns about where would he be held. he was taken away in a black suburban vehicles and shaded
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windows and he is taken to alexand ria. >> jennifer what was his demeanor in court? >> reporter: he was soft spoken and his hair and board gray was matted and he looked like a deer caught in head lights who was inside of the courthouse. he listened to the one charge brought against sxhim the judge spoke briefly and slowly so he would understand what he was charged with. the maximum sentence that he could receive for this one charge is life imprisonment, and the justice department could bring more charges and that could include the death penalty. >> what is next for bot boot? >> reporter: one charge that was read to him when he was presented in court has to to with providing material support to it a terrorist group.
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again, that would bring with it a sentence of potential life imprisonment. but he also last year when they filed a criminal complaint there was murder and use of a weapon in a federal facility. right now the justice department is leaving open the bringing of more charges. what is next for the government's case against bot boot and how it could lead to other benghazi suspects brought to justice. turning to the mess in the irs and the controversy surrounding thousands of e-mails demanded by congress that have gone mussing. the irs commissioner is promising to turn over the e-mails they do find by next week. that is didding little to calm
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the anger from republican law makers who grilled koskinnen. congress is soaking all information from lois lerner wo is at the center of the investigation of the targeting of conservative political groups. her attorney is firing back. calling that she is hiding something silly. molly, what else does lois lerner's attorney say approximate the computer crash? >> she is mist foyed why her computer crash. she a ratified at work and her computer showed a blue screen and would not rebot. her lawyer said she doesn't know what happen. it is brazen to think that she did it on purpose. republicans find it voent that the two years of e-mails are now just gone. >> it is unbelievable and we need to get to the bottom of it
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which is why the department of justice needs to appoint a special prosecutor and get the fbi forepzecs and get to the bottom of it. joishgs texas republican congressman is offering $1 million from the irs's budget to anyone who can produce the missing e-mail. jowly. >> molly, what is the irs saying about its finding documents related to the scandal. joishgs the irs said they are working with the house and ways committee for the e-mails. the irs commissioner sent a letter to republican congressman dave kemp saying we'll get as much information to you as we can next week. i hope to provide you with responses today, but critical information is collected and verified. but still koskinnen cautions
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that the irs had already turned over e-mails and what the irs. os have done to retrieve the e-mails from other sources. >> thank you very much. a scathing report to president obama describes shocking conditions in the department of veteran affairs. there is corosive culture that led to morale problems and hinder ared the efficiency of our nation's hospitals. it can be fixed only by a near overhaul of the system. >> reporter: president obama received the report from deputy rob neighbors. and slo an gibeson. they said it is a corosive
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culture and the 14 day appointment guarantee is arbitrary and might have been a motivator for secret lists and inappropriate behavior. they say the system is cumbersome and needs to be updated. and charge that the va is slow to upgrade. and while the report was met with mixed reaction from congress. law makers say they are ready to work with the administration for comprehensive change. >> i believe throwing more money in a system like this is wrong thing to do. i think we have to change the system the way it is currently working. we'll just make it worse. >> you will be back here again and the commitment to the veterans will be wasted and we would have wasted an opportunity to make a difference in their lives. >> reporter: law makers are working to hammer out the
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differences. remember both chambers are off next week. julie, backyou. >> listen, thank you right now the only suspect arrested in the benghazi terrorist attack is here on american soil and more charges could be coming for the libyan mill at that point. what is next for the terror suspect coming up. plus a couple trying to get rid of a live in nanny. she is refusing to love their home even after they say they fired her. >> she wouldn't do anything. she stayed in her room and i tried to work with her. and she ate in her rom all day. and i told her, either you perform or you have to love. >> have you had a bad experience with a baby-sitter and what should happen to the squatter nanny. we'll read your answers later in the show. geico's been helping people save
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with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. the benefited a missing firefighter has been found in a california forest. crows spent two weeks searching for him. his camping partner said he ran after his dog downing and never came back. it took the friend two days to find cell phone service to get help. his dog downing was found hungry and dehydrated but otherwise okay. >> iraqi troops launching an offensive against the isis militants. the battle is intensifying as the sunni fighters trying to get facilities in the north. john has more from the mideast
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newsroom. >> reporter: julie, the fight for tikrit continues and it is a bloody one. they are trying to stop the militants from getting close tore baghdad. helicopter gun ships are honing in on attacking the sunni led militants from help. air strike had helped the military from stopping the insurgent from taking control. last week the fight nothing mosul was some of the bloodiest so far and now tiowa krit is where they are. insurgent executed 160 people two weeks ago. at this point iraqi officials are reporting that the military regained control of the city. tikrit's location is in the muttsed of mosuland baghdad.
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mosulremains under isis control. >> it has segcanc and it was saddam hussein's hometown and close to where american military forces captured him. thank you. a little boyleft in a suv for hours. his father is charged with murder even though he claimed it was an accident. after she said she and her husband was once dead broke. critics say she is detached. could her words on wealth impact a presidential bid. find out next. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans. and the volkswagen passat has a lower starting price than...
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a georgia man accused of murdering his two month old son, by purposely leaving the boyin a suv seven hours. he pled not guilty. and he is held without bail while police conduct a investigation of the son's death. the investigators sewed a number of items including a computer and other electronic equipments. initially they thought it was another case of an absentminded parent leaving a child in a parked car unattended. but under questioning, harris admitted he used the internet to research child deaths and what temperature was needed for that to happen. temperatures hit nodegrees the day copper harris died in the father's suv. his dad was not allowed to attend the funeral. but harris called the site of
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the ceremony from jail and thanked people who supported him since the arrest. a california couple locked in a bitter battle with a nanny. the nanny answered the ad, in craig's list. she agreed to do chores and watch the children for free for rom and board. she just stopped working and now the 64-year-old is refusing to leave their home. they tried everything to get her to leave. in fact the only option now is to formally evict her which could take time. >> when i call the police, they are saying it is a civil matter and i have to evict here. she is welcome in my house any eat my food and ha race me. and i am a victim in my home and it is legal?
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>> the nanny was spotted sleeping in her car. and earlier we asked what should happen to the squatter nanny. and about your own bad experience with former employees. it so manies everybody judging the nanny without hearing her side of the story. gary writes me. we have her finger printed and a background check and iron clad correct and when kay lalost her eye at the baby-sitter because the baby-sitter failed to attack the sticks away from the kids. >> he stormed the beaches in normandy and the world war ii veteran is a high school graduate at the age of 100. an emotional moment at this graduation ceremony in florida. he got his long awaited degree
4:21 pm
through's special state program. it is a grant. it grants diplommas to war veterans who never finished high school because they went off to serve their country in battle instead. >> the most we had was two. this year we had six families reach out to us for the recognition which is awesome. we have a hundred-year-old world war ii veteran and the fact that he can can receive his diplomma from his great grandson is spectacular. >> congratulations to the family. george's great grandson graduated today from that same high school in sarahing toa springs. he was given the honor of handing his great grand dad his sheep skin. that is awesome. >> there is a far more solemn ceremony and these are the brave
4:22 pm
soldiers who fought and died in world war one. they are remembered by the peep pene is thes and their leaders. dom? >> yes, jowly. commemorations from britain to bosnia via a ustria. two is french ferd nadwho was assassinated and laid wreths to remember him. it was a pivotal moment in modern pene pone history. and if it was not assassinated. and that is always seeing together with the second world war. >> and what came out of it was
4:23 pm
a united europe. history buff approximates this summer can now say the car used that very day by faredidant. and one of the most powerful in european history. and that is a remarkable large fact that was recovered and makes history feel tangible. >> and it is the original uniform and we got the original shirt. andy we got throw of the four pistols that we v may were used in the killing. >> in great britain it was pag eptry. the queen of england was dressed in a lilac ensemble to lead the remembrance. >> and america sent 2 million servicemen to fight on the battlefields of europe.
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the united states lost 50,000 soldiers and the second world war came's few years later and many more lost. >> and the other suspect on the benghazi terrorist attack made his first partnerships in federal court today. he pled not guilty to one charge of aiding terrorist. we will break do you know what is next in this legal case. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives,
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>> and justina pelletier is speaking out about spending 16 months in massachusetts state. >> and governor mike huckabee sits down with justina and her family. >> what did you miss the most if >> my family and going to school. i love school and being back with my friends. and later i will be on the ice, figure skating again. >> dumiss that a lot? >> we have a hard time seeing a girl not seeing her friends and talking on the phone. you had a lot of catching up to do? >> yes, i had a surprise party
4:29 pm
in my 16 birthday. i was so surprised. i didn't believe it at first and i saw my friends and it was amazing and we caught up. >> you can catch the whole interview in a huckabee exclusive immediately following the fox report. i am jowly bandaras. and time for the top of the news, the search for justin. in the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack. the only suspect in custed ony and making an appearance in court today. abu khattala pleading not guilty to conspiracy to provide support to terrorist. boot bot was arrested back on june 15th in libya two years after the attacks that took the lives of four americans. bass bsz stephens and smith, do herty and woods.
4:30 pm
>> and doug, thank you so much for talking to us. other news agencies mischaracterize him as mastermind of the benghazi attacks. that is incorrect and we are not reporting that here on this new's agency. >> they had a complaint and cover charges and the affidavit that spells it out was soled and then thursday, returned a grand jury indictment and it was a bare bones or statutory language one. and he consphired to provide materials to terrorist and to answer your question, therefore we don't know exactly what the evidence is. >> he consphired and that, or at lost we don't know if he was the mastermind. conspiracy charge means he provided material support to terrorist and to destroy u.s. property by fire, explosives and kill a person in the course of
4:31 pm
an attack. today was not an arraignment, it was an initial appearance. >> it is interesting, they tracked the three charges and put it under the umbrella of an conspiracy. and to be guilty of conspiracy you have to agree and take an overt act. and the underlying is using a explosive device and killing a person in the course of an attack on a material facility. i like your initial observation, wait a minute. do we know he is the mastermind or low- hanging fruit as people sdreeb him. >> looking at the facts as we know him now. what did he do to consphire? >> i don't know. i certainly don't know and i studied to find the documents on systems that i have access to as
4:32 pm
a lawyer. but it is the affidavit under sole and it is a page and a half and does not give in to the underlying facts. at some point they will make public the information. and i don't fault the department of justice on this one. it is a mart way to do it. >> would you call it a slam dunk case or no? >> it is hard to say. i predict he would have a hard time beating the case and i will tell you why. take the critics and flip it back on him. you waited 21 extra months. and he was doing this and that and the department of justice wanted to make sure since they were going to a civilian court and it is harder to cross examine and they wanted to make sure the case was stronger and i can use my 28 years to handicap it. >> and first of all when police officers make an arrest, they
4:33 pm
wait and they don't jump in and they make sure they have all of the ducks in a row. two years took too long? >> no, honestly there were aemgss involved fbi and cia and high value detainee unit and the fact of the matter is, i don't have a crystal ball, i am predicting you will see a good case. but he may not be the actual mastermind. >> why has it taken two years to find the mastermind. >> i agree with that. and of course, the other 800 pound gorilla in the rom, what was said on the trip in the ship. people break that out versus intelligence but it is important to find out what he said. nonce the government indicts him between 20 or 30 days and do you foreso a speedy. >> what will happen now, he,
4:34 pm
there is rights of a regular defendant. he has a right to a speedy trial. a lot of times those periods are waived because the defense thinks it is right thing to do. he may get a speedy trial. 70 days. we never go to trial in that period. it will probably go to troll in eight months or a year. >> this guy could be a key witness and finding the real guys behind this. and maybe he consphired but maybe not be the brains. you mentioned the ship. i am sure they got key information on that. >> even now believe it or not, they might want to have him consider to cooperate. >> in a civilian case. but critibs can say how can you make a deal. >> in the way we just made a deal. >> it is the same thing but only
4:35 pm
different. >> a soldier and taliban tradeoff. >> you said it. >> we are a apparently a country that makes deal with terrorist. will we make a deal to find the leader? >> that is a tough call by them. and i think the outrage would be intense. he could get a lesser sentence and all of that, frankly, they may consider the death penalty. this guy killed our ambassador allegedly. >> and what about gitmo unless obama shuts it down. >> the justice department and political debate. why isn't he treated as an enemy combatant and tried in a military trebunnal. that is political rather than legal. >> why isn't she? >> i frankly think that it is more reasonable to category him as a enemy combatant of the united states, yes.
4:36 pm
ndoug burns, we have plenty of time to discuss this one. as you 6xékxsaid, it will proba take a year. >> there will be a lot of continuing follow-ups. you will so. >> hopefully more information will come back. thank you very much 689 >> my pleasure. nfox news channel kress wallace will sit down with general jack keen to discuss the iraq violence. and here's what the gentleman said about the potential threat to the united states. >> as of right now isis is not a direct threat to the u.s. home land because that arebóéy fight iraq and syria. once they are comfortable with their security situation, it will be a broding ground of terrorist operations other places. >> is that months from now or years from now? >> based on how the situation goes in iraq, i would assume months from now. >> a threat to the u.s. home land?
4:37 pm
>> yes. >> don't miss the iraq and rise of a terrorist state. it airs tonight and tomorrow, right here on fox news channel. >> dead broke or just detached. critics weigh in on the impact. >> and a strange saucer shaped object splashes down in the specific after a successful launch in the earth's atmosphere. we'll tell you where it might be headed one day. next. ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines"
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>> neement midwest cleaning up after severe weather. a tornado ripping through this type in wisconsin. it was on the ground briefly and you can see the impact was felt everywhere. it toppled the tree and officer damage and in minnesota, hundreds of volunteers filling thousands of sand bags to protect homes and publicses from flood waters. it was spilling over in neighborhoods and in waterville southwest of minneapolis. unfortunately more rain is expected there this weekend. >> nasa's so- called flying saucer splashing down in the pack. they released a high altitude
4:42 pm
balloon from one of the hawaii iowa lands. it was a saucer shaped vehicle and may be used to put equipment and may be humans on the red planet some day. they will have to determine if it will work on a future mission. >> a family reunited with a little girl. the vehicle was carjacked with a child inside. our top story as we go cross america. louisiana, a father left keys in the ignition and a two-year-old in the back society. that is the car parked on the left. that red pt screwser spots the unattended vehicle and takes off in it with the child inside. a suspect follows him out of the lot
4:43 pm
>> it is a crime of opportunity. >> the carjacking suspect released the girl found wapderring alone near by. police are searching for the suspects. >> a mobile home housing explosive material burns to the ground. a man was arrested earlier this week on various charges. robts were deployed to diffuse the materials. and crows built a perimeter to protect neighboring homes from the four. massachusetts, a nine year old girl makes an amazing discovery in summer camp. nmommy, i opened it and i saw 100 and the bill and there were a lot of those with 100. n3,000 to be exact. she gave the money to the camp
4:44 pm
director. it was a 91-year-old woman who lived miles away. it was thrown in with her recycling. ntwo air force fighter jets landing in the bottom of the gulf of mexico. they will become a artificial reef to a track marine left. experts say fish will start coming almost immediately. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton facing back lash facing the comments about her wealth. it shoes she is out of touch with every day americans. but others say voters may be willing to see past her finances. >> she's not announced her candidacy. should she run for presidency. this may be the first ga ffe.
4:45 pm
>> we came out of the white house dead broke and in debt. >> i get emotional thinking about it. >> clinton tried to walk it back. >> my inartfulous of those few words doesn't change who i am and what i stand for. >> her husband may have worsened the damage. praising 500 watches. >> i bought five at christmas and nine and give them away. >> americans know post presidential families have tremendous earning power. 225,000 for a speech. but as fdr and jfk demonstrated that doesn'ts inially turn off voters but political calculation
4:46 pm
can. nbill clinton has become the richest expresident in our history. he's worth somewhere near $200 million. >> some argue that hillary clinton is strongest when she was less defensive and more emotive. >> it took a devastating loss in iowa to get her to reach down and find that voice. >> then hillary won new hampshire and this moment of thorough emotion may have helped. >> i have so many opportunities in this country. i don't want to so us fall back wards. >> sales of her bock is continuing to fall. women still identify with her hard ships in the white house and asspiration to brake through the glass ceiling, the highest one in the land.
4:47 pm
>> and smart photocopy in your pocket is not only a wonder of technology, but valuable to thieves. and now a kill switch could be mandatory in one state to try to crack down on cell phone thefts. >> and he looks like a police officer and has a squad car and this guy is a dummy literally. and will keep speeders in check. . ♪ ♪ bulldog: ah, the dog days of summer!
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stream local television stations on line and was sued by major broadcastv,sç companies includi fox. and the supreme court sided with the broadcasters ruling that a ereo violated copyright law. aero will refund the last paid months and have not announced plans going forward. >> a possible safety flaw probe. versa note cars built in the past two years. feds say they have received four complains about a trim panel under the dashboard can trap the driver's foot and stop the driver from releasing the gas pedal quickly. the investigation being lead to a recall. >> fuare a victim of a cell
4:52 pm
phone theft. there are ways to discourage crooks from targeting your phone and one california law makers is sending leaders an urgent weak- up call. >> cording to consumer reports, a thiefo)álj stole 3 million ce phones. and in san francisco. half of all robberies prompted the taking of a phone. and now we are seeing political efforts to legislate a solution and push back from the wireless industry that has one. when shannon kim was mugged in san francisco. they were after the iphone. >> i had two bags on me and they didn't attack anything else and they had to viulently boat me for it. >> the bill would help for a kill switch. >> the idea here is to get in
4:53 pm
the minds of potential criminals it is not worth time and effort or risk to rob you of your smart phone, because if they do, it will be worthless. napple, google and samsung and microsoft pledged to install uniform technology in a year. if technology man dates are imposed on a state by state basis uniformity basis. because the users would have to still activate the kill switch feature. >> the criminal will continue to take the chance that robbing you of your phone will be of value. >> congress is considering the small phone theft prevention act. but the states are taking up the issue on its own. min men has its own kill switch law. and california and illinois could be next.
4:54 pm
in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. how about deterring sweders. there is an inexpexive way. nmeet the nowest police officer in a d a owning oak. >> this man 87 on the side of the rod. it was a huge success and gave drivers a few laughs. >> it a fun way to do something that we didn't have the resources. >> they got me and i was speeding and there is the cop and slow down. >> you notice he had a booboo, on his head. >> the mannequin was a hit on social media. a drunk driver slammed in the squad car. thank goodness it was not a real cop in there.
4:55 pm
>> a senior terrorist leader onz soil and facing the justice system for his part in the benghazi terrorist attacks. we'll have the recap next. we'll have the recap next. canned clover spokesperson: the volkswagen passat is heads above the competition, but we're not in the business of naming names. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans. and the volkswagen passat has a lower starting price than... much better. vo: hurry in and lease the 2014 passat s for $199 a month. visit today.
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so all you have to do is search for the car you want... there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. the knock out round under way in the world cup. the game ended in a 1- 1 tie. after the game couldn't be decided in overtime, it went to
4:59 pm
a shootout. and brazil won in front of the home crowd. 3- 2. and colombia won two- nothing. my mother is frantic still. colombia will face brazil in the quarter are finals. team usa played belgium in a win or go home on tuesday. one top look. only suspect from the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack pled not guilty to materially aiding a terrorist group boot bot was arrested by u.s. forces on john faepth. prosecutors say he will face more charges. >> irs commissioner said any e-mails they can obtain will be turned over by the end of next week. it will not include two years of e-mails from loes learner. the irs officials say they were
5:00 pm
lost in a computer crash. learner's lawyers say it is brazen to think that she would do it on purpose. that's how fox reports tonight. and i am julie bandaras, thank you for watching and so you back here on the same time, same channel. huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee. >> plose let me go home. n16 months after she was taken from her parents, the night mayor is over. she is back home and joins the governor in a huckabee exclusive. and the lost irs e-mails. >> the president continues to blow off the scandal, the republicans are demanding accountability. snrngs we have a text message that he is on the way home from school and waking up he is not there. namerican citizen kidnapped in the west bank with two friends. the governor's intervi


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